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October 22, 2021
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About this title


Veteran Los Angeles cop John Cooper is assigned to train rookie Ben Sherman, who finds himself questioning whether he has the right stuff to be a police officer after witnessing Cooper's no-nonsense approach. Other members of the police team include Detective Lydia Adams, who is her mother's primary caregiver away from the office; her partner, Russell Clarke, an unhappily married father of three; Detective Daniel "Sal" Salinger, who oversees gang detectives Nate Moretta and Sammy Bryant; and patrol officer Chickie Brown, a single mother who dreams of joining the SWAT team.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: April 9, 2009

Also Known As: Cidade do Crime, Southland |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (16) |  See more »


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Company Credits

Production Co: John Wells Productions, Warner Bros. Television


Eidan Hanzei
as Forensic Analyst/SID Guy
Jessica Amento
as Tiny
David Storrs
as Customer
Steven Navarro
as Orlando Diaz
Victor Alfieri
as Victor Cifuentes
Heaven White
as 4 Year Old Girl
Yara Martinez
as Mariella Moretta
Erik Daniel Cruz
as Vato Loco
Fernando Rivera
as Officer Piser
Tim Bagley
as Stanley Sidelsky
Rickey Chaney
as Marquis
Ren Hanami
as Nurse
Maurice Compte
as Officer Rodrigo Morales
Nicole J. Butler
as Clerk
Elizabeth Payne
as Anne Derry
Kevin Michael Walsh
as Corrolla Driver
Phil Young
as Paramedic
Richard Cabral
as Leprechaun/Cholo #2/Joker Ruiz
Debra Christofferson
as Melanie
Samuel Monroe Jr.
as Tank
Jamai Fisher
as Shamika Cole
Abram Teunissen
as Neighbor
Anita Noble
as Rita
Ludwig Manukian
as Landlord
Ron Eckert
as Golf Course Manager
Hector Luis Bustamante
as Sergio Moreno
Tadamori Yagi
as Mose
Kevin Jackson
as Parole Officer
John Duerler
as Sheriff Abel
Raymond Ma
as Ming Hua
Karina Logue
as Amber
Andrew Elvis Miller
as Josh Berenson
Blake Hightower
as K-Dog
Nancy Bellany
as Patrol Officer
Constance Ejuma
as Detective Olati Johnson
Courtney Gains
Brit Morgan
as Natasha
Karla Zamudio
as Detective Dixon
Dante Brown
as Charles Hamilton
Tim Trobec
as Guard #2
Christopher Chen
as Parole Board Member
Lazarus Jackson
as Veteran Cop
Angel Laketa Moore
Matt Cornett
as Lou
Nayo Wallace
as Lisa Hornby
Caitlin Carver
as Bloody Girl
Sabah El-Amin
as Box Club Associate
Maximiliano Hernández
as Antonio
Martin Morales
as Mr. Chavez
Charles Carpenter
as Clark
Stephanie Ferrell
as Kathleen
Nelson Mashita
as SID Investigator
Bill Eaton
as Watch Commander #2
Andrew Galves
as Uniform Officer
Keith Burke
as Pawn Detective
Sean Spann
as Bloody Man
Sassoun Hagopian
as Armenian Mgr.
Lori Alan
as D.A. Deborah Janowitz
Matt Beck
as Lieutenant Russo
Josie Kim
as Scared Woman
Ally Walker
as Dr. Merrill Matthews
Cle Sloan
as Ronnie Watkins
Steve Apostolina
as Photographer
Natalie Stevanov
as Nurse
Austin Michael Coleman
as Kid
Dwayne Swingler
as Bear
Lisa Tharps
as Animal Control Officer
Clifton Collins Jr.
as Detective Ray Suarez
Gregory Hinton
as Will
Tara Buck
as Denise
Julie Michaels
as Accident Victim/Carjacked Woman/Mother
Justin Dray
as Thief
Vince Melocchi
as Bob Ritowsky
Luis Moncada
as Eddie/Latino Gangbanger
Chic Daniel
as Vern Daniel
LisaGay Hamilton
as Melanie
Jaime Zevallos
as Priest
Aba Arthur
as Rough Girl
Page Kennedy
as Katrell
Deidrie Henry
as Niecy James
Clara Golidy-Holmes
as Betty Marcus
Sonny Mario Ayon
as Hando Ruiz
Marshall Bell
as Police Chief
Jake Dogias
as Allen
S.E. Perry
as Deputy Chief
Kelly Albanese
as Justine
Thom Khoury Williams
as Bank Robber
Marla Gibbs
as Ms. Miller
Melinda DeKay
as Shouting Woman
Pedro Shanahan
as Younger Man
Jeff Corbett
as Andrew Miller
James Elliott
as Sgt. Kolchek
Brian Brophy
as Crime Scene Photographer/Photographer
V.J. Foster
as Contractor
Alexander Aguila
as Rigo
Matt Eyde
as David Morgan
Veralyn Jones
as Leslie Hill
Harrison S. Miller
as Daniel
Joshua Edward Moore
as Officer Nichols
Anna Diop
as Girl
Phyllis Applegate
as Mrs. Miller
Luis Jose Lopez
as Mike Suarez
Justin Klinger
as Officer #2
John Heard
as Ben Sherman Sr.
