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October 22, 2021
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About this title


In this contemporary version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's detective stories, Dr. John Watson is a war vet just home from Afghanistan. He meets the brilliant but eccentric Holmes when the latter, who serves as a consultant to Scotland Yard, advertises for a flatmate. Almost as soon as Watson moves into the Baker Street flat, they are embroiled in mysteries, and Sherlock's nemesis, Moriarty, appears to have a hand in the crimes.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United Kingdom

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: October 24, 2010

Also Known As: Uusi Sherlock, Σέρλοκ |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Brazil (14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

london, england
based on novel or book

Company Credits

Production Co: Hartswood Films, BBC Wales |  See more »


Ritu Arya
as Gail
Katherine Parkinson
as Kitty Riley
Nicholas Asbury
as Landlord
Sacha Dhawan
as Ajay
Ben Abell
as Indignant Man
Simon Blood DeVay
as Detective - CID/Scientist
Jozef Aoki
as Japanese Tourist
Lara Pulver
as Irene Adler
Rhys Rusbatch
as Technician
Syrus Lowe
as Political Aide
David Fynn
as Howard Shilcott
Caroline Trowbridge
as Mrs Monkford
Ralph Ineson
as Vince
Louise Brealey
as Molly Hooper/Hooper
Luke Newberry
as Young Policeman
Matt Young
as Young Police Officer
Sean Joseph Young
as Gary
James T. Bowman
as Barrow Boy
Sharon Rooney
as Laura
Ollie Douglas
as Plane Passenger
Stanley Townsend
as Angelo
Rupert Graves
as DI Lestrade/Inspector Lestrade
Hattie Ladbury
as Female Client
Bertie Carvel
as Seb Wilkes
Jim Conway
as Reporter 2
Edward Holtom
as Max Bruhl
Eleanor Matsuura
as DI Hopkins
Wendy Wason
as Robyn
Victoria Wicks
as Margaret Patterson
Eileen Dunwoodie
as Wife
Georgie Leonard
as Bridesmaid
Ifan Huw Dafydd
as Clerk of the Court
Helena Dennis
as Paparazzo
Nicholas Gadd
as Scared Man
Martin Freeman
as Dr. John Watson
Clive Mantle
as Dr. Frankland
Glen Davies
as Chauffeur
Asheq Akhtar
as Saheed
Georgina Rylance
as Cornelia
Anthony Cozens
as Geeky Young Man
Miranda Hennessy
as Reporter
Paul Weller
as The Viking
Richard Cunningham
as Timid Man
Clem So
as Chinaman/Raver
David Newman
as Medic
Paul Dawkins
as Diner
Antonio Bustorff
as Young Running Man
Amanda Root
as Emma Welsborough
Charles Furness
as PC Rance
Rita Davies
as Blind Lady
Brett Allen
as Special Unit Guard
Al Weaver
as Andy Galbraith
Harry Tuffin
as Victor
San Shella
as Andrew West
Simon Paisley Day
as Major Barrymore
Barrie Martin
as Tourist
Gabrielle Glaister
as Ambassador
Daniel Fearn
as Newsvendor
Simon Thorp
as Businessman
Tim Chipping
as Duty Sergeant
Rob Callender
as Charlie Welsborough
Eric Kofi-Abrefa
as Policeman
Ben Crowe
as Driver
Di Botcher
as Connie Prince
James Holmes
as Plane Passenger
Ian Hallard
as Defence Barrister
Peter Brooke
as Taxi Passenger
Sophie Slavin
as Uniformed Police Officer
Celyn Evans
as Hospital Patient
Andrew Havill
as The Equerry
Katy Wix
as Nurse Cornish
Stuart Mulcaster
as Camera Man
Hugh Holman
as Diner
Amber Elizabeth
as Commuter
Honor Kneafsey
as Girl on Plane/Little Girl
Deborah Moore
as Crying Woman
Sy Turner
as Paparazzi Photographer
Olivia Poulet
as Amanda
Robin Sebastian
as Mr. Harcourt
Matthew Romain
as Nervous Andrew
Tomi May
