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October 21, 2021
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About this title


Eric Forman is a typical high school student growing up in Wisconsin in 1976 with his family and his friends. Together, they have the same kind of joys and sorrows that just about every teenager has while growing up. This show parodied many of the attitudes, events and fads of the 70s, along with those who grew up at the time.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: August 23, 1998

Also Known As: Шоу 70-х, That 70's show |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (PG), Brazil (12) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

small town

Company Credits

Production Co: Carsey-Werner-Mandabach Productions, 20th Century Fox Television |  See more »


Katya Abelski
as Jackie at 6
Jessica Simpson
as Annette
Jeff Lewis
as Guy in Line
Michael James Reed
as Cop #1
Jennifer Lyons
as Pam Macy
Sarah Lancaster
as Melanie
Candice T. Cain
as Fez's Groupie
Leigh-Allyn Baker
as Officer Debbie
Todd Duffey
as Guy #2
Ashton Kutcher
as Michael Kelso
Dave Florek
as Guy
Camille Anderson
as Coffee Shop Girl
Jennifer Ventimilia
as Gerald Ford
Richard Kline
as Ted
Kristina Wayborn
as Honor
Ted Kairys
as Mediator
Troy Martin
as Veteran
Stephen Tobolowsky
as The Professor
Sarah Christine Smith
as Dancer #2
Wayne Pére
as Randy
Don Perry
as Ed/Older Man
Roger Daltrey
as Mr. Wilkinson
Mary Pat Dowhy
as Waitress Sally
Michele Nordin
as Heather
Steve Landesberg
as Cal
Connie Sawyer
as Aunt Pearl
Robert Hays
as Bud Hyde
Jay Johnson
as Bob Campbell/Chuck Campbell
Paul Oquist
as Security Guard
Christopher Darga
as Transportation Rep
Garrett M. Brown
as Nina's Dad
Myra Turley
as Woman
Mac Davis
as St. Peter
Aimee J. Nelson
as Connie
Salvatore Vassallo
as Guy #1
Cazzy Golomb
as Ice Cream Girl
Gene LeBell
as Referee
Chris Elliott
as Mr Bray
Paul McMichael
as Nerd
Laura Wernette
as Joyce Ferguson
Lyle Waggoner
as Lyle Waggoner
as Charo
Rachel Bilson
as Christy
G. Charles Wright
as Mr Malone
Dick Van Patten
as Murph
Jennifer Ann Massey
as Janie
Lisa Mollick
as Beauty Pageant Contestant
J. Robin Miller
as Hot to Trot
Cindy Caponera
as Amy
Mindy Spence
as Girl/Mindy
Billy Dee Williams
as Pastor Dan
Keri Lynn Pratt
as Tiffany
Jennifer Hamilton
as Dancer #3/Girl #1
Gavin MacLeod
as Smitty
Andrew Borba
as Mr. Ortmeyer
Brian Dunkleman
as Waiter
Morgan Nagler
as Ticket Girl
Luke Wilson
as Casey Kelso
Timmy Deters
as Jake/Young Boy #1
Ashley Eckstein
as Julie
Kavan Reece
as Chip
Joseph Limbaugh
as Vacuum Guy
David William James Elliott
as Featured Extra
Richard Karn
as Theo
Lisa Arning Mayer
as Cheerleader/Jeri
Mitch Hedberg
as Frank
Tom Kenny
as Woofy the Dog
Jamie Farr
as Jamie Farr/Self
Matt Battaglia
as Dean
Nectar Rose
as Kimberly
Michael Cotter
as Groom
Spiro Papadatos
as Gene Simmons
Estella Warren
as Raquel
Suanne Spoke
as Iris
Kurtwood Smith
as Red Forman/Reginald "Red" Forman/Reginald 'Red' Forman
Carol Mansell
as Mary/Timmy's Mom
Jim Beaver
as Tony
Natalia Cigliuti
as Nice and Easy
Bob Van Dusen
as Lyle
Christine Holz-Lusita
as Hot Girl
Jim Piddock
as TV Announcer
Tom Weber
as Counter Guy/Dispatcher
Mila Kunis
