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October 23, 2021
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About this title


Partially inspired by co-creator Mike Judge's experiences as a Silicon Valley engineer in the 1980s, this comedy series follows the misadventures of introverted computer programmer Richard and his brainy friends as they attempt to strike it rich in a high-tech gold rush. They live together in a Bay Area startup incubator loosely run by self-satisfied dot-com millionaire Erlich, who lets them stay in his house rent-free in exchange for a stake in the projects they invent there. But when Richard develops a powerful search algorithm at his day job, he finds himself caught in the middle of a bidding war between his boss -- whose firm offers Richard an eight-figure buyout -- and a deep-pocketed venture capitalist.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: April 6, 2014

Also Known As: Silicijeva dolina, Силиконовая долина (телесериал) |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+, M), Brazil (14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

silicon valley

Company Credits

Production Co: 3 Arts Entertainment, Altschuler Krinsky Works |  See more »


Kunal Dudheker
as Tholio Developer
Graham Rogers
as Bryce
Rick Chambers
as KCYD News Anchor
Jasper Randall
as Goldbriar Choir Singer
Pete Punito
as Thornston Graves VC/Eric Rivera
Adam Lustick
Bianca Lopez
as Allie Abrams
Matt Houston
as d-keen CEO
Santiago Segura
as Ramón
Ren Hanami
as Lynn
Eddie Liu
as Doug
Will Radford
as Clark
Erika Stillwater
as Chloe
Michael Delgado
as Jonas
Susanna Wagner
as Venture Capitalist Wife
Stephen Tobolowsky
as Jack Barker
Patrick Fischler
as Dr. Davis Bannercheck
Ernesto V. Molina
Bridey Elliott
as Winnie
Jeremy Stoppelman
as Jeremy Stoppelman
Benjamin Pitz
as Hooli Nucleus Programmer/Funeral Guest
Juliocesar Chavez
as Rogilio
Edwin R. Habacon
as Oracle Security
Peter Banifaz
as Hooli-Search Engineer
Sunkrish Bala
as Garrett
Joel Swetow
as Rod Morgenstern
Eric Satterberg
as Camper
Rj Enriquez
Christopher Ellay
as Hooli Coder
Jeff Sloniker
Segis Avila
as Flingual CEO
Mark Pincus
as Mark Pincus
Bert Rotundo
as Butch
Chris Joynt
as Tech Crunch Attendee
Robert Michael Lee
as Dupondi Consulting Executive
Paul Yen
as Guy #2
Paul Edney
as Techie Camper
Alana Hyland
Judith Drake
as Judy
Paul McMichael
as Tech Worker
Vanessa Marano
as Stanford Student
Julie Huei Lo
Joshua Fredric Smith
as Bartender
James Quach
as Casino Patron
Eric Schmidt
as Self
Sienna Lyons
Kristin Anne Curi
as Lisa
G. Charles Wright
as Smart Refrigerator
Kat Kuei Chen
as Coder #1
Victor Achkeev
as Jurgen
Chad Davis
as Waiter
Brigitte Valdez
as Barista
Mayank Bhatter
as Indian Click Farm Guy
Andre Iguodala
as Andre Iguodala
Andrew Shaw
as Grant
Lavelle Roby
as Woman in Pied Piper Ad
John Colella
