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October 21, 2021
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Tanked dunks viewers into the high-decibel, family-owned business of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM), one of the country's leading and most successful builders of aquariums. Led by brothers-in-law (and business partners, best friends and rivals) Brett Raymer and Wayde King and housed in a state-of-the-art, cavernous facility located in the center of Sin City, ATM literally has created thousands of enormous, conceptual aquariums for high-profile clients. Working with opinionated and outrageous family and staff, Brett and Wayde take on jaw-dropping aquarium builds, from such intricate and interesting locations as inside restaurants, casinos, banks, hotels, churches, offices, mansions, museums and zoos. Their tanks are for celebrities and ordinary Joes, and their aquariums and their business are filled with the most unusual... and larger-than-life creatures in the world.

Official Sites: Official Facebook

Country: United States

Type: Reality

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: August 7, 2011

Also Known As: Com Água Até o Pescoço, Con el agua al cuello |  See more »

Parents Guide: Norway (A)


Plot Keywords


Company Credits

Production Co: Nancy Glass Productions


Marty Krytus
as CEO, EG Vodka/Self - President
Fernando Vargas
as Self - Professional Boxer
Daniel Boucher
as Self - KHS&S Contractors
Anthony Davis
as Self - NBA Superstar
Ricky Bhadra
as Self - Sales Representative, Underwater World
Casey Noble
as Self - Designer and TV Show Host
Mindy Robinson
as Self
Angelo Sabbi
as Self - Owner - American Polishing & Plating
Michael Hammer
as Self - Assistant General Manager, Weldbend
Frank Mezzanini
as Self - VP of business affairs and CFO, St. Leo University
Bart Scott
as Self - NFL Linebacker
Stuart Clause
as Self - Senior Curator
John Campbell
as Self - Managing Partner, The Claw House
Kate Yoshida
as Self - Phd., Curator Las Vegas Natural History Museum
Jim Destafney
as Self - Owner, Blues Angel Music
Dominic Cacioppo
as Self - DVM, Owner, Park Animal Hospital
Mibella Vargas
as Self - Fernando's Daughter
Robert Powells
as Self - Co-Founder - Rocket Fizz
Alan Springate
as Self - Co-Owner, Cowfish
Leise Gilliat
as Self - Client
Adam Elkus
as Self - Owner, Cincinnati Aquarium Design/Self - Owner, Cincinnati Aquarium Design and Maintenance
Laura Mason
as Self
as Self - Designer, ATM
Michael Walker
as Self - Johnnie Walker RV
Frank Marino
as Joan Rivers/Self
Joyce Lee
as Self - Client
Mike Tuccinardi
as Self - Marketing Director, Segrest Farms
Tommy Thayer
as Self
John Wall
as Self - NBA Superstar
Al Azadi
as President, Omix-ADA/Self - Founder
Shelby L. Stephenson
as Self - Public Relations and Social Media Manager
James Lee
as Self - MD, Client
as Self - Employee, Aquaholics Aquarium Services
Samuel Glick
as Self - Carpenter
Lisa Marano
as Artist, Ashba Media/Self - Ashba Media Manager & Artist/Self - Manager
Trisha Chamberlain
as Donut Mania Partner/Self - Brett's Fiance
Heather King
as Brett's Sister/Self - Wayde's Wife/Self -
Marshawn Lynch
as Self - NFL Player
Hans Hippert
as Self - President, Jo-Jo's Jerky
