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October 24, 2021
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Oscar-nominated actor William H. Macy stars as Frank Gallagher, a single father of six who spends much of his free time drinking at bars. The Gallagher children -- led by oldest daughter Fiona (Emmy Rossum), who takes on much of the child-rearing responsibility due to her mother's absence -- manage to raise themselves in spite of Frank's lack of parenting and unusual parenting style when he does choose to act like a father. The drama is an adaptation of the BAFTA Award-winning British show of the same name.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: December 12, 2010

Also Known As: Sans regret, shameless US |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+, R18+), Brazil (18) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

sibling relationship
single parent
big family

Company Credits

Production Co: Bonanza Productions, John Wells Productions |  See more »


as Ex-Con
GloZell Green
as GloZell
Daniel Booko
as Brad
Steven M. Porter
as Craig
Ann Whitney
as Ms. Sink
David Storrs
as Rinaldo
David Boller
as Instructor
Jesse Egan
as Rick
Rachel Rodewald
as Kid in Line for the Movies
Bianca Lopez
as Brianna
Alhan Bilal
as Val
Christine Kilmer
as Robin
Adrienne Rusk
as Daisy Kelso
Frankie Sims
as Alibi Bar Patron
Dillan Ostrom
as Atticus
Wyatt Walter
as Chet
Nicole J. Butler
as Lysa
Amber Friendly
as Alonso
Jack McGee
as Misogynist Sponsor
Abram Teunissen
as Wolf
Peter Banifaz
as Farhad
Ian Scott Rudolph
as Secutiry Camera Installer
Kyle Mattocks
as Firefighter
Sunkrish Bala
as Andy
Jessica Rosilyn
as Dee Sanders
Constance Zimmer
as Claudia Nicolo
Cissy Ly
as Manager Trisha
Seth Coltan
as Bear
Kyle Collin
as Skeet
Jonah Hwang
as New Lip
Monica Estrada
as Mrs. Gonzales
Ellie Bensinger
as Amber
Asta Razma
as Gold Coast Pedestrian/Gold Coast Shopper
Johnny Sneed
as Richard
Brit Morgan
as Lucy Jo Heisner
Nolan Freeman
as Sully
Miles Dausuel
as Lenny
Judith Drake
as Mrs. Lionetti
Jonathan Schmock
as Alan Kopchek
Beth Payne
as Mariana
Angel Laketa Moore
as Denise
Nayo Wallace
as Stacy
Blaine Mallory
as Angel Girl
Richard Portnow
as Johnny Boxcars
Will Jones
as Shirtless Guy/Shirtless Man
Sabah El-Amin
as Waitress
Michaela Rose Haas
as Hillary
Levy Tran
as Eddie
Saidah Arrika Ekulona
as Sgt. Fuchs
Karthik Srinivasan
as Shakhawat
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
as Officer Dubose
Matthew Salter
as CTA Train Bystander/Headband Street Basketball Star
Brielle Barbusca
as Bonnie
Tarquin Wilding
as Gay Guy
Sean Spann
as Aggravated Neighbor
Philicia Saunders
as MMA Fighter
Kristopher Logan
as Chester
Lori Alan
as Stacy Baer
Brooke Kuchuris
as Mom
Taylor Kinney
as Craig Heisner
Chris Boykin
as Glen
Tangie Ambrose
as Foster Care Worker
Jocelin Albor
as Girl with Lip
Gloria LeRoy
as Aunt Ginger
Susie Abraham
as Seema
Derek Graf
as Toaster
Zion Bly
as Jerome
Kristoffer Ryan Winters
as Clayton Gallagher
Luis Kelly-Duarte
as Delivery Guy
Tara Buck
as Letty
Kyra Locke
as Eleanor Wyman
LynNita Ellis
as Courthouse Bride/Patsy's Pies Patron
Vince Melocchi
as Bill
Cleto Augusto
as Rocky
Richard Esteras
as El Silencio
Phillip Jeanmarie
as Raj
Jeff Dlugolecki
as Dead Guy/Homeless Guy/Homeless guy/Junkie/Man on Train
Terryn Westbrook
as Connie
Laura Slade Wiggins
Janna Bossier
as Receptionist
Omar Heyward
as Worker
Jason McBeth
as Stump
Verda Bridges
as AA Leader
Gunner Gadbois
as Yevgeny
Joshua Wolf Coleman
as Dr. Emmanuel Garcia
Shannon Lucio
as Alison De Marco
JB Blanc
as Hanzi
Teresa Ornelas
as Ellie
Zoe Tyson
as 17 Year Old Girl
Ashley-Lauren Elrod
as Student
Youlanda Davis
as Goofy Attorney
Reed Emmons
as Will
Kristina Valada-Viars
as Liz
Gaby Alcazar
as Lourdes
Carin Chea
as Nurse
Cameron Richardson
as Cheryl
Jimmie Stafford
as Robert
Jordan Webb
as Muscle Head
David St. James
as Pastor
José Julián
as Joaquin
Tristan Jewel Abrams
as Girl on Playground
Matt Eyde
as Delivery Guy
Emma Greenwell
as Mandy Milkovich
Presley Schrader
as Franny/Franny Gallagher
Lyn Alicia Henderson
as Paramedic
Charles Emmett
as Dr. Carter
Doby Daenger
as Barfly/Pool Player/Social Security Customer
Brett Matthews
as Guy
Crystal J. Huang
as Wen's Mom
Mark Mammone
as Orderly
Patricia Scanlon
as Dr. Anna Tremblay
Brian Chenoweth
as Ronald
Mimi Fletcher
as Jasmine
Scott Peat
as Biff
Skye P. Marshall
as June
Briana Price
as Paige
P.J. Marino
as George
Kate Morgan Chadwick
as Shana
Kendra Chell
as Baden
as Nepow
Sharon Blynn
as Bald Woman
Lela Lee
as Lenore
Wendy Rosoff
as Corneas
Bob McCracken
as Laverne
Emily Peterson
as Olivia
Angela Bullock
as Dr. Bennet
Joe Daru
as Elmo
J. Francisco Rodriguez
as Paco
David DeLuise
as Proctor
Lourdes Benedicto
as Tasha
Noel Arthur
as Bouncer
Randy Mulkey
as Uncle Ronnie
Bonnie Morgan
as Teresa
Mallory Moye
as RJ
London Regans
as Amy
Madison Rothschild
as Molly
Emily Muller
as Woman with Walker
Aubry Alexander
as College Student
Joe Rudy Guerrero Jr.
as Gang Member
Kevin Thomas Mitchell
as Lewis
Kevin Sifuentes
as Nunez
Zack Chapaloni
as Georgio
Antoinette Spolar
as Woman
Bayne Gibby
as Mallory
Kai Fitzer
as Oscar
Lidiya Korotko
as Pissed Russian Whore/Raisa
Zakiah Garcia
as 1st Park Kid
Stevie Lynn Jones
as Tahetia
Rafaela Ochoa
as Pedestrian/Bank Customer/Female Immigrant/High School Soccer Player
Jason Antoon
as Dr. Ruben
Barbara Elizabeth Maleski
as Commuter/Bears Tailgater
Amy Honey
as Meeting Secretary
A.J. Rivera
as Cox
Jake McDorman
as Mike Pratt
Tara Karsian
as Celia
Skyler Aboujaoude
as Jazmina
Mary Heiss
as Nurse Sheryl
Gustavo Carr
as Diego
Christina Veronica
as Dollface's friend
Earnestine Phillips
as Abbot
Maria Maestas McCann
as Diane
Dizzie Harris
as Liv
A.C. Smith
as Janitor
Michael Hyatt
as Officer Pimental
Chloe Webb
as Monica Gallagher
Willow Geer
as Miss Devlin
Zayne Emory
as Simon
Aariq Manji
as Kendall
Eric Feltes
as Conklin
Jono Cota
as Dobbie
Austin Powell
as Daniel
Christopher Guyton
as Shelby
Dan Waller
as Rod
Daniel Gauthier
as Cancer Patient
Christopher Arminio
as Alibi Hipster/Hipster
Mike Hagerty
as Ron
Ron Butler
as Advisor
Dean Li
as Twink
Dino Petrera
as Leo
Cher Ferreyra
as Martini
Kirk Hawkins
as Reporter
Lisa Dring
as Charmaine
Letticia Bissondut
as Checkout Girl Aisha
John-Patrick Driscoll
as Ross
Deric Augustine
as Milton
Dinah Lenney
as Frannie
Reyna Calvillo
as Martina
Sue Gisser
as Daycare Mother/Nikki
Nancy Linehan Charles
as Broom Hilda
Kee Broussard
as Diner patron/Laundromat Patron
Crystal Coney
as Claire Arnett
Rick Fox
as Gareth
Yelyna De Leon
as Nurse
Angeliki Giannakopoulos
as Greek Lady
Jill Johnson
as Tilly
Natalia Rimareva
as Doctor
Tad Coughenour
as Tranny Prostitute
Heidi Johanningmeier
as Len
Tahj Wilson
as J-Dubb
James McMann
as Guard
Leila Zaragoza
as One Legged Girl
Pati Lauren
as Lily
Jeryl Prescott
as Gabarieo
Bridgid Coulter
as Nurse Franny
Doug Locke
as Travis
Ben Zelevansky
as Jordan
Dave Silva
as Jesus
Micah Hong
as Wen
Cyril Smith
as Worker
Candice Dylan
as Bar-goer
Avery Clyde
as Madison
Alex E. Hardaway
as Ricky
Christian Isaiah
as Liam Gallagher/Liam
Ben D. Goldberg
as Edgar
Dean Austin
as Delivery Guy
Waymond Lee
as Asian Gambler
Abraham Luna
as Berger
Mia Park
as Korean Liquor Store Wife
Jasmine B. Johnson
as Heather
Lindsey Ginter
as Charlie
Scotty Crowe
as Dr. Robert
Michael Vieau
as Sewer Dude
Mike Muscat
as Barry
Ryan G. Roberts
as Skinhead
Michael D'Elia
as Mike
Riley Baron
as Student
Pamala Tyson
as Civil Service Worker
Lea DeLaria
as Barb
Winifred Freedman
as Dot
Kyle T. Heffner
as Doctor
William O'Leary
as Sgt. Rucker
Hedy Burress
as Doctor
Anisha Jagannathan
as Wendy
Laura Azevedo
as Police Woman
June Carryl
as Beatrice
Michael Cognata
as Tito
Joe Adler
as Colin Milkovich
