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October 20, 2021
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


Scott McCall was just another kid in high school. Until, one night his best friend Stiles brings him to the woods, to look for a dead body, and Scott is bitten by a werewolf. Being a werewolf came with its perks- stronger, faster, new star in the lacrosse team, popularity- but also made it hard to control his anger. Scott has also fallen for the new girl in town, Allison, whose dad is trying to hunt and kill Scott. Scott now has to try and balance his out of control life, figure out how to control his new powers, try not to be killed by the alpha that bit him, and protect Allison- and keep her from finding out his big secret.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: June 5, 2011

Also Known As: Genç Kurt, Έφηβος λύκος |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Brazil (12) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

high school

Company Credits

Production Co: MGM Television, Music Television (MTV)


Dakota Gorman
as Kalissa
Zack Cosby
as Lacrosse Player
Marvin E. West
as Deputy Sheriff
Orny Adams
as Coach Bobby Finstock
Jennifer Carta
as Alex's Mother
Zach Greene
as Lacrosse Player
Adam Rosenberg
as Brian
Jason Roach
as Hitman
Sinqua Walls
as Vernon Boyd
Joshua Reid-Davis
as High School Student
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
as Katashi (Silverfinger)
Cory Smoot
as Diaz
Zach Smith
as Smirking Student
Alex Borquez
as Orchestra Member
Lou Ferrigno Jr.
as Deputy Haigh
Justin Price
as Hunter
Leve Ross
as Orderly
Clayton Froning
as Schrader
Sasha Bujnak
as Girl with the Dragon
Luwam Mikael
as Phoebe
Robert S. Anthony
as Onlooker
Kane Lieu
as Young Man
Ian Bohen
as Peter Hale
Todd Williams
as Dr. Geyer
Tyler Posey
as Scott McCall
Kerri J. Baldwin
as Deputy Gordan
Marti Matulis
as The Surgeon/The Outlaw/Anuk-ite
Ellery Sprayberry
as Tierney
Devan Long
as Abel
Lisa M. Barfield
as Lacrosse Players Mom/Mom in Bowling Alley
Jeff Rose
as Mr. Martin
Holland Roden
as Lydia Martin
Josh Duvendeck
as Hayes
Felisha Terrell
as Kali
Russell Dennis Lewis
as Nelson
Ryan Kelley
as Deputy Jordan Parrish
Eaddy Mays
as Victoria Argent
Shauna Galligan
as The Geneticist
Billy Snow
as Phil
Bruce M. Stockert
as Man at Game
Andrew Matarazzo
as Gabe
Jon Buckhouse
as Student
Kara Ebensberger
as Kathleen Cassidy
Andrew Thacher
as Telecom Technician
Mark Elias
as Patrick Clarke
Seth Gilliam
as Dr. Alan Deaton
Brian Trapp
as Drag Queen
Ian Nelson
as Young Derek Hale
Tiffany Phillips Pradiá
as Dark Spirit/Skinwalker #1
Alexander Ward
as The Enforcer/The Marauder
Lars Slind
as Beta
Justine Wachsberger
as Ambulance Driver
Glenn McCuen
as Sean Walcott
Dan Brown
as Brunski
Scottie Knollin
as Lacrosse Player
Jeff Skowron
as Briggs
Caitlin Dechelle
as The Geneticist
Sam McCarthy
as Band Member #1
Charles Casey
as Paramedic
Adelaide Kane
as Cora Hale
Nathan Coenen
as British Soldier
Susan Walters
as Natalie Martin
Allel Aimiche
as Enzo
Arden Cho
as Kira Yukimura/Young Noshiko Yukimura
Sloane Avery
as Ashley
Colton Shires
as Lacrosse Player
Nick Taylor
as Lacrosse Teammate
Nichole Sakura
as Rinko
Marisol Nichols
as Corinne
Froy Gutierrez
as Nolan
Amanda Clarke
as Deputy Clerk Simpson
Cayce Guest
as High School Student 2011/Lacross Player
Panuvat Anthony Nanakornpanom
as Latin Hunter/Stunt Team
Emily Alabi
