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October 22, 2021
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About this title


Legend has it that Bristol Cove was once home to mermaids. Now, this coastal town has a mysterious new visitor in a girl named Ryn, who may just prove that all of the stories are true. Ryn catches the eye of local marine biologist Ben, and when he begins to show interest, fellow marine biologist Maddie becomes suspicious. Others in town, like deep sea fisherman Xander, are on a quest to discover the truth that is out there, and Helen, the town eccentric, knows more about the mysterious creatures than she lets on. The battle between man and sea takes a dangerous route as these predators seek to claim their birthright.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Canceled

Language: English

Release Date: March 29, 2018

Also Known As: Siréna, 詭媚海妖 |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Brazil (16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords



Ron Robinson
as Deputy #1
Michael J Rogers
as Commander David Kyle
Victor Dolhai
as Brad Lusk
Rebecca Olson
as Woman
Jason Asuncion
as Anthony
Thomas Glukler
as Young Charles
Stephanie Aigbe
as Young Woman #2
Alicia c. Snee
as Tech
Linley Subryan
as Festival Goer/Townsfolk
John Tierney
as John
Carl Montoya
as Male Hybrid
Tierno Diallo
as Teenage Son
Melice Bell
as Resident
Gigi Saul Guerrero
as Petty Officer Nina Lopez
Sandy Robson
as Silas
Claire Margaret Corlett
as Sister
Den Kuznetsov
as Russian News Anchor
Steve Richmond
as Lead Singer
Tatyana Forrest
as Trailer Park Mom
Paralee Cook
as Market Woman
Kiomi Pyke
as Meredith
Dan Bates
as Producer #2
Ian Verdun
as Xander McClure
Sebastian Kroon
as Crew #1
Nima Gholamipour
as Bar Patron
Mike Carpenter
as The Driver
Katie Keough
as Hunter/Hunter (Mermaid)
Naomi Tan
as Little Girl
Philip Prajoux
as Petty Officer
Alistair Weir
as Officer
Duncan McLellan
as Over the Hill Sporto
Nevin Burkholder
as Drunk Tourist
Kasey Kieler
as Man on Boat
J. Douglas Stewart
as Older Fisherman/Randy
Phillip Reed
as Donnie's Neighbor
Bronwen Smith
as Businesswoman
Fola Evans-Akingbola
as Maddie Bishop
Ranjit Samra
as Military Scientist
Steve Oatway
as Fred/Postman
Kacy Rink
as Birthday Party Girl
Jaycie Dotin
as Klesco Rep #1
Jay Durant
as Cable News Anchor
Todd Thomson
as Doctor Logan
Sisse Marie
as Yura (Female)
Olesia Shewchuk
as Anna
Shauna Hansen
as Crying Woman
Laura Geluch
as Woman in Yoga Pants
Angela Moore
as Town Pastor
Shayne Elliott
as Grizzly Fisherman/Rick
Olivia Poon
as Mom
Nisreen Slim
as Judy
Jeremy Schuetze
as Doctor Riley
Sidika Larbes
as Producer #1
Natalee Linez
as Nicole Martinez
Maria Meadows
as Weakest Blue-Eyed Mermaid
Carolyn Anderson
as Leader
Quianna Denny
as Bartender (AK)
Megan Hui
as Nurse
Morgana Wyllie
as Customer #1
Aylya Marzolf
as Katrina
Lia Farrelly-Hodge
as Andrea (Waitress)
Jodi Pongratz
as Waitress
Andy Nez
as Oil Engineer
Kalvin Olafson
as Bored Call Center Guy
Arran Henn
as News Anchor
Vonnie Bennetto
as Customer
Deniz Akdeniz
as Robb Wellens
Devina Briggs
as Young Mermaid
Mitra Suri
as Sniper
David Parent
as Businessman
Eric Ruggieri
as Port Angeles Police Chief
Alex Bogomolov
as Boris
Leana Yu
as Pleasant Woman (With Puppy)
