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December 4, 2021
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About this title


A 1960's science fiction action adventure series set in the twenty-third century based around the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, representing the United Federation of Planets (including Earth) on a five-year mission in outer space to explore new worlds, seek new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no one has gone before. The Enterprise is commanded by handsome and brash Captain James Tiberius "Jim" Kirk (William Shatner). Kirk's two best friends are Commander Spock (Leonard Nimoy) (last name unpronounceable to humans) the ship's half-human/half-Vulcan Science Officer and First/Executive Officer (i.e. second-in-command) from the planet Vulcan, and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy (DeForest Kelley). They, along with a crew of approximately four hundred and thirty, including helmsman Lieutenant Hikaru Kato Sulu (George Takei), navigator Ensign Pavel Andreievich Chekov (Walter Koenig), communications officer Lieutenant Nyota Uhura (Nichelle Nichols), and chief engineer Lieutenant Commander Montgomery "Scotty" Scott (James Doohan). The series follows them as they confront strange alien races, friendly and hostile alike, as they explore unknown worlds. We see the Enterprise and her crew battle aliens, megalomaniac computers, time paradoxes, psychotic murderers, and even Khan Noonien Singh (Ricardo Montalban). The series is known for looking at then (1960's) hot topics such as sex, war, God, religion, politics, and racism and other things that make up the human condition through a lens of the future. The 79 (eighty if including The Cage (1986)) episode television series, which was produced from 1966 to 1969, has now cult characters and has fans all over the world.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 8, 1966

Also Known As: 星际旅行, Raumschiff Enterprise |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (PG, G), Brazil (Livre, 12) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

space travel

Company Credits

Production Co: Desilu Productions, Norway Corporation |  See more »