Kanin Guntzelman
as Thief
Massiel Pimentel
as Sobbing Woman
Omid Zader
as Ahmad
Grasie Mercedes
as Jessica
Alan Mueting
as ER Doctor
Khalil Sonko
as Kadeen
Anthony Ruivivar
as Officer Hank Lucero
Cody Saintgnue
as Tristan
Mariana Martínez
as Gang Girl #2
Jaida-Iman Benjamin
as Angela
Noel Arthur
as Paramedic #2
Malik Kirkwood
as Brian Hayes
Faruq Tauheed
as Paramedic Martinez
Tobias Jelinek
as Phillip Reed
Melody Garrett
as Mrs. Hayes
Joe Rudy Guerrero Jr.
as Payaso
Lolly Suprenant
as Romain Resident
Marty Levy
as SID Investigator
James Ferris
as Officer Gaines
Alison Shanks
as Assistant
Eddie Hassell
as Skater
Brett Rickaby
as Dad
Bernardo Peña
as Coroner
Michael Beach
as Detective Williams
Jossara Jinaro
as Annette
Vernee Watson
as Mrs. Johnson
Lynn Ann Leveridge
as Martha Lowell
Earnestine Phillips
as Imposing Woman
Maria Maestas McCann
as Mallory
Kent Avenido
as Dok
Suzanne Cryer
as Mrs. Davis
Ricky Dean Logan
as Glenn
Jerry Carnevale
as Chauffeur
Michael Hyatt
as Renee McBride
Brian Guest
as Officer Watson
Leah Zhang
as Nurse
Carlos Antonio
as Drunk Man
Ronald William Lawrence
as Big Cop
Frank Alvarez
as F-Stop
as Child in Cab/Drowning Girl
Ted Garcia
as Newscaster
Bryan Rasmussen
as Officer
Carlos McCullers II
as Corbin Nelson
Keong Sim
as Jason
Dohn Norwood
as Dede Crawford
Luis Felipe Nieto
as Puppet
Stephanie Beatriz
as Belinda Cargrove
Lucky Davis
as Cocky Ten Year Old
Cher Ferreyra
as Rosa
Kwesi Boakye
as Richard
Stacy Haiduk
as Sally
Brenda Robinson
as Woman in Crowd
Ethan Kogan
as Suit
Anthony Martins
as Naked Buff Guy #2
Julie Dretzin
as Doctor
Lola St. Vil
as Woman
Yelyna De Leon
as Yolanda
Daniel Martinez
as Gangster
Tom Sizemore
as Timmy Davis
Brian Keith Russell
as Biker
Gary J. Wayton
as Desk Sargeant
Alex Stamm
as Dylan
Tammy Klein
as SID Criminalist/SID Photographer
Eddie Kehler
as Man
Robert Ray Manning Jr.
as Dante Johnson
Jules Sanchez
as Smoking Tweeker
Keith Brunsmann
as Danny Sutton
Brandon Fobbs
as Officer Aaron Stanley
Jeryl Prescott
as Nina Brown
Lisa Thornhill
as Katherine Wellington
P.D. Mani
as Amit
Sloan Robinson
as Black Woman
Elise Muller
as Yuppie Wife
LaVelle LaRue
as EMT
Jerry Ying
as Gerald Chang
Monty Jordan
as Tactical Commander
David Joyner
as Detective Flynn
Robert Deamer
as Antigang Officer
Dean Austin
as Officer Dunleavy
Elizabeth Deo
as Bethany Sanders
Keana Hall
as Upset Woman
Kristin Dattilo
as Karen Campbell
Johanna McKay
as Detective Rhodes
Carrington Bennett
as Scout
Eduardo Terry
as Juan
Johnny Sale
as Rehab Patient
Shaun Montes
as Officer Henlen
Diarra Kilpatrick
as Yvette
Mark Fier
as Perez
Thomas Lumberg Jr.
