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October 23, 2021
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About this title


Bay Kennish is a teenager who grew up in a wealthy family with two parents and a brother. Fellow teen Daphne Vasquez, who lost her hearing at an early age, was raised by a single mother in a working-class neighborhood. One day in her high-school chemistry class, Bay discovers that her blood type doesn't match either of her parents'. Official tests confirm that Bay is not her parents' birth child. When the Kennish family meets Daphne and her mom, Regina, they realize that the girls were switched at birth. The news prompts the Kennishes to allow Regina -- who is experiencing financial difficulties -- Daphne and Daphne's grandmother to live in their guest house. The two polar-opposite families struggle to learn how to live together for the sake of the girls, who try to keep their footing in both the world they know and the new one into which they are thrown.

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Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: June 6, 2011

Also Known As: Switched, スイッチ 〜運命のいたずら〜 |  See more »

Parents Guide: Germany (6), Netherlands (AL) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

sign languages
teen drama

Company Credits

Production Co: ABC Signature, Pirates' Cove Entertainment


Logan Crabtree
as Young Toby
Brian Gutierrez
as Cody/Schoolmate #2
Wyndoline Landry
as Lisa
Michael Galante
as Luca Barahona/Luca
Joseph Kamal
as Professor Fletcher
Antoinette Abbamonte
as Deaf Mother
Pearl Wu
as Chinese Woman
Kimberly Wallis
as Gillian
Colleen Foy
as SAT Proctor
Ryan Ahern
as Jim
Travor Rodriguez Thompson
as Oliver
Matt Berberi
as Customer 2
Bill Pugin
as Interpreter
Shayne Topp
as Taylor Halsted
Chelsea Anne Lawrence
as Make Out Couple
McKinley Freeman
as Brad Ziff
John Paul Green
as Blake
Ruth Livier
as Margaret
Miriam Crawford Grant
as Student
William Lucking
as Bill Kennish
Luwam Mikael
as Veronica
Mattieu Serna
as Student
Chryssie Whitehead
as Conrad's Receptionist
Tyler Jameson Martinez
as Carlton Student
Spencer Garrett
as Ted Rainford
Todd Williams
as Zane
Lindsey Michels
as Carlton Basketball Player #3
Tristin Mays
as Ally Morel
Patrick O'Neil
as Tucker
Haylee Roderick
as Dancer
Kim Rhodes
as Tria
James T. McGowan
as Fake Emmett
Janice Estrada
as Buckner Fan
Sandra Bernhard
as Prof. Teresa Ledarsky
Alec Mapa
as Renzo
Sunkrish Bala
as Mr. Z
Alex Pike
as Paramedic
Chriselle Almeida
as Receptionist Nurse
Eric Satterberg
as Café Manager
Jim O'Heir
as Chuck Conroy
Skyler Vallo
as Chelsea
Mario Ardila Jr.
as Mouse
Michelle N. Carter
as Adoption Counselor
Rich Hutchman
as Security Guard
Carmen Serano
as Latina Merit Award Interviewer
Courtney Gains
as Donny
Makeda Declet
as T.A.
Karla Zamudio
as Elena
Blair Hicks
as Man
Parker Harris
as Miles
Jaime Alvarez
as Lemon Farmer
Tania Raymonde
as Zarra
Joshua Polit
as Smak
Bruce M. Stockert
as Graduation Family Member
Vanessa Marano
as Bay Kennish/Daphne Sorrento
Taylor Doty
as Quentin