Max Kleven
as Maximus
Richard Anthony
as Rider
Dick Geary
as Security Guard/Andorian/Cloud City Sentinel #1/Scalosian/Security Guard #1
Basil Poledouris
as Klingon/Security Officer/Trooper
Suzanne Lodge
as Argelian Waitress
Mittie Lawrence
as Crew Woman
Reginald Lal Singh
as Board Officer
Lev Mailer
as Bilar/S.S. Lieutenant
Pete Kellett
as Kirk's Henchman/Klingon/Morg Guard
Gene Dynarski
as Ben/Krodak
Garland Thompson
as Crewman II/Wilson
Paul Power
as Elder
Diana Ewing
as Droxine
Sebastian Tom
as Warrior
Madlyn Rhue
as Lt. Marla McGivers
Steve Sandor
as Lars
William Bramley
as Policeman
Louise Sorel
as Rayna
Joan Webster
as Nurse
Ted Gehring
as Second Policeman
Edwin Reimers
as Admiral Fitzpatrick
Michael Dugan
as The Kaylar
Kathy Ahart
as Crew Woman
Albert Cavens
as Klingon Crewman/Second Fop
Richard Antoni
as Klingon Brawler
Patrick Horgan
as Eneg
Steve Hershon
as Enterprise Officer/Security Officer
Adam Roarke
as C.P.O. Garrison
Logan Ramsey
as Claudius Marcus
Barbara Anderson
as Lenore Karidian
John Megna
as Little Boy
Georgia Schmidt
as First Talosian
Carol Daniels
as Zora
Bobby Clark
as Betan Townsman/Chekov's Guard #2/Gorn/Native
Stan Barrett
as The Jailor
Jeannie Malone
as Yeoman/Blonde in Audience/Bridge Yeoman/Fabrini Servant/Lieutenant/Native Woman/Nurse/Omicron Colonist/Purple-Skinned Delegate/Slave Girl
Ted Cassidy
as Balok's Puppet/Gorn/Ruk
Jane Ross
as Tamoon
Gregg Palmer
as Rancher
Roger Perry
as Major Christopher
Julie Newmar
as Eleen
David Hillary Hughes
as Trefayne
Marvin Walters
as Troglyte #2
Victoria George
as Ensign Jana Haines
Max Wagner
as Man in Mission
Gail Bonney
as Second Witch
Rhae Andrece
as Alice #251 through 500
Phyllis Douglas
as Girl #2/Yeoman Mears
Roy N. Sickner
as Villager
John Winston
as Lt. Kyle/Transporter Chief/Transporter Technician
Brioni Farrell
as Tula
Fred Shue
as Crewman
Al Roberts
as Council Member
Bart La Rue
as Announcer/Guardian/Newscaster/Provider #1/Trelane's Father/Yarnek
John Colicos
as Kor
John Copage
as Elliott
John Astin
as Capt. John Daley
James Gregory
as Dr. Tristan Adams
Lee Bergere
as Abraham Lincoln
Katherine Woodville
as Natira
Keye Luke
as Cory
Jay D. Jones
as Engineer/2nd Technician/Crewman Jackson/Ensign Mallory/Gideon Guard/Klingon/Mirt/Prisoner #2
Mark Tobin
as Joaquin/Klingon
Phil Morris
as Boy - Army Helmet
Nichelle Nichols
as Uhura/Lt. Uhura
Guy Raymond
as Trader
James Farley
as Lang
Eli Behar
as Therapist
Mike Howden
as Lt. Rowe/Romulan Guard
Sam Gilman
as Doc Holliday
Tanya Lemani
as Kara
Johnny Mandell
as Sulu's Guard
Dawn Roddenberry
as Little Blonde Girl
Lee Meriwether
as Losira
Perry Lopez
as Rodriguez
Charles Napier
as Adam
Marc Grady Adams
as Hamlet
John Lindesmith
as Engineer/Helmsman
Brad Weston
as Appel
K.L. Smith
as Klingon
Diana Muldaur
as Dr. Ann Mulhall/Dr. Miranda Jones/Thalassa
Walter Soo Hoo
as Crewman
Joseph Ruskin
as Galt
Leonard Mudie
as Second Survivor
Mary Linda Rapelye
as Irina
Kirk Raymond
as Cloud Guard #1/Duur
Anthony Larry Paul
as Crewman/Berkeley
James Wellman
as Professor Starnes
John Carr
as Guard
John Blower