DJ Ashba
as Entertainer/Self - Entrepreneur/Self
Les Spanheimer
as Self - Commander, United States Naval Academy
Alyssa Milano
as Self
Travis Branham
as Self - KHS&S Contractors
M. Rahmi Mowjood
as Self - MD, Cucamonga Medical Group
Alan Howard
as Self - Vice President, Plesser's Appliances
Allen Jenkins
as Self - Owner, 702 Motoring
Chad Read
as Self - Brett's Friend
Tim Arnold
as Self - Owner, Pinball Hall of Fame
David Rubin
as Self - Poseidon Aquatics
Mikayla Petrilla
as Self
Kevin Smith
as Self
John Smolen
as Self - Co-Owner, Crab Corner Restaurants
Lisa Vannerson
as Self - Marketing & PR Manager, Ethel M. Chocolates
Chasen Weiss
as Self - Owner, Mels Drive In
Eric Nicholsberg
as Self - CEO, Commercial Marketing Group
Andy Hafen
as Self - Mayor, Henderson Nevada
Dwight Howard
as Self - NBA Superstar/Self - Houston Rockets' Star
Vince Marsaglia
as Self - Vice President - Pizza Port/Self - Vice President, Pizza Port
Jacob Snow
as Self - City Manager, Henderson, Nevada
Lisa Semler
as Self - Wine Maker, Malibu Family Wines
Steve Allen
as Self - CEO, Nationwide Children's Hospital
Mike Sorrenti
as Self - President, Game Pill
Jason 'Wee Man' Acuña
as Self/Self - Jackass
Andrew R. Clark
as Partner, Cooper Family Practice/Self - Dr., Owner
Agnes Wilczynski
as Self - Sales Rep., ATM/Self - Sales Rep, ATM/Self - Sales Representative/Self/Self - Sales Rep/Self - Sales Rep - ATM
Bob Barrett
as Self - Owner, The Alligator Attraction
Bryson Young
as Self - Executive Sushi Chef, Lahaina Grill
Brett Brimhall
as Self - M.D., President, Brimhall Eye Center
as Self - Shop Employee, ATM
Paul Hymas
as Self - Owner, Nacho Daddy
Freddie Gipson
as Self - Warehouse Supervisor
Ben Klein
as Self - TIA Tenant Work Coordinator
Izzy Capuano
as Self - Owner, Infinity Aquarium Design/Self - Infinity Aquarium Design
Prince Fielder
as Self - Major League Baseball Superstar
Patrick Madden
as Self - District General Manager, Westfield Annapolis
Simon Robinson
as Self - General Manager & Piano Tecnician, Piano Action
Justin Romero
as Self - Partner, Lusso Auto Spa & Design
Kurt Herbolsheimer
as Self - Master Scultor
Nan Destafney
as Self - Owner, Blues Angel Music
as Self - Goatlandia Animal Sanctuary
Oliver Mehmet
as Self
Penn Jillette
as Las Vegas Legend/Self - Magician
Dennis Vourderis
as Self - Manger, Wonder Wheel
Ryan Frei
as Self - Owner, Aquaholics Aquarium Services/Self - Owner, Aquaholics, Aquarium Service
Amado Vargas
as Self - Fernando's Son
Sammy Gonzales
as Liza Minelli
Walter Hill
as Self - Director, Horry County Museum
Jason Harris
as Self - Executive VP, Furnitureland
DeMarcus Cousins
as Self - NBA Superstar
Justin Credabel Grabel
as Self - Aquaculture Director - Exotic Reef Imports/Self - Aquaculture Director, Exotic Reef Imports
Blaire Seifried
as Self - Brand Ambassador, EG Vodka
Jonathan Ullman
as Self - President & CEO, The Mob Museum
Kyle Gilman
as Self - Owner, Riptide Aquariums
Beverly Campbell
as Self - Owner, The Claw House
Anthony Mason
as Self - Pro Basketball Player (ret.)
Steven Weiss
as Self - Owner, Mels Drive In
Jeff Jabot
as Self - Owner, Salt Life Restaurant Group/Self - Partner, Salt Life Food Shack
Annie Yunginger
as Self - Managing Partner, The Claw House
