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October 27, 2021
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About this title


Series One and Two focuses on a group of British teens trying to grow up and learn about love and life with little adult supervision (and lots of PARTYING). Sid tries to be everyone's friend and usually ends up on the short end of the stick. He is mostly manipulated by best friend Tony, whose girlfriend Michelle he is in love with. Tony is one to try anything once, including every girl he meets. He manipulates not only Sid and Michelle but anyone else who will let him. Anwar is just looking to lose his virginity, and though he is Muslim, it rarely stops him from partying excessively. Gay and popular friend Maxxie is along for the ride, while trying to pursue his dream of being a dancer and actor in London. Cassie, an anorexic basket-case, is in love with Sid, who overlooks her time and time again. Straight-laced Jal wants to focus on her musical ambitions.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Wikipedia

Country: United Kingdom

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: January 25, 2007

Also Known As: Skins - Liekeissä, Michelle richardson |  See more »


Plot Keywords

teenage sexuality

Company Credits

Production Co: Company Pictures, E4 |  See more »


Michael Hodgson
as Donald
Sevven Smith
as Kid 4
Chas Early
as Bailiff 1
Troy Glasgow
as Ace
Roland Oliver
as Model Shop Owner
Claire Fox
as Claire - FSA Officer
Sophie Simmonds
as Sophie
Ryan Pope
as Alan
Stewart Scudamore
as Pete
Antonio Aakeel
as Shop Security
Thaila Zucchi
as Cheryl
Nish Nathwani
as Uncle Muneer
Joshua J. Smith
as Bristol Bastard
Juliet Howland
as Music Teacher
Rob Law
as Estate Agent
Esther Smith
as Emma
Edgaras Baruse
as Vicious Kid
Louise Downie
as Miriam
Karina Minhas
as Mandy
Ben Smith
as Donald/Donny
Robert Pearce
as Reuben Ainsworth
Tim Downie
as Mr. Jessup
Will Merrick
as Alo Creevey
Kessie Bartlett
as Brandy
Giles Thomas
as Doug
Kate Morris
as Tracey
John Telfer
as Doctor
Ian 'H' Watkins
as Graham
Anand Desai-Barochia
as Choir boy
Matt King
as Cook Senior
Ronni Ancona
as Jenna Fitch
Dan Twine
as Clubber
Merveille Lukeba
as Thomas Tomone/Thomas
Holly Earl
as Poppy Champion
Tim Cullingworth-Hudson
as Self
Maureen Lipman
as Aunt Elizabeth
Cally Lawrence
as Aunty Jess
George Gallagher
as Robert
Daniel Ben Zenou
as Yaniv
Jonathan Guy Lewis
as Mike
Brook Huntington Lott
as Self
Antonia Clarke
as Carly
Alisdair McKee
as Trevor
Fenella Fielding
as Miriam Henley
Alexia Traverse-Healy
as Marlene
Mark 'Bez' Berry
as Rick Shaw
Jessica Sula
as Grace Violet
Redd Smith
as James Fitch/James
David Chadwick
as Larry Moll
Ian Boldsworth
as Roger
Arabella Weir
as Anna
Jack Brown
as Emo Kid 3
Petras Lisauskas
as Cop 1
Jiggy Bhore
as Margie
Julie Stenton
as Araminta
Born Ruffians
as The Band
Pooky Quesnel
as Claire
Robert Wilfort
as Tom