Erica Gimpel
as Ms. Gifford/Yvette Gifford
Stephen Lunsford
Marianne Chambers
as Leanne Crowley
Julian Flamer
as Frat Guy aka Walker
Stephen Janousek
as Buckner Fan
Alexandra Siegel
as Vivienne
Stephanie Nogueras
as Natalie/Natalie Pierce
Melissa Greenspan
as Aidan's Mom
Meg Schaab
as Fair Attendee
Ben Adams
as Check In Guy
James McCauley
as Gavin Bowers
Aaron Jaeger
as Burf
Stephen A. Chang
as Joe
Angelo Perez
as Worker
Joanna Cassidy
as Lucille
Maury Sterling
as George Papagus's Killer
Renee-Marie Brewster
as Social Worker
Marco Anthony Gutierrez
as Ramón Torres
Yasmine Al-Bustami
as Stephanie
Sean Berdy
as Emmett Bledsoe
Corie Vickers
as Female Party Guest #2
Nathalia Ramos
as Gretchen
Jonathan Shine
as Eric
Corbin Bernsen
as James Wilkerson II
William Ngo
as Asian Guy #1
Zachary James Rukavina
as Briggs
Aly Mawji
as Manager
Paige Ivy
as Party Girl
Mason Trueblood
as Guy at Bar
Ryan McAllister
as Regina's Lawyer
Keli Daniels
as Shauna
Brittany Belt
as Jill
Anthony Muniz
as College Student
Alex Wyse
as Howie
Dan J. Johnson
as Quinn
Jamie Brewer
as Teacher's Aide
Mike Jerome Putnam
as Hall Of Fame Baseball Player
Patrick Thomas Cragin
as Shane
Bevin Hamilton
as Young Actress
Bobby Edner
as Avery
Ace Gibson
as Peanut
Nan McNamara
as Brenda Powers
Scott Alan Smith
as Leonard
Derrick Coleman
as Derrick Coleman
Jeffrey Christopher Todd
as Art Student Guy
John Redlinger
as Grant
Abby Walla
as Hilary/Carlton Basketball Player #1/Tembi
Troy Blendell
as Eric
Suanne Spoke
as Karen Barnes
Steven Allerick
as Employee
Christopher Wiehl
as Patrick
Sam Sonenshine
as Student
Peter Hoffman
as Ethan Jasons
Treva Tegtmeier
as Debby
Clyde Yasuhara
as Jury Foreman
Lacey Hannan
as Waitress
Gabriel Burrafato
as Umpire
Nishi Munshi
as Priya
Briana Venskus
as Scout
Amber Berteloot
as Amber
Kalen Feeney
as Ms. Lee
Robert Mitchell
as TV Weather Reporter
Sarah Stouffer
as Tess Ritter
Edward Zo
as Student
Marlee Matlin
as Melody Bledsoe
B.K. Cannon
as Mary Beth Tucker
Greg Bryan
as Drunken Man aka Lewis
Maleni Chaitoo
as Carlton Basketball Player
Tamara 'Tamijo' Coleman
as Carlton Basketball Player #2
Luisana Rodriguez
as Wife
Davi Santos
as Martin
Katy Bodenhamer
as Deaf Basketball Player/One-on-one Basketball Player
James Austin Kerr
as Marcus
Christopher B. Duncan
as Dr. Trent Larkin
Justin Bruening
as Chef Jeff Reycraft
Emily Reese Cellers
as Young Daphne
Edelyn Okano
as ER Nurse
Meredith Baxter
as Bonnie Tamblyn-Dixon
Charles Emmett
as Judge
Erinn Westbrook
as Jessica
Dee Wallace
as Lorena McGowen
Vince Cefalu
as Sal Demarco
Tiago Roberts
as Paramedic
Jim Hanna
as Eddie
Brooke Marie Bridges
as Waitress
Justina Machado
as Brizia Munos
Justin Castor
as Aidan McManus
Briana Barran
as Kim
Lauren Furs
as Schoolmate #3
Philip Smithey
as Keeshawn
Gabrielle Reyes
as Graduation Guest
Jason Weary
as Zane's Jazz Trio
Belle Angel
as Umpire
Curt Mega
as Chris
Madison Saager
as Heather
Mark Berry
as Man
Kevin Perez
as Student
Russell Harvard
as Julian Stanton
Joey Lauren Adams
as Jennice Papagus/Mrs. Papagus
Brittany Ross
as Clover
RJ Walker
as Clay
