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December 3, 2021
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About this title


General Hammond summons Colonel Jack O'Neill out of retirement to embark on a secret rescue mission. O'Neill confesses that he disobeyed orders to destroy the Stargate on Planet Abydos, and that scientist Daniel Jackson may still be alive. Arriving on Abydos with his team, O'Neill meets up once again with the scientist, who has discovered a giant elaborate cartouche in hieroglyphics. All signs point to the fact that this is a map of many Stargates that exist throughout the galaxy - a development that makes the dream of the SG-1 team to travel throughout the universe in time a reality.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Wikipedia

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: July 27, 1997

Also Known As: Yıldız Geçidi YG-1, Старгейт SG-1 |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M, PG), Brazil (L, Livre) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

space travel

Company Credits

Production Co: Double Secret Productions, Gekko Film Corp. |  See more »


Hillary Cooper
as Receptionist
Jodelle Ferland
as Adria - Age 7
Chris Shields
as Capt. Mike Shefield
Anastasia Bandey
as Tok'ra #2
Christopher Kennedy
as Dr. Larry Murphy
Dee Jay Jackson
as Cab Driver
Guyle Fraizer
as SF Guard/Netu Guard/Technician #2
Jay Brazeau
as Harlan
Chad Hershler
as Villager
Hayden Baptiste
as Loyalist Soldier
Jenn Forgie
as Right Tech
Clayton Dean Watmough
as Airman McKay/Bedrosian Guard/Priest's Jaffa Guard #3/SG-5 Member/USAF Guard
Bryce Hodgson
as Kid
Wojciech Jakubowski
as Soldier
Bill Edwards
as SG-5 Member
Brett Chan
as Jaffa/Jaffa Pilot
Terrance Morris
as Jaffa/Jaffa #4
Martin Wood
as Major Wood/Firefighter/Man in elevator/Rocket Technician/Wormhole X-Treme Director
Andrew Jackson
as Supreme High Councillor Per'sus
Michael Sunczyk
as Vi'tak
Jason Schombing
as Dr. Robert Rothman
Paul Stafford
as Jaffa #2
Michael Roselli
as Free Jaffa/Jaffa #2
Natasha Jean
as Bastet
Dwight Schultz
as The Keeper
Martin Novotny
as NID Interrogation-Room Guard
Martin Sims
as Dol'ok/Jaffa #3
Carmen Moore
as Laboratory Assistant
Darren Hird
as Loyalist Soldier/Medical Technician/SG Guard
Gerald Thom
as Anesthetist
Gregory Bennett
as Lt. Col. Harlan Beck
Susie Wickstead
as Kelownan Aide
Anne Marie DeLuise
as Amy Vandenberg/Farrell
Ty Olsson
as Col. Barnes/Jaffa #1
Eric Steinberg
as Netan
John G. Lenic
as Wedding Guest
Nancy Hillis
as Young Catherine Langford
Victor Favrin
as Chalo
Mikka Dargel
as Kinsey's Aide Sara
Richard Dean Anderson
as Colonel Jack O'Neill/Brigadier General Jack O'Neill/Major General Jack O'Neill/Android O'Neill/Dr. Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill/Teal'c
Anwar Hasan
as Young Teal'c
Mark Houghton
as Ori Prior
Sarah Strange
as Ganos Lal/Morgan le Fay
Louis Chirillo
as Bert Simmons
Bruce Woloshyn
as Capt. Gerald E. Jennings/Dead Scientist #1/Garage Sale Homeowner/Gate Guard/Medical Technician/Television Crew Member
Ray Galletti
as Navigator Major Peter DeLouise
Erica Carroll
as Chairman Ashwan's Assistant
Peter Anderson
as Dr. Richard Flemming
Chad Krowchuk
as Gordie Lowe
Sean Allan
as Chancellor
Scott Owen
as Sgt. Mackenzie/Technician
Emy Aneke
as Baal's Jaffa/Fake Jaffa/Jaffa
Brent Stait
as Louis Ferretti/Major Louis Ferretti
Jolene Blalock
as Ishta
Clare Carey
as Kerry Johnson
Rob Lee
as Major Pierce/1945 scientist in film/Colonel Pierce/Pierce/Scientist
Dion Johnstone
as Chaka/Na'onak/Alien #2/Captain Nelson/Captain Warrick Trevor/Lt. Tyler/Wodan
Nicholas Podbrey
as Thor (puppet)/Zombie Scientist
Richard Side
as Guide
Jano Frandsen
as Dj'nor
Vince Crestejo
as Yu-huang Shang Ti
Matthew Glave
as Colonel Paul Emerson
Maria Luisa Cianni
as Woman
Sage Brocklebank
as Rand Protectorate Tech
Erick Avari
as Kasuf
Cam Cronin
as Door Airman
Christie Wilkes
as Delivery Woman
Josh Byer
as Sergeant
Michael Ryan
as John Prior
Bobbie Phillips
as Kynthia
Tobias Mehler
as Lieutenant Graham Simmons
Blu Mankuma
as Sheriff Knox
John R. Taylor
as Elder
Mike Desabrais
as Jaffa/Ver Eger Villager
Natasha Vasiluk
as Natalia/Nurse
Silya Wiggens
as SGC Female Crewman/Therapist
Ian Robison
as Frank Mitchell/Security Officer
Simon Burnett
as Free Jaffa/Kallanan Jaffa Warrior #3
Kevin Blatch
as Guy on Phone/Rebel Soldier/Tobias
Apollonia Vanova
as Russian Weapons Officer
Michael Chase
as Chief of Staff
Sam MacMillan
as Lt. Glenn
Patti Allan
as Mrs. Kinsey
Mark Hoeppner
as Villager
Paul Hooson
as Alec Colson's Asgard (puppet)
Kyle Cassie
as Eurondan Soldier/Reynolds
Tim Guinee
as Tomin
Ron Canada
as Quartus
Larry Drake
as Burrock
Royston Innes
as Moloc
Musetta Vander
as Shan'auc/Shauna
Kiara Hunter
as Alien Princess
Stephanie Shea
as Solen
Zak Santiago
as Rogelio Duran
