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October 20, 2021
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About this title


While running from a drug deal gone bad, brilliant young college dropout Mike Ross slips into a job interview with one of New York City's best legal closers, Harvey Specter. Tired of cookie-cutter law-school grads, Harvey takes a gamble by hiring Mike on the spot after recognizing his raw talent and photographic memory. Mike and Harvey are a winning team. Although Mike is a genius, he still has a lot to learn about law; and while Harvey might seem like an emotionless, cold-blooded shark, Mike's sympathy and concern for their cases and clients will help remind Harvey why he went into law in the first place. Mike's other allies in the office include the firm's best paralegal Rachel and Harvey's no-nonsense assistant Donna. Proving to be an irrepressible duo and invaluable to the practice, Mike and Harvey must keep their secret from everyone including managing partner Jessica and Harvey's archnemesis Louis, who seems intent on making Mike's life as difficult as possible.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: June 23, 2011

Also Known As: Kravaťáci, Kravat'áci |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Brazil (14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

law firm
photographic memory

Company Credits

Production Co: Hypnotic, Universal Cable Productions |  See more »


Michael Hanrahan
as Dean Lopata
Lara Mrkoci
as Lucia Flores
Morgan Kelly
as Matt Bailey
Russell Hornsby
as Quentin Sainz
Michèle Lonsdale Smith
as Harriet Deon
Usman Ally
as Andrew Malik
Lilette Wiens
as Receptionist
Peter MacNeill
as Dean Morello
David Gale
as Husband
Milton Barnes
as Young Robert Zane
Paul Beer
as Maître D
LaMonica Garrett
as Roberto Solis
Earl 'Bubba' McLean Jr.
as Bailiff
Alexandra Anisman
as Mitzy Goldfarb
Shant Srabian
as Judge Evans
David Ferry
as Peter
Marsha Regis
as Danielle
Carly Pope
as Tara Messer
Patrick Fischler
as Elliott Stemple
Peter Outerbridge
as Keith Hoyt
Ryan Hollyman
as Tom Daly
José Zúñiga
as Harry the Cab Driver
A. Frank Ruffo
as Gardener
Hamish McEwan
as Robert Stensland
Michael Phelps
as Michael Phelps
Dagmara Dominczyk
as Nancy
Jonathan Ho
as Young Lawyer
Elizabeth Wood
as Front Desk Receptionist
Michael Rubenfeld
as Durham Foods Attorney
Wayne Ward
as Lockwood CEO
Joanna Douglas
as Myra Harrison
Sukhman Gill
as Lawyer
Nicholas Rice
as Judge Jonathan Barton
Titus Welliver
as Dominic Barone
Joel Rinzler
as Mitch Santoro
Kevin Hanchard
as Colonel Mariga
Jean Christophe Loustau
as Upscale Customer
Dale Boyer
as Passerby Six
Diane Neal
as Allison Holt
Uhraney Adrian
as Co-council to prosecutor
Callum Holland
as Young Mike Ross
Emily Dickinson
as Denise Gallo
Jordan Pettle
as Steven Palmer
Juanita Jennings
as Lillian Cook
Christian McKenna
as ALS Man
Luc Trottier