as Coleman Blair VC/Tom (Coleman Blair VC)
David Pevsner
as Ad Guy
Bill Lewis
as Mr. Kleco
Carrie Reeves
as Dupondi Consulting Executive
Kara Swisher
as Kara Swisher/Self
Sumar Henderson
Rusnico Canonigo Jr.
as Bream Executive Assistant
Aly Mawji
as Aly Dutta/Naveen Dutt/Naveen
Ursula Burton
as Female Judge
Yonas Kibreab
as Boy in the Jungle
Alveraz Ricardez
as Fiona's Uber Driver
Samantha Wu
Steven Michael West
as Business Development
Bart McCarthy
as Judge Underwood
Danilo Di Julio
as Hooli-Con Guard
Darius De La Cruz
as Speaker
Phillip Jeanmarie
as Don
Jared Wernick
as Fred
Neil Casey
as Colin
Tyler Winklevoss
as Tyler Winklevoss
Joe Spellman
as Bannerchecks's Guy
Paul Zecharia
as Hooli Employee
Flula Borg
as Joel
Chloe Wepper
as Kira Pickford
Harrison Thomas
Allison Bills
as Alexis
Tony Winters
as Mayor Wilkins
Charlie Saxton
as Crushing Applicant
Jennifer Jalene
as Recruiter
Mizo Ghendar
as Computer Customer Service
AJ Michalka
as Charlotte
Molly Malin
as Hardware Engineer
Diane Chernansky
as Heidi Evans
Mike Goldberg
as Mike Goldberg
Don Dowe
as Bailiff
Andrew R. Shaw
as Grant
Tian Wang
as Chinese Driver
Josue Lopez
A.J. Tannen
as Jim
Jimmy Ouyang
Davey Johnson
as Stage Manager
Mele Ihara
as Flight Attendant
Fletcher Sheridan
as Goldbriar Choir Singer
Robert M. Lee
as Pied Piper Employee
Anthony Burkhalter
as Harold Gibbons
Thiago Oliveira
as Festival Goer/Senator's Aide
Carey Embry
as Jared Patakian
Nina Gosiengfiao
as Pied Piper Receptionist
James Calixte
as Young Man in Queue
Michael McMillian
as Aaron 'Double A' Anderson
Nate Smith
as Salesman
Zach Mami
as Cyber Security
Chau Long
as Stanford Student
Jon Klaft
as Waiter
Lyn Alicia Henderson
as Parking Coordinator
Darrion Scoggins
as Court Room Visitor
Seril James
as Jeff
Krissy Lu
as Pied Piper Employee #1
Arthur Keng
as Alan/Nucleus Engineer #1
Vince Cefalu
as Delivery Man
Patrick Weil
as Jewish Leader
Phoebe Neidhardt
as Mia
Tansu Philip
as Tech Reporter
Weston Dane
as Basketball Player
Johnny Zhong
Melissa Melancon
as Waitress
Amber Martinez
as Festival Goer
Zach Woods
as Donald 'Jared' Dunn
Eric Bradley
as Goldbriar Choir Singer
Alice Tang
Ilya Movshovich
as Ilya Movshovich
Conan O'Brien
as Conan O'Brien
Angela Ai
as Interpreter
Jessica Chaffin
Amanda Crew
as Monica Hall
Isaac Cheung
as BitFlenser CEO
Jeff Grace
as Wally
Justin Rosenstein
as Justin Rosenstein
George Kolombos
as Guy #1
Wayne Federman
as Stu
Jessie Cohen
as Hostess
Biff Wiff
Jenina Moreno
as SF Giants Fan
Bernard White
as Spiritual Advisor/Denpok/Denpok Singh
Bernie Kopell
as Lex Skelton
Anastasia Nguyen
as Hotel Receptionist
Marilyn Monrovia
as Congregant
Gary Dunkel
as Tech Crunch Presenter
Anil Margsahayam
Tiara Lanai
as Bounce Jog Girl
Ping Wu
as Henry
Dustin Milligan
as Blaine
Leanne Suter
as KTUY3 Female News Anchor
Christian Lopez
Aristotle Athiras
as Gabe
Cinda Adams
as Pied Piper Employee #2