Erin Barnes
as Parent
Devon Reilly
as Patty
Kerri Kenney
as Constance Grace
Lombardo Boyar
as Manuel
Alfred Wilson
as Old Man
Ricardo Walker
as Carson
Barry Sloane
as Ryan
Kimberly Bishop
as Banking Employee Lindsay
Brett Gipson
as Michaels
Sam Lloyd
as Buddy Diamond
George Todd McLachlan
as Quincy
Joshua Hoffman
as Les
Emily Margaret Heitzer
as Girl at Airport
Mark Casimir Dyniewicz Jr.
as Diner Dino
Linda Burzynski
as Officer O'Dwyer
Christopher Kahler
as Nerney
Pat-Ric McCaffery
as Alibi Bar Dude
Juan Pope
as Sergeant Brown
Kevyn Bashore
as Alibi Bar Patron/Patsy's Folk Patron
Jerry Lambert
as Randy Kulovitz
John Deignan
as Howie
Kris Wolff
as Cop
Liz Jenkins
as Bertha
Rhonda Stubbins White
as May
Geo Lee
as Robbie
Atticus Woodward
as Dominic
Cathryn de Prume
as Hilary
Damian Forest Light
as Bar/Club Patron
Brett McCabe
as College Alcohol Enthusiast Holding Beer Bongs
John Marshall Jones
as Lungs
Lee Simpson
as Roger
Marco Antonio Parra
as Nathan
Isabella Cuda
as Cancer Girl
Ricarlo Flanagan
as Davey
Tyler Evans
as College Student
Aaron Todd Kessee
as Double F
Hugh B. Holub
as Bill
Dominique Rodriguez
as Inmate
Adam Zanzie
as Prisoner
David Clayton Rogers
as Detective Young
Michael Adam Hamilton
as Some Dude
Haley Mancini
as Stage 2 Skin Cancer Gal
Annie Gonzalez
as Danica
Gary Houston
as Clerk
Bunny Levine
as Mrs. McCurdy
Ellen Albertini Dow
as The Real Aunt Ginger
Talisa Friedman
as Clara
Steve DeRelian
as Dan
Presley A. Aronson
as 3rd Park Kid
Mario Cortez
as Swat Leader
James Lentzsch
as Topknot Dude
Adam Mendoza
as Hector
Katy Habib
as Salome
Drea Garcia
as Nurse Telma
Heath Hensley
as Wally
Marguerite Moreau
as Linda
Jacquie Barnbrook
as Amelia
Darren Sheehan
as Neighbor
Chris Gartin
as Chip Lishman
Kimberly Hebert Gregory
as Nurse
Omar Leyva
as Federale
Josh Adwar
as Homer
Karen Malina White
as Sylvie Prum
Shannon Edwards
as Neighbor
Daria Badanina
as Russian Hooker
Page Ruth
as Becka
Al Pugliese
as Mr. Baggio
Leo Georgallis
as Young Lawyer
Emy Coligado
as Wesley Gretsky
Lisa Long
as Scotty
Ira Amyx
as Ray
Billy Mayo
as Dispatch
Maya Rose
as Tall Girl
Dichen Lachman
as Angela
Sarah Assumma
as Sissy
Gregory Linington
as Craig Jeffries
Chrisanne Eastwood
as Cath
Sandy Abramson
as Judgy Patsy's Patron
Alyssa Haglund
as Ian's Follower/Ian's follower
Mia Serafino
as Gigi
Steve Brock
as Diner Patron
Alison Rood
as Hipster Flipper/Irene Bragg
Ozzy McGuigen
as Frannie
Sherry Mandujano
as Guadalupe
Matt McTighe
as Clint
Bart Braverman
as Wolfman
Mallory Mckenzie
as Patsys Patron
Kattia Ortiz
as Juanita
John-Paul Boatman-Vazquez
as Liam's Friend
Cindy Le
as Debbie's Welding Friend
Kevin Shacter
as Milkovich Bro #3
Natasha Goubskaya
as Church Lady
Elyse Dinh
as Tram
Richard Eick
as Javi
Andrea Ellsworth
as Didi
Rene L. Moreno
as Rinaldo
Jake Davidson
as Jackson Ehrenreich
Christy Bonstell
as Marla
Jonelle Allen
as Mrs. Cardinal
Caitlyn Knisely
as Izzy
Sidow Sobrino
as Coyote
Sara Lassner
as Cleopatra
Richard Flood
as Ford Kellogg/Ford
Cole Doman
as Park Teenager
Wilson Ramirez
as Barney
Mackenzie Astin
as Tyler
Jackie Millines
as Sal
Lawrence A. Mandley
as Sam Rayburn
Donovan Epison
as Corner Drug Dealer
Paula Andrea Placido
as Calista
Nirayl Stone
as Lindy
Rif Hutton
as General Gene Powell
Zach Steel
as Jaybone
Virginia Watson
as Desk Cop
Lou Taylor Pucci
as Lou (Masked Man #2)
C.J. Berdahl
as Kyle
Svetlana Efremova
as Sasha
Nick Heyman
as Charlie Watts
Kayden Alexander Koshelev
as Ang
Damon Standifer
as Craig
Carlease Burke
as Roberta
Jennifer Lee Laks
as Nurse
Toby Huss
as Steve's Boss
Terrence Terrell
as Antonio
John O'Brien
as Father Monroe
Damien Diaz
as Derek
Ambrit Millhouse
as Cashier
Brett-Livingstone Strong II
as Ted
Chris Fogleman
as Tom
O'Neil Cespedes
as Jalen
Arianna Ortiz
as Principal Colon
Adam Poss
as Crying Teenager/Gideon
Steve Moulton
as Jameson
Stacey Moseley
as Candace
Richard Herd
as Gerald
Peter Coventry Smith
as Trevor
Tray McVay
as Gang Leader
Dre Swain
as Gretchen
Brianna Barnes
as Delphine
Sieara Lanae Delone
as Pregnant Girl
Oscar Dorsey
as Blue Unit Mourner
Nicole Pulliam
as Correctional Officer Denise
Barry Shabaka Henley
as Judge Glen Aufseeser
Kimberly Atkinson
as Lola
Tracy Pfau
as Ilona
Thomas Kasp
as Barry
Charlotte Gulezian
as Yoli
Jae'Lyn Ayauna Godoy
as Pregnant Teen/Teen in Clinic
Grace Rowe
as Dasha
Jerimiyah Dunbar
as 'Bron
Shaun T. Benjamin
as Norman Morton
Angela Sprinkle
as Miss Grodanz
Paton Ashbrook
as Ryan
Sonya Leslie
as Keandra
Ali Chen
as Admitting Nurse
Jerry Farmer
as Greg
Albert Kuo
as Timmy Wong
Bre Mueck
as Beautiful Woman
Javier Calderon
as Sergeant Ridgely
Randy Skaggs
as Pedestrian
Doris L. Guerrero
as P.A. Rivera
Eugene Alper
as Russian Man
Anthony Marciona
as Barry
Zach Villa
as Dax
Steve Bean
as Abe
Truly Magyar
as Gina (Twitchy McGee)
Cristen Coppen
as Greta
Frank Noon
as Bible Study Guy
Tamara Rey
as Le Club Lady
Andy Umberger
as Blake's Father
Valente Rodriguez
as OSHA Officer
Katey Sagal
as Dr. Ingrid Jones
Dan Lauria
as Mo White
Chris Brochu
as Dylan
Cadence Murray
as School Girl
Ellen Gerstein
as Aunt Rande
Camille Chen
as Lewis
Alexis Rutter
as Patty
Maximilian Osinski
as Len Martini
Keston John
as Josué Toussaint
Dallas Young
as De'Andre
Tate Ellington
as Chad
Eric Lyons
as Partier
Brandon Morales
as Andy
Sandra Prosper
as Dr. Watkins
Elliot Fletcher
as Trevor
Carlos Linares
as Proctor
Marcello Thedford
as Julius
Cole Hockenbury
as Homeless Teen
Marie Buck
as Grace
Garrett Reese
as Ben
Andrew Bowen
as Darren
DuShon Monique Brown
as Teresa
Marcus Folaji Ajose
as Lamar
Danielle Davis
as Sharon
Jessica James
as Tomeika
Malkia Stampley
as Lula
Raleigh Cain
as Michelle Hill
Dorée Seay
as Mauve
Cameron Sanders
as Nelson
Shea Buckner
as Jason
Robert G. Beck
as Roger
J.P. Manoux
as Zach
Ser'Darius Blain
as Chuku
Yamila Guerra
as Lila
Roxy Wood
as Miss June
Geno Walker
as EMT
Louis Scherschel
as Club Goer
Jessie Pinnick
as Robin
Dmitri S. Boudrine
as SUV Driver
Steven Lee Allen
as Nathan
Izabella Alvarez
as Sarah
Steven W. Bailey
as Mr. Feehan
Ana Belibasis
as Venicia
Elena Plesa
as Hungarian Woman
Juliette Angelo
as Geneva
Kaleb Shorey
as Carl's Friend/Neighborhood Pool Guest
Erik Armando Alvarez
as Agent Nolasco
Kate Amundsen
as Sarah
Casey Thomas Brown
as Alan
Kimleigh Smith
as Sgt. Stamps
Jordan L. Jones
as Crackhead
Chris Sturgeon
as Jerome (On TV)
Sarah Charipar
as Jill
Rolando Molina
as Jesus
Afton Boggiano
as Michelle
William Leon
as Raul Padilla
Danny Mora
as Judge Chapman Young
Isidora Goreshter
as Svetlana/Svetlana Fisher/The Russian
Philip Knight
as Hector the Homeless Veteran
Sharon Benson
as Dirty Joan Baez
Briana Henry
as Bailey
Lily Holleman
as Lisa
Martin Martinez
as Jamie
Scarlet Spencer
as Xan
Ilyssa Fradin
as Salamunovich
Carina Aviles Marshall
as Pepa
Mara Casey
as Anna
Sam Doumit
as Sonny
Matthew Furfaro
as Gus
Benjamin Burt
as Danny O.
Stephanie Fantauzzi
as Estefania
Beau Dremann
as Officer
Renée Threatte
as Darlene
Lauri Hendler
as Activist Mother
Lisa Waltz
as Mrs. Sugar
Alyssa Garcia
as Gina
Denise Hughes
as Gloria/Mailman/Officer Scotty
Randy Szuch
as Frat Boy
Tamika Simpkins
as Tabby
Vyto Ruginis
as Edward Gretsky
Shar Jackson
as Constance
Kathryn Taylor Smith
as Dr. Lawrence
John Lee Ames
as Caleefa
Alina Phelan
as Florist
Jaylee Chen
as Liyuan
Suteara Vaughn
as Ariel
Karishma Ahluwalia
as Dr. Patel
Shawn Hoffman
as Michael
Lee Sherman
as Sister Patricia
Steve Howey
as Kevin Ball
Carolyn Hennesy
as Mrs. Neidereiter
Kerry Finlayson
as Sister Ruth
Julia Boyd
as Angie
Devika Parikh
as Randi
Julie Berlin
as City Pedestrian
Gary Kraus
as Mike
Estavion White
as Pedestrian
J. Teddy Garces
as Military Officer
Sergio Cardenas
as Immer
Phil Abrams
as Mr. Bancroft
Jenna Elfman
as Jill
Andrew Asper
as Jason