as Skinwalker #2
Susan Hope Lee
as Lacrosse Players Mom
Meagan Tandy
as Braeden
Trevor Marsh
as EMT
Mike Polli
as Cube Truck Driver
Eve Sigall
as Grandmother/Old Woman-Grandmother
Mirai Booth-Ong
as Nurse Brenner
Stephan Goldbach
as Feldmarschall Schulz
Tony D Sims
as Student
Jeremiah Sutheim
as Jared
Meli Alexander
as Teacher
Erik Porn
as Puppeteer
Elise Robertson
as Mrs. Raeken
Mike Crowley
as Kid
Anton Starkman
as Billy
Jamila Thompson
as Rebecca Harlowe
John Curran
as Garrison Myers
Shelley Hennig
as Malia Tate
Rahnuma Panthaky
as Ms. Fleming
Bianca Lawson
as Marin Morrell
Jesy McKinney
as Kyle - Bullet's Owner
Rebecca Zagorin
John Atwood
as Math Teacher
Taylor Holt
as Funeral Goer
Roni Modlin
as Choir Member
Milissa Sears
as Mara
Chris Thomas Hayes
as Opposing Lacrosse Player
Serrell K. Rollins
as Lacrosse Player
Kevin Toth
as Scott McCall
Joey Honsa
as Claudia Stilinski
Dani Fish
as Breanne
Laura Bedwell-Young
as Beacon Hills Student
Adam Fristoe
as Adrian Harris
Cody Saintgnue
as Brett Talbot
Benita Robledo
as Deputy Valerie Clarke
Kody Wynne
as Video Store Clerk
Dominic Burgess
as Barnes
Tamlyn Tomita
as Noshiko Yukimura
Jett Jansen
as Lacrosse Player
Barclay Hope
as Man who released Hellhound
Haley Webb
as Jennifer Blake
Rio Mangini
as Alex
Kelsey Asbille
as Tracy Stewart
Meghan McGarry
as Younger Lenore
Hardy Awadjie
as Preston
Cody Griffith
as Brandon
Tommy Kane
as Reporter #2
Robert Huynh
as Ikeda Bodyguard
Chris Jai Alex
as Prison Guard
Shannon McClung
as Dispatcher Patterson
Kevin 'Repo' Thomas
as Tattoo Artist
Cody Christian
as Theo Raeken
Ryan Sandefur
as Go Go Dancer
Hajji Golightly
as Reddick
Michael Johnston
as Corey/Corey Bryant
Vernee Watson
as Eichen House Attendant
Brian Bascle
as Janitor
Melissa Ponzio
as Melissa McCall
Rhenzy Feliz
as Aaron
Sandra Rosko
as 80's Townswoman
Jordan Fisher
as Noah Patrick
Mason Dye
as Garrett
Alicia Coppola
as Talia Hale
Bradford Haynes
as Deputy Bungalon
Jordan Arts
as Band Member #2
Cody Esquivel
as High School Student
Gilles Marini
as Sebastien Valet
Dylan Sprayberry
as Liam Dunbar
John Wesley Shipp
as Mr. Lahey
James Urbaniak
as The Chemist
Maya Eshet
as Meredith Walker
Summera Howell
as Female Patient
Shawn-Jeray Hinton
as Lacrosse Player
Morgan Ayres
as Sean Long
Michael H. Cole
as Mr. Curtis
Jair Burgos
as Jake
JR Bourne
as Chris Argent
McNally Sagal
as Lenore
Keahu Kahuanui
as Danny Mahealani
Ezra Buzzington
as Travers
Michelle Clunie
as Mrs. Finch
Geno Segers
as Kincaid
Doris Morgado
as Reporter #1
Mieko Hillman
as Deputy Tara Graeme
Marie Fink
as Marked Spectator
Ken Melde
as Bowling Alley Manager
Chris Gann
as Driver
Ana Mulvoy Ten
as Carrie Hudson
Mike Whaley
as Club Goer
Chris Gehrt
as EMT
C.J. Hoff
as Edgar
Anna Enger Ritch
as Student
Matthew Del Negro
as Rafael McCall
Madison McLaughlin
as Paige Krasikeva
Haley Roe Murphy
as Laura Hale
Taylor Prezzano
as High School Student (2010)
Ian C. King
as High School Student
Akeem Smith
as Bennett
Khylin Rhambo
as Mason Hewitt
Clark Freeman
as Dying Deputy
Michael Hogan
as Gerard Argent
Alisha Boe
as Gwen
Brad James
as Vice Principal
Ivo Nandi
as Severo Calavera
Daniel Bonjour
as Marcel
Steven Brand
as Dr. Gabriel Valack
Jayne Taini
as Desk Clerk
Jake Mateo
as Referee
Shantal Nyree Rhodes
as Danielle
Henry Zaga
as Josh Diaz
Michael Fjordbak
as Young Peter Hale
Diego Tinoco
as Mateo
Sharon Conley
as Ms. Ramsey
Stephanie Dodgen