as Crewman Swenson/Babel Conference Attendee/Ekosian Gestapo Lt. Col./Eminian Secretary/Organian Villager/USS Enterprise Lt. Cmdr.
Jan Reddin
as Crewwoman/Enterprise Court Recorder
Scott Whitney
as Small Boy
Frank da Vinci
as Lt. Brent/Brent/Crewman/Security Guard/Transporter Operator/Guard/Lt. Clifford Brent/Vinci/Capellan Warrior/Eminiar Guard/Lt. Osborne/Organian villager/Soldier at Party/Vulcan Aide/Vulcan Ceremonial Aide
Ed Fury
as Guard
Lamont Laird
as Indian Boy
George Sawaya
as Chief Humboldt/Klingon Crewman/Second Soldier
Dick Durock
as Guard #1
Joseph Mell
as Earth Trader
Lloyd Kino
as Wu
Charles Stewart
as Captain Ramart
Angelique Pettyjohn
as Shahna
Teri Garr
as Roberta Lincoln
Robert Sampson
as Sar 6
Natalie Norwick
as Martha Leighton
Robert H. Justman
as Security Guard
Melvin Caesar Belli
as Steve
Bobby Bass
as Guard/Android/Chekov's Helper in Mirror Universe/Klingon Guard/Lieutenant
David Somerville
as Larry Matson
David Brian
as John Gill
Win De Lugo
as Timothy
Robert Hitchcock
as Miner
Morgan Farley
as Hacom/Yang Scholar
Sid Haig
as First Lawgiver
Jerry Foxworth
as Guard
Bruce Mars
as Crewman #1/Finnegan/First Policeman
Lois Jewell
as Drusilla
France Nuyen
as Elaan
Susan Oliver
as Vina
Arch Whiting
as Assistant Engineer
Leslie Carol Shatner
as Brunette Girl
Anthony D. Call
as Dave Bailey
Jane Crowley
as Onlooker on Street
Christian Patrick
as Transporter Chief
Charles Seel
as Ed
Phillip Pine
as Col. Green
Meg Wyllie
as The Keeper
Woody Talbert
as Crewman #2
Ron Soble
as Wyatt Earp
Michael Pataki
as Korax
Gilbert Green
as S.S. Major
Alan Marston
as Council Member
Leslie Parrish
as Lt. Carolyn Palamas
Lawrence Montaigne
as Decius/Stonn
James Drake
as Security Guard/Sick-Bay Intern
Tim Burns
as Russ
Erik Holland
as Ekor
Biff Elliot
as Schmitter
Robert Strong
as Soldier at Party
Sally Kellerman
as Dr. Elizabeth Dehner
Hubie Kerns
as Klingon Crewman
Richard Derr
as Admiral Fitzgerald/Barstow
William Meader
as Board Officer
Willard Sage
as Thann
Brian Tochi
as Ray
Irene Sale
as Louise
Diego Barquinero
as Radio Voice
Sharon Acker
as Odona
Barbara Gates
as Crewwoman
Steve Ihnat
as Garth
Alice Rawlings
as Jame Finney
David Hurst
as Hodin
Deborah Downey
as Girl #1
Ron Veto
as Crewman/Harrison/Security Guard/Eminiar Guard/Kelowitz's Opponent/Organian villager/Starfleet Officer
Benjie Bancroft
as Soldier at Party
Bob Bralver
as Berserk Engineer/Grant/Yeoman
Charlie Picerni
as Klingon
Geoffrey Binney
as Compton
Grace Lee Whitney
as Yeoman Janice Rand/Yeoman Rand/Illusion Princess
Joan Marshall
as Areel Shaw
Felix Locher
as Mr. Johnson
Jack Perkins
as Master of Games
Barry Russo
as Commodore Bob Wesley/Giotto
Kermit Murdock
as The Prosecutor
Jon Cavett
as Guard
Rex Holman
as Morgan Earp
Reggie Nalder
as Shras
Judith McConnell
as Yeoman Tankris
Celeste Yarnall
as Yeoman Martha Landon
Bob Hoy
as Horta
Cal Bolder
as Keel
Frank Overton
as Elias Sandoval
Makee K. Blaisdell
as Singh/Spinelli
Bart Conrad
as Krasnovsky
Judi Sherven
as Nurse
Ron Burke
as Native
George Allen
as Engineer #1
Marlys Burdette
as Female Android/Krako's Girl/Serving Girl
Valora Noland
as Daras
Morgan Jones
as Colonel Nesvig
David Sharpe