Susan Ruttan
as Sister Mary Luke
Jayden Lund
as Scott
Golda Inquito
as Sorority Girl
Maurice Cobige
as Lonzo
Jim Deangelo
as Ernesto
Michael Galante
as Jared
Johnny Alexander
as Davis
Bernadette Santos Schwegel
as Refugee
Vanessa Giselle
as Renee
Nelson Carvajal
as Neighbor
Noah James
as Barry
Demetrius Grosse
as Eddie Murphy
Will Westwater
as Dante
Martina Lavignasse
as Patient
Elizabeth Bond
as Elena
Steven M. Gagnon
as Bill Pratt
Justin Chatwin
as Steve/Jimmy/Jack
Joseph Raymond Lucero
as Damon
Bob Saget
as Father D'Amico
Janet Varney
as Park Mom
Kate Comer
as Art Teacher
MacKenzie Meeks
as Amy
Chris Prascus
as Kevin's Hookup
A. Russell Andrews
as Lance
Laura Wiggins
as Karen Jackson
Patrick Fischler
as Wade Shelton
Antonio St. James
as Animal Control Guy
Kitsy Smith
as Student
Asher McDonell
as Baby
Lang Yun
as Hilda
Don Perry
as Mr. Perry
Rebecca Hall
as Newscaster
Miles Brown
as Ashish
Sapna Gandhi
as Charlize Stewart
Edwin R. Habacon
as Jamal
Shannon Mitrovich
as Ian's Follower
Mike Doyle
as Lanier
W. Lee Hill
as Bailiff
Eric Satterberg
as Hassan
Justin Lee
as Warren
Christopher Darga
as Mr. Sullivan
Rich Hutchman
as Peter MacGowan
Devan Long
as Nick Saakashvili
Kerry O'Malley
as Kate
Hilda Boulware
as Marsha
Michelle Kim
as Jenny
Lizze Broadway
as Daughter
Mark Willis
as Lamar
Karmen Morales
as Tina's Hot Friend
Elise Eberle
as Sandy Milkovich
Tommy Clifford-Carlos
as Miller
JoNell Kennedy
as Dr. Giles
Rosalind Chao
as Doctor
Jeorge Bennett Watson
as Mr. Tubbard
Michael Merchant
as Otis Grange
Ajgie Kirkland
as John
Catfish Jean
as Tire Neck
Anthony James Whitewolf
as Jesus Christ
David Gurrola
as Ernesto
Kelly Curran
as Jamie Lishman
Dana Lyn Baron
as Carrie
Jinhee Joung
as Dr. Jenny
Shanola Hampton
as Veronica Fisher
Carol Herman
as Jinny
Andrea Grano
as Elena Torres
Mike Schiff
as Tye
Richard Gallion
as Otis
Pam Trotter
as Nurse's Aide
Michael Gambino
as Rodney
Chad W. Smathers
as Oompa Loompa
Bradley Dodds
as Parsons
Britni Raine
as Kianna
Peggy Dunne
as Pamela
Stephen A. Chang
as Timothy
Claudine Claudio
as Coupon Woman
Ralph Alexander
as Refugee/Train Passenger
Camden Toy
as Pan
Vivienne Powell
as Lilian
Joe Ford
as Casper Duncan
Kevin Phillips
as Wendell
David Bowe
as Bob/Bob Tamietti
Carrie Reeves
as Margi
Dan Gilvary
as Priest
Myron Primes
as Shareef
Claire 'Fluff' Llewellyn
as Inmate on Bus/Pie Waitress/Train Passenger
Andrew Borba
as Officer Hahn
Jack Axelrod
as Old Guy
Jonathan Spencer
as Andy
Raquel Yasmin
as Lori
Nichole Sakura
as Amanda
Justin Shepherd
as Lewis' Father
Brett Davern
as Larry
Anthony Ma
as Tutor
Cici Leah Campbell
as Football Game Fan/Hippie Cult Member
Ernesto Chaverri
as Mover
Shakira Barrera
as Heidi Cronch/Heidi
Irene Roseen
as Mrs. Riley
Scott Alan Smith
as Fox
Gavin Lee
as Kyle
Norma J. Houser
as Store Patron
Troy Blendell
as Ben
Jaxy Boyd
as Acosta
Ben Cornish
as Customer 1
Orion McCabe
as Hospital Attendant
Jade Holden
as Middle School Student
Diego Olmedo
as Pedro
Adam Kulbersh
as Bank Manager
Jennifer DeFilippo
as Teacher
Zylan Brooks
as Court Clerk
Susan Krebs
as Catholic Adoption Lady
John Kapelos
as Larry Burke
Jackie Mah
as Elma
Diora Baird
as Meg
Blake Boyd
as Sergeant Nathan Kipps
Larry Herron
as Police Officer Ollie
Eve Sigall
as Older Woman
Jourdyn Godoy
as Teen in Clinic
Cooper J. Friedman
as Lucas
Lia D. Mortensen
as Connie
Madison Mason
as Father Bud
Randy Vasquez
as Marco Delgado
Bryan Kelly
as Menacing Man
Brian Plocharczyk
as Nate
David Saucedo
as Uncle Felipe
Carlos Luna
as Ronny
Greg Bryan
as Campus Cop/Police Officer
Chandler Dean
as Aidan
Benton Jennings
as Father Henry
Justine Lupe
as Blake Collins
Tate Hanyok
as Gabrielle Polestein, Macroeconomics Teacher
Sean Moran
as Doug
Pat Whalen
as Friend
Jeff Pierre
as Caleb
Penny Peyser
as Lois Coyle
Joel Murray
as Eddie Jackson
Stephen Cone
as Ryan
Jos Viramontes
as Phil
Andrew Hwang
as Bill
Stephanie Charles
as Tyesha
Kyoko Dole
as Hazel
Vince Cefalu
as Cop Lenny
Ellen Etten
as Nurse
Giorgia Whigham
as Toria
Cooper Gillespie
as Anne
Ashland Thomas
as Male Teacher
Robert Cicchini
as ER Doctor
Allie Hail
as Carl's Hottie
Gordon Greene
as Groundskeeper
Ilia Volok
as Vlad
Marcus Bradford
as Hospital Patient
Joe Minoso
as Hector Aquilar
Mychal Thompson
as Timbo
Kate Cobb
as Jane Pratt/Jane
Brandon Black
as Flavio
Roxana Brusso
as Judge Rita Gaither
Evie Nicholson
as Cocktail Waitress Esther
Josh Clark
as Tacker
Keiko Agena
as Brittany Sturgess
Tim DeZarn
as Nana
Jeffrey Cannata
as Officer Goff
Orson Ford
as Timmy Milkovich
Keith Kupferer
as Detective
Corina Boettger
as Pimply Girl
Tessa Auberjonois
as Kendra
Jason Jin
as Richard
Cile Turner-Borman
as Louise
Jessica Szohr
as Nessa
Pat Skipper
as Chuck Hartley
Krys Marshall
as Mora
Americus Abesamis
as Bouncer
Khleo Thomas
as Dylan Oswald
Sandra Purpuro
as Detective Mott
Jay Disney
as Cop
Meg Thalken
as Grandmother
Jaclyn Kelly Shaw
as Ali Proctor
Jack Impellizzeri
as Hissrich
Michael Blum
as Male Counselor
Elizabeth Sung
as Mrs. Wong
Sam Buchanan
as Claire
Paloma Rabinov
as Dakota
David James Slama
as Bystander
Audrey Morgan
as Homeless Lady
Hector Atreyu Ruiz
as Carlos
Keenan Henson
as Barry
Thierre Di Castro Garrito
as Marco
Ari Fitzer
as Nate
Fiona Dourif
as Tabitha Youens
Bruce Beatty
as Jim
Saginaw Grant
as Great Grandfather
Devon Deshaun Stewart
as Cyril
Caroline Choi
as Sister Frances
Chip Chinery
as Larry Seaver
Chronicle Ganawah
as Juvenile Delinquent
Alison Livas
as Alice
Dillon Olney
as Roy
Griffin Morgan
as Tyrell
Danny Vasquez
as Alejandro
Kelli Dawn Hancock
as Lakisha
Clara Baker-Ringo
as Bella
Van Ferro
as Neighbor
Virginia Kull
as Nancy Lamper
Joey Naber
as Guy Behind the Counter
J.J. Dunlap
as Hoodlum Kid
Courtney McCullough
as DX
Ransford Doherty
as Quincy
Rachel Dratch
as Paula Bitterman
Omid Abtahi
as Sameer
Sandra Hinojosa
as Wilma
Chelsea M. Davis
as Jojo
Luis Richard Gomez
as Homeless #2
Edward Edwards
as Mark
Dennis Cockrum
as Terry Milkovich
Evan O'Toole
as Dylan
Heather McComb
as Wendy
Melissa De Sousa
as Tina
Michael Bailey Smith
as Man In Dress
Valarie Rae Miller
as Judge Ilene
Erick Lopez
as Polo
Aaron Bray
as Bear Bar Patron
Shashawnee Hall
as Captain Bob
Marty Ryan
as Rick
Paul Douglas Brown
as Janusz
Rena Strober
as Emily Knowland
Dominic Daniel
as Doug
Regina Bryant
as Becca
Doug McKeon
as Judge
Bo Barrett
as Kel
Madison Leisle
as Ashley
Hermie Castillo
as Teacher
Steve Hasley
as Dr. Thompson
Karl T. Wright
as Alderman Jenkins
Matthew Foster
as Porter
Ray Laska
as Reverend Yates
Jaquita Ta'le
as Jada
Jordan Kerns
as Jesse
Robert Gallo
as Hugo
Jack Essner
as Blake
Time Winters
as Doctor
Patrick Cox
as Rory
Jennifer Taylor
as Anne Seery
Makio Mathews
as Security Guard
William Stanford Davis
as Conrad
Joni Bovill
as Desk Nurse
John Billingsley
as Dr. Drew
Wallace Langham
as Dr. Tyson
Paul Cassell
as Quinton Fleet
Maya Bednarek
as Stella
Nicole French
as Bella
Jovan Armand
as Kid Gonzalez
Jordan Del Spina
as Punk Kid
Vivien Ngô
as Kelly
Gina Hecht
as Rachel
E.J. Bonilla
as Jesus
Nancy Youngblut
as Mrs. Kandage
Tre Hale
as Tattoo Artist
Malika Williams
as Nurse Jarvin
Lynette DuPree
as Aunt Francine
Jernard Burks
as Antoine
Kyle Samples
as Psych Patient
William H. Macy
as Frank Gallagher/Jerry Gallagher
George Ketsios
as Nikolai
Brandon Paul Eells
as Gil
Rebekah Ward
as Christine
Blaze Robert Stow
as Gay Strip Club Guest
Allison Latta
as Mrs. Casden
Dale Wade Davis
as Gary
Caroline Stefanie Clay
as Judge Cheryl Ward
Derek Dziak
as Mentally Ill Man
Sarah Oh
as Jessica
Anthony L. Fernandez
as Maceo
Arash Ghanavatian
as Gor Grigoryan
Thomas Beaudoin
as Lorne
Barbara Mallory
as Gina
Kenny Cooper
as Chuckles
Jamie Harris
as Eric
Gino Montesinos
as Rinaldo
Deitra Leak
as Officer Williams
Tony Longo
as Russell