Eric Medelsohn
as Self - Signature Art Glass by Design
Krissie Newman
as Self - Ryan's Wife, Founder Rescue Ranch
Russ Suor
as Self - Executive VP, Stiles Machinery
Erika Jayne
as Self - Singer/TV Personality
Alli Simpson
as Radio Host/Self - Singer
Marcus Hall
as Self - Co-Owner, Cowfish
Derrick Barry
as Britney Spears
Clark Peterson
as Self - CEO, Telesphere
Ralph Ammirati
as President, Aquarium Network/Self - Owner
Theresa Caputo
as Self
Shannon Fitzpatrick
as Self - Property Manager, The Piano Works
Vill Tupola
as Self - Lead Autoclave Ingineer, 3Form
Terence Fugazzi
as Self - Vp Sales & Marketing - Neptune Systems
Dwyane Wade
as Self - Pro Basketball Player/Self - NBA Superstar
Brian Cupps
as Self - Li-Ning Director, Brand Initiative for Basketball
Mike Drawby
as Self - Vice President, Imperial Tropicals
Marc Howard
as Self - President, Plesser's Appliance
Larry Womack
as Self - Owner, Nevada Water Gardens
Victoria Bonitto
as Self - Owner, Reeftop Aquariums
Greg Said
as Self - Owner, Salt Life Restaurant Group
Abel Guerra
as Self - Manager, Marine Mammals - Atlantis, The Palm
Tim Ramer
as Self - Assistant Property Manager
Megan Wollover
as Self - Tracy's Wife
Segway Bob
as Self - Segway of Las Vegas
Tom Fischbach
as Self - Agent, Priority One
Dawud Lane
as Self - Hassan's Cousin and Manger
Monique Hawkins
as Self - Manager, Black & Blue Restaurant and Lounge
Sara Colson
as Self - Aquarist
Mark McLoone
as Self - Owner, Living Water Lawn & Garden
Anya Hippert
as Self - Employee, Jo-Jo's Jerky
Ronnie Feitelson
as Self - Owner, Bustoration
Flo Rand Gray
as Self - Phd., President Protocol Etiquette School of NV, Las Vegas
John Jordan
as Self - Owner, Jordan Winery
Prince Royce
as Self - Singer/Songwriter
Claire Mitchell
as Self - Manager of Small Exhibits, Lost Chambers - Atlantis, The Palms
Joe Vitagliano
as Self - MD, West Bay Orthodontics & Assc.
Avery Dean Rood
as Self - Avery Rood
Kyle Smart
as Self - MD, Cucamonga Medical Group
Jason Flanagan
as Self - Lockdown Escape Rooms
Burton Hughes
as Self - General Manager
Cory Pymm
as Self - Custom Projects Engineer, 3Form
Craig Allen
as Self - Owner, All Star Wine and Spirits
David Fee
as Self - President & CEO, Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show
Wayde King
as Self - Co-Owner ATM/Self/Corrected character description to reflect what was shown on the screen./Self - Co - Owner, ATM/Self - Co-Owner/Self - Co-Owner, ATM
Bradly Jenings
as Self - CEO, Financial Providence Group
Eric Arnold
as Self - Director of Marketing & Hotel Operations
Scott Sharples
as Self - Manager of Client Development - Telesphere
Vince Kelly
as Self - Owner, GoFish Aquariums
Bruce Campbell
as Self - Owner, Sea Critters Depot
Glen Smith
as Self - Head Of Security
Chris Cohan
as Self - Johnnie Walker RV
Jimmy Butler
as Self - NBA Superstar
Shaquille O'Neal
as Self - NBA Superstar
Tom Mason
as Self
Frank Ruoco
as Self - Co-Owner, Ocean Resort Casino
Wayne Linsk
as Self - Donut Mania Partner
Johnny Knoxville
as Self/Self - Jackass
Reid Shapiro
as Self - Executive VP, Saveology
John Rhee
as Self - CEO, Lusso Auto Spa & Design
as Self - Shop Manager, Scales 'N Tails
Cody Williamson
as Self - General Manager, Windcreek Casino