as Jackie Burkhart
Nikki Martinez
as Tall Girl
Arlene Warren
as Joy
Chris Hogan
as Therapist #2
Bob Clendenin
as Earl
Mo Gaffney
as Joanne/Joanne Stupac
Alex Nevil
as Phillie's Waiter
Andreanna Veith
as Bra Girl/Make-Out Girl
Curtis Andersen
as Teenage Boy
Lynsey Bartilson
as Lynsey/Tammy Sue
Shirley Jones
as Shirley Jones
Jamison Jones
as Guy #1
Winston Story
as Dennis
Dan Castellaneta
as Agent Armstrong
Alice Cooper
as Alice Cooper
Barry Williams
as Jeff
Jamie Kaler
as Stew Bailey
Valerie Harper
as Paula
Karri V. Bowman
as Hostess
Morgan Fairchild
as Carolyn
Barbara Carrera
as Barbara
Alice Frank
as Alice/Leslie
Amy Adams
as Kat Peterson
Lindsay Sloane
as Patty
Chancellor Miller
as Little Boy
Rod Roddy
as Rod Roddy
Bruce Willis
as Vic
Tom Poston
as Burt Sigurdson
Katie O'Rourke
as INS Lady
Nina Jefferies
as Donna at 13
Tom Kiesche
as Mr. Romine
Tanya Roberts
as Midge Pinciotti
Laurel Garner
as Ruth
William Sitts
as Boy at Funland
Earl Maddox
as Drug Dealer
Jack Lindine
as Veteran
Shannon Holt
as Rebecca Erdman
Glen Beaudin
as Jake
Pat Skipper
as Marty
Lisa Robins
as Suzie
Earl Houston Bullock
as Funeral Director
Robert Kokol
as Santa Claus
Ryan Bumcrot
as Chet
Tom Bosley
as Dr. Hammond
Brooke Shields
as Pamela Burkhart
Jenny Maguire
as Kate
French Stewart
as Daniel
Broc Benedict
as Eric at 13/Young Eric
Nancy Lenehan
as Nina's Mom
Shonda Farr
as Rachel
Brett Buford
as Eric at 7
Ernie Ladd
as Rocky Johnson's Manager
Ileen Getz
as Michelle
Vicki Goldsmith
as Crazy Packers Fan
Amanda Fuller
as Tina Pinciotti
Matt Cedeño
as Indian
April Mills
as Perfect Girl
Jackie Debatin
as Sunshine/Stripper Girl
Scott Whyte
as David Milbank
Gary Owens
as Announcer/Narrator
Scott Holroyd
as Mark
William Lewis
as The Dapper Four
Julie Claire
as Customer #2
Brittany Daniel
as Penny
Dwayne Johnson
as Rocky Johnson
Chip Chinery
as Milkman
Jade Gordon
as Chrissy
Jill Spurgeon
as Girl #1
Thomas Weber
as Admissions Officer/Counter Guy
Allison Munn
as Caroline
Tim Reid
as William Barnett
Jim Gaffigan
as Roy Keene
Corey Landis
as Young Red
Ashley Yegan
as Bikini Clad Girl
Erin Cardillo
as Lisa
Claude Stuart
as Coffee Shop Guy/Flirty Bartender/Hophead
Oliver Macready
as Guy
Sally Levi
as Sally
Angelica Bridges
as Model
Christina Moore
as Laurie Forman
Eve Plumb
as Mrs. Burkhart
Bret Harrison
as Charlie Richardson
Andrea Bendewald
as Ms. McGee
Heidi Marshall
as Jenny
Terry Rhoads
as Border Guard/Dr. Don
Cody Nickell
as Young Leo
Jim Turner
as Therapist
Dylan Sprouse
as Billy
Paul Eisenhauer
as Bruce
Jeff Austin
as Mr. Brownberg
J. Michael Flynn
as Car Repairman
Greg Baine
as Boy
Easton Gage
as Hyde at 7
Trent Gill
as Nerd
Christina Carnell
as Chrissy
Tom Allard
as Meat Rep
Mary Tyler Moore
as Christine St. George
Thomas Downey
as Cop
Jeff Hardy
as Wrestler #2
Tammy Blue
as Kisser
David Joyner
as Jazz Musician
Bobcat Goldthwait
as Eli
Caryn Greenhut
as Julie
Richard V. Licata
as Mr. Visotsky
Mark Bramhall
as Mr. Pridwell/Principal Pridewell
Tommy Chong
as Leo
Wayne Knight
as Angel
Maud Adams
as Holly
Catherine Kresge
as Kim
Danny Bonaduce
as Ricky
Nicole Brunner
as Princess of Funland
Lisa Gabriel
as Sister
Ted Nugent
as Ted Nugent
Taro Gold
as Burger Joint Guy
Jodi Carlisle
as TV Announcer
