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October 27, 2021
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About this title


A longtime favorite of children and adults, and a staple of PBS, "Sesame Street" bridges many cultural and educational gaps with a fun program. Big Bird leads a cast of characters teaching children numbers, colors and the alphabet. Bert and Ernie, Oscar the Grouch and Grover are just a few of the other creatures involved in this show, set on a city street full of valuable learning opportunities.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: July 21, 1969

Also Known As: Seesamikatu, Sesamo apriti |  See more »


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Company Credits

Production Co: Children's Television Workshop (CTW), Curious Pictures |  See more »


John Lovelady
as Additional Muppets/Additional Muppet Performer/Rhymie
Justin Timberlake
as Self
Huck Milner
as Mr. Noodle kid
Laurie Hernandez
as Self
Jackie Robinson
as Self
Nina Simone
as Self
Yelba Osorio
as Yelba
Alexis Deeg
as The Braid-y Bunch Member
Tanda Kerín
as Kid
Ray Charles
as Self
Renée Fleming
as Self
Rick Moranis
as Self/Minnesota Shorts
Brian Williams
as Self
Lorne Greene
as Self
Kristin Chenoweth
as Ms. Noodle
Olga Felgemacher
as Grocer/Grover/Mrs. Bolinski
Allen Swift
as Man with the Giggles/Narrator 'Melvin the Moving Man' segment
Janelle Monáe
as Self
Daniela Barbosa
as Daniela
Heidi Klum
as Self
Stevie Wonder
as Self
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Brandon Slagle
as Alphabet Town Resident
Michael Bundy
as Michael
Kimberly Felice
as Mom
Peyton Skylar
as Peyton Skylar
Dan Blocker
as Self
Margaret Hamilton
as Miss Gulch
Jake Ryan
as Jake
Lea Salonga
as Self
Keola Beamer
as Keola
Sarah Anne
as Self
Goo Goo Dolls
as Themselves
Wendy Wasserstein
as Self
Suri Marrero
as T-Rex
Naomi Watts
as Self
Bert Muppet
as Self
MC Lyte
as Self
Carl Banks
as Self
Royce O'Donnell
as Self
Joe Williams
as Self
Tyne Daly
as Self
Mark Ingram
as Self
Brendan Fraser
as Self
Geri Jewell
Lonnell Williams
as Lonnell
Paul Jacobs
as Green Hispanic Anything Muppet man/Red Square
Drew Brees
as Self
Eliot Sash
as Police Lieutenant Eliot
Alice Dinnean
as Muppet/Goldilocks/Sherry Netherland/Cafeteria Member/Cow #1/The Letter P
Carol Channing
as Self
Caroll Spinney
as Big Bird/Oscar the Grouch/Oscar/Bruno the Trashman/Granny Bird/Anything Muppets/Bennett Snerf/Cookie Monster/Train Rider/Bruno/Various Monsters/Adrienne/Annoucer/Beautiful Day Monster/Big Bird & Oscar/Bird Bird/Brother/Farmer/Floating Face/Hippie/King/Lefty/Lefty the Salesman/Little Boy & Blue Man/Monotone/Monotones Vocalist/Mother (Purple)/Mr. Rocco/Oscar the Grocuh/Purple Boy/Purple Hippie/Rubber Ball/Sam the Robot/Sister/Voiceover
Kimindra Jawanda
as Mom
Nathan Lane
as Self
Phoebe Cates
as Self
Zayn Alam
as My Bashed Future
Joseph Marley
as Self
Ronaldo Vilanvov
as Cousin
Billy Dee Williams
as Self
Debbie Chen
as Debbie
Terry Ellis
as En Vogue
John Legend
as Self
Christopher Knowings
