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October 24, 2021
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About this title


This television drama is about the two Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, who were raised by their father, John, to hunt and kill all things that go "bump in the night" after his wife, Mary, was murdered by an evil supernatural being when the boys were young. 22 years later the brothers set out on a journey, fighting evil along the way, to find their recently missing father who, when they finally meet up with, reveals he knows what killed their mother, a demon and has found a way to track and kill it. Meanwhile, Sam starts to develop frightening abilities that include death visions, visions of people dying before it actually happens. These visions are somehow connected to the demon who murdered his mother and its mysterious plans that seem to be all about Sam. When their father dies striking a deal with the very same devil that had killed his wife, the brothers, now alone and without their mentor, are determined to finish the crusade their father started. But disturbing revelations about Sam's part in the demon's apocalyptic plans are presented when John's dying last words to Dean are revealed.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: Canada

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 13, 2005

Also Known As: سوبرنترل, Mary Winchester |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (14, 16) |  See more »


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Company Credits

Production Co: Kripke Enterprises, Warner Bros. Television |  See more »


Rebecca Olson
as Tawny
Victor Dolhai
as Man 1
Chris Shields
as Dr. Keller
Connor Price
as Cyrus Styne
Masae Day
as Woman
Dee Bradley Baker
as Phantasm
Christopher Kennedy
as Hilary's Father
Dee Jay Jackson
as Dockworker
Clare Elliott
as Dixon's Victim-to-be
Courtney Richter
as Claudette
Lauren Tom
as Linda Tran/Crowley
Andrea Stefancikova
as Woman
Guyle Fraizer
as Priest (Rebecca's funeral)
Jeff Sanca
as Demon #3
Kevin O'Grady
as Orderly/Tyrus
Chad Hershler
as Research Scientist
Lyova Beckwitt
as Jacob
Brock Kelly
as Young Dean Winchester
Carlena Britch
as Miriam
Carlos Sanz
as Virgil
Andrew McIlroy
as Mr. Carpiak
John Andrew Vaas
as Horse Trader
Jason Schombing
as Shawn Russo
Marsha Regis
as Nurse #2
Tom Pickett
as Darrell Birch/Officer Daniel Gunderson
J. Alex Brinson
as Dax
Martin Novotny
as Sheriff
Robert Corness
as Steve Burress
Thomas Nicholson
as Daniel Singer
Carmen Moore
as Doctor/Serafina/Sgt. Miranda Bates
Spencer Garrett
as Edward Carrigan
Gregory Bennett
as Officer
Robert Rozen
as Cupid
Anne Marie DeLuise
as Janet Whitman/Joanie Pike
Joel Sturrock
as Pharmacist Angel
Ryan Hesp
as Kabriel
David Tom
as Curtis
Jordana Largy
as Karen
Adrian Formosa
as Henry Frost
Scarlett Bruns
as Joe's Daughter
Jordan Burtchett
as Ben Foster
Philippe Bowgen
as Noah Ophis
Lynda Boyd
as Dr. Jennifer O'Brien/Fortuna/Moira
Julien Hicks
as Austin Reynolds
Denis Arndt
as Father Reynolds
Johnny Sneed
as Jimmy Tomorrow
Paul Statman
as Gandhi
Suzanne Ristic
as Eunis
Josh D. Clark
as Mover
Robert Peters
as Deputy Hein
Callum Keith Rennie
as Roy
Philip Granger
as Manager
Erica Carroll
as Hannah/Caroline Johnson/Nurse/Young Mother
Xantha Radley
as Homeless Woman
Alison Wandzura
as EMT
Bernhard Forcher
as Eckhart
Peter Anderson
as Sheriff Corcoran
Christie Laing
as Robert's Demon/Taylor
Emy Aneke
as Sampson/Sheriff Dillon
Kyle Labine
as Third Teenage Boy
Regan Ross
as Evelyn
Michael Brian
as Demon
Richard Side
as Paul Dunbar
Rio Alpine
as Devon
Jim Shield
as Demon Cowboy #1
Maddy Lawson
as Date #1
Darcy Belsher
as Scott Freeman
Brad Robertson
as Demon
Anna Marie DeFelice
Cindy Sampson
as Lisa Braeden/Demon
Caitlin Stryker
as Lead Angel/Stacey
Anjali Jay
as Dr. Kashi
Darren Mann
as J.J. McKinley
Jessica King
as Lily's Friend #1
Kathryn Newton
as Claire Novak
Gil McKinney
as Henry Winchester
John R. Taylor
as Sherwin
Lilah Fitzgerald
as Preteen Emma
Kyle Tejpar
as Crew Member #1
Artin John
as Demon Technician
Kurtis Maguire
as Slim Jim Morgan
Matty Finochio
as Hotel Clerk
Michael Chase
as Kenny
Shaquan Lewis
as Fitz
Gregory Taven
as Purgatory Vampire
Shannon Lucio
as April Kelly
Hyuma Frankowski
as Officer Earl Perkins
Emma Bell
as Lindsey
Jim Beaver
as Bobby Singer/Bobby/Demon/Leviathan/Worm
Bill Mackenzie
as Cook
Rodger Barton
as Mr. Marshall
Charisma Carpenter
as Maggie Stark
Zach Martin
as Stan
Natalie Sharp
as Maggie
Helena Marie
as Beth Willis
Bill Nikolai
as Black Bill
Marc Senior
as Victor
Luciana Carro
as Melissa Harper
Peter Birkenhead
as Mr. Giggles
Timothy Webber
as Ranger Wilkinson
Brett Alexander Davidson
as Padraic Leahy
Greg Webb
as Dr. Dwight Mahoney
Ryan S Williams
as Commander
Cameron MacLeod
as Cuckold
Diana Pavlovská
as Gail
Shawn Bordoff
as Prayer Group Member
James Dreichel
as Bobby 2
Tristan Jensen
as Police Officer
Giovanni Mocibob
as Roger/Thinman
Linda Tomassone
as Jane
Darcy Laurie
as Leviathan/Victor
Brenda Matthews
as Gloria Simon
Robert Picardo
as Leprechaun/Wayne Whittaker Jr.
Michael Robinson
as Stuart Holmes
Pablo Coffey
as Slim
Dean Moen
as Randy
Sharon Taylor
as Ardat/Crossroads Demon
Erika Walter
as Lily
Amanda Tapping
as Naomi
Yumi Ogawa
as No One Loves Me Employee
Michael Girardin
as Alan
Benson Simmonds
as Doctor Minion
Kerry van der Griend
as Roy
Kaaren de Zilva
as Dr. Flagstaff
Dan Joffre
as Coach
Julius Chapple
as Nora's Father
William J. Phillips
as Convenience Store Clerk
William Vaughan
as Demon/Sheriff Deputy Atkins
Assaf Cohen
as Ajay
Brenden Sunderland
as Ghostly Boy/Scotty Simon
Jonathan Watton
as Paul Dutton
Bill Croft
as Farmer
Dean Aylesworth
as Pete
David Hoflin
as Eldon Styne
Andrew MacFarlane
as Scott
Amara Zaragoza
as Angela Mason
Barry W. Levy
as Hunter/Smithy
Natasha Calis
as Lora
Aurelio DiNunzio
as Detective Sutton
Patrick Arnott
Julia Gonzalez
as Nurse
Michael Patrick Denis
as Waiter
Osric Chau
as Kevin Tran
Bob Frazer
as Rosco
Doug Abrahams
as Detective Howard/Eddie
Tim Carlson
as Andy
Mark Ghanimé
as Dr. Drake
Chad Lindberg
as Ash
Tamara Lashley
as Paramedic
Jean Paul Najm
as Angel #1
Andee Frizzell
as Nurse Dolores Glockner
Fraser Aitcheson
as Rugaru
Alisha Newton
as Little Girl
Allison Paige
as Ellie Grant
Aron Eastwood
as Clint
Dustin Milligan
as Alan J. Corbett
Josh Emerson
as Roscoe Styne
Keith Martin Gordey
as Daniel Blake/Warden Skieff
Howie Lai
as Desk Sergeant
Shaine Jones
as Asa Fox/Demon Medic
Matthew Harrison
as Reggie/Stanton
Bruce Harwood
as Professor William Hill
Daniel Whittaker
as Father Honorio Jimenez Sanchez
Theo Devaney
as Gavin MacLeod
Jason Bryden
as Kevin Parks
James Ralph
as Cujo
Ellen Ewusie
as Sheriff Coltrane
Jared Padalecki
as Sam Winchester/Ezekiel/Gadreel/Lucifer/Demon Sam/Gary Frankle/Leviathan/Meg Masters/Sam Wesson/Shapeshifter
Sarah Porscheta
as Casa Erotica Woman
Jenny Mitchell
as Nan
Christine Willes
as Jenna's Grandmother
Clark Backo
as Patience Turner
Jen Halley
as Demon Waitress
Kahlil Ashanti
as Sheriff Evans
Michael Roberds
as Mark Hutchins
Panta Mosleh
as Violet
Ryan Robbins
as Travis Weaver
Darren Daurie
as Frank's Buddy #1
Mercedes McNab
as Lucy
Micheal Doonan
as Officer
Gabriel Carter
as Guy/Shooter
Adam Klassen
as Hardware Store Clerk
Edward Foy
as Ed Singer
Nancy Bell
as Old Woman Spirit
Anthony Konechny
as Soldier Demon #1
Amber Benson
as Lenore
Audra Ricketts
as Olivia Lowry
Cardi Wong
as Colonel Scoop's Patron
Jay-Nicolas Hackleman
as Second Teenage Boy
Lia Lam
as Porn Star 2
Nicholas Coombe
as Teen Pervy Guy
Tseng Chang
as Lucky Chin's Owner
Kim Johnston Ulrich
as Dr. Eleanor Visyak
Michael Germant
as Young Man with Scars
Nicholas D'Agosto
as Gavin
John Tench
as Ellsworth
Fraser Corbett
as Angelic Guard/Sparky
Quinn Lord
as Evan
Elisa King
as Cheryl
Simon Chin
as Prison Guard
Elan Ross Gibson
as Mrs. Whitlow
Agape Mngomezulu
as Nate
Clint Andrew
as Hotel Manager
Art Kitching
as Serge Ladouceur/Sheriff Alden Roy
Meganne Young
as Lydia Crawford
Rachel Sheen
as Piero's Mistress
Lindsay Gibson
as Carol
Maggie Ma
as Jennifer Tanaka
Chris Nowland
as Chester Lew/Contractor #1/Ghost Clown
Mandy Playdon
as Lizzie Gibson
Christina Carlisi
as Gail Peterson
Wendy Abbott
as Bunny LaCroix
Jonathan Bruce
as Convention Host/Larry Williams
Matt Hamilton
as Sheriff Pat/Wes Bailey
Jason Duiven
as Gym Student #2/Leviathan
Ashton Holmes
as Ephraim
Declan Locke
as Boy #2
Gregory Fawcett
as Kristen's Father
Aimee Garcia
as Nancy Fitzgerald
Nathaniel Arcand
as Derek Swan
Ryan Jefferson Booth
as Bulry Man/Supermarket Manager
Richard Dietl
as Bar Patron
Araz Yaghoubi
as Demon #2
Caroline Chikezie
as Tamara
Stephanie Bennett
as Shelly
Dan Shea
as Old Man/Policeman
Devon Weigel
as Sparrow Jennings
Paul C. Grenier
as Officer Carl Phillips
Christa Andersen
as Witch #2
Austin Brody
as Sam Fitzgerald
Liv Hansen
as Karen/Megan
Omari Newton
as Peter Kent Demon
Gracyn Shinyei
as Amara/Amara (Child)
Ryan Drescher
as Evan McKay
Guy Fauchon
as Marty
Grace Chin
as Prayer Group Member
Bobby Hosea
as Mark/Sarge
Brian Neal
as Pedestrian
Kurt Evans
as FBI Special Agent Carl Reidy/Marnie's Husband
Alex Zahara
as Patrick Vance
Caitlin Ashley-Thompson
as Sunny Harrington
Paul Rogic
as Rick Walsh
Monica Mustelier
as Xavier's Wife
Madison McLaughlin
as Krissy Chambers
Katelyn Mager
as Young Girl
Liam Sproule
as Vampire Brother
Kheon Clarke
as Reporting Demon
Joseph D. Reitman
as Boris
Arabella Bushnell
as Diner Woman #1
Tim Henry
as Dirk MacGregor, Sr.
