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December 4, 2021
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


Ichabod Crane awakes from the throes of death 250 years in the future where he must solve a mystery dating back to the founding fathers. Due to a blood spell cast on a battlefield during the Revolution, the infamous headless horseman is revived along with Crane, and the murderous rider embarks on a bloody rampage in present-day Sleepy Hollow. Ichabod realizes that he must act quickly, for the headless horseman is only the first of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Detective Abbie Mills, a woman familiar with supernatural experiences, forms a bond with Crane as they try to stop an increasingly vicious cycle of evil.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 16, 2013

Also Known As: スリーピー・ホロウ, Слийпи Холоу |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M, MA15+), Canada (14A, 13+) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

time travel
fish out of water
female cop

Company Credits

Production Co: Sketch Films, K/O Paper Products |  See more »


Dayana Rincon
as Sacagawea
Elyn Jaime Jenkins
as April
Corey Maher
as Cocooned Solider
Daniel Lucente
as DC Citizen
Neko Parham
as Fuller
Devon Lane Tresan
as Twelve Year-Old Girl
Lynne Ashe
as Bailiff Brenda
Robbie Kay
as Logan MacDonald
Rotimi Paul
as Azzaca
Joshua Cook
as Roanoke Colony
Sir Brodie
as Priest
Patti Schellhaas
as Colonist
Nestor Serrano
as Polygraph Technician
Matt Dearman
as Soldier
Sophia Watson
as Flower Girl
Chevy Lamont Cofield
as Bar Parton/Police Officer/Soldier/Townsman
Chris Greene
as Daniel Riggs
Sophia Veres
as Student
Stephen Payne
as Abraham Lincoln's Bodyguard
Maya Kazan
as Zoe Corinth
Benjamin J. Alexander
as 1700's Townsperson
Arthur Bridgers
as David
Benjamin Keepers
as Brent
Alex Collins
as Thomasson
Sarah Borne
as Girl Who Gets Doused with Beer
Joshua C. Allen
as Nelson
Carsten Norgaard
as Hessian
Nick Andrews
as Townsperson
Daniel Thomas May
as James Colby
Barrett Carnahan
as Sherman
Paul Burke
as Paul Revere
Victoria Baker
as News Reporter
Raven Angeline Whisnant
as Kalinda
Luke Smith
as Kindred (Riding)/Moloch (Riding)
Courtney Lakin
as Marg Dyer
Brad Billups
as Confederate Soldier
Jonathan D. Williams
as Rob
Bradley Johnson
as Acolyte of Moloch #4
Matt Medrano
as Wistaron
Christian Scales
as Lancaster- Weiss Brother #2
Antwan Mills
as Guard
Ronald Joe Vasquez
as Pedestrian
Michael Teh
as Seamus Duncan
Griff Furst
as Mr. Branson
Daryn Kahn
as Souvenir Seller
Elaine Nalee
as Doctor
Christy Grantham
as Front Desk Nurse
Jon Kohler
as Sammy
Chris Bert
as Nelson Meyers
Marti Matulis
as Yao-Quai/Horseman of War/Horseman/Moloch/Scarecrow/The Sandman/War Horseman/Wendigo
Angela Jones-Cuéllar
as Waitress
Braden Fitzgerald
as Jeremy (12 Years Old)/Young Jeremy Crane
Scott DePoy
as Priest
Tara Lee
as Soccer Mom
David E. Heck
as Fencing Teacher
Carl LeMon
as Priest
Michael Shenefelt
as Doug
Rusty Burrow
as Parishioner/Reenactor Soldier
Daniel J. Roberts
as Tour Guide
Jeremy Palko
as McGrady
Ernest Mercer
as Patient
Regina McKenzie
as Widow
Corey Reitz
as Teen Devil
India Scandrick
as Teen Jenny
Ryan Dorman
as American Solider
Bethany Levy
as The Soucouyant
Brandon Scott McCall
as Courtroom Spectator/Crime Scene Onlooker
Bonnie Cole
as Townperson
Colton Medlin
as Burly Frat Guy
Mark Jeffrey Miller
as Jesse Adams
Randy Havens
as McKenna/Patrick McKenna
Claire Byrne
as Claudia Russell
Gordon Dillard Jr.