as Torturer
Munir Khairdin
as Creepy Guy
Sarah Lam
as Opera Singer
Georgina Howard
as Passerby
John Sessions
as Kenny Prince
Jaye Griffiths
as Prosecuting Barrister
Doug Allen
as Joe
Matthew Needham
as Bezza
Susannah Todd
as Pushy Reporter
Stuart Jason Lee
as Armed Guard
Matthew Wilson
as Security Man
Paul Chequer
as DI Dimmock
William Scott-Masson
as Sir Jeffrey Patterson
James Duncan
as Jimmy
Richard Crehan
as Ben
Volenté Lloyd
as The Governor's Wife
Marcia Warren
as Vivian
Rosalind Knight
as Grace
Lucy Trotman
as Wedding Guest
Benedict Cumberbatch
as Sherlock Holmes
David Gant
as Mr. Szikora
Tom Stoughton
as Young Sherlock
Katy Maw
as Beth Davenport
Art Malik
as Prison Governor
Janice Acquah
as Museum Director
Malcolm Rennie
as Judge
Lee Knight
as Reporter
Tom Whitecross
as Magnussen's Security Guard
Hassan Khan
as MI6 Officer
Jalaal Hartley
as Photographer
Tony Pitts
as Chief Superintendant
Jonathan Aris
as Anderson
Oona Chaplin
as Jeanette
Sydney Wade
as Claudie Bruhl
Debbie Chazen
as Vicky
Timothy Carlton
as Dad/Mr. Holmes/Sherlock's Father
Tim Barlow
as Wilder
Catherine McCormack
as Lady Carmichael
Tom Brooke
as Bill Wiggins/Wiggins
Will Keen
as Major Reed
John Lebar
as Golem
Una Stubbs
as Mrs. Hudson
Robert Benfield
as Gallery Director
Douglas Wilmer
as Diogenes Gent
Daniel van der Molen
as Bank Worker
Alfred Enoch
as Bainbridge
John Macmillan
as Community Officer
Stefano Braschi
as Raoul
Phil Davis
as Jeff/The Taxi Driver
Claire Cage
as Eddie's Neighbour
Paula Cowling
as Waitress
Lauren Crace
as Lucy
Martin Savage
as Ivan
Richard Sutton
as Diamond
Lorraine Hilton
as Miss Mackenzie
Alison Lintott
as Julie
Jason Thomas Brown
as Reporter
Nik Davies
as Injured Soldier
Gordon Kennedy
as Gary
Toby Jones
as Culverton Smith
Oliver Lansley
as David
Jacqueline Chan
as Shopkeeper
Thomasin Rand
as Beautiful Woman
Alison Egan
as Jimmy's Mum
Adam Greaves-Neal
as Billy/Page Boy
Harry Gostelow
as Husband
Helen Bradbury
as Mum
Todd Boyce
as Neilson
Wanda Ventham
as Mrs. Holmes/Mum/Sherlock's Mother
Stefan Pejic
as Box Office Manager
William Charles
as Waiter
Richard Syms
as Vicar
Sam Jones
as Young Henry
James Harper
as Cabbie
Lisa McAllister
as Anthea
Russell Tovey
as Henry Knight
Kevin Trainor
as Billy
Francesco Rochira
as Gunman
Ged Forrest
as Security Guard
Neal Barry
as Ray Kingsley
Sharon Cherry Ballard
as Police Woman
Joanna Burnett
as Tour Guide
Michael Müller
as Father
Trixiebell Harrowell
as Zoe
Lasco Atkins
as Late Night Pedestrian/Undercover Police
Edward Judge
as Craig
Laura Dale
as Beautiful Drug Dealer/Beautiful Girl
Samantha-Holly Bennett
as Reporter #1
Matthew Rohman
as Tortured Soldier/Tourist
Rick Warden
as Bonfire Dad
Stephen Wight
as Fletcher
George Appleby
as Small Thief
Daniel Hoffmann-Gill
as Gold Teeth Man
Jack Bence
as Raz
Alistair Petrie
as James Sholto
Ruth Everett
as Political Aide
Kemal Sylvester
as Tube Guard
Gina Bramhill
as Faith
Derren Brown
as Derren Brown
Nicole Arumugam
as Reporter 3
Alice Lowe
as Tessa
Jamie Jarvis
as Surgeon
Lynn Farleigh
as Professor Cairns
Anthony Farrelly
as Cabbie
Samantha E. Hunt
as Amy Saunders
Clare Foster
as Velma
David Cromarty
as Terrorist
Gerald Kyd
as Thomas Ricoletti
Kishan Maru
as Indian Reporter
Georgina Rich
as Charlotte
Terence Dormer
as Billy
Paul Albertson
as Mr Ewart
Eiry Thomas
as Stewardess
Aleksandar Mikic
as Guard
Zawe Ashton
as Sally Donovan
Tony Way
as Prison Warder