Matt Riley
as Firefighter
Vaughn Clements
as Don the Groundskeeper
Justin Turnbull
as Gideon Loughlin
Gwynyth Walsh
as Psychologist
Craig March
as Frank Kellogg/Man
John Gray
as Unknown
Juno Rinaldi
as Future Prophet #3
Jennifer Koenig
as Margaret Fox
Garvin Cross
as Mr. Pogue
Dimitri Vantis
as Sergei
Timothy Omundson
as Cain
Eva Day
as Goldie Schmidtlapp
Byron Bertram
as Truck Driver
Christian Tessier
as Wayne
Lachlan Nolan
as Vampire
Vince Murdocco
as Steve Wandell
John Burnside
as Jacob
Micah Hauptman
as Eric Kripke
Kendrick Sampson
as Alicia's Brother/Max Banes
Sarwan Badesha
as Abaddon Demon 1
Stephen Powell
as Matthew Hammond
Antonio Cupo
as Whitman Van Ness
Kathleen Noone
as Mrs. Robinson
Alex Arsenault
as Trevor
Jennifer Paterson
as Female Yoga Client
Matthew Lillard
as Shaggy Rogers
Patrick Gilmore
as Ken Watson
Lauren Cohan
as Bela Talbot
Haigan Day
as Eileen MacCormack
Rick Dobran
as Homeless Guy
Britney Katelyn Miller
as Hooker
Donald Sales
as Police Officer
Bryce Johnson
as Sal Lassiter
Zenaida Telfair
as Registered Nurse
Jennifer Cheon Garcia
as Ronnie
James Pizzinato
as Drexyl
Michael Kopsa
as Sheriff
Lane Davies
as Francis Tumblety/Jack the Ripper
Silvio Pollio
as Metal Worker Joe
Cynthia Mendez
as Danielle
Adam Groves
as Gavin MacLeod
Jasmine Lukuku
as Receptionist
Yasmine Vox
as Stripper
John Treleaven
as Politician
Emilio Merritt
as Luis Fernando
Sean Tyson
as Trucker/Clown Ghost/Marty
Mackenzie Gray
as Djinn
Micah Solis
as Mike Ramos
Shane Leydon
as Older Werewolf
Helen Slater
as Susan Carter
Rachel Aberle
as Shelley
Fred Ewanuick
as Sheriff Len Cuse
Ian McMurray
as Young Man in Diner
Laura Bertram
as Corey's Roommate
Jim Byrnes
as Professor
Lisa Marie DiGiacinto
as Mrs. Frieling
Tiffany Smith
as Ophelia Avila
Niki Wipf
as Polly
Kerensa Cooper
as Dana
Holly Eglinton
as Woman in Bar
Karin Konoval
as Mrs. Curry/Ruth
Ian Edwards
as Demon
David Chisum
as Lucifer/President Jefferson Rooney
Stephen Huszar
as Demon #1/Pax
Todd Curran
as John
Chandra Berg
as Gloria
Pascale Hutton
as Lia
Johanna Marlowe
as Daphne Allen
Trevor Roberts
as Rabid Man
Sonia Beeksma
as 2nd Newscaster
Steven Garr
as Coroner
Rowan Schlosberg
as Nebbishy Demon
Dameon Clarke
as Jack Montgomery
Edward Ruttle
as Soldier Demon #2
Dena Ashbaugh
as Kim Schortz
Kristian Haas
as Demon #2
Wolfgang Klassen
as Fritz
Curtis Armstrong
as Metatron/Marv
Wesley MacInnes
as Corey/Thaddeus
Allison Warnyca
as Shopper
Jesse Reid
as Jarvis/Minion #2
Debra McCabe
as Beverly
Denalda Williams
as Doris
Patricia Harras
as Donna/Sister Agnes
Elizabeth Whitmere
as Tara Benchley/Wendy
Colby Wilson
as Guy in Bar/Scout Leader
Hannah Longworth
as Delilah
Nick Ekren
as Teenager
Antony Holland
as Westborough
Leanne Lapp
as Margaret Astor
Maria Meadows
as Mrs. Fitzmartin
Michelle Simick
as TV Reporter
Brad Turner
as Bank Customer/Shapeshifter
Leanne Wang
as Asian Woman #3
Greyston Holt
as Dale
Bernadette Beck
as Gwen
Julia Benson
as Prostitute
Kavandeep Hayre
as Store Clerk
Sherilyn Allen
as Elizabeth Mahler
Hailey Birnie
as Businesswoman Demon
Kristin Richardson
as Jenny
Eduard Witzke
as Weems
Jimmy Herman
as Joe Whitetree
John Connolly
as Adam
Aliyah O'Brien
as Gloria Jane/Lorna
Manny Jacinto
as Diego
Joseph Allan Sutherland
as Cop #2/Leviathan
Ryan McDonell
as Conner/Dealer
Jenny O'Hara
as Julia Wilkinson
Jeannie Epper
as The Shtriga
Carmela Nossa Guizzo
as Young Kelly
Yadira Guevara-Prip
as Kaia Nieves/Dark Kaia
Nicole Fraissinet
as Jocelyn Caruso
Hrothgar Mathews
as Grossman
Matthew Graham
as Father
Kristy Dawn Dinsmore
as Prisoner
Jon Cor
as Wraith
Joey Bothwell
as Nurse
David Avalon
as Harry
Dani Alvarado
as Rene Watkins
Gordon Grice
as Timmy
Finn Wolfhard
as Jordie Pinsky
Markian Tarasiuk
as Andy May
Candice-May Davies
as Margot Cassity
Nicco Del Rio
as Radio Shed Clerk
Alan Silverman
as Roadside Assistant
Mercedes De La Cruz
as Porn Star 6/Rabid #1
Daniella Evangelista
as Hanging Vampire #1
Mary Page Keller
as Joyce Bicklebee
Tristin Leffler
as Olivia Peterson
Alex Rockhill
as Adrian
Michael Querin
as Archbishop
Anson Hibbert
as Abaddon Demon 2
Morgan David Jones
as Leviathan/Special Agent Valente
Allen Sawkins
as Sheriff Lee
Myles McCarthy
as Perry
John Specogna
as Coroner/Parent- Fan Fiction Play/SUV Driver/Vehicle Driver
Chelah Horsdal
as Bobby's Mother/Cute Librarian
Brooke Langton
as Hayley
Vaughn Jones
as Josiah
Daniel Kai Lin
as Griffin Tate
Sean MacLean
as Jogger
Jennifer Clement
as Wendy Rice
Natasha Peck
as Second Teenage Girl
James Immekus
as Del
Taylor Cole
as Sarah Blake
Corina Bizim
as Admiring Female Angel
Em Haine
as Wendy
Kyle Warren
as Dave
Holly Elissa
as Lucy/Mary Henderson
Peter Skagen
as Sheriff
Clayton James
as Quentin
Stephen Lobo
as Rick Sanchez
Paula Burrows
as Assistant
Adam Hurtig
as Bar Demon
Style Dayne
as Kid
Albert Nicholas
as Jonah
Daniel Boileau
as Chick
Kegan Frith
as Ghost Kid
Kylee Bush
as Waitress
Vladimir Ruzich
as Hitman
Samantha Page
as Little Girl
Kendall Cross
as Charlene Penn
Andrew Dunbar
as Jake
Julian LeBlanc
as Pedestrian
David Cameron
as Sheriff
Richard de Klerk
as Kit Verson/Scott Carey
Mark Pawson
as Allen House Demon
Carolyn Wong
Genevieve Padalecki
as Ruby/Genevieve Padalecki
James Stratton
as Ghost
John Stewart
as Carl Granville/Museum Security Guard
Travis Watters
as Larry 'The Hangman' Lee
Aria DeMaris
as Vampire Girl
Rob Hayter
as Policeman/Undead Nazi #2
Christopher Rosamond
as Co-Pilot/Edward Drake
Leslie Odom Jr.
as Crossroads Demon/Guy
Demore Barnes
as Raphael/Donnie Finnerman
Barbara Pollard
as Neighbor
Mitch Pileggi
as Samuel Campbell/Azazel/Shapeshifter
Christoff Lundgren
as Barker
Amélie Eve
as A Girl in the Garden
Christopher Logan
as Demon
Jake Richardson
as Johnny
Angelo Renai
as Shop Owner
Dion Riley
as Joe
Donnelly Rhodes
as Father Simon/Mr. Shaw
Jillian Knowles
as Tori Taylor
Kayden Kessler
as Ben Blackwood
Leif Bridgman
as Straight Jacket Spirit
Sharon Bell
as Abaddon/Larry's Wife/Nurse #1
Kirt Purdy
as Stan Hinkle
Geoff Gustafson
as Lou
Victoria Bidewell
as Fran Hinkle/Molly Johnson
Dan Gauthier
as David McNamara
Hank Harris
as Boltar the Furious/Gerry
Viviana Cruise
as Liddy Walsh
Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin
as Shawn Harley
Jon Van Ness
as Creedy
Debbie Podowski
as Dale's Widow
Lindy Booth
as Bonnie Fuschau/Vesta
Nicole Hombrebueno
as Ariel
Parker Brando
Keira Kabatow
as Waitress
Gemma Isaac
as Tattoo Artist
Lucia Walters
as Gladys
Catherine Thomas
as Maid
Rob van Meenen
as Coroner
Theresa Wong
as Naomi's Assistant
Derek Green
as Ed Coleman
Gina Holden
as Haley Collins
Lee Vincent
as Coroner
Natalia Minuta
as Hanging Vampire #2
Scott E. Miller
as Cop #1
Rose Ranger
as Caitlin
Norman Misura
as Heart Attack Victim
Dalias Blake
as Policeman
Leslee Achorn
as Old Woman with Walker
R.D. Call
as Sheriff Pierce
Talia Williams
as Young Rose Thompson
Jesse Moss
as Crew Member #3
Ava Hughes
as Young Callie Garrison
Marisa Ramirez
as Tammi
Maxwell McMullin
as Bully 2
Michael Busswood
as Ron Stubbins
Chiara Guzzo
as Amy
Darla Fay
as Customer
King Lau
as Zao Shen
Arianne Zucker
as Nicole Walker
Cameron K. Smith
as Armed Bridge Guard
Rachel Warkentin
as Tammy
Nicholas Elia
as Ben Braeden
Michael Adamthwaite
as Narfi/Security Guard Bill
Robert Lawrenson
as Leviathan/Royce
Ian Thompson
as Bus Driver
Jeffrey Vincent Parise
as Asmodeus
Jason Griffith
as Sheriff
Erica Tremblay
as Frankie
Matthew John Armstrong
as Elias Finch/Phoenix
Byron Lucas
as Contractor #2
Max Montesi
as Vampire
Callum Seagram Airlie
as Oliver
Warren Kimmel
as Father Max Thompson
Kate Micucci
as Velma Dinkley
Kelli Ogmundson
as Alice
Gerry Mackay
as Mr. Goodwin
Christina Jastrzembska
as Celeste
Mia Ingimundson
as Kate Fox
Michael Q. Adams
as Male Demon
Russell Badger
as Tour Guide
Patrick Stafford
as The Old Man
Crystal Mudry
as Jacki Prescott
Debs Howard
as Julie Miller
Richard Sali
as Pastor Jim Murphy
Glynis Davies
as Mrs. Kemper
James Paladino
as Angel Bodyguard #2
Gabe Khouth
as Herb Nelson/Lester Young
Robert Hewko
as Hesh
Mike Farrell
as Fred Jones
Justine Warrington
as Society Woman
Pamela A. Cain
as Crime Scene Photographer
Norman Armour
as Dr. Sanford Ellicott
Matthew Mylrea
as Vampire #2
Anja Savcic
as Paris Hilton Fan #2/Reese
Conrad Coates
as Crowley's Demon
Cassandra Ebner
as Woman
Vivien Elizabeth Armour
as Katie
A.J. Buckley
as Ed Zeddmore
John Rubinstein
as Charlie
Alex Ferris
as Young Sam Winchester
Monique Ganderton
as Pool Playing Hunter/Redhead
Keith MacKechnie
as Chaz/Coroner
Michael Massee
as Kubrick
Jason McKinnon
as Brandon
Kristin Booth
as Renee Van Allen
Suki Kaiser
as Rose
Brett Dier
as Dylan
Jason Burkart
as Truck Driver/Vikings Fan
Alvina August
as Tasha Banes
Matt Afonso
as Ed
Alex Barima
as Lucifer's Demon/Drexel
Andrea Whitburn
as Junkie
Lane Edwards
as Angel/Bar Angel/Lead Angel/Stephanie's Father
Richard Stroh
as Befehlsleiter Gumprecht
Genevieve Buechner
as Lily Shoemaker/Samantha
Bulat Nasibullin
as Shapeshifter
Daniel Brodsky
as Changling #1
Bruce Ramsay
as Paul
Randal Edwards
as Male EMT
Jamie Schwanebeck
as Richie/Ritchie
Rob Raco
as Clark Barker
Andrew Green
as Bobby 3
Keith Dallas
as Ganesh
Valerie Tian
as Ambriel
Patrick Roccas
as Angel #2/Deputy #2
Shiraine Haas
as Bystander
Lee Page
as Asmodeus' Guard
Arlina Rodriguez
as Grocery Woman
Sean Poague
as Lily and Dana's Dad
Leanne Khol Young
as Diane Fargo
David A. Joseph Baker
as Demon #1/Rob
Roan Curtis
as Bela's Demon
Roger Aaron Brown
as Joshua
Christiaan Westerveld
as Homeless Guy
Sandra-Jessica Couturier
as Monica - Flight Attendent
Alvin Sanders
as Jimmy Anderson
Virgil Davies
as Bobby 1
Anthony Shim
as Nithael
Joanne Kelly
as Michelle Montgomery
Philip Maurice Hayes
as Clif Kosterman
Anne Openshaw
as Kate
Jillian Fargey
as Deb
Teana-Marie Smith
as Waitress
Stephen Park
as Mitchell
Lillian Doucet-Roche
as Hunter
Tarun Keram
as Jakob
Kevan Kase
as Vampire
Dana Stoutenburg
as Rabid #2
Johnny Barratt
as Angel #2
Jason Wingham
as JP
Ron Lea
as Travis
Dean Redman
as Second Girl's Father
Benjamin Rogers
as Mark/Shopkeeper
Peter Bryant
as Deputy Walt Framingham
Ken Waters
as Sheriff's Search & Rescue Diver
Gattlin Griffith
as Jesse Turner
Genevieve Fleming
as Pregnant Woman
Brady Schlecker
as Frank O'Brien
Ecstasia Sanders
as Maddie
Don McManus
as Don Harding/Samhain
Elijah Silva
as Gas Station Attendant
Kailey Spear
as Beth/Chastity Group Member/Jen
Alexa Nikolas
as Kate Carter
Fei Ren
as Asian Woman #1/Diner Woman
Kaare Anderson
as Unknown
Angelique Rivera
as Gwen Hernandez
Daniel Degtiarev
as Deputy #1
Brad Kelly
as Bar Brawler #2/Bouncer
Nesta Cooper
as Bartender
Raf Rogers
as Jack
Kirsten Alter
as Mom/Second Girl's Mother
Lisa Sanson
as Sid's Wife
Ali Ahn
as Dagon
Sam Spear
as Demon
Robert Dayton
as Reg
Lesha Jay Vescio
as Casino Bar Waitress
Mary Black
as Elderly Patient/Grandma
Lillie Claire
as Librarian
Aidan Kahn
as Duke
David Lennon
as Scott
Christine Chatelain
as Jenny/Dr. Ellen Piccolo
Burkely Duffield
as Billy Whitfield/Ryan McAnn
Ernie Grunwald
as 'Sam'/Barnes
Paul Jarrett
as George Phelps
Primo Allon
as Gunman/Tommy
Juliana Semenova
as Angel Dancer
Paul Andrich
as Killer Clown Fan
Janet Glassford
as Bailey's Neighbor/Librarian
Drew Nelson
as Crossroads Demon
Madeleine Arthur
as Young Tina
Ashley Crow
as Mama
Jason Asuncion
as Lenny
David Lyle
as Man with a Broken Foot
Berkeley Ratzlaff
as Susie Martin
Peter Jenkins
as ER Doctor
Jordyn Ashley Olson
as Purah
Iris Paluly
as Nurse Linda
Scott Sawchuk
as Brandon
Elizabeth Bond
as Amy Hein
Jay Hindle
as Man/Roy
Darcy Cadman
as Deputy Linus
Daryl Ducharme
as Maul
Amy Waugh
as Radio Shed Customer
Alen Dominguez
as Police Officer
Kadrolsha Ona Carole
as Dinner Lady
Franckie Francois
as Martin
Steve Railsback
as Joseph Welch
Julian Richings
as Death
Farryn VanHumbeck
as Esther
Eric Mazimpaka
as Dermot
Lee Shan Gibson
as Security Guard #1
Farrah Aviva
as Daniela/Psycho Ghost
Don Knodel
as SS Soldier #2
Bruce Blain
as Coach Phil Evans/Dwight Charles
Sebastian Kroon
as Andy
Rob deLeeuw
as Furniture Mover #2
Shekhar Paleja
as Organ Donation Rep
Tiffany Lyndall-Knight
as Female Doctor
Antonio Marziale
as Daryn Boston
Shane Symons
as Pizza Delivery Guy
Jeremy Arnold
as Carl
Nico McEown
as Lucas Barr/Young Kid #1
Nevin Burkholder
as Malfayan
Alden Ehrenreich
as Ben Collins
Jason Bax
as Dewey Stevens
Andrew Dabb
as Gas-n-sip Patron
David Mott
as Cafeteria Client
Chris West
as Corpse
David Newsom
as Brian Carter
Devin Johnston
as Guy #1
Gwenda Lorenzetti
as Cheryl Kellinger/Susan Bishop
Sarah Deakins
as Margey
Casey Dubois
as Dirk MacGregor, Jr.
