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October 21, 2021
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Snowpiercer (2020)’s
home country is:
United StatesUnited States
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Average Demand for Snowpiercer (2020) is 0.0 times the demand for the average show in Worldwide in the Last 7 days.
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Snowpiercer (2020) has a neutral trend. It has grown in demand by 0x in Worldwide in the Last 7 days.
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Snowpiercer (2020) ranks at the 0.00th percentile in the genre. This means Snowpiercer (2020) has higher demand than all other titles in Worldwide
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About this title


Set seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland, Snowpiercer centers on the remnants of humanity, who inhabit a gigantic, perpetually-moving train that circles the globe. Class warfare, social injustice and the politics of survival are questioned in this riveting television adaptation.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: May 17, 2020

Also Known As: Le Transperceneige, 末日列車 |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (18) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

post-apocalyptic future
based on graphic novel

Company Credits

Production Co: CJ Entertainment, Dog Fish Films |  See more »


Madeleine Arthur
as Nikki Genêt
Elaine Kao
as Anne/Anne Roche
Michael Hanrahan
as Bolger
Anup Sehdev
as Tunnelman #1
Jane McGregor
as Astrid
Tina Grant
as Jackboot Rogers
Mélania Solano
as AG-Sec Woman
Adrian Neblett
as Barkeep Winston/Winston
Ian Collins
as Tristan
Atika Bano
as Mother
Barbara Wallace
as Old Woman Survivor
Vance Matthews
as Second Class Leader Darvish
Donia Kash
as Girl
Daveed Diggs
as Andre Layton
Damian Young
as Mr. Headwood
Paul Belsito
as Tunnelman Hedges
Leon Ababio
as Oiler Bob
Ian Gregson
as Amputee Tailee
Benjamin Charles Watson
as Brakeman Fuller
Kristian Bruun
as Stu Whiggins
Sam Otto
as John Osweiller
Kwasi Thomas
as Z-Wreck
RJ Fetherstonhaugh
as Jackboot Clifford
Karin Konoval
as Dr. Pelton
Mark Margolis
as Old Ivan
Dylan Schmid
as Patterson
Shalyn Ferdinand
as Wilford Thirdie
Dalias Blake
as Thirdie #1
Annalise Basso
as LJ Folger
Donna Christie
as Edith Gusterfeld
Milli Wilkinson
as Mikala
Gary Hetherington
as Walter the Papermaker
Andre Tricoteux
as Icy Bob
Alex Kliner
as Tailor
Nicholas Dohy
as Second Class Passenger
Natalie von Rotsburg
as Mrs. Wing
Ryan Robbins
as Jack
Racquel Belmonte
as Puppet
Mickey Sumner
as Bess Till
Yuta Takenaka
as Jackboot Donaldson
Kerry O'Malley
as Lilah Folger
Emma Oliver
as Winnie
Shaun Toub
as Terence
Anthony Joseph
as Jackboot Mansfield
Elizabeth Thai
as June
Jazmine Campanale
as Weird Woman
Charles Desrosiers
as Tunnelman Truck
Andrea Ware
as Jackboot Tyson/Tyson
Camille Hollett-French
as Jackboot Stroud
Carolyn Yu
as Mia
Barry Nerling
as One-Eyed Tailie Veteran
Alison Wright
as Ruth Wardell
Sarah Strange
as Suzanne
Sam Quinn
as Lee
Crystal Koskinen
as Puppet
Kurt Ostlund
as Strong Boy
Simon Chin
as Jackboot Jefferson
Happy Anderson
as Dr. Henry Klimpt
Roberto Urbina
as Javier de La Torre
Gabriel Jacob-Cross
as Young Miles
Rohan Campbell
as Junior Butcher
Doron Bell
as Lieutentant Gardiner/Jackboot Lt. Gardiner
Demord Dann
as Second Patient