Alexandra Bokyun Chun
as Chinese Preggers
Elise Berggreen
as Zofia Milkovich
Carshénah Jefferson
as Marilyn
Sharon Lawrence
as Margo
Derek Ray
as Gregory
Gary W Golden
as El Passenger
Raji Ahsan
as Ryan
Ben Tedder
as Bystander #1
Sharif Atkins
as Peter Naylor
Alan Blumenfeld
as Neil
Layla Alizada
as Detective
Ross Gallo
as Bruno
Amanda LaCount
as Ginger High School Student
Nigel Gibbs
as Pastor Daniels
Lily Mariye
as Malaya
Stephen Rider
as G-Dogg
Katherine Keberlein
as Nikole
Glenn Taranto
as Mike
Max Adler
as Eric
Thomas F. Duffy
as Tommy
Caidyn Bennett
as Desean
Brandon Bowens
as Restaurant Patron
Ken Bradley
as Able-Bodied Person #2
Steve Suh
as Rocky
Lissa Pallo
as Carrie
Exie Booker
as Court Clerk
Wendy Mateo
as Nurse
Michael Accardo
as Simon Epstein
Ileana Huxley
as Nika
Rashada Dawan
as Bernice
Dillon Schohr
as Island
Edward Bossert
as Haiku
Alan Rosenberg
as Professor Youens
Jocelyn Ayanna
as Shonda/Trauma Nurse
Elsa George
as Clover
James Geralden
as Randy
Evan Bruce
as Wayne
Andrew White
as Market Owner
Edgar Aslanyan
as 2nd Park Kid
Gary Ballard
as Dr. Sachs
Amir M. Korangy
as Rami
Mark DeLisle
as Cop
Chelsea Rendon
as Anne Gonzalez
Joy Osmanski
as Dr. Kwan
Isis King
as Gia
Aaron Kirby
as Arnie
Shane Edelman
as Attorney
Gavin Houston
as Officer Paul Sikes
Kamal Hans
as Patel
Brad Einstein
as Yaz
Evan Lai
as Mr. Zhao
Nation Henrikson
as Dylan
Martha Boles
as Ellen
Nicco Annan
as Deacon Cook
Judith Moreland
as Jolene
James Pusztay
as Commuter
Julia Duffy
as Candace Lishman
Andrew Leeds
as Micah
Fernando Martinez
as Joselito
Corey Martin Craig
as Carsten
Steve Lenz
as Dwight
Vanéx Favors
as Crazy Psych Patient
Chris Butler
as Cassius
Austin Abrams
as Henry McNally
Allison Torem
as Angry Teenager
Stevie Mack
as Reynolds
Chiquita Fuller
as Yolanda
Ralph P. Martin
as Gun Salesman
Karimah Campbell
as EMT
Scott Morton
as Ernie
Jo Farkas
as Old Dame
Celeste Den
as Clinic Clerk
Carolyn Crotty
as Mary
Julia Carpenter
as Audrey
Stephanie Czajkowski
as Patty
Frank Clem
as Joe
Zoran Korach
as Jenks
Maz Jobrani
as Dr. Johnny
David Alan Anderson
as Officer Berto
M.Q. Tran
as Lindsey Chen
Alison White
as Reverend Sally
Dove Cameron
as Holly Herkimer
Alyson Croft
as Frank's RN
Robert Henline
as Pyro Paulie
Oscar Nuñez
as Rick Encarnacion
Mike Tepeli
as Omar
Ariel Llinas
as ICE Agent
Brandon Knabe
as Adam
Bill Applebaum
as Danforth
Parisa Fakhri
as Fatemeh
Wilson Cruz
as Bartender
Anahi Bustillos
as Alvaro
Hope Levy
as Lucy Gallagher
Michael B. Woods
as Ralph
Olga Aguilar
as Sarah
Melinda Chilton
as Coach Shaw
Brenda Banda
as Doris
Kimberly Cheng
as Garcia
David A. Garcia
as Carlito
Melissa Sullivan
as Mia
Verona Blue
as Stoner Girl
Destiny Fernandez
as Hispanic Girl
Sun Maximus
as Coyote
Joe Baggio
as Man in Neckbrace
Paige Lindsey White
as Dr. Seery
Hector Duran
as Cigarettes Boy
Peter A Kelly
as Cop
London Thor
as Olivia
Preston Bradley
as Furniture store employee
Cameron Monaghan
as Ian Gallagher
Isabella Blake-Thomas
as Pregnant Teen/Pregnant Teenager
J.D. Mollison
as GED Teacher
Ryan Barton
as Wyatt
Mynijah Ward
as Samira
Ana Cristina Cash
as Mrs. Hewitt
Hollis W. Chambers
as Will
Shane Blades
as Chad
Sana Sepehri
as Mother
Robert Goodwin
as Randy
Taylor Cardace
as Portia
Baadja-Lyne Odums
as Stella
Ryder Gadbois
as Yevgeny
Gus Shukeireh
as Praying Man/Refugee
Cheyenne Haynes
as Bethany
Lisa Vidal
as Maria Vidal
Celine Zapata
as Alice
Roger Wiggins
as Diner Patron/Man on Sidewalk/Police Officer/TSA Officer
Kelly Carevic
as Diner Patron/Sidewalk Pedestrian
Earl T. Kim
as Adam
Angela Coburn
as Neighbor
Maile Flanagan
as Connie
Marisa Echeverria
as Lynn
Nicole Dele
as Terry
Dina Mitchell
as Skateboard Kid
Chasty Ballesteros
as Waitress
Délé Ogundiran
as Khadija Okafur
Dave Matos
as Paramedic
Jordan R. Coleman
as Dave
Daniel W. Kennedy
as Tomasz
Desiree Hall
as Woman #31
Ian Sharkey
as Fordie
Rebecca Wackler
as Audrey
Shane Paul McGhie
as Jude Toussaint
Robert Cornelius
as Omar
Audrey D. Allen
as Marion
Jaylen Barron
as Dominique
Henry G. Sanders
as Jelly
Nigel Joaquin
as Andre
Josh Perry
as Jeremy
Jack Foley
as Dewey
Kirk Bovill
as Darren
Carlos Acuña
as Raan
Marcus Ashley
as Wells Stewart
Thai Edwards
as Bouncer
Brandon Claybon
as Andrew
Blanca Araceli
as Dishwasher Wilma
Jeffery Self
as Grant
Paul LeClair
as Minister
Mary Mara
as Nance
Morgan Lily
as Bonnie
Dean Cameron
as Adam Gillespie
Rakefet Abergel
as Lisa
Brad Grunberg
as Tim
Michael Tuba Heatherton
as Moppy the Clown
Cathrine Grace
as Woman
Austin Hanner
as Willem
Jennifer Haydn-Jones
as Sorority Sister
Dora Pereli
as Sherry
Pej Vahdat
as Kash
Camille Collard
as Annie
Rueben Grundy
as Cox
Anthony Molinari
as Callahan
Steve Kazee
as Gus Pfender
Flynn McHugh
as Cameron
Rose Colasanti
as Mia
David Mattey
as Chubby
Federico Dordei
as Tully Peterson
Joseph Alfieri
as Angry Hockey Fan
Darrow Igus
as Arturro
Ian Bedford
as Kassidi's Dad
Amber Pennington
as Hotel Patron
Michael DeMarco
as Abe
Eric Shackelford
as Dolores' Homeless Friend
Jeff Christian
as Guard
Jason Singer
as Clark
Nate Walker
as Marco
Harry Hamlin
as Lloyd 'Ned' Lishman
Sean Whalen
as Lester
Ryan Phuong
as Boy Soldier
Faran Tahir
as Mr. Adeeb
Jess Gabor
as Kelly Keefe
Abbie Cobb
as Colette
Jake O'Flaherty
as Owen
Ed Moy
as Buddhist Monk
Taira Soo
as Mei Ling
Bruno Amato
as Dock Worker
Janelle Beck
as Hipster Tenant/Parking Lot Mom
Sofie Calderon
as Alma
John Aylward
as Bill
Lawrence Wayne Curry
as Vince
Mike Cochrane
as Alibi Regular/Alibi Bar Regular/Alibi Bar Regular #2/Alibi Bar Patron/Frank's Posse
Cherami Leigh
as Robyn Hasseck
Jillian Armenante
as Abby Ruggiero
John Gowans
as Jakub
Christopher Clausi
as Lawyer
Darris Love
as Gangster
Jason Sweat
as Paramedic
Dana Michael Woods
as Short Man
Ryan McIntyre
as Naked Guy
Elle Ryan Darling
as Franny
Robert Maffia
as Cal
Julian Gooberman
as Freddie Gallagher
Dakota Young
as Gemma
Bruce Robert Cole
as Priest
Susan Grace
as Mrs. Joyce
Tiffany Renee Johnson
as Gloria Johnson
Joy Brunson
as Kaylee
Robert Covarrubias
as Good Samaritan
Lucien Cambric
as Jemeel
Amy Tolsky
as Doctor Gillian Barnes
David Fofi
as Chairman
Jonah Rawitz
as Wes
Ethan Cutkosky
as Carl Gallagher
Eriq Reese
as Davon
Janis Jones
as Social Security Client
Chuck Carrington
as Dan
Christian Monzon
as DJ Zafon
Ser Anzoategui
as Rabbit
Bobby Ray Cauley Jr.
as Calvin
Rafi Silver
as Woody Martin
Mustafa Elzein
as Rob
Kyle Clarke
as Andrew
Darrell Britt-Gibson
as Nick
Amrapali Ambegaokar
as Parminder
Paget Kagy
as Jazmin
Joseph McGreal
as Chicago Police Officer
Denise Grayson
as Judge Kaitlin Shanor
Roz Browne
as Reece
Lewie Bartone
as Jerry
Bryan C. Ordman
as Guy Flicking off Cops
Casey Kringlen
as Suspicious Dude
Hayden Michael Cruz Haas
as Beau
Joshua Malina
as Arthur Tipping
Jon Follingstad
as McHale
James Allen McCune
as Matty Baker
Dan Martin
as Officer Jones
Joe DeBartolo
as Neighbor/Barfing Man/Grocery Shopper
Zack Pearlman
as Neil
Diandra Lyle
as Dr. Caughey
Nicole Pettis
as Klinger
Max Wright
as Pedestrian
Missy Doty
as Jess
Cleo King
as Registrar
Doug Newton
as Harrison
Keith Sellon-Wright
as Joe
Elizabeth Blackmore
as Gayle
John Antonini
as Young Banker
Roger V. Burton
as Eugene Hamilton
Charles C. Stevenson Jr.
as Old Man
Alexa Maria Huerta
as Vera
Emily Bergl
as Sammi Slott
Luca Oriel
as Derek
Rachel Cerda
as Officer Santos
Kendra McCulty
as Elaine
Tommy Franklin
as Customer #1
Nadja Alaya
as Nina
Matthew Boylan
as Honey
Linara Washington
as Benyon
Jim Garrity
as Josh
Tanya Kuppa
as Bride
Rainbow Borden
as Floyd/Snook
Finn Roberts
as Hipster
Cher Alvarez
as Quinn
Antonio D. Charity
as Duncan
Aj Brander
as Train Passenger
Brendan Patrick Connor
as George
MaShae Alderman
as Woman #7
Jennifer Shelton
as Beverly
Raffi Barsoumian
as Bahir
Tyler Jacob Moore
as Tony Markovich
