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October 24, 2021
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About this title


Years ago, Krypton was about to explode and Kal-El was sent to Earth to escape that fate. However, his older cousin, Kara, was also intended to accompany the infant as his protector. Unfortunately, Kara was accidentally diverted into the timeless Phantom Zone for years before finally arriving on Earth decades later and found by her cousin who had grown into Superman. Years later, Kara Danvers is a young professional adrift in a thankless job until a fateful crisis ignites a sense of purpose using Kryptonian powers she had long hidden. Inspired, Kara decides to emulate her cousin's superheroic ways, only to find her foster sister introducing her to the secret Department of Extra-Normal Operations, dedicated to fighting alien menaces including those Kara inadvertently led to Earth. Now with such help, the Maid of Might takes her place as Earth's newest champion with new friends and enemies challenging her world.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: October 26, 2015

Also Known As: Superdievča, Супердевушка |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Brazil (12) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

dc comics
based on comic
female protagonist

Company Credits

Production Co: Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros. Television


David Hayter
as King Shark
Ian Gomez
as Snapper Carr
Camille Sullivan
as Amy
Eric Regimbald
as Col
Sandy Robson
as Scar
Troy Brenna
as Beast
Paul Stuart
as Yale
LaMonica Garrett
as The Monitor
Jayson Li
as Astronomer
Burt Ward
as Dick Grayson
Roman Podhora
as Jury Foreman
Russell Wong
as General Tan
Lisa MacFadden
as Gal
Alex Stines
as First Looter
Paralee Cook
as Waterfront Citizen #1
Dominique Toney
as Erika
David Ajala
as Manchester Black
Ryan McNeill Bolton
as Cop
Rick Marcus
as Security Guard #1
Valeria Ascolese
as Argentine Woman
Ana Franchesca Rousseau
as Lara
Joel Cottingham
as Engineer
Tristin Mays
as Paulina
Philip Prajoux
as Guy
Ryan Hesp
as Agent Sloan/DEO Agent
Eric Steinberg
as Commander Gor
Derek Mio
as Hayashi
Jason Cermak
as Caldwell
Isidro Rodriguez
as Argentine Man
Norah Debra Dobbyn
as Young Lena
Patrick Russo
as Toy Convention Vendor
Lynda Boyd
as Eve Teschmacher's Mother
Jonathan Bennett
as Quentin
Darren Criss
as Music Meister
Brit Morgan
as Leslie Willis/Livewire
Andre Paul
as Security Guard
Pilar Holland
as Female Newscaster
Peta Sergeant
as Nxylgsptinz/Myxlgsptinz
Micah Steinke
as Man on the Street
Emy Aneke
as Shiv
Madison Smith
as Josh
Michael Brian
as Dan
Tamzin Merchant
as Lyra Strayd
Alex Vishniakoff
as Minister of Defense
Jenna Dewan
as Lucy Lane
Isabella Hofmann
as Clarissa Stein
Sage Brocklebank
as Guard
Leif Havdale
as Driver at Robbery
Chris Cochrane
as Lou
Ayo Sorrells
as Agent Reynolds
Tiya Sircar
as Fiona Byrne
Chris Violette
as Domingo
Michael Ryan
as McTavish
Sukh Singh
as Security Guard
Mark Anthony O'Neill
as Jury
Brenda Crichlow
as Lynn Vang
Xander Berkeley
as Peter Lockwood
Anjali Jay
as Selena
Conor Stinson O'Gorman
as Man
Artin John
as Col
Emma Caulfield Ford
as Cameron Chase
Jaren Moore
as Thack
Shaquan Lewis
as Alien Protester
Joan Juliet Buck
as Katherine Grant
Hyuma Frankowski
as Jeremy
Patti Allan
as Margot/Leviathan Agent/Woman
Patrick Sabongui
as Captain David Singh
Ethan Matute
as Martian Child #2
Harrison MacDonald
as Mummy Bro
Jeff Mohs
as Cameraman
