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October 23, 2021
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About this title


Nathaniel Fisher, his wife Ruth, and their children David and Claire run a small funeral business that offers the best care to be found anywhere close by. Prodigal son Nate Jr. arrives home for Christmas just as his father is killed by a bus, and has to stick around when he and David are willed the funeral service together. How does a family who helps others deal with grief deal with its own?

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Wikipedia

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: June 3, 2001

Also Known As: Seks fot under, Sub pãmânt S.R.L. |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+, M), Brazil (18) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

sibling relationship
dark comedy
family business

Company Credits

Production Co: Home Box Office (HBO), The Greenblatt Janollari Studio |  See more »


George Cheung
as Mr. Su
David McSwain
as Vet in Wheelchair
Pamela Rickard
as Hiker
Bob Richardson
as Homeless Man
Les Brandt
as Window Washer
Michael James Reed
as Single Dad
Sarah Lancaster
as Alternate Daughter
Bruce Wright
as Detective
Chris Ellis
as Construction Worker #2
DeVera Marcus
as Justice of the Peace
Erik Stolhanske
as Man on Boat
Ken Davitian
as Krikor Hovanessian
Toby Holguin
as Armored Truck Robber
Brian David
as Robert
Angela Joy
as 'O Happy Day' Singer
Abby Brammell
as Kirsten
Michael Viens
as Simon
Carol Woodbury
as Woman at Flower Show
Karmin Murcelo
as Paco's Mother
Tannoz Bahremand
as Cantor
Rainn Wilson
as Arthur Martin
Rachel Thorp
as Paige Wething
Jules Tearle
as Square Dancer
Amy Wheaton
as Female Student
Francisco Javier
as Ramon's Buddy
Nathan Norton
as Enzo Pasquese
Bill Doyle
as Policeman
Myndy Crist
as Dana
Stanley Kamel
as Death
Bronwyn Tosh
as Maya Fisher/Maya
Michael Childers
as Coroner
Larry Ward
as Square Dance Leader
Jim Ortlieb
as Andrew Wayne Milne
Michael Bell
as Quaker Man
Joyce Greenleaf
as Mrs. Murdoch
Kate Enggren
as Loving Couples' Spokeswoman
Susie Bright
as Self
Dagney Kerr
as Patty
Rod McCary
as Mitchell Stein
Austin Nichols
as Kyle/Tall Stoner
Kristopher Logan
as Jack
Lori Alan
as Macy's Saleswoman
Harper Roisman
as Elderly Man
Michelle Ruben
as Amber
Megan Austin Oberle
as Callie Mortimer
Nikole Smith
as Claire's Puppet Double
Edward Conery
as Jim Showalter
Yareli Arizmendi
as Carmen
Gabriel Olds
as Lauderbach
Amanda Leighton
as Singing Cactus Kid
David Wells
as Bland Funeral Director
Lisa Banes
as Victoria
Judith Baldwin
as Paula Mortimer
Marty West
as Pepper
Tara Buck
as Girl with Edie
Brian Tahash
as Coach
Danielle Petty
as Waitress
Giancarlo Rodriguez
as Julio Diaz
Jennifer Elise Cox
as Mary
Rachel Zeskind
as Nate's Ex-Girlfriend
Louan Gideon
as Grieving Woman
Jayma Mays
as Donna
Monti Sharp
as Clinic Worker
Terri Hoyos
as Realtor
Guillermo Cespedes
as Organist
Max Grodénchik
as Tailor
Wendy Schaal
as Vickie Dimas
Page Kennedy
as Josh Langmead
Timothy Landfield
as Marv Chenowith
Jim Beaver
as Prison Officer
Alexandra Holden