Peter Kufluk
as TSgt. Connor/MSgt. Connor/Technician
Robert Foxworth
as Chairman Ashwan
Bill Nikolai
as Technician Vern Alberts/Android O'Neill (double)/Colonel Jack O'Neill/Colonel Jack O'Neill (double)
Donald Adams
as Latal
Jason Benson
as Military Candidate #1
Sean Patrick Flanery
as Orlin
Efosa Otuomagie
as Jaffa/SF Guard/Bo'rel's Jaffa/Khonsu's Jaffa/Security Police
Timothy Webber
as Commander Gareth
Kim Kondrashoff
as Roshure
Mar Andersons
as Bob/Air Force Official
Doug Wert
as Major Hadden
Ed Hong-Louie
as Zyang Wu
Darcy Laurie
as Cave-Dweller/Tass'an
Greg Michaels
as Jason Levinson
Robert Picardo
as Richard Woolsey
Michael Robinson
as Councilman #1
Pablo Coffey
as Vachna
Tracy Westerholm
as Surveillance SF/Technician #2/Airwoman/Female Soldier/SF/SF #1/SF Guard/Special Forces Soldier #2
Dean Moen
as Jaffa #2
Chuck Campbell
as Chuck the Technician
Michael Jonsson
as F-302 Pilot/Jaffa #1/Jaffa Guard/Juna Warrior
Deborah Theaker
as Charlene Spencer
Brad Loree
as Jaffa/Jaffa Warrior
Chris Owens
as Armin Selig
Amanda Tapping
as Major Samantha Carter/Lt. Col. Samantha Carter/Captain Samantha Carter/Dr. Samantha Carter/RepliCarter/Android Carter/Jolinar/Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter/Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter/Samantha Carter
Allan Lysell
as Del Tynan
Benson Simmonds
as Dr. Amuro
Julius Chapple
as Senior Airman Simon Wells
Andrew Airlie
as Dr. Carmichael/Kalan
Fred Applegate
as Elrad
William Atherton
as Emissary Varta
Bill Croft
as Sindar
Dean Aylesworth
as Old Anubis
Kelly Dean Sereda
as Lieutenant
Kyle Riefsnyder
as SF #3
Barry W. Levy
as Major Hawkins
Andy Maton
as British Representative Chapman
Robert Moloney
as Borren
Bob Frazer
as Airman
Doug Abrahams
as Ori Prior/Commander Hale
Andrew Moxham
as Pangar Sentry #2
Steve Lawlor
as Cor'ak
Gavin Hood
as Colonel Alexi Vaselov
Colleen Rennison
as Ally/Cassandra
Fraser Aitcheson
as Free Jaffa/Hathor's Jaffa/Jaffa Guard/SF Guard/Anubis' Jaffa/Apophis' Red Jaffa/Ares' Jaffa Commander/Dakara Jaffa #3/Escaping Jaffa/Free Jaffa #2/Jaffa/Jaffa Commander/Jaffa Warrior/Orderly/Ra's Jaffa/Rebel Jaffa/SG-3 Leader/Tagrean Worker/Worrel's Man
David DeLuise
as Pete Shanahan
Howard Siegel
as Keel
Brad Wright
as Scottish Engineer
Tamlyn Tomita
as Shen Xiaoyi
Keith Martin Gordey
as Professor Monroe
Matthew Harrison
as Darian
Bruce Harwood
as Dr. Osbourne
Jacob Chaos
as Ticked Off Passenger
Brock Johnson
as Hunter #1
Laara Sadiq
as Technician/Female Technician/Technician Davis/Technician #1/Technician #2
Jason Bryden
as Trust Operative
Alicia Thorgrimsson
as Jaffa
Colin Cunningham
as Major Paul Davis
Byron Chief-Moon
as Elder #2
Joey Shea
as Girl Riding Bike/Young Pamela Ambrose
Nancy Martin
as Meurik's Wife
Bruno Verdoni
as Netan's Lieutenant
Eric Schneider
as Dr. MacKenzie/Dr. McKenzie
Tom O'Brien
as Brian Vogler
Paul Perri
as Dr. Woods
Haley Beauchamp
as Sylvana
Steven McMichael
as Free Jaffa/SG-5 Team Member
Ian Tracey
as Smith
Marcel Maillard
as Paynan
Kirby Morrow
as Militia Man/Tara'c
Jen Halley
as Lieutenant Tolinev
Linnea Sharples
as Lieutenant Clare Tobias
Dan Rizzuto
as Tok'Ra Guard
Todd Masters
as Alec Colson's Asgard (puppet)/Zombie Scientist
Peter Kent
as Kintac/Bak'al
Janette Devries
as Female Serpent Guard
Michael Teigen
as Telescope Guy
John Tench
as Lizan
François Chau
as Chinese Ambassador
Richard Zeman
as Lourdes Maylay
Quinn Lord
as Child
Lexa Doig
as Dr. Carolyn Lam
Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman
as Server
Kevan Ohtsji
as Oshu/Yu's First Prime
Nancy Sorel
as Garan
Jesai Jayhmes
as Amra Delegate #1
Art Kitching
as Ma'kar
Olga Cramer
as Russian Aide
William Russ
as Captain Jonas Hanson
Raimund Stamm
as Hitchhike Driver
Raoul Ganeev
as Loyalist Soldier/Lt. Colonel Sergei Evanov/Roadblock Soldier #1
Biski Gugushe
as SF Guard/SF #2/SG-11 Leader
Derek Versteeg
as Jaffa #2
Adrian Hein
as Runner
John Murphy
as Sheriff Wade Stokes
Eileen Barrett
as Birra
Christopher Heyerdahl
as Pallan
Liam Ranger
as Nevin
Kimberly Unger
as Infirmary Nurse/Nurse
Marshall R. Teague
as AF Colonel Frank Cromwell
Ryan Jefferson Booth
as Zarin's Jaffa
George Dzundza
as Anubis/Jim
Charles Shaughnessy
as Alec Colson
Beverley Breuer
as Barkeep
Shane Meier
as Garan
Dan Shea
as Sgt. Siler/MSgt. Sylvester Siler/Fireman Opening Station Door/O'Neill Alternate
Gerard Plunkett
as High Councilor Tuplo/Nem
Mi-Jung Lee
as Reporter
Cathy Weseluck
as Resident #2
Paul Schiele
as Kelownan Soldier
Damian Kindler
as Scientist
Henry Gibson
as Marul
Martin Cummins
as Aden Corso
Kyle Hogg
as Jaffa Boy
Lauro David Chartrand-DelValle
as Jaffa
A.C. Peterson
as Canon
Ryan Drescher
as Young Keenin
Guy Fauchon
as Pullman
Kurt Evans
as Col. Johnson
J.B. Bivens
as Guard #1
Michele Greene
as Laira
Paul Koslo
as Terok
Noel Callahan