as Trader
Sharon Belle
as Hostess
Giota Trakas
as Police Officer
Michael Ripley
as Chris Dimond
Paula Newsome
as Lucille Jackson
Sebastian MacLean
as Polygraph Tech
David Talbot
as Clergyman
Mary Lewis
as Judge Sommers
Sonya Côté
as Judge
Nigel Hamer
as Host
Noah S. Wallach
as Lawyer
Patrick Garrow
as Jeffrey
Dwain Murphy
as Mark
Chloe Brooks
as Lisa
Alyssa Veniece
as New Paralegal
Joanne Reece
as Judge's Aide
Sean Bell
as Miguel
Allison Busner
as Associate
Richard Portnow
as Pete Kreeling
Rick Hoffman
as Louis Litt
Jacob Blair
as Joe
Dulé Hill
as Alex Williams
Suzanne McKenney
as Judge Ralls
Wayne Best
as Robert Stamos
Tammy Isbell
as Lesley Beckman
Malcolm-Jamal Warner
as Julius Rowe
Eric Osborne
as Brian
Abigail Spencer
as Dana Scott
Janaya Stephens
as Loretta
Isabella Hofmann
as Joan Walsh
Erik Palladino
as Kevin Miller
Rod Wilson
as Bobby
Derek Keurvorst
as Attorney
Melanie Papalia
as Amy
Glen Grant
as Alan Pearson
Caleb Phillips
as Chris
Matthew Glave
as Thomas Walsh's Lawyer
Ian Busher
as Attorney #1
Kerri Smith
as Betty Palmer
Chris Payne Gilbert
as David Platt
Hubert Tran
as Delivery Guy
Tom Barnett
as Mr. Kovacs
David Alpay
as David Fox
Brandon Firla
as Jonathan Sidwell
Dan Marshall
as Associate/Lawyer
Sima Fisher
as Office Worker
Michael Des Barres
as Sergei Baskov
Scott Grimes
as Thomas Walsh
Aarti Mann
as Maria Monroe
Scott Lawrence
as James Palmer
Lorry Ayers
as Sloan Moseley
Brian Hallisay
as Craig Cameron
John Beale
as Public Defender
Peter Cambor
as Nathan
Imogen Grace
as Receptionist
Brendan Murray
as Raul Esposito
Craig Cyr
as Boxer/Boxing Trainer
Pooch Hall
as Jimmy
Geoffrey Pounsett
as Terry Grant
Harvey Atkin
as Judge N. Palermo/Judge Palermo
Jeni Ross
as Young Donna
Kurtwood Smith
as Ted Tucker
Leslie Hope
as Anita Gibbs
Maurice Dean Wint
as Rick Dunn
Eve Crawford
as Judge Emily Noveck
Neemish Parekh
as Simon Bandaru
Julian Alcaraz
as Marco Mendoza
John Kapelos
as Elias Gould
Eric Roberts
as Charles Forstman
Ian Kahn
as Tom Klapperich
Neal McDonough
as Sean Cahill
Nazanin Boniadi
as Lauren Pearl
Neven Pajkic
as Ring Boxer #1
Tony Marra
as Prosecutor
Giovanni Manza
as Pedestrian
Aaron Schwartz
as Interviewee #1
Wendell Pierce
as Robert Zane
Stephanie Bitten
as Juror
Hunt Block
as Rival Attorney
Helena Marie
as Diane Downes
Sydney Cross
as Joy's Grandchild
Patrick Gallagher
as Joe Spina
Victor Garber
as Philip
Sara Waisglass
as Teen Esther
Lindsay Owen Pierre
as Raymond Haskins
Vincent Thomas
as Berated Associate
Sarah Rafferty
as Donna Paulsen
Egidio Tari
as Guard
Lolita Davidovich
as Donna's Mom
Katherine Fogler
as Missy
Kari Svenneby
as Laughing Patron Five
Ted Atherton
as Judge Henderson
Al Sapienza
as Thomas Bratton
Darrin Baker
as Chase
Currie Graham
as Judge Donald Pearl
Kevin Dunn
as George Richardson
Chantal Quesnelle
as Charisse
Carson Gale
as Associate
Jeffrey Nordling
as Eric Kaldor
Jarrod MacLean