as Detective
Alexander Ward
as Demon/Marcus Collins/The Whispering Wraith/Barghest/The Ghoul
Todd Davis
as Party Attendee
Adrian Eugene Graham
as Mental Patient
Kelley Missal
as Malligo Dyer
Cristian Gonzalez
as Swat Commander
Laura Distin
as Entrepreneur/Witness
Nick Lakey
as Extra
Roxy Olin
as Burned Serilda
Virginia Vogt
as Colonial Woman #2
Kamar de los Reyes
as Jobe
as Churchgoer
Tongayi Chirisa
as Arthur Bernard
Max Brown
as Orion
Arin Logan
as Nahum
Mary Austin
as Pedestrian/Diner Patron/Library Patron/Nun/Riverwalk Passerby/Tourist
Joel Laird
as Resident in Window
Josh Carter
as Bartender
Rob Kellum
as Biker
Steven Weber
as Thomas Jefferson
Nelson Bonilla
as Vincent Rota
Joshua Loren
as Presidential Aide
Cody Lowe
as Carnie
Blaine Rincon
as On Looker
Mike Rizal
as Gang Member
Roscoe Johnson
as Lead Cop
John M. Carpenter
as Present Day Detective/Revolutionary Soldier
Karen Boles
as Mary Todd Lincoln/Nurse
Suellen Yates
as Elderly Woman
Stephanie Gayle Smith
as Purgatory
Shane Thompson
as Lynch Mob
Timothy Douglas Perez
as Jesus
Jared Simon
as Polygraph Examiner
Paul Shaplin
as Villager
Lily D. Moore
as Teammate #3
Josh Jordan
as Dandy
Morgan Hinkleman
as Lancaster Daughter (10 Years Old)
Alex Livinalli
as Wiroh
Angela Ray
as Clerk
Joseph Milton Hodges Jr.
as Civilian/Colonial Townsperson/Neighbor/Voter
Amy Lynn Tuttle
as Fainting Woman/Hostage #2
Lance Tafelski
as Hessian Soldier
Mykee Selkin
as Fist Bump Guy
Jimmy Ray Pickens
as Wealthy Husband
Garrett Graham
as Gary Weaver
Gregory Nassif St. John
as Evan Miller
Victor Turner
as Blake
Chris Matheny
as FBI Agent/Revolutionary Officer
Chris Walters
as Sleepy Hollow Officer #1
Victor Garber
as Mr. Crane
Cabrenna H Burks
as Diner Patron
Jeff Strickland
as Police Officer
Kramer Morgenthau
as George Washington
Annie Humphrey
as Cori
Brent Glenen
as Man in Wheelchair
Aurora McBeth
as Young Pilgrim Girl
Codi Waugh
as Teen Angel
Robin Dyke
as Toy Boutique Shopper
Tom Archdeacon
as Captain Edward Reed/James F. Reed
Michael J. Ewing
as Dude
Scott Parks
as Hessian #1
Cody Mark Hanna
as Party Attendee
John Noble
as Henry Parrish
Marian Green
as Hostage
Dane Davenport
as Rob
John Curran
as Oxford Professor
T. Alloy Langenfeld
as Oxford Professor
Huntington Daly
as Aide
Michael Koske
as Commuter
Wofford Jones
as Continential Soldier
Antoine Williams
as Carlos
Dayne Catalano
as Colonial Fan/Guy in Colonial Garb
Kate Caldwell
as Piano Playing Teacher
Tom Lancaster
as Jailer
Katie Fryburger
as Church Member #1 Child
Jamie Loafman
as Party Server
Jason Stuart
as Curator
Andy Pessoa
as Young Ichabod
Tia Hendricks
as April's Mother
Jeffry Winkler
as Deputy
Aaron Quick Nelson
as I.C.E. Guard
Robert Hendren
as Hessian Soldier
Tyler J. Shaw
as Prison Guard
Catherine Copplestone
as PTA President
Danielle Sagona
as Woman
Eddie Spears
as Big Ash
Stephen Shane Martin