Stewart Iguidez
as Photographer
Natalie Farrow
as Girl #1
Tammy Gillis
as Deputy Marissa Staub
Françoise Robertson
as Police Chief Judy Brennan
David Cubitt
as Ted Pownall
Marc-Anthony Massiah
as Bill Whitman
Alex Roe
as Ben Pownall
Latonya Williams
as Friend
Sangeeta Wylie
as Desk Worker
Carlos Joe Costa
as Rough Fisherman #2
Maya Nadine
as Detention Guard #1
Cindy Piper
as Elderly Lady
Jaren Moore
as Father (Hunter)
Saskia Wedding
as Flirty Couple #1/Kissing Partner #2
Hyuma Frankowski
as Purple-Eyed Soldier Merman #A/Superior Officer
Meghan Drew
as Holly
Stephen Adekolu
as Cop #1
Starlise Waschuk
as Checkpoint soldier
Jacqueline Burrows
as Girl (At Marine Center)
Jenna Hastings
as Responder
Mark Ferns
as Suspect
Kristina Matisic
as News Anchor
Quinn Dubois
as Teenager
Jaymee Mak
as Goth Checkout Girl
Patrick Gallagher
as Dr. Abbott
Seigfred Perolino
as Barista
Dayleigh Nelson
as Ex-Jock/Helen's Father/Kevin
Hesham Hammoud
as Klesco Rep #2
Toby Levins
as Donnie
Clare Filipow
as Paula
Kia Vance
as Triage Nurse
Rick McLean
as Sidney
Xiomara Lopez
as Another Drunk Tourist
as Mate
Shawn Ahmed
as Dawson (Naval Lab TecH)/Naval Lab Tech Dawson
Mike Wasko
as Beachcomber #2
Caroline Cave
as Beth Marzdan
Edwin Perez
as Researcher
Tevis Toro
as White Van Man #1
Gili Roskies
as Mom #3
Chris Carson
as Victim #2
Elizaveta Neretin
as Another Female
Millan Tesfazgi
as Cami
Jennifer Oleksiuk
as Lieutenant Maeda
Christopher Rosamond
as Glen
Gerardo Barcala
as Special Guest
Yumi Ogawa
as Ava (Physiotherapist)
Khaira Ledeyo
as Dr. Park
Kaaren de Zilva
as Leena/Leena (Hybrid Doc)
Ron Yuan
as Aldon Decker
LeAngelo White
as Kenny (Seafood Worker)
Heather Feeney
as Beachcomber #3
William Vaughan
as Pilot
Rob McEachern
as Lance
Ambika Vas
as Waitress
Gail Hamilton
as Community Woman #2
Christopher Logan
as Deputy Dennis
Dion Riley
as Librarian
Adam Pateman
as Some Drunk
John Jarratt
as Naval Guard
Tina Grant
as Deputy
Jayce Barreiro
as Checkpoint Soldier #1
Angela Galanopoulos
as Boy's Mother
Emily Delaney
as Military Nurse
Samantha Rose
as Mother
Adrian Neblett
as Father
Amy Goodmurphy
as Kate
Kris McRonney
as Detention Guard #2
Patti Kim
as Clerk
Seth Ranaweera
as Hard Hat Worker
Jaedon Siewert
as Narrator
Madeleine Kelders
as Training Officer
Tony Bailey
as Black Ops Commander
James Tyson
as Biker
Michael Sech
as Dimitri
Ellen Ewusie
as Tanya
Georgia Bradner
as College Girl
Myfanwy William
as Mermaid Corpse Half Transformed
Kaylin Metchie
as Waitress
Anthony Harrison
as Admiral Harrison
Amanda Voll
as Lucky Blue Eyed Mermaid
Serge Jaswal
as John/Tech #1
Mark Manning
as Hardware Store Clerk
Orin McRey
as Clerk
Jill Teed
as Patti McClure
Shaun Omaid
as Hector
Shane Nicely
as White Van Man #2
Dalias Blake
as Commander Anderson
Tunde Pellicola
as Art Gallery Patron
Georgia Waters
as Eliza
Jai Braithwaite
as Sylvia's Date
Dagan Nish
as Vincent (Whistle Blower)
Nia Cummins
as Teacher
Cameron McDonald
as Beachcomber #1
Tosca Baggoo
as Dr. Herrera
Melanie Rose Wilson
as Selena
Adam Klassen
as Computer Tech
Sibongile Mlambo
as Donna
Daniel Cudmore
as Bryan
Brendan Fletcher
as Rick Marzdan
Broadus Mattison
as Fisherman/Tattooed Fisherman
Niamh Taylor
as Mom #2
Cassandra Cavalli
as Aide (Hospital)
Rena Owen
as Helen Hawkins