Leslin Zheng
Natalie La Rose
Falon Johnson
Ivan Alejandro Pena
as Mariachi Band
Chase Kim
as VC Guy
Krishna Smitha
as Priyanka Singh
Stan Vang
as IT Hacker
Candice Ramirez
as Plucky Developer
Todd Louiso
as Ariel Eklow
Lindsey Broad
as Tandy
Michael Christian Alexander
as Prison Guard
Dustyn Gulledge
as Evan
Emmett Ferguson
as Jian-Yang Employee
Ryan Phillips
as Jeremy
Shannon McClung
as Keith
Samuel Rao
Stephanie Rose Feldman
Benjamin Koldyke
as Ben Burkhardt
Jay Jackson
as KTUY3 Male News Anchor
Mao Sun
as Coder #2
Samantha Cutaran
as Pied Piper Employee
Roman Carter
as PP Coder
Drake Hansen
as Boy in Pied Piper Ad
George Kareman
as David
Suzanne Cryer
as Laurie Bream
Kid Rock
as Self
Jason Anderson
as Venture Capitalist
Skyler Seymour
as Flutterbeam Founder #1
Marc Fajardo
as Waiter
Eric James Kelly
as Festival Goer
Joseph Bayard
as Gus
Gita Reddy
as Viola
Kyle Klaus
as Todd
Alice Ko
as Croupier
Regina Traballo
Mathew Trent Hunnicutt
as Festival Attendee
Amber Plaster
as EndFrame Receptionist
John Colton
as Lawrence Smith
Casey O'Farrell
as Pete/Nucleus Engineer #2
Hanover Savas
as Carol
Shainu Bala
as Yoga Master CEO
Vanessa Beck
as Tesla Sales Rep
Matt McCoy
as Pete Monahan
Erin Breen
as Jan
Ksenia Lauren
as Nastia
Howard Morgan
Faith Tan
Nirav Tolia
as Nirav Tolia
Brad Stone
as Brad Stone
Tyler Jeffrey Smith
as Nathan
Jorge Ivan Vasquez
Taylor Coffman
as Marketing Executive
as Girl in Pied Piper Ad
Tammy Dahlstrom
as Gloria
Jake Broder
as Dan Melcher
Jack Plotnick
Leisha Hailey
as Liz Tinsdale
Caroline de Souza Correa
as Anastasia
Kumail Nanjiani
as Dinesh Chugtai
Mariano 'Big Dawg' Mendoza
as Prison Guard
Aaron Sanders
as Holden
Gladys Khan
as Palo Alto Type
Bobby Ysip
as Software Technician
Willis Chung
Jesse Heiman
as Coder
Tim Chiou
as Ed Chen
Jerry Wu
as Hooli employee
Grant Cotter
as Tech Guy
Christopher Cendana
as IT Guy
Arturo Castro
as Maximo Reyes
A.D. Miles
as Dee Dee
Ben Zelevansky
as Stage Manager
Treisa Gary
as Bernice
Mobin Khan
as Pakistani Moderator
Adam Ray
Gerald White
as Goldbriar Choir Singer
Anna Khaja
as Rachel
Richard Tanner
as Bill
Corey Rittmaster
as Driver
David L. King
as Mr. Hubbard
Julianne Buescher
as Debbie
James Christopher Armas
as Mariachi Band
Oliver Jiahe Le
Hermie Castillo
as Jedd
Julie Dove
as Party Stage Manager
Justin Levine
as Jewish Leader
Eme Ikwuakor
as Doug
Luke Matheis
as Pied Piper Coder
Ian Alda
as Marc
Ivan Shaw
as Ad Exec
Julia Finkelstein
as Stanford Student
Artie O'Daly
as Charles
Susan Slome
as Jean Dewitt
Annie Sims
as Hotel Guest
Lou Richards
as Lee
Bridgett Newton
as Sasha
Skyler Blaine Ewing
Jimmy O. Yang
as Jian Yang
Emily Chang
as Emily Chang
Rosemary Napoli
as Yard sale shopper
Annie Sertich
as C.J. Cantwell
Azie Tesfai
as Dawn Simon
Bobak Bakhtiari
as Immedibug CEO
Frederick Piña
Phillip E. Walker
as Venture Capitalist
Cornelius Peter
as Thom