Hywel Morgan
as Mark
Stephanie Herbert
as Jemma
Ingrid Lacey
as Catherine Creevey
Brett McCarthy Harrop
as Brett
Gareth Farr
as Jeff Fitzgerald
Olly Alexander
as Jakob
Shameem Ahmad
as Nurse
Charmanae Amber
as Sally
Ben Evans
as Sam
Davood Ghadami
as Raj
Ben Lloyd-Hughes
as Josh
Elisa Lasowski
as Mika
Huey Morgan
as Toxic Bob
Kevin Matadeen
as Clubber
Lily Davis-Broome
as Candy
Rory Lowings
as Crispin
Matthew Prowse
as Darren
Katheryn Mcgaffigan
as Girl at Party
Will Young
as T Love
John Sessions
as Geoff Fitzgerald
Josette Simon
as Elaine
Matthew Bloxham
as Tom
Peter Bakare
as Calum
Sarah Ball
as Annabel
Richard Southgate
as Matt Moore
Mark Heap
as Graham
Jo Neary
as Samantha
Brennan Reece
as Kiddo
Dan Tetsell
as Smithy
Josie Lawrence
as Liz
Bettrys Jones
as Megan
Toby Parkes
as Marty
Akin Gazi
as Barman
Kwame Kwei-Armah
as Personal Trainer
April Pearson
as Michelle
Sally Phillips
as Angela
Leila Hoffman
as Granny
Lenya Aristotelous
as Lenya
Marcus Griffiths
as Donovan
Ollie Barbieri
as JJ Jones/JJ
Luke Norris
as Donny
Hector McCormick
as Dyl
Hannah Murray
as Cassie/Cassie Ainsworth
Emily Barrow
as Yummy Mummy
Annette Badland
as Mavis
Ben Uttley
as Mark
Dawn O'Porter
as Receptionist
Cherisa Wood
as Emily
Stephen Critchlow
as Vaughn
Jean Boht
as Doreen
Kelly Brook
as Jemima
Josh Dinneen
as Gay Lad
Gerard Cooke
as Court Usher
Toby Welch
as Northern Scum
Sarah Counsell
as Amber
Scarlett Sabet
as Angel of Death
Phil Moore
as Deck
Daniel Ryan
as Kevin Hardbeck
Jack West
as Martin
Paul Ridley
as Dr. Felly
Angela Bettis
as Ida Williams
Sam Alexander
as Jon
Lauretta Gavin
as Dopey
James Howard
as Rich Man
Adam Jones
as Naked Man
Annie Cooper
as Alicia
Duncan Duff
as Congratulations Leader
Meddy Ford
as Party Girl
Gordon Kennedy
as Alan Precopp
Aicha Kossoko
as Kasoke Tomone/Thomas's Mother
Isaac Ssebandeke
as Rapper
Louise Bartle
as O'Malley
Kate Russell-Smith
as Bank Teller
Shimi Goodman
as Roi
Stephen Michael Kane
as Adam
Sarah Matravers
as Rich Woman
Joe Prospero
as Emo Kid 1
Duncan Barton
as Derek
Tanya Franks
as Ruth Byatt
Rebecca Roy
as Ursula
Matthew Hayfield
as Dale
Klariza Clayton
as Karen Mclair/Karen
Sam Jackson
as Alex Henley
Alex Arnold
as Rich Hardbeck
Domonic Attoh
as Daniel Tomone
Daniel Kaluuya
as Posh Kenneth/DJ/Posk Kenneth
Charlie Creed-Miles
as Fighting Bath Man
Jason Cook
as Comedy MC
Lisa Shah
as Seeta
Lara de-Leuw
as Danuta
Dudley Sutton
as Norman
Inder Manocha
as Istiak
Danny Kirrane
as Kevin
Hannah Kumari
as Anwar's Sister
Liza Tarbuck
as Anita Hardbeck
Claire Lubert
as Nurse Kelly
Jordan Long
as Bailiff 2/Heavie/Heavy
Scott Stevenson
as Neighbour
Rosie Allan
as Jemima
Peter Martin
as Bert
Liz Hume Dawson
as Nurse
Ian Pink
as Geeky Guy
Bernadette Moor
as Bernadette
Sean Teale
as Nick Levan
Kaya Scodelario
as Effy Stonem/Effy
Charlotte Beaumont
as Cheska
Jesse Hlubik
as Jeffrey Flavors
Geoffrey Hughes
as Uncle Keith/Bandy/Fat Bastard