as Boy
Jay Williams
as Ra
Jason Gray-Stanford
as Orner
James Purcell
as Dr. Hersfield
Marc Baur
as Senior Cop
Rod Loomis
as Osric
Alex Zahara
as Alien #1/Alien Leader/Eggar/Iron Shirt/Michael/Motion Capture Warrior/Shy One/Warrick Finn/Xe'ls
Ryan Elm
as Gary Walesco
John 'Bear' Curtis
as Primitive
Ben Browder
as Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell
Miguel Fernandes
as Commander Kalfas
Rodney A. Grant
as Tonané
Melanie Rees
as Waitress
Jarvis W. George
as Volnek
Chris Robson
as S.F.
Randy Thompson
as Worrel's Bandit
Trevor Devall
as Kvasir/Asgard/Dominar Rygel XVI
Sebastian Spence
as Delek
Jan Bos
as Ambassador Sevarin
David Thomson
as Antonius
Marilyn Chin
as Clanswoman/Female Goa'uld/Jaffa Slave Women
Gwynyth Walsh
as Kelmaa/Queen Egeria
Vince Corazza
as Worrel
Garry Chalk
as Colonel Chekov
Morena Baccarin
as Adria
Sylvesta Stuart
as Free Jaffa/Jaffa #1/Plunkett/SF Guard
Rick Pearce
as Bedrosian Soldier/Guard #4/Jaffa Warrior
Alejandro Rae
as Alebran
Garvin Cross
as Casey
Yan Feldman
as Til'vak
Martin Szlavy
as Jaffa
Shaun Phillips
as Jim
D. Harlan Cutshall
as Jaffa Commander
David Richmond-Peck
as Jaffa Commander
Maury Chaykin
as Nerus
Brenna O'Brien
as Adria - Age 12
Grace Park
as Lt. Satterfield
Chad Bellamy
as Airman Graf/F-302 Pilot/Jaffa in Ring Room
Stephen Powell
as Dad
Judy Norton
as Talia
Chris Ang
as Anubis' Ninja Jaffa
Yan-Kay Crystal Lowe
as Nya
Patrick Gilmore
as Bernie Ackerman
Russell Roberts
as Psychiatrist
Samantha Ferris
as Dr. Raully
Camyar Chai
as Azdak
Kevin McCrae
as Kelownan Scientist
Jennifer Calvert
as Ren'al
Michael Soltis
as Medic
Christina McQuarrie
as Wedding Guest
Michael Kopsa
as General Kerrigan/News Anchor
John MacDonald
as Bedrosian Soldier/SG-3 Member
Nickolas Baric
as SF Guard/Penhall/F-302 Pilot/Fake USAF Major Shaner/Firefighter/Russian SG Team Member/SF/SG-10 Member/SG-5 Member
Martin Evans
as British Ambassador
Rachel Hayward
as Guard #3
John Tierney
as Monk
John Treleaven
as Colonel Davidson
Christopher Pearce
as Bosworth/Senior Airman Jake Bosworth
Sean Tyson
as Agent Singer/Barkeep/Ori Firstman/TSgt. Meaker/Unas #1
Roger Allford
as The President
Suleka Mathew
as Kali
Megan Elizabeth
as Jaffa Girl
Ulla Friis
as Shallan
Enrico Colantoni
as Burke
Michael E. Ryan
as General Ryan
David Adams
as Expert
Jim Byrnes
as Documentary Narrator
Chris Sayour
as Jaffa/Jaffa #5
Dagmar Midcap
as News Reporter #2
Karin Konoval
as Dr. Sandy Van Densen
Ted Cole
as Doctor #2
Michael Tiernan
as Horus Warrior/Ryn'tak
Ingrid Torrance
as Staffer
Frank Topol
as Big Guy
Heather Hanson
as Shyla
Alisen Down
as Dr. Brightman
Paul Christie
as Major Caffey
Jason Howell
as Major Harper
Jocelyne Loewen
as Dr. Chloe Angstrom
Ryf Van Rij
as VP Assistant
Terence Kelly
as Miles Hagan
Alistair Abell
as Jayem Seran/Science Candidate #2
Oliver Tan
as Marine
Mercedes de la Zerda
as Kar'yn
Patricia Harras
as Fake Carter
Craig McNair
as Technician #1
Mark Chin
as Rand Guard
Thomas Kopache
as Ellori
Kim Hawthorne
as Kegan
Roxana Phillip
as Melosha
David Abbott
as Dr. David Jordan
Sean Whale
as Ramius
Sanjay Madhav
as Sgt. Ramos
Kris Keeler
as Rand Guard/Zombie Pilot
Victor Talmadge
as Lord Mot
Hrothgar Mathews
as Dr. Hamilton
Christopher Redman
as Airman Shep Wickenhouse/Tian
Peter Kelamis
as Coyle Boron/Dr. Langham
Robert C. Cooper
as Writer
Mark Holden
as Korra
Hal Myshrall
as Thug
Louis Gossett Jr.
as Gerak
Samantha Kaine
as Goa'uld Lieutenant
Hawthorne James
as Gavos
Alexis Cruz
as Skaara/Klorel
Daniella Evangelista
as Denya
Don Thompson
as Property Master/U'kin
Peter Benson
as Devon
Tamara Prescott
as Dolores - Simmon's Secretary
Rachelle Chartrand
as Mother
Matthew Walker
as Merlin/Roham
Giorgio Miyashita
as Anubis' Jaffa/Ares' Jaffa/Free Jaffa/Goa'uld in Male Host
Charles Andrew Payne
as Guard NCO/Prometheus Crew Member/Tagrean Security Officer
Jason Calder
as SF Guard/Alien #1/Bra'tac's Apprentice #2/Eurondan Soldier/Jaffa Warrior/Kelownan Soldier/Library Security Guard/Priest's Jaffa Guard #1/SG-3 Member
Jason Gaffney
as Sanderson
Chelah Horsdal
as Lt. Womack
Elizabeth Weinstein
as Emta
Glen Brkich
as Ares' Jaffa
Katharine Isabelle
as Valencia
Holly Elissa
as President's Aide
Dale Hall
as Jaffa Commander
Ivon R. Bartok
as Cadet
Theresa Lee
as Interpreter
Tonjha Richardson
as Rogue NID Member
Don S. Davis
as Major General George Hammond/Lieutenant General George Hammond/Brigadier General George Hammond/Colonel George Hammond
Ernie Hudson
as Pernaux
Hugo Steele
as Free Jaffa/Dakara Free Jaffa/Jaffa #3/Jaffa Guard/Ronac's Guardian #2
Michelle Comens
as Television Crew Member/Wedding Guest
Kendall Cross
as Julia Donovan
Michael Welch
as Young Jack O'Neill
David Bloom
as Scavenger/Spellman
David Cameron
as Elder
Richard de Klerk
as Dominic/Joe
Mark Pawson
as Reporter #1/Secret Service Man
James Bamford