Sharon Simms
as Jennie & Janie's Mother
Mircea Monroe
as Ambyr
Tom McBeath
as Jack/Mr. Carey
Zak Ludwig
as Stevie
Preston Vanderslice
as Stephen Phelps
James Tyce
as Security Guard
Hal Linden
as Rabbi Isaac Bass
Jack Conley
as Sheriff Al Britton
Gil Darnell
as Adolf Hitler/Nauhaus
Regan Burns
as McG
Ross Kohn
as Troy Squire
Carmen Smith-Morpurgo
as Dancer #1
Geoff Redknap
as Unknown
La Monde Byrd
as Robert Johnson
Cameron Bancroft
as Dr. Gaines/Leviathan
Cheryl Mullen
as Church Lady
Jeremy Thorsen
as Andrew Silver
Paolo Maiolo
as Hunter
Veronica Cartwright
as Lily Sunder
Liam Hughes
as Young Travis Johnson
Sachin Sahel
as Senator's Aide
Magda Apanowicz
as Sandy
Kalvin Olafson
as Idaho Guy #1
Alden Doyle
as Vampire #2
Artine Tony Browne
as Maurice/Night Watchman
Nicole Oliver
as Nora Havelock
Matt Ellis
as Aldo
Michelle Clarke-Brown
as Female Demon
Julia Maxwell
as Eve
Daryl Shuttleworth
as Chuck Lambert/Sheriff Rick Carnegie
Duncan Ollerenshaw
as David Ackers
Nels Guloien
as Young John Winchester
Gavin Buhr
as Spot/Trotter's Bodyguard
Douglas Newell
as Future Prophet #2/Shop Owner
Carmen Aguirre
as Coroner
Fred Tatasciore
as Colonel Sanders/Phantasm
Brendon Halcrow
as Tiger/Tiger Impersonator
Miranda Edwards
as Benjamin
Rocky Anderson
as Janitor Demon
Kai Bradbury
as Clerk
Lee Majdoub
as Hannah/Guardian
William S. Taylor
as Detective
Mariessa Portelance
as Olivia Sanchez
Lanette Ware
as Raphael
Leigh Parker
as Brian Wilcox
Troy Clare
as Will Carlton
Karyn Mott
as Maura Leahy
Lenard Stanga
as Farmer Angel
Alyson Bath
as Tiana
Ty Wood
as Doug
Christopher Webb
as Reaper
Jannen Karr
as Principal Salazar
Victoria Katongo
as Stevie
Jesse James Pierce
as Crossroads Demon
Morgan Taylor Campbell
as Starr
Lori Triolo
as Head Nurse/Leviathan
Tabitha St. Germain
as Nikolai's Friend
Andrew Wheeler
as Alastair/Groundskeeper/Noel
Patricia Drake
as Coroner
Adam J. Harrington
as Bartholomew
Corey Schmitt
as Deputy #2/Patrol Angel
Kayla Mae Maloney
as Leah Gideon/Whore of Babylon
Gina Davies
as Victim
Brit Sheridan
as Kate/Kate the Werewolf
Jason Cecchini
Naomi Atherton
as Tall Girl
Sarah Shahi
as Constance Welch
Derek Hamilton
as Victim
Jerry Trimble
as Ramiel
Christina Sicoli
as Rose Brown
Sandra Steier
as Dispatcher
Leah Gibson
as Palomino
Ryan Beil
as Set Guy
Dean McKenzie
as Eremiel
Clare Filipow
as Amber
Lochlyn Munro
as Ben
Tiera Skovbye
as Honor/Young Bela
Aadila Dosani
as Nat
Shawn Reis
as Lee Bender/Tall Deputy
Lindsay Winch
as Elka
Dustin Lloyd
as Nick
Nathan Smith
as Young Sam Winchester
John Paul McGlynn
as Religious Man
Beckham Skodje
as Younger Dean
Mathias Retamal
as Minion #2
Treva Etienne
as Peter Holloway/Tamiel
Thomas Jones
as Mason Kemper
Garrett Black
as Minion #1
Alex Robertson
as Astronaut Kid
Desiree Zurowski
as Realtor
Alec Willows
as Barry Papazian/Clown
Murray Lowry
as Bartender
Rondel Reynoldson
as Nurse
Laura Mennell
as Brigitta/Djinn/Female Djinn
Jim Codrington
as Male Doctor
Ryleigh Gillespie
as Shannon
Merren McMahon
as Alex's Friend
Jerry Rector
as Joe the Plumber
Danielle Savre
as Margo Lassiter
James Michalopolous
as Poker Playing Prisoner
Jackson Berlin
as Male Demon #1/Shapeshifter Cop
Isabella Barr
as Carla's Daughter
Josh Kalender
as Ion
Malcolm Masters
as Benjamin
Dino Dinicolo
as Antonio Miele
Ilia Volok
as Dragon #1
Francis X. McCarthy
as Noah Cassity
Aleks Paunovic
as Gunner Lawless/Sean's Friend/Skinwalker #2
Jason Gedrick
as Det. Peter Sheridan
Jim Thorburn
as Dan Harper/Qareen
Jack Moore
as Young Asa Fox
Megan Batchelor
as Chastity Group Member
Josh Collins
as Alan/Eddie
Thomas Newman
as Salinger
Tina Grant
as Officer
Hayley Saulnier
as April Dawkins
Paul Campbell
as Don Richardson
Emma Rendell
as Dancer #2
Misha Collins
as Castiel/Lucifer/Jimmy Novak/Leviathan/James Novak/Misha Collins
Adrian Neblett
as Blind Victim
Elle McKinnon
as Young Caitlin Johnson
Richard Newman
as Oliver Pryce
Dominic Burgess
as Richard Greenstreet
Sandra Ferens
as Merle
Skylar Radzion
as Max
P.J. Prinsloo
as Brad
Morgan Brayton
as Admitting Nurse/Elise Drummond
Ava Grace Cooper
as Lily
Dan Willows
as Demon #1/Lucifer's Henchman
Paul Belsito
as Sheriff
Georgia Bradner
as Sally Anderson
Atlin Mitchell
as Banshee
Daniel Martin
as Officer
Ella May
as Diner Waitress
Stephanie Van Dyck
as Debbie Tellen
Gillian Barber
as Dr. Hess/Mrs. Rourke
Arien Boey
as Aiden Duren/Will Henderson
Chelan Simmons
as Jill
Jill Teed
as Madeline
James Melville
as Bill, Newspaper Delivery
Adrian Holmes
as James Turner/Demon
Jamil Walker Smith
as Luis
Javier Caballero Cano
as Janitor
Matteo Stefan
as Brad
Claire Lindsay
as Patient
Crystal Allen
as Roseleen
Jermaine Peralta
as Possessed Bus Jock
Patrick Keating
as Joke Shop Owner
Bradley Stryker
as Tony/Uncle Ted
Nicola Anderson
as April/Nurse Janet
Sandy Sidhu
as Constance
Leo Rano
as Ron
Tyler Johnston
as Samandriel/Alfie/Matt Pike
Brahm Taylor
as Male Angel
Harmen Van Andel
as Pawnbroker
Melissa M. Montgomery
as Witch #2
Tom Stevens
as Leviathan/Will
Andrea Menard
as Sheriff Christine Barker
Nicole LaPlaca
as Kissing Spirit
Ryan McDonald
as Pete Garfinkle
Will E. McDonald
as Follower #2
Josh A. Young
as Deputy/Pregnant Woman's Husband
Jessica Steen
as Officer Kathleen
Wayne Charles Baker
as Jerry
Krista Bell
as Dana
Angelique Naude
as Girl in Bar
Katherine Boecher
as Lilith
Olivia Steele Falconer
as Annie/Leviathan
Doug Cameron
as Sheriff Matt Harvey
Michael Smith
as Homeless Angel
Rachel Miner
as Meg Masters/Meg/The Empty
Ash Lee
as Detective
Eoin Bates
as Barman/Elfin Warrior
Zenia Marshall
as Stacy
Ryan Alexander McDonald
as Demon Trucker/Travis Johnson
Nick Turner
as British Magic Spectator
Hilary Strang
as Mrs. Weiss
Stevie Jackson
as Demon Nun #2
Colin Lawrence
as Dr. Gregory Marion/Jason/Reggie Hull
Hannah Drew
as Woman
Sam Robert Muik
as Vance
Kelly Ann Woods
as Lisa McCarthy
Thomas Michael Dobie
as Truck Driver
Maite Schwartz
as Dr. Cara Roberts
Tania Saulnier
as Emily Jorgeson
Aleks Holtz
as Zach Warren
Jodi Balfour
as Melissa
Gwenm Carsley
as Marjorie Willis
Andrew Bernard
as Jimmy Jansen
Peter New
as Jay
Mark McConchie
as Used Car Salesman
Sergio Osuna
as Minion
Diego Klattenhoff
as Duane Tanner
Radek Hewson
as Bully 1
Jonathan Potts
as Arthur/Mr. Fremont
Bracken Hanke
William B. Davis
as College Professor
Patricia Nudd
as P.A.