as Rapist
Juette Raphael
as Cop #1
Corey Sorenson
as Garrett Drew
Anne Johnson
as Sally Hightower
Countrified Wedman
as Older Gangster
Ellie Araiza
as Rena Moreno
Hedy Burress
as Laurie Cooper
Shontae Saldana
as Marilys
Dale Dickey
as Maureen
Angelinas Santana
as Luzy
Brant Cotton
as Officer Simpkins
Matthew Jordan
as Officer King
as Melissa
James Reese
as Man Who Sobs
Lombardo Boyar
as Mr. Estrada
Justin Sintic
as Drunk #2
Christopher Hoffman
as Naked Man
Scott Michael Campbell
as Mr. Davis
Anne Gee Byrd
as Mrs. Noyce
KB Micheaux
as Arthis Hayes
Whitney Rice
as Yoga Instructor
Kalen Robinson
as Girl
Kenny Arroyo
as Officer Lopez
Kristy Dowe
as Dancer
Shannon Welles
as Ms. Coker
Chris Trouble Delfosse
as Gangster
Ruben Garfias
as Mr. Ochello
Ben McKenzie
as Officer Ben Sherman
Jim Grollman
as White Guy
Julian Works
as Langston
Michelle Espinoza
as Coroner
Javier Nunez
as Cris Herrera/Moco
Denver Milord
as Reyes
Jennie Taber
as PR Rep
Jordan Allen
as Drew
Rebecca Metz
as Shannon Walsh
Oliver W. Ottley III
as Club Patron
Jack David Frank
as Teen Driver
Kathleen Mary Carthy
as Angry Woman
Julian C.R. Brentley
as Kid
Liz Jenkins
as Woman in Car
Rhonda Stubbins White
as Mrs. Jennings
Barry Alan Levine
as Brian's Lawyer
C. Thomas Howell
as Officer Dewey Dudek
Julian Evens
as Roger
Judy Clement
as Abby Ryerson
Todd Rheingold
as Retired Cop
Vincent Angelo
as Customer
Ian Salmon
as Food Stand Customer
Kenneth Chang
as Ed Chang
Frank Cassavetes
as Irwin Nicholas
Lee Simpson
as Roadrunner
Patrick Faucette
as Sergeant Brill
Rich Ceraulo Ko
as Officer Galvis
Aaron Todd Kessee
as Rufus
Muneer Katchi
as Manager
Olivia Presley
as Mother
Bunny Levine
as Old Woman
Lindsay Bushman
as Funky White Girl
Lee Chen
as Wife
Lenny Schmidt
as Officer Slug Feguson
Adam Popp
as Homeless Man
Mark Carducci
as Paramedic
Mario Cortez
as Officer Munoz
Elisha Yaffe
as Jerry
Ricky Saenz
as Perez
Kim Hawthorne
as Ms. Jones
Alicia Knight
as Female Waiter
Christine Avila
as Abigail
Chris Gartin
as Tom Sorenson
Corinna Cechi
as Robbery Victim/Terrified Woman
Albie Selznick
as Deputy D.A. Charles Atherton
Christopher Carrington
as Parsons
Shannon McLemore
Karen Malina White
as Irene
Jeff Leaf
as White Guy
Ava Acres
as Candace Hanson
Ronnie Gene Blevins
as Barry
Frederick Koehler
Tom Virtue
as Russell's Doctor
Billy Mayo
as Officer #2
Christina Aloupi
as Stripper #1
Shaun Sipos
as Dwayne
Nick Mennell
as Dealer
Johanna Braddy
as Olivia Sherman
Joss Glennie-Smith
as Customer 1
James Valdez
as Jeraldo
Taylor Handley
as Wade
Sam Scarber
as Alan Gaylord
Caroline Whitney Smith
as Whitfield
Stephanie Whitfield
as Female Clerk
Regina King
as Detective Lydia Adams
Gabe Gooley
as Urbanite
Mayra Leal
as Rainey
Don Swayze
as Gus Jameson
Nick DeMauro
as Chuck
Jesse Lewis IV
as Victoria
Stacia Roybal
as Secretary
Tabitha Taylor
as Woman #2
Nick Plantico
as Big Man
Malcolm Barrett
as Henry Watts
Georja Umano
as Dalita
Pedro Lopez
as Gardener
David Barrera
as Officer Jim Lopez
Tyler Tuione
as Danny Tua
Lalo Reyes
as Officer
Wayne Lopez
as Jerry Bicks
Michael Cudlitz
as Officer John Cooper
Simon Rhee
as Jae Chung
Bess Rous
as Christie
Suzanne Quast
as Bridges
Barry Livingston
as Banker
Ronnie Clark
as Ralph
Glenn Plummer
as Darrell Miller
Ethan Josh Lee
as Matthew Chung
Jose Ruiz
as Luis/Number 3
Nichelle Hines
as Girl Driving Bentley
Sean Michael Tilghman
as Tiny Gangster
Lee Garlington
as Cathleen Kerik
Alejandra Flores
as Concerned Woman
Channing Lang
as Undercover SIS Detective
Juanita Guzman
as Nurse #1
Riley Rose Critchlow
as Prostitute
Marlon Sanders
as Sgt. Tom Balderas
Kim Delgado
as Patrol Sergeant
Colette Divine
as Cop/Patrolman
Raff Anoushian
as Arsham
Frank Ruhl
as Motorist
John J. Dalesandro
as Brian - Film Producer
Paul Keeley
as Good Samaritan
Garland Spencer
as Ricky
Lex Medlin
as Detective Andy Williams
Eileen Barnett
as Lady Who Lunches
Adam Hicks
as Mike
Shirley Burns
as Rhonda
Robert Craighead
as Marvin
Ambrit Millhouse
as Angry Mom
Chris Fogleman
as Marvin Wheedle
Juan Gomez
as Indio
Marci Michelle
as Dispatcher
Moniqua Plante
as Patrol Officer/Uniform
Stephen Burleigh
as Lexus Driver
Terrell J. Ramsey
as Big Wayne
Shelley Robertson
as Maya
Josie DiVincenzo
as Desk Sergeant
Rebecca Newton
as Female Officer
Jorge Ordonez
as Father Miguel
Michael Spound
as Charlie
Scott Hoxby
as Detective
Fatmata Kamara
as Darce
Laura Kranz Galvan
as Bloody Girl
Chase Austin
as William
Harrison Knight
as Boy
Ricardo Chacon
as Anderson
Lisseth Chavez
as Carmen Martinez
Gilbert J. Menchaca
as Cervantes
Darren Dupree Washington
as Lewicki
Kimmy Robertson
as Bondage Woman
Shawn McDonald
as Gangster #1
Arthur Young
as Skater Kid
Javier Calderon
as Cop 2
Nora Zehetner
as Lila Greenberg
Anoush NeVart
as Agata
Jermaine Jackson
as Angry Man #2
Steven Wash Jr.