as Rebecca Leah 'Becky Maxwell' Milford
Larry Drake
as Inspector Gerson
Brandon Dean
as Eric
Patrice Walters
as Anesthesiologist
Eric Bruskotter
as Keith's Partner
Bill Kalmenson
as Businessman
Angelo Custino
as Singing Kid #3
Peter Facinelli
as Jimmy
Robert Foxworth
as Dr. Bernard Chenowith
Hallee Hirsh
as Kaitlin Stolte
Ryan Raddatz
as Albert Gross
Sarah Rafferty
as Rachel Mortimer
Peter Birkenhead
as David's Lawyer
Illeana Douglas
as Angela
Jeff Corbett
as One Night Stand (Greg Clarkson)
Blade Anthony
as Extra/New Image Rep #1
Brett Paesel
as Dominique/Gourd Woman
Robert Pine
as Basil
Kimberlin Brown
as Soap Actress
Mare Winningham
as Eileen Piper
Brooke Dillman
as Becky
Kyle Mullaney
as Boy Asking for Cheese
Glenda Tusher
as Lila
Justina Machado
as Vanessa Diaz
Jeff Yagher
as Hoyt
Meagen Fay
as Social Worker
Deborah Theaker
as Tour Guide
Catherine O'Hara
as Carol Ward
Ben Lin
as Benjamin Srisal
Chil Kong
as Minister
Melissa Paull
as Female Bruncher
Raphael Sbarge
as Father Clark
James MacPherson
as Wedding Guest
Jennifer Chu
as Crying Student
Jeremy Sisto
as Billy Chenowith
LaPamela Avant
as Guard
Ben Scott
as Butcher
Amy Spanger
as Holly Duncan
James Leo Ryan
as A/C Repairman
Andrea Johnson
as Paramedic #1
Jordan Brower
as Topher
Ange Billman
as Classmate with Children
Momo Yashima
as Dorothy Su
Glenn Fitzgerald
as Aaron Buchbinder
Monica McCarthy
as Art Student
Jack Lindine
as Ed Morrison
Ralph Kampshoff
as Mr. Bloomberg/Mr. Bloomburg
Jillian Henry
as Daughter
Lena Zhanik
as Lotte
Matthew Viens
as Shawn
Pamela Adlon
as Evil Nurse/Isabel/Nathaniel
Nicki Micheaux
as Karla
Tara Karsian
as 'Dr. Dave' Coordinator
Julie White
as Mitzi Dalton Huntley
J. Paul Rogen
as Callie's Friend #1
David Lee Russek
as Jeffrey
Sonja Alarr
as Federico's Dance Partner
Antoinette Peragine
as Jenny
Josh Radnor
as Will Jaffe
Ann Weldon
as Aunt Jeanie
Michael Hyatt
as Josette Marshall
Eyvonne Williams
as 'O Happy Day' Singer
Kyra Groves
as Nurse
Wade Williams
as Paul Kovitch
Bhavna de Montebello
as Parker Impostor
Brian Poth
as Marc Foster
Nicholas D'Agosto
as Jonathan Gorodetsky
Armando Valdes-Kennedy
as Luis
Janet Wood
as Saleswoman
Ted Garcia
as TV Reporter
Pat Healy
as Byron
Davis Henry
as Private Bailey
Julie Brown
as Sissy Pasquese
Justin Theroux
as Joe
Zaki Rubenstein
as Woman in Supermarket
Violetta Gevorkyan
as Anahid Hovanessian
Annie Fitzgerald
as Janine
Aysia Polk
as Taylor
Mary Gross
as Floral Instructor
Anne Dudek
as Allison Williman
Christina Carlisi
as Judy Romano
Stephen Snedden
as Alternate Son
Matt McCoy
as Slick Funeral Director
Nick Toth
as Will's Eulogizer
Anthony Martins
as Telemarketer
Nancy Linehan Charles
as Connie
Brian Kimmet
as Victor Kovitch
Judy Prescott
as Kimberly Mossback
Julie Dretzin
as Barb
Stanley DeSantis
as Peter Burns
Brooke Swift
as Kid #3
Anthony Begonia
as Mana Lisa's Son
Traber Burns
as Sharon's Neighbor
Christine Estabrook
as Emily Previn
Bree Michael Warner
as Plan Woman 2 (Hipster Girl)
J. Michael Flynn
as Jan Vanhoosen
Jenette Goldstein
as Obstetrician
Markus Rudel
as 3-Way Guy
Frank Crim
as Convenience Store Clerk
Michele Greene
as Dr. Fraker
Brad Hammer