Esmé Bianco
as Thara Ak-Var
Neemish Parekh
as Hari
Jack Sandison
as 10 Year Old Boy
Adam Tsekhman
as Bartender
Dean Cain
as Dr. Jeremiah Danvers
Laura Benanti
as Alura Zor-El/Astra
Hunter Dong
as Coffe Cart Barista
Briana Venskus
as Agent Vasquez
Margaret Newborn
as Onlooker
Ruben Vernier
as Boyfriend
Peter Facinelli
as Maxwell Lord
Victor Garber
as Dr. Martin Stein
Chris Walters
as Norman Guard
Alexa Najera
as Young Andrea Rojas
Thom Khoury Williams
as Suburu Driver
Marc Senior
as Staffer #1
Eddie Flake
as Drug Dealer
Luke Roessler
as Boy
Ryan S Williams
as Marcus
Garett Bullock
as Griggs
Rochelle Okoye
as Finhead
Edwin Perez
as Harry
Koby Holvik
as Young Lex
Nischelle Turner
as Morning Talk Show Host
Winsome Brown
as Dark Kryptonian
Eliza Helm
as CJ Grant
Keiynan Lonsdale
as Kid Flash/Wally West
Wonita Joy
as Judge
Michael Jonsson
as Klaus
Takaya Kelly
as Little Girl
Thomas Brungardt
as On-looker
Andre Anthony
as Edge's Assistant
Dominique Robinson
as Young Adult Malefic
Erika Walter
as Cloaked Woman/Cloaked Female
Brandon Warfield
as Business Administrator
Owain Yeoman
as Vartox
Vincent Giovanni
as Police Officer
Michael Mealor
as Fratty Dude
David Hoflin
as Rick Malverne
Ivan Mok
as Kenny Li
Bob Frazer
as Angry Father/Psycho-Pirate/Roger Hayden
Ron Bottitta
as Doctor
Kelvin Lum
as DEO Agent #1
Anthony Moyer
as Knife
David Salsa
as Guard #2
Dave Ferguson
as Bearded Prisoner
Fraser Aitcheson
as Col 5/Lead Guard
Andres Joseph
as Man
Favour Onwuka
as Supreme #3
Kavita Patil
as Doctor
Brent Zulyniak
as Todd Sapphire
Kelly Konno
as Mother
Madeleine Kelders
as Reporter #1
Octavian Kaul
as Luke
Samori Joseph
as Onlooker
Serge Jaswal
as Navigator
Blake Jenner
as Adam Foster
Peter G. Prontzos
as Homeless Man
Christina Brucato
as Lily Stein
Jasmine Alveran
as Daughter
Jay Jackson
as Male Newscaster/News Anchor/News Anchor #1
Kirby Morrow
as Officer Petrocelli
Luke Macfarlane
as Agent Donovan
Dustin Brooks
as Rent-A-Cop/Stunt Prisoner #1
Audrey Marie Anderson
as Harbinger/Lyla Michaels
Michael Johnston
as Adam/Subject 0331
Benjamin Goas
as Val
Nik Vasilyev
as Bartender
Anthony Konechny
as Raymond Jensen
Cardi Wong
as Kesse Kay
Lia Lam
as DEO Agent
Zayne Emory
as Rick Malverne/Young Rick Malverne
Kevin Derr
as DEO Agent #1
Marcello Guedes
as Young Malefic
Jay Clift
as Lead FBI Agent
Paul Almeida
as Cracked Mask Child of Liberty
John Wesley Shipp
as The Flash
Sterling Schneider
as Greta
James Urbaniak
as Maaldorian Doctor
Chris Nowland
as Grocer
Lissa Neptuno
as Mr. Average Joe
Trevor Hinton
as Infernian
John Murphy
as Derek
Candice Patton
as Iris West
Tom MacNeill
as Forensic Analyst
Gelsea Mae
as Staffer #2
Bryan Demore
as Security Guard
Justice Leak
as Hellgrammite
Jojo Ahenkorah
as DEO Agent #1
Iris Quinn
as Dean Warren
Cheryl Turner
as Grandmother
Matthew Ip Shaw
as Waterfront Citizen #2
Kareem Malcolm
as Another Student
Ellexis Wejr
as Mallory
Bert Mitchell
as Homeless Man
Max Winter
as Ten Yr Old on Street
Bradley White
as Arthur Willis
Jon Cryer (actor) Robin y Shelley
as Lex Luthor
Peter Brown
as Hipster/Press
Jason Gray-Stanford
as Rand O'Reilly
Staz Nair
as William Dey
Beorht Lewinski
as Running Pedestrian
Josh Chambers
as First Local
Iddo Goldberg
as Red Tornado/T. O. Morrow
Dexter Bell
as Buyer
Alex Zahara
as Little Kryptonian Man
Cameron Park
as Heli Pilot
Zack Currie
as Chuck Grossman
Rosemary Hochschild
as Vita
Babak Haleky
as Janitor
Chelsea Gill
as Bank Teller
Vanessa Przada
as Erika Morrison
Jan Bos
as Governor Tom Harper