as Kid with Pendant
Billy Stevenson
as Minister
Ava Deluca-Verley
as Rebecca
Lisa Zane
as Lana Schmidt
Annunziata Gianzero
as Dawn
Baldeep Singh
as Suspect
Danny Ortiz
as Camry Driver
Brian Cousins
as Mr. Monroe
Rochelle Robinson
as Physician
Lorry Goldman
as Joseph Metzler
Steve Roussell
as Co-Pilot
Valerie Azlynn
as Jen Miller
J. Rene Pena
as Nurse Patchen
Mark Roman
as Gay Man
''Knife'' Sotelo
as Gang Member
Ellen Gerstein
as Crazy Carol
Noël John Howard
as Coby
Keston John
as Popeye
Eduardo Ricard
as Jose
Jasmin Tavarez
as Adina Lucero
Annie McKnight
as Neighbor Woman
Garon Grigsby
as Booking Officer
Sandra Prosper
as Megan Lewis
Jim DeAngelo
as Transient
Marcello Thedford
as Strokeface
Mario Perez
as Purse Snatcher
Alicia Simmons-Miracle
as Mother
Elayn J. Taylor
as Parole Board Member
Amir Abdalla
as LAFD Paramedic
Alexandra Ledford
as Taylor
Cassidy Boland
as Detective Dewey's Daughter
Xosha Roquemore
as Drea
Willam Belli
as Sheila
Emily Swallow
as Dina Clarke
Yamila Guerra
as Whiny Mexicana
Raymond Forchion
as Carter
Kavi Raz
as Mr. Patel
Elisa Perry
as Woman
Dmitri S. Boudrine
as Russian Driver
Victor Samuel Lopez
as Spider
Keith Oney
as Man
George Morris Jr.
as DT. Jones
Alyssa Diaz
as Mercedes Moretta
Kimberly Trew
as Amber Locke
Danielle Catherine
as Patient
Jonathan Emerson
as Lawyer
Rolando Molina
as Chuy
Jada Fire
as Older Gangster's Girlfriend
Bret Roberts
as Ted Josephs
Danny Mora
as Ray Velasquez
Phi Truong
as Orderly
Allen Lulu
as Store Manager
Percy Daggs III
as Wendell Watkins
Jonathan Castellanos
as Lil Casper
Lily Holleman
as Brianna Smith
Jennifer Elizabeth
as Stripper
Rusty Burns
as Female Bailiff
Estella Gabriel
as Isabella Vargaz
Jon Baggio
as Golf Ball
Mario Loya
as Officer Leading Mrs. Miller
Sam Doumit
as Christi Cummings
Sonia Jackson
as Adrienne
Randy Lowell
as Doctor
Gloria Garayua
as Reya Suarez
Jared Farid Ward
as Gary
Giselle Jones
as Kendra
Tiffany Shinn
as Jane Chung
Gabrielle Dennis
as Michelle Hill
Jonathan Camp
as Officer Kent
Enrique Almeida
as Danny
Beau Dremann
as Patrol Officer
Orlando Chavez
as Armando Guillera
Deandra Spinner
as Bartender
David Pearl
as Detective
Lauri Hendler
as Buzby
Erin Anderson
as Paola
Maria Russell
as Officer Vasquez
Damaris Diaz
as Pia
Emily Kosloski
as Timmy's Hooker
Jullian Dulce Vida
as Pedro Gamez
Tamika Simpkins
as Mrs. Waters
Jim Hoffmaster
as Barry Sayles
Kathryn Taylor Smith
as Brenda
Sophia Bui
as Asian Girl
Hope Olaidé Wilson
as Jamaica
Josue Anthony
as Chance
Susan Blakely
as Linda Sherman
Avner Garbi
as Persian Jeweler
Aimee Deshayes
as May Hunter
Gary Kraus
as Sheriff Carter
Vinicius Zorin-Machado
as Danny Velasquez
Maurice Webster
as Leonard
Godfrey Moye
as Cop/Shooter
Keith Bogart
as Shooter
Kay Lenz
as Naomi Chester
Kaliko Kauahi
as Saleswoman
Jessica Runck
as Good Samaritan
Cooper Huckabee
as Lester Brown
Cuete Yeska
as El Rey
Annamarie Kenoyer
as Kimmy Salinger
Charlie Schlatter
as Howard
Paul Ganus
as Kenneth Collman
Jennifer Blanc-Biehn
as Denise
Lynn Milgrim
as Mary
Gabriel Chavarria
as Lil' Wino
Christian Svensson
as Stiles
Drew Powell
as Officer Merkel
Natalie Turpin
as Tap 88 Girl
Carlos Ayala
as Cholo/Gunshot Victim
Erin Wiley Sands
as Child Suport Woman
Desean Terry
as Eddie
David Bianchi
as Glen
Richard Azurdia
as Mexican Man
Patrick Fischler
as Detective Kenny 'No-Gun'
Michael DiBacco
as Guard
David May
as Jacoby
Lea Coco
as Richard
David Burger
as Strange Man
Jack Wallace
as Larry Livermore
Don Perry
as Old Man
Michael Patrick McGill
as M.C.