Dominic Borrelli
as Husband
Tom Williams
as Politician
Alan Bond
as Assistant Coroner
Jeany Spark
as Homeless Girl
Gavin Lee Lewis
as Mime
Rosemary Smith
as Married Woman
David Kirkbride
as Hospital Policeman
Calvin Demba
as Isaac Whitney
Tanya Moodie
as Ella
Howard Coggins
as Brian Lukis
Tom So
as Magnussen's Butler
Louise Breckon-Richards
as Jennifer Wilson
Sian Brooke
as Elizabeth/Eurus Holmes
Mark Gatiss
as Mycroft Holmes
Amelia Bullmore
as Dr. Stapleton
Rebecca Noble
as Reporter #3
Christopher Hunter
as Prison Governor
Greg Bennett
as CIA Driver
Aaron Richards
as Young Mycroft
Darrell Las Quevas
as Plummer
Albert Magashi
as Karim
Pano Masti
as Assassin
Paul Leonard
as Bank Director
Lex Lamprey
as Photographer
Vinette Robinson
as Sgt Sally Donovan
Will Ashcroft
as Club Waiter
Katherine Jakeways
as Benji
Patrick Bradford
as Additional
Lovelace Akpojaro
as Reporter 1
Lars Mikkelsen
as Charles Magnussen
Andrew Scott
as Jim Moriarty/Professor Moriarty
Zoe Telford
as Sarah
Peter Pedrero
as Archer
Siobhan Hewlett
as Helen
Pradeep Jey
as Reporter
Louis Oliver
as Little Sherlock
Ben Rufus Green
as Reporter
Adam Prickett
as Bonfire Attendee/Spectator
Lee Kemp
as MI6 Agent
Daniel Percival
as Eddie Van Coon
Gemma Chan
as Soo Lin Yao
Vijay Doshi
as Gavin
Nathan Dubois
as Boy
Stephanie Hyam
as Jane
Elizabeth Coyle
as Miss Sutherland
Tim Howard
as Magnussen's Security Guard
Joseph Long
as Angelo
Grant Crookes
as Police Officer
Will Sharpe
as Corporal Lyons
Tim McInnerny
as Sir Eustace Carmichael
Tim Wallers
as John Garvie
Simon Kunz
as Sir Edwin
Charles Edwards
as David Welsborough
Gillian Elisa
as Surgery Receptionist
Paul Warren
as Homeless Spy
David Colbourn
as Male Client
Brigid Zengeni
as Kate Whitney
Danny Webb
as DI Carter
Jason Crane
as Pedestrian Getting in Taxi
Natasha O'Keeffe
as Emelia Ricoletti
Damian Samuels
as Giles
Ed Birch
as Tom
Usman Akram
as MI5 Agent
Imogen Slaughter
as Reporter
Rosalind Halstead
as Kate
Michael Austin
as CPS Solicitor
Chris Wilson
as CID Officer/High Rank Police Officer
David Nellist
as Mike Stamford/Stamford
Peter Basham
as Reporter #2
Sasha Behar
as Dr. Mortimer
Tam Mutu
as Leonard
Ilana Kneafsey
as Little Girl
Peter Davison
as Planetarium Voiceover
Amanda Abbington
as Mary Watson/Mary Morstan
Joe Hall
as Homeless Guy
Alexandra Doyle
as Woman in Mind Palace
Philip Starnier
as German Tourist
Gillian Steventon
as Nurse
Lindsay Duncan
as Lady Smallwood
Haydn Gwynne
as Miss Wenceslas
Yasmine Akram
as Janine/Janine Donlevy
James Pimenta
as Indian Policeman
Lucy Page
as Princess
Pino Maiello
as Hostage
Chipo Chung
as Presenter
Indica Watson
as Little Eurus
Andrew Bone
as Jack Sandeford
Nathan Harmer
as Phil

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2010 | 3 Episodes

Season 2

2012 | 3 Episodes

Season 3

2014 | 3 Episodes

Season 4

2017 | 3 Episodes




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Crime Thriller Awards, UK 2010


Crime Thriller Awards, UK

Best Supporting Actor


Crime Thriller Awards, UK

Best Leading Actor

Royal Television Society, UK 2010


Royal Television Society, UK

Best Photography: Drama


Royal Television Society, UK

Best Music, Original Score


Royal Television Society, UK

Best Tape and Film Editing: Drama


Royal Television Society, UK

Best Picture Enhancement


Royal Television Society, UK

Best Music, Original Titles

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