Lonnie Chavis
as Marcus
Toni French
as Downtown Pedestrian
Jessie Graff
as Lisa Gold
Jennifer Koenig
as Dark Kryptonian #1
Natasha Burnett
as Supreme #1
John Perrotta
as Bystander #1
Samantha Davis
as 4 Year Old Lena
Chad Bellamy
as Bystander #3
Sarwan Badesha
as Onlooker
Steel Bey
as Charlie
Jeanine Harrington
as Alyssa Krull
Mark Krysko
as Head Guard
Scott Michael Campbell
as Ethan Knox
Lukas Gage
as Kevin Huggins
Dominic Purcell
as Mick Rory
Nancy Barcellona
as Catco Employee
Sam Yunussov
as Col 4
Donald Sales
as Platoon Captain
Taylor Hastings
as Adelaide
Jennifer Cheon Garcia
as Midnight
Lily Scott
as CATCO Employee/Protester
Nickolas Baric
as Acolyte #2/Rabbit #1/Stick Up Man
Mélania Solano
as Natalia Guzman
Rey Hernandez
as Commander
Rebekah Asselstine
as Assistant
Jeffrey Chivers
as Col #1/Reporter
Jimmy Sharma
as Armed Security Guard
Michelle Krusiec
as Natalie Hawkings
Mackenzie Gray
as Greggor
Jeremy Davies
as Dr. John Deegan
Helen Slater
as Eliza Danvers
David Carzell
as Kenneth
Michael Hanson
as Guy #2
Paige Gibbs
as DEO Medic #1
Karin Konoval
as Senator Granberry
David Chisum
as Ron Collins
Ray Campbell
as Jim Warren
Mike Carpenter
as Robber #1
Anita Wittenberg
as Glee Club Teacher
Rich Ceraulo Ko
as Agent Hartmann
Mike McLeod
as COL Protestor
Nicholas Dohy
as Anti-Alien Protester/Baseball Dad/CatCo Guard/DEO Tech/Passerby/Pool Player
Ava Wilson
as Little Girl in the Park
Jesse L. Martin
as Joe West
Marcus McKinley
as Agent Taylor
Christopher Showerman
as Tor
Gavin Langelo
as Jake
Kari Wahlgren
as Hope
Joe Bucaro III
as Convertible Driver
Amy Jackson
as Imra Ardeen
Jay MacDougald
as Guard
Amanda Seymour
as Unassuming Woman
Sheryl Underwood
as Sheryl Underwood
David Harewood
as J'onn J'onzz/Hank Henshaw/Martian Manhunter/J'onn J'onnz/Cyborg Superman
Colby Wilson
as Guard 2
Kamaia Fairburn
as Young Girl
Jason Diablo
as Gang Leader
Reese Alexander
as Warden
Prince Justin Atkinson
as DEO Agent
Lisa Chandler
as Bystander #2
Shane Kim
as Soldier
Jason Behr
as Zor-El
Marci Chimich
as Funeral Parlor Employee
Gregg Henry
as Peter Thompson
Hugo Raymundo
as Guard/Guard #1
Daya Harris
as Old Woman
Mathew Yanagiya
as Nerdy Computer Programmer
Elyse Jacobson
as Violinist #2
Brenda Strong
as Lillian Luthor
Dichen Lachman
as Roulette/Veronica Sinclair
Zuhair Haddad
as Store Owner
Robert Gant
as Zor-El
Lauren Gibson
as Woman
Christine Bortolin
as Alien Woman
Brian Cyburt
as Spencer
Nina Ann Solberg
as Reporter #1
Tim Russ
as Jul-Us
Sean Kuling
as DEO Agent One/DEO Guard
Mehcad Brooks
as James Olsen/Guardian
Barbara Patrick
as Woman
Marc-Anthony Massiah
as Dr. Andrew Stern
Tom Walsh
as Stage Manager
Bash Dinsmore
as Webster
Candus Churchill
as Judge
Carlos Joe Costa
as Customer #1
John Specogna
as Memorial Guest Order Member/Steel Worker
Rico Simonini
as Frank
Pietra Castro
as Kid #1
Ian Casselberry
as Quill
Danielle Panabaker
as Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost
Dominique Lucky Martell
as Alien Girl
Emma Tremblay
as Ruby Arias
James Kot
as DEO Agent Two
M.W. Evans
as Toy Convention Attendee
Stephi Chin-Salvo
as Receptionist
Liam Raymond Dib
as Ice Skater
Tara Macken
as Mother
Dar Dixon
as Board Member #1
Em Haine
as Woman
Jalen Thomas Brooks
as Simon Kirby
Flossie McKnight
as Guard
Kitana Turnbull
as Costumed Girl
Lisa Leyva
as On-looker
Shawn Ahmed
as Aide
Rahul Kohli
as Jack Spheer
Kaylah Zander
as Mother
Aidan Fink
as Young Lex Luthor
Dawn Chubai
as Newscaster/TV Anchor #1/TV Reporter #1
Marisa Nielsen