as Choir Boy
Mark Durbin
as Daniel Nathanson - Brenda's Husband
Lindsey Parks
as Jeannie Fritzen
Lindsey Ginter
as Boo
Veronica Hart
as Jean Louise McArthur
Patricia Clarkson
as Sarah O'Connor
Vivienne Benesch
as Suzanne Wething
Geoffrey Nauffts
as Dr. DiPaolo/AMV Doctor
Bobbin Bergstrom
as Scrub Nurse
Kristin Morley
as Obstetrician
Terrell Clayton
as Eddie
Amanda Carlin
as Friend in Green
Scott Freeburg
as Comic Thief
Daniel Roebuck
as Male Sex Addict
Melissa Egan
as Debbie
Jayne Taini
as Vera
Nasi Glekas
as Junky
Beverly Leech
as Mavis Spencer
Andrew Reville
as Cashier
Graham Jarvis
as Bobo
Zachary Quinto
as Hip Student
Sandra Oh
as Porn Starlet
Jenna Boyd
as 7-Year-Old Girl
Larry Sullivan
as Deputy Wheeler
Elaine Kagan
as Eileen Goldberg
W. Earl Brown
as Pete
Ken Takemoto
as Funeral Guest
Maggie Baird
as Andrea Kuhn
Lombardo Boyar
as Powerful
Leonardo Ciacci
as Benny
Michael McCafferty
as Adam Mossback
Gretchen Storms
as Teenager
Benjamin John Parrillo
as Plan Man
Idalis DeLeón
Tenaya Cleveland
as Art Student/Massaging Student
Rachel Griffiths
as Brenda Chenowith
Idalis DeLeon
as Sophia/Sophia 'Infinity'
Joe Basile
as Morgue Attendant
Ellen DeGeneres
as Ellen DeGeneres
Steve Ryan
as Matthew Heath Collins
Heather McPhaul
as Proctor #1
Freddy Rodríguez
as Federico 'Rico' Diaz
Dan Desmond
as Art Teacher
Michelle Gardner
as Nurse Susie
Onika Day
as Telemarketer
Christina Cabot
as Hiking Woman
Fred Blanco
as Mauricio Diaz
Terence Knox
as Larry Wadd
Deborah Offner
as Dr. Melnick
Erica Mer
as Courtney
Greg Bronson
as Vehicle Driver
Spencer Hill
as Cafeteria Student
Ellen Albertini Dow
as Roberta
Tatyana Yassukovich
as George's Ex-Girlfriend
Frances Conroy
as Ruth Fisher
Mathew St. Patrick
as Keith Charles
Tereza Rizzardi
as Melinda Mary Bloch
Eddie Jemison
as Casket Salesman
Denalda Williams
as Becky's Manager
Ed Begley, Jr.
Thomas Kopache
as Lawrence Mason
Dale Raoul
as Rosemary
Lisa Soule
as Sarah
Eric Balfour
as Gabe Dimas/Claire's Meth Date/Gabriel Dimas
Nolan North
as Soap Actor
Amy Hill
as Madame Mana Lisa
Josette DiCarlo
as Sheila
Netta Most
as Sylvia Feldman
Jenny O'Hara
as Garland Duncan
Tom Virtue
as Edward Gorodetsky
Joy Highsmith
as Nurse
Austin Priester
as Paintballer #2
Chase Penny
as Short Stoner
Michael Didriksson
as Anthony's Lover
James Waterston
as Kyle
Rhys Coiro
as Wolf
Jim Lau
as Chinese Man
Alicia McCutcheon
as Soap-Watching Wife
Jenna Fischer
as Sharon Kinney
Andrew Friedman
as Tuttle Friend with Glasses
Merle Perkins
as Lakshmi
Dave Power
as Nolan
Jull Weber
as Club Dancer
Mae Hi
as Lin
Michael Bofshever
as Minister
J.J. Gales
as Andrea's Father
Julia Vera
as Cleaning Woman
Cindy Lu
as Hospital Clerk
Timm Sharp
as Andy
Wayne Lopez
as Paramedic #2
Michael Cudlitz
as Dennis, Crossroads Leader
Kim Coles
as Dolores
Stephanie Erb
as Daughter #2
Mary-Joan Negro
as Polina
David Ackert
as Truck Driver
Gina Morelli
as Leticia Perez
Adam Nelson
as Match-Lighting Guy
Roger Velasco
as Young Man With Tattoos
Melissa Marsala
as Angelica
Ivonne Coll
as Vanessa's Therapist
Mary Kathleen Gordon
as Wife #6
Steffani Brass
as Michaela
David Shatraw
as Shiatsu Client
Paula Malcomson