as Opposing Counsel
David Costabile
as Daniel Hardman
Avery Pearson
as Bradley Reger
Suzanne Coy
as Judge Eizabeth Schelling
Brandon Keener
as Xander Epstein
Ian MacPherson
as Dickhead Teen
Ben Lewis
as Seth Keller
Kyle Buchanan
as Seth Morris
Erinn Hayes
as Casino Employee
Tamberla Perry
as Rosalie Williams
Michael Miranda
as James Davenport
Nahanni Johnstone
as Sales Agent
Jake Michaels
as Guard #1
Laura Allen
as Annabelle
Sugith Varughese
as Judge Howard
Sarah Allen
as Ms. Andrews
Leeah Wong
as Grace Chung
Clive Mclean
as Gambler
Kristian Truelsen
as Board Member
Adam David
as Doctor
Alexandrea McGillis
as Juror #2
Troian Bellisario
as Claire
Paul Eves
as Judge Faber
Zachary Bennett
as Hank
Jonathan Shatzky
as George Clark
J.D. Nicholsen
as Jim Allen
Robert Fulton
as Passerby One
Amanda Crew
as Lola Jensen
Brett Donahue
as Tess' Husband
Gary Hudson
as Richard McIntyre
Sarah Wilson
as Linda Janowitz
Lenka Matuska
as Marcella
Carol Avery
as Liz Silver
Chris Handfield
as Lawyer
Sarah Camacho
as Waitress Three
Sebastian Nigel Singh
as Angela's Son
Christina Chang
as Vivien Tanaka
Valerie Scannura
as Cafe Patron
Tricia Helfer
as Evan Smith
Chantel Riley
as Angela Cook
Denis Akiyama
as Mr. Tanaka
Mouna Traoré
as Jasmine
Jim Watson
as Ian
Farid Yazdani
as David Green
Charles Hoffman
as Saul Litt
Thom Marriott
as Michael
Jean Paul San Pedro
as Clifford Danner
Jason Bryden
as Andy
Anand Rajaram
as Ray
Fiona Highet
as Ms. Snyder
Sydney Kuhne
as Maya
Billy Parrott
as Vincent Gibbs/Lawyer
Ana Sani
as Waitress Two
Johnny Larocque
as Bike Courier
Jason Michaels
as Mr. Goldfarb
Randy Triggs
as Laughing Patron Two
Rachael Crawford
as Ella Fullman
David Reale
as Benjamin
Aiden Berryman
as Adam
Michelle Beilhartz
as Jogging Woman #1
Raven Dauda
as Georgina Casey
Jai Jai Jones
as Guard #5
Laura Miyata
as Nikki Sordel
Adam Maros
as James Kendrick
Steve Coulter
as Mr. Jarvis
Gary Cole
as Cameron Dennis
R.J. Guha
as Poker Player
Julian Lewis
as Trainer
Alex Paxton-Beesley
as Kelsey Price
James Morrison
as Jerome Jensen
Claire Rankin
as Arlene Rosen
Vanessa Sears
as Young Jessica
Vanessa Ako Myers
as Waitress Four
Wayne Duvall
as Pat McGahan
Benjamin Hollingsworth
as Kyle Durant
Trudy Weiss
as Judge
Pressly Coker
as Interviewee #2
James Madge
as Mr. Connelly
Vlada Verevko
as Woman
Mark Quigley
as Hipster/Passerby
Barna Moricz
as Kenneth Jackson
Denise Crosby
as Faye Richardson
Natalie Charles
as Wendy Boyle
JaNae Armogan
as Olivia
Gabriel Macht
as Harvey Specter
Alicia Coppola
as Alexandra Leeds
Michael Marjanovic
as Teen Guy
Pascal Langdale
as Dr. Jacob Manning
Jere Burns
as Vince Sanfilippo
David Keeley
as Mark Aiken
Sharon Leal
as Lisa Parker
Kevin Power
as ALS Patient #3
John Pyper-Ferguson
as Jack Soloff
Josh Randall
as Dr. Chaz McManus
Rena Polley
as Judge Aiken
Pip Dwyer
as Nurse Two
Srinivasan Manivannan
as Onlooker
David Thompson
as Gym Manager