Amara Zaragoza
as Carrie Raisler
Carmen Meissner
as Carmen
Adam Hagenbuch
as Greg 'Mingo' Shimingo
Kayla Smith
as Amy
Lily Kershaw
as Performer ('Good Girl')
Shirley Jordan
as Nurse
Edward Hendershott
as Crowbar
Keean Johnson
as Angelo 'A.J.' Sorrento, Jr.
Maiara Walsh
as Simone Sinclair
Tamara Zook
as Manager
Karole Foreman
as Drunken Woman aka Val
Hamilton Mitchell
as School Board Member
Rachel Tan
as Schoolmate #1/Rachel
Luke Scroggins
as Motorcycle Victim
Cinda Adams
as Lab Nurse
Rachel Shenton
as Lily Summers/Lily Summers Kennish
Rio Mangini
as Sammy
Michelle Lee
as Phoebe
Elizabeth Del Rosario
as Art Gallery Patron
Josh Latzer
as Power & Light Worker
Toks Olagundoye
as Cooking Instructor
Carey Rebecca Brown
as Social Worker
Rachel Rosenstein
as Evelyn
Michael Christian Alexander
as Officer Nelson
Kari Coleman
as Whitney
Alex Rose Wiesel
as Caitlin
Sofia Regan
as Shannon
Brenda O'Sullivan
as Daisy
Danielle Rayne
as Patricia Sawyer
Darryl Alan Reed
as Professor Thomas
Deepti Gupta
as Nurse
Sandra Purpuro
as Anita
Ryan Salazar
as Marco
Aristotle Dreher
as Motorcycle Enthusiast
Sofia Sanchez
as Sofia
Shaun J. Brown
as Matthew
Kari Benson
as Buckner Forward
Carlos Antonio
as Chuy
Jason Heymann
as Guy
Hillary Baack
as Gail
Meeghan Holaway
as Amanda Burke
David Castañeda
as Jorge Castillo
Jackie Debatin
as Sarah Lazar
Garrett Walters
as Brett
Stephane Nicoli
as Beer Vendor
Gilles Marini
as Angelo Sorrento
Joe Marinelli
as Motorist
Ron Butler
as Dr. Taylor
Mark Charran
as Grey Hoodie Kid
Lucas Grabeel
as Toby Kennish/Tobias Kennish
Shainu Bala
as Brandon
Jennifer Jolliff
as Buckner Girl
Tom Poole
as Car Wash Customer
Alice Lee
as Skye
Michael Shapiro
as Schoolmate #3
Jody Stevenson
as Wedding Guest
Crystal Kwon
as Ms. Gold/Ms.Gold
RJ Mitte
as Campbell Bingman
Robin Thomas
as Dale
Jessica Leigh Gonzales
as Photographer
Steve Monroe
as Brian Stone
Melissa Dawn Johnson
as Carlton Field Hockey Player #12
Brenda Barberena
as Rachel
Kenneth Mitchell
as Wes Gable
Molly Pan
as Liu Yang
Michele Weaver
as Felicity
Morgan Krantz
as Mac
Tom Williamson
as Kip
Erick Lopez
as Javier 'Javy'
Shashawnee Hall
as Julian Spencer
Tanya Reese
as Schoolmate #4
Cyrina Fiallo
as Art Student Girl
Marco Sanchez
as Victor
Shaan Sharma
as Tom
Kiva Jump
as Campaign Accountant
John Q. Williams
as Bass Player
Jessica Tuck
as Merkie
Elliot Steadman
as Carlton Summers Kennish
Catherine Bruhier
as Penelope
Lisa Thornhill
as Sadie's Mother
David Joyner
as Gavin
Tabitha Brown
as Nurse Reed
John Maucere
as Adam
Hans Obma
as Art Appraiser
Jack Chandler
as Jack
Steve Hasley
as Dr. Planchett
Nancy De Mayo
as Woman
J.R. Russell
as Deaf Student #1/Schoolmate #1
Jasun Hicks
as Deaf Dad
Corey Eid
as Jesse
Megan McGown
as Anna
Lauren Potter
as Nina
Ashley Change
as Interpreter
D.W. Moffett
as John Kennish
Melinda Ratner
as Tap Student
Rivka Rivera
as Ella
Brandon W. Jones
as Liam's Friend
Chris McLaughlin
as Police Officer
John Furey
as Sgt. Breims
Leslie Gunning
as Festival Goer and Camper
Kc Monnie
as Tap Dancer
Barbara Eve Harris
as Beth Wetton
Justin James Farley