as Eighth
T.M. Sandulak
as Sergeant Ziplinski
Emma Cooper
as Adria - Age 4
Dawn Chubai
as News Reporter #1
Benjamin Ayres
as Muirios
Cory Martin
as Fallen Jaffa/Free Jaffa
Alonso Oyarzun
as Punk Leader
Julie Patzwald
as Naytha
Erica Durance
as Krista James
Joe Flanigan
as Lt. Colonel John Sheppard
Fulvio Cecere
as Col. Davidson/Colonel Davidson
Tyler McClendon
as Lt. Banks/SGC Officer
Aaron Brooks
as Nisal
Zahf Paroo
as Jamala
G. Patrick Currie
as Fifth/Chaka/Eamon
Rob Hayter
as Sergeant/Camelot Villager/Leader #2/Marine/Orderly/Phil/Prometheus Crew Member/SF Guard/SG Mortar Operator/Security Team Member
Chris Harrison
as Guard
Alex Diakun
as Tarek Solamon
Russell Ferrier
as Major Griff/Captain Griff
Donna White
as Crying Mother
Mary-Jane Baker
as Special Forces
Shirley Hill
as Furling #2
Oleg Feoktistov
as Korolev Pilot/Man at Airport/Sightseer With Camera
Amber Rothwell
as Jenny
Anthony Ashbee
as Soldier
Tony Todd
as Lord Haikon
Jonathan Walker
as Ta'Seem
Scott Nicholson
as Jaffa
Andrew Johnston
as Doctor #1
James Kidnie
as Soren
Kavan Smith
as Major Evan Lorne
Neil Denis
as Rya'c
D. Neil Mark
as Frakes
Barbara Kottmeier
as Young Vala
Doreen Ramus
as Hazel
Lucia Walters
as Disciple
Michael Karl Richards
as Guardsman
Lawrence Dane
as Major General Bauer
Mitchell Kosterman
as Colonel Tom Rundell/Special Agent James Hamner
Benita Ha
as Brooks
Dillon Moen
as Charlie O'Neill
Robin Richardson
as Trader
Alexander Kalugin
as Major Vallarin/Rogue NID Member
Tanya Reid
as Jolinar/Jolinar of Malkshur/Rosha
Lance Gibson
as Harem Guard #1
Marina Sirtis
as Dr. Svetlana Markov
Kimani Ray Smith
as Ocker
Melanie Blackwell
as Servant
Jesse Moss
as Lieutenant J. Hibbard
Isaac Hayes
as Tolok/Teal'c PI Announcer
Lesley Ewen
as SGC Geneticist
Graeme Ford
as Mark
Harrison Coe
as Alekos
Cameron K. Smith
as Jaffa Re' Lo
Terry Chen
as Monk
Finn Michael
as Councilman #3/Guard #2/Hand in Pants Guy/Soldier
Morris Chapdelaine
as Tenat/Alec Colson's Asgard (puppet)/Ori Prior
Michael Adamthwaite
as Her'ak
Dean Paul Gibson
as Man From Store
Jorge Vargas
as Abu
Jason Griffith
as Worker #1
Alex Dafoe
as Halstrom
Warren Kimmel
as Dr. Marell
Christina Jastrzembska
as Female Elder
Christopher Attadia
as Eric
Glynis Davies
as Ambassador Noor/Young Catherine Langford
Wallace Shawn
as Arlos
Jeff Judge
as Aron
Ronny Cox
as Senator Robert Kinsey/Vice President Robert Kinsey/President Robert Kinsey/Robert Kinsey
Michael Ironside
as Seevis
Adam Baldwin
as Colonel Dave Dixon
Colin Heath
as Technician
Sean Hall
as SF
Aaron Craven
as Captain Kyle Rogers/Matar
Soon-Tek Oh
as Moughal
Hiro Kanagawa
as Mr. Wayne
Ron Blecker
as SG-3 Airman
Norman Armour
as Dr. MacLaren
Megan Leitch
as Ke'ra
Bill Marchant
as Adrian Conrad/Goa'uld
Alex Ferris
as Andy Spencer
Hector Navarro
as TSgt. Kraushaar/Jaffa
Ralph Alderman
as Shop Owner
Jason McKinnon
as Walker
Neil Jackson
as Khalek
Marya Delver
as Layale
Michasha Armstrong
as Shak'l
Sylvain Cameron
as Sergeant
Dave 'Squatch' Ward
as Antagonistic Bar Guy
Wayne Brady
as Trelak
Jeff Gulka
as Charlie
Sasha Piltsin
as Driver
Shiraine Haas
as Lt. Evans
Zoran Vukelic
as Jaffa
Mark Acheson
as Vishnoor
Ian Brown
as Kakalios
Sonny Dean
as Worrel's Man
Kevin Durand
as Zipacna
Reed Diamond
as Major Bryce Ferguson
Tiffani Timms
as Blonde Girl
Armin Shimerman
as Anteaus
Dorian Harewood
as Thoran
Alvin Sanders
as Fred
Noah Beggs
as Security Force Officer #1
Penelope Corrin
as Dr. Lindsay/Science Candidate #1
Jan Newman
as Wedding Guest
Suanne Braun
as Hathor
Kevin Conway
as SG-3 Leader
Stephen Park
as Harrid/Controller
John Prowse
as Col. Pearson/Colonel Pearson
Lisa Bunting
as Claire Jackson
Jacquie Janzen
as Aide/Commissary Airman/Lt. Rush/Nurse
Dean Redman
as Firefighter/Lt. Woeste
Linnea Johnson
as SGC Tour Guide
Dean Hinchey
as Dr. Kevin Hartkins/Senator Kinsey's Bodyguard
Peter Bryant
as Hoskins/Fro'tak
Igor Morozov
as Roadblock Soldier #2/Russian Man
Jennifer Wilhelmine
as Zombie
Anthony Montgomery
as 1st mover in Daniel Jackson's apartment
Ona Grauer
as Ayiana
Cliff Simon
as Ba'al
Noah Dalton Danby
as Cha'ra
Kira Clavell
as Amaterasu
Robert Clarke
as Science Candidate #3/Scientist #1
Heather Christie
as Waitress
Chris Bradford
as Medical Technician
George Touliatos
as Pyrus/Shamda
Scott Hylands
as Dr. Timothy Harlow
Brady Schlecker
as Rand Guard
Ryan Ennis
as Jaffa Guard
Jennifer Steede
as Flight Attendant
Les Asselstine
as Arbalester/Ver Eger Villager/Worrel's Scout
Brad Kelly
as Netu Guard/Big Prisoner/Free Jaffa in a Skirt/Jaffa/Jaffa #1/Thug Friend #1
Roger Cross
as Captain Conner/Lieutenant Connor
Kirsten Alter
as Jalen/Tok'ra #1
David Neale
as Alpha Site Soldier/Dialer
Tahmoh Penikett
as Third
Stuart O'Connell
as Marine/Tommy Levinson
James McDaniel
as General Francis Maynard
Frida Betrani
as Lya
Paul Jarrett
