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October 20, 2021
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Teen Titans Go!’s
home country is:
United StatesUnited States
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About this title


This follow-up to the popular "Teen Titans" series takes a more comedic look at the superheroes, showing what life is like for the teens when their capes come off. Funny things happen to Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg between saving the world and being regular teens, living together without adult supervision. The teens, in their ordinary lives, deal with the everyday issues of adolescence that include such important things as having staring contests to determine who does the laundry and going on a series of quests to construct the perfect sandwich. But, of course, the heroes still fight crime in Jump City when the need arises. Whatever the situation, they're always ready for an adventure -- inside the house or out of it.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: April 23, 2013

Also Known As: Μικροί Τιτάνες Εμπρός!, Teen Titans Go! |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (PG), Brazil (10, Livre) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

dc comics
based on comic
based on cartoon
superhero team

Company Credits

Production Co: Cartoon Network Studios, DC Entertainment |  See more »


Aaron Horvath
as Self
Amanda Leighton
as Blossom
Kimberly Brooks
as Bumblebee
Jason Spisak
as The Joker
Fred Tatasciore
as Frog King/Hafo/Safo/Thompson
Alex Brightman
as Beetlejuice
Will Friedle
as Kid Flash
Kevin Conroy
as Batman
Pete Wentz
as Pete
Dee Bradley Baker
as Juvenile Correction Facility Guard
Rodger Bumpass
as Dr. Light
Frank Welker
as Fred Jones/Scooby-Doo
Larry Kenney
as Original Lion-O/The Chief
Dan Bakkedahl
as Sheriff
Lauren Tom
as Gizmo/Jinx/Baby Jack
Jane Carr
as The Queen
Andrew Hurley
as Andy
Robert Morse
as Santa Claus
Ron Perlman
as Slade
Scott Menville
as Robin/Birdarang/The Brain/Billy Numerous/Easter Bunny/Killer Moth/Captain Cankle/Detective Chimp/Painbot/Speedy/60's Robin/Alien/Bank Robber/Brain/Chip/Dark Robin/Elf Security Guard/Father Time/Fefo/Film Narrator/Girl Robin/Grouch/Hawk/Henchman/Hurtbot/JFK/Jelly Roll/Manager/Mefo/Mockingbird #2/Mr. Mind/Muscleor/Nibor/Nightwing/Old MacDonald/Opposite Gender Raven/Pain Bot/Pizza Guy/Primitive Man/Prison Guard/Race Announcer/Robot Leader/Sassypants/Self/Spectator/Sun/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Donatello/Thanksgiving Turkey/The Clipper
Flula Borg
as Robotman
Tom Kenny
as Magic God/Mockingbird #1/Mumbo/Narrator
Paul Rugg
as Freakazoid
James Hong
as Turtle
Lexi Sexton
as Kid At Home #3
David Warner
as The Lobe
Michael Jelenic
as Self/Original Snarf
George Pérez
as George Pérez
Alexander Polinsky
as Control Freak
Patrick Stump
as Patrick
Ricky Jay
as Narrator
Jonathan Adams
as Ultralak
Dwight Schultz
as TV
LeBron James
as LeBron James
Greg Cipes
as Beast Boy/The Calf/AI/Alien Voice/Beast Boy's Belly/Beast Boy's Cousin/Book Wizard/Boy Beast/Chuck/Dad/Growler/Gumdrop Goblin/Kensington/Lumino/Nixon/Old Man/Pirate Captain/Puppet Wizard/Self/TV Announcer/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Michelangelo/Virus/Whack A Doodles Mascot
Max Mittelman
as Lion-O
Jeff Bennett