Kevin Farley
as Hooli Employee
Toni French
as Patron
Jeff Smith
as Goldbriar Choir Singer
Porter Duong
as Gina
Bruce Gale
as Fundraiser Guest
Alfred Rubin Thompson
as Man in Pied Piper Ad #1
Marina Libel
as Researcher
Miguel Nájera
as Board Member
David Goldman
as Andy Stafford
Jim Cramer
as Jim Cramer
Ricardo Rios Medina
Raymond Spaulding
as Festival Goer
Joshua Chang
as Seth
Brent Alan Henry
Sam Vaghani
as Pied Piper Engineer/Formal Hack Hunger Guest
Andrew Daly
as Doctor
Dana White
as Dana White
Cameron Brinkman
as Car Valet
Thomas W. Stewart
as Palo Alto Type
Tyler Beede
Martin Starr
as Bertram Gilfoyle
Mark Bloom
as VC/Wood Opal VC/Wood Opal Venture Capitalist
Diallo Riddle
as Paul
Elyssa Phillips
as Maya
Jacqueline Shaozhen Luo
J. Mandyam
as Sanjay
Walter Mossberg
as Walter Mossberg
Bobo Chang
as Flingual CEO
James Babson
as Instacart Guy
Suzanne Lenz
as Fiona
Angela Trimbur
as Langdon
Rogelio T. Ramos
as Executive/Another Executive
Matt Kohler
as Jay
Alex Bretow
as Tech Entrepreneur
Jesus Cepeda
as Mariachi Band
Juan Efrain Escamilla
as Mariachi Band
Lee Christian
as Programmer Type
Chris Williams
as Hoover
Audrey Moore
as Makeup Artist
Matt Shea
as Satanist Leader
Heather McPhaul
as Maggie Lewis
Nathan Clarkson
as Keith
Mark Lavell
as Venture Capitalist
Mike Ferguson
as Prisoner
Michele Maika
as Susan
Demetri Belardinelli
as Brett Saxby
Avi Nash
as Wajeed/Wajid
Patrick O'Connor
as Mr. Bighetti
Nikhil Shukla
as Neel
Ryan Babcock
as Sketchy Guy
Douglas Gawoski
as Venture Capitalist
Chris Aquilino
as Danny
Karen James
as Kelsey
Ben Feldman
as Ron LaFlamme
Lynn Chen
as Grace Melcher
Joe Rogan
as Joe Rogan
Julia Cho
as Junie
Irene Choi
Matt Harding
as Pony Tail Guy
Tzi Ma
as Yao
Armen Weitzman
as Jeff
Adam Newman
as Ad Exec
Anthony 'Citric' Campos
as Chuy
J.J. Nolan
as Karen
Brandon Higa
Alice Wetterlund
as Carla Walton
Amir M. Korangy
as George Mandechian, CEO
Bryant Ford-Bernard Jr.
David Bickford
as Vaughn
Efrain Gomez
as Systobase CEO
David Storch
as Hooli Lawyer
Jin Maley
as Gladys
Jeff Marlow
as Christoff
Ken Venzke
as Venture Capitalist
Jacob Berger
as Police Officer
Andrew Leeds
as Duncan
Jonna Walsh
as Brooke
Dante Swain
as Graphic Designer
Bill Gates
as Bill Gates
Rick Lasquete
as Venture Capitalist
Brian Tichnell
as Jason
Rachel Rosenbloom
as Becky
Lili Brennan
as Sophie
Austin Abrams
as The Carver
Guy Maeda
as Goldbriar Choir Singer
Craig Frank
as Michael Eisenberg
Jim Lau
as Delivery Guy
Flo Rida
as Self
Kausar Mohammed
as Nadia
Blake Sheldon
as App Developer
Mark Hengst
as Surly VC
Taylor F. Bailey
as Stanford Student
Alexander Michael Helisek
as Claude/Pied Piper Coder/Tech Worker
Mark Edward Smith
as Jose
Jacquie Cardinale
as Pierce
Liz Eldridge
as Testing Supervisor
Henry Phillips
as John/John Stafford
Sigrid Owen
as Elisabet
Karan Soni
as Tenley
Scott Prendergast
as Scott
Dwayne Colbert