as Cute Alien
Erica Durance
as Alura Zor-El/Noel Neill
Fulvio Cecere
as Massimo
Tony Ofori
as Miles
Lauren Jackson
as Handmaiden
Justin Chu Cary
as Guard #1
Mia Fiona Kut
as Anne
Michael Tilzer
as Street Bystander 14
Mitch Pileggi
as Rama Khan
Shannon Chan-Kent
as Elizabeth Hawkings
Angelo Renai
as Lillian's Attorney
Marshall Bingham
as Guard #2/Robber
Sarah Robson
as DEO Doctor/Dr. Amelia Hamilton
Laura Kranz Galvan
as Scared Pedestrian
Brian Dudley
as Chester Dunholtz
Jennifer Cadena
as Assistant
Katie McGrath
as Lena Luthor
Terrell Tilford
as Armek
Nerlyn Jean
as Waitress
Jesse Chongo
as Young Fan
Julian Yuen
as Terrified Teen
Jon Cryer
as Lex Luthor
James Tyson
as Prisoner
Lynn Colliar
as Newscaster
Austin Anozie
as Student Two
Corbin Bleu
as Trevor Crane
Kent Shocknek
as Newscaster
Pierson Fode
as Angus/Gregory Bauer
Jason Bempong
as Moe
Amber Juliana
as Protester
Norman Misura
as Crane Operator
Caity Lotz
as Sara Lance/White Canary
Juan Martinez
as Son
Julie Gonzalo
as Andrea Rojas/Acrata
Leslee Achorn
as Older Woman
Chris Wood
as Mon-El
Jesse Moss
as Richard Bates
Nadine Crocker
as Scorcher
Tawny West
as News Anchor/Reporter
Michelle C. Smith
as Sela
Iris Truong
as Young Girl
Eddie McClintock
as Colonel James Harper
Michael Adamthwaite
as Cooper
Jason Griffith
as Mask 1
Mario Perez
as Security Guard #2
Cassandra Cavalli
as Counter Lady
Stephanie Lavigne
as Half Extreme Alien
Kate Micucci
as Tour Guide
Melissa Benoist
as Kara Danvers/Supergirl/Kara Zor-El/Red Daughter/Snowbird/Bizarro/Overgirl
Nicole Maines
as Nia Nal/Dreamer
Doron Bell
as Detective Rivers
Emily Tennant
as Edna
Jesse Stretch
as Bold Inmate
Roxy Wood
as Yvette
Talana Watt Madu
as Reporter
Nicole Anthony
as Female Customer
Robert Clark
as Violinist #1
Nilo Ghajar
as Inmate #2
Teri Hatcher
as Rhea
Kelly Chavers
as Girlfriend
Jason Burkart
as Customer #3
Meghan Gardiner
as Soccer Mom
G. John Turnbull
as Alien Protester
Sasha Piltsin
as Soldier/Kasnian Soldier/Kaznian Soldier
Keith Dallas
as Al/Al #2/Al Crane
David Patrick Green
as Angry Protestor
Adam Levy
as Amadei Derros
William Mapother
as Dr. Rudy Jones/Parasite
Greta Carew-Johns
as Becca
Joshua Triplett
as Passenger
Noah Beggs
as Police Officer #1
Sue Ing
as DEO Agent #4
Walcott E. Morgan
as Creepy Guard
Cameron Dent
as Dad
Tyler Hoechlin
as Superman/Clark Kent
Matt Baram
as Mitch
Tarun Keram
as Henry/Man in Tank
Maria Elena Heredia
as Catco Employee
Nitin Prasad
as Attendant
Dean Redman
as Shuster
Stephanie Cho
as Alien Mother
Claudia Kai
as Young Woman
Frederick Schmidt
as John Corben/Metallo
Maxwell VanVolkingburgh
as COL 1
Gabriel Gurevich
as Mikhail
Ariah Lee
as Alien Girl
Darren E. Scott
as Acolyte/Baker
Mik Byskov
as Samuel Bernard
Jeremy Long
as Protester
Kelten Jensen
as Guard One
Kate Burton
as Isabel Nal
Luisa d'Oliveira
as Breathtaker/Elena Torres
Graham Parkhurst
as Bastian
Lorenzo La Rosa
as Male Jogger
Tricia Collins
as Reporter #2
Tawny Cypress
as Senator Miranda Crane
Nesta Cooper
as Tanya
Raf Rogers
as Earl
J.C. Roy
as Guard 1
Rene Mousseux
as Lt. Mur
Cassandra Jean Amell
as Nora Fries
Jason Bell
as Cadmus Guard/Col 1
Rudy Marquez
as Dad
Dawn Greenidge
as Pedestrian Woman
David Lennon
as Cop
David Lim
as Agent Tsung
Paul Jarrett
as Nelson Stewart
Glenn Ennis
as Draaga/Eye-Patched Alien
Mark Dozlaw
as Assistant
Janet Glassford
as Customer #2
Frank Maharajh
as Police Officer
Nick Hunnings
as Kopy
Neetu Garcha
as NPC-Reporter
Alison Araya
as District Attorney Diaz
David Forts
as Meathead