Dorian Lough
as Leon Levan
Wendy Brierley
as Marnie/Mavis
Hannah Britland
as Charlie
David Cromarty
as Partygoer
Liam Boyle
as Louie
Olga Fedori
as Anka
Mindaugas Medelinskas
as Kid 1
The Slasher
as Northern Scum
Michael Nardone
as Sandy
Georgia Henshaw
as Lara Lloyd
Wayne Powerdavis
as Javon/Rapper
Crispin Harris
as Simon Sweetcheeks
Ardal O'Hanlon
as Kieran
Emma Ongar
as Leanna
Larissa Wilson
as Jal
Perdita Avery
as Jude
Jessica Hynes
as Crystal
Lucien Laviscount
as Jason
Olivia Colman
as Gina Campbell
Sam Lawes
as Bystander
Pauline Quirke
as DS Blunt
Mike Grady
as Vicar
Hugo Speer
as John Foster
Atiha Sen Gupta
as Atifa
Matthew Cann
as Kid 1
David Baddiel
as Steve
Georgia King
as Clara
Tom Payne
as Spencer
Napalm Death
as Themselves
Joel Dommett
as DC Sweeney
Jack Benyon
as TJ
Danielle Jadelyn
as Water Bottle Girl
Polly Kemp
as Joy
Caroline Paterson
as Maria
Stuart Powell
as Pawn Shop Man
Orion Ben
as Navah
Shane Richie
as Bruce
Julia Florimo
as Therapy Patient
Maria Miles
as Sheila
Iddo Goldberg
as William
Mitch Hewer
as Maxxie
Justin Edwards
as Eric/Heavie/Heavy
Malcolm Edgeworth
as Till Boy
Juliet Cadzow
as Receptionist
Sally Broome
as Ms. Broom
The Bristol Schools Chamber Choir
as The Bristol Schools Chamber Choir
Allana Taylor
as Maria
Vicky Varnuska
as Martha
Jake Maskall
as Police Officer 3
Paul Antony-Barber
as Magistrate
John Thomson
as Sam Brooks
Angus Harrison
as Jake
Karen Tepper
as Madame Greta
Naomi Allisstone
as Margeritte
Lorena Fernández
as Clubber
Alex Huntley
as 3rd Poacher
Pippa Frost
as Kel
Jan Ravens
as Madame Deluca
Crystal Castles
as Band - Crystal Castles
Lucas Parish
as Party Goer
James Cotter
as Barman
Matt McCooey
as Philip
Amy Wren
as Jane
Malcolm Titley
as Singing Bus Driver
Steve Furst
as Stanley
Marcia Bennett
as Irene Polaski
Charlie Walker Wise
as Doctor
Cambria Bailey-Jones
as Arabella
Chris Lynd
as Northern Scum
Harry Enfield
as Jim/Jim Stonem
Lola Mae Loughran
as Maude Malone
Robert Latham
as The Bristol Schools Chamber Choir Choirmaster
Eloise Joseph
as Bella Malone
Chris Addison
as David Blood
Calum Mason
as School Boy 2
Janet Montgomery
as Beth
Jonny Forrest
as Lex
Greg Shewring
as Del/Police Officer 2
Alan George
as Alan the Taxi Driver
Dorothy Atkinson
as Receptionist
Mariah Gale
as Polly
Emma Cargill
as Cocktail Waitress
Lara Pulver
as Victoria
Matt Kane
as Emo Kid 2
Sara Crowe
as Hair & Beauty Teacher
Nicholas Hoult
as Tony
Josie Long
as Josie
Jack De Carle
as Bubba
Danny Szam
as Liam
Aimee-Ffion Edwards
as Sketch
Lisa Backwell
as Pandora Moon/Pandora
Margaret John
as Eunice
Luke Barnes
as Drunk Man
Bethzienna Williams
as Hamutal
Amberley Gridley
as Sophia Moore
Melissa Stanton
as Barmaid
Christian Roe
as Pinky
Charlene McKenna
as Maddie
Juliet Howard
as Singing Teacher
Simon Day
as Leo Mclair
Victoria Wicks
as College Director
James Patrick Reed
as Charlie
Isaac Thomas
as School Boy 1
Sarah Lancashire
as Mary
Ray Gardner