as Chris/Chris Robinson
Granoldo Frazier
as Backup Singer 'Disco D'
Tony Danza
as Self
Megan Ng
as Megan
Tiffany Haddish
as Dr. Birdwhistle
Jane Henson
as Vocals on 'Women Can Be'/Additional Muppet Performer/Additional Muppets
Dawn Robinson
as En Vogue
Jorge Pupo
as Library Patron/Spanish Man
Jim Parsons
as Self
Thad Mumford
as Dr. Thad
Jessica Laight
as Bus Driver
Quinn Breslin
as Boy
Lorna Feijoo
as Self
Taye Diggs
as Taye Diggs
Olivia Perez
as Mia
Michael Che
as Michael Che
Kossim Osseni
as Haitian Dad
David Alan Grier
as Aladdin
Harry Styles
as Self
Ellie Goulding
as Ellie Goulding
Liam Neeson
as Self
John Leguizamo
as Captain Vegetable
Johnny Galecki
as Self
Jeremy Shinder
as Jeremy
Brian Gore
as Nerd
Oscar the Grouch
as Self
Teri Garr
as Amelia
Patti Hovey
as Passenger
Chan Pratt II
as Oscar
Danica Lee
as Dwarf
Kat Dennings
as Self
Lourdes Lopez
as Self
Ward Saxton
as Mike
Tyrone Davis
as Singer 'Elbows and Knees'/Singer 'Island of Emotion'/Singer 'Island of Emotion' and 'Playground Map Song'/Singer 'Playground Map Song'/Vocalist
Lara Spencer
as Self
Joe James
as Gordon's Father
Marlee Matlin
as Self
George Stephanopoulos
as Co-Anchor/Self
Casey Affleck
as Self
Harper Tomao
as Daughter
Clive Thompson
as Self
Gedde Watanabe
as Hiroshi
Garth Brooks
as Self/Guest Appearance in 'A New Way to Walk'
Michael Cooney
as Self
Katie Couric
as Self
Ernie Muppet
as Self
Loretta Tupper
as Miss Trump
Morgan Priester
as Michael
Paul Haenen
as Kobus Kraai
Edward G. Christie
as Additional Muppet Performer/Additional Muppets/Edwina/Ernie (Assistant)/Fred the Horse/Fred the Wonder Horse/Uncle Ned
Micah Fowler
as Guest
Tim Lagasse
as The Grouch
Samantha Bee
as Mother Goose
Alaina Lori
as Rosalita
Tim Robbins
as Self
Marilyn Sokol
as Aunt May, the Camp Director/Country Girl/American Girl ('Me')/Astronaut/Green Vocalist/Marshal Earp/Milkmaid/Betty Lou/Cat/Kathleen the Cow/Loaf of Bread/Mother/Opera Singer/Valkyrie/Vocalist/Vocals on 'Women Can Be'/Additional Anything Muppets/Anything Muppets/Bread/Bus Passenger/Cold Girl/Country Woman/Female Valkyrie/Girl/Lola/Shoemaker's Wife/Singer 'Me and You'/Singer 'Pockets'
Shirley Jones
as Mother Goose
Mark Zeszotek
as Additional Muppets
Jacob Laval
as Jacob
Chris Thomas Hayes
as Muppet/Hoots
Jeff Redd
as Self/'Between' singer
Elisabeth Shermane
as Self
John Krasinski
as Self
Alex Stevens
as The Baker/Baker (segment "Song of Two")
Romeo Santos
as Self
Debo Adegbile
as Debo
Northern Calloway
as David/Baby Breeze/Barnaby Heartstrong (David)/David Robinson/Same Sound Brown/Bill (David)/Hipster/The Hipster/Beatnik/Boxer David/Jasper Johnson (David)/Singer 'I'm Pretty'/Sluggo the Great/Sluggo the Great (David)
Josh Gad
as Vincent Van Stop
Zayn Malik
as Self
Emilio Delgado
as Luis/Luis Rodriguez/Captain Swashbuckle/Spanish Kid ('Me')/Additional Vocals 'Wheels on My Feet'/Assistant Luis/Captain Under-Wonder/Captain Under-Wonder (Luis)/Chaplin/Max Ferbilfeemer/Singer 'Follow the Arrows'/Singer 'Three of These Kids'/Store Keeper/Subject #1 (Luis)
Paul Hartis