Derek Perks
as Attorney
Susan Applewhaite
as Mrs. Foreman
Matt MacDonald
as Ben
Corey Chainey
as Passerby
Christopher Stadulis
as Cop #1
Amanda Lisman
as Jill Miller
Marla McLean
as Sofia Price
Gordon S. Miller
as Arnie Berenson
Brian Bisson
as Craig Boyd
Gil Bellows
as Dan Foley
Jesse Stone Spadaccini
as Freddie
JR Bourne
as Samuel/Samuel Tull
Russell Bennett
as Bob
Mary Francis Moore
as Eva Williams
Dahol Otoide
as Bailiff
Jonathan Potts
as John Dellmore
Dan Lett
as Roger Shapiro
Ian Peters
as Cahill's Colleague #2
Damir Andrei
as Judge Steiner
D.B. Woodside
as Jeff Malone
Kim Roberts
as Glenda
Bobby Manning
as Man/Mo/Mugger
Mark H. Dold
as Rene
Simon Curcija
as PSL Shame Employee 8
Michael Boisvert
as Guard
Larry Day
as Larry Burnham
Quancetia Hamilton
as Big Bertha
Jennifer Baker
as Judge Cobb
Kashif Khan
as Bailiff
Heidi von Palleske
as Judge Kent
Sylvain Plasse
as Restaurant Patron/Wedding Guest
Amanda Martínez
as Lawyer
Trevor Pease
as Security
John Rothman
as Walter Samson
Jessica Tuck
as Carrie
Laine Rettmer
as Cristina
Conrad Dunn
as Oscar Mendoza
Andrew Richardson
as Passerby Two
Billy Miller
as Marcus
Elisabeth Hower
as Tess
Jamey Sheridan
as Charles Van Dyke
Nate Santana
as Driver
Peter Keleghan
as Avery McKernon
Scott Gibson
as Kyle Clemente
John Jacob
as Court Reporter
James Bannon
as Voice Actor
Sterling Jarvis
as Daniel Vega
Elisa Moolecherry
as Janet Kramer
Kathy Maloney
as Virginia Pearson
Maureen Ludford
as Bell Ringer
Cyndy Day
as Waitress
Stephen Collins
as Business Man
Nicole Marie Johnson
as Darlene Day
Rafaela Galindo
as White House Staff
Michael Lytle
as Laughing Patron Four
Robyn Hayle
as Judge
Scott Edgecombe
as Darryl
Christopher Durham
as Mr. Hunt
Jenny Mollen
as Gabby Stone
Eric Ladin
as Wyatt
Troy Amos-Ross
as Ring Boxer #2
Camille Hyde
as Young Jessica Pearson
Janet Porter
as Prosecutor
Suzanne Cyr
as Wife
Jake Epstein
as Brian Altman
Raffi Atamian
as Lawyer
Tony Nash
as Alonzo
John Jarvis
as Dean Harrick/Dean Herrick
Jennifer Gibson
as Peggy Davis
Nabil Rajo
as Jeffrey
Riley Gilchrist
as David Gruen
Allan Royal
as Judge Phillip Hopkins
Harry Judge
as Andy Forsyth
Amy Acker
as Esther Edelstein
Lisa Kimberley
as Scottie's Secretary
Tom Lipinski
as Trevor
Michael Harney
as Joe Henderson
Robin Archer
as Host #2
John Billingsley
as Stan Jacobson
Patrick J. Adams
as Mike Ross
Adrian G. Griffiths
as Guard #2
Buddy Arbuck
as Young Harvey
Hal Ozsan
as Jones Debeque
Dimitri Vantis
as Drew
Damon Dayoub
as Nick Pavonotti
Roger Brenner
as College Faculty Member
Chris Gleason
as Golfer
Colin Price
as Doorman
Brian White
as Garrett Brady
Anita La Selva
as Carla
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
as Rachel Zane
David Richmond-Peck
as Lawyer
Gina Torres
as Jessica Pearson
Deborah Pollitt
as Judge Dorsey
Peter Tufford Kennedy
as Donald Mannis
Derwin Phillips
as Tom
Patrice Goodman
as Ruth
Morgan Spector