Rachel Style
as Girl #1
Melinda Sward
as Bachelorina #2
Job Alonso
as Doorman
Don Stark
as Bob Pinciotti
Marlene Brehm
as Emily
Michael Aquino
as Kid #1
Annie Coffey
as Concert Goer
Rich Fancher
as Groomsman
Reid Scott
as Ted
Jordan Del Spina
as Boy
Victor Z. Isaac
as Geeky Kid
Courtney Peldon
as Katie
Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas
as Hot Nurse
Deanna Wright
as Sarah
Graham Cribbin
as Pete
Howard Hesseman
as Max
Brandon Lee Eberhart
as Foosball Partner
Nicholas Gonzalez
as Thomas
Lance Carter
as DJ
Wilmer Valderrama
as Fez
Matt Hardy
as Wrestler #3
Brandon Molale
as Karate Instructor
Laura Prepon
as Donna Pinciotti
Alexandra Lee
as Kid #2
Paul Anka
as Paul Anka
Jamie Anderson
as Foxy Lady
Carnie Wilson
as Carnie
Jimmy Pardo
as Stan
Colette Freedman
as Mrs. Hollweg
Melissa Reneé Martin
as Girl #2
Wendy Worthington
as Customer #1
Pat Finn
as Frank
Jim O'Doherty
as Cop #2
Ken Shamrock
as Wrestler #1
Rick Scarry
as Dr. Browning
Jerry Lambert
as Bank Rep
Scott Haven
as Cop
Richard Kind
as Kimberly's Dad
Paul Connor
as Timmy
Gloria Gaynor
as Mrs. Clark
Madison Ainley
as Assistant
Linda Wallem
as Jinx Mandell/Nurse Philips
Don Knotts
as The Landlord
Nicole Pantenburg
as Dancer #1
Derek Loughran
as Mime
Joey Hiott
as Kelso at 7
Marion Ross
as Grandma Forman
Caitlin Crosby
as Chloe
Brad Bartlett
as Prisoner
Becca Sweitzer
as Girl #2
Tyce Diorio
as Guy #2
Zahalea Showe
as Dancer #4
Kevin McDonald
as Pastor Dave
Shanti Lowry
as Dancer
James Avery
as Officer Kennedy
Charles Butler
as Photographer
Josh Meyers
as Randy Pearson
Alexandra Brandl
as Jackie at 12
Curtis Armstrong
as Barry Donovan
Kevin P. Farley
as Matthew Erdman
Zach Selwyn
as Rocker Guy
Jeanne Bates
as Game Show Contestant
Sam McMurray
as Larry
Justin Long
as Andrew Davis
John Ratzenberger
as Glen
Mark Miessner
as Concert goer
Ernie Lively
as Ted
Al Leong
as Ninja Warrior
Liliana Mumy
as Donna at 7
Ben Ziff
as Guy
Eliza Dushku
as Sarah
Megan Paul
as Tracy
Suzanne Ford
as Marsha Sullivan
Erin Tyler
as Party Goer
Neil Flynn
as The Bouncer
Grey Griffin
as Ms. Kaminsky
Aria Wallace
as Young Girl #2
Joseph G. Medalis
as Pastor
Yvette Nicole Brown
as Sgt. Davis
Anne Stedman
as Jill
William Mesnik
as Irate Customer
Lisa Robin Kelly
as Laurie Forman
Lindsay Lohan
as Danielle
Robert McMurrer
as Disco Guest
Shae D'lyn
as Rudolph
Jenna Fischer
as Stacy Wanamaker
Timothy Bottoms
as Vice Principal Cole
Ethan Peck
as Kelso at 13/Young Kelso
Michael Maury
as Army Buddy
Dave Power
as Big Marine
Steve Larson
as Judd
Steve Ireland
as Dr. Ashley
Shelby Grimm
as The Dapper Four
Loic Gisselere
as Guitar Player
Jeff Doucette
as Dale
Samm Levine
as Lance Crawford
Ashley Peldon
as Teenage Kitty
Cole Sprouse
as Bobby
Kimberly Cole
as Roller Girl
Diana Terranova
as Stripper
China Chow
as China
Steffani Brass
as Colette/Little Jackie
Jordan Roberts
as Angie
Harrison Held
as Harpist
John Maraffi
as Masher
Pamela Sue Martin
as Wizard
Jason Pierce
as Male Stripper
Joanna Canton
as Nina
Leslie David Baker
as Janitor
Danny Masterson
as Steven Hyde
Niklaus Lange
as Giveback
Marc Livingood
as Village People Biker
Josh Barker
as Mike
Mitch Pileggi
as Bull
Kevin McClatchy
as Man #1
Harry Campbell
as The Dapper Four
