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October 24, 2021
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About this title


Former Marine sniper Bob Lee Swagger has entered a new phase of his life, living in exile after leaving the military. His civilian life doesn't last as long as he expects, though, with the discovery of a plot to kill the president. Former commanding officer Isaac Johnson, now a Secret Service agent, draws Swagger into the investigation by seeking his expertise for a clandestine operation to keep the commander in chief safe. The series is based on the 2007 film of the same name, which was an adaptation of Stephen Hunter's novel "Point of Impact."

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Canceled

Language: English

Release Date: November 15, 2016

Also Known As: Shooter, Odstřelovač |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords


Company Credits

Production Co: Closest to the Hole Productions


Brian Ibsen
as Agent Bosack
Curtis Lyons
as Atlas Agent with Radio
Trenton Rostedt
as Hotel Guard
Akrosia Samson
as Adrienne
George Lako
as Marine
René Ashton
as Female Reporter
Johnny Glasser
as Militia
Michelle Arthur
as Ambassador's Guest
Tierre Turner
as Homeless Guy
Laura Howard
as Young Female Assistant
Jeff Denton
as CIRG Leader
Veronika Mindal
as Clerk
Nestor Serrano
as Chief Manuel Aceveda
Michelle Krusiec
as Lin Johnson
Corey Mendell Parker
as Capitol Policeman Bill
Kevyn Bashore
as Hotel Worker
Ted Larkin
as Frank/Militia Man #2
Chris Greene
as Young Sheriff Brown
Stephanie Maura Sanchez
as Sergeant Walters
Bryan Keith
as Gibson's Driver/Suited Man
Connor Skific
as Marine at Funeral
Dave Florek
as Dr. Wydra
Aaron D. Alexander
as Bodyguard
Kila Packett
as Security Guard #1
Nelson Lee
as Adam Lee
Steven G. Norfleet
as Kill Team Leader
Antonio Lewis Todd
as Atlas Agent #1
Craig Reed
as Prosthetic Ball Guest/Prosthetic Vet
David Bianchi
as Security Guard Shemky
David Andrew Nash
as Campus Cop
Ted Hollis
as Coffee Shop Patron
Benito Martinez
as President Alvarez
Freddie Poole
as Federale
Tait Blum
as Young Bob Lee
Angel Manuel
as FBI Agent
Mustafa Haidari
as Village Gunman #1
Michael O'Neill
as Ray Brooks
José Zúñiga
as Simon Porter
David Marciano
as Howard Utey/John Renlow
David Chisum
as Jim Wallingford
William Fichtner
as O'Brien
John Marshall Jones
as Sheriff Brown
Eric Scot Anderson
as ATF Agent Ware/Motel Room Atlas Agent
Stephen Hunter
as Henry
Annie Lee
as Young Mom
Jim Eliason
as Police Officer
Celeste Cook
as Paparzzi
Jose Vasquez
as Prison Guard Driver/Shooter #1
Michael Rothhaar
as Leo
Brennan Feonix
as Naval Corpsman
Emiliano Torres
as Edgar Rodriguez
Miguel-Andres Garcia
as Shooter #2
E. Ambriz DeColosio
as Latino Cartel Member with Face Tattoo
Jawed El Berni
as Fake Cop/Gunman
Michael Ocampo
as Young Gutierrez
Conor O'Farrell
as Rick Culp
Rob Norton
as FBI Special Agent #1
Ondrej Habinak
as FSB Agent Dimitri Voydian
Jose Pablo Cantillo
as Justin Singer
Randy Orton
as James Richards
Doug Milliron
as Anhur Guard
Felisha Terrell
as Carlita