Krystle Dos Santos
as Jackboot Alvarez
Georgina Haig
as Emilia
Brent Stait
as Jakes Carter/Tunnelman Jakes Carter
Bradley Duffy
as Middle Aged Man
Bryan Terrell Clark
as Pastor Logan
Lena Hall
as Miss Audrey
Yvetta Fisher
as Katya
Ajay Banks
as Nurse
Kellie Haines
as Puppet
Matthew Mandzij
as Brakeman West
Sheila Vand
as Zarah Ferami
Cassandra Naud
as Fiona
Alec Santos
as Tino
Karl Mercer
as Thirdie
Duncan Ollerenshaw
as Anton the Tailer
Kelly-Ruth Mercier
as Annie
Zachary James Rukavina
as Right Hand Man
Mike O'Malley
as Sam Roche
Grace Sunar
as Young Alexandra Cavill
Brennan Lloyd
as Androgynous Man
Miranda Edwards
as Lights
Nikolai Witschl
as Cruel Guard
Timothy V. Murphy
as Commander Grey
Cynthia Loewen
as 3rd Class Passenger
Mike Li
as Damien
Manoj Sood
as Rajiv Sharma
Mya Harris
as Young Miles' Sister
John Specogna
as Red Arm Band 3rd Class Passenger/Bartender
Gus Batal
as ND Prisoner
Kristie Sita
as Third Class Woman
Aaron Glenane
as The Last Australian
Geraldine Chiu
as Gabby
Ian Rozylo
as Jackboot Trotter
Nathaniel Shuker
as Jackboot
Christopher Olivier
as Icebreaker
Michael Dobson
as Puppet
Colin Corrigan
as Executioner
Iddo Goldberg
as Bennett Knox
Fiona Vroom
as Ms. Gillies/Ms. Gilles
Glen Ferguson
as Book Club Member/Doctor
Jaymee Mak
as Asian Woman
Phillip Mitchell
as Young Father
Yee Jee Tso
as York/York Lam
Katie McGuinness
as Josie Wellstead
Tyler Gibson
as Driscoll
Eric Bempong
as Tailie Boy
Chelsea Harris
as Sykes
Sam Ourabah
as Second Class Man
Esther Ming Li
as Carly
Ian Hawes
as Third Class Worker
Stefania Indelicato
as Thirdie Yeller
Amanda Brugel
as Eugenia
Stephen Lobo
as Martin Colvin
Jaylin Fletcher
as Miles
Kenneth Tynan
as Junior Brakeman
Joel Chico
as Carmen
Rowan Blanchard
as Alexandra Cavill
Renee Victor
as Mama Grandé
Vincent Gale
as Robert Folger
Steve Baran
as Brakeman 1/Brakeman Ames
Tom Lipinski
as Kevin McMahon/Kevin
Puya Firouzbakhsh
as Fiddler
Sakina Jaffrey
as Mrs. Headwood
William Stanford Davis
as Mr. Riggs
Katrina Kardynal
as Talie Girl
Mariam Barry
as Mother of Miles
Camille Atebe
as Cherry Sherry
Malcolm Sparrow-Crawford
as Busboy
Michel Issa Rubio
as Santiago
Steven Ogg
as Pike
Matt Murray
as Erik
Chris Gill
as Bodyguard
Nikita Olechko
as Elan
Susan Park
as Jinju Seong
Lillian Lim
as Proprietor
Soheila Vatandoost
as Zeinab
Garfield Wilson
as Jackboot Kaffey
Angel Giuffria
as Hannah
Jennifer Connelly
as Melanie Cavill
Ellie Harvie
as The Notary/Notary
Danny Waugh
as Silva
Sean Bean
as Joseph Wilford
Archie Panjabi
as Asha
Daneva Dansby
as Cook
Mark Krysko
as Ragged Soldier
Yael Yurman
as Bridget
Pam McCartney
as Injured Tailie
Tom Kirk
as Clay
Aleks Paunovic
as Breachman Boscovic
Carmel Amit
as Mira
Jonathan Walker
as Big John
Louis Lay
as Handsome Man
John C. MacDonald
as Handsome Young Man

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2020 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2021 | 10 Episodes

Season 3
Season 4




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Online Film & Television Association 2020


Online Film & Television Association

Best New Theme Song in a Series

The Joey Awards, Vancouver 2020


The Joey Awards, Vancouver

Best Actress in a Series Regular or Recurring Television Role 6-8 years


The Joey Awards, Vancouver

Best Actress in a Recurring Television Role 6-8 years

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