as Additional Muppets
Michael Easton
as Milo
Kristen Bell
as Self
Howie Mandel
as Self
Kermit Love
as Willy
Makana Say
as Explorer Boy
Tish Rabe
as Moo Wave Vocals/Moo Wave Cow
Julianne Moore
as Self
Alison Bartlett
as Gina/Gina Jefferson/Gina Rodriguez/LaVanna White
Brandon Maggart
as Buddy/George the Mailman
Brooklin Yearwood
as Tricycle Girl
Olamide Faison
as Miles/Miles Robinson
Sarah Jessica Parker
as Self
Chloe Kim
as Self
Mario Lopez
as Mario
Sheldon Peters Wolfchild
as Sheldon/Sheldon Wolfchild American Indian Family
Tristan Riggs
as Lacrosse Player
Bobby McFerrin
as Self
Michael Paul
Jeff Goldblum
as Self/Minneapolis
Laura Aguinaga
as Mom
Carmelo Anthony
as Self
Lexine Bondoc
as Lexine/Self
Fran Drescher
as Self
Victor Borge
as Self
Gabriela Rose Regan
as Gabi
Larry King
as Self
Cameron Diaz
as Self
Bobby Moynihan
as Quacker Duck Man
Loretta Lynn
as Self
Flo Ayres
as Sissy the Skunk
Ty Burrell
as Self
Mike Messer
as Self
Henry Cavill
as Self
Quentin Morales
as Dancing Boy
Sonia Manzano
as Maria/Chaplin/Maria Rodriguez/Maria Figueroa/Maria Figueroa Rodriguez/Smart Tina/Duck/Narrator 'Old King Cole'/The Great Addini/Additional Vocals 'Wheels on My Feet'/Wanda's Mother
Violet Tinnirello
as Charlie
Leon Bibb
as Self
Yahaira Soto
as Mom
as Self
Nancy Kaplan
as Self
Carson 'Koz' Noel III
as Street Kid
Joel McHale
as Self
Nicky Maindiratta
as Kid
Nathaniel Funke
as My Bashed Future
Evan Alex
as Explorer Boy
Siera Florindo
as Dwarf
as Themselves
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
as Self
Nancy Cartwright
as Bart Simpson
Evan Strong
as Self
Philippe Hartmann
as Neighbourhood Friend at Mr. Hooper's Store
Jane Curtin
as Cinderella/Self
Katie Lee Hill
as Self
George Lopez
as Self
Alaina Reed-Hall
as Olivia/Olivia Robinson/Singer
Ife Colymore
as The Braid-y Bunch Member
Tico Wells
as Tico
Paul Dooley
as Parrot
Ben Stiller
as Self
Julius Erving
as Self
Waylon Jennings
as Self
Darrell C. Wilson Jr.
as Son
Isabella Preston
as Self
Jack Black
as Self
Gregg Goldston
as Action Man/Alphabet Pictures
Haley Jenkins
as Muppet
Ullanda McCullough
as Backup Vocals/Vocalist
Yoav Tzafir
as Yoav
Mary Jo Catlett
as Recycling Mayonnaise Jars Narrator
Blair Brown
as Jane
Lance Bass
as Self
Michael Earl
as Additional Muppet Performer/Pumpkin Man/Forgetful Jones/Poco Loco/Leslie Mostly/Mr. Snuffleupagus/Tarnish Brother/Big Kid/Blue Man/Bruce/Cowboy X/Frog Guitarist/Gardener/Lavender Man/Lavender Tough Kid/Lefty the Ballplayer/Monster Patient/Mr. Snuffleupagus (Assistant)/Red Monster Surgeon (singing)/Sally Sanchez/Toothbrush
Julianne Buescher
as Betty Lou's Mom/Sherry Netherland/Additional Muppets/Beans/Cook/Ms. A. M. Goat/Sophie/Storybook
Kylie Liya Page
as Carlotta
Heather Asch
as Muppet/The Grouch
Jon Stone
as Announcer 'School in the Afternoon' promo/Creature Feature announcer/Narrator
Imani Patterson
as Miles/Miles Robinson
Colton Osorio
as Colton
Martina Navratilova
as Self
Kyra Sedgwick
as Camouflage Carla
Tim Gunn
as William 'Bill' Ding
Vanessa Williams
as Self
Jason Bateman