Edwin R. Habacon
as Box Club Security Guard
Daniel Steven Gonzalez
as Driver (Ramos)
Elisa Leonetti
as Female Laywer
John Livingston
Giovanni Bejarano
as Officer Herrero
Jeris Poindexter
as Mr. Tillman
Kevin Alejandro
as Detective Nate Moretta
Shane Woodson
as O'Doul
Hans Marrero
as Martinez
Jesse Mackey
as Andy Pettit
Jeffrey Castillo
as Officer Ponce
Hilda Boulware
as Mrs. Hackett
Stacy Citron
as Lauren
Lizze Broadway
as Brooks Ryerson
Janelle Marra
as Yazmin
Julie Meyer
as Suzi
JoNell Kennedy
as Danell
Elizabeth Roberts
as Jenny
Anthony DiCocco
as LAPD Officer
Laimarie Serrano
as Agressive Mexicana
Bailey Varness
as Young Mom
Renee Poignard
as Scarlet Nelson
Jesus Ruiz
as District Attorney
Dorian Missick
as Detective Ruben Robinson
Mark Elias
as Earl
Sarah Rosenberg
as Girl
Oz Zehavi
as Eric Hanson
Steven Eckholdt
as Rich Ryerson
Godiva Bevans
as First Grade Girl
Francisco A. Altam
as Tree Trimmer
Stephen A. Chang
as Newlin/UNI 1
Ray Cruz
as Rafael Garces
Israel Perry
as Guard #3
Tim Scanlon
as Detective
William Rocha
as Orlando Ayala
Cory Tucker
as Dan Charnes
Michael McGrady
as Detective Daniel Salinger
Myron Primes
as Coker
Lesley Fera
as Sergeant Waters
Aline Elasmar
as Female Patrol Cop/Tina Salazar
Stephan Todd
as Restaurant patron
Jenny Gago
as Detective Josie Ochoa
Jonathan Spencer
as Man
Alexander von Roon
as German Tourist
Seth Jaden Yu
as Older Kid
Jamie Brewer
as Amanda
Jack Forbes
as Dell Cooper
Paul Renteria
as Impound Yard Guy
Joe Renteria
as Pedro
Kevontay Jackson
as Aaron Stanley
Wes McGee
as Talking Head #1
Billy Brown
as Talib
Laz Alonso
as Detective Gil Puente
Jaxy Boyd
as Grandmother
Eltony Williams
as Deputy
Christina Ferraro
as Detective Haylie Lang
Garret Davis
as Pathologist
Jennifer Echols
as Nurse
Sharon Omi
as Nurse
Curtis Tyrone Scott
as Jyreese
Lou Diamond Phillips
as Officer Danny Ferguson
Monica Garcia
as Stephanie Oliver
Neil Dale
as Joe
Angel Fajardo
as Roofer
Rocky McMurray
as Rehab Director
Chrissy Stokes
as Nicole
Katie Marsh
as Rene
Del Hunter-White
as Lavonne
Andrew Bloch
as Store Owner
Richard Hoyt-Miller
as Mid-Western Dad
Justine Lupe
as Kathy
Milos Milicevic
as Big Guy
April Baker
as Laronda Hayes
Lidia Pires
as Eva
Shaquille O'Neal
as Detective Earl Dayton
Wood Harris
as Trinney Day
Jos Viramontes
as Martin Del Toro
Kyle McCaffrey
as Kid
David Youse
as Scott Davis
Katie Mitchell
Fanny Veliz Grande
as Laura Garces
James S.W. Lee
as Shin
Michael Raynor
as John Devine
Vanessa Vander Pluym
as Ann Dawson
Michael Hagiwara
as Shige
Rene Cadet
as Thug #1
J.P. Hubbell
as Gines
Christopher Baskerville
as Detective
Rod Keller
as Donna
Victor Kelso
as Curious Kid
Drew Rausch
as Caesar
Tracy Howe
as Denise's John
Luke White
as Paramedic #1
Joe Regalbuto
as Mr. Rogers
Kikeasha Fisher
as Nyesha
Isaac Cheung
as Carl
Martin Clark
as Old Man
Lucinda Serrano
as Female Teacher
Annie Heise
as Rae Ann/Rae Anne Dudek
Arija Bareikis