as Woman in Bar
Lee Garlington
as Fiona Kleinschmidt
June Kyoto Lu
as Bette Srisal
Alan Lambert
as Gay Bruncher #2
Matt Malloy
as Roger Pasquese
Franc Ross
as Jessie Johnson
Tom Lenk
as Young Poet
Shawn Huang
as Thai Boy
George Peña
as Flag-Folder
Danny Goldring
as Augie Holzenchenko
Ric McCloud
as Man on Phone #2
Chris Harrison
as Self
Kim Gillingham
as Linda
Stewart Finlay-McLennan
as Connor Thompson
Mat Hostetler
as Inflating Guy #1
Terri Hanauer
as Diane Buckner
Todd Merrill
as Kevin's Friend #3
Kacey Camp
as 12-Step Woman
Scott Hoxby
as Male Coke User
Barbara Gruen
as Plan Woman 1
Angelique Little
as Woman with Baby
Dee Freeman
as Susan Langmead
Drake Johnston
as Danny's Nephew/Will
Carol Hickey
as George's Ex's Friend
Carmen Twillie
as 'O Happy Day' Singer
Damon Preston
as Derek
Kim Myers
as Dr. Michaelson
Ken Land
as Robert Meinhardt
Mary Gillis
as Gerty
Jerry Hauck
as Stan
Andy Umberger
as Third Doctor
Dennis Lau
as Morgue Attendant
C.J. Manigo
as Durrell's Son
David Knell
as Kevin's Friend #2
Stewart Skelton
as Fundamentalist #2
Alisa Reyes
as Julie
John Paul Pitoc
as Phil/Crematory Guy
Kendré Berry
Molly Parker
as Rabbi Ari
Scott Paetty
as Hairdresser
Veronica Lauren
as Paula Cooper
Carol Ann Susi
as Pauline Romano
Bobby Cannavale
as Javier
Sarah Nanko
as Angelique
Marina Black
as Parker McKenna/Parisian Classmate
Hayden Tank
as Young Nate
Luis Robledo
as Rival
Lilli Babb
as Young Claire
Victor McCay
as Claire's Teacher
Elayn J. Taylor
as Nurse #1
Patrick Cavanaugh
as Mike Cooper
Susan Merson
as Realtor
Alan Poul
as Wedding Guest
Libby West
as Nurse
Aaron Leigh
as Dink
Bill Cobbs
as Mr. Jones
Aysia Lee
as Needs a Pencil
Freddy Rodriguez
Daniel Zacapa
as Mr. Suarez, Jr.
Mena Suvari
as Edie
Bob Rumnock
as Proctor #2
Ashley Gardner
as Daughter #1
Gail Borges
as Mrs. Tully
Leo Marks
as Actor with Hat
Joel David Moore
as Video Clerk
Richard Wharton
as Dove Man
Tate Taylor
as Job Applicant #1
Chase Ellison
as Young George
Josh Stamberg
as Sarge
Cristine Rose
as Hannah
Jordan Ladd
as Ginnie
Neil Patil
as Art Student
Harry S. Murphy
as Kroehner Funeral Director
Timothy V. Murphy
as Louis Winchell
Sean O'Bryan
as Tom Wheeler
Irina Maleeva
as Irina
Kevin Brief
as 12-Step Man
Jason Matthew Smith
as Basher #1
Jeremy Guskin
as Student Volunteer
Molly Hagan
as Rachel
Vincent Castellanos
as Beauty Parlor Owner
Jonathan Tucker
as Bruno
Jason Connell
as Art Show Hipster
Jennifer Griffin
as Crying Sicilian Daughter
Justin Connor
as Paul
Jacob Vargas
as Manuel 'Paco' Bolin
Michael Mantell
as Doctor
Sonia Jackson
as Nurse
Gloria Garayua
as Agnes
David Di Brienza
as Wedding Guest
Hayden Thompson
as Singing Kd #3
Gary Sievers
as Main Street Café Patron
Lorinne Vozoff
as Jessica Wilcox
Gunther Jenson
as Fundamentalist #1
Richard Lynch
as Commitment Ceremony Presider
Rob McCarthy
as Loving Couples' Spokesman
Peter Krause
as Nate Fisher
Pat Destro
as Chloe's Friend
Maximillian Kesmodel
as Young David
Sheila Shaw
as Mrs. Gurvitz
Alex Quattlander
as Assistant Coach
Kathy Bates
as Bettina
Matt Winston
as Terry
Shishir Kurup
as Restaurant Owner
Maura Soden
as Mrs. Stolte
Jeremy A. Roberts