Jason Edward Coleman
as Cop #1/Leviathan
Shayn Walker
as Karl
Gabriel Patrich
as Leviathan
Jordan Connor
as Demon Sam
Carolyn Tinglin
as Prayer Group Member
Kurt Max Runte
as Sgt. Tucker/Sheriff
Justin Reinsilber
as Officer Ed Colfax
Stephen Bradley Jones
as Demon Cowboy #2
Eric Breker
as Alternate Universe hunter/Police Officer
Jewel Staite
as Amy Pond
Rebecca Husain
as Demon/Miss Hagar
Dwayne Bryshun
as Hunter
Lucien Laviscount
as Ennis Ross
Alison Matthews
as Newscaster
Colleen Winton
as Mrs. Lloyd
Sean Faris
as Julian Duval
Ashley Benson
as Tracy Davis
Paul Piaskowski
as Thomas
Elizabeth McLaughlin
as Senator Michelle Walker
Jessica Harmon
as Lily Baker/Olivia Camrose
Ken Kirzinger
as Jared Bender
Chad Cole
as Driver
Carmen Lavigne
as Anne Marie
James Rittinger
as Brock Buckner
Andre Scott
as Porn Star 4
Brad Harder
as SS Gate Guard #2
Taylor Kare
as Sacrifice Kid
Mackenzie Cardwell
as Heartbroken Teenager
Sara Southey
as Valerie Jones
Richard Libertini
as Vernon Haskell
Susie Abromeit
as Suzy Lee
BJ Harrison
as Shapeshifter Supermarket Woman
Ben Jacobs
as Crew Member #5
Wren Roberts
as Brad
Raphael Kepinski
as Demon
Melanie O'Donnell
as Mother Eating Burger
Jody Thompson
as Ann Telesca
Jeff Gladstone
as Admiring Male Angel
Gigi Jackman
as Ms. Dowling
Travis Woloshyn
as Waiter
Amy Gumenick
as Young Mary Campbell/Young Mary Winchester
Darren Bennett
as Angel #2
Melissa Roxburgh
as Lila Taylor/Violet Duval
Camden Filtness
as Conrad Martin
Taylor St. Pierre
as Harris
Steven Cree Molison
as Lucas
Gary Jones
as Skeptical Husband
Todd Scott
as Security Guard/Todd Scott
Scott McNeil
as Benny Sutton/Ladyheart Band Member
Greg Delmage
as Father/Lyle
Derek Lowe
as EMT
Matthew Enright
as Guy in Alleyway
Kevin Kazakoff
as Jerry Price
Ronald Patrick Thompson
as Driver/Security Guard
Kasey Ryne Mazak
as Japanese Chef
Larissa Dias
as Lady Elf
Steve Baran
as Donnie
Richard Cohee
as Lloyd's Patron #2
Steven Yaffee
as Marlon
Reilly Dolman
as Connor/Lunchroom Jock
Lindsey McKeon
as Tessa/The Reaper
Jenn Griffin
as AA Sponsor
Hal Ozsan
as Patrick
David Monahan
as Father Thomas Gregory
Hector Johnson
as Grill Manager
Garnet Harding
as Cop
Barbara Eve Harris
as Clea
Hannah Dubois
as Acheri
Steven Love
as Wounded Teen
Patrick Bahrich
as Hotel Guest
Bethany Brown
as Simmons
Aili Storen
as Alice
Ben Afful
as Cop
Gardiner Millar
as Marv/Wrath
Tasya Teles
as Nanny
Daniel Arnold
as Ghostly Man/Xavier
Thunderbird Dinwiddie
as Pamela Barnes
Christopher B. MacCabe
as Azazel/Dr. Brown
Jo-Ann Fernandes
as Consuela Alvarez
Bennett Taylor
as Fan
Vicky Lambert
as Bartender
Pavel Romano
as Mike Hooks
Cletus Young
as Motel Clerk
Matt Bellefleur
as Eli Styne
Victoria Morgan
as Mother
Craig Veroni
as Man
Andrew Halliwell
as Russell
Peter J. Gray
as Piero Mutti
John Mackie
as Demon
Alex Duncan
as Kris
Leanne Adachi
as Beatrice
Sarah-Jane Redmond
as Kathy Randolph/Lily Markham
Miriam Korn
as Rachel
Elinet Louicius
as Hunter
Jack Evans
as Kyle
Rob Heschl
as Guy at Bar
Christian Lagasse
as Teddy
Sean Depner
as Buck
Jameson Trenholm
as Elf #2
Nicole Muñoz
as Nora/Sylvia
Dylan Minnette
as Danny Carter
Jovanna Burke
as Mary Worthington/Bloody Mary
Emilija Baranac
as Crystal Thorrson
Alexander Cendese
as Angel Commander
Shaun Smyth
as Special Agent Morris
Colin Naples
as District Attorney/Dwarf Clown
Chris Eastman
as Nebraska Tourist
Steve Richmond
as Dudley Scott
Peter Shinkoda
as Alex
Michael P. Northey
as Comic Book Store Owner
Danny Wattley
as Front Desk Security Guard
Aliza Vellani
as Beth Roberts
Jonathan Cherry
as Dave Mather
Jacob Richter
as Art Harris
Chilton Crane
as Mrs. Kline/Mary Lew/Mrs. Tanner
Eanna O'Dowd
as Miles
Stacy Fair
as Party Mom
Donnie MacNeil
as Young Kid #2
Brad Dryborough
as Cal Hawkins/Glen
RJ Fetherstonhaugh
as Colonel Scoop's Employee
Jacqueline Samuda
as Detective Petranyzk
Dave Leach
as Barista
Rami Kahlon
as Angel #1
Donna Soares
as Nurse
Alika Autran
as Ghost of Timmy's Mom
Amanda McEwan
as Buddy's secretary
Chris Gauthier
as Ronald Reznick
Tiffany Dupont
as Gilda
John Emmet Tracy
as Mercury/John Driscoll
Emmy O'Leary
as Diner Clerk
Bronwen Smith
as Night Nurse #2
Paul McGillion
as Jim Grossman/Peter Harper
Nimet Kanji
as Passerby
Robert Curtis Brown
as Father Gil
Laurie Paton
as Lorraine Fox
Jessica Olafson
as Blonde Girl in Shower
Christian Campbell
as James Frampton
Emma Oliver
as Gertie Fitzgerald
Bruce Salomon
as Aaron Webber
Paul Batten
as Jimmy Day
Kathleen Duborg
as Head Secret Service Agent
Emilie Ullerup
as Mia
Todd Thomson
as Dave/Jolene's Husband/Richard Keel
Teagan Rae Avoledo
as Leticia Gore
Briana Buckmaster
as Donna Hanscum/Sheriff Donna Hanscum
Andrew Francis
as Brody/Lee/Rick Craig
Leslie Hopps
as Amy's Mother
Phillip Lewitski
as Tom Mason
Shane Dean
as Dipper
Brad Mann
as Tough Guy #2
Carrie Anne Fleming
as Karen Singer/Dying Nurse
Angela Moore
as Bus Station Clerk/Hardware Store Cashier
Tim Beckmann
as Father Davis
Georgia Beaty
as Yellow-Eyed Demon
Kurt Ostlund
as Billy/Stuart Blake
Sarah Desjardins
as Young Robin
Tara Wilson
as Co-Ed
Valerie McNicol
as Dr. Silver's Receptionist
Yvonne Myers
as Robert's Lady
Ben Cotton
as Mr. Wheeler/Pride/Richard Beesom
Julia Tortolano
as Cliff's Girlfriend
Stephen Dimopoulos
as Restaurant Owner
Brendan Riggs
as Barry
Taras Kostyuk
as Spike
Russell Sams
as Jeffrey
G. Michael Gray
as Jeremy Frost
Troy Ruptash
as Clay Thompson
Conchita Campbell
as Maggie Thompson
Marrett Green
as Anchorman
Merrilyn Gann
as Madge Carrigan
Adam Boys
as Demon #4
Matt Frewer
as Pestilence/Dr. Green
Don MacKay
as Grandpa
Ginger Page
as Sari
Derek Morrison
as Captain Dillan
Tom Butler
as Harley Jorgeson/Jim Meyers
Aaron Douglas
as Pierce Moncrieff
Angela Uyeda
as Shojo
Chris Peake
as Sub Delivery Guy
Michaela Mann
as Alice's Friend
Devin Pihlainen
as Nathaniel
Cyrus Bryant
as Ty's Buddy #2
Francis Walsh
as British Men of Letters Spy
James R. Baylis
as Guard Demon
Luke Jennings
as Delivery Man
Colin Ford
as Young Sam Winchester
Marie Avgeropoulos
as Taylor
Michael Eklund
as Ed Brewer
Mark Sheppard
as Crowley/Shapeshifter
Gildart Jackson
as James Haggerty
Cindy Busby
as Jenny Klein
Donna Benedicto
as Mandy
Nancy Amelia Bell
as Old Lila Taylor
Sam Easton
as Witness
Gillian Vigman
as Heddy
Cory Monteith
as Gary
Rob LaBelle
as Azazel/Father Lehne
Paul Cummings
as Restaurant Patron
Tammy Gillis
as Kelly
Julian Christopher
as Doctor/Warren
Patty McCormack
as Betsy/Eleanor Holmes
Nate Torrence
as Sully
Linda Ko
as Doctor
Bentley Storteboom
as Boy #1
Derek Webster
as Deputy Jaffe
Mellany Barros
as Veronica
Evan Frayne
as Craig Burrows
Thomas Cadrot
as Demon Henchman #1
Ian Rozylo
as Roger
Grant Harvey
as Petey Giraldi
Chad Everett
as Old Dean Winchester
Raylene Harewood
as Madelyn
Sacha M. Romalo
as Dr. Avery Meadows
Mark Brandon
as Louis
Sean Michael Kyer
as Timmy
Fiona Vroom
as Dental Assistant/Nurse
Braydon Brown
as Young JP
Spencer Borgeson
as Adult Dean
Katie Stuart
as Comic Shop Clerk
Rachel Pattee
as Lilith
Michael Shanks
as Rob
James Kirk
as Neil
Robert Singer
as Radio DJ
Nadine Wright
as Beth Whitshire
Kevin McNulty
as Phillip/Rev. Roy Le Grange
Georgia Hacche
as Camille's Client
Phillip Mitchell
as Demon #1
Corin Nemec
as Christian Campbell/Demon/Demon Christian Campbell
Daniel Hugh Kelly
as Sheriff Jake Devins
Emmanuelle Vaugier
as Madison
Lindsay Corbett
as Housewife
Amy Grabow
as Rebecca Warren
Toby Levins
as Ben Anderson/Mackey
David Lewis
as Professor Ludensky
Amanda Spinosa
as Rachel's Friend/Young Girl #1
Sarah Mutch
as Brandi
Jakob Davies
as Cole's Son/Tyler
David Quinlan
as Diner Man/Nate Mulligan
Devon Ferguson
as Driver
Georgie Daburas
as Minion #1
Jessica Erwin
as Jessie O'Brien
Robert Parent
as Unknown
Lexie Huber
as Nora's Mom
Logan Williams
as Max Johnson
Yasmeene Ball
as Amara (Teen)/Amara (Tween)
Sarah Groundwater-Law
as Female EMT
Jim Parrack
as Agent Nick Monroe
Adam Greydon Reid
as Judah
Jay Gruska
as Bobby Singer
Amber Borycki
as Sophie Carlton
Byron Noble
as Young Larry Ganem
Aldis Hodge
as Jake Talley
Jennifer Copping
as Mrs. Caldwell/Sandra Phelan
Cole Vigue
as Seth
Khaira Ledeyo
as Linda Tran
Adam Croasdell
as Baldur
Jordan Weller
as Deputy #1
Lydia Doesburg
as Katie
DJ Qualls
as Garth Fitzgerald IV
Anna Van Hooft
as Artemis
Sonya Salomaa
as Rachel
Athena Karkanis
as Andrea Kormos
Carmel Amit
as Lara Coggins
Evan Muirhead
as Bully #3
Kurt Fuller
as Zachariah/Mr. Adler
Chasty Ballesteros
as Nurse #2
Ellen Geer
as Gert Case
Alex Bruhanski
as Ronnie
Adam Fergus
as Mick Davies
Kara Royster
as Alicia Banes
Carolyn Adair
as Librarian
Mike Waterman
as Murph
Crystal Balint
as Jane
Brian Markinson
as Jerry Panowski/Stan Thompson
Bruce Dawson
as Bill Carlton/Dr. Owens
Adrianne Palicki
as Jessica Moore
Jud Tylor
as Adina
Christina Gooding
as Cole's Wife
Aiden Longworth
as Tyler
Michael Rys
as Hans/Hospital Administrator
John Innes
as Father Bogdani
James Patrick Stuart
as Dick Roman
Lloyd Berry
as Mr. Pickett
Iain Belcher
as Trevor McAnn
Catherine Lough Haggquist
as Jules/Detective Glass
Juan Riedinger
as Ted
Jackie Blackmore
as Sheriff
Ted Raimi
as Wesley Mondale
Frank Cassini
as Cop
Rosalie Ward
as Isabel Brown
Andy Stahl
as Jeff Krause
Richard O'Sullivan
April Telek
as Darla/Etta Fraser
Gary Hetherington
as Mayor Harold Todd
Veronica Long
as Receptionist
Teach Grant
as Christopher Fisher/Deputy Donelly
Danyella Angel
as Jessie
Ella Cannon
as Paula Swan
Ashley O'Connell
as Bar Customer
Paula Lindberg
as Marlene
Matreya Fedor
as Alien/Tyler Thompson
Ingo M. Holst
as Lance
Michael Blackman Beck
as Howard
Mike Dopud
as Jim Jenkins
Ashley Roxburgh
as Waitress
Johnny Cuthbert
as Alvin Jenkins
Michael Meneer
as Dr. Turner
David Mattey
as Luther Garland
Kwesi Ameyaw
as College Professor/Dr. Lewis
Rhonda Dent
as Penny's Sister
Beth Broderick
as Alice Miller
Aren Buchholz
as Deputy Brice Graham/Faux Vampire
Scott McAdam
as Jim
Marianne Patricio
as Hooker #2
Faran Tahir
as Osiris
Eric Johnson
as Brady
Alona Tal
as Jo Harvelle
Zara Taylor
as Female Victim
Lalo Espejo
as Joey Six
Anna Galvin
as Colette/Demon Colette/Mrs. Fremont
Terry David Mulligan
as Randy Baxter
Sasha Barrese
as Casey
Michael Coleman
as Jack
Connor Beardmore
as Little Boy #2
Shoshannah Stern
as Eileen Leahy
Nathan Mitchell
as Kelvin
Nathan Barrett
as Janitor Victim
Emile Bertrand
as Homeless Man Demon
Jay Cardinal Villeneuve
as Male Parishioner
Max Lloyd-Jones
as Charlie Whitshire
Owen Mason
as Colonel Scoop's Son
Hunter Brochu
as Young Dean Winchester
Alan Ackles
as Detective Pike/Newscaster
Tosha Doiron
as Vicki Benson
Rebecca Reichert
as Amanda Burns
Anthony J Sacco
as Actor
Troy Anthony Young
as Daniel Elkins
James Ashcroft
as Coroner
Damon Johnson
as Lucy's Victim
Enid-Raye Adams
as Colonel Scoop's Mother/Joanne
Michelle Harrison
as Dr. Erica Cartwright
Ali Webb
as Casey Miles
Ben Sullivan
as Second Angel
David Milchard
as Dean's Co-worker/Dylan Camrose
Pasha Ebrahimi
as Asmodeus' Demon
Jennifer Aspen
as Marcy Ward