as Extra
Javier Carrasquillo
as Nick the Bartender
Ankit Patel
as Club Extra
Hans Hernke
as Receptionist at Sanitarium
Patrick Gorman
as Elias Stilinski/Tolbert
Esquire Duke
as Student
Alisha Seaton
as Accident Victim
Linden Ashby
as Sheriff Noah Stilinski/Deputy Noah Stilinski
Casey Deidrick
as Halwyn
Jonathan Kleitman
as Unger
Justin Brown
as High School Student
Sonny Saito
as Shigeki
Peter Katona
as Vadim
Mark Bloom
as Alex's Father
Charlie Carver
as Ethan/Ethan Steiner
Reese Riley
as Jaysen
Vinny DeGennaro
as Hunter #4
Kevin Will
as Tow Truck Driver
Nolan Godfrey
as Lacrosse Player
Chris Brewster
as Orderly
Mandy Levin
as Nurse Cross
Ross Butler
as Nathan
Marvin Duerkholz
as Cody
Gregory Cook
as Photographer
Edin Gali
as Berend
Makenna James
as Theo's Sister
Brandon Boyce
as Dr. Vandenburg
Robert Crayton
as Hunter
Bob Cornelius Rifo
as DJ
Lily Mariye
as Satomi Ito
Todd Stashwick
as Henry Tate
Samantha Logan
as Violet
Hillary Lee Latty
as High School Student
Doug Jones
as William Barrow
Noree Victoria
as Night Officer
Kevin Symons
as Mr. Raeken
John Posey
as Dr. Conrad Fenris
Lauren McKnight
as Emily
Kevin 'ohGr' Ogilvie
as The Ranger
Brent King
as Demarco Montana
Lexi Ainsworth
as Beth
Donnell Turner
as Paramedic
Gary Palmer
as Club goer
Michael Dane
as Leveque
Alissah Brooks
as Drag Queen
Nadia Buer
as Stephanie
Art Kulik
as Kassian
Doug Cox
as Dr. Liston
Pamela Wistrom
as Asylum Patient
Yves Bright
as Rossler
William Gerber
as Lacrosse Player
Michael Viscusi
as Lacrosse Player
Lily Bleu Andrew
as Lori/Lori Talbot/Lorilee Rohr
Christian Taylor
as Principal/Principal Thomas
Colton Haynes
as Jackson Whittemore
Skyler Maxon
as Corporal Rhys
Eshun Melvin
as Young Vernon Boyd
Zelda Williams
as Caitlin
Denise Vasquez
as Beverly (The High School Principal's Secretary)
Ariel Flores
as Student
Meghan Moonan
as Jessica Bartlett
Eddie Ramos
as Lucas
Caitlin Custer
as Heather
Stephen Ford
as Matt Daehler
Pete Ploszek
as Mr. Garrett Douglas
Victoria Moroles
as Hayden Romero
Daniel Sharman
as Isaac Lahey
Claire Andrew
as Sydney
Zedrick Restauro
as Preston
John Duff
as Massive Orderly/Twin's Alpha
Delon de Metz
as Marco
Nobi Nakanishi
as Young Katashi
Alan Pietruszewski
as Bennett
Alexander Michael Helisek
as Basketball Captain
Brandon Stoughton
as Tucker Cornish
Josh Brodis
as Lacrosse Player
Vince Pisani
as Ref
Albert Valladares
as WereWolf
David Elson
as Kanima
Tina Q. Nguyen
as Beacon Hills Student
Kendrick Cross
as Deputy
Russell Mulcahy
as Pool Owner
Lucy Loken
as Quinn
Anthony Lapenna
as Young M. Stiles Stilinski/Young Stiles Stilinski
Crystal Reed
as Allison Argent/Marie-Jeanne Valet
Barry Livingston
as David (Businessman)
Christopher McDaniel
as Deputy DeWitte
Lee Ramsey
as Party Guest
Brian Maierhofer
as Referee
Ivonne Coll
as Araya Calavera
Kidus Henok
as Michael
Walter Hendrix III
as Parent
Tom Choi
as Ken Yukimura
Lachlan Buchanan
as Henri Argent
Brian Patrick Wade
as Ennis
Loren L. Baker
as Pointing Protestor
Debby Gerber
as Runner
Jim O'Rear
as Mr. Loomis
Douglas Tait
as The Pathologist
Catherine Black
as Maddy
Iman Nazemzadeh
as Stockton
Ryan Malgarini
as Trent
Carole Gutierrez
as Trauma Room Receptionist
Carey Jones
as Alpha Werewolf
Christopher T. Wood
as FBI Instructor
JayR Kalis
as Ulrich
Salvator Xuereb
as Mr. Stewart
Jazmin Du Veaux
as Alicia Boyd
Eileen Fogarty
as Nurse
Shelley Robertson
as Committee chairwoman
Damon Jackson