as Callie's Friend #2
Godfrey Moye
as Crambone
Deirdre O'Connell
as LAC Arts Interviewer
Evan Handler
as Scott Philip Smith
David Daskal
as Mourner
Christine Mourad
as Coco Gorodetsky
Beverly Todd
as Lucille Charles/Keith's Mother
Marquise Wilson
as Crack Dealer
Rebecca Wink
as Hellen Meinhardt
Brad Greenquist
as Building Manager
James McDonnell
as Dr. Frank
Caroline Aaron
as Amelia
Adam Scott
as Ben Cooper
Ronn Moss
as Soap Actor
Jennifer Darling
as Edie's Mother
Patty Tobin
as Carmen
Berlinda Tolbert
as Debra
Xhercis Mendez
as Motel Manager
Bette Rae
as Meinhardt Cousin #1
Jack Wallace
as Danny Holzenchenko
Mandy June Turpin
as Crying Woman
Jennie Vaughn
as Abused Wife
Gary Murphy
as Mooning Private
Elizabeth Ruscio
as Madeleine Burns
Wilda Taylor
as Ramona Kippleman
Hansford Rowe
as Harold Mossback
Leonard Kelly-Young
as Inspector
Michelle Alexandria
as Cocktail Waitress
Luck Hari
as Tahira
David Carrera
as Tony Wallace
James Pickens Jr.
as Roderick Charles
Art Frankel
as Bereavement Group Leader
Rosalind Chao
as Cindy
Audrey Harris
as Knitting Student
Brian Stepanek
as Alex Graham
Marc Worden
as Zach
Vanessa Marano
as Tate Pasquese
Alicia Brandt
as Woman in Elevator
Eric Payne
as Police Captain
Brian Ames
as Hot Student/Party Friend
Brandon Dante Davis
as Son
Franceska Lynne
as Bridesmaid
Missy Yager
as Jennifer Mason
Veronica Cartwright
as Peg Kimmel
Johnny Drocco
as Gay Clubgoer
Billy Lush
as Paul Duncan
Joanna Cassidy
as Margaret Chenowith
Maury Sterling
as Pot Dealer
Quinby Kasch
as Hannah Grace
Eva Fisher
as Girl in Bathroom Line
Grant Thompson
as Sam
Dwayne Barnes
as Officer Myers
Arthur Taxier
as Marcus Foster
Chris Pine
as Young Sam Hoviak
Jennifer Lutheran
as Art Student
Diana Castle
as Trust Lawyer
Billy Rieck
as Basher #2
Joe Bell
as Ticket Booth Boy
Karen Landry
as Eve
Cullen Douglas
as Mr. Clarington
Jeffrey Ross
as Shiva Comic
Nicole Richie
as Self
David Doty
as Neil Schaeger
Caroline A. Rice
as Angel
Christine Tucci
as Marianne
Mark Devine
as Chandler Swanson
Ethel Ayler
as Ellen
Alice Krige
as Alma
Scott Alan Smith
as Job Applicant #2
AJ Michalka
as Ashley
Harriet Sansom Harris
as Catherine Collins
Howard Mungo
as Man at Viewing
Lili Taylor
as Lisa Kimmel Fisher/Lisa Kimmel
Monica Garcia
as Gladys
Eve Sigall
as Bartender
Robert Laughlin
as Drug Dealer
Tuc Watkins
as Trevor
Ash Christian
as Inflating Guy #2
David Ursin
as Processing Officer
Jean Carol
as Wife #5
Elise Robertson
as Anne Marie Thornton
Lauren Birkell
as Elise
Betty Murphy
as Meinhardt Cousin #2
Tracy Middendorf
as Adele Swanson
The Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles
as Themselves
Scott Burkholder
as Kenneth Henderson
Peter Macdissi
as Olivier Castro-Staal
Katie Mitchell
as Sheila
Zach Shaffer
as Marc's Boyfriend
Baron Rogers
as The Waiter
Steve Hofvendahl
as Raymond Dooley
Matt Hannigan
as Detective
Dina Spybey
Michael C. Hall
as David Fisher
Robert Cicchini
as Todd
Irene DeBari
as Pilar's Mother
Kellan Lutz
as Critter
Ilia Volok
as Yuri
Geraldine Singer
as Wife #1
Kathi Copeland
as My Gym Teacher
Herschel Bleefeld
as Male Student
Timothy Lynn Green
as Man in Choir