Sarah Bridget Johns
as Lawyer
Steve Valentine
as Chef Leo
Georgia Craig
as Shapeshifter/Sherri
Connor Paton
as Marcus
Maddy Hillis
as Angela Sullivan/Lady #2
Veronika Hadrava
as Susan
Winston Rekert
as Jonah Greeley
Megan Peta Hill
as Kylie Jennings
Cliff Prang
as Friend's Wife Lover
Madison Barr
as Carla's Daughter
Ben Geldreich
as Digger Wells
Rebecca Davis
as Mrs. Cooper
Matthew Hoglie
as College Bar Patron
Kirsten Kilburn
as Nun
Michael Vairo
as John
Dan Butler
as Reverend Sorenson
Avery Taylor
as Angel Spy/Homeless Man
Alberto Ghisi
as Ryan Humphrey
Chad Rook
as Desmond/Marshall Todd/Zachariah
Susinn McFarlen
as Neighbor Lady
Shanel Pratap
as News Anchor
Kayvon Kelly
as Jason
John Dennis Johnston
as Pa Bender
Colton James
as Gary Frankle/Sam Winchester
Alicia Witt
as Lily Sunder
Jason Vaisvila
as Street Preacher/Window Washer
Kathryn Dobbs
as Cynthia
Debbie Timuss
as Megan
Robert Mann
as Frank
Daniel Jeffery
as Ricky Copeland
Shafin Karim
as Jamil Hamed
Glenn Williams
as Cop
Dorian Brown Pham
as Melanie Golden
Marc Gaudet
as Fry Cook Demon
Jill Morrison
as Anne Whitting
S.E. Hinton
as Diner Patron
Jeff Branson
as Jacob Styne
Eric Pollins
as Janitor
Jasmine Miriguay
as Rachel/Young Girl #2
Aidan Dee
as Demon #2
Michael Antonakos
as Raul
Mitch Duffield
as Bully
Robert Underwood
as Lance LaCroix
Rebecca Rifai
as Weary Mom
Megalyn Echikunwoke
as Cassie Robinson
Val Cole
as Newscaster
Will Wood
as Clown
Shanae Tomasevich
as Ghost on the Road/Woman in White
Laura Wilson
as Elise
Sarah Smyth
as Bess Fitzgerald/Bess Meyers/Nurse #1
Elizabeth Blackmore
as Lady Toni Bevell
Michelle Morgan
as Jemma Verson
Daesha Danielle Usman
as Maid
Elissa Ciullo
as Mother
Steve Curtis
as Father Delaney
Hana Kinani
as Shawnte
Hannah Pederson
as Barbara Blanton
Michael Dickson
as Mel
Danny Dworkis
as Cutty
Steven Williams
as Rufus Turner
Shawn Roberts
as Austin
Eve Gordon
as Joy Meyers
Holly Hougham
as Frannie/Wendy
Jillian Walchuck
as Lily and Dana's Mom
Larissa Gomes
as Bobby Singer/Louise
Maureen Thomas
as Grandma Goldy
Juliana Wimbles
as Demon Nurse/Cindy McKellan
Eric Bauza
as Cousin Slicker
Laura Ward
as Stephanie
Rebecca Jenkins
as Sue Ann Grange
Jodelle Ferland
as Emily/Melanie Merchant
James Forrester
as Tour Guest
Maria Marlow
as Betty Miles/David's Wife
Hilary Jardine
as Sera Gamble
Desirée Loewen
as Classy Girl
Cassidy Nugent
as Camp Girl
Steve Elliott
as Frank McCarthy/Victim
Sandy Robson
as Fenrir Odinsbane/Redd
Peter Hanlon
as Tom
Jay Brazeau
as Dr. Corman/Librarian
Taya Clyne
as Tracy
Leah Graham
as Assistant Director/Pauly
Roman Podhora
as Lieutenant Robarts/Sheriff
Nicole Leduc
as Audrey Elmer
Bryce Hodgson
as Nurse's Boyfriend
Paloma Kwiatkowski
as Magda Peterson
Luke Welland
as Firebird Guy
Jesse Blue
as Passerby
Sydney Imbeau
as Castiel/Claire Novak
Lisa MacFadden
as Desk Nurse
Chris Burns
as The Chief
Sam Hennings
as Samuel Colt
Luke Seybold
as Timothy
Dean Armstrong
as Kip
Peter Ciuffa
as H.P. Lovecraft
Leah Cairns
as Julie Hudson/Sasha Rawling
Raugi Yu
as Crew Member #2
Saraphina Joachim
as Pedestrian
Joel Cottingham
as Angel #2
Philip Prajoux
as Priest
Susie Wickstead
as Annette Doolittle
Sean Quan
as Caleb Krokowski
David Orth
as Sheriff
Pauline Egan
as Debbie Harris
Duncan McLellan
as Security Guard #2
Ty Olsson
as Benny Lafitte/Benny/Eli
Lawrence Haegert
as Lenny Bristol
Natalie von Rotsburg
as Bus Driver
Grace Sherman
as Exploding Angel Vessel
Lee Rumohr
as Jesse Cuevas
Madison Bell
as Young Emma
Ron Selmour
as Preacher
Jason Cermak
as George/Percy
Anesha Bailey
as Diner Woman #2
Michael Worthman
as Refugee Armourer
Steve Oatway
as Guy #2
Mike Gazzola
as Marco
Lisa Durupt
as Choir Lady
Jaycie Dotin
as Sarah
George Coe
as Pat Fremont
Stefan Beach
as Demon Henchman #2
Luke Gair
as Little Boy #3
Kathleen Munroe
as Elizabeth/Katie's Mom
Karissa Tynes
as Chris' Girlfriend
Dominic Zamprogna
as Beau
Chad Krowchuk
as Waiter
Darcey Johnson
as Josh
Luvia Petersen
as Sue Barrish
Beatrice King
as Girl
Nevis Unipan
Brent Stait
as Pool Hall Player/Rick/Scotty
Madison Smith
as Billy Bass
Aidan Moreno
as Demon #1
Alex Vishniakoff
as Cashier
Caroll Spinney
as Big Bird
Melanie Papalia
as Meredith McDonell
Debra Donohue
as Crystal
Kate Gajdosik
as Female News Anchor
Josh Ssettuba
as Busboy
Sage Brocklebank
as Theo
Tanya Hubbard
as Wendy's Sister
Cam Cronin
as ER Doctor
Claude Duhamel
as Drug Dealer
Chris Cochrane
as Emmett
Lindsay Bourne
as Sheriff
Katie Chapman
as Gordon's Victim #2
Ken Camroux-Taylor
as Mr. D/Old Man
Curtis Caravaggio
as Mark Telesca/Spencer Wallis
John Reardon
as Prometheus/Shane
Duncan Bourke
as Spa Attendant
Haroon Khan
as Yoga Client
Andrew J. Hampton
as Male Nurse
Blu Mankuma
as Dr. Jennings
Steve Thackray
as Drunk
Todd Mann
as Angel #1/Tough Guy #1
Michael Cha
as Japanese Businessman
Alan O'Silva
as Driver
Ryan Grantham
as Hunter Boy #1/Todd
Ian Robison
as Donna's Husband
Andrew Hedge
as 1944 Policeman
Christopher Coutts
as Coroner
Alaina Huffman
as Abaddon/Josie Sands
Grace Vukovic
as Goldie's Friend
Manoj Sood
as Doctor
Valin Shinyei
as Jesse (age 12)
Jaren Moore
as Vampire
Fred Keating
as Jack Kline/Neighbor Man
Patti Allan
as Madeline Hackett
Forrest Rozitis
as Boy 1
Ken Kirby
as Evan
Harrison MacDonald
as Everett
Stephen Adekolu
as Guard #2
Emma Day
as Female Demon
Kaleena Kiff
as Female Victim
Moneca Delain
as Belle
Rebecca Marshall
as Lola
Mark Ferns
as Lilith's Demon #2
Roy Campsall
as Examination Room Spirit/Wendigo
Allyson Grant
as Timmy's Nanny
Henri Lubatti
as Bobby's Reaper
Jason Benson
as Police Officer
Isabelle Beech
as Zoe
Laura Carly Miller
as Birthday Mom
Eddie Flake
as Deputy Coroner
Torrance Coombs
as Mitch
Al Sapienza
as Santino Scarpatti
Barbara Frosch
as Evelyn
Kim Kondrashoff
as Clem Smedley
Corina Akeson
as Dr. Daisy Ochoa
Mar Andersons
as Future Prophet #1
Edwin Perez
as Father Sanchez
Paxton Singleton
as Young Dean Winchester
Camille Atebe
as Diner Customer
Tracy Froese
as Callie Garrison
Tanya Geisinger-McKie
as Waitress
Kandyse McClure
as Sheriff Tyson
Richard Speight Jr.
as Gabriel/The Trickster/Loki
Dee Wallace
as Mildred Baker
Darren Dolynski
as Captain James Dearborn/Lilith's Demon
Wonita Joy
as Center Worker
Vincent Cheng
as Chinese Butcher
Michael Jonsson
as Gog/Yeager
Nicki Aycox
as Meg Masters
Meagen Fay
as Mrs. Butters
Brad Loree
as Officer
Jake Abel
as Adam Milligan/Michael
William Samples
as Minister
Paris Hilton
as Leshii
Barry Bostwick
as Jay
Andrew Airlie
as Henry Whitman/Larry Pike
Luis Javier
as Blind Man
Rikki Gagne
as Jogger
Katie Sarife
as Marie
Revard Dufresne
as Demon #1
Krista Mitchell
as Ghostly Woman
Julia Voth
as Lana
Richard Greenhalgh
as Football QB
Adam Beauchesne
as Zack
Andy Maton
as Joe Cochran
Robert Moloney
as Rudy/Peter Warren
Steve Lawlor
as Water Ghost
Niall Matter
as Buddy
Tricia Helfer
as Molly McNamara
Nina Winkler
as Kristen
Gary Sanghera
as Bobby 4
Warren Christie
as Luther
Aaron Tung
as Store Owner's Son
Rachelle Gillis
as Sam's Girlfriend
Kayla Deorksen
as Erica Bailey/LARP Maid
Mark Hildreth
as Adam Benson
Brent Woolsey
as Cop
Murry Peeters
as Deputy
Quinn Bui
as Jake
Craig Stanghetta
as Bartender
Andres Joseph
as Angel #3
Howard Siegel
as Old Man at Hanging
France Perras
as Receiving Nurse
Chad Willett
as Mr. Wyatt
Matt Ward
as Uriel
Eric Schweig
as Sergeant 'Sarge' Joe Phillips
Brock Johnson
as Dave Stephens/Furniture Mover #1
Moishe Teichman
as Blind Male Hell Prisoner
Willy Lavendel
as Coffee Vendor
Carson Bokenfohr
as Yogurt Guy
Peter Abrams
as Coroner
Tom O'Brien
as Clark Adams
Jeffrey Ballard
as Demon/Nora Havelock's Son
Mike Klemak
as Cop
Anthony Harrison
as Doctor/Sal Moriarty
Joe Allard
as Announcer/Elf #1
Paul Duchart
as Doctor/Male News Anchor
Annette Ducharme
as Possessed Woman
Caroline Carter
as Hooker
Benjamin Wosk
as Fletcher
Serge Jaswal
as Tech #1
Jordan Claire Robbins
as Jamie Plum
Christina Schild
as OR Doctor
Ian Tracey
as Ishim/Lee Chambers
Marcia Yu
as Demonette #1
Nancy Kerr
as Wendy Vincente
Nneka Croal
as Coroner
Stephen E. Miller
as Okey Dokey Guard
Marcel Maillard
as Truck Driver
Richard Brake
as Luther Shrike
Linnea Sharples
as Lisa
Kirby Morrow
as Ex-Husband
Neelam Khabra
as Nurse Jen Fremont
Gary Cole
as Brad Redding
Ingrid Tesch
as Barbara Blake/Bonnie Phelps
James Lafazanos
as Hotel Manager/Resistance Traitor
Jonathan Hers
as Djinn Teenager
Bridget White
as Mara Daniels
Antonio Cayonne
as Daniel
Cameron McDonald
as Jim Miller
Rekha Sharma
as Kali
Dave Cote
as Brennan
Mike Herman
as Man with Mindy
Broadus Mattison
as Demon Security Guard #1
Martin Papazian
as Richie
Jackie Debatin
as Rio
Michelle Hewitt-Williams
as Maid Ruby
Michael Teigen
as Max Hilby/Shadow King/Teacher/Teddy the Suicidal Teddy Bear
Sonja Bennett
as Deputy Jan Harris/Pamela Clayton
Devin Ratray
as 'Dean'/Damien
Colby Paul
as Michael
Marco Grazzini
as Angel Commander
Lexa Doig
as Risa
Serge Houde
as Dr. Mason/Ed Stoltz
Mackenzie Murdock
as Demon Victim/Giggling Demon
Stefan Arngrim
as Redcap
Margot Berner
as Katie Keel
Bill Mondy
as Dr. George Waxler
Lara Casha
as Ghost Twin #2
Andrew Neil McKenzie
as Young Demon
Kristie Marsden
as Donna Shoemaker
Miranda Frigon
as Brenna Dobbs/Mrs. Foster
Tanya Clarke
as Nora
Jeff Evans-Todd
as Gordy
Lissa Neptuno
as Channing Ngo/Demon
Amanda Lisman
as Tammy
John Voth
as Husband Angel
Jessie Fraser
as Female Angel
Shawn Hall
as Pool Player
Eileen Barrett
as Crystal/Talli/Young Dean's Teacher
Tom MacNeill
as Patron/Southern Jock
Crystell Hendricks
as Angel
Christopher Heyerdahl
as Alastair
Keenan Tracey
as Christoph
Kimberly Unger
as Rick's Wife
Luc Roderique
as Indra/Sorento
Iris Quinn
as Barbara Cordry
Michael Henderson
Kareem Malcolm
as Prayer Group Member
Shane Meier
as Craig Thursten
Tim Dixon
as Priest
Michael Bean
as Arty Nielson/Pastor/Priest
Dave Braithwaite
as Joe
Gerard Plunkett
as Plutus
Mi-Jung Lee
as Anchorwoman
Neil Grayston
as Frat Pledge
Cyrina Fiallo
as Delta Mendota
Libby Osler
as Little Red Riding Hood
Chris Boyd
as Mr. Jansen
Megan Danso
as Josephine Barnes
Karen Khunkhun
as News Reporter
Martin Budny
as Guard 2
Skyler Mowatt
as Thule Officer
Peter Brown
as Dead Man/Student
Jennifer Huva
as Wretch Hell Prisoner
James Bannon
as Whistling Voice
Sharon Coleman
as Airport Passenger
Brian Calvert
as Security Guard
Alyssa Lynch
as Siobhan
James Purcell
as Dr. James Ellicott
Marc Baur
as Officer Toby Grey
Josh Chambers
as Chambers/Vampire
Kimberley Warnat
as Julie Watson
Robert Englund
as Dr. Robert
Dean Marshall
as Security Guard 1
Ryan Elm
as Bar Brawler #1
Leanne Merrett
as Guilty Woman at Bar
Laura Holdcroft
as Vampire Assistant
MacKenzie Porter
as Kim
Eric Bempong
as Ethan
Babak Haleky
as Dr. Rashad
Chelsea Gill
as Paige
Thabo Ketshabetswe
as Mitch
Danneel Ackles
as Anael/Sister Jo
David Jardine
as Abaddon's Minion
Anthony Dimarco
as Harbinger
Blake Stadel
as James Melford
Jane McLean
as Naoki Himura
Jaime Ray Newman
as Amanda Walker
Amitai Marmorstein
as Gopher/Tim/Winston Mathers
Alf Humphreys