as Brainiac/Ed
Peter Stormare
as Fibulon
Pamela Adlon
as Rose Wilson
Freddy Rodríguez
as Menos/Más
Carl Burnett
as Carl
Billie Hayes
as Mother Mae-Eye
Destiny Ochoa
as Kid At Home #2
Hynden Walch
as Starfire/Blackfire/Sparkleface/Incredible Quad/Robot Guard/Sticky Joan/Elf/Erifrats/Girl-Ra/Goldfish/Madame Rouge/Mother Nature/Opposite Gender Cyborg/Self/Starfire's Knowledge/Teeth/Twin Destroyer 2
Roger Jackson
as Mojo Jojo
Patton Oswalt
as The Atom
Joe Leahy
as Narrator
Kari Wahlgren
as Zatanna/Whimsy Raven
Careen Ingle
as Thorpighor/Pocket Robin
'Weird Al' Yankovic
as Darkseid
Marv Wolfman
as Marv Wolfman
Kristen Li
as Bubbles
Khary Payton
as Cyborg/Sticky Joe/Tooth Fairy/Announcer/Aqualad/Halloween Spirit/Thunder Thighs/Victor Stone/Zan/Batman/Buttermilk Biscuit/Castro/Couch/Cyborg's Belly/Dance Demon/Death/Demon Emcee/Elf Boss/George Washington/Grobyc/Judge/Kaldur'ahm/Kim Guy/King Goal/Mummy Boss/Narrator/Opposite Gender Starfire/Pain-Bot/Randy/Self/Staff/Stick Joe/TV Announcer/The Couch/Universe Staff/Universe Tree/Vegetor
Nicole Sullivan
as Supergirl
Trevor Devall
as Old Man/Spy Villain/Whimsy Beast Boy/Whimsy Starfire
Sam Register
as Self
Natalie Palamides
as Buttercup
Asher Bishop
as Kid at Home #1
De La Soul
as Posdnuos
Wil Wheaton
as Aqualad
Ozioma Akagha
as Bumblebee
Albert Jelenic
as Self
Cree Summer
as Beast Girl/Elasti-Girl
Wingman Cipes
as Self
Kate Micucci
as Parry/Velma Dinkley
William Walter Thompson
as Wally T.
Peter Rida Michail
as Self/Vibe/Christopher the Rain Cloud/Cranberry Roll/Fortune Cookie/Hot Pepper/Ivanhoe/John/Mustard/Pizza God/Professor/Stork
Roz Ryan
as Cyborg's Grandma Voice
Frank Enea
as Frank
Ashley Johnson
as Terra
Nika Futterman
as Sonia Conchita Hernández
John DiMaggio
as Brother Blood/Shazam/The Wizard
Jaleel White
as Miner
Grey Griffin
as Wonder Woman/Brainiac's Mother/Daphne Blake
Tara Strong
as Raven/Batgirl/Butterbean/Jayna/Lady Legasus/Little Girl/911 Operator/Billy Batson/Bro Lady/Butterbern/Distressed Woman/FBI Agent/Gingerbread Man/Klatak/Mega Legasus/Mom/Nevar/Old Lady/Opposite Gender Robin/Punk Teenager/Sandwich/Scary Teri/Self/Silkie/Tabitha/Teapot/Teeth/Twin Destroyer 1/Two O'Clock
Eric Bauza
as Announcer/Commissioner Gordon/Joker Impressions/Marshmallow Duck/Second Santa
William Regan
as Billy
CeeLo Green
as Ceelo
Matthew Lillard
as Shaggy Rogers
Keone Young
as Katarou
Danny Jacobs
as George Washington
Steve Troop
as Puppeteer
Joe Trohman
as Joe
Rachel Dratch
as Negative Girl
Kevin Michael Richardson
as Trigon/Mammoth/See-More/P.P. Goblin/See-more
David Kaye
as Dragon/Buster/Death/Ferryman/Whimsy Cyborg/Whimsy Robin
Scott O'Brien
as Rainbow Raider
Myrna Velasco
as Green Lantern
Malcolm McDowell
as Baxtory

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2013 | 53 Episodes

Season 2

2014 | 52 Episodes

Season 3

2015 | 53 Episodes

Season 4

2016 | 52 Episodes

Season 5

2018 | 51 Episodes

Season 6

2019 | 51 Episodes

Season 7

2021 | 12 Episodes




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Annie Awards 2014


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Best Animated TV/Broadcast Production for Children's Audience

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Best Female Lead Vocal Performance in a Television Series - Comedy/Musical


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