Gordon Wells
as Chuck
Syvalouis Nance Jr.
as Security Guard
John J West
as Pianist
Lois Hall
as Minister
Rob Evors
as Plumber
Joanne Rubino
as Morgue Attendant
Art Chudabala
as Phil Srisal
Ben Weber
as Hiking Man
Anne Ramsay
as Jackie Feldman
Lucinda Jenney
as Kenneth's Ex-Wife
Andy Forrest
as Mr. Gurvitz
Tim DeZarn
as Mechanic
Santo Ragno
as Gay Bruncher #1
Kevin Rankin
as Johnny
Priscilla Leona Horne
as Health Club Woman
Jim Brooks
as Devon
James Black
as Duane
Luke Sabre
as Porno Private
Michael Khmurov
as Russian Man/Russian Man in Line
Victor Campos
as Pilar's Father
Mark L. Young
as Eric Sheedy
Armando Guerrero
as Older Rico
Scoot McNairy
as Trevor
Darren Le Gallo
as School Boy #1/Teenage Boy #1
Matt Bradshaw
as Porno MP #1
Richard Jenkins
as Nathaniel Fisher
Sandra Purpuro
as Barbara Romano
Anthony Sherritt
as Summons Server
James Morrison
as Swinger Husband
Becky Thyre
as Marcie
Vince Grant
as ER Doctor
Sahar Bibiyan
as Dr. Peterman's Nurse
Sara Mornell
as Jessica Shapiro
Mariana Dimitrova
as Apartment Manager
Brian Shakti
as Cemetary Patron/Mourner
A.J. Lee
as Derrick
Steve Gormley
as Male Shopper
Tamara Taylor
as Roger's Lawyer
Chris Messina
as Ted Fairwell
K.T. Thangavelu
as Nurse #2
Shannon Convery
as Classmate with Cancer
Richard Penn
as Attorney
Thomas Garner
as Party Guest
C.J. Sanders
as Anthony
Michael Cornacchia
as Lawrence Tuttle
Shawn Michael Patrick
as Coroner
Linwood Porter
as Dwight Garrison
Joe Camareno
as Guidance Counselor
Joel McKinnon Miller
as Tuttle Friend with Flattop
Dennis Cockrum
as Chris Buckner
Beth Grant
as Dorothy Sheedy
Noah Frank
as Ratso
Ingrid Coree
as Nurse
Kiyoko Yamaguchi
as Funeral Guest
Lynn Wanlass
as Sally Hanley
Bahni Turpin
as Wolf's Girlfriend
Shashawnee Hall
as Richard Langmead
L. Sidney
as Derek
Lauri Johnson
as Joan Morrison
David Hornsby
as Patrick
Shawn Carter Peterson
as Art Student #2
Anne Ramsey
Elizabeth Storm
as Andrea's Friend
Van Epperson
as Angry Man
Nan Martin
as Rita Piper
Travis Wester
as Henry
Michael Anderson Brown
as Artist
Caroline Lagerfelt
as Alternate Wife
Dennis Christopher
as Kevin Lamb
Steve Hasley
as Bartender
Michelle Trachtenberg
as Celeste
Rick Overton
as Thomas Sheedy
Tim Mikulecky
as Hiker
Sharon Madden
as Woman Mourner
Kenneth Kimmins
as Crematory Owner
Dina Meyer
as The Widow
Christopher Michael
as Deadwagon Attendant
Benjamin King
as Greg
Brent Roam
as Man in Elevator
Manuel Urrego
as Dance Teacher
Amanda Foreman
as Rebecca
John Billingsley
as Boring Man
Ken Abraham
as Bowling Buddy
Graham Beckel
as Carl Williman
Hal Ozsan
as Man in Flower Shop
Athena Stamos
as Pool Hall Patron
Greg Shamie
as Guy in Car
Vivian Smallwood
as Mrs. Marshall
Paul Cassell
as Evan
Tim Maculan
as Father Jack
Kellie Waymire
as Melissa
Barbara Tarbuck
as STD Clinic Doctor
Smith Cho
as Art Student #1
Dave Shalansky
as Male Robber
Judith Hoag
as Dawn
Ed O'Ross
as Nikolai
Amy Wieczorek
as Party Guest
Shawn Hatosy
as Brody Farrell
René Ashton
as Saleswoman
Dean Norris
as Detective Shea
Tony Longo
as Bitsy
Raphael Gamon
as Porno MP #2
Ron Dean
as Karl Holzenchenko
Karl Makinen
as Abusive Husband
David Peterson
as 'Nessun Dorma' Soloist