Kyle Phillips
as Self - Life Support Technician, Aquatic Contractors
Allen Nester
as Self - Owner, Reef Scapes
Tosh Townend
as Self - Profesional Skateboarder
Mike Berry
as Self - Director of Construction
Jack Hollis
as Self - VP, Toyota Marketing
Kiana Kim
as Self - Pete Rose's Fiance
Irwin Raymer
as Self - Brett's Dad/Self - Brett's Father/Brett's Dad/Self - Co-Founder - Rocket Fizz/Self - Operations
as Insert Designer, ATM/Self - Coral
Ryan Newman
as Self - Nascar Driver, Founder Rescue Ranch
Barney Tabach
as Self - Managing Partner, Unishippers
Adam Kaplan
as Self - Director of Operations, Wayde King Filtration Systems
Phil Shuart
as Self - Pastor, Life Coach
as Self - Employee, Aquatic Contractors
Seth Grabel
as Self - Illusionist
Tracy Morgan
as Self - Comedian
Stewart McDaniel
as Self - Waterlife Design Group
Brent Baronofsky
as Self - Owner, Baronofsky Designs
as Self - Owner, Jaws Aquarium
Holly Meli
as Self - Projects Manager, Ocean Resort Casino
Chris Fearnow
as Self - Executive Chef, Silverton Casino
Greg Lewis
as Self - Co-Owner, In A Flash
Bruce Gilliat
as Self - Client
Gerri Schroder
as Self - Councilwoman, Henderson, Nevada
Bill Hamel
as Self - Owner - Looking Glass Aquariums/Self - Owner, Looking Glass Aquariums
Gina Marsaglia
as Self - CEO/President - Pizza Port/President, Pizza Port
Santiago Campa
as Chef Santiago
Serge Tancrede
as Self - Co-Owner, Sweet Spot
Gerry Beronja
as Self - Director of Marketing, Snap-On Tools
Lois Codding
as Self - Owner, Coddingtown Mall
Howie Mandel
as Self
Debbie Weiss
as Self - Owner, Mels Drive In
Noel Bowman
as Self - Director of Operations, Minus 5 Ice Bar
Jessica Anderson
as Self - Director Community Engagement, Get Outdoors Nevada
Stephen Olsen
as Self - General Manager, Blues Angel Music
Michael Kuskin
as Self - Owner, The Piano Works
Gene Simmons
as Self - 'The Demon' - Bass/Vocals
Mike Wells
as Self - Director of Leasing, Highwoods Properties
Taylor King
as Self - Wayde & Heather's Daughter/Self - Wayde's Daughter
Robert Bennett
as Self - Manger, Large Exhibits - Atlantis, The Palm
Stephen Koehler
as Self - West Sales Rep. - Ecotech Marine LLC
Keith Overton
as Self - President, Tradewinds Island Resort/Self - President, Tradewinds Island Resorts
Greg Henderson
as Self - Owner, Roxbury Hotel
as Self - Employee, 3 Arts Entertainment
Sheena Kipu-Galariada
as Self - Tanked Producer
Frankie DiLuzio
as Self - Shop Assistant, ATM/Self - Sales Associate/Self - Sales Associate, ATM/Self - Shop Assistant/Self - ATM Shop Assistant/Self - Shop Manager, ATM
Lisa Codding
as Self - Owner, Coddingtown Mall
Lon Ross
as Self - Owner, Fun City Foods
Carrie Sheerin
as Self - Vice President, Halloweenmart
Jeff Tremaine
as Self - Director/Producer, Jackass/Producer
Jean Womack
as Self - Owner, Nevada Water Gardens
Denny Stanley
as Self - Owner, Las Vegas Props/Self - Prop Master, ATM/Self - Owner - Las Vegas Props/Self - Prop Master for ATM/Self - Props/Self - Sales, Stage House
Andrew Beeler
as Self - Midshipman First Class, United States Naval Academy
Ryan Zink
as Reba McIntire
Tom Botzo
as Hiimself - VP of Sales, EMI Yoshi
Mario Lopez
as Host, Fitness Ambassador, Boys & Girls Clubs/Self - Actor
Oscar Goodman