as Science Candidate/Special Agent Farrity
Carin Moffat
as Snake Townsperson
Jason George
as Jolan
Gina Stockdale
as Kinsey's Maid
Salli Richardson-Whitfield
as Drey'auc
Rob Court
as Caleb
Marie Stillin
as High Chancellor Travell
Warren Takeuchi
as Young Doctor
Steve Archer
as Ori Commander
Brad Greenquist
as Dr. Keffler
Katey Wright
as Marci Wells
Betty Linde
as Mrs. Sharpe
Dakin Matthews
as Maz'rai
Charles Singh
as Khordib
Santo Lombardo
as Bolaa
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
as Turghan
Kate Mitchell
as Purse Woman
Marshall Virtue
as Bedrosian Soldier
June B. Wilde
as Maid
Steve Bacic
as Camulus/Major Coburn
Matt David Johnson
as Play Warrior
Scott MacDonald
as Golon Jarlath
Shekhar Paleja
as Jaffa #2
Rob Murray Duncan
as Melburn Jackson/Seth
Tiffany Lyndall-Knight
as Apophis' Female Jaffa/Evalla/La Moor
Nels Lennarson
as Major Green
N. John Smith
as Doughnuts guy's friend
Ray Xifo
as Ohper
Tobias Slezak
as Tech Sergeant Dale James
Rudolf Martin
as Anateo
Joel Swetow
as First Minister Valis
Sarah Deakins
as Tanis Reynard
Gwenda Lorenzetti
as Nursemaid
Sharon Simms
as SG-5 Team Member
Elliot Mandelcorn
as Colonel Raimi
Tom McBeath
as Colonel Harry Maybourne/Harry Maybourne/Harry 'King Arkhan The First' Maybourne
Lillianne Lee
as Kim Lam
John Ulmer
as Firefighter/Jaffa/Jaffa #5/SG-5 Team Member
Sheri Rabold
as Physiotherapist
Joy Coghill
as Saroosh/Selmak
Billy Mitchell
as Senator
Sean Amsing
as Tobay
John Prosky
as Malchus
Devon Finn
as Young Hanno
Marc Worden
as Ronan
Obi Ndefo
as Rak'nor
Geoff Redknap
as Alien #2/Jup/Oranian Lieutenant
Liza Huget
as Waitress
Ian Marsh
as Bedrosian Medic/Seth's Armed Disciple/Thoth
Coleen Christie
as News Reporter Amy Jensen
Lachlan Murdoch
as Tomin
Demord Dann
as Anubis' Ninja Jaffa
Danielle Kremeniuk
as Varina
William Devane
as President Henry Hayes
Bill Stewart
as Jaffa
Ben Immanuel
as Dr. Hutchison/Producer
Jay Kramer
as Guard #2
Artine Tony Browne
as Ba'al's Jaffa/Osiris' Jaffa Pilot/Park Trotter/Pilot
Nicole Oliver
as Leedora
Lauren K. Robek
as Lieutenant Astor
Tony Morelli
as Bedrosian Soldier/Jaffa #7/SG-5 Team Member
Lisa Bayliss
as Senator's Wife
Daryl Shuttleworth
as Commander Rigar/Commander Tegar
Keene Curtis
as Ernest Littlefield
Ken Dresen
as Alex Jameson
Simone Bailly
as Ka'lel
Gavin Buhr
as Jaffa
Galyn Görg
as Kendra
David Kaufman
as Mark Gilmour
Venus Terzo
as Dr. Francine Michaels
Nick Misura
as Taupen
Rob Farrell
as MSgt. Farrell/SF Guard
Rick Worthy
as K'tano
Zak Church
as Local #2
Rick Morwick
as Unas
Holly Ferguson
as Lieutenant Evans
Sina Najafi
as Egyptian Boy
Darren Moore
as Vosh
Wycliff Hartwig
as Unas #1/Unas #2
Terrance Leigh
as Abydonian #2/Jaffa #2
Ken Jones
as Cimmerian/Cured Touched/Hell Dweller/Prisoner/Torture Spectator/Townsperson/Villager/Worrel's Bandit
Tom Heaton
as Werner
Craig Erickson
as Adal
Jerr Weddell
as Jaffa Commander
Gerald Scarr
as Alien #2
Martin Christopher
as Major Kevin Marks/Captain Kevin Marks/Lt. Kevin Marks/Lt. Marks/Major Marks
Dale Wilson
as Committee Member #3
Tabitha St. Germain
as Byrsa Woman
Emily Holmes
as Kianna Cyr
Patricia Drake
as Lucia Tarthus
Andrew Wheeler
as Major Stan Kovacek
Adam J. Harrington
as Goa'uld #2/Khonsu
Uros Certic
as Free Jaffa #1
Robert Wisden
as Lt. Colonel Bert Samuels/Major Bert Samuels/Samuels
Mark Gibbon
as M'zel/Thor
Arvydas Lebeliunas
as Anatole Konstantinov
Jason Hanmer
as Airman Black
Stephen Tibbetts
as Guard
David McNally
as Hanno/Simon
Yee Jee Tso
as Left Tech
Tony Amendola
as Master Bra'tac/Brae
Patrick Gallagher
as Jaffa Commander
Derek Hamilton
as Doug McNair
Malik McCall
as First Guard
Dean McKenzie
as Teresh
Shawn Reis
as Jaffa/Jaffa #2/Jaffa Commander
Addison Ridge
as Nafrayu
Keegan Connor Tracy
as Dr. Redden
Poppi Reiner
as Pamela Ambrose
Michael Philip
as Jaffa #2
Christine Kennedy
as Young Samantha Carter
John Noble
as Meurik
Jay-Lyn Green
as Apophis' Female Jaffa
Peter DeLuise
as Airman/Director/Father/Gateroom Operator/Interviewer/Lieutenant/Lieutenant Dagwood/Loki/Machine Gun Guard/Man Leaving Cafe/Man in cryogenic chamber/Peter DeLuise/SF Guard/SGC Engineer/Sal's Diner Customer/Screaming Villager/Shouting Jaffa/Tok'ra Guard/Worker/Wormhole X-Treme Replacement Actor/Young Urgo in Uniform
Michael David Simms
as Secretary of Defense Arthur Simms
Sarah Goodwill
as Student
Desiree Zurowski
as Minister Chaska/Parey
Rob Morton
as Sheriff
Laura Mennell
as Mary
Preston Cook
as Radio Man
Ellie Harvie
as Dr. Lindsey Novak
Brian Davies
as Waiter
James Michalopolous
as SF Guard/F-302 Pilot/Free Jaffa/Leo
Dan Castellaneta
as Joe Spencer
David Nykl
as Dr. Radek Zelenka
Alan Rachins
as Colonel Kennedy
Simon Hayama
as Jarren
Laura Drummond
as Security Guard
Aleks Paunovic
as Shaq'rel
Jim Thorburn
as SF Guard #2/Watts
Conan Graham
as NID Man
Paul Moniz de Sa
as Fannis