as Danny's Ex/Danny's Prom Date
Nicole Pulliam
as Dr. Wentz
Jarroll White
as Driver
Stacey Danger
as Makeup Artist
Gabrielle Elyse
as Jayden
Jill Wagner
as Kate Argent
Hunter Clowdus
as Bartender #2/Lacrosse Player
Desiree Hall
as Jennifer
Rick Otto
as Alexander Argent
Stephanie Blair
as Young Lorraine Martin
Charles Fathy
as Bernard
Adam C. Edwards
as Tyhurst
as Student
Gonzalo Menendez
as Gilberto
Brandon Soo Hoo
as Jiang
Nancy Tran
as Student
Stephen Corliss
as Smirking Student
Gina Holden
as Claudia Stilinski
Michael Sweat
as Snake Man
B.J. Clinkscales
as Cameraman
Taj Speights
as Okafur
Tanner Stine
as Jake
Marcy Goldman
as Lorraine Martin
Naomi Coai
as Nurse
Elisabeth P. Carpenter
as The Geneticist
Ashton Moio
as Donovan Donati
Rebecca Swift
as Dancing Girl
Anthony Molinari
as Hunter
Robin K. Johnson
as Mary
Brandon Morales
as Colonel Harper
Sibongile Mlambo
as Tamora Monroe
Jessica Bues
as Deputy Morrow
Kids of 88
as Special Appearance
Wayne Webb
as Biology Teacher
Jamie Walker
as Lacrosse Fan
Ken DuBois
as Shirtless Male Model
Joseph Gatt
as The Mute
Dylan O'Brien
as Stiles Stilinski/Nogitsune
Mark Cook
as Senior 2
Max Lloyd-Jones
as Young Chris Argent
Aaron Thornton
as Deputy Strauss
Robert Pralgo
as David Whittemore
Craig Crumpton
as Doctor
Micaela Wittman
as Tara Raeken
Eli Walker
as Student
Tonantzin Carmelo
as Skinwalker #3/Black Night
Mason McNulty
as Caleb
Neil Napier
as Rene
Anthony B. Harris
as Mall Shopper
Lauren Henneberg
as Hospital Visitor/Raver
Gage Golightly
as Erica Reyes
Motown Maurice
as Friend
Matt Shively
as Oliver
Rob Mars
as Bouncer
Benjamin Wadsworth
as Alec
Wayne Packer
as Maintenance Man
Ben Stillwell
as Zach
Andrew S. McMillan
as Deputy Brady
Joseph Boyd
as Richmond/Hunter
Ian McQuown
as Teacher
Jenni Wilson
as High School Student
Will Jeziorski
as Lacrosse Player
Adam Baaklini
as EMT
Steele Gagnon
as Young Scott McCall
Craig Henningsen
as Oni
Toy Lei
as ATF Schaffeur
Lili Bordán
as Colette
Ryan Christiansen
as Reed Schall
Tyler Schnabel
as Dying Wolf
Stephen M. Phillips
as Lacrosse Fan
Joe Knezevich
as Homeless Man/Omega
Ana Walczak
as Laura Hale
Joe Pistone
as Security Guard
Fred Cruz
as Sean Body/Omega
David Calhoun
as Marcus
Masayuki Yonezawa
as Young Katashi
Tyler Hoechlin
as Derek Hale
Paul Fox
as Grenadier Abel
Jonathan Davila
as Paramedic
Kelly Bacon
as Student
Christopher Gravely
as Lacrosse Player
Chris Grabher
as Kanima (Suit Performer)
Des Epps
as Senior 1
Shelby Steel
as Tara Raeken
Aaron Hendry
as Brunski/Nogitsune
Jackson Heywood
as Merrick
Anthony Ennis
as Party Guest
Gabriel Hogan
as Belasko
Gideon Emery
as Deucalion
Cody Banta
as The Pathologist
Maria Russell
as Deputy Vargas
John Ridings
as EMT
Andrea Laing
as Kara Simmons
Jennifer Malone
as Teacher
Frances Cobb
as Teacher
Maggie Hollis
as Mom in Bowling Alley
Tom Billett
as Security Guard
Jennifer Say Gan
as Dr. Sandra Hugo
Paul McKinney
as Bryan (Male Nurse)
Max Carver
as Aiden
Rene Mousseux
as Jimenez
Jules Willcox
as Dr. Hilyard
Hidekun Hah
as Michio's Father
Kristy Staky
as Sign Language Student
Josh Wingate
as Fahey
Mike Manning
as Deputy Farrell

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2011 | 12 Episodes

Season 2

2012 | 12 Episodes

Season 3

2013 | 24 Episodes

Season 4

2014 | 12 Episodes

Season 5

2015 | 20 Episodes

Season 6

2016 | 20 Episodes




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