as Self
Elvis Costello
as Self
Clem Cheung
Holly Robinson Peete
as Sally
Jonathan Press
as Dwarf
Arica Himmel
as Self
Heather Dick
as Passerby
Gene Siskel
as Self
Sage LemYou
as Self - Sage
Alexander Scheitinger
as Murray Had a Little Lamb
Sonia Sotomayor
as Self
Pui Fan Lee
as Baby Bird/Mama Bird
Dai Xi
as Self
David Langston Smyrl
as Mr. Handford
Camille Bonora
as Meryl Sheep/Clementine/Ruby/Lady Agatha/Shoe/Goldilocks/Miss Scarlett/Big Sad Wolf/Fairy Godmother/Juliet/Pig/Princess/Sally Soho/The Princess from 'The Princess and the C'/Thumbelina/Tomato/Additional Anything Muppets/Agnes/Annette/Annette Monster/Fish/Gray Monster/Green Arab/Ilsa/Lamb/Mother Bird/Orange Martian/Police Officer/Shirley/The Boss/'Let's Go Driving in a Car' Mother/Additional Muppet Performer/Adrienne Bip/Alice the Actress/Beans/Britta/Bumblebee/Cinderella/Daughter/Deirdre/Doctor/Electrician/Elmo's Great Grandmother/Ernie's Friend/Girl/Glo/Granny Wolf/Green Nomad/Grouch Explorer/Hotel Boss/Hotel Manager/Immy/Ingrid/Keyboardist/Kid with Kermit/Lavender (AM) girl/Lavender Cowgirl/Lavender Miner/Letter Carrier/Letter Z/Little Green Riding Hood/Little Miss Annabelle Muffet/Mama Bear/Merry Monster in 'Conga'/Mommy Bird/Ms. Scarlett/Peanut #2/Polly Darton/Ruby Monster/Sheep #2/Shovel/Shrieking Shovel/Small Orange Hispanic Anything Muppet Girl/Spider/Stella/Stepsister #1/Stepsister #2/The Countess/The Oat Bran Band Bass Player/The Princess from the Princess and the C/The Shoe/The Shrieking Shovel/Trashmen Lead Vocalist/Veronica/Vivian Vase (segment 'In, On, and Under')/Woman/Woman in Hooper's
Susan Sarandon
as Self
Kelsey Fowler
as Guest
Sean Sanders
as Boy with Cat/Grouchketeer/Self with Stinky
Edgar Kendricks
as Self
Joseph Shabalala
as Zulu Chief
Zachary Quinto
as Self
Audra McDonald
as Chicken
Carlo Alban
as Carlo/Carlos
Ismael Cruz Cordova
as Mando
Tichina Arnold
as Tichina
Emma Stone
as Self
Douglas Baldeo
as Dougie
Frank Patton III
as The Ant
Melissa Stink-o
as Mary
Judy Freudberg
as Customer
Olivia Skye Soto
as Daughter
Paula Toranzo
as Karate Demonstrator 3
Sarai Tzuriel
as Kippi Ben Kippod
Morgan Strebler
as Kid
Sally Jessy Raphael
as Guest Appearance in 'A New Way to Walk'
Timothy Near
as Timi
Joe Ponazecki
as Wally
Mara Feinstein
as Mara
Maduka Steady
as Self
Khalid Moultrie
as Traction Jackson
Christopher Cerf
as Little Chrissy/Singer 'Cecille's Theme Song'/Bruce Stringbean/How Now Brown/Backup Doctor/Alphabeat Vocals/Lavender Monotone/Vocalist/Captain/Groom/Chrissy/Monotones Vocalist/Frazzletone/Lavender Vocalist/Mick Swagger/Back-up Singing Doctor/Fat Blue Tarnish Brother/Lavender Beetle/One of the Tarnish Brothers/The Rebel L/Additional Anything Muppets/Additional Voices/Alphabeat/Backing Doctor/Backup Singing Doctor/Backup Vocals/Blue Greaser/Bruce Springbean/Greaser/Gurgling Fish/How Now Brown Cow/How-Now-Brown-Cow/Kevin/Manatee/Melody Barber Singer/Monotones/Singer/Singer 'Above and Below'/Vocals
Take 6
as Themselves
Alaina Reed Hall
The Deadly Nightshade
as Themselves
Marijke Merckens