as Security Officer
Joan Swift
as Aurelan Kirk
Julie Parrish
as Miss Piper
Mary Rice
as T'Pring as Child
Richard Evans
as Isak
Tige Andrews
as Kras
Jason Wingreen
as Dr. Linke
John Crawford
as Commissioner Ferris
Pamelyn Ferdin
as Mary
Beverly Washburn
as Arlene Galway
Clint Howard
as Balok
Jill Ireland
as Leila Kalomi
Roger C. Carmel
as Harry Mudd
Jim Michael
as Hood
Gene Roddenberry
as Enterprise Chef/Host of Video Release
Charles Dierkop
as Morla
Sean Morgan
as Brenner/Crewman/Engineer/Harper/Lt. O'Neil/O'Neil/Second Trooper
Skip Homeier
as Melakon/Sevrin
Walter Bacon
as Onlooker on Street
Don Keefer
as Cromwell
Lars Hensen
as Betan Townsman
Robert Walker Jr.
as Charlie Evans
Meade Martin
as Crewman
Whit Bissell
as Lurry
April Tatro
as Cat Girl
Bill Zuckert
as Johnny Behan
Charles Palmer
as Vulcan Litter Bearer
Garth Pillsbury
as Prisoner/Wilson
Elizabeth Rogers
as Lt. Palmer/The Companion
William Shatner
as Capt. Kirk/Capt. James T. Kirk/Sam Kirk/Sargon
Jerry Catron
as Montgomery/Second Denevan
Ed Peck
as Col. Fellini
Harv Selsby
as Guard
James Holt
as Starfleet Officer
Charles Beck
as Guard #2
Lloyd Haynes
as Alden
Joan Johnson
as Female Guard
Nancy Kovack
as Nona
Lou Antonio
as Lokai
Steven Marlo
as Zabo
Stephen Brooks
as Ensign Garrovick
Shari Nims
as Sayana
Tony Dante
as Hood
Don Eitner
as Navigator
Rhodie Cogan
as First Witch
Starr Wilson
as Maisie Series
Bob Orrison
as 1st Engineer/2nd Cowboy/Klingon Brawler/Policeman #2
Lisabeth Shatner
as Girl in Red-Striped Dress
Noble 'Kid' Chissell
as Server
William Smithers
as Merik
Billy Curtis
as Small Copper-Skinned Ambassador
Eddie Hice
as Security Guard/Security Guard #2
Gary Lockwood
as Lt. Cmdr. Gary Mitchell
Alfred Ryder
as Prof. Robert Crater
Bob Herron
as Kahless/Sam
Ben Gage
as Akaar
Joseph Bernard
as Tark
Kathie Browne
as Deela
Bob Baker
as Beauregard
Harry Basch
as Brown
Lee Duncan
as Evans
Jerry Daniels
as Marple
Joe Paz
as S A Brigadier/Security Guard/Vulcan Ceremonial Aide
Victor Brandt
as Tongo Rad/Watson
Richard Carlyle
as Jaeger
Joe Garcio
as Man in Mission
Buddy Garion
as Hood
Michael Barrier
as DeSalle
Miko Mayama
as Tamula
Barbara Bouchet
as Kelinda
Garrison True
as Security Guard
Jeff Corey
as Plasus
Morgan Woodward
as Capt. Tracey/Dr. Simon van Gelder
Malachi Throne
as Commodore José Mendez/The Keeper
Arell Blanton
as Lt. Dickerson
Barry Atwater
as Surak
James Daris
as Creature
Paul Prokop
as Phaser Control Guard
Mauri Russell
as Vulcan Litter Bearer
Michael Witney
as Tyree
Ed McCready
as Barber/Boy Creature/Dr. Carter/Inmate/S.S. Trooper
Michael Zaslow
as Darnell/Jordan
Melvin Belli
as Gorgan
Peter Duryea
as Lt. José Tyler
Virginia Aldridge
as Lt. Karen Tracy
Nick Borgani
as Hood
Celia Lovsky
as T'Pau
Alan Bergmann
as Lal
John Hoyt
as Dr. Phillip Boyce
Gordon Coffey
as Romulan Soldier
Colleen Thornton
as Barbara Series
John Burnside
as Eminiar Guard
George Takei
as Sulu/Lt. Sulu
Gary Pillar
as Yutan
Mark Dempsey
as Air Force Captain
Robert Chadwick
as Romulan Scanner Operator
Iona Morris
as Little African American Girl
Janet MacLachlan
as Lt. Charlene Masters
Joseph Glick
as Man in Mission
Sarah Marshall