as Zav
Anna Lichty
as Band Member
John Ware
as High School
Ashley A. Shimizu
as Michelle
Larry Sullivan
as Leo
Ashley Fiolek
as Robin
Tina King
as ER Nurse
Erin Barnes
as Very Pregnant Mom
Ryan Lane
as Travis Barnes
Bob Glouberman
as Mr. Feldman
Rene Moran
as 'Nacho' Rivera/'Nacho' Rivera (as Rene D. Moran)
Isabella Grosso
as Dancer
David Hartstone
as Bridger
Rebecca Flinn-White
as Voice Actor
Sandra Mae Frank
as Receptionist
Tamara 'Gingir' Curry
as Yvonne
Kaleina Cordova
as Gina
Shelley Long
as Rya Bellows
Jon Maher
as Interpreter
Michael Reilly Burke
as Dr. Eric Bannon
Hartleigh Buwick
as Dancer
Michael Bourgi
as Antonio
Jerry Ferris
as Coach Lubin
Kirsten Roeters
as Female Party Guest #1
Tom DeTrinis
as Matthew Waite
Charles Michael Davis
as Liam Lupo
Amanda McDonough
as Deaf Signer/Jenna
Patrik Rix Carlok
as Pot-Smoking Constituent
Matt Kane
as Jace
Matthew Arkin
as Mr. Reynolds
Javier Estrella
as Buckner Security Guard
Krista Marie Yu
as Colette
Natasha Sattler
as Isabel
Giselle Bonilla
as Anna
Karla Gutierrez
as Amy
Branton Box
as Bouncer
Timothy Colangelo
as Chemistry Student
Alexandre Chen
as Interpreter
Jason Woods
as Louis
Kirk B.R. Woller
as Chris Washburn
Shari Headley
as Gwendolyn Berdick
John Michael Higgins
as Larry Shimingo
David Starzyk
as Dean Richard Peterson
Bryce McBratnie
as Goose aka Cliff Nelson
Michael Hanson
as Randall
Emily Lawrence
as Girl
Matthew Grathwol
as Johnny
Max Adler
as Miles 'Tank' Conroy
Casen D. Lyon
as Carlton Summers Kennish
Mike Ferguson
as Club Manager
Nyle DiMarco
as Garrett/Garrett Banducci
Matthew Jaeger
as Ed Ames/Interpreter
Bryan Dechart
as Graham Vendoris
Aaron Todd Kessee
as Cheves
Andrew Lukich
as Mike Chapman
Evan Arnold
as Reverend Steve
Victoria Gabrielle Platt
as Marcia Grace
Malana Lea
as Jess
Mark Chaet
as Judge
Sammi LeVine
as Fake Bay
Sharon Wilkins
as Probation Officer
Lenora May
as Ms. Reitzin
Christopher Massey
as Super Jesus
Robert Curtis Brown
as Ivan Ronan
Vanessa Chester
as Lizzy
John Fleck
as Pratt Recruiter
Raquel McPeek Rodriguez
as Student 1
Jocelyn Ayanna
as Clerk
Brace Harris
as Café Owner
D A Allen
as Tank's friend Q-Ball
Ashley Gallegos
as Lauren
Jonathan Craig Williams
as Security Guard
Cass Kroener
as Interpreter/Jane
Andi Chapman
as Immigration Judge
Meagan Holder
as Meredith
Elizabeth Marie Grosso
as Dancer #2
Lauren Patten
as Serena
D. W. Moffett
Arnell Powell
as Marty
Kim Hawthorne
as Hope Paxton
Nikki Crawford
as Kendall Booth
Christine Avila
as Frida's Student
Miles Barbee
as Kevin
Mat Vairo
as Alex/Alex Rainford
Terrance Christopher Jones
as Gustavo
Lloyd Barachina
as Chinese Vespa Driver
Manish Dayal
as Scuba
Alisha Wainwright
as Darya
Stephanie Mieko Cohen
as Darla
Albie Selznick
as Warren
Klea Scott
as Meg
Robin Riker
as Michelle Natterson
Modela Kurzet
as Office Staff
Kay Oldfather-Daigle
as Parent
Taylor Tan
as Haruka
Matt Palazzolo
as Guy with Socks
Mo Zelof
as Assistant Director
Stephen Ford
as Teo Hanahan
Katie Leclerc
as Daphne Vasquez/Bay Kennish/Daphne Kennish
Sam Adegoke
as Chris Walker
Darren Mangler
as Drunk Guy