as Self - Former Mayor of Las Vegas
Carl Cosico
as Self - Owner, Xtreme Fab Works/Self - Owner, Xtreme Metal Works
Ryan Divel
as Self - Vice President of Promotions, LaJolla Group/Self - Vice President, LaJolla Group
Michael Wolf
as Self - Chef, Serendipity/Self - Chef, Serenipity 3
Kenneth J. Posner
as Self - Associate VP for Student Services, St. Leo University
Casey Donnelly
as Self - Pilot, Vegas Balloon Rides
Kurt Busch
as Self - Nascar Champion
as Las Vegas Legend/Self - Magician
Matt Bloom
as Self - Head Coach, WWE NXT
Chris Pontius
as Self/Self - Jackass
Clay Matthews
as Self - NFL Linebacker
Jeff Harris
as Self - Executive VP, Furnitureland
Ditte Preker
as Self - Dive Master
Hassan Whiteside
as Self - Basketball Player, Miami Heat/Self - NBA Superstar
Marilyn Gillespie
as Self - Executive Director, Las Vegas Natural History Museum
Wyclef Jean
as Self
Joe Yaiullo
as Self - Co-Founder, Atlantis Marine World
Shawn Rosen
as Project Manager, Koi Market/Self - Owner
Jimmy Whitt
as Self - Owner, Scales 'N Tails
Laurie Notes
as Self - TIA Director of Airport Concessions
Brett Raymer
as Self - Co-Owner ATM/Self/Corrected character description to reflect what was shown on the screen./Self - Co - Owner, ATM/Self - Co-Owner/Self - Co-Owner, ATM
Jimmy Coulas
as Self - Vice President of Sales, Weldbend
Kenneth Rex
as Pink
Crystal Woods
as Diana Ross
Rickie Rush
as Self - Client
Jonathan Gosselin
as Self - Reality TV Personality
Chris Kandziora
as Self - Director of Engineering, Camp Ojai
Catherine Cooper
as Partner, Cooper Family Practice/Self - Dr., Owner
Luis Gil
as Self - President, Poseidon Construction
Chris Jericho
as Self
Mike Kaplan
as Self - CEO, Wayde King Filtration Systems
Jay Pleggenkuhle
as Self - Lead Architect, Healing Garden
Thaddeus Bullard
as Self - WWE Superstar
Rob Miller
as Self - Owner, Exotic Reef Imports
Martha Vargas
as Self - Fernando's Wife
Raymond Bonitto
as Self - Owner, Reeftop Aquariums
Arthur Mothershed
as Self - Property Manager
Charlie Campbell
as Self - Owner, The Claw House
Jim Bacchetta
as Self - VP of Atlanta, Highwoods Properties
Ron Semler
as Self - President, Malibu Family Wines
Tony Rico
as Self - Owner, Broadway Hall Dance Studio
Kevin Coulas
as Self - Vice President of Production, Weldbend
Robert Christlieb
as Self - Shop Manager, ATM/Self - Shop Manager/Self - Shop Manger, ATM/Self - Shop Manager ATM/Self - ATM/Self - Shop Manage, ATM/Self - Shop Manager,ATM
Gray Warren
as Self - Richard Childress Racing
Oren Young
as Self - General Manager, Ethel M. Chocolates
Justin Portnoy
as Self - Installer/Self - Senior Installer, ATM
Rick Gross
as Self - Partner, Tanus Cabinets
Guy Harvey
as Self - Phd., Marine artist, scientist, conservationist
Colin McPhillips
as Self - Professional Surfer
Eric Cohen
as Self - Owner, Sea Dwelling Creatures/Self - Owner, Sea Dwelling Creature/Self - Owner, Blue Life USA/Self - Sea Dwelling Creatures
Ty Dolla $ign
as Self/Self - Singer, Song Writer and Music Producer
Jason Cooper
as Self - President, Gist Specialties/Self - Gist Specialties/Self - Comedien/Self - Owner, GIST Decor
Melany Gavulic
as CEO Hurley Medical Center/Self - Preident
Kenda Klotz
as Self - Clinical Service Director, Mercy Health
Ed Fritsch