Alison Thornton
as Young Girl
Claudia Doumit
as Beth Breen
Jeremy Burtenshaw
as Gunner
Brea St. James
as Caroline O'Conner
Brian Doe
as Doug
Rey Valentin
as Ricardo
Julie Webster
as Woman
Carlos Bernard
as Oscar Rodas
Farryn VanHumbeck
as Vicki
Jerry Bannister
as Construction Worker
Ryan Mutama
as Cop
Jason Beaudoin
as Dmitri
Jim Eliason
as DEO Agent
Glenn Morshower
as General Sam Lane
Nick Marinos
as Fists
Sam Witwer
as Ben Lockwood/Agent Liberty/Brainiac-5
Emily Bett Rickards
as Felicity Smoak
Curran Walters
as Jason Todd/Robin
Chad Lowe
as Thomas Coville
Dewshane Williams
as Till'all
David Jacox
as Driver
Betty Buckley
as Patricia Arias
Dylan Poyser
as Bully #1
Sunny Chen
as Passerby
Bruce M. Stockert
as Man in Office
Rhona Mitra
as Mercy Graves
Hayley Sales
as Emily
Julia Rekaikyna
as Amazonian Warrior
Chris William Martin
as Naxim Tork
Tiffany Phillips Pradiá
as TV Reporter
Demord Dann
as Prison Guard
Parveen Dosanjh
as Dr. Park
Jina Anika
as NPC-Police Officer
Sachin Sahel
as McGill
Ese Atawo
as Counter Protestor
Ashton Bingham
as Senior Tech
Odette Annable
as Samantha Arias/Reign
Charles Halford
as Jemm
Aisha Tyler
as Aisha Tyler
Berlin Lu
as Valet
Natasha Inniss
as Photographer
Alan Ritchson
as Hank Hall/Hawk
Jesse Rath
as Brainiac-5/Querl Dox
Byron Brisco
as Guard #2/Security Guard
Simon Webb
as Butler/Philippe
Ella Thomas
as Tormock
Jaylee Hamidi
as Alana
Latonya Williams
as Mom
Shaughnessy Redden
as Kryptonian Emissary
Scott Alan Smith
as Chester Dunholtz
Christopher Webb
as Alien
Olivia Morandin
as Child
Toni Nielsen
as DEO Agent #2/News Anchor #2
John Churchill
as Second Engineer
Panuvat Anthony Nanakornpanom
as Cadmus Passenger
Victoria Katongo
as Supreme #2
Stacy Yu
as Teenager
Harriet Sansom Harris
as Sinead
Angela Zhou
as Dr. Grace Parker/Pestilence
Andrew Wheeler
as Warden
Corey Schmitt
as Suspect
Mark Gibbon
as General Zod
Jaymee Mak
as MacKenzie
Reverend John Atom
as Helpful Motorist
Chelsea Thompson
as Goldie Alien
Yael Grobglas
as Gayle Marsh/Psi
Sean Hewlett
as Franklin/Frankling
Franz Drameh
as Firestorm/Jefferson Jackson
Aadila Dosani
as Claudia
Kent Thomson
as Police Officer
Daniel Joseph
as DEO Agent #2
Antonio Ndala
as Young J'onn
Thomas Lennon
as Mxyzptlk
Izabela Vidovic
as Young Kara
Kristi McMullan
as Female Jogger
Aaron Lustig
as Cat's Lawyer #1
Nick Sagar
as Rip Roar/Russell Rogers
Leon Kaplov
as Four Eyes
Desiree Zurowski
as US Attorney Webb
Jared Outten
as Shapeshifter
Phil LaMarr
as Malefic J'onzz
Michael Owen
as Thug
Kerry Sandomirsky
as Felra
Millan Tesfazgi
as Scared Employee
Robin Atkin Downes
as Jo
Drew Ray Tanner
as Student
Ryleigh Gillespie
as Cheerleader
Jessica Meraz
as Menagerie/Pamela Ferrer
Patrick Rinehart
as Agent #2
James Michalopolous
as Goon 1
Majeed Nami
as An Engineer
KylieRae Condon
as Mean Girl
Laura Mac
as Agent #1
Malcolm Masters
as Dr. Niles Jarrod
Greg Fiddler
as Father
Tedra Rogers
as Bobbi Miller
Robert Zen Humpage
as Fish Head
Johnny Ghorbani
as Derrick Simmons
Isaac Keys
as Guard #3
Louis Aguirre
as News Anchor #2
Kevin Caliber
as Kal-El
P.J. Prinsloo
as Harte
Charles Jarman
as Guard #1
Jeremy Jordan
as Winn Schott/Toyman/Computer Lad
Graeme Guthrie
as Col. McAllister
Chriss Anglin
as Pilot
Mackenzie Brooke Smith
as Female Student #1
Dan Willows
as Werewolf Bro
Steph Song
as VR Supergirl
Ian Gregson
as Prison Guard
David Hutchison
as DEO Agent #1
Chad Riley
as Prison Guard
Chris Jai Alex
as Guard #1
Krys Marshall
as Julia Freeman/Purity
Peter Hall
as NPC-Abe Lincoln