David Jacox
as Wolf Hunter #1
Brett A. Jones
as ND Suit
Ethan Stone
as Marine
Torrey Vogel
as Tripp
Nick Smoke
as Anthony
Thomas Rosales Jr.
as Armed Man
Brandon Van Vliet
as Militia
Desmond Harrington
as Lon Scott
Bruce M. Stockert
as Man in Background
Floyd Anthony Johns Jr.
as Man in Leather Jacket
Miguel Perez
as Ramon Gutierrez
Josh Archer
as Supreme Court Policeman
Kade Wise
as Stu Oliver
Owen Saxon
as Delgado
Dale Pavinski
as Hitman #1
Alex Saxon
as Joey Richards
Aurelio De Anda
as Mexican Prisoner
Don Franklin
as Agent Biller
Peter Mendoza
as Jaime
Billy Lush
as Johnny Poole
Castulo Guerra
as Ramiro Dominguez
Shantel VanSanten
as Julie Swagger
Eddie McGee
as Disabled Vet
Kurt Yaeger
as S.C. Jones
Josh Fried
as Chip
Sandy Martin
as Adele Poole
Robert Javinett
as Dead Russian
Kamar de los Reyes
as David Hall
Paul Black
as Male Recruit
Austin Priester
as Secret Service Agent #2
Tara George
as Ali's Wife
Eddie Perez
as Cop
Costa Ronin
as Russian Ambassador
Zachary James Rukavina
as Russian Soldier #1
Porchea Carroll
as Campbell's Girlfriend
Betsy Baker
as Clerk
Hannah Rose May
as Driscoll
Tom Wright
as Jason Colby
Braxton Goe
as Inmate
Michael Segovia
as O'Shea
Dylan Rourke
as Bro One
Chiquita Fuller
as Female Prison Guard
Justin Dray
as Willie
Shahaub Roudbari
as Afghan Village Gunman
Yousuf Azami
as Mullah Abdul
Chris Naylor
as Suit
Donzaleigh Abernathy
as Mrs. Fenn
Daniel D. Houy
as Militiaman
Ravil Isyanov
as Alexander Rosovich
Ed Sorensen
as FBI Agent
Rhea Perlman
as Supreme Court Justice Gibson
Antonio Leon
as Carlos Abramson
E.R. Ruiz
as Vet
Patrick Sabongui
as Yusuf Ali
Robert DuBois
as Supreme Court Guard
Josh Pafchek
as Bro Two
Dan Gruenberg
as Gun Vendor
Marlene Forte
as Sister Beatrice
Grant Harvey
as Jimmy Poole
Jerry Ferrara
as Kirk Zehnder
Adam J. Harrington
Lara Harris
as Professor
Moneer Yaqubi
as Captain Rahim
Darin Cooper
as Crawley
Damon O'Daniel
as Bank Customer/Upscale Politician
Corin Nemec
Tony Amendola
as Priest
Amin Joseph
as Martin Jacobs
Tom Crisp
as Perimeter Guard
Alex Feldman
as Russian Embassy Guard
Leslie Dianne
as Russian Embassy Staff Employee
Carin Chea
as Press #1
Aylam Orian
as German Agent
Allan Graf
as Deputy McQuarrie
Leif Gantvoort
as Cal Nix
Chris Wu
as Fisher County Officer
Tom Beyer
as Gas Station Attendant
Colleen Flynn
as Memphis' FBI boss
Chido Nwokocha
as FBI Special Agent #2
Catherine Haena Kim
as Claire Hopkins
Dan Mast
as Capitol Cop
Elena Dizon
as Bama Assistant/Jane
James Harvey Ward
as John Quince
Jesse Bradford
as Harris Downey
Eddie J. Fernandez
as Day Laborer Driver/Mexican 1
Nick Gracer
as Peter Petravich
Dee Wallace
as Katherine Mayfield
Brendan Connor
as Marine #2
Angelique Kenney
as FBI Task Force/FBI Task Force - Dispatcher
Roman Mitichyan
as Taliban
Carlease Burke
as FBI Agent
Brandon McKinnie
as Guard #2
Michael Dempsey
as Veterinarian
Troy Tomerlin Jr.
as Bus Driver
Jesse Luken
as Pete
Eddie Aguirre
as Officer Bayless
Jack Leopardo
as Russian Mobster
Teddy Lane Jr.
as Evan
Jon Curry
as Militia Man #1
Frank Trigg
as Nathan
Greg Fitzpatrick