as Christopher Dampier
Reid Carpenter
as Officer Harding
Walker Stipe
as Burly Toga Wearing Frat Guy Who Pukes
Michael Harding
as Gil Everett
Cody Robinson
as Eton Prefect
Kathleen Hogan
as Helen Donovan/Mrs. Donovan
Vince Foster
as FBI Agent
Griffin Freeman
as Nathan Hale
Alyssa Nicole Claytor
as Young Teen #2
Tyler Cravens
as Dr. Peter Cranston
Stephen Ruffin
as Teen Dracula
Brittany Wilkerson
as Gregory's Mom
Eric Joshua Davis
as John Andre
Jon Stafford
as Colonial Man #1
Jim McKeny
as George
Caroline Ford
as Lilith
Sara Rudeseal
as Betsy's Niece
Sara Sanderson
as Moll Dyer
Zero Kazama
as Johnny Ong
Bob Livingstone
as Bazaar Goer/Business Passerby
Jahnee Wallace
as Teen Abbie/Young Abbie
Michael Perry
as Restoration Worker #1
Miller Carbon
as Townsman
Onye Eme-Akwari
as Classy Guy
Onira Tares
as Grace Dixon/Grace
Benny Demus
as Gary
Jaret Sears
as Soldier #1
Stephen Michael Ayers
as Shopkeeper
Kevin Tan-Perkins
as Auction
Dwayne Boyd
as Sleepy Hollow Officer #2
Jeremy Tuttle
as Latex Man #2
Anthony K. Hyatt
as Randall Martin/Sam
Peter Mensah
as The Hidden One
Erin Cahill
as Lena Gilbert
Jaxon Duron
as Auction Guest
Nikki Reed
as Betsy Ross
Makabe Ganey
as Betsy's Nephew
Christian Walker
as Bassist
Lawton Denis
as Gregory Gonda
Alphie Hyorth
as Judge
Anne Schmitt
as Car Driver
Joelle Vick
as Detective
DuRa Brown
as FBI Agent
Sterling Santiago Baron
as Lancaster-Weiss Brother #3
Deaven Brooks
as Background
Katie Garfield
as Diane
Myke Holmes
as Walt
Rob Maniscalco
as Accountant
Lundyn Ransom
as Choir Member #1
Raul Colon
as Biker
Stephen Royal Phillips
as Police Officer
Matt Barr
as Nick Hawley
Dustin Lewis
as Paul Revere
Justin Kucsulain
as Bunker
Ed Wagenseller
as Wagon Driver
Jeff Sprauve
as Cop
Paul Brian Johnson
as Detective Rudi Chandler/Forensic Tech
LB Brown
as Hotshot
Bill Irwin
as Atticus Nevins
Fedor Steer
as Djinn
Timothy Busfield
as Benjamin Franklin
Marc Fajardo
as EMT
Karen Beyer
as Woman
Serene Lee
as Park-goer
Nico Ford
as Sherriff Corbin's Nephew
Zach Appelman
as Joe Corbin
Karanda Kay Boutte
as Churchgoer
Claire Bronson
as Denise Hemmington
Carl Cunningham
as Bar Patron
Scott Poythress
as Benedict Arnold
Haley Brooke Walker
as Young Abbie
Marco Schittone
as David
Clare Halstead
as Circus Carnie
John Colton
as Daniel Lancaster
Nat Padgett
as Militiaman
Kegan Dean Rushing
as Inmate
Jonathan Rush
as Cameraman/Entrepreneur
Frederick Carpenter
as Deputy Sheriff
Rachel Melvin
as Alex Norwood
Morgan Ayres
as Young Corbin
David Boreanaz
as Seeley Booth
Kristopher Hanks
as Club Patron/Dead Bluecoat
Joanna Manning
as 1700's Townsperson
Tyler Chase
as Teenage Clerk
Byron Baudo
as Village Elder
Caroline Kahn
as Bank Customer
Darla Delgado
as Dr. Lim
Brooklyn Garmon
as Tessa Paynter
Aaron Serotsky
as Grant Hollister
Adam Boyer
as Bowie
Daniel Martinez
as Student
Samantha Ann
as Abyzou
Whit Davies
as D.A.