Rae Gray
as Drunk Bored Girl
Christopher Allen
as Guard/Toby
Michael Acosta
as Colin
Greta Sesheta
as Tessie Thompson
J. Michael Trautmann
as Iggy Milkovich
Jan Hoag
as Sister Ann Halloran
Charlie Bodin
as Shep
Jarrod Crawford
as Sallow Parent
Chester Lockhart
as Cole
Jeff Griggs
as Edwards
Russell Hornsby
as Tony's Partner
Michael Sasaki
as Tim
Christopher Stills
as Chris
Feather Rae Dawn
as Selfie Girl
Gwendolyn Oliver
as Andrea
Johnnie Battistessa
as Homeless Kid
Darlene Kardon
as Old Woman
Mike McColl
as ICE Agent
Tim Bagley
as Officer Mike
Eunice Woods
as Maribel Lozada
Neal Bledsoe
as Max Whitford
Ren Hanami
as Judge Manija Abbassi
Luis Guzmán
as Mikey O'Shea
Momo Bedier
as Darren
Oscar Peña
as Jorge
Chris Burns
as Andrea Johnson
Marcia Moran
as Nun
Robert Finlayson
as Man At Bus Stop
Frankie J. Allison
as Joe
Brian DeRozan
as Randal
Reynaldo Gallegos
as Dallas
Alyssa LeBlanc
as Wendy
Cesar Azanza
as Move Theatre Patron
Courteney Cox
as Jen Wagner
Steven Pringle
as Izzy
Mason Blomberg
as Prince/Prince Milkovich
Maxie Santillan Jr.
as Vagrant
Chriselle Almeida
as Donna
Kellen Michael
as Chuckie Slott/Chuck/Chuckie
Christopher Avila
as Jones
Pete Crandall
as Police Officer
Reuven Bar-Yotam
as Pawnbroker
John Duerler
as Officer Cody
Pamela Mitchell
as Dylan's Mom
Kodi Baker
as Stoner
Raymond Ma
as Chinese Owner
Kate Miner
as Tami Tamietti
Angela Landis
as Christa
Noel Fisher
as Mickey Milkovich
Karina Logue
as Detective
James Chudnow
as Commuter/Trauma Victim
CJ Jones
as Homeless Man
Thom Rivera
as Bug Eyed Dude
Juanita Jennings
as Kamala
Dedan Donovan
as Turnup
Lisa Canning
as Aditi Harman
Jon Wellner
as Charles
Patrick Sarb
as Aston Martin Guy
Paulina Alvarez
as Lexy
Jaime Alvarez
as Worker
Sumalee Montano
as Turks
William Mulligan
as Street Pedestrian
Dante Brown
as Jerome
Mary Garripoli
as Mrs. Grigoryan
Scott Broderick
as Jim
Harley Cunningham
as New Ian
Kelvin Brown
as Campus Cop 2
Gustavo Escobar
as Ravi
Bryan Stamp
as Waiting Room Patient
Angelo Pagán
as Booking Officer
Seth Lucas Bowen
as Johnny
Michael Cienfuegos
as Clerk
John Farmanesh-Bocca
as Akram
David Lind
as Jamie
Bradley Whitford
as Abraham Paige
Elisa Bocanegra
as School Secretary
Angela Lee Sloan
as Krista
Beth Geiger
as Jill
Braian Rivera Jimenez
as Hank
Matthew Glave
as Scott Walker
Elena Evangelo
as Voula
Shaun Bedgood
as Julio
Christine Horn
as Robia
Gloria Sandoval
as Consuela
Becca Blackwell
as Father Murphy
Erin O'Neill-Hayes
as Danielle
Francisco Ramos
as Customer Service Rep
Jasmine Alyssa Gonzalez
as Jess
Dino Shorte
as Hughie
David Wells
as Father Pete
Paul Oakley Stovall
as Shane
Michael Provost
as Ben
Erika Duran
as 12 Year Old Girl
Eric Normington
as Stevie
Jonathan Erickson Eisley
as Hippie Dad
Allison Bills
as Bonnie
Mino Mackic
as Detective
Patrick Sabongui
as Martin
Danni Tamburro
as Female Cashier
Derek Anthony
as Anxious Neighbor
Deidrie Henry
as Fowler
Laura Cerón
as Celia Delgado
Katherine Mitchell
as Ester
Mandy McMillian
as Gena
Seaonna Chanadet
as Student
Axle Whitehead
as Davis
Zach Winard
as William
Stacey Oristano
as Trina
Jake Dogias
as Young Doctor
Bill Kalmenson
as Judge Vanwyngarden
Cullen McCarthy
as Ben
Margaret Newborn
as Dog Owner w/Fight Dive Bar Patron/Homeless/Homeless Lady/Pedestrian/Rufus
Colleen Mooney
as Nurse
Janet Song
as Korean Woman
Mustafa Shakir
as D'Andre
Angela Friis
as Patient
Edwin Lee Gibson
as Able-Bodied Person #1
Kelly Albanese
as Ally
Rod Chaouqi
as Hassan
Lidia Porto
as Rosa Ramirez
Joe Ayoub
as Tito
Stacey Elaine Jackson
as Angry Mom
Sarah Colonna
as Lori
Sarah Langdon
as Docent
Mike Starr
as Yard Guy
Michael McMillian
as Tyler
Alexander Aguila
as El Cuchillo
J.D. Phillips
as Jack
Libby Mintz
as Chloe
Jack Cullinan
as Juvenile Delinquent
Kris D. Lofton
as Solo
Ingrid Walters
as Salma
Robert Bailey Jr.
as Dr. Noah Wild
José Antonio García
as Sheriff Haver
Denis Mulvihill
as Tailgater
Garrett Morris
as Old Priest
Haley Malan
as Student
Jane Levy
as Mandy Milkovich
Wilke Itzin
as Kirk
Frank Trigg
as Guard
Alex Zelenka
as Pedestrian/College Student/Bus Passenger
River Bleu
as Yolanda
Josie Nivar
as Chloe
Marcus Brown
as Pub Patron
Eddie Arrazola
as EMT #1
Brittney Escalante
as Maggie
Jasmine Ashanti
as Clerk
Danube Hermosillo
as Pepa
Bill McGough
as Passerby
Max Lawrence
as Dr. Cook
Wayne Federman
as Norman
Arthur-Angelo Sarinas
as Neighbor
Scott Allen Perry
as Jeremy's Brother
Amin El Gamal
as Professor Adrian Mitchen
AJ Achinger
as Kris
Mark Dippolito
as Brick
Devyn Placide
as Bob
Amy Smart
as Jasmine Hollander
Richard Aaron Anderson
as Chris
Matt Bennett
as Wiley
Ashley Vaughan
as Neighbor
Alex Brown
as Cable Man
Jayme Andrews
as Randy
Hans Dieter Wolff
as Drunkard/Frank's Neighbor/Freight Yard Supervisor/Homeless/Shopper/Trucker
Zachary Conneen
as Earl
Tobias Jelinek
as Clay/Meth Head
Christopher Amitrano
as Warren
Christopher Gehrman
as English Teacher
Jimmy Sisto
as College Student
James Curreri
as Keshisian
Toks Olagundoye
as Leesie Janes
John Hanlin
as Purity Ball Father
Madison Davenport
as Ethel
Lisa Costanza
as Carmen
Mari Weiss
as Doctor
Burton Perez
as Mexican Foreman
Alex Geschwind
as Nona
Vanessa Bell Calloway
as Carol Fisher
Brett Rickaby
as Bruno
Nicki Micheaux
as Michelle 'Shelly' Demeter
Paige Diaz
as Tiffany
Santiago Salviche
as Adriano
Brent Huff
as Major Keefe/Major Samuel Keefe
Brie Carter
as Natasha
Lynn Ann Leveridge
as Nancy Pratt/Nancy
Wardell Julius Clark
as Deputy Keith
Laird Macintosh
as Andrew
Michael Klesic
as Russian Priest
Suzanne Cryer
as Cheryl
Molly Price
as Dottie Corones
Micah Cohen
as Jeff Murphy
Brian Guest
as Drug Dealer
Terry Hamilton
as Paul Lashmet
Ronald William Lawrence
as Gus
Elaine Rivkin
as Yelitski
Tess Aubert
as Tammy
Jared Broxterman
as Hipster
Alicia Coppola
as Sue
Pat Healy
as Lester
James Shanklin
as Rupert, Jr.
Peyton Elizabeth Lee
as Girl Soldier
Pari Bhatia
as Daughter
Darci Nalepa
as Anne
Steven Hugh Nelson
as Delivery Man
Kaytie Kellaway
as Russian Prostitute
Christian Gehring
as Jamie
Paul Dooley
as Ralph
Abena Ansah
as Jolayemi
Thomas Q. Jones
as Prada Man
Guy Massey
as Jasper
Sam Carson
as Dr. Alarie
Kareem Stroud
as Pimp
Sloan Robinson
as Sally
LaVelle LaRue
as Campus Cop/Campus Cop 1
Melanie Mosley
as Mrs. Holmes
Claire Donald
as Karina
Jamison Bright
as Military Chaplain
David Joyner
as Tod
Idara Victor
as Sarah
Xavier J. Watson
as Reggie
Rhyan Hill
as Older Kid
Montae Russell
as Paramedic
MWW Michael Wilkerson
as Construction Worker
Anna Khaja
as Doctor Padma Singh
Eddie Martinez
as Diego
Leon Russom
as Chester
Adalgiza Chermont
as Wanda
Tony Revolori
as Sanchez
Nick Gehlfuss
as Robbie Pratt
Jason Scott Jenkins
as Correctional Officer Anthony
David Futernick
as Mr. Schwiebert
Jamiah Brown
as Waitress
Marcus Folmar
as Erik
Bobby Bromley
as Gus
Megan Easton
as Upskirt College Girl
Theresa Ireland
as Woman #85
Martin Yu
as Jonas
Chad Bonsack
as Joselito's Posse Inmate
Randy Irwin
as Sam
Tim Fox
as Arlo
Gabrielle Walsh
as Tanya
Peter Murnik
as Colonel Kirk McNally
Lucas Kerr
as Kenny
Bridget M. Brown
as Down Syndrome Sister
Cynthia Dallas
as Motorcycle Cop
Ramiz Monsef
as Mas
Annie Sertich
as Sorority Matron
Dan Ahdoot
as Realtor
Nick Pietropaolo
as Aviv
Corey Sorenson
as Dr. Johnson
Marc Abbink
as Bar Patron
Phillip E. Walker
as Fight Dive Bar Patron
Leigh Bush
as Hazel
Anne Johnson
as Polly
Richie Vetter
as Adonis
Jayne Taini
as Harmony
Samantha Boscarino
as Sabrina
Ryan Heindl
as Benson
Dale Dickey
as Aunt Ronnie
Patti Tippo
as Annie
Tommy Martinez
as Scott
Nadine Ellis
as Dr. Brenda Williams
Max E. Williams
as Canadian Cop
Sally Ann Brooks
as Lucy
Howie Johnson
as Driver
Rene Moran
as Jairo
Scott Michael Campbell
as Brad
Livia Treviño
as Office Manager
Anne Gee Byrd
as Fern
Lotus Plummer