as Self - CEO, Highwoods Properties
Tim Pangborn
as Self - Managing Member, Water FX, LLC
Jeff Davis
as Self - Owner, JMD Contracting
Jim Hendrick
as Self - VP, Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show
Martin G. D'Ambrose
as Self - Administrator, Town of East Rochester, New York
Lou Branchinelli
as Selt - Entertainment Executive, Ocean Resort Casino
Gina Hernandez
as Self - Office Coordinator, Brimhall Eye Center
as Self - Parrot Adoption Candidate
as Self - Parts Manager
Big Mike
as Self - Plumber, ATM/Self - Reef Expert, ATM
Zane Tankel
as Self - Franchise Owner, Applebee's
Larry Caputo
as Self - Teresa's Husband
Roman Atwood
as Self - Youtube Celebrity
Benny Aboud
as Self - CEO, Saveology
Cortney Johnson
as Self - Senior Aquatic Specialist, Bottled Ocean
as Self - Parts and Service Director
as Self - Dr. Oz's Dog
Steve Aoki
as Self - Grammy Nominated Producer & DJ
Ed De Andrade
as Self - Periodontist
Kevin McCarthy
as Self - Owner, Amelia River Cruises
Steve Rubiano
as Self - Franchisee, Dunkin' Donuts
Jimmy Riffle
as Self - Gator Boys
Betty White
as Self
Brittnee Klinger
as Self - Cake Artist, Freed's Bakery
Matthew Janchius
as Self - EVP & CMO, Nationwide
Jason Young
as Self - General Manager, Lahaina Grill
Mark Smolen
as Self - Co-Owner, Crab Corner Restaurants
Paul Votava
as Self - Sea Dwelling Creatures/Self - Salesman, Sea Dwelling Creatures
Christopher Cooper
as Partner, Cooper Family Practice/Self - Dr., Owner
Jon Daly
as Self - Research Scientist - Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
Jed Whitchurch
as Self - Client
Ariana Liuzzi
as Self - Aquatic Mermaid Performer
Laurie Sabol
as Self - Owner, Popcorn Girl
Henk Van Dongen
as Self - Director of Marketing, Rugged Ridge
David Wilkins
as Self - Curator South Carolina Aquarium
Ashley Busch
as Self - Professional Polo Player
David Hasselhoff
as Self - International Superstar
Rogers Villanueva
as Self - Skateboarder
Melissa Novelli
as Self - Co-Founder, Pawtastic Friends
Darian Odabasi
as Self - Aquarium Design Network/Self - Owner, Aquarium Design Network
Joseph Indrieri
as Self - Owner, Dynamic Spine & Sport
Jimmy Colson
as Self - Aquarist
Brian Hoover
as Self - Owner, Aquatic Contractors/Self - Owner of Aquatic Contractors
Ryan Morgan
as Self - Co-Founder - Rocket Fizz
as Self - Employee, ATM/Self - Plumber, ATM
Phil Dominguez
as Self - ATM Art Director/Self - Founder, Identity Brand
Mindee Mastrov
as Self - Mark's Wife, and Client
Mat McCann
as Self - VP, Quality Koi
Lance Espiritu
as Self - California Custom Aquariums
Patrick Kenny
as Self - Project Manager, Walsh Construction
as Self - Lead Plumber, ATM
Peter DiCaprio
as Self - Regional Sales Manager, Aerogo, Inc.
Bear Kozy
as Project Manager, Bottled Ocean/Self - Engineering
Mark Mastrov
as Self - Founder, 24 Hour Fitness
Heather George
as Self - Vice President, Halloweenmart
John Holland
as Self - Owner, Rollin Smoke Barbeque/Self - Owner, Rollin' Smoke Barbeque
David Bardin
as Self - Business Manager, Planet Plastics
as Self - Goatlandia Animal Sanctuary
Keyshia Cole
as Self - Singer, Song Writer
Jason Scott Jenkins
as Self - Personal Trainer
Hillary Winburn
as Self - Curator, Horry County Museum
as Self - Music Mogul