Alan Boell
as Officer Hammond
Eric Mainade
as War (Weapons)
Heather Lind
as Mary Wells
Julia Vasi
as Rosa
Chandler Rae Bost
as Benihana Patron
Melanie Hardy
as Female Jogger
Matt Lintz
as Thomas Grey
Steven Plummer
as Deputy Sheriff
Vicki Ellis Gray
as Mail Carrier
Marc Farley
as Gerry
Lawrence Gilligan
as News Cameraman
Vashti Denise Powell
as Choir Member #5
Chris Gann
as Van Driver
Michelle Rivera
as EMT
Greg Perrow
as Duncan
Shane Callahan
as Wagon Guard
Joseph S. Timberlake
as Soldier
Henry Bazemore Jr.
as Officer
Kenneth Israel
as Police Officer
Garrett Kruithof
as Colonial Soldier
Parisa Johnston
as Docent
Katelyn Farrugia
as Lancaster Daughter #2
Josh Ventura
as Matt Gorman
Mike Whaley
as Police Officer
Nick Alexander
as Hessian
Lina Zalewski
as Parent
Scott Lomas
as Courtroom Accuser
Edwin Hodge
as Benjamin Banneker
Abigail Rose Cornell
as Sara Lancaster
Craig Parker
as Colonel Tarleton
Aerli Austen
as Waitress
Alexander Bryant
as Acolyte of Moloch #5
Deja Dee
as Desk Clerk
Marc Menchaca
as Colonel Sutton
Tweed Michael Manning
as Bluecoat
Michelle Trachtenberg
as Abigail Adams
Michael Scialabba
as Mr. David
Merritt Vann
as Mason
Tari Ayana
as Little Girl
Christopher Coakley
as Samuel Nelson
Joanna Tine
as Pedestrian
Storm Bell
as Churchgoer
Dawntavia Bullard
as Assistant/Dreyfuss Assistant
Steve Baldwin
as Militia/Shadow Person
Chad Kurtz
as Detective
Zae Jordan
as Paul Jennings
Sasha Morfaw
as Classy Girl
Yan Feldman
as Brad
Carolyn Foland
as Lost Soul/Psych Ward Nurse
Darrin Ortiz
as Tour Guide
Kimberley Drummond
as Sofie
Michael Sokol
as Bald Zombie
David Maldonado
as Derek (Fireman)
Nick Madrick
as Unit Leader
Samuel Smith
as Escort Driver/Motorcycle Escort Driver
Alizdair Sebastien Ray
as Kid in Crowd
Kenneth Strong
as Acolyte of Moloch #3
Erika Edwards
as Lancaster Daughter #3
Nick Stanner
as Ripper
Raven Rainwater
as Charles
Julaine Tackett
as Waitress
Emily Deschanel
as Temperance Brennan
Christopher Cozort
as Hospital Patient
Robin Robertson
as Gov. John White
T.J. Lyell
as Revolutionary War Soldier
Clancy Brown
as Sheriff August Corbin
Patrick Gorman
as Reverend Alfred Knapp/Reverend Knapp
Ace Marrero
as Eric Cortez
Melannie Sanchez
as Young Jenny
Jesse C. Boyd
as Aaron
Alana Cavanaugh
as Saffron Paynter
Julia Armitage
as Alice
Elise DuQuette
as Server
Brad Ashten
as Francis Scott Key
Alex Sgambati
as Dani
Karen Battiste
as Choir Member #2
Deborah Ayorinde
as Michelle
Ashley Lyn Blair
as FBI Staff
George Ketsios
as Blurry Man/Moloch
Nicholas Gonzalez
as Detective Luke Morales
Jenna Bryant
as Melissa
Daniel Norris
as Eternal Soldier
Jeremy Daniel Madden
as Excited Frat Guy
J.B. Coward
as Restaurant Patron