Greg Anderson
as Ori Administrator/Ori Prior/Ori Prior #1/Webber
James Chutter
as Airman Clark/SGC Official
Kristina Copeland
as Second/Waitress
Maximillian Uhrin
as Young Mitchell
Julie Johnson
as Young Carter
Barclay Hope
as Colonel Lionel Pendergast
Marco Soriano
as Tegalan Rand Soldier
Reg Tupper
as Doctor
Monique Rusu
as Dark Skinned Woman
Anthony Ulc
as Major Mansfield/Mansfield
Matthew Bennett
as Jared Kane/Ted
Saul Rubinek
as Emmett Bregman
Carrie Ritchie
as Technician #2
Diane Brown
as Docent
Douglas Arthurs
as Heru'ur/Kah'l
Richard Whiten
as Bo'rel
Elisabeth Rosen
as Air Force Cadet Jennifer Hailey/Air Force Lt. Jennifer Hailey
Woody Jeffreys
as Guard/SF Guard #1
Sarah Edmondson
as Natania
Gillian Barber
as Ambassador Dreylock/First Minister Dreylock/Resident #1
Ben Wilkinson
as O'Brien
Jill Teed
as Stacy Monroe/Yolanda Reese
Jeny Cassady
as Alien Bounty Hunter #1
Adrian Holmes
as Detective Ryan/Special Operations Sergeant
Carmen Argenziano
as Selmak/Jacob Carter/General Jacob Carter
Patrick Keating
as Councilman #2
Mark Hansen
as Older Andy Spencer
Brahm Taylor
as Villager
David Lovgren
as Darrell Grimes/Va'lar
Julian Sands
as The Doci
Mark Oliver
as Jean LaPierre
Earl Pastko
as Colonel Zukhov
Daniel Cudmore
as Jaffa #1
Keath Thome
as Head SF
Jessica Steen
as Dr. Elizabeth Weir
Daniel Pepper
as Hospital SF
Tony Alcantar
as Dr. Myers
Jonathan Holmes
as Dr. Bricksdale
Everick Golding
as Harem Guard #2
Eli Gabay
as Jumar
Simon Egan
as SF #1
Link Baker
as Artok/Lt. Barber
Brandy Ledford
as Zarin
Sean Donaghy
as Worrel's Scout
Barbara Fixx
as Rear Tech
Gaston Morrison
as Kallanan Jaffa Warrior #2/Swope
Amanda O'Leary
as Dr. Cole
Colin Lawrence
as Major Lawrence/Major Warren/SG-3 Leader/Sergeant Warren/Warren
Martin Blaiz
as NID Guard
Britt Irvin
as Merrin
Aisha Hinds
as Thilana
Robert Lewis
as Dr. Peter Tanner
Chic Gibson
as Wedding Guest
Aleks Holtz
as Jaffa #2
Christopher Judge
as Teal'c/Android Teal'c/Colonel Jack O'Neill/Ma'chello/Quetzalcoatl/Tee/Voice of Unas
Peter New
as Farmer
Michael Rooker
as Colonel Edwards
Diego Klattenhoff
as Team Leader
Bill Dow
as Dr. Bill Lee
JR Bourne
as Lantash/Martouf
William B. Davis
as Damaris/Ori Prior Damaris
Jason Edward Coleman
as Young Daniel
Tony Baretta
as SF
Kurt Max Runte
as Col. Kirkland/Major Boyd
Christopher Cousins
as Ambassador Joseph Faxon
Eric Breker
as Colonel Reynolds/Major Reynolds
Darryl Quon
as Lord Yu's Jaffa
Bonnie Bartlett
as Linea
Daniel B. Melles
as Special Forces Soldier #1
Alison Matthews
as Brenna
Colleen Winton
as Dr. Greene/National Security Advisor
David Sinclair
as Bill A.D.
Vanessa Angel
as Anise/Freya
Robert Milicevic
as Chaka the Unas
Peter Nicholas Smyth
as Ori Prior
Ken Kirzinger
as Jaffa/Ares' Jaffa/Jaffa Commander
Lindsay Maxwell
as La'el Montrose
Connor Dunn
as Ramus
Sean Arnfinson
as Military Candidate #2
Johannah Newmarch
as Sina
Jodie Graham
as SG-25 Leader
Rick Ravanello
as Guard #2
Richard Ian Cox
as Nyan
Paul Wu
as Airman Chu/Alex Baker/De'vir/Mongol Rider
Malcolm Scott
as Caius
Gabrielle Miller
as Thetys
Wren Roberts
as Red Guard #1
Jody Thompson
as Woman Bounty Hunter
Nicola Correia-Damude
as Play Vala
Travis Woloshyn
as Protestor
Scott J. Ateah
as Rebel Soldier
Tom Scholte
as Chazen
Jan Rubes
as Nicholas Ballard
Fred Henderson
as Major Robert Thornbird
Joseph Mallozzi
as Doughnuts guy
Gary Jones
as Sgt. Walter Harriman/Chief Mst Sgt. Walter Harriman/Radio Dispatcher/Sergeant Walter Harriman/Sgt. Walter Harriman - Technician
Tamsin Kelsey
as Gairwyn
Steven Cree Molison
as Player
Mark Davidson
as Wedding Guest
Ingrid Kavelaars
as Major Erin Gant
Todd Scott
as Airman Loder/Jaffa
Scott McNeil
as Kefflin/Townsperson
Chris Duggan
as Heru'ur's Jaffa
Kristian Ayre
as Loran
John Mann
as Luthor
L. Harvey Gold
as Committee Member #1
Tobin Bell
as Omoc
Michael Daingerfield
as Big Jaffa
Marilyn Norry
as Hedrazar
Rimple Sumer
as Restaurant Hostess
Jerry Wasserman
as Chief Of Staff/Whitlow
Vincent Gale
as Agent Cross/Deputy
Dion Luther
as Asgard Council Member/Mollem
Tatiana Shanks
as Frisbee Girl
Cameron Bright
as Orlin
Peter Wingfield
as Tanith/Hebron
Robert Manitopyes
as Guard #1
Gianna Patton
as Nurse
John Billingsley
as Simon Coombs
Adrian G. Griffiths
as Lieutenant Baker/Paul
Lane Gates
as Shifu
Don Stark
as Sal
Pamela Perry
as 'Future' Cassandra
Ian Butcher
as Ori Prior
Katina Robillard
as Screaming Woman
Gardiner Millar
as Yat'Yir
Dario Delacio
as Jaffa #3
Ben Bass
as Dr. Steven Rayner
Rene Auberjonois
as Alar
Craig Veroni
as Weapons Officer
Aaron Pearl
as Lieutenant George Hammond/Major Kearney
Leanne Adachi
as Rebel Aide
Richard Leacock
as Colonel Brogen/Sergeant
Michael J Rogers
as Col. Richard Kendrick/Colonel John Michaels/Major Escher
John Novak
as Colonel William Ronson
Darren Giblin
as Conway
Paul Norman
as Apophis' Red Guard