Gabriel Iglesias
as Actor/Self - Comedian
Christi Wallace
as Self - District Marketing Director, Westfield
Sherri Shepherd
as Comedien/Self - Actress
Paul Bedard
as Self - Gator Boys
Mike Marks
as Self - Executive Producer, Alevy Productions
Michael Flanigan
as Self - Owner, Flanigan's Seafood Bar & Grill
Jimmy Flanigan
as Self - Owner, Flanigan's Seafood Bar & Grill
Shane Victorino
as Self - Outfielder, Boston Red Sox
Derrick Davis
as Self - Lead Designer, Davis Rogers Interiors
Dennis Wightman
as Self - Sales Rep., ATM
Pete Rose
as Self - Former Cincinnati Red
Mehmet Oz
as Self - Cardiothoracic Surgeon/TV Host
Paul Hamilton
as Self - GM & Curator - Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
Brent Pinkston
as COO/Self - Chief Operating Officer, Windcreek Hospitality/Self - VP of Operations
Bryce Raymer
as Self - Brett's Son
Austin Moody
as Self
as Self - Acrylic Fabricator, ATM
Jay Dorris
as Self - CEO at PCI Gaming/Self - President & CEO, PCI Gaming
Ken Allen
as Self - Johnnie Walker RV
Alane Lavelle
as Self - Office Manager, EMI Yoshi
Emiliano Vargas
as Self - Fernando's Son
as Self - Retail Manager, ATM
John Tiliacos
as Self - TIA VP of Operations & Customer Service
Teri Donatoni
as Self - Director of Fun, Camp Ojai
Jesse Dominguez
as Self - MD, Cucamonga Valley Medical Group
Eric Singer
as Self
Paul Stanley
as Self - 'The Starchild' - Guitar/Vocals
Todd Burdeinei
as Self - Co-Owner, In A Flash
Cael Whitchurch
as Self - Jed & Danielle's Son
Karen Tancrede
as Self - Co-Owner, Sweet Spot
Gregory Lund
as CEO, Bottled Ocean/Self - President
Ethan Murray
as Self - Project Manager - Pizza Port/Self - Project Manager, Pizza Port
Kayla Raymer
as Self - Brett's Daughter
James Swanson
as Self - Product Specialist, Stiles Machinery
Don Haig
as Self - VP of Property Operations/Self - vp of property operations
Kim Moody
as Self
Danielle Whitchurch
as Self - Client
Neil Patrick Harris
as Self - President, Academy of Magical Arts
Erling Hart
as Self - Hellraiser
Michael Rubiano
as Self - Franchise VP of Operations, Dunkin' Donuts
Louis Guarracina
as Self - Owner Highres Biosolutions/Self - Owner, Highres Biosolutions
Tracy Morgan Jr.
as Self - Tracy Morgan's Son/Self - Tracy's Son
Paul George
as Self - NBA Superstar
Marcos Jovel
as Self - General Manager, Salt Life Food Shack
Ken Foose
as Self - Owner, Exotic Pets
Allen Netzer
as Self - Reef Scapes
Ellyn De Andrade
as Self - Dr Ed De Andrade's Wife
Wilmer Valderrama
as Actor/Self - Producer
Christina Ranney
as Self - Marine Biologist
Josh Glover
as Self - Black Spade Tatoo
Max Fried
as Self - Owner, Freed's Bakery
Melissa Victorino
as Self - Shane's Wife
Morgan King
as Self - Wayde & Heather's Daughter/Self - Wayde's Daughter
Urijah Faber
as Self - Champion MMA Fighter

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2011 | 6 Episodes

Season 2

2012 | 8 Episodes

Season 3

2012 | 30 Episodes

Season 4

2014 | 11 Episodes

Season 5

2014 | 12 Episodes

Season 6

2015 | 5 Episodes

Season 7

2015 | 10 Episodes

Season 8

2016 | 10 Episodes

Season 9

2016 | 15 Episodes

Season 12

2017 | 19 Episodes

Season 14

2018 | 5 Episodes

Season 15

2018 | 10 Episodes



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