James Kyson
as Mark Wong
William Hutchings
as Bartender
Michael O'Keefe
as Jack Walters
Alex S. Taylor
as Gallows Scene - onlookers/Jumper Scene - neighbors
Michael Pemberton
as Judge Chrysdale
RJ Shearer
as Private McMillan
Rey Hernandez
as Military Patrolman
Joy Jacobson
as Ms. Galway
Jeremy McLain
as Redcoat Soldier
Wil Gonzalez
as Auctioneer (2016)
William Flaman
as Mason
Michele Plaia
as Missy
Kristen McFann
as Newscaster
Mehmet Korhan
as Pie Shop Patron
Jeremy Davies
as Malcolm Dreyfuss
Susanne Marie Danger
as Wendel Clark's Widow
Bill Martin
as Continental Soldier
Tom Hillmann
as Richard Weiss
Tony Pham
as Teppanyaki Chef
Peyton Standridge
as Village Girl
Jason Davis
as Jeremy Furth
Jeremy Harrison
as Restoration Worker #3
Kurt Barner
as Bailiff
Jimmy Manfredy
as Shopper
Richard Cetrone
as Headless Horseman/Headless Horseman (Weapons)
Mike Stoudt
as Stage Hand
Vivian Thompson
as Business Passerby
Sharif Atkins
as Calvin Riggs
Jayson Warner Smith
as Carlton
David Kronawitter
as Male Doctor
Stacie Ballard
as Colonist
Stephen Dean
as SWAT Team
Ed Dabney
as War (Riding)
C. Thomas Howell
as Special Agent Mick Granger
Charles Aitken
as Dr. Leeds/The Jersey Devil
Joel Nathaniel
as Bar Peep/Resistance Member/Venue Medic
Jason Claspell
as Continential Soldier
Stephen Shelton
as Hessian
Chris Williams
as Biker
Parker Wierling
as Student
Jason Stolfi
as Coroner
Rya Meyers
as Mal
John Jacob Anderson
as Hessian Zombie
Camden Johnston
as Teammate #2
Joe Hardy Jr.
as Max Paynter
Sarah Fawaz
as Infected Patient
Avis-Marie Barnes
as Night Shift Nurse
Louis Herthum
as General George Washington
Jimmy Gonzales
as Homicide Detective
Ansley Davis
as Older Girl #1
Gray Hawks
as Specialist
Kristi Booher
as Detective
Kari Sunwall
as Party Attendee
Austin Bollinger
as Rebel
Brady Rogers
as FBI Agent
Katie Cofield
as Teacher
Jeffrey Thomas Martin
as Tavern Patron
Michael Roark
as Devon Jones
Viviana Chavez
as Kit Nicora
Allie McCulloch
as Farmer
James Knight
as Thomas Dampier
Nancy Rouse Hodges
as Civilian/Neighbor/Voter
Kevin Patrick Murphy
as Bartender/Ananias Dare
Tyshon Freeman
as Bruiser Frat Guy
Craig Branham
as Headless Horseman (Riding)/Headless Horseman (Horseback)/Headless Horseman/Headless Horseman (riding)
Cody Carrera
as Soldier
Beth Felice
as Barbara
Perry Cox
as Student
Janina Gavankar
as Diana Thomas
Euseph Messiah
as CSI Pathologist
Diesel Madkins
as Restoration Driver
Hayley Lovitt
as Bryce
David Fonteno
as Priest/Reverend Boland
Lindsay Ayliffe
as Stephens
Francie Swift
as Beth Lancaster
Bridget Carrington
as Choir Member #3
Lena Sledge
as FBI Agent
Richard Kohberger
as Johnny Revere
Erica Page
as Chat Lady
Joseph Milton Hodges Sr.