Lucas Wolf
as Jennings
Joe Pascual
as Medical Technician
Charles Zuckermann
as Rebel Soldier
Michael Gordin Shore
as F-302 Pilot/Lt. Menard/Weapons Officer
Lorena Gale
as Curator
Brent C.S. O'Connor
as Heren
Danielle Nicolet
as Reese
Maurico Vasquez
as Student
Joey Aresco
as Mr. Parker/Slaviash
Kyle Graham
as Charlie O'Neill
Darryl Scheelar
as Co-pilot/Cop/Man/SG Soldier
Peter Shinkoda
as Caledonian Aide
Michael P. Northey
as Inago
Danny Wattley
as Lieutenant Johnson
Yurij Kis
as Seth's Disoriented Disciple/Yuri
Chilton Crane
as Sheila Jameson
David Palffy
as Anubis/Sokar
Brad Dryborough
as Outta Control Driver
James Parks
as Pharrin
Jane Spence
as Nurse
Jacqueline Samuda
as Nirrti
Duncan Fraser
as Professor Langford
Ryan Christopher Keys
as Unas #3
Peter Williams
as Apophis/Accident Victim/Alternate Apophis/Doctor
Paul McGillion
as Young Ernest Littlefield
Chief Leonard George
as Elder #1
Kathleen Duborg
as Neith
Paul Batten
as French Ambassador
Ryan Silverman
as Tollan Guard
Alexander Boynton
as Floor Director
Rob Fournier
as Airman Mansfield/Special Forces Commander
Anna-Louise Plowman
as Dr. Sarah Gardner/Osiris
Todd Thomson
as Ramius First Prime
Dan Payne
as Kull Warrior/Ashrak/Free Jaffa/Jaffa/Jaffa Commander/Khonsu's Jaffa/Security Force Officer #2
David Allan Pearson
as Quinta
Carrie Anne Fleming
as Assistant
Sarah Douglas
as Garshaw of Belote/Yosuuf
Yvonne Myers
as Area 51 Technician
P.J. Johal
as Jaffa #1
Claudia Black
as Vala Mal Doran
Alessandro Juliani
as Katep/Eliam
Laurie Murdoch
as Administrator Calder
Don MacKay
as Committee Member #2
Claude Knowlton
as Doctor
Tom Butler
as Major General Trofsky
Belinda Waymouth
as Ja'din
Aaron Douglas
as Jaffa #1/Moac
Kirk Caouette
as Lt. Ritter
Michael Eklund
as Dark-haired Man
Brendan McClarty
as Sendear
David Hewlett
as Dr. Rodney McKay
Ed Anders
as Former Football Player/Jaffa/Warehouse Guy
Veena Sood
as Abydonian Leader/Dr. Kelly
Eric Keenleyside
as Fred
Peter Stebbings
as Malek
Brad Proctor
as Alec Colson's Asgard (puppet)/Alien Bounty Hunter #2
Christopher Gaze
as Tevaris
Don LaFontaine
as Wormhole X-Treme Trailer Announcer
Allison Hossack
as Zenna Valk
Shawn Stewart
as Bra'tac's Apprentice #1/Fake Jaffa Bounty Hunter/Free Jaffa/Jaffa/Jaffa #2/Jaffa #4/Priest's Jaffa Guard #2/Ronac's Guardian #1/Staff Cannon Jaffa
Cory Monteith
as Young Mitchell
Judith Berlin
as Mrs. Conners
Travis Webster
as Tryan
Paul Cummings
as Rand Guard
Carla Boudreau
as Apophis' concubine/Oma Desala
Willie Garson
as Martin Lloyd
Norm Hirshfeldt
as Crossbow Guard/Ver Eger Villager/Worel's Scout
Françoise Robertson
as Captain Daria Voronkova
Neil Schell
as Mr. Crandall
Julian Christopher
as Vin Eremal
James Caldwell
as Hunter #2
Peter F. Woeste
as Wedding Guest
Sean Carey
as Galarian Security Private
Evan Frayne
as Pilot #1
Tracey Hway
as Hira
Christian Bocher
as Dr. Levant/Raymond Gunne/Christian Bocher/Major Newman
Justin Duran
as SF Guard
Mel Harris
as Oma Desala
Thomas Milburn Jr.
as Hazmat Officer/Jaffa #1
John DeSantis
as Jaffa #1
Mark Brandon
as Presenter
Miguel Castillo
as Pedro
Allan Gray
as Mr. Kent
Andrew Kavadas
as Zipacna's Jaffa/Olaf
Katie Stuart
as Cassandra
Michael Shanks
as Dr. Daniel Jackson/Thor/Aegir/Android Daniel Jackson/Ma'chello/Colonel Jack O'Neill/John Crichton/Keenin/Penegal/Sovereign Martice/The Cowardly Lion/Tryan/Vala Mal Doran
Todd Hann
as SF Sergeant Gibson
Ikkee Battle
as SP Guard
Kevin McNulty
as Dr. Warner
Phillip Mitchell
as Guy #1/Jaffa #2/Major Graham
Corin Nemec
as Jonas Quinn/Probie
Dmitry Chepovetsky
as Boris/Russian Soldier
Rachel Griffin
as Zombie
Wendy Noel
as Councilwoman
David Lewis
as Cameron Balinsky
Benz Antoine
as Driver
Brian Drummond
as Attendant/Galaran Security Officer
Christopher Newton
as Caretaker
Robin Mossley
as Dr. Reimer/Malikai
Dean Stockwell
as Doctor Kieran
Andrew McNee
as Technician
Bruce Campbell
as Worker #2
John Shaw
as Dr. Friesen
Frank Roman
as Rafael
Kristen Dalton
as Anna/Sekhmet
Vitaly Kravchenko
as Lt. Marchenko
Trevor Jones
as Alien/Anubis' Jaffa/Unas #2
Stuart Gibson
as Elder's Son
Rik Kiviaho
as Anubis/New Anubis
Jeff Seymour
as Mr. Black
Karen van Blankenstein
as Nurse
Paul Anthony
as Slave
Brad Sihvon
as Joe
Steve Makaj
as Colonel Makepeace
Christine Adams
as Mala
Ken Phelan
as Food Server
Craig Fairbrass
as Arkad
David Kopp
as Lieutenant Grogan
Sean Millington
as SSgt. Peterson/Ronac/Slave in Turban/Thug Friend #2
Jennifer Copping
as Mallin
Loyd Bateman
as Free Jaffa/TSgt. Chapman
Brendan Beiser
as Weaver
Larry Cedar
as Ori Prior #2
Adrien Dorval
as Borzin
Sonya Salomaa
as Athena/Charlotte Mayfield
Dom DeLuise
as Togar/Urgo
Sasha Pieterse
as Grace
Frank C. Turner
as Homeless Man
Greg Zach
as Jaffa
Ryan W. Smith
as Special Forces Guard
Nigel Vonas
as Ryk'l
Vaitiare Hirshon
as Amaunet/Sha're
Brook Susan Parker