as Main UN Escort
Brian Letscher
as Bert Salinger
Sydney Wease
as Suzy Poole
Gene Farber
as Vasily
Josh Fingerhut
as Buford
Kevin Hall
as Atlas Agent #3
Anthony Skordi
as Maltese Consul
Dana Schick
as DC Elite
Shaw Jones
as Sergeant
Tommie Earl Jenkins
as Navy Commander
Jason Gedrick
as Officer Timmons
Mike Justus
as Suited Man
Owen Szabo
as Alpha Two
Robert Moloney
as Wolf Hunter #2
Kurt Fuller
as Mr. Gold
Shirley Jordan
as Senator Daitch
Katie J. Stone
as Sarah Beckett
Lexy Kolker
as Mary Swagger
Matt Shallenberger
as John Wheeler
Jared Fallentine
as Kyle
Drew Seeley
as Toby Sloane
Americo Galli
as Alexi's Guy
Ruman Kazi
Chad Todhunter
as Paparazzo
Brian Oerly
as Pavlo
Carlos Leal
as Solotov's Banker
Valiant Michael
as Mobster
Raymond J. Barry
as August Russo
Tim DeZarn
as Clerk
Eddie George
as Ron Perkins
Natalia Castellanos
as TV News Personality #2
Dale Godboldo
as M.E. (Medical Examiner)
Mike Tarnofsky
as Sergeant Harding
Wilbur Fitzgerald
as James Boyd
Chad Michael Collins
as Young Ray Brooks
Jun Kim
as Mikey
Brendan McCarthy
as Bo Winnick
Kristin Slaysman
as Edie Poole
Angelos Poulis
as Police Officer
Izabella Miko
as Karlina Ordenko
Tatjana Bluchel
as Russian Bathhouse Girl
Nelson Grande
as Security Guard #2
Bonnie Bailey-Reed
as Clerk
Carmen Argenziano
as Charles Broadwell
Brandon Marino
as Metro Police Officer
Aleh Neliubin
as Hitman
Josh Stewart
as Solotov
Bayardo De Murguia
as David Tiejo
Chet Grissom
as Customs Agent
Tony Cane-Honeysett
as Russian Gangster
Ashton Moio
as Young Cop
Lindsay Pulsipher
as June Swagger
Marcia Lynn Anthony
as Mom's Friend
Eddie McClintock
as Jack Payne
Christopher Tardieu
as Orderly
Justin Welborn
as Prison Guard Raines
Abraham Justice
as Radio Taliban
Delaina Mitchell
as Anna Wallingford
Ricardo Ricky Martin
as Homeland Security Agent
PeiPei Alena Yuan
as Vietnamese Woman
Hope Brown
as Agent in Charge
Boualem Hassaine
as Kandak
Stefanie von Pfetten
as Kasper
Ryan Phillippe
as Bob Lee Swagger
Harry Hamlin
as Addison Hayes/Senator Addison Hayes
Chastity Dotson
as Rebecca
Kevin Derr
as Atlas Agent #2
Rhomeyn Johnson
as Bank Guard
Troy Garity
as Jeffrey Denning
Vijessna Ferkic
as Helga
Adam Johnson
as Big Poole
Mehdi Merali
as Waheed
Anthony Romeo Garcia
as Mexican Prisoner
Eric Watson
as Bookworm
Caitlin Emma O'Connor
as Nadine's Assistant
Dimiter D. Marinov
as Russian Officer
Staci Lynn Fletcher
as Supervising Guard
Sarah Ziolkowski
as Police Officer
Gerald McRaney
as Red Bama Sr.
Brian Kimmet
as FBI Tech
Omar Epps
as Isaac Johnson
Malcolm Matthews
as Russian Mobster
Jeni Jones
as Patient
Mallory Jansen
as Margo
Kurt Max Runte
as Ruffled Man
Ardeshir Radpour
as Afghan Military
D'Arcy Fellona
as Susie Cartwright
Sadie Lapidus
as Little Girl
Angel Qinan
as Embassy Receptionist
Al Coronel
as Sheriff Testa
Luke Jordan
as Michael Oliver
J.C. Williams
as Motocycle Cop
Paul Lazenby
as Russian
Tom Sizemore
as Hugh Meachum
Ru Kazi
as Soldier #1
Daniel Mandehr
as Officer Stein
Vladimir Tevlovski
as Elbek
Alexander Moonie
as Pizza Man
Jay Charan
as Doctor
Lawrence Stachowiak