as Neighbor/Voter
Rae Becka
as Mom
Misty Autery
as CSI Agent
Kyra Johnson
as Older Girl #2
Fernando Martinez
as Pete Burke
Katia Winter
as Katrina Crane
Alan Heckner
as Jailer
Marisol Correa
as DC Government Worker
Darrell Rackley
as Bartender
John Merical
as Villager
Ryan Gray
as The Pied Piper
Charles Justo
as Brad
Lionel Fine
as Geoffrey
Kaiser Johnson
as Baliff
Colin Owens
as Eric
Ethan Trace
as Bunker Hill Soldier
Daniel Patrick Shook
as Coroner/EMT
Alan Wells
as Intermediary
Adena Brumer
as Federal Prosecutor
Kimberli Lincoln
as Church Attendee
Elyse Dufour
as Babysitter
Dan McDonough
as Electrician
Duke Edson
as Colonial Carpenter
Al-Jaleel Knox
as Tony the Clerk
John Gettier
as Infected Hospital Patient
Terrence Mann
as The Devil
John Cho
as Andy Brooks
Adrian Bond
as John Wilkes Booth
Christopher L. Bullock
as Purgatory/Carnie/Executioner/Hessian
Patrick Thomas Hogan
as Colonial Soldier
Arika Nash
as Kissing Couple
Vince Pisani
as Paul Short
Sean Goulding
as Dave
Shay Harris
as Newscaster
Derrick LeMont
as Colleague
Evan George Vourazeris
as Food Truck Patron
Billy Liggett
as Purgatory Butler/Servant
Andrea Powell
as Mary Rawlings
Mark Campbell
as George Washington
Charlene Amoia
as Susan James
Belinda Keller
as Churchgoer
Kendrick Cross
as Lawyer
Shay Mack
as Church Woman Who Screams
Cynthia Evans
as Max's Wife
Alex Wetherington
as Townsperson
D.J. Mifflin
as Moloch/Blurry Man
Mary Kraft
as Dr. Vega
Bruce Blackshear
as Guard
Dylan Nunez
as Webb
Gregory French
as Hellfire Guard
Kevin L. Burke
as Doctor in Field Hospital
Ryan Brink
as Bertie
Zena Marie Hennen
as Crime Scene Investigator
Heather V. Regnier
as Karaoke Announcer
Frank Roberts
as Magistrate
Danny Rawley
as Jeremy (17 Years Old)/Jeremy (17 years old)
Summer Parker
as Girl
Zach Shirey
as Son
Robert Boynton
as Redcoat Soldier
Carrie Anne Hunt
as Jer
Catherine Jerald
as Benihana Patron
William Walker
as Auction Banker's Assistant/Concert Goer with Big Flag
David Schifter
as Colonial Nobleman
Bill Heck
as Mitch Talbot
Austin Filson
as Young Moloch
Zechariah Pierce
as Doug Frank
Oona Yaffe
as Molly Thomas/Molly
Ben Yemba
as Firefighter
Fred Galle
as Colonist
Katrina Despain
as Isa
Sherri Robinson
as Detective
Jun Ogden
as Young Girl
Cynthia Stevenson
as Nurse Gina Lambert
Randy Grazio
as Jailer
Bryan Murphy
as Lobbyist Larry
Connor McCabe
as Robbie
Scott Alms
as Headless Horseman Double
Fabian Starr
as Coffee Shop Barista
Matt Lewis
as Drummer
Allen O'Reilly
as Samuel Adams
Bret McKee
as Hessian Soldier #1
Cedric Greenway
as Marine Guard
Phillip DeVona
as Wendel Clark
Adrienne Whitney Papp
as Assistant
R. Keith Harris
as Landlord
Sarai Tinck
as Orderly
Craig Trow
as Lachlan Fredericks
Ryan Boz
as Lancaster-Weiss Brother #1
Jose Miguel Vasquez
as FBI Agent Ramirez
Jon W. Sparks
as Benjamin Franklin
Johnathon Schaech
as Solomon Kent
Rich Maresco
as Helicopter Pilot
Tommy Brown
as Detective/Hospital Visitor
Dan E Scott
as Doctor Dan Donner/Lieutenant Dan - Washington's Army
Nolan Bateman
as Ronnie Rawlings
Mark Guy Thompson
as Revolutionary War Bombardier
Kevin Cassidy
as Armin
Michael Tourek
as Prison Guard
Jonathan Edwards
as Orderly
John Zachary
as Lincoln
Katie Malia
as Faceless Woman/Onryo
Ethan Henry
as Paul Everett
Victor Cordova
as Officer #1
Brent McGee