as Middle Class Dad
Nicholas Beveney
as Delwyn
Jasmine Sorisi-Thomas
as Student
Kathryn Prescott
as Emily Fitch/Emily
David Christian
as Old Viagra Man
Jolante Pilinkaite
as Girl 1
Samantha Parry
as Cherry Blossom
Peter Gunn
as Owen Creevey
Alastair Mackenzie
as Gregory McGuinness
Rich Fulcher
as Judge Jordan
Laya Lewis
as Liv Malone
Toby Longworth
as Bryan
Rupert Holliday-Evans
as Priest
T.J. Lowe
as Jonno
Tim Key
as Dr. O'Dwyer
Brendan Patricks
as Stibbard
Chris Kiely
as Nervous Looking Guy
Neil Morrissey
as Marcus
John Weldon
as Big Issue Seller/Kenny Big Issue Seller
Derek Davy
as Danny the Door
Jacob Anderson
as Ryan
Peter Silverleaf
as Serge
Limz Ali
as BSM/Skins Ident (Driver)
Siwan Morris
as Angie
Freya Mavor
as Mini McGuinness
Tadas Gryn
as Cop 2
The Hats
as Band
Bobby Pearse
as Rueben
Ryan Mann
as Martin/Marting
Syan Blake
as Interpreter
Clementine Starling
as Earnest Girl
Mazviona Evelyn Madzima
as Fumi Tomone
Alan Westaway
as Doctor
Georgina Moffat
as Abigail
Mark R. Anthony
as Doorman
Laurentiu Possa
as Christian
Alex Stedman
as Schoolboy 1
Mark Stobbart
as Mitch
Scott Mills
as Presenter
Gintaire Cepukonye
as Security Lady
Maria Charles
as Granny
Spencer Jones
as Doctor Proctor
Eve Barnes
as Little Girl
Douglas Hodge
as Edward Jones
Edward Lewis French
as Lucas
Richard David-Caine
as Hipster Friend
Emily Jewell
as Nurse 2
Jaye Griffiths
as Agnes Malone
Heidi Monsen
as Dr. Stock
Miriam Ahmed
as Anwar's Sister
Clare Grogan
as Shelley McGuinness
Joe Cole
as Luke
Paul Kaye
as Duncan
Brett Griffiths
as Party Goer
Samuel Oliver
as Barman
We Need Leads
as The Band
Ben Morris
as Little Lad Getting Hit
Richard Crehan
as Johnny
Amy Burnett
as Kayleigh
Manjinder Virk
as Doctor Berg
Georgia Sidell
as Raver
Julian Ronnie
as Mr. Ronnie
Tara Wells
as Marsha
Henry Garrett
as Danny
Sebastian de Souza
as Matty Levan
John Arthur
as Middle Aged Teacher
Alastair G. Cumming
as Merve
Emma Stansfield
as Pamela
Leander Deeny
as Nu Folk Student
Sarah Solemani
as Celia Champion
Stephen Walters
as Mad Twatter
Jack O'Connell
as James Cook/Cook
Stephanie Houtman
as Julie
Seth Adams
as Nurse Seth
Joel Rowbottom
as Kid 2
Phil Cornwell
as Diesel
Daniel Black
as Rider
Nixon Evans
as Baby Albert
Kenneth Collard
as The Doctor
Eleanor Lawrence
as Stacey
Red Madrell
as Amanda
Javine Hylton
as Precious
Kate Best
as Music Examiner #2
Maurice Roëves
as Alex
Kevin Eldon
as Manfred
Jack O'Connor
as The Apprentice
Natasha Joseph
as Clinic Nurse
Mark Arends
as Alex
Helen O'Brien
as Rock Chick
Joe Dempsie
as Chris
Karl Theobald
as David Henley
Kate Speak
as Jogger
Mike Bailey
as Sid
Sia Berkeley
as Scarlett
Ayesha Antoine
as Police Officer 1
Joann Condon
as Ginny
Sebastian De Souza
as Matty Levan
Peter Capaldi
as Mark/Mark Jenkins
Montserrat Gili
as Spanish Examiner
Chris Ashby
as Steve
Jamie Michie
as Rob/Connel Champion
Sarah Buckland
as Job Agent
Felicity Montagu
as Anne Moore
as Standby Kid