as Marijke/Selma Duim
Ellen DeGeneres
as Self
Elmo Monster
as Self
Wilhelmenia Fernandez
as Self
Hillary Clinton
as Self
Pau Gasol
as Self
Mindy Kaling
as Self
Heidi Berg
as Oinker Sister/Backup Vocals/Oinker SIster/Oinker Sister #1/Vocalist
Debra Messing
as Self
Sôichi Noguchi
as Astronaut Alex
Rick Cimino
as Ringmaster
Chris Berman
as Chris Berman Muppet
Seth Rogen
as Self
Ed Waterstreet
as Ed
Mahalia Jackson
as Self
Jada Rowland
as Jennie
Stacey Gordon
as Julia
Jessica Sara
as Jessica
Áine Randle
Barbara Bush
as Self
Robert MacNeil
as Self
Garrett Saunders
as Gordon
Louise Gold
as Big Glad Wolf/Bonnie Rabbit/Sally Messy Yuckyael/Sheep/'I Love You More or Less' female singer/Beans/Cat Owner/Celeste/Chicken/Cowgirl/Day Care Center employee/Ethel Mermaid/Flower 1/Girlfriend/Green Cowgirl/Grungetta/Ida Normer/Lover #2/Monster Vocalist/Mother Bird/Mrs. Frazzle/Sooey the Pig/South American Lady/South American Vocalist/The Oat Bran Band Acordianist
Joan Gerber
as Alice Braithwaite Goodyshoes
Jimmy Fallon
as Self/Wild Nature Survivor Guy
Nathan Zoob
as Nathan
Kate Butler
as Mom
Aaron Neville
as Self
Ghazal Javed
as Chamki
14 Karat Soul
as Themselves/Singers 'Hand Talk'
Shola Lynch
as Shola
Lamb Chop
as Self
Smokey Robinson
as Self
Logan Kulick
Debi Mazar
as Self
Lou Rawls
as Self
Carmen Osbahr
as Rosita/Ovejita/Muppet/Queen of Nacho Picchu/Additional Muppets/Additional Performers/Cow/Itchy/Kathleen the Cow/Rosita in 'Conga'/The Grouch
Chris Costa
as Dave
Kyla Taub
as Jane Tuesday
Jock Soto
as Self
Judy Collins
as Self/The Sad Princess
Joe Mangrum
as Self
María Torres C.
as Self
Richie Havens
as Self
Andy Luckey
as The Seventh Son
Dax Shepard
as Self
Edouard DeSoto
as Minister
Josh Malloy
as My Bashed Future
Bobby Darin
as Singer 'Splish Splash'
Talia Ryder
as Daughter
Hal Dion
as Street Performer, People In Your Neighborhood
Anthony Pierini
as Anthony
Michael Christensen
as Michael/Self
Pier Paquette
as Louis the Otter
Jason Kingsley
as Jason
Lou Attia
as The Count
Essra Mohawk
as Vocals
Niall Horan
as Self
Michael Landon
as Self
Annette Bening
as Self
Alexis Cruz
as Alex
Bob Stutt
as Basil
Kara DioGuardi
as Self
Troy Polamalu
as Self
Berkeley Melvin
as Self
Leonard Jackson
as Mr. Handford
Casey Kasem
as Blue Man in 'Q for Quarter' Cartoon/Fly/'B Cartoon' Narrator/Man in 'R for Radio' Cartoon/Man/Robin
Cindy Herron
as En Vogue
Louis Tomlinson
as Self
Charlotte Rae
as Molly the Mail Lady
Tre Ryder
as Son
Chantylla Johnson
as Segi
Rhea Perlman
as Self
Amy Robach
as News Anchor
The Lemmings
as 40 Lemmings
Frank Oz
as Bert/Grover/Cookie Monster/Harvey Kneeslapper/Tessie Twiddlebug/Muppet/Lefty the Salesman/Anything Muppets/Prince Charming/Beautiful Day Monster/Humpty Dumpty/Mailman/Frank/Pig/Backup Doctor/Barber/King/Snow White/Train Conductor/Additional Anything Muppets/Boy/Charlie/Green J Friend/Pumpkin Cheerleader/Rocky's Mother/Alistair Cookie/Cow/Doc Holiday/Dr. Rainbrain/Farmer Frankie/Frances Oznowicz/Girl/Jascha Lombardi/Larry Rhymie/Man/Parker Piper/Pinocchio/Porter