Anthony Natale
as Cameron Bledsoe/Deafenstein
Jessica Milligan
as Polka Dot Bikini Girl
Tina Huang
as Tina Choi
Noell Coet
as Erin
Heather Mazur
as Lydia Kaiser
Jim Lau
as Herbalist
Ray Ford
as Loan Officer
David DeSantos
as Officer Tony Haskey
Alex Fernandez
as Manuel Barahona
Paul Raci
as Interpreter
Tom Ohmer
as Booster
Lyrica Woodruff
as Darcie
Dara Sisterhen
as Jordan/Jordan DeVille
Stephanie Czajkowski
as Coach
Zuzana Lova
as Dancer #1
Denise Galik
as Barbara Salz
Cameron Dye
as Stan
Antonio Leon
as Manager
Charlene Amoia
as Diana Coto
Rana Roy
as Vimla
Mark Loyd
as Interpreter
Candice Goodie
as Joanna/Stagehand
Brandon P Bell
as Coach Medlock
Lea Thompson
as Kathryn Kennish
Deanne Bray
as Andrea
Dione Kuraoka
as Girl
Ivonne Coll
as Adrianna Vasquez
Oliver Muirhead
as Geraldo
Fiona Grey
as Heather
Ashley Griffith
as Carlton Student
Blair Redford
as Tyler 'Ty' Mendosa/Tyler 'Ty' Mendoza
Claire Dodin
as Anna Maria Sorrento
Ann Hu
as Sonia
Juan Diego Rodriguez
as Server
Darrell Lake
as Eight Ball
Lee Wesley
as Jared
Jay Brian Winnick
as Officiant
Alejandra Flores
as Lupe
Elena Dizon
as Student
Ashlee LaPine
as Marci
Lynne Alana Delaney
as Bukner Hall Teacher
Jill Remez
as Juanita
Tom Choi
as Reporter
Katie Harker
as Nurse
R.C. Ormond
as Detective
Jett Dunlap
as Chris
Leandra Ryan
as Snobby Buckner Hall Girl
James Royce Edwards
as Tom
Carlease Burke
as Principal Rose/Ms. Rose
Jillian Nelson
as Jennifer/Mandy
Desmin Borges
as Tamale Guy
J.R. Cacia
as Angelo Sorrento
Paul Karmiryan
as Jesus
Corinne Chooey
as Detective Markham
Ellen Karsten
as Margaret Halpern
Steven Connor
as Mr. Thatcher
Beth Scherr
as Nurse Kat
Paula Marshall
as Nancy Shimingo
Shelley Robertson
as Dr. Speyer
Natalie Amenula
as Monica
David Heymann
as Tournament Official
Valerie Yu
as Megan
T.L. Forsberg
as Olivia
Austin Butler
as James 'Wilke' Wilkerson III
Taylor Emerson
as Snack Guy
Dyan Sue Kovacs
as Meg
Christopher DerGregorian
as Policeman
Terrell Tilford
as Eric Bishop
Daniel Durant
as Matthew/Matthew (as Daniel N. Durant)
Tammy Townsend
as Denise
Brandon J. Sornberger
as Mark/Staffer/Volunteer Coordinator
Al White
as Dr. Elroy Jackson/Dr. Jackson
Jim Holmes
as Conrad Chaplin
Javier Calderon
as Policeman #1
Porscha Coleman
as Georgia
Byron Thomas
as Rob
Cooper Barnes
as Jerky Guy
Paula Christensen
as Professor Alvarez
Annie Ilonzeh
as Lana/Lana Bracelet
Juliana Restivo
as Young Bay
Claudia Choi
as Nurse
Brandon Claybon
as Hal
Sean Kathryn O'Connor
as Darla Walker
Paul Mabon
as Sports Juice Rep
Mariah Bonner
as Eve
Grace Bannon
as Student Monitor
Jack Jason
as Interpreter
Aurelia Scheppers
as Buckner Player
Laura Sexton
as Student #1
Constance Marie
as Regina Vasquez/Regina Sorrento
Crescenciano Garcia Jr.
as Interpreter
Sarah Ho
as Mother
Laura Spencer
as Parker Robinsan
Alexandra Shipp
as Ashley
Bob Rusch
as Janitor
Jon Seminara
as Jazz Dude
Keye Chen
as Asian Guy #2
Brian Tyler Cohen
as Young Actor
Adam Rose
as Glenn Daly
Mimi Kennedy
as Andrea Askowitz
Melanie Chartoff
as Producer
Caleb Moody
as Parent
Keston John
as Carter
Jennifer Cortese