Sean Pertwee
as Simon the Lecturer/Soldier on the Train
Julien Vialon
as Marcel Hulot
Tessa Bell-Briggs
as Mrs. Rynkowski
Dave Hill
as Dewi
Jamie Brittain
as DJ Flangmeister
Shervin Alenabi
as Norman
Carla Nicholls
as Shop Security
Dev Patel
as Anwar
Maxim Baldry
as Banjo
Mark Goldthorp
as Ticket Man
River George
as Dancer
Mark Monero
as Ronnie/Ronnie Fazer
Wilf Scolding
as Bruno
Bradley Needham
as Ned
Luke Pasqualino
as Freddie Mclair/Freddie
James Buckley
as Simon
Nick Figgis
as Toby
Alan McEndrick
as Rory/Ruiri
Eve Webster
as Teacher On Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown
Bryan Wilson
as Ally
Lucy Jane
as Raffi
Queenie Maidment-Otlet
as Queenie
Alastair Cording
as Music Examiner
Sean Carlsen
as Policeman
James Burrows
as Jake
Alice Lowe
as Jemima
Jenny Jules
as Sonia Blood
George Hinchliffe
as Ukelele Kev
Cavan Clerkin
as Dillon
William Lang
as Paddy
Tom Meeten
as Jesus
John R. Mahoney
as Pub Landlord
Jody Halse
as Bouncer
Steve Toussaint
as Father Babajide
Chris MacDonnell
as Removal Man
Ashley Horne
as Stephen
Johann Benét
as Moses
Oliver Mellor
as Matt
Carl Garrison
as Frank
Adelayo Adedayo
as Andrea
Nina Wadia
as Anwar's Mum/Bibi
Charlie Goodwin
as Kid 3
Clinton Blake
as Wilbur
as Taz
Tanya Moodie
as Layla
Alexa Morden
as Marjorie
John Bishop
as Rob Fitch
James Boyland
as Crackhead
Fiona Allen
as Jackie
S.J. Evans
as Gay Man
Cressida Falcon
as Old Lady
Fiz Marcus
as Receptionist
Sean Verey
as James
Megan Prescott
as Katie Fitch/Katie
Millicent Rendall
as Char
Amir Boutrous
as Hagai
Hannah McPake
as Bouncer
Jeremy Joyce
as Freddie
Ryan Francis
as Raymond
Kayvan Novak
as Jake/Jake Abbasi
Lucy Gape
as Megan
Mark Ramsay
as Reg the Bouncer
William McGeough
as Middle Aged Man
Marcelo Cabrera
as Earl
Adrian Fergus Fuller
as Lynton
Danny Dyer
as Malcolm
Graeme Rooney
as Lachlan
Jake Neads
as Fabian/Student
Elsie Kelly
as Lovely Old Lady
Isy Suttie
as Nurse Pauline
Seth Evans
as Baby Albert
Emma Harris
as Shall
Poppy Smith
as Pixie
James Fleet
as Martin
Kevin Hudson
as Male Patient
Zack Sojae
as Mahmut
Alistair McGowan
as Coach Pooter
Tim Wallers
as Ted
Angus Barnett
as Big Bob
Paul Robert Bird
as Bouncer
Scott Wesley
as Hoss
Samantha Johanna Williams
as Harriet
Holly Churches
as Arcia
Alexander Arnold
as Rich Hardbeck
Craig Roberts
as Dominic
Juliet Cowan
as Cecilia Jones/Celia Jones
Annie Hulley
as Chris's Mum
Jenny Eclair
as Vivienne
Chooye Bay
as Dewei
Morwenna Banks
as Anthea/Anthea Stonem
Mackenzie Crook
as John/John White
Chris Wilson
as Newsreader
Lily Loveless
as Naomi Campbell/Naomi
Bill Bailey
as Walter
Lee Mengo
as Gordon
Patricija Juciute
as Standby Girl
Jacqueline Tong
as W.I.Lady
Dakota Blue Richards
as Franky Fitzgerald

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2011 | 9 Episodes

Season 2
Season 3

2009 | 10 Episodes

Season 4
Season 5
Season 6
Season 7




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