Rick Garcia
as Self
Sasha Rojen
as Martian Child #1
Whitney Wegman-Wood
as Plane Passenger
Sandy Sidhu
as Deputy Clemens
Celeste White Steele
as Argo Gentlewoman/Protestor/Seminar Guest
Kinna McInroe
as Waitress
Robyn Bradley
as Wedding Planner
Damian Mavis
as Prison Guard
Jaeson Lee
as DEO Agent #1/Police Officer #2
Sara Gilbert
as Sara Gilbert
Michael Albala
as Assistant/Doctor/Scientist
Isaiah Sawatzky
as Young Boy With Drone
Calista Flockhart
as Cat Grant
George Boutros
as Alien
Jamie Jarvis
as Passerby
William MacDonald
as Dr. Kaplan
Sharon Leal
as M'gann M'orzz
Zenia Marshall
as Student One
Javier Lacroix
as Curator
Kelly Ann Woods
as Chief of Staff
Keith Silverstein
as Child of Liberty
Ryan Mah
as Officer
Shayn Walker
as Police Officer
Vaughan Winmill
as Soldier
Avyen von Waldenburg
as National Guard
Adam Gouti
as Child/Child On Bus
Nikolai Witschl
as Jo Gunraf
Sebastian Velmont
as Silo Guard #1
April Parker Jones
as Colonel Lauren Haley
Marcus Aurelio Jr.
as Martian Boy #3
Paul Piaskowski
as Seller
Bryan Lugo
as Looter
Joshua Morettin
as Preppy Kid
Laura Vandervoort
as Indigo
C. Douglas Quan
as Mr. Li
Katherine McNamara
as Green Arrow/Mia Smoak
Michael Lewinson
as Xudarian
Brandon Routh
as Ray Palmer/The Atom
Julie Chen Moonves
as Julie Chen
Lucy McNulty
as Prosecutor
Marci T. House
as Dr. Hampton
Ava Kelders
as Girl Alien
Maisie Klompus
as Cat's Assistant
Raphael Kepinski
as Kaznian General/Kasnian General
Darcy Hinds
as Control Room Guard/Dealer
Sean Astin
as Pete Andrews
Lynda Carter
as President Olivia Marsdin
Robyn Ross
as Mom
Fred Henderson
as Mayor/Mayor of Sims
Scott McNeil
as Toby
Nicholas Wong
as Diner Counter Boy
Timothy Wallace
as Cop
Tristan Shire
as Terrified DEO Agent
Kapila Rego
as Lena's Assistant
Robert Wuhl
as Alexander Knox
Teresa Laverty
as Choking Man's Wife
Azie Tesfai
as Kelly Olsen
Chris Vance
as Non
Eric Gustafsson
as Receptionist
Vincent Gale
as Dr. Vose
Montse Hernandez
as Obsidian Engineer
Hannah James
as Maeve Nal
Nick Jaine
as Another Staffer/Employee #2/Guy #1
Angela Martinez
as Field News Reporter/Newscaster
Michel Issa Rubio
as Doorman
Stephen Amell
as Green Arrow/Oliver Queen/Black Arrow
Larry MacDonald
as Strange Man
Marlon Kazadi
as Young James
Henry Czerny
as Winslow Schott/Toyman
William Belleau
as Angry Inmate
Ian Butcher
as Lionel Luthor
Italia Ricci
as Siobhan Smythe/Silver Banshee
Bethany Brown
as Instructor
John Michael
as Kid #2
Chester E. Tripp III
as Cadmus Driver
Curtis Lum
as Demos
Renee Pezzotta
as Teacher
Nick Fontaine
as Josh
Tom Belding
as Pilot 2
Andrew Nadanyi
as DEO Agent
Kyle Strauts
as Valeronian
Robyn Daye Edwards
as Middle-Aged Woman
Michael Reilly Burke
as Preston
Rich Ting
as Dr. Gilcrist/Metallo 2
Michael J Rogers
as Hannibal
Elinet Louicius
as Guard
René Ashton
as Cat's Lawyer #2
Guy Christie
as Passerby
Derek Schnobb
as CATCO Staff/Dive Bar Patron
Anthony Bolognese
as Kid #1
Carly Nykanen
as Editor/Employee #1/Kelly/Woman
Rebekah Salgado
as Mom
Melice Bell
as Ashley
Jett Klyne
as Child
Jessica Parker Kennedy
as Nora West-Allen
Danielle Nicolet
as Cecile Horton
Alexander Cendese
as Chet Miner
Peter Gadiot
as Mr. Mxyzptlk
Ayden Daniel Lim
as Young Son
Trish Everett-Kabut
as Fairgoer
Peter Mackenzie
as Dirk Armstrong
Everett Andres
as Young Boy
Louriza Tronco
as N'keyy
Duncan Fraser
as Messenger
Steven Bauer
as Bernardo Rojas
Shawn Clark
as Daggers
Jennifer Sommerfeld
as Police Officer
Curtis Clarke
as Bar Alien
Camille Marty
as Young Lena Luthor
Victor Zinck Jr.