as Joan Luber Jacobs
Suki Avery
as School Board Member
Julie Schmid
as Dancer
Karen Bethzabe
as Eufemia Garcia
Matt Orduna
as Coach Walsh
Brandon Morales
as Police Officer
Tom Maden
as Robbie Nicholson
James Foster
as Carlton Asst. Coach
Jordana Capra
as Government Lawyer
Jeannetta Arnette
as Ms. Troyer
Cassi Thomson
as Nikki Papagus/Nikki Kennish
Sam Page
as Craig Tebbe
Gavin Mason Bell
as Carlton Summers Kennish
Dejonae Jenkins
as Student 2
Sal Lopez
as Alfredo Hernandez
Valery M. Ortiz
as Noelle
Caitlin McHugh
as Royce
Sean McGowan
as Gabe
Evan Todd
as Carl
Monica Valdivia
as Pati Garcia
Max Lloyd-Jones
as Noah
Jessica Marie Ensign
as Carlton Basketball Player #4
Derrian Tolden
as Family Member
Rayana Ragan
as Madison
Janelle Velasquez
as Tina Castillo
Sharon Pierre-Louis
as Iris Watkins
Sera Trimble
as Montoya
Casey Powell
as Harrison
Steven Lee Allen
as Mechanic
Stacie Greenwell
as Aunt Mae
Gwendoline Yeo
as Ling
Molly Stanton
as Renee
Ron Karkoska
as Makeup artist featured
Ivy Beech
as Babysitter
Nicole Elliott
as DeeDee
Richard Jin
as Nelson
Sabrina Revelle
as Alexis
Asa Hope
as Holly Kneener 2013
Michael Lewis Foster
as Tim
Rolando Molina
as Cop
Laura Brown
as Debbie
Ashli Haynes
as Renee
Paul Tigue
as Dr. Ramin
Robert Clotworthy
as Professor Epstein
Tess Paras
as Eve Porter
Allison Scagliotti
as Aida Adams
Jay Charan
as Doctor
Blaire Chandler
as Joanna Lippert
Christian Dias
as Vendor
Josh Castille
as Harrison
Molly Hagan
as Tammy Brenawicz
Carmen Kirby
as Concert Patron
Martina Bell
as Student
Dominic Flores
as Mullavey
Chris Naoki Lee
as Asian Guy #3
Austin Cauldwell
as Josh Padden
Cecelia Antoinette
as Bus Rider
Briana Lane
as Christy Salz
Matthew Risch
as Senator Chip Coto/Chip Coto
Hank Chen
as New Waiter
Manny Jimenez Jr.
as Tomas
Bianca Bethune
as Sharee Gifford
Craig Calman
as Taco Truck Customer
Erin Cipolletti
as Becca Will
Stacy Barnhisel
as Candace
Jordan Calloway
as Aaron Legrange
Yolanda Snowball
as Board Chair
Sal Stowers
as Tara
Jason Brooks
as Bruce
Emil Beheshti
as Dr. Barminski
Lise Simms
as Olivia
Natalie Wachen
as Robin
Zoey Deutch
as Elisa Sawyer
Terrence Hardy Jr.
as Kit
Iris Almario
as Felicia
Christopher Glenn
as Bestfriend
Maria Cina
as Cheryl Rainford
Zach Bandler
as Customer 1/Adam Larson
Jack Carpenter
as Sebastian Sorrento
Bruce Nozick
as Movie Producer
Anthony Jennings
as Jennings
Julie Berlin
as PTA Mom
Jett Wilder
as Student #1
Bess Armstrong
as Professor Beth Marillo
Gary Kraus
as Gordon
Lindsay W. Evans
as Farmer's Daughter/Relay Service Interpreter
Phil Abrams
as Ed Calston
Jack Guzman
as Emilio
Antonio D. Charity
as Staff Sergeant
Dalen Carlson
as Officiant
Sayeed Shahidi
as Will Bishop
Lindsay Johnston
as Student
André Gordon
as Victor
Chaz Ahern
as Cupcake Boy
Sevier Crespo
as Security Guard
Kristy Staky
as Woman
Tamara Feldman

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2011 | 30 Episodes

Season 2

2013 | 21 Episodes

Season 3

2014 | 22 Episodes

Season 4

2015 | 20 Episodes

Season 5

2017 | 10 Episodes




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