as Mayor Bobby Novak
Paula Boudreau
as Linda Johnson
Brendan Wall
as Vernon Simms
Scott Michael Campbell
as Father Sam Walker
James Kall
as Judge George Clark
Jeff Roop
as Kurt Baxter
Lana Antonova
as Valentina
Charles Barkley
as Charles Barkley
Whitney Rice
as Nina Harford
Karen Glave
as Stephanie Liston
Lindsay Merrithew
as David Polk
Jessica Greco
as Admitting Nurse
Jonathan Maxwell Silver
as Lawyer
Michael Reilly Burke
as Teddy
Sarah Murphy-Dyson
as Ms. Sterling
Allison Brennan
as Abigail Lopez
Rachael Harris
as Sheila Sazs
Michelle Monteith
as Katie Specter
Michelle Giroux
as Ms. Sonowski
Paul Schulze
as Frank Gallo
Cornell Womack
as Kevin Slattery
Ric Reid
as Judge Edmonds
Michael B. Silver
as Craig Seidel
John Bedford Lloyd
as Gerald
Michael Gordin Shore
as Bob Ryerson
Matthew Lemche
as Frank Carvello
Tom Gallop
as Jeremy Edelstein
Jacob Buster
as Young Mike Ross
Alexandre Duong
as Dealer
Brittany Charlotte Smith
as Shelley
Shaun Smyth
as Stephen Faulkner
Natalie Krill
as Sarah Hardman
Imali Perera
as Cathleen Mitchell
Adam Godley
as Nigel Nesbitt
Amy Aquino
as Judge
Joe Pingue
as Ackerman
Shawn Campbell
as Tim
Karl Kenzler
as Neil Stillman
Mark Camacho
as John Bigelow
June Ng
as ALS Patient #2
Kristen Bush
as Joanna Webster
Chad Connell
as Jason Black
William Poulin
as Henry Carter
Ava Allan
as Daisy Jones
Jeffrey R. Smith
as Phillip Allen
John Finn
as Lawrence Kemp
Michelle Fairley
as Ava Hessington
Jorge Molina
as Judge Rudolf Montoya/Judge Rudolph Montoya
Zoe McLellan
as Holly Cromwell
Eddie Goines
as Ricky
Eric Close
as Travis Tanner
Ivan Martin
as Victor
Jeff Bryan Davis
as Tony Solinsky
Brian Hamman
as Harry Kirst
Danya Nearon
as Waiter
Connor Trinneer
as Preston Reed
Alan Rosenberg
as William Sutter
Nicholas Sadler
as Frank DiBiase
Gavin Fox
as Jamarcus Collins
Christina Cole
as Dr. Paula Agard
Ryan Silverman
as Emmet Ford
Debi Wollitzer
as City Hall Employee
Megan Gallagher
as Laura Zane
Angelica Alejandro
as Corporate Woman
Suzan Perry
as Administrator
John Mese
as Tim Petroff
Paul Essiembre
as Nick Zegan
Lindsey Kraft
as Alyssa Lang
Bernadette Couture
as Receptionist
Tina Jung
as Bridget
Maria Nash
as Young Rachel Zane
Jennifer Mote
as Claudia
Jonathan Eliot
as Edwin
Gail Hoffman
as Naomi Litt
Elizabeth Whitmere
as Acumen Lawyer
Ache Hernandez
as Leroy
James Downing
as Nick Rinaldi
Rebecca Dalton
as Allison Sanders
Amanda Schull
as Katrina Bennett/Katrina Bennet
Jennifer Ikeda
as Young Woman
Carrie Beale
as Lawyer/Restaurant Patron
Daniel Stolfi
as Guard #3
Darren Sheehan
as Police Officer
Alan Rosenthal
as Judge
David Eisner
as Board Member
Steve Lund
as Attractive Guy
Sarena Parmar
as Fiancée
Lisa Chandler
as Female Jogger/Jogging Woman #2
Patrick Murney
as Young Man
Rick Roberts
as Tom
Michelle Nolden
as Elaine Strickland
Tony De Santis
as Jury Foreman
Karen Malina White
as Doris Miller
Megan Fahlenbock
as Madison Price