as Janet Wallace
Elinor Donahue
as Nancy Hedford
Lee Delano
as Kalo
Mickey Morton
as Kloog
Brett Dunham
as Guard
Jeanne Bal
as Nancy Crater
John Warburton
as The Centurion
Charles Macaulay
as Jaris/Landru
Craig Huxley
as Peter Kirk/Tommy Starnes
Richard Webb
as Finney
Walt Davis
as Klingon Soldier/Romulan Crewman/Tantalus
Fred Williamson
as Anka
Tom Lupo
as Security Guard
Karen Steele
as Eve McHuron
Peter Canon
as Gestapo Lieutenant
Michael Strong
as Dr. Roger Korby
William Windom
as Commodore Decker
Michael Forest
as Apollo
Davis Roberts
as Dr. Ozaba
Frank Atienza
as Kohn Villager
Russ Peek
as Sarek's 2nd Vulcan Aide/Spock's Vulcan Guard/Vulcan Executioner
Joan Collins
as Edith Keeler
John Abbott
as Ayelborne
Kim Darby
as Miri
Joanne Linville
as Romulan Commander
Mark Robert Brown
as Don
Victor Paul
as Klingon Crewman
Oliver McGowan
as Caretaker
Carl Byrd
as Lt. Shea
Cindy Lou
as Nurse
Carey Loftin
as Truck Driver
Paul Stader
as Slave #1
Brad Forrest
as Ensign
John Hugh McKnight
as Crewman/Inmate Guard
Tom Anfinsen
as Crewman
Sherry Jackson
as Andrea
Peter Brocco
as Claymare
Fred Carson
as First Denevan
Ken Lynch
as Vanderberg
Derek Partridge
as Dionyd
DeForest Kelley
as Dr. McCoy/Dr. Leonard McCoy
Karl Held
as Lindstrom
Adele Yoshioka
as Kohm Servant
Hagan Beggs
as Lt. Hansen/Helmsman
Bruce Hyde
as Kevin Riley/Riley
Roy Jenson
as Cloud William
Dick Scotter
as Painter
Byron Morrow
as Admiral Komack/Admiral Westervliet
Jay Robinson
as Petri
Maryesther Denver
as Third Witch
Sean Kenney
as Christopher Pike/DePaul
Rhodes Reason
as Flavius
Anthony Caruso
as Bela Oxmyx
Sharyn Hillyer
as Second Girl
Rudy Solari
as Salish
Dallas Mitchell
as Tom Nellis
Majel Barrett
as Nurse Chapel/Enterprise Computer/Christine Chapel/Nurse Christine Chapel/Christine/Number One
David Soul
as Makora
John Wheeler
as Gav
Janos Prohaska
as Anthropoid Ape/Horta/Humanoid Bird/The Gumato/Yarnek
Tamara Wilson
as Maisie Series
Theodore Marcuse
as Korob
Venita Wolf
as Yeoman Teresa Ross
Don Marshall
as Boma
Chuck Courtney
as Davod
Arnold Lessing
as Security Guard
Jim Spencer
as Air Policeman
Karl Bruck
as King Duncan
Jack Donner
as Tal
Stewart Moss
as Hanar/Tormolen
Kenneth Washington
as Watkins
Antoinette Bower
as Sylvia
Dick Crockett
as Andorian Thrall/Bald Klingon Brawler
Arlene Martel
as T'Pring
Arthur Batanides
as D'Amato
Ricardo Montalban
as Khan Noonian Singh
James Daly
as Flint
Sandra Lee Gimpel
as M-113 Creature/Talosian
Edwin Rochelle
as Man With Newspaper
Susan Howard
as Mara
Tom LeGarde
as Herman Series
Barbara Baldavin
as Angela/Communications Officer
Jerry Ayres
as O'Herlihy/Rizzo
Louie Elias
as 1st Technician/Crazed Crewman/Engineer/Inmate Guard/Troglyte #1
Al Wyatt Sr.
as Anti-Matter Lazarus Being #1
Kathryn Hays
as Gem
Bill Borzage
as Drunk
Michael Dante
as Maab
Gary Combs
as Gorn/Klingon Guard
Richard Hale
as Goro
John Bellah
as Crewman I/Laughing Crewman
Liam Sullivan
as Parmen
Glenn Corbett
as Zefram Cochrane
Paul Baxley
as 1st Cowboy/Black Knight/Defiant Captain/Ensign Freeman/First Trooper/Native/Patrol Leader/Policeman #1/Security Chief/Security Guard
Arthur Bernard
as Apella