as Captain William Bradford
Aaron McDonald
as Tavern Patron (Fox Hunter)
Tyler Webster
as Surly Teenager
James Donadio
as Professor
David Dunston
as Parent
Rob Lawhon
as Todd
Meg Gillentine
as Hazmat Doctor
Tyson Love
as Militia
Catherine Dyer
as Nancy Stryker
Orlando Jones
as Frank Irving
Kathleen York
as Ms. Hudson
Autumn Dial
as Emily Kates
C.C. Ice
as Banshee
Myles Lawsin
as Child
Jeremy Owens
as Headless Horseman/Headless Horseman (Weapons)
Ira Carmichael
as Security Guard
Adora Dei
as CDC Member
Barry Stoltze
as Colonial Man #2
Brennan Brown
as Tom
Yolanda Asher
as Secretary
Lindsey Garrett
as Sarah Osborne
Shannyn Sossamon
as Pandora
Wes Watson
as Kyle
Jerry Schuller
as American Soldier
Mason Pike
as Court House Visitor
David Pascua
as SHSD Forensic Photographer
Grant Springate
as Boy Moloch
Pete Burris
as Garrett Gillespie
Kent Wagner
as Draugur
Andy Stahl
as Donaldson
Lars Gerhard
as Hagen
Jamie King
as Pedestrian
Laura Spencer
as Caroline
Adam Sinclair
as Hellfire Doctor
Jackson Beals
as Mason Guard
Susan Shalhoub Larkin
as Luanne Harley
Charles Malik Whitfield
as Parsons
Miles Brew
as Chalsen
Bjorn DuPaty
as Ansel
Stephen M. LaBar Jr.
as Park Ranger
Aric Bunch
as British Soldier
Randy Burnett
as Dad/Colonial Soldier/Police Officer
Ozzy Ojito
as Deputy
Surely Alvelo
as Tarrytown Psych Nurse
Lawrence Kao
as Donnie Lu
Bailey Tippen
as Kendra
Geoffrey Williams
as Docent
Kelly Bellini
as Bride of Kindred
Mary Russell Brendle
as Becky
Max Ortiz Jr.
as Wealthy Bidder
Lola Fernandez
as Ashley/Secretary
Meghan Rose Cordner
as Girl in Roanoke Colony
Edward McCreary
as Young Soldier
Stephanie Mikel
as Auction Host
Dikran Tulaine
as Prefect
Dane Rhodes
as Jeff
Jacob Langa
as Young Boy
Jessejames Locorriere
as Preacher
Naida Nelson
as FBI Agent #1
Joshua Hoover
as Host
Matthew Luret
as Marquis De Lafayette
Dheeaba Donghrer
as Parent
Anthony S. Goolsby
as Cable Guy
Drew Matthews
as Young Nevins
Cullen Moss
as I.C.E. Officer
Dennis Stephen Joseph
as Chef
Jessi Goei
as Young Teen #1
Tia Robinson
as Keely
Samantha Kacho
as Orderly
Duke McNeil
as Purgatory Soul
Megan Hayes
as Dana Dobbs
Karen Malina
as Doctor
William Justice
as Courtroom Spectator
Mark Ashworth
as Connor Dunne
Richard Fullerton
as Veteran
Olivia De Paux
as DC Business Woman/FBI Agent
Michael Rosander
as Bank Salesman
Jeff Kidd
as Dragoon Horseback soldier
Josh Royston
as Militia
Martin Feigen
as Parent/School Play Parent
Donnie Bentley
as Colonial Soldier
Gary Jenkins
as Guitarist
John Michael Weatherly
as Secret Service
Adrienne Johnson
as Food Truck Patron
Monique Ganderton
as Serilda
Miles Doleac
as William Grey
Aaron K Smalls
as Staffer
John Paul Marston
as Colonel Prescott
Devin McGee
as Hessian #2
Neil Jackson
as Abraham Van Brunt
Lauren Henneberg
as Zombie
Robin Strasds
as Daniel Boone
Lashaun Clay
as Booking Sheriff/Officer #2
Rochelle Aycoth
as Nurse/Townie
Benton Burnett
as Molly's Friend
Thomas Hughes
as Dead Car Jacker
Eliza Thomas
as Townsperson
Tammy Rackley
as Nun
Jill Marie Jones
as Cynthia Irving
Andrew S. McMillan
as Commuter/Draugur/Resistance Member
Robert Fortunato
as Detective
Chace Beck
as Man
Quinten Johnson
as Young Butler
Ron Roggé
as Henry Knox/Theodore Knox
James Chen
as Lorenzo Chang
Bill Neenan
as Doxford
Barry W. Jerald Jr.