David Wohl
as Judge
Jim Annan
as Dr. Keating
Tracie Thoms
as Becky
Lesley Faulkner
as Beth Clark
Jon Cor
as Tom Keller
Chris Gonsalves
as Associate Attorney
Richard Blackburn
as Judge Mark Dauber
Patrick Galligan
as Morgan Barrow
Carlos Lacamara
as Oscar Reyes
Daniel Bellomy
as Jeremy Wall
Ted Whittall
as Paul Gilroy
Abena Malika
as Jennifer Randall
Nigel Downer
as Passerby Four
Mika Amonsen
as Drake Johnson
David Hewlett
as Nathan Burns
Chris Tarpos
as Court Spectator/Business Pedestrian/Business Trader/Hotel Guest
Yanna McIntosh
as Judge Pearl Atkins
John Dossett
as Mr. Dockery
Peter Michael Dillon
as Carl McTaggart
Evan Buliung
as Simon Lowe
Tim Russ
as Robert Geller
Ewa Wolniczek
as Waitress One
Laura de Carteret
as Sylvia Perkins
Andrew Musselman
as Mr. Morris
Spencer Jones
as Hooded Man
Bruce McGill
as Stanley Gordon
Thom Zimerle
as Mr. Evans
Donzaleigh Abernathy
as Gloria Danner
Julie Ann Emery
as Vanessa
Derek Webster
as Prosecutor Alexander
David Patrick Flemming
as Walsh
Paul Kingston
as Sweaty Guy
Michael Rhoades
as Michael Jaworski
Margo Martindale
as Nell Sawyer
Kevin Daniels
as John Billows
Sergio Di Zio
as Todd
Phil Madura
as Bailiff
Marcella Lowery
as Dr. Shrager
Jason Gosbee
as Ruben Hernandez
Aloma Wright
as Gretchen/Gretchen Bodinski
Matt Servitto
as Mr. Hunt's Lawyer
Gregory Meyers
as Waiter
Paulette Sinclair
as Woman
Chike Johnson
as Judge Merrick
Neil Girvan
as Police Officer
Frank Chiesurin
as Will
Mary Ashton
as A.U.S.A. Danielle Randolph
Meghan Markle
as Rachel Zane
Michal Grzejszczak
as Messenger
Carl Bauer
as Guard
Glenn Plummer
as Leonard Bailey
Kristi Angus
as Concierge
Shannon Barnett
as Daisy's Lawyer
James McCaffrey
as Gordon
Krista Bridges
as Janet Stanger
Grant Nickalls
as Miles Newton
Andrew Pastides
as Clifford Watkins
Jeananne Goossen
as Theresa
Andrea Parker
as Tory
Matt Cooke
as Laurence
Paul Braunstein
as Security Guard
Ian Reed Kesler
as Stu Buzzini
Jeanette Roxborough
as Modeling Executive
Norman Owen
as Passerby Three
Jeremy Dash
as Dealer #2
Paul Hopkins
as Tony
Alison Smiley
as Judge
Benjamin Ayres
as Gavin Andrews
Matt Murray
as Man
Rob Stewart
as Tony Gionopoulos
Nigel Shawn Williams
as Judge Ward
Conrad Pla
as Ron Da'Mico
Marie Ward
as Jennifer
Jeff Seymour
as Arthur Kittredge
Maurice Godin
as George
David Christo
as Man in Suit
Sarah Jackson
as Woman in red dress
Jeff Teravainen
as Beat Cop
Danny MacDonald
as Aaron - Associate
Ralph Small
as Judge Knight
Mike Jackson
as Guy in Wine Bar
Aaron Williams
as Waiter
Katherine Heigl
as Samantha Wheeler
Sheila Boyd
as ALS Patient #1
Brendan Beiser
as Brecker
Demore Barnes
as Lucas Hodges
Glynn Turman
as Vic
Jeff Clarke
as Roy Collins
Stephen Sparks
as Butler
Kris Bratton
as Man
Merle Dandridge
as Leah
Veronica Low
as Business Woman Walking Along Sidewalk
Athena Karkanis
as Marissa
Christo Graham
as Associate
Paul Rivers
as Cahill's Colleague #1