Gary Wright
as Vulcan Litter Bearer
Mark Lenard
as Romulan Commander/Sarek
Irene Kelly
as Sirah
Marcia Brown
as Alice
Nancy Wong
as Personnel Officer
Dick Cherney
as Council Member/Passerby on Sidewalk
Walter Koenig
as Chekov
Mal Friedman
as Hendorff
Vic Perrin
as Metron/Nomad/Tharn/The Keeper/Voice of Portal
Laurel Goodwin
as Yeoman J.M. Colt
Robert 'Big Buck' Maffei
as Creature
Garry Walberg
as Hansen
William Marshall
as Dr. Richard Daystrom
Booker Bradshaw
as Dr. M'Benga
Charlene Polite
as Vanna
Jon Lormer
as Dr. Theodore Haskins/Old Man/Tamar
Michael Ansara
as Kang
Sheila Leighton
as Luma
Jeffrey Hunter
as Captain Christopher Pike
Keith Andes
as Akuta
Roger Holloway
as Lt. Lemli/Roger Lemli/Soldier at Party
Anthony Jochim
as Third Survivor
David Opatoshu
as Anan 7
James Doohan
as Scott/Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery Scott/Voice of Sargon
Stanley Adams
as Cyrano Jones
Johnny Haymer
as The Constable
Julie Cobb
as Yeoman Leslie Thompson
Lezlie Dalton
as Drea
Phil Adams
as Klingon Soldier
Paul Carr
as Lt. Lee Kelso
Percy Rodrigues
as Portmaster Stone
Anna Karen
as Woman
Ed Bakey
as The First Fop
Abraham Sofaer
as Melkotian/The Thasian
Leonard Nimoy
as Mr. Spock/Henoch
Paul Comi
as Stiles
Gil Perkins
as Slave #3
Ena Hartman
as Crew Woman #2
Torin Thatcher
as Marplon
Yvonne Craig
as Marta
Vincent St. Cyr
as Father of Drowning Boy
Laura Wood
as Mrs. Johnson/Prematurely Aged Woman
as Yeoman Ellen Zahra
Len Felber
as Soldier at Party
Dick Dial
as Kaplan/Sam/Security Guard
Robert Gentile
as Technician
Gene Lyons
as Ambassador Fox
Marc Daniels
as Prof. Jackson Roykirk
Jan Shutan
as Lt. Mira Romaine
Pilar Seurat
as Sybo
Jim Gruzalski
as Don Juan
Robert Lansing
as Gary Seven
Bill Blackburn
as Lt. Hadley/Lt Hadley/Android/Eminiar Technician/Engineer/Gideon Inhabitant/Gorn/Hadley/Native/Organian villager/Rocket Base Technician/S.S. Trooper/White Rabbit
Robert Brown
as Lazarus
Bill Catching
as Anti-Matter Lazarus Being #2
Harry Townes
as Reger
Robert Phillips
as Space Officer (Orion)
Elisha Cook Jr.
as Cogley
Hal Lynch
as Air Police Sergeant
Pat McNulty
as Tina Lawton
Peter Marko
as Gaetano
John Harmon
as Rodent/Tepo
Sandra Smith
as Janice Lester
Carey Foster
as Enterprise crewmember
Vic Tayback
as Jojo Krako
Richard Merrifield
as Technician
Robert Fortier
as Tomar
Sheldon Collins
as Tough Kid
Peter Virgo Jr.
as Warrior
Arnold Moss
as Anton Karidian
Ed Madden
as Enterprise Geologist/Fisher
Richard Compton
as Technical Officer/Washburn
Marj Dusay
as Kara
Vince Howard
as Crewman
Tom Curtis
as Corrigan/Jon Daily
Frank Gorshin
as Bele
Jane Wyatt
as Amanda
Charles Drake
as Commodore Stocker
Monty O'Grady
as Council Member/Miner
Rees Vaughn
as Latimer
Michael J. Pollard
as Jahn
Carolyn Nelson
as Yeoman Atkins
Shirley Bonne
as Ruth
Vince Deadrick Sr.
as Engineer/Mathews/Native/Romulan Crewman
Francine Pyne
as Nancy III
Serena Sande
as Second Talosian
Tom Steele
as Slave #2
Michael Dunn
as Alexander
David Frankham
as Larry Marvick
William Wintersole
as Abrom
Gary Downey
as Tellarite
Kellie Flanagan
as Blonde Girl
Sherri Townsend
as Crew Woman
Paul Fix