as Amy/Jemma Ball/Amy Ball/Jemma/Gemma
Nancy Barcellona
as Inmate
Cameron Brinkman
as Cute Dancer At Club
Emerson Niemchick
as Mike
Morgan Walsh
as Eve
Jenny Hale
as Truck Stop Waitress
Casper Smart
as Johnny
Anthony Alabi
as MaVar
Selyna Warren
as Ellen
Brittany Giles
as Bald Cancer Girl
Eden Elyse
as Tara
Wendy Worthington
as Loraine
Juliette Hing-Lee
as Chang Chang
John Bain
as Brooks
Veronica Burgess
as Trisha
Adele Daniller
as Mildred
Rebecca Metz
as Melinda
Hillarie Putnam
as Yacht Owner
Sam Pancake
as Larry
Angel Manuel
as Gang Member
Stacy Highsmith
as Trotter
Amy Tsang
as Charlotte
Erin Callahan
as Female Customer
Heather McPhaul
as Jane
Zachary Keller
as Bryan
Joan Cusack
as Sheila Jackson
Andrew Carrillo
as Tony Casas
Antonio Roccucci
as Passerby
Diaz Mackie
as Patient in wheelchair
Robbie Dias
as Hospital Patient Patron
Brooklyn McLinn
as Officer Klein
Mia Barron
as Liz
Kikéy Castillo
as Nurse Edmonds
Lexi Ainsworth
as Amber
Ricardo Cisneros
as Raymond
Donte Phelps
as College Student
Tai Urban
as Gary
Alison Haislip
as Doctor Voljek
Emily Nelson
as Evelyn Thomas
Michelle Haro
as Regina
Jesse Saler
as Cousin Sammy
Leontine Guilliard
as Social Worker
Angela Oh
as OB Doctor
Vanessa Chester
as Mallory
Lynn Chen
as Mimi
Melinda Cohen
as Georgia
Yves Bright
as Customer 2
Jacob Davich
as Patty
Karen Maruyama
as Dr. Ma
Sterling Beaumon
as Mack
Andy Junk
as Officer Joseph
Vito D'Ambrosio
as Bill
Giancarlo Sabogal
as Jon
Susan Chuang
as Dr. Kathy Beard
Jane Galloway Heitz
as Claire
Timmy Mayse
as Bloodied Man
Jimmy Bridges
as Gerard
Steve Luna
as Cousin Joey
Scott Alin
as Ned's Friend
Moshe Kasher
as Ruben
Reatha Grey
as Bessie
Brooke Breit
as Paula
Louise Fletcher
as Peg Gallagher
Ronnie Gene Blevins
as Lewis
Tommy O'Brien
as Alex
Shani Atias
as Stacey
Emily Happe
as Wendy
Kurt Yaeger
as Gene Charleston
Sandy Martin
as Doctor
Nina Eristavi
as Russian Hooker
Phillip Rhys
as Marcos Hanisian
Leonard Jay Jackson
as Guitarist
Sophia Macy
as Sophia
Ariella Fiore
as Mrs. Medeiros
Susie Geiser
as Lexus Woman
Pete Ploszek
as Goff
Sam Morgan
as Patrick
Robert Gant
as Greg Garvin
Eddie Alfano
as K.J.
Eric Edelstein
as Bobby Mallison
Tina Huang
as Yvonne
Johanna Braddy
as Shelley
Carol Locatell
as Eleanor
Nick Carson
as Les
Heidi Heck
as Nanny
Jane Morris
as Berta
Andrew Adams
as Tad
JT Neal
as Stephen
Abe Spigner
as Milt
Regina King
as Gail Johnson
Donzaleigh Abernathy
as Tawny
Bill Ibrahim
as Restaurant Patron
Cheryl Francis Harrington
as Police Officer
Charles Hoyes
as Gator
Nikki Segal
as Laundry Girl
Chet Hanks
as Charlie
Collin Hancock
as Richard
Charlene Amoia
as Audrey
Paitoon Cheng
as Thai Neighbor
Michael Timlin
as Drunk Punk
Jeff Doucette
as Uncle Matt
Camelia Dee
as Grace
Franco Vega
as Campus Cop 2
James J. Collins
as Court Clerk
Wayne Lopez
as Wyatt
Mary Cruz
as Haley
Charlet Takahashi Chung
as Jill
Anna Konkle
as Tenant
Max Nikoff
as Igor
Samuel Meadows
as Bonfire Partier/College Student/Hospital Orderly/Pedestrian
Katherine Cunningham
as Danielle
Tom Bottelsen
as Johnny
Brandon Sims
as Liam/Liam Gallagher
Fayelyn Bilodeau
as Patti
Jason Medwin
as Sgt. Kelly
Dana Haas
as Billy
Thomas Chavira
as Juan
Glenn Plummer
as Jacob
Maddie McCormick
as Corey
Paul Blackwell
as Prison Guard
Christian Lyon
as Wade
Marlon Sanders
as Officer Mirrione
Brian Bogulski
as Tennis Player
Shanna Malcolm
as Pharmacist
Raff Anoushian
as Foreman
Stephanie 'Stevvi' Alexander
as Kendall
Henry Monfries
as Dutch
Raquel Bell
as Abby
Jerome Ro Brooks
as Black Man/Emiliano
Tiffany Jeneen
as Raquelle
Lex Medlin
as Dr. Jonathan Rosenbaum
Jacob DeMonte-Finn
as Frank (1995)/Young Frank
Dylan Ramos
as Yanez
Rebecca Field
as Eliza
Jason Edgar
as Bar Dude
Dan Donohue
as Alistair Huddleston
Will Green
as Howie
Tenz McCall
as Simon
Brandi Brown
as Phoebe
Bonnie Burroughs
as Bev
Hahn Cho
as Keiko
Mashari Laila Bain
as Sue
Christopher Aguilar
as Drag Queen
Eric Franco
as Soldier #2
Shelley Robertson
as Officer Dawson
Louisa Abernathy
as Eleanor
Steve Bethers
as Courtney
Barry Papick
as Alderman
Jack Carter
as Stan
Harrison Xu
as Ralph Wong
Cris D'Annunzio
as Kelso
Alex Borstein
as Lou Deckner
Trey Teufel
as Business Man
Dee Freeman
as Mrs. Seery
Aubrey K. Miller
as Emily
Bojana Novakovic
as Bianca Samson
Lisseth Chavez
as Marita
Tessa VonderHaar
as Sober Girl
Billy 'Sly' Williams
as Linc
Jackson Davis
as Ed Bragg
Galadriel Stineman
as Wendy
Dean Sharpe
as Seamus
McKenzie Franklin
as Lina
Jeff Bowser
as Scott
David Folsom
as Vin
Christian Zuber
as Mansoor
A Leslie Kies
as Paula
Mary Gillis
as Greta
Roger Hewlett
as Leonard
Ozie 'ZMNY' Nzeribe
as Todd
Susan Berger
as Donnie
Arber Mehmeti
as Ilya
Lorenzo Clemons
as Deen
Matt Gottlieb
as Tahuti
Joshua Elijah Reese
as Raymond
Courtney Thomas
as Tamara
Andrew Cole Abrams
as Fireworks Boy
Steve Huang
as Dealer
John Hennigan
as Cody
Rob Benedict
as Dr. Noah Pitts
Pat Vern Harris
as Old Woman
Nick Peine
as Lenny
Cassandra Starr
as Russian Hooker
Jasmin Tavarez
as Gisela
Cissy Wellman
as Passenger
Mary Kay Place
as Aunt Oopie
Richard Augustine
as Greg
Michael John Benzaia
as Go-Go Dancer
Lais Pedroso
as Nurse
Eduardo Ortiz
as Guard
Amelia Engen
as Lauren
Damon Victor Allen
as Parolee
Joseph Aviel
as Construction Worker
Lee Stark
as Lisa
Becki Dennis
as Nurse Cindy
Adam Cagley
as Ron Kuzner
Alison Jaye
as Julia Nicolo
Jonathan LaVallee
as Dr. Rob
Austin Lyon
as Recruit
Nick Ferrin
as Pool Player
Fay Hauser
as Great Aunt Addie
Tasha Ames
as Barfly
Daija Owens
as Laronda
Aaron Lamm
as Tanner
Barb Rossmeisl
as Patrick's Wife
Raymond Forchion
as Minister
Kim Robillard
as Uncle Travis
Landon Taylor Klotz
as Dirk
Zach McGowan
as Jody Silverman
Yohanni Liman
as Pedestrian
Asante Jones
as Harold Simmons
Jay Murray
as Store Patron
Nina Cedeno
as College Coed
Blake Altounian
as Dorian
Kevin Dorian
as Man on Bus
Brittany Beaudry
as Exotic Dancer
Cat Huck
as Liv
Madison Curtis
as Mary-Kate
Johnathan Nieves
as Miguel
Ken Tatafu
as Dirk
Na'im Lynn
as Gangbanger
Jerry Sroka
as Samuel
Christopher Michael Moore
as Fred
Trevor Bates
as Paul
Arden Myrin
as Dollface Dolores
Jennifer Courtney
as Stacey
Tonja Kahlens
as Lois
Merrin Dungey
as Nurse
Timothy V. Murphy
as Vlad
Nthenya Ndunda
as Noelle
Sean O'Bryan
as George
Bre Blair
as Cynthia
Brey Chanadet
as Daycare Toddler
John Smutny
as Doctor with Brownie
Hymnson Chan
as Sam
Stacy Edwards
as Laura Shelton
Rebecca Jordan
as Tammy
Tommy Martin
as Neighbor Buying Drugs
Jeremy Allen White
as Lip Gallagher
Bill Brochtrup
as Hal
Angela Elayne Gibbs
as Vicki Bates
Tierra Amira Jones
as Biff's Wife
Greg C. Williams
as Officer Sestero
Jon Baggio
as Leslie
Michael Armstead
as Bic
Anthony Wayne Skeen
as Kenny Eaves
Ali Dean
as Egyptian Man
Sonia Jackson
as Darla Martini
Michael Mantell
as Dean Wheeler
Will Sasso
as Yanis
Paige Smith
as Officer #1
Carol Kiernan
as Haleh
Gloria Garayua
as Paramedic Laurie
Kevin Quinn
as 17 Year Old Boy
Alessandra Ford Balazs
as Jackie Scabello
Jean St. James
as Mrs. Poe
Chelsea Alden
as Tish
Ian Bratschie
as Hannibal
Judie Garcia
as Reporter
Elizabeth Moisant
as Flo
Richard Pierre-Louis
as Willie
Serge Savinovic
as Harold
Julie Roy
as Woman #14
Gideon Emery
as Professor Moss
Rachael Drummond
as Lily
Marissa McLaughlin
as Girl in Wheelchair
Emily Kosloski
as Rudi
Don Kress
as Mr. Shamallian
Kyle Sauer
as Club Goer
Wendy Phillips
as Professor Sacco
Ted Sima
as Police Officer #2
Jim Hoffmaster
as Kermit
Dontrail Brinson
as Confused Neighbor
Sheila Shaw
as Church Woman
Candace Brown
as Alana Murphy
Dushaun Thompson
as Kyle Holmes (1995)/Kyle Homes (1995)
Carl W. Crudup
as Professor
Joanne Chew
as Another Jogger
Sara Mann
as Sorority Sister
Cici Lau
as Mariella
Jasckson Adams
as Jay
Jason Looney
as Partier
Sherilyn Fenn
as Queenie
Cheyenne Nguyen