as Officer Chickie Brown
Robbie Jones
as Tyler Prescott
Richard Cox
as David Milliard
Frances Bagette
as Waitress
Cassandra Relynn
as Angry Woman
Lucy Liu
as Officer Jessica Tang
Mitchell Stanek
as Bartender
Carla Jeffery
as Janila
Roxana Brusso
as Detective Alicia Fernandez
Terry Walters
as Eileen
Tim DeZarn
as Father Greg Carmichael
Jean Paul San Pedro
as Paramedic
Esteban Perez
as Nestor
Jarrett Worley
as Police Translator #1
Amaury Nolasco
as Detective Rene Cordero
Chase Kim
as Officer
Lisa Guerrero
as Gloria Parilla/Sofia
James Edward Shippy
as College Kid
James Black
as Detective Roberts
Johnny Ortiz
as Little Dreamer
Marina Benedict
as Shawna
Roberto Montesinos
as Cartel Cowboy/Hernan
Walter Hong
as Heckler
Josh Stewart
as Vid Holmes
Chet Grissom
as Sgt. Johnston
Crystle Lightning
as Tia
Tim Haldeman
as William's Father
Aaron Wayne Hill
as Josh
William Charles Mitchell
as Pastor Blake
Chrissie Fit
as Estella
Matthew Hutcherson
as Dead Skater
Maya Dunbar
as Kaya
Denise Crosby
as Susan Salinger
Jona Littman
as Pete Moretta
David Castañeda
as Carlos/Tough Kid
L. Scott Caldwell
as Enid Adams
Bruce Beatty
as McCabe
Paul D. Morgan
as Plain Clothes Detective
Robert Vazquez
as Man
Alma Cova
as Gang Girl #1
David Zahedian
as Driver
Elizabeth De Razzo
as Girlfriend
Valenzia Algarin
as Nessie
Ryan Dorsey
as Cody Carlos
Jacques Apollo Bolton
as Keith
Michelle Anne Johnson
as Doctor
Tara Chocol
as Mrs. Bovill
Shelli Boone
as Girl #2
Gloria Coco
as Judge Brown
Sina Amedson
as Mr. Petrosian
Eileen Rene Prudhont
as Misty
Maite Schwartz
as Stella Holmes
Gwen McGee
as Woman Harboring Fugitive
Amanda Payton
as Young Woman
Daniel Moncada
as Lil' Thumper
Nazo Bravo
as Young Asshole
Alfonso Freeman
as Desk Sergeant
Joey Naber
as Vendor #1
Lamont Thompson
as Detective Burt Wilson
Jed Bernard
as Drunk #1
Michael Woodley
as EMT
Skyler Day
as Lauren Ryerson
Adriana Messmer
as Cristina
Devin Lawrence
as Boy (Davis' Son)
Christopher Cousins
as Peter Wellington
Brian David Jones
as Reporter
Al Coronel
as Frank/Nicky Hernandez
Dennis Cockrum
as Tom
Michael Bailey Smith
as Bobby Bedford
Tim Chiou
as Responding Officer
Andrew William Mariano Jr.
as Doo Dirty
Cheryl McWilliams
as Female Homeowner
Marty Ryan
as Sergeant Wallace
Tracey Walter
as Tom Smith
Jackie Fabulous
as Karla Evans
Rebeka Montoya
as Mariella Moretta
Edward Padilla
as Judge
Shawn Carter Peterson
as Drew
Sylva Kelegian
as Mike's Mom
Stephen Keys
as Bodyguard
Michelangelo Kowalski
as John Doe
Taylor Bright
as Marina
Tyler Corbet
as First Grade Boy
Sun Park
as Soo-Jin Chung
John Maucere
as Ray Chavez
Jim Cantafio
as Captain
John Charles Meyer
as Billy Stearn
Susan Quick
as Old Woman
Eloy Casados
as Mr. Moretta
Steve Hasley
as Edwin
Michael Jace
as Terrell
Claudia de Vasco
as Adele
Jaymes Butler
as Wendell Banks
Shulie Cowen
as Woman
Erol Dolen
as Vendor #2
Raj Maan
as Driver
Annika Marks
as Rebecca Kahan
Andres Velez
as Tommy C.