as Phillip Karnowsky
Ryan Babcock
as Looter
Punnavith Koy
as Private Security/Street Pedestrian
Ken Godmere
as Male Customer
Rady Panov
as Class Clown
Shauna Hansen
as Jen
Joshua Mazerolle
as Army Guard
Todd Thomson
as Lir-Al
David St. Louis
as Bloodsport/Robert DuBois
Carrie Anne Fleming
as Shopkeeper
Cole Michaels
as Little Boy
Angela Moore
as Principal Coburn
Andrea Brooks
as Eve Teschmacher/Hope
Brennan Mejia
as Jerry
Sarah Douglas
as Jindah Kol Rozz
Sharon Osbourne
as Sharon Osbourne
Stephanie Arcila
as Woman
Gary Starkell
as Gary Forehead/Gary
Jeremy Schuetze
as Rob
Abby Ross
as Alien Student
Julia Tortolano
as Friend
Timothy Lyle
as Frank/Fake Agent Liberty
Carolyn Anderson
as Gym Teacher
Adam Ballantyne
as Child of Liberty #1/Second Looter
Elizabeth Tulloch
as Lois Lane
Eve Torres
as Maxima
V.G. Winter
as Ansley Crew
Andrea Pizarro
as Manicurist
Jason Mewes
as Mississippi Farmer
Laurie Murdoch
as CEO
Casey Strand
as Reporter
Arran Henn
as News Reporter/Newscaster/News Anchor/News Anchor #2/Reporter/Reporter (On Monitor)/TV Talking Head
Claude Knowlton
as Silas
Hamza Fouad
as Agent Lawrence
Patrick O'Connell
as General Mathers
Malina Weissman
as Young Kara Zor-El
Josh Hallem
as Brian
Tamiko Brownlee
as Alien Affairs Agent #21/Bailiff
Donna Benedicto
as DEO Agent/Agent Reiff
Adrian Pasdar
as Morgan Edge
Dawson Alexander Holmes
as Deadhead
Shawn Stewart
as Muscular Alien
Rhys Fleming
as Daughter
Françoise Robertson
as Sarah Walker/Regina Williams
Willie Garson
as Steve Lomeli
Stephanie Czajkowski
as Security Guard
Carlen Escarraga
as Soldier
Flora Karas
as Receptionist
Laura May Taylor
as Dive Bar Patron
Chyler Leigh
as Alex Danvers/Sentinel/Supergirl
Carlos Valdes
as Cisco Ramon/Vibe
Lucy Loken
as Young Lena Luthor
John DeSantis
as Draaga
Miguel Castillo
as Guide
Carl Lumbly
as M'yrnn J'onzz
Cameron Forbes
as Chief
Georgia Hacche
as Woman
Phillip Mitchell
as Drug Buyer
Ava Frica
as Martian Child #4
Ivan Wanis-Ruiz
as DEO Agent
Easton Alexeyev
as CatCo Employee
Sonia Sunger
as News Anchor/Newscaster/News Ancher
Eliana Jones
as Josie
David Quinlan
as Quill
Amanda May
as Pilot 1
Andrew McNee
as Joe
Paul Herbert
as Scientist
Wil Wheaton
as Doomsday Protestor
Judith Maxie
as Judge Hobart
Robert Parent
as Pilot
William Katt
as Minister
Cynthia Stevenson
as Mrs. Queller
Angela Meryl
as Bus Driver
Bruce Boxleitner
as President Baker
Mark Sussman
as Kelex/Oscar
Byron Noble
as Dad
Gerardo Barcala
as Casino Goer
Yuvraj Kalsi
as Young Boy
Todd Sherry
as Professor Alphonse Luzano
Kevin Sorbo
as Lar Gand
Khaira Ledeyo
as Vice Principal
Anna Van Hooft
as Jennifer Bates
Adebayo Adaudi
as DEO Guard
Shauna Haracka
as Maggie's Girlfriend
Anthony Ames
as Angry Boss
David Ramsey
as John Diggle
Grant Babbitt
as Dock Worker/Sea Man
Gary Kasper
as K'hund
Grant Gustin
as Barry Allen/The Flash
Christina Lewall
as Trauma Doctor
Patricia Isaac
as Agent Igle
Harley Quinn Smith
as Izzy Williams
Ric Sarabia
as Alien Soldier
Winnie Hung
as Mrs. Li
Keira Harron
as Kid #2
Keisha Haines
as Human Waitress
Russell Tovey
as Ray Terrill/The Ray
Camille Posadas