as Scout
Jes Macallan
as Tammy
Cuete Yeska
as Pedro
Maggie May Stabile
as Student
Miluette Nalin
as Hilda
Kelly Ebsary
as Bar Patron
Brad William Henke
as Hal Hollander
Gogo Lomo-David
as Danjuma Okafur
Charlie Schlatter
as Dr. Dick
Tyler Cook
as Gary/Hipster (Gary)
Zena Gaynes
as Gertie
Robert Sutton
as Harry
Kat Purgal
as Riley
Wendle Josepher
as May
Robert Della Cerra
as Clean Cut Guy
Jinny Chung
as Gina
Martin Soole
as Rolando
Carlos Ayala
as Salty/South American
Desean Terry
as Ron
Erika T. Johnson
as Di
Taylor Ann Thompson
as Kelly
Richard Par
as Worldwide Cup Employee
Michael Delgado
as JJ/JJ (Junkie Jones)
Jack Wallace
as Rupert Sheffield/Rupert Sr.
Vincent Teninty
as Chuck
Michael Patrick McGill
as Tommy
Maggie Wheeler
as Fiona's Attorney/Lawyer
Gregg Bernhard
as Chicago Cop
Shelbe Chang
as Server
Juliocesar Chavez
as Chubby Kid
Kai Caster
as Seth
Keith Jardine
as Bob
Stuart McLean
as Spencer
Giovanni Bejarano
as Otis
Jerry Hernandez
as Chaz
Erika Jordan
as Medical Patient
Thomas F. Evans
as Johnny
Kierra Bunch
as Meghan
Katy Erin
as Loyola
Michael Patrick Ferman
as Auctioneer
Erika Bowman
as Rowena
Angeline Appel
as Brina
Darshan Bhatt
as Colin
Lauren Plaxco
as Nicole
PaSean Wilson
as Ronetta Daniels
Gregory A. Thompson
as Blind Man
Eric C. Sun
as Nick
Cameron Cowperthwaite
as Batiste
Eli Santana
as Construction Worker
Roman Arabia
as Lester
Elizabeth Gudenrath
as Julie
Anthony Anderson
as Marty Fisher
Barak Hardley
as Jony
Nicole Covington
as Tanisha
Hannah Leder
as Female Nurse
Giota Trakas
as El Passenger
Joel Vanwambeke
as Press Photographer
Josh McCrary
as New Carl
Jessica Jones
as Salma
Patrick Davis Alarcón
as Jason
Georgia Leva
as Robin
Ashley Romans
as Alex
Madinah Ali
as Female Instructor
Rudy Galvan
as Stumpy
Beth Fraser
as Cynthia
Camron Jones
as Damario
Keith Campen
as Gang Member
Ben Garcia
as Victor
Seidy Lopez
as Interviewer
Laura Patalano
as Daysi
Tomi Hutton
as Woman in Alibi
William Rocha
as Cartel Member
Logan Alexander
as Ric
Emmy Rossum
as Fiona Gallagher
Aline Elasmar
as Rania
Anthony Bratts
as Mary's Husband
Endre Hules
as Pavel
Scott Grimes
as Dr. Zabel
Bart McCarthy
as Aldo
Amy Shi
as Sue
Lyudmila Velikaya
as Zlata
Rosie Narasaki
as Dr. Janes
Tony Winters
as Powell
Holly Hannula
as Reporter
John Churchill
as Skip
Darren Holmquist
as Military Student
Anthony Gonzalez
as Santiago
Marisa Chen Moller
as Charisma
Rebekka Starr
as DJ
Joseph Stelzik
as Hoodie Wearer
Shirl Shang
as Olga
Anna Ross
as Drunk Party Girl
Krystal M. Harris
as Carmen
Carol Mansell
as Mrs. Teasley
Claudia Michelle Wallace
as Gail
Ian Kahn
as Jason
Christen Harris
as Johnson
Sharon Omi
as Nurse
Robert Knepper
as Rod
Victor Chi
as Dwayne
Jeffrey Murdoch
as Jerry
Michael DeBartolo
as Hopkins Academy Parent
Wes Armstrong
as Gil
Nicholette Dixon
as Tanesha
Richard Cotovsky
as Bum
Delanna Studi
as Doris Kendrick
Del Hunter-White
as School Administrator
Alain Villeneuve
as Pierre
Yorgo Constantine
as Dr. Markman
Collette Wolfe
as Tessa
LaShawn Banks
as Francisco Lozada
Alina Bolshakova
as Anya
Bruno Fracassa
as Smoking Local
Alexanne Wagner
as Baddest Chick
Peter Macon
as Dominique's Father
Karen Huie
as Tina
Imana Breaux
as London
Brent McGregor
as Mouse
Regina Daye Allen
as Vilma Clarke
Daniella Baltodano
as Denise
Mo Gaffney
as Christine Dowling
Onahoua Rodriguez
as Dr. Ortiz
Jonathan Chase
as Pastor Benny Di Leo
Bobby Waldron
as Roselly's Man
Victor Onuigbo
as Nick
Greg Ainsworth
as Prob & Stats Professor
Jared Sandler
as Skateboarder
Michael Hagiwara
as Mr. Dunkel
Paris Newton
as Franny Gallagher/Franny/Baby Franny
J.P. Hubbell
as Sergeant Stryker
Christopher Baskerville
as Faculty
Alex Gregory
as Frat Guy
Deirdre Lovejoy
as Rita
Rod Keller
as Emerson
Lowell Dean
as Clint
Drew Rausch
as Sgt. Benz
Mark Berry
as Cop Julius
Brendan Ford
as Mr. Hewitt
James Wolk
as Adam
Isaac Cheung
as Saul
Tyler F. Anderson
as Kenny Dombrowski
Kate James
as Bystander #2
Sophia Santi
as Blanca
Randy Bernales
as Businessman
Sammi Hanratty
as Kassidi
Alex Lewis
as Hipster
Michael Krawic
as Elaine's Dad
Marisol Ramirez
as Celia
Mary Pat Gleason
as Drug Lord
Anjelika Washington
as Lulu
Brooke Liz
as Niece
Nico Birnbaum
as Muffing Guy
Jeff Kober
as Jupiter
Tim Thomerson
as A.B. Fisher
Mike Tarnofsky
as Cliff
Rebecca Klingler
as Carlyle
Rachel Rosenstein
as Cathy
Brent Jennings
as Principal Monroe
Adam Goodell
as College Student
Jessie Prez
as Pablo
Sarah Timms Chittaro
as Couple in Park - Woman/Train Passenger
Jennifer Barbosa
as Cancer Survivor
Jackson A. Dunn
as Will
Biff Yeager
as Billy
Linda Kessler
as Jogger
Adilah Barnes
as Rhonda
Molly Reynolds
as Carpool
Gena Ellis
as Commuter
Erik Aude
as Drug Cop
Chet Grissom
as Vernon
Justin Mitchell
as Malik
Stephen Cefalu
as Sales Rep
Nina Daniels
as Eva
William Charles Mitchell
as Teacher
Michael Emery
as Bruce
Lorene Chesley
as Cashier
Larry Clarke
as Timothy
Catero Colbert
as Cobb
Sabina Nogic
as Breast cancer support group
Charles Henry Wyson
as Hanley
Julie Claire
as Barbara Klifton
O-Lan Jones
as Zuzanna Wojcik
as Korean Lady
Ray Mirabal
as Jesus
Jee Young Han
as Scarlet
Ryan Dorsey
as Walter
Hutch Dano
as Dash
Tammy Caplan
as Teacher
Ritu Lal
as Cormac
Sebrina Purcell
as Jolene
Timothy George Connolly
as Sleazy Guy
Gwen McGee
as Officer Rodriguez
Amanda Payton
as Flavia
Ed Ackerman
as Asst. DA McClatchy
Tyler Jeffrey Smith
as Phil Milkovich
Gwen Van Dam
as Erma
Barbara Allyne Bennet
as Vicki
Jack Landron
as Howard
Jeni Jones
as Brad's Friend
Franki Doll
as Helen
Matthew W. Allen
as Holy Samaritan/Riverwalk Couple
Jasmine Shiri
as Junkie Prostitute
Lauri Johnson
as Make-A-Wish Administrator
Cheryl Texiera
as Tina
Van Epperson
as Guidance Counselor
Jeffrey T. Rogers
as Woody
Ryan Bittle
as Steven Redel
Lana McKissack
as Lynn
Franklin Ruehl
as Mr. Jenkins - Cornea Patient/Mr. Teshegian/Tourist
Justin Giddings
as Pizza Delivery Guy
Jim Nieciecki
as Chicago Police Officer
Jake Elliott
as Dennis
Paul Culos
as Joe
Paul James
as T.A.
Cazzey Louis Cereghino
as Buck
Richard Tanner
as Doctor
Chris Devlin
as Jones
Alex Désert
as Union Jerry
Eloy Casados
as Roger Runningtree
Molly Cerne
as Miss Rafferty
Dan Gilvezan
as Mark
Holland Clement
as Brian
Kelli Kirkland
as Kim
Colin Tary
as Rich Guy
Lynn Chao
as Mary
Robert Livingston
as Driver
Wilson Farrell
as Skater Kid
Kamran Lucas
as Smaller Kid
Nicky Korba
as Little Hank
Nick Jaine
as Gene
Kade'sha Barnard
as Gloria
Brent Chase
as Soldier 1
Edem Atsu-Swanzy
as Mover
Monika Casey
as Sasha
Kevin Moon
as Fisher
Virginia Morris
as Mrs. Bergdoll
Kevin Mukherji
as Pawn Shop Owner
Don Stark
as Congressman Wayne Ubberman
Athena Amores
as Ella
Yazlene Marquez
as Matilda
Nay K. Dorsey
as Homeless Guy
Ever Carradine
as Erika
Roxanne Beckford
as Dr. Pau
Lisa Linke
as Netta
Jen Dede
as Dr. Anne Crowley
Kahyun Kim
as Melody
Charley Raphael Stern
as Byron
Jonathan Goldstein
as Winston
Shaun Daley
as Alibi Bar Patron
Pramode Kumar
as Punna
Alexis DeLaRosa
as Jorge
Miles J Bell
as Islam brother
Jennifer Hale
as Karen's Mom
Christine Kellogg-Darrin
as Moon
Sammy A. Publes
as Lt. Ruiz
Adam Farabee
as Byron Koch
Michael Reilly Burke
as Theo Wallace
Quincy Cho
as Cyndi
Cayden Charles
as Scott
Timothy Musomba
as Officer Lorenzo
George Russo
as Walter Roselli
Gabrielle Current
as Sorority Girl
David Brackett
as Duran
Phil Parolisi
as Man at Bar
Kyle Beatty
as Scott
Dennis Boutsikaris
as Professor Hearst
Elyse Willis
as Sorority Sister
Rachel Leah Cohen
as Molly
Mark DeSalvo
as Mid Age Queen
Mac Brandt
as Sgt. Ruger
Michael B. Silver
as Lorenzo
Jonathan Dane
as Sully
Derek Hahn
as Chicago Polytechnic Student/Pedestrian
Brian Dare
as Brendan
Cloie Wyatt Taylor
as Samantha
Louis Fasanaro
as Alcoholic
Roberta Valderrama
as Princess
Steven G. Norfleet