Piper/Professor Hastings/Repairman/Salesman/The Biggest Person in the Kingdom/The Pied Piper/The Smallest Person in the Kingdom/The Woodsman/Cloud/Clucky Luciano/Director/Driver/Fat Blue Tarnish Brother/Fat Blue Vocalist/Lamont/Lefty/Little Miss Muffet/Pig #1/Santa Claus/The Encyclopedia Salesman/The Evil Prime Minister/Additional Muppets/Announcer/Bart/Bat/Bats/Big Bill/Caterer/Cowpoke/End/Fuzzyface/Green Alien/Horse/Jack/Larry/Lavender Son/Little Bad Wolf/Lulu/Mahna Mahna's Backup Girl/Maurice's Love Interest/Papa Piper/Pig #3/Poppa Piper/Princess Penelope/Ralph/Rosemary/Royal Cook/Scooter/Sister/Spider/Splurge/Square/Store Clerk/The Cat with the Fiddle/The City Mouse/The Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe/The Square/The Tortoise/Tooth/Townsperson #3/Trudy/Turtle/Woman/Woodsman/Zizzy Zoomer #3/'Alphabet Chat' director/AM Boy/AM Girl/Additional Monsters/Additional Performers/Aladdin/Alphabet O'Malley/Anything Muppet/Attendant/Augustine Washington/Baritone Lavender Singer/Bearded Hippie/Big Barney/Big Bird/Biggest Person in the Kingdom/Blue Singer/Boy (Green)/Brother/Brother ('Five People in My Family')/Brown Wolf/Bruce Rumpelstiltskin/Bunny/City Mouse/Cleaner/Country Vocalist/Delivery Man/Doctor/Dog/Duck/Elaine/Employment Agent/Evil Prime Minister/Fat Blue Guy/Fat Blue Singer/Fat Blue Tarnish Brother (Assistant)/Fireman/First/Fish/Florist/Game Show Announcer/Gas Station Attendant/Gas Station Man/George's Father/Girl (Reddish-Magenta)/Green Cowboy/Green Girl/Green Grouch/Hare/Harold/Helen Happy/Hot Dog Man/Jeffery/Keith Heartburn/King Morris/Lavender Director/Lettuce/Little Boy/Little Girl ('Lulu's Back in Town')/Little Miss Muffett/Live Hand Closer/Lucy Jones/Male Teacher/Moe Busby/Monsters Flanking Tony/Mother/Mother Goose/Mr. Draper/Mrs. Rooney/Mumford's Duck/Pigs #1 and 3/Pink Girl/Pumpkin Man/Pumpkin Subject/Purple Boy/Rabbit/Round Monster/Royal Subjects/Rubber Balls/Sally Screamer/Shoemaker/Shopkeeper/Slimey/Smallest Person in the Kingdom/Smilin' Jack/Son #3/Sour Bird/Street Cleaner/Taminella Grinderfall/Telephone Repairman/The Colonel Explorer/The Mailman/The Old Woman who Lives in a Shoe/The Shoemaker/Thief #1/Thin Green Monster/Tortoise/Train Engineer/Various Monsters/Villager/Wicked Witch/Windy (Beautiful Day Monster)/Wisecracking Ball/Young Cowboy/Zelda
Melissa Dino
as Passerby
Warrick Brownlow-Pike
as Gonger
Little Richard
as Self
Amber Baldinelli
as Word on the Street
Jeff Gordon
as Self
Rickey Colbert
as Mark
Joshua Bell
as Self
Ron Darling
as Self
Leslie Carrara-Rudolph
as Abby Cadabby/Velvet/Abby/Muppet/High-Walking Heidi/High-Walking Hidi/Moby Pink/Pandora/Spot/Young Woman/Alice Burns/Belly/Big Tomato/Brittany Pierce Muppet/Dog/Grouch/Iris/J/Ladyfinder/Ladyfinger/Ms. Barrett/Ovejita/Shee-pret Service/Sleeping Beauty/The Grouch/Virginia Virginia
Ralph Meeker
Reggie Bush
as Self
Jean Marsh
as Self
Don Cheadle
as Self
Liev Schreiber
as Self
Daniel Genalo
as Dancing Businessman
Reese Alvarado
as Sporty Kid #5
Michael Gregory Fung
as Self