as Obsidian Woman
Mehdi Darvish
as DEO Agent #2
Preston James Hillier
as Fire Chief
Owen Walstrom
as Choking Man
Tunde Pellicola
as Tactical Officer/Crowd Guest/Holiday Party Guest
Mittita Barber
as Vanita
Jordana Taylor
as Young Alex Danvers
Jade Pattenden
as Reporter
Louis Ozawa
as Hat
Ben Begley
as Tobey
Casey Dudley
as Bailiff
Kwesi Ameyaw
as Cassian
Maya Macatumpag
as Parthas Alien
Barry Nerling
as Scar
Amanda Burke
as Dark Kryptonian #2
Sheldon Trosko
as Marine Guard #5
Bryan Friday
as Lord Guard
Faran Tahir
as The Commander
Sean Kohnke
as Creep
Samir Patel
as Engineer
Bruno Amato
as Security Guard
Steve Byers
as Tom
Griffin Newman
as Trivia Night Host
Graham Verchere
as George Lockwood
Gayla Johnson
as Board Member #2
Amos Stern
as Guard #3
Terry Mullett
as Buzzcut Merc
Anne Hollister
as Bonnie/Tilly
Tom Cavanagh
as Nash Wells/Dr. Harry Wells/Eobard Thawne/Pariah/Reverse-Flash
Herbert Duncanson
as Male Passenger
Laurie Metcalf
as Mary McGowan
Cara Buono
as Gamemnae/Gemma Cooper
Peter Adrian Sudarso
as Kenny Li
Ben Sullivan
as Guard/Prince of Daxam
Pasha Ebrahimi
as General
Al McFoster
as Secret Service Agent
Steve Valentine
as Mad Scientist
Derick Agyemang
as Security Guard #1
Ruby Rose
as Batwoman/Kate Kane
Daniel DiMaggio
as Kal-El
Paul Lazenby
as Mandrax/Goon/Lead Fireman
Cliff Prang
as Alien Father
Levi Miller
as Carter Grant
Brooke Smith
as Jacqueline Nimball
Kaylee Sapieha
as Darla
Dan Warner
as Fire Chief
Leyna Nguyen
as Self
Floriana Lima
as Maggie Sawyer
Nikohl Boosheri
as Kelly Sotto
Sofia Vassilieva
as Olivia
Shanel Pratap
as Newscaster/TV Anchor #2
Michael A. Cheng
as Morgan Collins
Olivia Nikkanen
as Young Alex
Hope Lauren
as Jane Doe/Bizarro
Shahrokh Ferdowsi
as Forensic Analyst
Robert Baker
as Otis Graves
Gaalen Engen
as Officiant
Jason Vaisvila
as Boris
Cara Von Schiervick
as Goldie Thief
Tom Waite
as Pilot
Chris Peters
as Second Guard
Balinder Johal
as Old Lady
Sheila Collins
as Plane passenger
Marc Gaudet
as NPC-Mac
Jill Morrison
as Bitsie Teschmacher/Second Local
Lincoln McGowan
as Guard
Jeff Branson
as Carl Draper/Master Jailer
Solomon Irama
as Bully #2
Blake Berris
as Gabriel Phillips
Jeannine Cota
as KONC Newscaster
Andrea Drepaul
as Sean Chui
Amanda Gray
as DEO Agent #2/DEO Confidant
Sarah Smyth
as Lydia Lockwood
Garwin Sanford
as Paul Nal
Daesha Danielle Usman
as Clerk
Khamisa Wilsher
as Assistant
Meaghan Rath
as Brainiac-5/Querl Dox
Chris Gill
as S.W.A.T. Member
Kirsten Virus
as Giggles
Jaidan Jiron
as Female Student #2
Chris Browning
as Ben Krull/Reactron
Sonny Litt
as Agent Wolf
Frank Pacheco
as Guard #2
Julia Harnett
as Saleswoman
Avelena Wijesundera
as Girl

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2015 | 20 Episodes

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2016 | 22 Episodes

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2017 | 23 Episodes

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2018 | 22 Episodes

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2019 | 19 Episodes

Season 6

2021 | 20 Episodes




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