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October 21, 2021
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Super Wings’s
home country is:
South KoreaSouth Korea
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About this title


Fun-loving jet plane Jett delivers packages to children around the world in this animated series. Jett teams up with the Super Wings, a group of airplanes that can transform into robots, to tackle new challenges and work through issues that teach problem-solving skills and the importance of cultural diversity. The Super Wings crew includes mission director Jimbo, rescue copter Dizy, gadget guru Donnie and expert navigator Jerome -- an important part of the group because the planes travel to 52 cities in 45 countries on their adventures, requiring someone who is able to help navigate.

Country: South Korea

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: March 16, 2015

Also Known As: スーパーウィングス, 超级飞侠 |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (G), Brazil (L, Livre) |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: FunnyFlux Entertainment, Little Airplane Productions |  See more »


Noa Fe Williams
Luca Padovan
as Jett
Chris Lanceley
as Archie's Dad
Marcelo Cermak
as Eduardo (2014)
Brett Pels
as Cantata
Cassandra Lee Morris
as Sky
Grace Lu
as Astra/Alicia/Cici
Jan P. Smith
as Pa
Iara Nemirovsky
as Galilea
Evan Smolin
as Jerome (2015-)/Jerome
Federica Trimboli
as Woman 1
Larissa Gallagher
as Kate's Mom
Abigail Sun
as Ling Ling
Lucian Middleton
as Abe
Kenna Pickard
as Cynthia/Kalama/Kate/Kirsten/Masako/Olenca
Courtney Shaw
as Aiden/Maria & Francesca
Isaiah Dell
as Jack
Dorah Fine
as Manon's Mother/Ms. Ocean Liner/Nav's Mother
Emily Cota
as Crystal/Nayla
Sabrina Glow
as Claudia/Judith
Dean Flanagan
as Irving
Raina Cheng
as Mei
Hayley Maki
as Sachi
Doug Erholtz
as Paul
Porter Fasullo
as Astro
Junah Jang
as Dizzy (2015-)
Elana Caceres
as Mira
Sophie Suzuki Shih
as Misato
Ethan Kempner
as Zym
Nour Jude Assaf
as Bucky
Skai Jackson
as Summer
Henning Fischer
as Dad/Wolf
Lynn Andrews
as Tippy
Ayusha Shrestha
as Remi (2015-)
Arunima Roy
as Meena
Jason Griffith
as Bello
Anna Fikhman
as Nadya's Mother
Cristina Milizia
as Sky
Bill Raymond
as Grand Albert
Jamie Sara Lewis
as Sky
Cassie Glow
as Mira
Owen Rivera-Babbey
as Donnie
Tyson Whelchel
as Nav
Gideon Modisett
as Huddin
Mia Lynn Bangunan
as Anita/Chay/Geetu/Korisa/Namiko/Ogre/Yuna
Bill Rogers
as Jimbo/Daniel's Dad/Hugo the beetle/Lot the Truck/Pico/Shark/Ships/Zorro the dog/dog/dolphins/ducks/horses/monkey/snow monkeys/train#2
Maggie Benedict
as Bokamoso
Jazzy Jade
as Trudis
Colin Critchley
as Donnie/Donnie - Lead
Cassidy May Benullo
as Girl/Isabella/Louisa
Sophia Vernon
as Dizzy
Sophia Eleni Kekllas
as Hilda
Justin Pelovello
as Roy/Yuki
Araceli Prasarttongosoth
as Kim
Alex Sapozhnik
as Boris the Truck
Zach Callison
as Winger
Noah Kaye Bentley
as Burple
Armen Taylor
as Badge
Alan Kelly
as Cian Senior
Aleksa Kurbalija
as Nicole's Dad
Isaiah Russell-Bailey
as Rover
Benjie Randall
as Poppa Wheels
Elan Caceres
as Mira
Joseph Ricci
as Todd/Moritz/Stefan/Sven/Willem
Harrison Bajracharya
as Akas (2015-)
Aljosha Horvat
as Felix
Melati Truchanowicz
as Dina
Lorenzo Beronilla
as Dema's Dad
Brad Venable
as Paul/Father/Man With Beard/Thermo
Alisha Liston
as Zoey/Manon
Catie Harvey
as Emilia/Neo
Nevin Kar
as Mario
Grace Woosley
as Satomi
Silvan Friedman
as Max/Oswald/Prince Simon
Hudson Loverro
as Jett
Ian Zelbo
as Urk
Logan J Rush
as Sammy the Forklift
Nick Hudson Murdoch
as Lord Puff-Puff
John DeSilvestri
as Monsieur Ganache
Nico Bustamante
as Mayta
Travis Burnett
as Storm
Samantha Daniel
as Taehun's Mom
Danielle Brewer
as Nicole's Mom
Heather Edwards
as Red Pandas (2015-)
Scarlett Somers
as Annalyn
Julian Lerner
as Cian
Emma Fusco
as Roy
Luna Bella Zamora
as Sunny
Fryda Wolff
as Nayla's Mom
Winston Bromhead
as Jett/Mason/Nuno
Gary Littman
as Paul
Melo Ludwig
as Lina
Daxx George
as Manu/Robin
Mikee Castillo
as Dizzy
Nazli Sarpkaya
as Mehmet's Mom
Esin Varan
as Karla
Jian Harrell
as Flip
Camille Schurer
as Remi/Classmate #1/Friend 1
Will Blagrove
as Chase
Kyle Hebert
as Maxim's dad
Hunter Aaron
as Sparky
Nathan Blaiwes
as Sparky/Ray & Sparky
Mickey Jaiven
as Poodle Trainer/The Pumpkin Judge
Jenn Meyer
as Mom
Elainey Bass
as Victoria
Isra Elsalihie
Brysen Rush
as Leo
Andi Gibson
as Mom/Drone/Mama/Mama Dinosaur
Luiza Westwood
as Emilia's Mom
Dashiel Berk
as Swampy
Jacob Schmitt
as Anders
Kelly Marie McKenna
as Erin
Chasden Gilson-Walker
as Jett
Colin Pickard
as Noah
Lily Peterson
as Lena
Arden Wolfe
as Sofie
Jamieson Deacy
as Clara/Olivia
Maxine Wanderer
as Alessia
Connor Andrade
as Goldenboy
David Gray
as Jerome
Courtney Chu
as Katrina/Neo/Rina
Olivia Chun
as Rana
Jl Mount
as Jimbo (2015-)

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2015 | 52 Episodes

Season 2

2017 | 51 Episodes

Season 3

2019 | 37 Episodes

Season 4

2019 | 22 Episodes

Season 5

2021 | 24 Episodes


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International Emmy® Kids Awards 2016


International Emmy® Kids Awards

Kids: Preschool

Asian Academy Creative Awards 2018


Asian Academy Creative Awards

Best Children's Animated Programme or Series

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