Matthew Fox
as Self
Richard Belzer
as Man in Row Boat #1/Man in Rowboat #1
Desiree Elle
as Sofia's Mom
Alessia Cara
as Self
Pat Paulsen
as Self
Turk Murphy
Alicia Keys
as Self
Joey Calvan
as Joey
Tessa Frascogna
as Self
Karen Ialacci
as The Braid-y Bunch Member
Jason Thornton
as Two-Headed Monster
Noreen Young
as Dodi
Tori Scott
as Garbage Woman
Dick Barnett
as Self
Phil Donahue
as Self
Zoe Considine
as Word on the Street Girl
Juli Christman
as 'Doll House' Singer
John Tartaglia
as Muppet/Rhombus of Recipes/Giant Octopus/Additional Muppets/Additional Performers/Brandeis/Fast-Drawing Fred/Man Who Can't Stop Sneezing/Muppet Performer/Phoebe/Rhombus of Recipe/Sneezing Man/The Grouch/Trey
Terry Crews
as Self
Jason Biggs
as Self
Paul McGinnis
as Muppet/Additional Muppets/Ambulance Driver
as Self
Kamilah Martin
as Blue Palette
Judith Kahan
as Marcia Middlewell
Kayden Duncan
as Little Girl
Bo Jackson
as Self
Greg Herman
as Little Kid
Aiden Levey
as Son
Chance the Rapper
as Self
The Four Tops
as Themselves
Xiomara F. de Sales
as Xiomara
Alfonzo Thornton
as Listen My Brother/Self
Rosemary Clooney
as Self
Julie Kavner
as Marge Simpson
Cheryl Blaylock
as Blue Honker/Additional Muppet Performer/Additional Anything Muppets/Additional Muppets/Bird/Girl/Harriet/Lavender Subject/Anything Muppets/Canary/Forgetful Cousin/Forgetful Jones's Cousin/Forgetful's Mom/Granny/Student
Lynne Thigpen
as Training Officer/Wasa Training Officer
Tina Fey
as Bookaneer Captain
Nicole Rifkin
as Kid
Joe Raposo
as Singer 'Somebody Come and Play'/Aardvark/Middle Singer/Singer 'Everybody Sleeps'/Singer 'Frog Struggle Song'/Singer 'Peanut Butter'/Singer 'Kangaroo Blues'/Singer 'Sloth Sleepy'/Singer 'Take a Breath'/Singer 'The Goat'/Singer 'Water Baby'/'J Jump' Singer/Cookie Monster/Pig/Pumpkin Hippie/Singer ' Little Things' and 'Frog Struggle Song'/Singer 'A Little Bit At the Beginning' (DVD version)/Singer 'Chicken or the Egg'/Singer 'Dressed Up'/Singer 'Everybody Sleeps' and 'Kangaroo Blues'/Singer 'Families'/Singer 'Flying'/Singer 'Funny Face'/Singer 'Go Ahead and Touch' and 'Frog Struggle Song'/Singer 'Hippopotamus Round'/Singer 'I Like Alaska'/Singer 'Little Things' - 'Three is My Favorite Number' - & 'I'm an Aardvark'/Singer 'Look a Little Closer'/Singer 'New Life' and 'I Like Alaska'/Singer 'Penguins Five' - 'Doggy Paddle', and 'There's a Bird On Me'/Singer 'Pretty Baby'/Singer 'Trying and Trying Again'/Singer 'Two is You and Me'/Singer 'Water Baby' & 'Pretty Baby'/Singer 'Water Baby' and 'Families'/Singer 'What Are Kids Called'/Singer 'What Do You Do With a Fruit?'/Singer 'When I'm Itchy, I Scratch'/Singer 'Which Comes First, the Chicken or the Egg?'/Singer (segments "I Believe in Little Things" and "There's a Bird on Me")/Singer Bein' a Pig'/Trombone Player/Vocalist
Paul B. Price
as Ralph
Matt Lauer
as Self
Zero Mostel
as Spell Binder
Doug E. Doug
as Self
Matt Kemp
as Self
Dennis Allen
as Clown
Samuel Ramey
as Self
Nitya Vidyasagar
as Leela
Christopher William Chamberlin
as Child
John Moschitta Jr.