Damon Gupton
as James Quelling
Max Beesley
as Stephen Huntley
Lamont James
as Prison Guard
Erika Alexander
as Sarah Leighton
Richard Fitzpatrick
as Judge
Dan Warry-Smith
as Vince Landis
Doug Murray
as Burt Kimball
Jordan Hudyma
as Cameron
Richard Zeppieri
as Elliot Perkins
Simon Kassianides
as Nick D'Amato
Murray Furrow
as Kevin Kessler
Priya Rajaratnam
as PSL Greeter
Michelle Leduc Catlin
as Judge Sylvia Feldman
Emma Pedersen
as Lisa
Brooklyn Lax
as Olivia
Tomaso Sanelli
as Young Harvey
Bruce Altman
as Anthony Mazlo
Robin McCulloch
as Jeff Gardner
Paul Miller
as Matthew Harris
Nitya Vidyasagar
as Stephanie Patel/Stephanie
Rory O'Shea
as David Nader
Nancy Palk
as Judy O'Brien
Rebecca Schull
as Edith Ross
Malcolm Gets
as Professor Dunbar
Derek McGrath
as Mr. Paulson
Luis Fernandes
as Repairman
Gina Holden
as Monica Eton
Donald Burda
as Judge Renee Aubuchon
Jamie Spilchuk
as Rudy
Martin Roach
as Parole Board Chair
Michael Lebovic
as Judge
Brendan McMurtry-Howlett
as Host #1
Cara Hunter
as Mrs. Goldfarb
Christy Bruce
as Young Judy
Reiley McClendon
as Liam Colson
Adam Rose
as Omar
Ray Proscia
as Dr. Lipschitz
Holly J. Barrett
as Young Samantha
J. Timothy Hunt
as Arctic Shipping Employee/Executive
Teddy Coluca
as Worker
Jonathan Whittaker
as Hanley Folsom
Chi McBride
as Terrence Wolf
Jurgen Hooper
as Gary
Jordan Johnson-Hinds
as Oliver Grady
Connor Lucas-Loan
as Teen Chaz
Dan Fox
as Ron
Stewart Arnott
as Tom Perkins
Conleth Hill
as Edward Darby
Anne Beaudry
as Judge Fowler
Amanda Martinez
as Lawyer
Sean Cullen
as Warden
Larry Mannell
as Judge
Sean Meehan
as Suit
Joe Cobden
as Jeremy Stiller
Alison Brooks
as Lisbeth Wexler
Herman Chavez
as Bellman
Courtney Deelen
as Hostess/Juror #1
Michelle Alexander
as Debra Kaplan
Natalie Gal
as Young Girl
Tyrone Mitchell Henderson
as Procter
Jeffrey Parazzo
as Bartender
Nick Alachiotis
as Boxing Coach/Stunt Coordinator
Clinton Walker
as ALS Patient #4
Anthony Starke
as Christopher Church
Michael Spencer-Davis
as Det. Bukowski
Jennifer Dale
as Gillian
Jessica Vandenberg
as Ballerina
Rob Yang
as Technician
Željko Ivanek
Sasha Roiz
as Thomas Kessler
Courtenay J. Stevens
as Ray Witchel
Jeanie Calleja
as Receptionist
Bruce Hunter
as Judge Nathan Perkins
Desmond Campbell
as Carl
Amanda Schik
as Elise
Sherry Nelson
as Paralegal
Jay Harrington
as Mark Meadows
Christopher Gross
as Lab Student/Office Worker
Brynn Thayer
as Lily Specter
Vincent Laresca
as Kenny Verdasco
Alvina August
as Julie
Richard H. Strobel
as Stevens Investor
Al McFoster
as Passerby Five
Derek Barnes
as Harvey Stunt Double
Iman Benson
as Joy Williams
Joseph Pierre
as Jerry
Josh Stamberg
as Richard Jensen
Douglas E. Hughes
as Judge
Raoul Bhaneja
as Marvin Terrell
John Boyd
as Gregory Boone
Jeff Gruen
as Man in Suit
Ish Morris
as Russell
Richard Hughes
as SIlver Fox
Lisa Messinger
as Nurse
Kevin Jubinville
as Matt Lasker
Ari Cohen
as Detective Packel