as Uniformed Cop
Mark Vallarta
as Lionel
Nate Gray
as Daniels
Dylan John Seaton
as Noel
McKenna Cochran
as Sarah
as Herman
Ahmad Nicholas Ferguson
as Drug Dealing Kid
Sydney Charles
as Grace
Elizabeth Rodriguez
as Faye Donahue
Abigail O'Branovich
as Jamie
Mageina Tovah
as Kim Furtado
Martinez Evelina
as Detective Wilson
Freedom Bridgewater
as Devon
Brian Hamman
as Conrad
Cassie Hernandez
as Mimi
Jonathan Zabel-Lloyd
as Activist
Peggy Miley
as Rhoda Tipping
Irene Choi
as Taryn
Kimberly De Liz
as Hot Train Girl
Salli Saffioti
as Libby
René Mena
as Salvador
Ruby Modine
as Sierra
Scarlett Fernandez
as Jeni
Austin Rising
as Alek Milkovich
Daniel Kash
as Russian
Mary E. Kennedy
as New Fiona
Andi Chapman
as Camille
Jennifer McComb
as Customer
Vasily Deris
as Fish
Meera Rohit Kumbhani
as Reshma
Justin Huen
as Jose
Eva Friedman
as Camille
Shondalia White
as Nedra
Anthony Traina
as Ryne
P.J. Johal
as John
Erin Luboff
as Wedding Guest
Tina Ivlev
as Freelania Alexeyevich
J.J. Boone
as Jenica
Anna Rubley
as Maggie
Jin Maley
as Makayla
Cameron Fuller
as RJ
Charlie Petrach
as Bus Passenger
Cleveland Berto
as Little Shins
Jonathan Medina
as Dr. Ruiz
Alex Hyde-White
as Priest
Alex Alexander
as Stella
Yanellie Ireland
as Ruby
Thai Fong
as Nurse Walter
James Vincent Meredith
as Officer Dodd
Stephen Friedrich
as Muffin Guy
Caitlin Kimball
as Technician
Carl Gilliard
as Albert
Greg Berney
as Max
Shay Astar
as Melanie
Betsy Baker
as Janice
Michelle Castillo
as Mrs. Cardenas
Brenden Sims
as Liam Gallagher/Liam
Francesca P. Roberts
as Ms. Taylor
Bertila Damas
as Judge Hara
Tripp Pickell
as Sammy
James Moses Black
as CNA
Theo Breaux
as Wright
Christian Clemenson
as Christopher Collier
Dan Thiel
as Beefy Fed
Polina Frantsena
as Russian Girl
Liz Eldridge
as Aldo
Missy Hairston
as Gina
Kate Boyer
as Bethany Pickford-Watson
Jaden Joyner
as Dominic
Xavier Armanno
as Hare Krishna
Shannon Brown
as New Debbie
Jack Kennedy
as Sergeant Jordan
Sasha Alexander
as Helene Runyon
Cesili Williams
as Sunny
Barry Finkel
as Waiter
Eric John Dugan
as Postal Carrier
Will Zahrn
as Homeless Man
Brent Sexton
as Patrick Gallagher
Michael Liu
as Hugh
Cal Gibson
as Mr. Johnson
David Fabrizio
as Drill Instructor
Kyle Davis
as Damon
William Nero Jr.
as Neighborhood Kid
Mike Estes
as Russian/Zev
Glen Davis
as Jules
Jeremy Ratchford
as Detective Bernero
Jared Day
as Danny (Masked Man #1)
Jimmy Bellinger
as Max
Courtney Friel
as Dusty Hayward
Andrew Kaczmarek
as Santa Claus
Lisa K. Wyatt
as Constance
Biz Betzing
as Tina
Charles Noland
as Clyde
Lisa Kolb
as Inmate
Danika Yarosh
as Holly Herkimer
Wayne Alon Scott
as Security Guard
Reed Anthony
as Frank's Buddy
Natalija Nogulich
as Irma
Calvin Evans
as Jerome
Anil Kumar
as Rami
Mike Bash
as Royal
Sid Augustyn
as Hank
Jaime Collaco
as Isaac Ruiz
Ashley Wood Garcia
as Beverly/Beverly Martini
Sam Kindseth
as Fiore
Carla Vila
as Kendra
Lenny Jacobson
as Norbert
Christopher Goodman
as Clerk
Silvia Curiel
as Abuela
Judah Bellamy
as Khalil
as Pedestrian/Thug
Rob Wilson
as Fred
Tosha Lynette
as Bar Patron
Larry Neumann Jr.
as Davey
Tommy Beardmore
as Young Recruiter (Sgt Pierce)
Kris Mardula
as College Student/Businessman
Emily Kimball
as Amber
Ed Flynn
as Security
Daniel Lee Robertson III
as Dr. Carter
Kyausha Simpson
as Rosette
Jenica Bergere
as Lisa
Donald Li
as Maitre D'
William Smillie
as Mr. Casden
Heather Olt
as Nadine
Karimah Westbrook
as Sylvie
Carl McDowell
as Ricky
Brittany Green
as Leona
Jean-Yves Joseph
as Homeless #1
Matthias Kocur
as Hobo Loco Fan
June Squibb
as Etta
Brayden McDonell
as Baby
Lindsay McGrail
as OBGYN Nurse
David Figlioli
as Lanny
Kim Yarbrough
as Millie
Leslie Thurston
as Woman
Ellen Wroe
as Clancy
Troy A. Cephers
as Bailiff
Nicole Wolf
as Mercy
Anise Fuller
as Danica
Elizabeth Reiners
as Gold Coast Shopper/College Professor/EL Passenger
Errol W. Foley Jr.
as Saquon
Claudia Choi
as OB Doctor
Robert Ochoa
as Dave Huntington
Jenna Anne Johnson
as Bambi
Ed Ford Jr.
as Ernest
George Wyner
as Board Member
DaShawn Barnes
as Mana
Charin Alvarez
as Rita
Church Lockett
as Martin
Audrey Wasilewski
as Ann Matlock
Amanda Reed
as Jan
Blake Burleson
as Tough Kid
Julie Ouellette
as Gillian
Dylan Gelula
as Megan
Bries Vannon
as Ziggy
Brian Scolaro
as Baxter
Alison Trumbull
as Erica
Alyssa Gabrielle Rodriguez
as Jennie
Robyn Alysa Abrams
as Girl on Playground
Ugo Bianchi
as Ronaldo
Ed Lauter
as Dick Healey
Stacy Hall
as Sergeant
Paul Butler
as Chester
Lisa Pevc
as Convict/Diner Patron
D.E. FitzGerald
as Retiree
Melissa Paladino
as Cami
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
as Charlie Peters
Iris Braydon
as Susie
Jennifer Manley
as Gabarieo
Donald Lee Holland Jr.
as Customer
Thomas Barbusca
as Remedial Kid
Brendon Eggertsen
as Teenager
Christopher Rivas
as Eduardo
Pasha D. Lychnikoff
as Yvon
Melissa Bickerton
as Rita
Nisalda Gonzalez
as Amalia
Stacie Greenwell
as Olga
Sean Bresnahan
as Sleazy Bar Patron
Zack Whyel
as Restaurant Patron
Michael I. Goode
as Frandmore Patron
Brooklyn Regans
as Gemma
Mike Grief
as P.O.
Mcabe Gregg
as Lain
Romeo Brown
as Brother Malik
Jeff Jocoy
as Ian Disciple
Toccara Lanett
as Diner
James Earl
as Detective Hightower
Destiny Soria
as Lady in red coat
Sheldon Bailey
as Kenyatta
Jeff Shannon
as Road Rage Guy
Joel Steingold
as Marcus
Sammi-Jack Martincak
as Mara
Andy Buckley
as Randy
Sasha Rossof
as Pumpkin Girl
Lauren Birriel
as Alexa
John Bishop
as Max
Casey Biggs
as David
Miguel Izaguirre
as Paco/Busboy Paco
Ray Porter
as Lip's Boss
Dermot Mulroney
as Sean Pierce
Ana Mercedes
as Mrs. Hernandez
Ryan Chiaverini
as Newscaster
Matt Riedy
as Charles
Megan Murphy
as Lilly
Anthony Ray Waters
as Cadet #1
Patrick Bristow
as Bill
Craig Tate
as Cortez
Charlie Dell
as Nurse
Jeremy Riddle
as Kyle
Bill Reilly
as Bus Passenger
Annie Little
as Elizabeth
Zoran Radanovich
as Anton
Roberta Bassin
as Mrs. Winston
Garrett Nichols
as Old Man
Amirah Johnson
as Xan
Boone Platt
as Officer Badenhausen
Shelby Steel
as Muff
Jeremy A. Lopez
as Indio
Brad Beyer
as ICE Squad Captain
Vanessa Lua
as Aunt Telma
Charlotte Benesch
as Lip's Classmate
Julie Ariola
as Patty
Ashwin Gore
as Alan
Gary Werntz
as Shawn
Leonard Earl Howze
as Frank's Co-worker
Phyllis Yvonne Stickney
as Auntie Bev
Clayton Hoff
as George
Alfred Adderly
as Jim
Sean T. Krishnan
as Mr. Jones
Amro Salama
as Cabbie
Anton Narinskiy
as Boone
Gina Gallego
as Dr. Martha Nutig
Angelo Tiffe
as Gary
Rich Grosso
as Officer Pablo
Emma Kenney
as Debbie Gallagher
Christopher Gilstrap
as Jamie's Boyfriend
Ty Quiamboa
as Swastika Dude
Erin Chambers
as Melanie Runkin
Maria Breese
as Lina
Julia Anna Barrios
as Welding Student
Erika Fitzgerald
as Kev's Ex-Wife
Chris Wilson
as Police Officer
Chad Chambers
as Cute Boy
Tim Bader
as Taylor
Pêpê Rapazote
as Nando
Yvette Cason
as Mrs. Jackson
Frank Pacheco
as Tony Milkovich
Leslie L. Miller
as Beat-Up Woman
Bernardo De Paula
as Beto
Lucy DeVito
as Yolanda
Perry Mattfeld
as Mel
Jalen Gilbert
as Milton
Curtis Jackson
as Blind Panhandler
Benjamin Plessala
as Brenan
Conor Woods
as Bobby
Celia Finkelstein
as Dawn
Owen Alabado
as Alex
Sari Lennick
as Rabbi
Preston Tate Jr.
as Bag Boy
Rose Abdoo
as Dr. Vega
Katie Enright
as Tamara
Laura Jackson
as Harpist
Camille James Harman
as Betty

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2011 | 12 Episodes

Season 2

2012 | 12 Episodes

Season 3

2013 | 12 Episodes

Season 4

2014 | 12 Episodes

Season 5

2015 | 12 Episodes

Season 6

2016 | 12 Episodes

Season 7

2016 | 12 Episodes

Season 8

2017 | 12 Episodes

Season 9

2018 | 14 Episodes

Season 10

2019 | 12 Episodes

Season 11

2020 | 12 Episodes




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Casting Society of America, USA

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