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Before Roger Fisher founded the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, he was nationally recognized for having created an award-winning public affairs television show, The Advocates, which aired on the Public Broadcasting Service. Over the course of its five year season, beginning in 1969 (plus additional shows in 1978-79 and in 1984), The Advocates previewed some of the ideas that appeared in Roger's many writings and, eventually, as part of the Program on Negotiation itself. The Advocates used a modified trial format to debate what Roger called an "important public trouble," not in the abstract, but in terms of what Roger called "a decidable question" - a situation where someone, whether a public figure or an individual citizen at home, had to decide what to do. Viewers in the studio audience or at home in their living rooms were invited to weigh in by mail, and during the first season, a remote audience on location somewhere else in the country offered their opinions as well. He saw this as part of an effort to help citizens make "public affairs your affairs." The Advocates was produced initially through a joint effort by WGBH in Boston and KCET in Los Angeles, two flagship stations in the public broadcasting network. The Advocates addressed issues ranging from civil disobedience to same-sex marriage. In some cases, the shows are more than four decades old, but many of the issues are still timely.

Country: United States

Type: unscripted

Language: English

Also Known As: The Advocates


Company Credits

Production Co: Institute of Politics-Kennedy School, Harvard, KCET, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), WGBH

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William Rasberry
as Self - Guest (1970)
Jane Elizabeth Hodgson
as Self - Witness (1972)
Alan Guttmacher
as Self - Witness (1973)
Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed
as Self - Witness (1971)
Ben Bradlee
as Self - Witness (1972)
Barney Frank
as Guest (1979-1984)
Brenda Feigen
as Self - Advocate (1972)
Eleanor Smeal
as Self - Witness (1978)
Richard Reeve Baxter
as Self - Witness (1974)
Richard Falk
as Self - Advocate (1970)
Fouad Ajami
as Self - Advocate (1978)
Alton Frye
as Self - Guest (1980)
Charles Rogovin
as Self - Moderator (1973-1974)
Geoffrey Kemp
as Self - Witness (1974)
John Seigenthaler
as Self - Witness (1971)

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