as Krukov Body Man
Cynthia Addai-Robinson
as Nadine Memphis
David Stuart
as President - USA
Khafre King
as FBI Agent
Forest Baker
as Party Attendee/Russian Mobster
Beverly D'Angelo
as National Security Advisor Gregson
Dominic Daniel
as FBI Agent
Kevin Bielinski
as Russian Bodyguard
Yancey Arias
as John Dominguez
Anna Khaja
as Gabina
Sasha Golberg
as Russian Soldier #2
Iyad Hajjaj
as Afghan Villager
Juan Javier Cardenas
as Prosada
Tony Plana
as Guitierez
Sean Cameron Michael
as Grigory Krukov
Justin Gant
as Scarred Agent
Chad Bennett
as Secret Service Agent #3
Stefan Brysha
as Big Friend #1
Matty Castano
as Secret Service Agent #1
Efka Kvaraciejus
as Vigo
Tim Connolly
as PMC Hulking
Eric Ladin
as Red Bama Jr.
Celestino Cornielle
as Tito
Dalton Rondell
as Alpha One
Jason Nguyen
as V.C.
Matt Bushell
as Gar Winston
Guy Fernandez
as Brooks' Bodyguard
Christina King
as Old Woman
Susan Slome
as Mrs. Carter
Jeremy A. Lopez
as Scotty
Danielle Burgio
as Waitress
Todd Lowe
as Colin Dobbs
Diandra Lyle
as Agent Davis
Cain Angelle
as FBI Tech
Nick Rush
as Russian Embassy Guard
Derek Phillips
as Earl Swagger
Michael Hogan
as Damon Perotta
Aaron Norvell
as Uniformed Cop
Gina Gallego
as Estella
David Andrews
as Sam Vincent
Elizabeth Blackmore
as Katherine Mansfield
Ash Kadian
as Afghani Soldier
Sheila Shaw
as Doris
Jaina Lee Ortiz
as Angela Tio
Gee Alexander
as Officer De Rosa
Luca Oriel
as Rodrigo
Scott Lang
as Deputy Stunty
Jerry Hairston
as Officer #1
Hunter Jones
as Recruit
Mickey Cassidy
as PMC Heavy Rifle
Karishma Ahluwalia
as Computer Agent
Samuel Evan Horowitz
as Big Friend #2
Jim Garrity
as Mark Celpo
David Goldman
as TV News Personality #1
Jerry T. Adams
as Look-Alike Recruit
Larry Sullivan
as Dr. Mitchell
Jessica Harbeck
as Secret Service Driver
as Chechen Militant
Anthony Bless
as Diego
Nancy Youngblut
as Edie Poole
Doug Long
as Male Titan Employee
John W. Lawson
as Amputee Veteran
Ken Barefield
as Guard #1
Matthew Law
as Young Colby
Ryan Madden
as Uniform Cop
Eric Allan Kramer
as Paul Helling
Rene Mousseux
as Hitman
Claudia Graf
as German Nurse
Kayli Tran
as Hue
Terrell Carter
as Kevin Campbell
Marco Morales
as Prison Guard Passenger
Parissa Koo
as Event Coordinator
Julian Graham
as Host
Rob Brown
as Donny Fenn
Lance Lee
as Inmate
Eduardo Lezcano
as Ball Guest
Jay Hieron
as Hulking Agent/Jose
Alexander Bateman
as FBI Task Force
Chad Guerrero
as Cautious PMC/Colombian Shooter #5
Yaroslav Poverlo
as President - Ukraine

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2016 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2017 | 8 Episodes

Season 3

2018 | 13 Episodes




Awards & Nominations

Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA 2017


Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA

Best Sound Editing - Short Form Dialogue and ADR in Television

Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA 2018


Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing - Sound Effects and Foley for Episodic Short Form Broadcast Media

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