as Drey'auc
Rob 'Sluggo' Boyce
as Assassin Sniper
Robert Bruce
as Local #1
Brian Markinson
as Lotan
Bruce Dawson
as Crewman
Eileen Pedde
as Major Gibson
Christina Cox
as Lieutenant Kershaw/T'akaya
Michael Lenic
as Guy #1
Andrew McIlwaine
as Medic
Chris Kramer
as Pilot #2
Aaron Thompson
as Jaffa #2
George Wyner
as Al Martell
John Sampson
as SG-5 Member
Peter Flemming
as Agent Malcolm Barrett
Nikki Smook
as Nictal/Nikka
Catherine Lough Haggquist
as Technical Sergeant
Ron Halder
as Cronus
Jackie Blackmore
as Female Grad
William deVry
as Aldwin
Owen Walstrom
as Kallanan Jaffa Warrior #1
Frank Cassini
as Colonel Sean Grieves
April Telek
as Sallis
Sam J. Jones
as Aris Boch
Patrick McKenna
as Jay Felger
James Earl Jones
as Unas
Tosca Baggoo
as Tok'ra Council Woman
Peter LaCroix
as Ashrak/Kendrick
Michael DeLuise
as Colonel Danning/Michael DeLuise/Nick Marlowe
Mike Dopud
as Jaffa Guard/Colonel Chernovshev/Eurondan Soldier/Jaffa Warrior/Odai Ventrell
Johnny Cuthbert
as Agent Devlin
Elizabeth Hoffman
as Catherine Langford/Dr. Catherine Langford
Bruce Gray
as Sen. Fisher
Kwesi Ameyaw
as Olokun
Julie Hill
as Ginra
Shannon Powell
as Sixth
Kirsten Zien
as Nesa
Barry Nerling
as Ares' Jaffa/Free Jaffa #3/Gamma Site SF
Kenton Reid
as Ori Soldier/Red Jaffa
David Paetkau
as Lyle Pender
Nigel Johnson
as Jaffa
Ian Buchanan
as First
Vincent Hammond
as Unas/Big One
Fred Willard
as Jacek
Lalo Espejo
as Scientist
Mike Cook
as Bedrosian Soldier/Neufield
Anna Galvin
as Dr. Reya Varrick
Malcolm Stewart
as Dollen
Terry David Mulligan
as Secretary of Defense David Swift
John P. Jumper
as Self
Michael Coleman
as Med Tech
Wally Dalton
as Sara's Father
Chris Newton
as Caretaker
David Hurtubise
as Dr. Kleinhouse/Tomis
John Aylward
as President Nadal
Laurence De Valera
as Worrel's Scout
Randy Schooley
as Meyers
Andrew Guy
as Jaffa #1
Jason Emanuel
as Tech Sergeant
Ivan Cermak
as Captain Hagman/Major Altman
John de Lancie
as Colonel Frank Simmons/Goa'uld
Rebecca Reichert
as Fourth
Courtenay J. Stevens
as Lieutenant Elliot/Lantash
Andy Thompson
as Calvin
Bob Wilde
as Priest
James Ashcroft
as Amra Delegate #2
Troy Adamson
as SG-2 Team Member
Herbert Duncanson
as Douglas Anders/Grell/Guard #1/SG Guard
Enid-Raye Adams
as Jones
Michelle Harrison
as Assistant
Wendy Russell
as Nurse
Beatrice Zeilinger
as Cindy
Stephen Sumner
as Goa'uld #1/Jaffa Serpent Priest
Beau Bridges
as Major General Hank Landry/President Hank Landry/The Wizard of Oz
Robert Thurston
as Scientist #2
Norma Jean Wick
as Reporter #2
Georgia Craig
as Sabrina Gosling
Stephen Holmes
as Villager
Ocean Bloom
as Female Jaffa/Worker with water
Winston Rekert
as Cordesh
Diane Stapley
as Mrs. Struble
Paul Lazenby
as Free Jaffa/Jaffa/Jaffa #1/Khonsu's Jaffa/Russian SG Team Member/Security Team Member
Teryl Rothery
as Dr. Janet Fraiser/Heimdall
Joe Blair
as Apophis' Jaffa/Bedrosian Soldier
Aaron Jefford
as Master of the Aschen
Jody Racicot
as Vernon Sharpe
Rob Daly
as Resistance Leader
Colin Murdock
as Ardal Hadraig
Sheelah Megill
as Maid Martha
Nicole Rudell
as Nurse
Clay Virtue
as Purse Thief
Michael Dobson
as Jaffa
Adrian Hough
as Goa'uld Lieutenant
Colin Corrigan
as Gamma Site Airman/Ninja Jaffa Leader/SGC Guard/Team Leader
Colby Johannson
as SF Sergeant Finney
David MacInnis
as Agent Williams
Torri Higginson
as Dr. Elizabeth Weir
Robert Mann
as Dr. Bennett
Bernie Neufeld
as General's Aide
Andy Mikita
as Wedding Guest
Carrie Genzel
as Diana Mendez
as Lt. Fisher
Michael Puttonen
as Simian
Joshua Malina
as Cicero
Brett Wise
as Anubis' Ninja Jaffa/Lucian Alliance Officer
Jon Kralt
as SG-X Soldier
Nicholas Harrison
as Black Knight/Knight/Red Guard #2
Tim Perez
as Vashin
Brian Jensen
as Freyr/Head Priest
Harley Jane Kozak
as Sara O'Neill
Trever Havixbeck
as Pangar Sentry #1
Michelle Jeanpierre
as Blonde Gou'ald Chick
Francis Boyle
as Sgt. Peters
Benjamin Easterday
as Ra's Jaffa Commander/Free Jaffa
David Andrews
as Se'tak
Toby Berner
as Grimsby
Garwin Sanford
as Narim
Bonnie Kilroe
as Morrigan
Sean Owen Roberts
as Driver
Jay Acovone
as Major Charles Kawalsky/Alternate Major Charles Kawalsky/Captain Charles Kawalsky
Grizz Salzl
as Jaffa #2
Sean Campbell
as Sergeant/Solek
Amy Sloan
as Leda Kane
Roger Haskett
as Doctor/Dr. Thompson
Steven Williams
as General Vidrine
Bob Dawson
as Bynarr
Maureen Thomas
as Wendy Mitchell
Daniel Bacon
as Technician
Jonathan Hill
as Furling #1
Pierre Bernard Jr.
as Technician/Zombie

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1997 | 21 Episodes

Season 2

1998 | 22 Episodes

Season 3

1999 | 22 Episodes

Season 4

2000 | 22 Episodes

Season 5

2001 | 22 Episodes

Season 6

2002 | 22 Episodes

Season 7

2003 | 22 Episodes

Season 8

2004 | 20 Episodes

Season 9

2005 | 20 Episodes

Season 10

2006 | 20 Episodes




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