Anthony Vatsula
as Bob Giffen
Ricardo Mamood-Vega
as Hospital Orderly
Nicholas J. Giordano
as Bar Patron
Chuck Slavin
as Orderly
Grant Show
as Scott Axelrod
Candy Ann Brown
as Detective McBride
Sabrina Culver
as Bridesmaid
James Cromwell
as George Sibley
Elizabeth Rodriguez
as Sylvie
Kate McGregor-Stewart
as Andrea's Therapist
Evan Arnold
as Graduate
Mageina Tovah
as Pink-Haired Girl
Hawk Younkins
as Firefighter
Lindsay Beamish
as Female Robber
Lenora May
as Freckles' Mom
Peggy Miley
as Landlady
Adam Rodriguez
as Kenny Simms
Julianna McCarthy
as Beatrice
Andi Chapman
as Temp Agency Manager
Joel Brooks
as Robbie
Raymond O'Connor
as Man on Phone
Lalonie Davis
as Girl
Kendre Berry
as Durrell
Emily Kuroda
as Dr. Key
Scott Torrence
as School Boy #2
Eric Ustian
as Waiter at Resort
Mia Wesley
as Frankie's Mom
Robin Riker
as Chloe Yorkin
Leon Rippy
as Daddy
Eric Ware
as VA Administrator
Gabriel Cade
as Make-Out Guy
Leeza Gibbons
as Self
Mark Harelik
as Leonard
Britnee Lapham
as Kid #1
Mary-Pat Green
as Priest
Jim Abele
as Social Worker
Brenna Tosh
as Maya Fisher/Maya
Jenni Blong
as Pregnant Woman in Elevator
Ariel Rivera
as Mountain
Benjamin Byron Davis
as Doctor
Ann Cusack
as Linda Hoviak
Tim Kelleher
as Joel Morrison
Christopher Jones
as Dancer
Christi Lake
as Porno Girl
Stark Sands
as Toby
Sandra Lee Gimpel
as Lillian Grace Montrose
Juan Carlos Cantu
as Man on Beach
Blake Adams
as Brad
Phil Reeves
as Stan
Brent Sexton
as Lou Thornton
Rusty Schwimmer
as Marilyn Johnson
Moira Price
as Toby's Mom
Deven Streeton
as Spencer
Alan Ball
as Billy's Psychiatrist/New Image Rep #3
David Norona
as Gary Deitman
Anita Finlay
as Female Coke User
Lenny Wolpe
as Gregory Fasteau
Linda Klein
as Delivery Room Doctor
Mo Collins
as Nancy Freymire
Ellyn Dawn Humphreys
as Hippy
Edith Fields
as Quaker Woman
Warren Stearns
as Corpse #1
Shawn Barber
as Sculpture Student
Max Peters
as Kid #2
Lisa K. Wyatt
as Pam, Kroehner Mortician
Efrain Figueroa
as Andrew Perez
Michael Weston
as Jake
Joshua Preven
as Massage Client
Lee Wesley
as Adult Anthony
Pamela Bowen
as Friend in Lavander
Blaine Pate
as Redneck SUV Driver
Michael Hagerty
as Tom Jaffe
Audrey Gelfund
as Crying Sicilian Mother
Anna Gunn
as Madeline
Anil Kumar
as Dr. Perry Amaral
Romy Rosemont
as Professor
Cynthia Stevenson
as Joy Solomon
Gary Hershberger
as Matthew Gilardi/Kroehner Representative
Chris Farach
as Singing Scuba Kid
Fred Fein
as Crossing Guard
Michael Dempsey
as Sgt. Potts
Lynnanne Zager
as Commercial Announcer/Minister
Daniel Bryan Cartwell
as Professor
Lana Parrilla
as Maile
Darcy Donavan
as Stephanie
Shea Weaver
as Danny's Niece
Jake Gridley
as Anthony Finelli
John Capodice
as Tommy Romano
Maria Carmen
as Graciela
Erik Meinerth
as Mike
Joshua Miller
as Little Boy
Leyna Weber
as Dee Dee
Mark L. Taylor
as Mr. Stolte
Ted Marcoux
as Sam Finelli
Chip O'Neil
as Ronnie
Elaine Kao
as Courtney
Jack Grinnage
as Minister
Chris Ufland
as Jeffrey Shapiro
Elizabeth Atkins
as Sierra
Kerry Leigh Michaels
as Legless Grandmother/Wife #2
Angela Goethals
as Cindy
Jim Holmes
as Kevin's Friend #1
Donna Bullock
as Karen Pepper
Jed Allan