as Sheriff
Chris Robson
as Bill
Lauren Overholt
as Libby
Aliesha Pearson
as Carmen
Stormy Ent
as Portal Guardian
Darien Provost
as Little Boy
Bianca Caroca
as Anthony/Possessed Girl
Michael Hogan
as Sheriff Osborne
Sebastian Spence
as Tom
Jan Bos
as Coroner
Gerry Waldman
as Rabbi
Brandon W. Jones
as Michael Wheeler
Garry Chalk
as Sheriff Deitrich
Emily Maddison
as Mindy
Robyn Thomas
as Midwife
D. Harlan Cutshall
as Fisherman
Breann Grainger
as Mala Morgan
Kai James
as Marin's Brother
Kenya Jo Kennedy
as Girl Victim
Myriam Sirois
as Maya Sanders
Matt Visser
as Justin
Brenna O'Brien
as Cecily
Sadie Silcock
as Wanda
Raquel Riskin
as Crossroads Demon/Dar/Amber Greer
Mark Sweatman
as Lizzie's Brother/Tattooist
Sadie Lawrence
as Mrs. McKay
Yan-Kay Crystal Lowe
as Leticia Gore Actress
Andrew Jenkins
as Peter Jenkins
Dave Hospes
as Echo - The Drunk
Scott Michael Campbell
as Tim
Levi James
as Ava's Fiancé
Nicolas Ouellette
as Jerry's Neighbor
Alexia Fast
as Emma/Missy Bender
Giles Panton
as Deputy Cooper/Harrison Tate
Russell Roberts
as Guthrie/Quentin
Matthew Robert Kelly
as Eric
Forbes Angus
as Foster/Max Alexander
David Franco
as Mr. Morton
Samantha Ferris
as Ellen Harvelle/Ellen Singer
Justin Breault
as EMT
Derek Gilroy
as Dexter O'Connell
Michael Soltis
as Dad
Brandi Alexander
as Stripper
Nickolas Baric
as Leviathan/Tarrell
Jane McGregor
as Lori Sorenson
Rachel Hayward
as Sheriff Dignan/Tara
Susie Lee
as Elizabeth
Carl Montoya
as Head Cultist
Charles Siegel
as Marvin Brickell
Jeremy Leroux
as Terry Sloan
Wynn Everett
as Amelia Novak
Gabrielle Giraud
as Young Julia Wilkinson
Alexander Gould
as Cole Griffith
Katharine Horsman
as Dexter Hasselback's Daughter
Scott Patey
as Alex
Tatiana Turner
as Demon with Dog
Brian McBride
as Diner Patron
Brandy Le
as Receptionist
Nathan Kay
as Methuselah
Luke Sykes
as Porn Star 3
Tatyana Forrest
as Nurse
Benito Martinez
as Edgar/Leviathan
Devyn Dalton
as Little Girl
Dean Wray
as Driver #1/Sheriff
Megan Bowes
as Dakota's Mom
Alexia Fairbrother
as Cafe Waitress
Mike Carpenter
as Mike Carpenter/The Scarecrow/Vampire
Ted Cole
as Coroner/Partygoer
Dryden Dion
as Mrs. Walsh's Daughter
Ingrid Torrance
as Linda/Mrs. Waters
Elena Esovolova
as Starla
Frank Topol
as Pilot
Brendon Zub
as Cook/Male Djinn
Alisen Down
as Alice Cassity/Penny Raider
Bruce Green
as Two-Faced Demon
Erin Karpluk
as Monica Holt/Robin
Ken Tremblett
as Deputy Jack Spradun/Ron
Jennifer Kosovic
as Waitress
Tirra Dent
as Catriona Loughlin
Katie Walder
as Atropos/Fate
Ryan Dumontel
as Minion #1
Ruth Connell
as Rowena MacLeod/Michael
Terence Kelly
as Daniel Elkins/Doctor
Pat Waldron
as Cop #2
Alistair Abell
as Monitor Guard
Rukiya Bernard
as Camille Thibideaux/Mia Vallens
Daniel Deorksen
as Demon Waiter
Dylan Archambault
as Efram
Michelle Creber
as Hilary
Travis Turner
as Joe Silver/Short Guy
Austin Eckert
as Angel 2
Andrew Rothenberg
as Lucky
Christian Keyes
as Michael
Diana Dutra
as Policewoman
Jason Diablo
as Cal Garrigan
Sienna Bohn
as Attractive Waitress
Reese Alexander
as Gunstore Owner
Annie Wersching
as Susan Thompson
Cherilyn Wilson
as Lanie Greenfield
David Abbott
as Judge Meyers
Lisa Chandler
as Bisaan #1/Nurse
Shane Kim
as Demon
Liane Balaban
as Amelia Richardson
Grey Griffin
as Daphne Blake
Tina Pham
as Asian Woman #2
Sean Baden
as Lieutenant Dugan
Julie McNiven
as Anna Milton
Adam DiMarco
as Aidan
Willa Milner
as Delilah Marian
Frank Ferrucci
as Security Guard Demon
Matthew Humphreys
as Dixon
Eby Luking
as Denise
Adam MacDougall
as Fight Teacher
Christine Bortolin
as Demon Nun #1
Michele Sweeney Abrams
as Hipster
Robin Nielsen
as Deputy Billy
Anabelle Acosta
as Maritza
Don Thompson
as Mr. Guenther/Sheriff Jake Miller
Peter Benson
as Joba/Officer Walter Kelly
Charlie Carrick
as Robert
Amanda Dyar
as Hospital Worker
Lara Gilchrist
as Holly Parker/Nurse Foreman
Courtney Hojenski
as Nancy
Nathan Dales
as Seth/Oskar
Jordan Becker
as Jason
Kimi Alexander
as Sara
Steve Adams
as Deputy
Jenn MacLean-Angus
as Kara
Sarah Karst
as Olivia Kobble
Duncan Minett
as Dale/Steven Shoemaker
Roxanne Fernandes
as Angel 3
Darcy Hula
as Patrick Rawlings
Elizabeth Weinstein
as Demon
Anna Mae Wills
as Museum Guide
Chantal Bui Viet
as Magda
James Kot
as Leviathan
Stephi Chin-Salvo
as Ryan
Kate Jennings Grant
as Dr. Amanda Lee
Nils Hognestad
as Akobel/Chris
Katharine Isabelle
as Ava Wilson
Patrick Carlos
as Fake Prisoner
Will Brody
as Castiel Fitzgerald
Norman Browning
as Camp
Mr. Fizzles
as Self
Gary Peterman
as Halfway Home Man
Bola Omodara
as Angel #2
Rick McLean
as Elf #3
Don S. Davis
as Trotter
Cameron Crosby
as Graffiti Man
Catherine Jack
as Jessie's Friend
Stacey Bendfelt
as ER Nurse
Stephen Aberle
as H. H. Holmes
Mike Wasko
as Rod
Sunita Prasad
as Serena Colman
Boyd Ferguson
as Father
David Bloom
as Curator
Graham Wardle
as Tommy Collins
Caroline Cave
as Libby
Alex Heymann
as Angel Bodyguard #1
Jennifer Kitchen
as Waitress
Dawn Chubai
as Newscaster/Reporter
Benjamin Ayres
as Homeland Security Man #1
Julie Patzwald
as Tour Guide
Adrian Glynn McMorran
as Chester Johnson/Inias
Alex Sturman
as Jacinda
Fulvio Cecere
as Cromarty/Honey Wagon Owner
Tyler McClendon
as Deputy Phil Amici
Yoshié Bancroft
as Mother
Lex Medlin
as Cupid
G. Patrick Currie
as Kurt Mueller
Jennifer Oleksiuk
as Timmy's Mom
Larry Hoe
as Butler/David Lassiter
Alex Diakun
as Mr. Vili/The Reaper
Lisa Berry
as Billie
Kyra Zagorsky
as Randa Moreno
Rob McEachern
as I Hate Everyone Employee
Aaron Rota
as Peter Sweeney
Keith Szarabajka
as Donatello Redfield/God
Jonathan Walker
as Beau
Richard Kahan
as Clerk
Julia Mack
as Date #3
Jamie Luner
as Annie Hawkins
Olivia Ryan Stern
as Tracy Bell
India Shaw-Smith
as Mother
Deborah Barnes
as Stapler Queen Employee
Frank Welker
as Fred Jones/Scooby-Doo
Trish Allen
as Marion
Alec Burden
as Old Man
Kavan Smith
as Cuthbert Sinclair/Gym Club Victim
Monica Davis
as Old Mrs. Jones
Wade Fennig
as Frank's Buddy #2
Christian Convery
as Lucas Kellinger
Winson Won
as Miles
Jesse Chongo
as Boy 2
John Hainsworth
as Emphysema Victim/P.T. Sandover
Rhea Fedorchuk
as Gertrude Middleton
Jared Keeso
as Matt Harrison
Barbara Kottmeier
as Candace Armstrong/Corey Silver
Doreen Ramus
as Old Lady
Ivy Matheson
as Camper Girl 3
Craig Anderson
as Eddie
Gabriel Tigerman
as Andrew Gallagher
Michael Karl Richards
as Sheriff Doug Kontos
Christopher Russell
as Cliff Whitlow
Taylor Hui
as Mamie
Benita Ha
as Veterinarian
Shaun Omaid
as Passerby/Scarpatti's Thug 1
Simon Longmore
as Man at Barricade
Michelle Grigor
as Dakota
Christian Schrapff
as Vince Parker
Jesse Hutch
as Brad/Crewcut
Ida Segerhagen
as Nicky Mermaid
Candace Woods
as Fiona Duncan
Brandyn Eddy
as Break Room Man/Pitching Demon
Rob Benedict
as Chuck Shurley/God/Carver Edlund
Aubrey Arnason
as Bartender/Hannah Thompson
Dagan Nish
as Cliff
Adam Rose
as Aaron Bass
Markus Flanagan
as Monroe Styne
Marina Pasqua
as Sheriff Goodhill
Avery Raskin
as Roger Miller
Steve Belford
as Joe Johnson
Nancy Ebert
as Motel Guest
Aaron Hughes
as Driver
Samantha Smith
as Mary Winchester/Eve
Christopher Jacot
as Neil
Dedee Pfeiffer
as Kate Milligan
Dean Paul Gibson
as Bartender
Rhett Spencer
as Vampire
Katya Virshilas
as Chastity/Lust
Brendan Fletcher
as Max Miller
Jorge Vargas
as Dave the Watchman
Alex Dafoe
as Stoner
Jessa Danielson
as Faux Vampire's Victim/Young Castiel
James Marsters
as Don Stark
Rick Dano
as Hotel Clerk
Gina Chiarelli
as Susie
Tara Pratt
as Kim
Michael Patric
as Deputy/Floyd
Romeo Reyes
as Tattoo Artist
Ben Corns
as Markham
Kirsten Comerford
as Elle
Doron Bell
as Crossroads Demon
Emily Tennant
as Paris Hilton Fan #1/Tasha
Fletcher Donovan
as Sleipnir
Aaron Craven
as David Wright/Deputy Doug Wallace
Steph DuVall
as Jack Garland
Emily Swallow
as Amara (Adult)/Amara/Qareen/The Darkness
Hiro Kanagawa
as Game Show Host
Daniel McClelland
as Oren
Paul Bae
as Store Owner
Will Verchere-Gopaulsingh
as Clown
Paula Shaw
as Grandma Demon
Katherine Evans
as Maggie
Megan Leitch
as Mother
Bill Marchant
as Deputy Frank
Ralph Alderman
as Sheriff
Lee Tichon
as Dragon #2
Ken Lawson
as David Lassiter/Fritz/Professor Graham
Sandra McCoy
as Crossroads Demon
Joel Semande
as Patrick Brennan
David Livingstone
as Abraham Lincoln
Anthony Welch
as Campaign Administrator/Coroner
Brenda McDonald
as Rose Thompson
Graeme Duffy
as Dave/Jofiel
David Kaye
as Chris
Ross Douglas
as Dispatcher
Sarah Troyer
as Athena Lopez
Michasha Armstrong
as Abel
Allie Bertram
as Firebird Girl
Steven Merk
as Bruce the Monster Smasher/Pigeon, Collie, Lab & various dogs (voices)
Noel Johansen
as Hal/Maurice
Elishia Perosa
as Demon Masseuse
Samantha Isler
as Amara (Teen)
Josh Blacker
as Caleb
Courtney Ford
as Kelly Kline
Ish Morris
as Conrad
Eve Casha
as Ghost Twin #1
Bart Anderson
as Gunman
Weronika Rosati
as Delphine Seydoux
Daniela Bobadilla
as Sydney Frankle
Amanda Wood
as Flight Attendant
J. Cameron Barnett
as Demon Dean
Adil Zaidi
as Drunk Demon
Mark Acheson
as Hansel/Tooth Fairy
Ian Brown
as Officer Gerald Hatch
Melissa Dionisio
as Roberta
Kevin Brief
as Reverend Buddy Boyle
David Haydn-Jones
as Arthur Ketch/Alexander Ketch
Lesley Nicol
as Katja
David Stuart
as Evan's Dad/Leviathan/Pete
Tanya Champoux
as Newscast Interviewee
Jeff Craigen
as Agent Otto
Nicolai Giustra
as Young Dean Winchester
Noah Beggs
as Black Eyed Demon/Howie
Hanneke Talbot
as Evie
Cameron Dent
as Evidence Officer
Rowland Pidlubny
as Demon #2
Adam Beach
as Sheriff Mason
John Prowse
as Ft. Douglas Motel Owner
Zoe Fraser
as Qareen/Staci Altman
Gig Morton
as Elijah Peterson
Ellen MacNevin
as Praying Hell Prisoner
Clif Kosterman
as Tiny/Wrecking Ball Calhoun
Matt Cohen
as Young John Winchester/Michael
Russell Porter
as Ronnie Cartwright/Sid
Cody Wells
as Vampire #1
Rhys Williams
as Local/Ty's Buddy #1
Darren E. Scott
as Randy Bull
Mik Byskov
as Angel 1
Ona Grauer
as Deal-Making Demon
Michele Scarabelli
as Dr. Richards
Robert Clarke
as Wax Museum Owner
Oliver Rice
as Torvald
Chris Bradford
as Sean Mills
Eric Banerd
as Scott Parker
Carri Toivanen
as Lady #1
Serinda Swan
as Ashley Frank/Hospital Receptionist/Veritas
George Touliatos
as Larry Ganem
Kelsey Crane
as Caitlin Johnson
Scott Hylands
as Judge Tye Mortimer
Luisa d'Oliveira
as Jenny
Dustin Schwartz
as Eliah
Marcus Champagne
as Lloyd's Patron #1
Anna Grace Barlow
as Lilith/Ashley Monroe
Lori Finch
as Mindy Morris
C. Ernst Harth
as Sloth
Erin Way
as Michelle Tilghman
Harris Allan
as Lyle
Brendan Penny
as Demon/Steve
Eric Gibson
as Cheating Kid
David Neale
as Mr. Greenfield
Seth Whittaker
as Cook
Tahmoh Penikett
as Gadreel/Ezekiel
Emerson Huth
as Son
Alex Rose
as Brett the Vampire/Crowley's Demon
Tess Atkins
as Sydney
Tracey Power
as Dawn Pinsky
Billy Wickman
as Brian/Elvis Katz
Eli Goree
as Marcus
Brigid Brannagh
as Rita Johnson
Ingrid Nilson
as Jane Peterson
Mark Dozlaw
as Conner Todd
Glenn Ennis
as Lilith's Demon #1
Ron Robinson
as Possessed man/Young Martin Robinson
Blair Penner
as Corbin Tilghman/Lance Stanley
Steve Boyle
as Sheriff Barrett Bishop Jr.