as Applicant #2
Emily Brooks
as Hot Girl in the Car
Dan Bailey
as Festival Goer
Neeltarni Pratap
as Office Employee
Abegail Zee
as Senate Aide
Carmen Angelica
as Screaming Woman
Casey Sander
as Arnold Garris
David Fabrizio
Allan Miller
as Stuart 'Stu' Burke
Dar Dixon
as Tech Luminary
Joe Gillette
as Darren
Asif Ali
Dan Mintz
as Dana
Bill Hader
as Pipey
Maverick Thompson
as Aspen
Jon D'Acunto
as Zenzibyte CEO
Vincent M. Biscione
as Funeral Mourner
Javier Chavarin
as Venture Capitalist
Rachel Daigh
as Professional Athlete
Jill E. Alexander
as Patrice
Travis Neal
as Festival Goer
Bill New
Amber Jene
as Stage Manager
Miljan Milosevic
as Gleb
Arron Fenton
as Hipster Girl
Jason Sims-Prewitt
as Jim Gittman
Michael T Stewart
as Venture Capitalist
Romy Rosemont
as Molly Kendall
Anastassia Tchibissova
as Venture Capitalist Wife
Emily Adams
as Admissions Staffer
Vishesh Chachra
as Brett
Alan Gray
as Orville (Old Hippy Man)
Brent Pope
as Tow Truck Driver
Anjali Bhimani
as D.A.
Mark DeWhitt
as Mourner
Patrick Daniel
as Tech Guy
Nate Witty
as Branscomb Nerd
Khalid Ghajji
as Bodyguard #5
Teddy Lane Jr.
as Police Officer
Raul Roy Berrios Jr.
as Festival Security
Sophia Grosso
as Young Woman in Queue
Juan Jimenez
Priya Gopalan
as Stallion
Bella Popa
as Nicole Stein
Eric Hennig
as Blogger
Kristen Rozanski
as FBI Agent
Noelle Bonhomme
as Jogger
Blythe Howard
as Gabby
Nick Kincaid
as Tech Reporter
Michael Arrington
as Self
Elizabeth Schmidt
as Woman
Carson Mell
as Coder #3
David Rees Snell
as Ross Loma Capital Executive
Hailey Fyfe
as Sarah
Jessica Wagner-Cowan
as Artist
Mariel Martinez
as Employee #6
Christina July Kim
as Hot Girl
Caitlin Gallogly
as Kim
C.S. Lee
as Monk
Jack Foley
as Pitcher
Porscha Coleman
as Mochachino
Samuel Platt
as Hooli Employee
George Basil
as Ethan
Alessandro Pedrazzi
as Fundraiser Guest/Hack Hunger Guest
Ron Saylor
as Event Attendee/Festival Goer
Michael McGee
as Jewish Leader
Nandini Bapat
as Gwart
Gabriel Tigerman
as Gary Irving
Trent Eisfeller
as Warren
Benny Briseño
as Patron
Keye Chen
as Dang
Andrew Santana
as Mariachi Band
Joseph Auger
as Bus Driver
Jeff Staron
as Applicant #1
Cassandra Starr
as Waitress
Cassidy Barnes
as Tech Hipster
David Lewison
as Business Manager
Amberia Allen
as Carol
Alyssa Gabrielle Rodriguez
as Coleman Assistant
Jeff Houkal
Harry Yi
as Opium Den Manager
Jason Kincaid
as Self
Ben Bram
as Goldbriar Choir Singer
Alvin Chen
Chelsey Ireland
as Receptionist
Jordana Capra
as Judge Coulter
Cameron Winklevoss
as Cameron Winklevoss
Eric Shackelford
as Russfest Rocker
Christopher Evan Welch
as Peter Gregory
Damon Victor Allen
as Triathlete
Ed Moy
as Monk/SF Giants Fan
Samir Patel
as Flutterbeam Employee/Hooli Employee
Zan Gomes-Headley
as Guy at Asteroids Machine
Angela Gulner
Alec Berg
as Documentarian
Andrea Lareo
as Aide
Frank Birney
as Old Man
Alyson Reed
as Louise
Toyin Moses