as Benihana Patron
Christopher Donald Gallagher
as Smelter
Jason Vail
as Latex Man #1
Nydia McFadden
as Possessed Macey
as Girl at Roanoke Colony
Joshua Booker
as Church Member
Lance Gross
as Daniel Reynolds
Matthew Ezell
as Colonial Soldier
Miguel J. Torres
as Neighbor
Tim Holt
as Redcoat
Melissa LeEllen
as Dreyfus Employee
Christopher McConnell
as Soldier
Jeremy J. Sykes
as Churchgoer
Perry Ball
as Sleepy Hollow Resident
Joy Glover Walters
as Medic
Matt Mercurio
as Deputy/Duty Officer
Judd Lormand
as Vendor
Roy McCrerey
as Hans Christinger
Jeffrey M. Miller
as EMT
Elena Sanchez
as Lilith (Demon)
Joe Knezevich
as Father Daniel
Brenda Moss-Clifton
as Pedestrian
Dustin Dewaine Smith
as Townsperson
Heighlen Boyd
as Krissy Kowalick
Craig Stark
as Chase Weaver
Sophia Grillo
as Bachelorette
Parker Chapin
as Crying Boy
Janeen Michael
as Choir Member #4
Jessica Camacho
as Sophie Foster
Ashley LeConte Campbell
as Judge Aldrin
Becca Potter
as Eleanor Dare
Raya Wright
as Young Docent Assistant
Timothy D. Montjoy
as Confederate Soldiers
Nicholas Guest
as General Howe
Benjamin Rowe
as Orderly #2
Josh Tipis
as Mohawk Indian
Heather Gilliland
as Lancaster Daughter #1
Juan-Pablo Veizaga
as Richard Williams
Shelby Steel
as Stella
William Frasca
as Washington's Soldier/Zombie Soldier
Victor Gage
as Shawnee Medicine Man
Nea Dune
as Auction World Leader
Amy DiPaola
as Cadaver
David Lowe
as Wounded Rev. War Soldier
Devan Gerlach
as FBI Agent
Tom Mison
as Ichabod Crane
Rick Espaillat
as Samuel Wilson
Sakina Jaffrey
as Sheriff Leena Reyes
Lindsey Blackwell
as Teammate #1
Aunjanue Ellis
as Lori Mills
Brett Kelley
as Bachelor
Lyndie Greenwood
as Jenny Mills
Daniel Parvis
as Davy Crockett
Joe Heath
as Hessian Soldier
Kevin J. O'Connor
as British Soldier
Rachel Harker
as Colonial Woman #1
Patt Noday
as Cornelius Wilkes
Charmin Lee
as Madam President/Madame President
James Frain
as Rutledge
Diana Lenska
as Hospital Visitor
Selena Anduze
as Manager
Jerry MacKinnon
as Jake Wells
Jeff Sandor
as Soldier #2
Derek Mears
as Moloch/Golem/Head Berserker/Mr. Stitch/The Kindred
Angela Bond
as Paige Gillespie
Romar Bennett
as Infected Patient
Dee Dubois
as Boy Militia #1
Mylo Ironbear
as Mohawk Warrior
Jason Looney
as Robbie Malone
Seychelle Gabriel
as Lara
David A MacDonald
as Plunkett
James McDaniel
as Ezra Mills
Genevive Barker
as Newscaster
Caroline Arapoglou
as Clara
Amandla Stenberg
as Macey Irving
Tammie Marie Vaughan
as Bar Patron/Infected Patient/Washington DC Worker
Douglas Meyers
as CSI Agent
Nicole Beharie
as Abbie Mills
Tyler Craig
as Soccer Player
Jaime Murray
as Carmilla Pines
Christopher Eaddy
as Orderly #1

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2013 | 13 Episodes

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2014 | 18 Episodes

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2015 | 18 Episodes

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2017 | 13 Episodes




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