Sarah Hayward
as Sylvia
Malcolm Craig
as Kid #1
Simon Chin
as Thug #2
Aaron Joseph
as Anchor Person #2
Tara Pratt
as Sketch Artist
Brian Lui
as Guy #1
Alex Lee
as Customer
Paul Almeida
as Checkpoint Soldier #2
Thomas Wayne Hum
as (Med) Tech
Javier Lacroix
as Bald Guy
Daniel Bruce
as Elderly Man
Nathan Dashwood
as The Guy (Shane)
Lana Jalissa
as Young Woman #1
Brian Anthony Wilson
as Capt. Sean McClure
Emma Barratt
as Neighbour
Jay Cardinal Villeneuve
as Facilitator
Jesse Stretch
as Danny
Atlee Smallman
as Small Boy
Carmela Sison
as Kelli
Lissa Neptuno
as Orderly
Mo Saïd
as Coroner's Assistant
Nicole Anthony
as Instructor
David Kaye
as Jerry
Graeme Duffy
as Deputy Clarence
Gelsea Mae
as Medic
Ben Sullivan
as Male Yura/Yura (Male)
Derek Wallis
as Cute Male Kissing #1/Flirty Couple #2
Alvina August
as Viv
Preston Drabble
as Toddler
Mike Kovac
as Thug #1
Luc Roderique
as Ian Sutton
Makena Kristjanson
as Kid #2
Veronika Hadrava
as Nurse Donna Stevenson
Kareem Malcolm
as Reporter #1
Donny Lucas
as Dr. Reed (Naval Doctor)
Gil Birmingham
as Sheriff Dale Bishop
Tiffany Lonsdale
as Tia
Tracey Roath
as Reporter #3
G. John Turnbull
as Family Hybrid
Neil Charlesworth
as Anchor Patron #1
Celia Aloma
as Mom #1
Brett Harris
as BNR New Reporter
Richard Thompson
as Deputy/Uniformed Officer
Mark Acheson
as Smokey
Arvind Johal
as Fisherman #1
Megan Danso
as Annie Brennan
Grace Chin
as Cable News Anchor
Sedale Threatt Jr.
as Levi
Chad Rook
as Chris Mueller
Jamall Johnson
as Guard/Soldier
Richard Ian Cox
as Jeremy
Lyza Ulrych
as Maid
Gaalen Engen
as Man
Hunter Golden
as Drummer
Teana-Marie Smith
as Oil Technician
Tim Zhang
as Reporter #2
Nikolas Dukic
as Son (Hunter)
Serena Van Rooy
as Little Girl
Donal Thoms-Cappello
as Officer Brigg
Doralynn Mui
as Zhi-Yin Qi
James Yi
as Warren (KFGT Producer)/Warren Lim
Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine
as Professor Aldon Decker
Hugo Ateo
as Sarge
Nitin Prasad
as Co-Pilot
Alla Rouba
as Server
Ronald Patrick Thompson
as Armed Guard
Kapila Rego
as Mom #4
Marilyn Norry
as Roberta
Jan Bos
as Bill Groton
Vaughn Clements
as Foreman Rob
Marcus Hondro
as Locksmith
Michel Issa Rubio
as Dave
Jennifer Koenig
as Vicki
Stew McLean
as Night Clerk/Stunts
Kamran Fulleylove
as Drew Hollimar
Dimitri Vantis
as Jackson
Francisco Cano
as Victim #1
Arkie Kandola
as Ivan
Byron Bertram
as Fisherman #2
Bethany Brown
as Wanda
Gardiner Millar
as Roger Dunn
Wren Walker
as Cop #2
Brad Kelly
as Wally
AJ Crivello-Jones
as Nurse
Raf Rogers
as Aaron
Curtis Lum
as Calvin Lee
Eline Powell
as Ryn
Andrew Jenkins
as Doug Pownall
Shayla Stonechild
as Daphne (Helen's Mom)
Jacki Gunn
as News Intern
Garcelle Beauvais
as Susan Bishop
Jacqueline Breakwell
as Libby
Breanna Watkins
as Curious Mermaid/Emaciated Mermaid/Party Mermaid
Hannah Levien
as Janine
Alix West Lefler
as Hope
Jana Benoit
as Female Detention Guard
Kerën Burkett
as Jogger
Ronin Wong
as Canadian Foreign Minister Martin Wen
Sarah-Jane Redmond
as Elaine Pownall
Donald Sales
as Foster
Janet Glassford
as Community Woman #1

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2018 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2019 | 16 Episodes

Season 3

2020 | 10 Episodes




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