Time Winters
as Jake
Bob Larkin
as Henry Noyce
John Billingsley
Brent Chase
as Lunatic
Kevin Mukherji
as Naveed Gupta
Brandon Phillips
as Chaz
Bill Lee Brown
as John Wesley
Nico Cortez
as Officer Reese
Lynette DuPree
as Black Woman
Cletus Young
as Boozer
Alexis DeLaRosa
as Narc #2
Jodi Fung
as Reporter
Eddie Maldonado
as Orlando
Marco Morales
as Honda driver
Frankie Fronk
as Arrested Planker
Dave Shalansky
as Lucky Barnes
Esperanza America
as Cecilia Lopez
Sufe Bradshaw
as Josie
Shawn Hatosy
as Detective Sammy Bryant/Officer Sammy Bryant
Mitchell Lance Adams
as Rossi
Jade-Lianna Peters
as Erin
Lawrence Gilliard Jr.
as John's Sponsor
J.R. Starr
as Elderly Man
Bokeem Woodbine
as Officer Jones
Lydia Blanco Garza
as Marta Pena
Christian Marlez
as Mayate
Giselle Bonilla
as Rosie Montoya
Roman Campolo
as Lil Nutz
Derek Ray
as Officer Gary Steele
Alexis Matthews
as Daniella
Fred Ephraim
as Man in Crowd
Rubi Myers
as Tyrell
Andre Ware
as Agent Douglas Sterling
Tiffany Boone
as Crystal
Peter Vieyra
as Cholo #3/Doobie/Latino Gangster
James Eckhouse
as Doctor
Dora Madison
as Tracy Haywood
Eddie Serpa
as Pancho Ruiz/Kev
Alex Garcia
as Caesar
Nija Okoro
as Lisa
David Green
as Romeo
Joseph Julian Soria
as Droopy/Hector Munoz
Peter Trencher
as Wellington's Attorney
Exie Booker
as Bradley
Mageina Tovah
as Misty
Eric Pumphrey
as Perp
Lindsey Kraft
as Daisy Milliard
Brandi Pearson
as Calzano
Tom Everett Scott
as Detective Russell Clarke
Shane Edelman
as Eric Solov
Chad Michael Murray
as Officer Dave Mendoza
Steve Crest
as John
Mike Holley
as Murphy
Clark Sanchez
as Talbot
Annie Monroe
as Brooke Riley
J.J. Boone
as Vernita Cole
Carlos Knight
as Henry Cole
Nynno Ahli
as Rodney
Ronald Auguste
as Cutlass Driver
Joe Williamson
as Deputy Cox
Jonathan Strait
as Bruce
David Del Rio
as Martin Estrada
Max Daniels
as Paparazzi
Casey Kramer
as Angry Woman
JoAnn Willette
as Wendy Henlen
Emilio Rivera
as Luis Reyes
Chuti Tiu
as Dr. Cates
Kathryn Melton
as Grandma
Betsy Baker
as Middle Aged Woman
Tom Wright
as Mr. Hill
James Moses Black
as Narc #1
Theo Breaux
as Tweety
Jo Farkas
as Jeanne
Linda Kerr
as Babysitter
Jeff Cahill
as Skylar Joel
Debra Sullivan
as William's Mother
Brenda Canela
as Cashier
Stephanie Czajkowski
as Paramedic
Sherry Landry
as Letty
Zoran Korach
as Detective Roche
Jon Jon Briones
as Rama
Jeffery A. Baker
as Harry
Alison White
as Laverne
Jen Nikolaisen
as Michelle
Katie Kotulak
as Prostitute
Ramon Fernandez
as Juan Pablo Salazar
Curtis Nelson
as Robert Harp
Patrick Robert Smith
as Officer Price
Akie Kotabe
as Roommate
Carl Lumbly
as Captain Joel Rucker
Linc Hand
as Jackson
Karim Prince
as Greg Robinson
Nina Avetisova
as German Tourist's Wife
Amin Joseph
as Dewain
Timothy Lee DePriest
Lupe Ontiveros
as Marta Ruiz
Hope Levy
as Woman
Dan Buran
as Dennis
McCready Baker
as Waitress
Lisa K. Wyatt
as Ms. Williams
Anna Curtis
as Andie
Michael Eliopoulos
as Dinner Guest
Darrell Lake
as Raymond Jennings
Jordan C.M. Brentley
as Michael
Miguel Robo Sanchez
as LAPD Officer
Yvette Saunders
as Cop #1/Officer Mailer
Alison McMillan
as Salesperson
Tom Choi
as Captain Bill Choi
Jill Remez
as Nurse
Pamela Shaddock
as Ms. Trish Hoffman
Fabian Alomar
as El Flaco
Kai Daniels
as Stranded Boy
Carla Vila
as Coleman/Yvette
Lenny Jacobson
as Borders Guy
Silvia Curiel
as Natividad
Lisa Vidal
as Mia Sanchez
Jessica Schatz
as Wendy Collman
Eric Michael Cole
as Arrestee
Glynn Turman
as Captain
Marisa Echeverria
as Officer Michelle Sands
Chris Bruno
as Officer Mendez
Chaim Jeraffi
as Owner
Jayk Gallagher
as Customer 2
Rose Rollins
as Officer Anawalt
Brandon Oliver