Jenilee Harrison
as Carol
Reagan Gomez-Preston
as Melissa
Jud Tylor
as Samantha Hyde
Jim Holmes
as Olafsen Rep
Marisa Brown
as Bachelorina #3
Samantha Raddock
as Linda
Adrienne Frantz
as Kelly
Ron Pearson
as Officer Ron/Cop
Mark Ankeny
as Camera Man/Cameraman/Pharmacist
Bob Morrisey
as Doctor
Jerry Hauck
as Vet Rep
Dalton McGuire
as Kid #5
Dave Abrams
as Stoner Kid
Paul Kreppel
as Mr. Burkhart
Katey Sagal
as Edna Hyde
Jessica Meyerson
as Charlotte
Bob Eubanks
as Self - Emcee
Constance Marie
as Little Drummer Boy
Amanda Noret
as Bachelorina #1
Debra Jo Rupp
as Kitty Forman
Erika Christensen
as Stacy
Isaac Hayes
as Isaac Hayes
Markus Flanagan
as Rob
Carol Ann Susi
as Receptionist
Topher Grace
as Eric Forman
Drew Ebersole
as Blannigan's Waiter
Christopher Knight
as Josh
Marnette Patterson
as Shelly
Joey Zimmerman
as Hyde at 13/Young Hyde
Buckley Sampson
as Charlene
Alicia Ziegler
as Girl #1
Paige Scurti Sternin
as Maggie
Cheryl White
as Mrs. Anderson
Chip Heller
as Cop #1
Joe Flaherty
as Bryan
Mike Falkow
Tommy Hinkley
as Cop
Fred Willard
as Charlie
Melissa Joan Hart
as Mary
Bridgette Ho
as Young Girl #1
Henry Feagins
as Younger Kelso
Carlos Alazraqui
as Man
Sandra DeNise
as Lucy
Nick Bakay
as Donna's Journal/Gus the Trucker/Santa
T.D. Mitchell
as Nurse Thomas
Jack Salvatore Jr.
as Kid
Natalie Farrey
as Girl #2
David Jeremiah
as Game Show Announcer
Francis Guinan
as John Kelso
Kala Savage
as Teenage Paula
Jordan Masterson
as Paperboy
Betty White
as Bea Sigurdson
Sarah Hawkins
as Lisa
Terry Wills
as Craps Player
Michael Milhoan
as Coach Ferguson
Alyson Hannigan
as Suzy Simpson
Christopher Michael Moore
as Art
Ron Roggé
as Crazy Fan/Robber
Robert Clotworthy
as Customer
Chris McKenna
as Destroy
Desiree Martin
as Marquette University Girl
Monty Hall
as Monty Hall
Doug Killen
as Square Dance Caller
Loretta Fox
as Waitress
Linda O'Neil
as Model in Kelso's Van
Cynthia LaMontagne
as Rhonda
Colleen Haskell
as Colleen
Cristina Cacciotti
as Suzie
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
as Buddy Morgan
Paul Butcher
as Young Boy #2
Saige Spinney
as Receptionist
Christopher Khayman Lee
as Long-Haired Guy
Seth Green
as Mitch Miller
Denise Bradley
as Blonde Rollerskater
Matt McKenzie
as Patrolman #1
Aryn Nelson
as Mall Patron
Carol Ann Van Natten
as Tom Jones Fan
Christopher Masterson
as Todd
Karen Levine
as Secretary
Jim Rash
as Clerk/Fenton
Marcia Ann Burrs
as Stew's Mom
Dave Thomas
as Chris
Jack Osbourne
as Andy
Alek Munoz
as Kid #3
Megalyn Echikunwoke
as Angie Barnett
Stacy Barnhisel
as Rally Leader
Jack Riley
as Old Man Shinsky
Dino Meminger
as Waiter
Timothy Reeder
as The Dapper Four
Lara Everly
as Hilary
Carolyn Hennesy
as Sharon Singer/Patty Ryals
Matt Winston
as Photographer
Paul McKinney
as Waiter
Jennifer Alden
as Natalie
Eric Allan Kramer
as Stuart Sutcliffe
Shannon Elizabeth
as Brooke
Chris Kerner
as Chef

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1998 | 25 Episodes

Season 2

1999 | 26 Episodes

Season 3

2000 | 25 Episodes

Season 4

2001 | 27 Episodes

Season 5

2002 | 25 Episodes

Season 6

2003 | 25 Episodes

Season 7

2004 | 25 Episodes

Season 8

2005 | 22 Episodes




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