as Doctor Piper
Clegg Hoyt
as Transporter Chief Pitcairn
Susanne Wasson
as Lethe
Gloria Calomee
as Crew Woman
BarBara Luna
as Marlena
Maureen Thornton
as Barbara Series
Harry Landers
as Dr. Coleman
James X. Mitchell
as Josephs
Sabrina Scharf
as Miramanee
Bonnie Beecher
as Sylvia
Libby Erwin
as Technician
Vince Calenti
as Security Guard
Ian Wolfe
as Mr. Atoz/Septimus
Carolyne Barry
as Metron
Tom Troupe
as Lt. Harold
Walker Edmiston
as Balok/Provider #2/SS Dierdre/Space Central/Transporter Chief
Eddie Paskey
as Lt. Leslie/Connors/Lt. Ryan/Crewman/Eminiar Guard/Guard/Lesley/Trooper
John Boyer
as Guard
Ned Romero
as Krell
David Armstrong
as Eminiar Guard/Kartan
Grant Woods
as Kelowitz
Shep Houghton
as Cameraman
William Schallert
as Nilz Baris
Naomi Newman
as Indian Woman/Lt. Rahda/Rahda
Susan Denberg
as Magda
William Sargent
as Dr. Thomas Leighton
Jason Evers
as Rael
Keith Taylor
as Jahn's Friend
Jimmy Fields
as Cloud Guard #2
Warren Stevens
as Rojan
Mariette Hartley
as Zarabeth
Ted LeGarde
as Herman Series
Jim Goodwin
as Farrell
Charlie Brill
as Arne Darvin
William O'Connell
as Thelev
Ed Long
as Midro
William Campbell
as Koloth/Trelane
Nathan Jung
as Ghengis Khan
Ted Scott
as Eraclitus
Maggie Thrett
as Ruth
Dyanne Thorne
as First Girl
Andrea Dromm
as Yeoman Smith
Emily Banks
as Yeoman Tonia Barrows
Stephen Mines
as Tomlinson
Richard Tatro
as Norman
Budd Albright
as Barnhart/Rayburn
Bob Miles
as Cloud City Sentinel #2
Barbara Babcock
as Beta 5 Computer/Cmdr. Loskene/Isis/Mea 3/Philana/Trelane's Mother/Zetar
Marianna Hill
as Helen Noel
Felix Silla
as Talosian
Eleanore Vogel
as Onlooker on Street
David L. Ross
as Galloway/Guard/Lt. Galloway/Lt. Galoway/Lt. Johnson/Security Guard #1/Transporter Chief
John Fiedler
as Hengist
Alyce Andrece
as Alice #1 through 250
Hal Baylor
as Guard/Policeman
Seamon Glass
as Benton
John Arndt
as Ingenieur Fields/Crewman Sturgeon/First Crewman
Kay Elliot
as Stella Mudd
Bruce Watson
as Green
Charles Maxwell
as Virgil Earp
Jon Kowal
as Herm
Tony Young
as Kryton
Darleen Anita Roddenberry
as Flowered Dress Girl
William Frederick Knight
as Amorous Crewman/Crewman Moody
Bob Johnson
as First Talosian/Ground Control/Provider #3/Starbase 6 Commander/Transporter Chief Pitcairn
Victor Lundin
as Lieutenant
Stephen McEveety
as Redheaded Boy

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1966 | 29 Episodes

Season 2

1967 | 26 Episodes

Season 3

1968 | 24 Episodes


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Hugo Awards 1967


Hugo Awards

Best Dramatic Presentation


Hugo Awards

Best Dramatic Presentation


Hugo Awards

Best Dramatic Presentation

Primetime Emmy Awards 1967


Primetime Emmy Awards

Outstanding Dramatic Series


Primetime Emmy Awards

Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Drama


Primetime Emmy Awards

Individual Achievements in Cinematography - Photographic Special Effects


Primetime Emmy Awards

Individual Achievements in Art Direction and Allied Crafts - Mechanical Special Effects


Primetime Emmy Awards

Individual Achievements in Film and Sound Editing

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