as Pied Piper Employee #8
Milana Vayntrub
as Tara
Lee Harmon
as Cult Member
Gatsby Coram
as CHP Officer Gronski
Nate Shelkey
as Executive
Elena Zhong
Bruce Robert Cole
as Medoa VC
Michael I. Goode
as Investor/Pedestrian/Venture Capitalist
Griffin Gluck
as Adderall Boy
Steve Hytner
as Dr. Scott Marsh
Helen Hong
as Tracy Robertson
Jeff Holman
as George Silver
Richard Wharton
as Man in Pied Piper Ad #2
Nicholas Mazzone
as Rally Member
Frank Collison
as Noah
Bob Joyce
Carrie Kemper
as Female VC
Michael Alba
Dick Costolo
as Dick Costolo
Ari Frenkel
as Young Guy
Karen Strassman
as Hooli Lead Counsel
Alfred Hsing
as Chinese Biker/Coder
Jared Cohen
as Jared
Andy Buckley
as Carl Fleming
Jeff Elam
as Tom
Gary Stockdale
as Goldbriar Choir Singer
Andrew Burlinson
as Nathan Gallagher
Cate Cohen
as Melinda
Bryan Christopher
as Binary Soup Startup Guy #2
Eugene Cordero
Jay Charan
as Aarush Agrawal
Evan Spiegel
as Evan Spiegel
Sheila Daley
as Neighborhood Mom/Neighborhood mom
Alexander Chaplin
as Venture Capitalist
Herschel Boone
as Herschel
George Siambis
as Venture Capitalist
Andrew Yount
as Tech Nerd
Joël Dupont
as Designer
Brett Baumayr
as Waiter
Anthony Hill
as Douglas
Shalin Agarwal
as Eshwar
Brett J. Fox
as Hooli Employee
Apeksha Pradhan
as Venture Capitalist
Haley Joel Osment
as Keenan Feldspar
Chris Diamantopoulos
as Russ Hanneman
Lorena Flores
as Darcy
Kaley Hatfield
Michael Yasko
as Venture Capitalist
Justin Uretz
as Kevin
Brian A. Pollack
as Valet
Tiana Okoye
as Philz Girl
Roberto Diaz
as Mariachi Band
Amy Anderson
as Ms. Shizaki
Asif Akbar
as Party Patron
Brian Gattas
as Ludwig
Francine Alex
as Hawaiian Hula Dancer
Christopher Loverro
as Paramedic
Thomas Middleditch
as Richard Hendricks
Marilyn Mattor
as Neighborhood Daughter
Tara Summers
as Natalie
Charan Prabhakar
as Javeed
Lara Everly
as Receptionist
Glen Talley
as Elder Red Spirit
Rosie Garcia
as Coordinator
Josh Brener
as Nelson 'Big Head' Bighetti
Jeremy Rabb
as HumanHeater CEO
Amra Silajdzic
as Jelena
T.J. Miller
as Erlich Bachman
Tarina Pouncy
as Stephanie
Napoleon Tavale
as Jim
Elio Arturo Almas
Ken Lerner
as Arthur
Andrew Asper
as Fabrice
Jules Hartley
as Hooli Assistant Counsel
David Daskal
as IT Guy
Mary Holland
as Sherry
Alex Skinner
as Flutterbeam Founder #2
Matt Ross
as Gavin Belson

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2014 | 8 Episodes

Season 2

2015 | 10 Episodes

Season 3

2016 | 10 Episodes

Season 4

2017 | 10 Episodes

Season 5

2018 | 8 Episodes

Season 6

2019 | 7 Episodes




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Critics Choice Television Awards

Best Comedy Series


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Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

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Outstanding Visual Effects - Television

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