Nick Hunnings
as Tony Alvarez/Vampire
Alison Araya
as Jolene/Vice Principal Bailey
Steve Archer
as Security Guard
Charles Singh
as Marty
Olivia Cheng
as Leviathan/Susan
Maxwell Haynes
as Crew Member #4
Kaniehtiio Horn
as Dorothy
Darla Taylor
as Penny Dessertine/Woman in Office
Adom Osei
as Aaron Birch
Fredric Lehne
as Azazel
Michael Kiapway
as Prison Guard
Donald Heng
as Coroner
Cainan Wiebe
as Barry Cook/Boy Victim/Bully #1
Troy Mundle
as Skeevy Man
Steve Bacic
as Dr. Sexy/Pastor Joe
Maya Massar
as Mara Griffith/The Wicked Witch of the West
Sabrina Prada
as Dinner Lady
Brent McLaren
as Detective
Leslie Jordan
as Yorkie
R. Nelson Brown
as Frank Jaffe/Gerard St. James
Katie Cassidy
as Ruby/Lilith
Paul Boyle
as Arthur Swenson
Nels Lennarson
as Walt/Bartender
Kim Rhodes
as Sheriff Jody Mills
Jim Eliason
as Patron/Restaurant Patron
P. Lynn Johnson
as Stacey Jorgeson
Stephen Stanton
as Cosgood Creeps
Tobias Slezak
as Steve Warren
Titus Welliver
as Roger/War
Al Rodrigo
as Colonel the Dog (voice)
Brenda Campbell
as Beth
Milo Shandel
as Counselor
Patrick Sparling
as Demon/Husky Cupid
Megan Messenger
as Nicole's Roommate
Dave Collette
as Orderly Demon
Viv Leacock
as Gerald/Pete Hensley
Chris Patrick-Simpson
as Neil
Autumn Bri
as Teen Girl
Emily Fonda
as Ann Marie/Make-Up Girl #1
Joe Holt
as Sheriff Roy Dobbs
Joy Regullano
as Maeve
Thomas Bradshaw
as Don Harris
Billy Mitchell
as Erik Gieszelmann
Jennifer Spence
as Jean Holiday/Melly Krokowski
Sean Amsing
as Anubis
Felisha Terrell
as Alternate Michael
Michelle Brezinski
as Mrs. Collins
Bryan Cuprill
as George/Leviathan
Scotty Mac
as Referee
Patricia Cullen
as Francine Jansen
Nisreen Slim
as Yuppie Lady
Hayley Sales
as Janet Strong
Chris William Martin
as Agent Clegg
Shauna Johannesen
as Lillian McAnn
Daniela Dib
as Devil Dancer
Angela Palmer
as Doug's Girlfriend
Demord Dann
as Demon Security Guard #2/Greenstreet's Bodyguard
Jeff Joseph
as Andy
Rachel Wainwright
as Holly Beckett
Danielle Kremeniuk
as Ingrid
Ashley Alexander
as Receptionist
Ese Atawo
as Witch #4
James Otis
as Famine
Sara Canning
as Lydia
Ben Immanuel
as Walter Dixon
Jag Bal
as Werewolf #2
Christian Kane
as Leo Webb
Richard Keats
as Andy Johnson
Marita Eason
as Demonette #2
Lauren K. Robek
as Crowley/Marnie/Mrs. Wallace
Tony Morelli
as Echo - The Gangster
Lilian Umurungi
as Lloyd's Patron #3
Nadja Sofi
as Demon-Possessed Woman
Brian McCaig
as Security Guard
Berlin Lu
as Nathan
Dylan Everett
as Young Dean Winchester
Stephen Martines
as Freddie Costa
Venus Terzo
as Joanna/Sonja
Rick Worthy
as Alpha Vampire
Jessica Heafey
as Gwen Campbell
Jedidiah Goodacre
as Henry
as Bea
Darren Moore
as George
Elysia Rotaru
as Shaylene Johnson/Victoria Dodd
Jaylee Hamidi
as Cori Kim
Shaughnessy Redden
as Ed Nelson
Craig Erickson
as Haskel Crane
Fiona Hogan
as Mrs. McKinley
Shaun Magee
as Pogo the Clown
Martin Christopher
as Doctor
Peter Bundic
as Mr. Turner
Steven Allerick
as Cal
Kurt Long
as Pastor Ames
Derek McIver
as Sheriff
Emily Holmes
as Hester/Mrs. Walsh
Adele Noronha
as Hunter
Donavon Stinson
as Wally
Meredith McGeachie
as Sue
Dana Pemberton
as Security Guard
Ed Welch
as Vampire
Zachary Gulka
as Mickey
Faustino Di Bauda
as Jumper
Jean Nicolai
as Stephanie's Mother
Eden Summer Gilmore
as Amanda Fitzmartin
Elias Toufexis
as Ansem 'Webber' Weems
Sean Hewlett
as Demon #1
Lini Evans
as Debra Harper
Everrett Shea
as Sparkle
Agam Darshi
as Jill
Dumisile Owane
as Woman
Tommy Campbell
as Ric Young
Theo Wiersma
as Shadow Orc
Ridge Canipe
as Young Dean Winchester
Marcus Rosner
as Dash
Keegan Connor Tracy
as Karen Giles/Sera Siege/Witch
Peter Macon
as Isaac
Richard Lett
as Ed
Deni DeLory
as Silvia Pearlman/Witch #1
Josh Hudniuk
as Evan
Peter DeLuise
as FBI Deputy Director Steven Groves
Michelle Borth
as Carmen Porter
Erinn Westbrook
as Tamara
Gerry Rousseau
as Bill Gibson/Billy Beard
Paige Shaw
as Barbara Wallace
Nathaniel Marten
as Jogger
Adam Lolacher
as Russ
Rob Morton
as Sheriff
Rachel Keller
as Sister Mathias
Katherine Ramdeen
as Alex Jones/Alex/Alexis/Annie Jones
Tamara Braun
as Cindy Cassity
Christian Michael Cooper
as Young Sam Winchester
Mashiah Vaughn-Hulbert
as Blonde Trickster Girl
Drew Ray Tanner
as Cliff
Ellie Harvie
as Dr. Shelly Pierson
Ray G. Thunderchild
as Indian Medicine Man
Sean Rogerson
as Male Attacker/Ranger Rick Evans
David Nykl
as Lester Morris
Damon Runyan
as Jenny's Boyfriend/Unknown
Robert Salvador
as Tattooed Man
John Dadey
as Deputy
Emma Cam
as Julie
Robert Zen Humpage
as Bisaan #2
as Elf
Kimberley Sustad
as Amanda Willer/Betty
Marion Eisman
as Anna
Christine Gavin-Bartlett
as Woman
Tracy Spiridakos
as Nurse
Erika-Shaye Gair
as Young Suzie
Conan Graham
as Businessman
Mark Pellegrino
as Lucifer/Nick
Jena Skodje
as Maddie Berman
Robert Egger
as Office Manager
Massi Furlan
as Lucca Camilleri
Robinne Fanfair
as Janet Dutton
Charles Jarman
as Museum Guard
Barclay Hope
as Professor Arthur Cox/Russell Wellington
Ava Vanderstarren
as Connie
Joel Montgrand
as Rabid #3
Marco Soriano
as André Develin
Barbara Wallace
as Old Lady in Park
Simon Leung
as Staring Pedestrian
Birkett Turton
as Alton Morehead/Max Jaffe
Rob Bruner
as Leonard/Mr. Witherspoon
Jeff Kober
as Randall
Anjul Nigam
as Stewie Meyers
Woody Jeffreys
as Tommy/Marshall Hall
Felicia Day
as Charlie Bradbury/Dark Charlie
Erin Cahill
as Elizabeth
Nicole Polizzi
as Crossroads Demon/Nicole
Ben Wilkinson
as Philippe/Trey
Alison Raine
as ER Nurse
Darren Adams
as Renny Rawlings
Catherine Michaud
as Isabella
Ken Kramer
as Mr. Cooper
Jason Poulsen
as Rick Deacon
Megan Kaptein
as Piper
Alex Kliner
as Cab Driver
Michael Bardach
as Ticket Guy
Robin Wilcock
as Jacob's Man
Jenna Romanin
as Closet Make-Out Girl
Meena Mann
as Casey Ahuja
Brian Skala
as Rich
David Lovgren
as Charlie Holt
Damian Mavis
as Hozai
Jaeson Lee
as Handler
Jennifer Shirley
as Maggie Briggs
Chaz Chamberlain
as ER Doctor
Henry Mah
as Coroner
Mark Alastair
as Fearful Leader
Ross Douglas Noble
as Businessman Demon
Tony Alcantar
as Chris Hinckley
Jesse Franchuk
as Brick Holmes/Bunker Demon
Warren Abbott
as Spencer/Cop
Amelia Crossley
as Date #2
Sarah Hayward
as Tea Kettle Victim
Nicholas Lea
as Eliot Ness
Brandy Kopp
as Elf
Jensen Ackles
as Dean Winchester/Michael/Demon Dean/Dean Smith/Leviathan/Shapeshifter
Bonn Smith
as Jesse
Mark Docherty
as 1st Newscaster
Emily Delahunty
as Kat
Rick Springfield
as Lucifer/Vince Vincente
William MacDonald
as Abraham Peterson/Sheriff
Catherine Barroll
as Marta/Terry Cervantes
Jenn Bird
as Mom
Brenda Bakke
as Suzie
Rohan Campbell
as Packmate
Jean-Luc Bilodeau
as Justin
Brett Kelly
as Clark's Co-Worker
Britt Irvin
as First Teenage Girl/Muriel
Brittany Ishibashi
as Maggie Zeddmore
Bethoe Shirkoff
as Mrs. Sweeney
Tanja Dixon-Warren
as Night Nurse #1
Erica Cerra
as Duma/Robin/The Shadow
Stephen Monroe Taylor
as Malachi
Tiara Sorensen
as Greed/Mirabel
Jason William Day
as Bernard/Goon 1
Matthew Kevin Anderson
as Grab/Officer Karl Henry
Mishael Morgan
as Portia
Scott Parsons
as Diner Patron Demon
Bill Dow
as Chip Harrington/Doctor Kadinsky
Daniel Letto
as Angel in Bar
Billy Drago
as Doc Benton
Mike Kovac
as Dale/Jackson
Collin MacKechnie
as Young Bobby Singer
Christopher Cousins
as Dr. Garrison
Jack Plotnick
as Ian
Douglas Roy Dack
as Biker
Jacob Machin
as Store Clerk Ted
Leisha Hailey
as Amelia Novak
Donny Lucas
as Shop Owner
Jeannette Sousa
as Dean's Demon
Darryl Quon
as Jimmy Tong
Giacomo Baessato
as Daniel/Pizza Delivery Guy
Spencer Drever
as Young Mick Davies
Nikolai Witschl
as Coroner
Connor Christopher Levins
as Jimmy Caldwell
Chelsey Reist
as Dede
Luke Camilleri
as Jeb Dexter/Josh May
Emma Lahana
as Jen
Lindsay Maxwell
as Buxom Lass/Madison's Friend/Porn Star 5
C. Douglas Quan
as Prayer Group Member
Joe Norman Shaw
as Postman Demon
Johannah Newmarch
as Jane
Chiara Zanni
as Tracy
Dalila Bela
as Little Girl
Lee Shorten
as Demon #1/Minion #1/Minion #2
Corey Sevier
as Larry
Scott Gibson
as Mr. Berman
Linda Blair
as Det. Diana Ballard
Chloe Morgan
as Demon #3
Travis Wester
as Harry Spangler
Marci T. House
as Nurse
Malcolm Scott
as Kyle
Todd Woffinden
as Unknown
Loretta Devine
as Missouri Moseley
Darcy Hinds
as Tyler
Luciano D'Ippolito
as Demon #3
Fred Henderson
as Homeland Security Man #2/Preacher
Victoria Duffield
as Cinderella
Graham Coffeng
as Therapy Patient
Kris Neufeld
as Brad the Clerk
Timothy Wallace
as Balloonist/Roped Vampire
Tristan Shire
as Norton
Greg Kean
as Mr. Frankle
John Mann
as Skinwalker #1
L. Harvey Gold
as Mr. Pendleton
Michael Daingerfield
as Dustin Burwash
Marilyn Norry
as Mother Superior/Nurse
Vincent Gale
as Boyd Loughlin/Evan Hudson/Viggo
Jerry Wasserman
as Coroner
Robert Gordon Harvey
as Future Groom
Amy Acker
as Andrea Barr
James Sullivan
as Saul
Robert Heimbecker
as Dr. Weiss
Melinda Sward
as Jamie
Adam Kennedy
as Aaron Branson
Stew McLean
as McGillicuddy
Pippa Mackie
as Colette
Nicholas Carella
as Deputy Tom Norwood/Janitor Steve
Graem Beddoes
as Purgatory Monster/SS Gate Guard #1
Nelson Leis
as Esper/Jeff
Don Stark
as Jay Wiley
Ian Butcher
as Demon #1
Ever Carradine
as Julia Wright
Max Kashetsky
as Constantine
Aly Purrott-Armstrong
as Ashley/Kendra/Wendy Goodson
Curtis Lum
as Friend/Inez
Maddie Phillips
as Harper Sayles/Janet Novoselic
Andrew Lissett
as Pastor Fred
John Trottier
as Wayne McNut
Nick Fontaine
Candice King
as Amanda Heckerling
Aaron Pearl
as Officer Levitt/Roger
Kyle Strauts
as Cadaverous Ghost
Mac Dodge
as Simon Lassiter
Phoebe Greyson
as Sister
Michael J Rogers
as Gluttony/Irv
John Novak
as Zeus
Guy Christie
as Justin Smith
Lisa Marie Caruk
as Theresa Ellis/Trish Evion
Christie Burke
as Alice/Smash
Anthony Bolognese
as Young Dean Winchester
Talon Dunbar
as Bully #2
Alexander Calvert
as Jack/Belphegor/Nephilim
Mac Brandt
as Bucky
Raven Sto
as Witch #3
Michael B. Silver
as Martin 'Marty' Flagg
Charles Zuckermann
as Leviathan
Ava Sleeth
as May
Jett Klyne
as Kid
Lorena Gale
as Landlady
Emily Perkins
as Becky Rosen/Becky Rosen-Winchester
Dawson Dunbar