Catherine McGregor
as Manning's Attorney
Andre Sills
as Bailiff
Caroline Palmer
as Young Laura Zane
Allan Price
as Board Member
Craig Eldridge
as Jim Reynolds
Kelvin Wheeler
as Bailiff
Ashley Leggat
as Naomi
Matt Schichter
as Lawyer
Arlene Duncan
as Emma Powell
Erica Cox
as Carmen Varges
Allegra Fulton
as Judge Hernandez
Kate Elyse Forrest
as Dinner Guest
Vanessa Ray
as Jenny Griffith
Angela Elayne Gibbs
as Anna Reed
Richard Clarkin
as Jacob Walker
Greg Lanzillotta
as Bailiff
Andrew Goldfarb
as Law Student
Colin Glazer
as Larry Marsden
Craig Brown
as Mortician
Stephen Macht
as Henry Gerard/Professor Henry Gerard
Xuan Fraser
as Judge Anthony Morrison
Rod Campbell
as Simon Harrington
Michael Cristofer
as Paul
Paulino Nunes
as Johnny Karinski
Glenda MacInnis
as Receptionist
Nadia Dajani
as Elaine Cohen
Stephen Park
as Bryan Davis
Julian De Zotti
as Devon
Jon Foster
as Trent Devon
Evan Cameron
as Pizza Delivery Guy
Edie Inksetter
as Judge
Ron Lea
as Paul Richmond
Adam Langton
as Scott
Janet Monid
as Linda Carter
Marty Lindquist
as Mr. McMillan
Robert Gulassarian
as Boxer/SSE
Jon Fletcher
as Max Loudan
Amélie Albert-LeBlanc
as PSL Shame Employee 2
Richard Alan Campbell
as Casey Cullman
Chris Gillett
as Fred
Robert Verlaque
as Judge Gus Benjamin
Jordan Dawson
as Justin
Jonathan Gould
as Reggie Stanton
William Goulet Kean
as Interviewee #3
Brian Kaulback
as Laughing Patron Three
Marvin Kaye
as Judge Saul Zuckerman
Max Topplin
as Harold Gunderson
Alison Louder
as Susan/Susan Carter
Lynn Vogt
as Judge Timbers
Pat Mastroianni
as Tom Linder
Sharon Lewis
as Judge Samuels
Lucy DeLaat
as Striking Nurse at Table
Esteban Dager
as Young Louis
Susan Saint James
as Joy McAfferty
Tracey Hoyt
as Administrator
Tony Lai
as Mr. Chung
Michael Gross
as Walter Gillis
Simone Saunders
as Woman at Cab
Carolyn Hennesy
as Josie Gray
Anthony Giaimo
as Herman
Dave McMullan
as Maintenance Man
Shane Carty
as Eric Larson
Eric Woolfe
as Gil
James Gilbert
as Tom
DaJuan Johnson
as Nick Turner
Sonia Dhillon Tully
as Jesse Shear
Samuel Mekonnen
as Coffee Vendor
Matthew MacFadzean
as Nick/Nick Howell
Joseph Kell
as Mr. Forest
Aura Carcueva
as Nurse
Ali Manek
as Stock Broker 3
Neil Brown Jr.
as Clifford Danner
Jacinda Barrett
as Zoe Lawford
Robyn Thaler Hickey
as Inez
Kevin Bundy
as Dr. Lombard
Brendan Hines
as Logan Sanders
Rebecca Rittenhouse
as Keri Allen
Sandi Ross
as Cherine Randall
Jack Bona
as Young Harvey
Jennifer Wigmore
as Taylor Morrison
Zeljko Ivanek
as Eric Woodall
Drew Nelson
as Graham Stenton

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2011 | 12 Episodes

Season 2

2012 | 16 Episodes

Season 3

2013 | 16 Episodes

Season 4

2014 | 16 Episodes

Season 5

2015 | 16 Episodes

Season 6

2016 | 16 Episodes

Season 7

2017 | 16 Episodes

Season 8

2018 | 16 Episodes

Season 9

2019 | 10 Episodes




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