as Rashad
Deprece Reddick
as Keto Marshay
Donald Li
as Coroner
Jack Topalian
as Vahan
Joseph Whaley
as Bailiff
Carl McDowell
as Angry Man
Vick Sabian
as Hotel Manager
Parker Bolek
as Kyle Bovill
Alex Skuby
as Steve
David Figlioli
as Cop 1
Antal Kalik
as Desk Clerk
Kim Yarbrough
as Adeline
Leslie Thurston
as Woman in Camaro
Kirk Bovill
as Crazy Man
as Guard #1
Troy A. Cephers
as Malick
Forte Rodriguez
as Patrol Cop
Ellen Wroe
as Cathy
Tiffany Tynes
as Crystal #2
Jeremy Morgan
as Funeral Attendee
Blanca Araceli
as Bolivian Woman
Oona Mekas
as Pamela Davis
Erick Chavarria
as Miguel
James Sutorius
as Steve Velaski
Jakob Wedel
as Boy on Bike
Gary DeWitt Marshall
as Assistant Coach
Dean Cameron
as Mr. Milsap
Michael McLafferty
as Al
Kelly Mantle
as Lacey
Audrey Wasilewski
as Doctor
Blair Hickey
as Mr. Bovill
Mo McRae
as Sisqo
Charles Malik Whitfield
as Detective Manheim
Fancy Acholonu
as Nicole HIll/Runner Victim
Connie Schiro
as Judgmental Observer
Liz Gabor
as Pointing Lady
Horacio Galaviz
as Loco
Jeff Biehl
as Lee
Joe Hackett
as Boxclub Customer
Anthony Ortiz
as Pool Man
Matthew Perez
as El Flaco/Number 2
Stephen Hornyak
Jacob Munoz
as Camilo 'Chuco' Salazar
Darrow Igus
as Drunk Perp
Stacy Hall
as Johnson
Elizabeth Anweis
as Jongchit
Elizabeta Vidovic
as Drunk Driver
Ian 'Blaze' Kelly
as D-Bone
Gillian Zinser
as Chloe Sherman
Sarah Borquez
as Tina Garces
Nate Sanchez
as Tattoo Artist
Lawrence Wayne Curry
as Officer Franco
Dawan Owens
as Laron
F.J. Rio
as Detective Larry Schuman
Joe Nieves
as Fischer
Lauren Baldwin
as Betty
Jason Sweat
as Male Paramedic
Dana Michael Woods
as Eddie
John Kerry
as Artist
Theo Kypri
as Arab Cab Driver
Tony Edwards
as Bystander
Micah Tayloe Owens
as Michael
Gerald McRaney
as Hicks
Jamie McShane
as Sergeant Terry Hill
Terry Woodberry
as Domestic Violence Man
Pamela Chan
as Teenage Daughter
Tonita Castro
as Teresa
Brittany Crawford
as Talking Head #2
Soledad St. Hilaire
as Mrs. Montoya
Ron Roggé
as Cop
Lauren Birriel
as Marni
Jonah Wharton
as Derek Hunter
Alexander Folk
as Attendant
Joanna Leeds
as Miss Pitts
Brooklynne James
as Pole Dancer
Carlos Pratts
as Mook
Craig DiFrancia
as Bartender
Ray Porter
as Roy
Ace Antonio Hall
as Fine Looking Man
Mike Alonso
as Black Jimmy/Cholo #1
Joon Lee
as Male Patrol Cop
John Dennis Johnston
as Eric
Darrell Britt-Gibson
as Kid
Ryan Christiansen
as Ortega
Matt Riedy
as Mr. Williams
Sorel Carradine
as Brenda Rainey
Travis Johns
as Officer #1
Annie Little
as Michelle
Tracey McCall
as The Dead Girl
Connor Rosen
as Young Joey
Grifon Aldren
as O.G.
Angie Hill
as Female Guest
Kelly Wolf
as Cheryl Hanson
Zeb Halsell
as Rich
Ingo Neuhaus
as Officer Padula
Don Agronsky
as Yuppie
Carmen Corral
as Elena Herrera/Sienna
Sabrina Vittore
as Tweaker Chick
Angelo Tiffe
as Mike's Dad
Emil Beheshti
as Camera Salesman
Emily Bergl
as Tammi Bryant
DawnMarie Ferrara
as Ariana
Angelica Ng
as Kimmy's Friend
Jeremy Rabb
as Attorney
as Gangster #2
Paul Norwood
as Priest
Ken Lerner
as Mr. Kahan
Antonio D. Charity
as Charlie
Nicole Lari-Joni
as Party Girl
Kimberly White
as Amber Locke
Ian Patrick Williams
as Gus Freeman
J. Michael Trautmann
as Kevin
Jarrod Crawford
as Officer Dollard

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2009 | 7 Episodes

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2010 | 6 Episodes

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2011 | 10 Episodes

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2012 | 10 Episodes

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2013 | 10 Episodes


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