as Simon Greenfield
Carter Kinsella
as Dark Clive/The Wizard
Russell Thomas
as Convenience Store Clerk
Darryl Scheelar
as Demon/Mitchell Rayburn
Maxine Miller
as Killer Old Lady/Sheila
Graeme McComb
as Chef
Adria Stroscher
as Rose McKinley
Karly Warkentin
as Mrs. Kelly
Yurij Kis
as Heintz
Danielle Benton
as Eva
Travis Aaron Wade
as Cole Trenton
Victoria Angell
as Saloon Girl
Mark Rolston
as Alastair
Cory Gruter-Andrew
as Eliot
Joey Coleman
as Deputy #3
Todd Stashwick
as Dracula
Corey Woods
as Witch #3
Duncan Fraser
as Clive Dillon/Michael Carter/Odin
Nathan Witte
as Ed Bright
Andre Tricoteux
as Magog
Joseph Julian Soria
as Alonzo
Anita Brown
as Hope Lynn Casey/Lindsay
Riun Garner
as Zuriel
Kasey Kieler
as Cal
Laci J Mailey
as Deputy Jenna Nickerson/Emily
J. Douglas Stewart
as Sheriff
Dan Willmott
as Chief Bramberg
Peter Grier
as Ghost Captain
Griffin Parsons
as Ryan Silver
Conor Gomez
as Idaho Guy #2
Sarah Dugdale
as Chloe/Wendy Hanscum
John Gillich
as Prayer Group Member
Stacee Copeland
as Betty
Sebastian Gacki
as Phillippe LeChat
Kai Kennedy
as Owen Mills
Aaron Paul Stewart
as Dirk/Frat Brother
Christian Sloan
as Man in Library
Dan Payne
as Abner/Alexander Sarver
David Allan Pearson
as Detective
Stoney Westmoreland
as Sheriff Melvin Dodd
Teresa Bourassa
as Stripper
Veenu Sandhu
as Sheri
Andrea Brooks
as Gholandria the Wicked/Katie Burns/Maria
Richard Yee
as Gorgon Victim
Julie Benz
as Layla Rourke
Matthew McLellan
as Officer
Jason Dohring
as Cronos/Ethan Snider
Celia Reid
as Brit
Lindsay Ann Sutton
as Irina Koganzon
Robert Wisdom
as Uriel
Chris McNally
as Busboy/Ty
Abby Ross
as Hayden Foster
Tim O'Halloran
as Driver #2
Timothy Lyle
as Prisoner
Brendan Taylor
as Officer Doug Stover/Man #2
Mohit Anand
as Program Viewer
Lou Bollo
as Lou Bollo
Christopher DeLisle
as Little Girl's Father
Julian Bailey
as Scott Lew
Diana Bello
as Stripper
Chelsea Hobbs
as Catlin
Laurie Murdoch
as Mr. Tanner
Tammy Hui
as Maid
Alessandro Juliani
as Adam
Linden Banks
as Isaiah Merchant/Mr. Brennan
Andy Nez
as Cop/Sheriff Kevin Ott
Curtis Tweedie
as Young Priest
Claude Knowlton
as Detective Madsen
Alexis Llewellyn
as Second Little Girl
Hamza Fouad
as Werewolf
Elizabeth Marleau
as Karen Singer
Christopher Patrick Dwyer
as Major Matt Jones
Heather Doerksen
as Gloria Sidnick
Kyle Rideout
as Prisoner in Closet
Dan Vaida
as Ghost
Kelly-Ruth Mercier
as Woman Passenger
Ivan Vance
as Security Guard
Julia Rhodes
as Marie McAnn/Vampire Girl
Merritt Patterson
as Cheerleader
Steve Watts
as Elf #4
Sierra McCormick
as Lilith/Zoey
Sebastian Roché
as Balthazar
Veena Sood
as Dr. Aldrich/Principal Ramirez
Eric Keenleyside
as Dennis/Jim McAnn
Sean Devine
as Gus
Allison Hossack
as Deanna Campbell
Chuck Dargan
Josh Daugherty
as Envy/Walter Rosen
Emma Grabinsky
as Young Amy
Roman Blomme
as Tommy Tolliver
David Cubitt
as Barthamus
Tim Kelleher
as Sheriff Macready
Jesse Wheeler
as Harry
Troy Skog
as Pastor Don Hankey
Sean Carey
as Demon
Meghan Drew
as Sylvia's Friend
Grace Baek
as Hooker #1
Hunter Dillon
as Young Sam Winchester
Jon Gries
as Martin Creaser
Cecilly Day
as Waitress
Kevin McNally
as Frank Devereaux
John DeSantis
as Freeman Daggett/Moloch/Scarecrow/The Golem
Elise Gatien
as Jennie Plum/Kristen
Daniel Doheny
as Jared Hayes
Michael Nyuis
as Store Clerk
Tony Chris Kazoleas
as Ladyheart Band Member
Trevor Lerner
as Bartender/Octovamp Victim
Andrew Kavadas
as Mr. Russo
Colten Carpentier
as Young Cole Trenton
Vincent Dangerfield
as Jeff Bult
Calum Worthy
as Denny
Dan Mellor
as Frank
Dmitry Chepovetsky
as Nikolai Lishin
Penny Cardas
as Nurse
Maja Aro
as Rabid Nurse
Ivan Wanis-Ruiz
as Jefferson Starship #1/Marco Avila
Chanelle Peloso
as Ronson
Ryan Pugsley
Roark Critchlow
as Randy
Chad Kartz
as Catholic Priest (1861)
Allan Graf
as Sheriff's Diver
Luisa Jojic
as Marsha Burrows
Isaiah Adam
as Forensics Tech
Karen Kruper
as Sara Alcott Brown
Michael Weston
as Young Charlie
Nancy J. Lilley
as Leann Rayburn
Lucas Morgan
as Vampire
Kadeem Hardison
as Russell Lemmons
Laura Soltis
as Dr. McElroy
Nina Kiri
as Will's Girlfriend
Andrew McNee
as Deputy #2/Rick
Paul Herbert
as Security Guard
Will Erichson
John Shaw
as Ben Waters/Hotel Manager
Haig Sutherland
as Lance Jacobsen
Erin Lacourciere
as Channing's Roommate
Cailin Stadnyk
as Female Demon
John Lafayette
as George Darrow
Amber Lewis
as Vance's Assistant
Stefano Giulianetti
as Vagrant
Gordon Michael Woolvett
as Deputy/Ezra
Harry Groener
as Professor Morrison
Matthias Brunert
as Gottfried
Ramon Terrell
as Leviathan
Brooke Nevin
as Katherine
Bronagh Waugh
as Ms. Watt
Gerardo Barcala
as ND Folk
Sean Millington
as Hook Man
Alain Chanoine
as Andy
Heather Feeney
as Lisa Barton
Linda Darlow
as Demon Borrower Witch/Ezra Moore
Frank C. Turner
as Elkins
Greg Zach
as William 'Red Dawg' Edwards
Sanjay Talwar
as Jewelry Store Manager
Kacey Rohl
as Marin
Nigel Vonas
as Scarred Man
Tyson Bellusci
as Scarpatti's Thug 2
Jared Gertner
as Len Fletcher
Al Miro
as Young Father Simon
Eric Floyd
as Detective Collins
Ian Collins
as Mark
Priya Rajaratnam
as Minion
Eileen Pedde
as Dr. Kessler/Mrs. Frankle
Melita Fawcett
as Shop Owner's Wife
Emma Pedersen
as Hunter
George Klimovich
as Young Oskar
Wesley Salter
as Male Demon #2/Zack Smitt
Elizabeth Reiners
as Upscale Diner
Andrew Zachar
as Gary Frieling
Larry Poindexter
as Pastor David Gideon
Andrew Beha
as Dinner Cook/Wrestling Fan
Charlie Kerr
as Vampire #1
Arpad Balogh
as Demon 2
Izabella Miko
as Olivia
Kehli O'Byrne
as Tina
Kate Crutchlow
as Asariel
Alberta Mayne
as Mrs. Chandler
Leela Savasta
as Lindsey
Gracie Gillam
as Hael
Reilly Kiff
as Daughter
Charles Malik Whitfield
as FBI Agent Victor Henriksen
Mittita Barber
as Arachne
David Ingram
as Luke Wallace
Janene Carleton
as Christina Flannigan
Kinga Gorski
as Scott Parker's Girlfriend
Nia Cummins
as Confused Person
Austin Middleton
as Allan
La' Shawn Burke
as Deputy #1
Marnette Patterson
as Charlie
Samantha Simmonds
as Sheila Case
Richard Meen
as Charlie's sparring partner
Melanie Merkosky
as Carla
Austin Basis
as Kenny Spruce
Louis Holz
as SS Soldier #1
Shannon Powell
as Claire Becker
Barry Nerling
as David Yaeger/Hatchet Man
Wolsey Brooks
as Wounded Refugee Hunter
Kenton Reid
as Waiter
David Paetkau
as Mark Campbell
Reid Morgan
as First Angel
Lucie Guest
as Janice
Angela Case
as Brunette Trickster Girl
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
as John Winchester
Malcolm Stewart
as Dr. Aaron Fuller
Ali Skovbye
as Kelly Harper
Lina Roessler
as Candy
Ken Roberts
as Old Coot
Tommy Douglas
as Dying Man
Nathan Dashwood
as Corporal Vance Collins
Shayn Solberg
as Neil
Mary Galloway
as Crying Teenager
Amy Esterle
as Hot Girl
Ivan Cermak
as Detective
La'Mya Jackson
as Young Patience
Dylan Kingwell
as Young Sam Winchester
Sarah Drew
as Demon/Nora
Mathew Bittroff
as Costumed Guy
Brenda Anderson
as Angel on Bench
Andy Thompson
as Librarian
James Upton
as Uncle Jake
Vanessa Walsh
as Female Angel
Cameron Grierson
as Hugo Moriarty
John F. Parker
as Mr. Stanley/Restaurant Patron
Janet Kidder
as Mandy Duren
Jeffrey C.R. Wallace
as Reggie
Sterling K. Brown
as Gordon Walker
Beatrice Zeilinger
as Sheriff Adams
Paul Rae
as Irv Franklin
Nik Markovina
as Bartender
James Hutson
as Hotel Manager
Kayla Stanton
as Jessica/Reaper
Al McFoster
as Vampire
Neil Webb
as Tim
Bellamy Young
as Lucifer/Sarah
Seth Isaac Johnson
as Shawn Raider
Paul Lazenby
as Hellrazor
Max Boateng
as Warding Reaper
Teryl Rothery
as Medical Examiner/Olivette
Ari Cohen
as Miles Tarnower
Brian Doyle-Murray
as Robert Singer
Victoria Tennant
as Lily's Friend #2
Cate Sproule
as Court Jester/Michelle
Brady Droulis
as Young Dean
Robert Sidley
as Shadow Orc in Stocks
Nathaniel Buzolic
as David Lassiter
Nolan Gerard Funk
as Jake Tanner
Matthew MacCaull
as Crossroads Demon
Steve James
as Dr. Nigel Pinfield
J.D. Thiessen
as Truck Driver
Danay Garcia
as Ellie
Rick Tae
as Father Valdecantos
Marc Anthony Williams
as Follower #1
Adrian Hough
as Dr. Aaron Hydeker/Victor Rogers
Colby Johannson
as James
Colin Corrigan
as Gaunt Demon
Anna Williams
as Blonde Ruby
Carrie Genzel
as Linda Berman/Lynda Bloome
Terri Anne Taylor
as Waitress
as Dr. Matt
Michael Puttonen
as Cemetery Director
Travis Nelson
as Leviathan/Swim Student #1
Lincoln McGowan
as Vampire
Paul Barton
as Joshua
Emma Johnson
as Jen
Hugo Ateo
as Cesar Cuevas
James Clayton
as Bartender
Natalie Edwards
as Dr. Emma Porter
Jon Kralt
as Gordon's Victim #1
Nicholas Harrison
as 8.13 Hans/Cop/Mordechai Murdoch/Spirit
Connor Stanhope
as Little Boy #1/Matty
Ryley Antoniuk
as Gas Station Clerk
Michelle Ferguson
as Senior Angel
Andrea Drepaul
as Melanie
Jarrett Knowles
as Cody
Amanda Gray
as Dead Witch/Kansas Deputy
Lyle Reginald
as Teen Video Boy
Marcus Hondro
as Captive Demon
Taryn Johnston
as Nurse
Elfina Luk
as Elewon
Alexis Kellum-Creer
as Stacy Kepler
Sean Owen Roberts
as Chet/Leviathan
Garwin Sanford
as Deacon/Jim Michaels
Aaron Hill
as Mike Schneider
Brent Chapman
as Ed/Paul Hayes
Sean Campbell
as Police Officer/Sheriff Landes/Steve Reynolds
Melanie Scrofano
as Near-Dead Girl
Brent Fidler
as Televangelist
Roger Haskett
as Dr. Paul Connelly/Mr. McKinley
Laura Jaye
as Mrs. Pogue
Kimberley Shoniker
as Cindy Smith
Meghan Ory
as Sally
Michelle Martin
as Karen Young
Sonny Litt
as Father Bartek Musa Bogdani
Chris Baker
as Siren
Andrew Tkach
as Vampire Nest Leader
Jenny Beth Meischl
as Restaurant Photographer
Blake Gibbons
as Sonny
Conrad Whitaker
as Burly Deputy
Megan Charpentier
as Tess McAnn
Travis MacDonald
as Man at Bar
Jake Guy
as Dustin Tate
Thomas Haddaway-Graham
as Man
Hannah Levien
as Calliope
Daniel Bacon
as Alan/Orderly Minion
Kendra Westwood
as Nurse
Shaw Madson
as Agent Adams
Monice Peter
as Trish

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2005 | 20 Episodes

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Fangoria Chainsaw Awards 2006


Fangoria Chainsaw Awards

Killer Television

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