as Dr. Gareth Feinberg
Tara Nicole Hughes
as Dancer
Adrienne Frantz
as Soap Actress
Jason Graae
as Dennis
Gary Bristow
as Convenience Store Robber
Bob Morrisey
as Dean Kekalos
Joan McMurtrey
as Patsy Foster
David Raibon
as Junkie Man
Amber Willenborg
as Lindsay
Steven St. Croix
as Porno Guy #1
Landry Allbright
as Mary Jane
Silas Weir Mitchell
as Dion Corelli
Audrey Wasilewski
as Masha
Scott Atkinson
as Kevin Miller
Janice Lynde
as Woman in Turquoise/Loretta Smith Sibley
Ricardo Chavira
as Ramon
Marty Belafsky
as Bakery Worker
Tony Cronin
as Margret's New Guy
Mimi Michaels
as Shannon
Tim Ryan
as Father with Bird
Gwendolyn Whiteside
as Woman on Boat
Dina Spybey-Waters
as Tracy Montrose Blair/Chatty Mourner
Cheryl White
as Abigail
Chip Heller
as Conference Speaker
Sprague Grayden
as Anita Miller
Diane Delano
as Teri
David Stifel
as Indigent Man
Jillian Armenante
as Shirley
Braeden Lemasters
as Frankie
Joe Nieves
as Construction Worker #1
Frank Birney
as Walter Kriegenthaler
Justin Torkildsen
as Soap Actror
Tina Holmes
as Maggie Sibley
Jamie McShane
as Paramedic
Jessica D. Stone
as Young Brenda
Arye Gross
as Frank Muehler
Lori Harmon
as Kate, Chloe's Friend
Jason Daughtery
as Porno Guy #2
Vincent De Paul
as Hollywood Junkie
Magda Harout
as Anahid's Mother
Soledad St. Hilaire
as Sophia's Neighbor
Linda Cevallos
as Teacher's Partner
Gwendolyn Druyor
as Bridesmaid
Fred Stoller
as Telemarketer
Ron Roggé
as Smog Check Technician
Annabella Gutman
as Friend
Brooke Smith
as Carolyn Pope
Ciara Huntington
as Little Girl
Janis Jones
as Hippie at Funeral
Harley Zumbrum
as Biker on Phone
Dennis Anderson
as Market Clerk
Michael Kozak
as David
Allison Kyler
as Claire's Dance Double
Colton James
as Josh Feldman
Robert Baker
as Priest
Glen McDougal
as Mourner
Paul Butcher
as 5-Year-Old Boy
Reedy Gibbs
as Woman at Restaurant
Ben Foster
as Russell Corwin
Hunter Johnson
as Mandy Gorodetsky
Andrew Prine
as Ed Kimmel
Cameron Watson
as Doctor
Jared Elliott
as Hal
Jonathan Brent
as One-Night Stand/Prostitute
Anastasia Basil
as Record Store Cashier
Lynda Scarlino
as Edith Kirky
Eric Keith
as Newlywed Man
Julie Ariola
as Dorothy Milne
Cleo King
as Life
Jenna Z. Wilson
as School Girl
Steven Pasquale
as Kurt
as Freckles
Margaret Easley
as Young Woman in Elevator
Theresa Tilly
as Mortuary Commerical Spokesperson
David Andrews
as Michael Piper
Claudette Sutherland
as Cynthia Showalter
J.G. Hertzler
as Gallery Owner
Jordan Garrett
as Michael Gorodetsky
Charles C. Stevenson Jr.
as Mechanic
Jamie Anne Allman
as Junkie Woman
Lee Weaver
as James Dubois Marshall
Paul Hayes
as Joe Marti
Ed Begley Jr.
as Hiram Gunderson
Christopher Neiman
as Medvenko
Bruce Nozick
as Mark Feldman
Catherine Paolone
as Doctor
Andy Milder
as Julio's Principal
Tony Perez
as Paco's Father
Dianna Miranda
as Bride at Flower Shop/Pilar Sandoval
Lauren Ambrose
as Claire Fisher
Matt Ross
as Daniel Showalter

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2001 | 13 Episodes

Season 2

2002 | 13 Episodes

Season 3

2003 | 13 Episodes

Season 4

2004 | 12 Episodes

Season 5

2005 | 12 Episodes




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