as Man with Long-Named Baby/Porter Pepper
Brandon Soo Hoo
as Bicycle Boy
Pete Seeger
as Self
Kerry Butler
as Ms. Camp
Jerome Raphael
as Mad Painter's Victim/Mad Painter Victim
Gloria Estefan
as Self
Ivy Austin
as Moo Wave Vocals/Sooey Oinker/Moo Wave Cow/Vocalist/Cereal Girl/Oinker Sister/The Oinker Sisters/Grandmother 'Listen to the Bells'/Miss M/Mother ('Let's Go Driving')/Additional Anything Muppets/Fish/Girl with Herry/Jill/Mother/Singer/The Cereal Girl/A Police Officer/Bellhop's Boss/Blanche the Polar Bear/Boss/Cerial Girl/Female Sheep/Girl ('Daddy Helps with the Dishes')/Girl Vocalist/Girl Who Loves to Brush/Gurgling Fish/Hammy Swinette/Hotel Boss/Joan/Kid #2/Lavender Hispanic Anything Muppet woman/Madame Alma Cluck/Mother 'Let's Go Driving'/Mother (Let's Go Driving')/Night Bugs/Nurse/Policewoman/Singer 'Banana'/Singer for 'Shepherd plays Hide and Seek with his sheeps'/The Flying Lizard/Vocals on 'Night Bug Boogie'/Woman in Antarctica
Meilee Condron
as Bubble Gum girl/Rollerblade Girl/Sporty Kid #3
Stockard Channing
as Mad Painter's Victim
Peter Friedman
Patrick Stewart
as Self
Gilbert Gottfried
as Denny the Distracter
Oliver Clark
as Hairdresser
Lupita Nyong'o
as Self
Peggy Fleming
as Self
Ángel Corella
as Self
Daws Butler
as Warning Cartoon Man/J Train Commentator/Mad Scientist
Mai Brunelle
as Sister (Segment)
Chris Brown
as Self
Crystal Gayle
as Self
Cheech Marin
as Guest Appearance in 'A New Way to Walk'
Randy Travis
as Self
Penélope Cruz
as Companion
Leslie Feist
as Self
Avril Lena Wei
as Self
Miri Ben-Ari
as Self
Patti LaBelle
as Self
Steve Whitmire
as Ernie/Muppet/Kermit the Frog/'I Love You More or Less' male singer/'Let's Go Driving in a Car' son/Additional Muppets/Additional Performers/Billy Idle/Cookie Monster's Mom/Henry the Pig/J.P. Mouse/Jury Penguin 1/Kermit/Little Boy Blue/Tall Orange Anything Muppet dentist/The Oat Bran Band Drummer/Watson
Lillias White
as Lillian/'My New Computer' singer/Singer 'Every Bit a' Litter Hurts'/Singer 'Face Facts'/Singer 'Face Facts' and 'Every Bit a' Litter Hurts'/Singer 'Mother Brown's Farm'/Singer 'My New Computer'/Singer 'Reach Your Hand Up High'/Singer 'Sixteen Blues'/Singer 'What's Inside?'
Tyler James Williams
as Tyler
Angel Jemmott
as Angela
Todd Barry
as Seven
as Themselves
Bill Cosby
as Self/Himsef
Matt Robinson
as Gordon/Roosevelt Franklin/Gordon Robinson
Paul Benedict
as The Mad Painter/Mad Painter
Eric Jacobson
as Grover/Bert/Muppet/Guy Smiley/Additional Muppets/Additional Performers/Cap-ten Kirk/Doctor Two/G/Giant Boulder/Hammy/Jitterbug/Oscar/Penguin Guard
Bill Cobbs
as Lee
Melissa Creighton
as Muppet
Adam Sandler
as Self
as Elmo Slide Dancer/Usher
Spencer Lott
as Honker/Muppet Performer
Maria Menounos
as Self
Jasmina Lee
as Girl
Fred Rogers
as Mr. Rogers
Wayne Brady
as Self
Bryant Young
as Additional Muppet Performer/Muppet/Additional Muppets/Mr. Snuffleupagus' Back Half/Additional Performers/Mr. Snuffleupagus (back half)/Snuffy
Jordan Nagai
as Dwarf
Van Brunelle
as Brother (Segment)
Jason Jones
as Professor Messla/Professor Nikola Messla
Josiah Morrison Pannell
as Son
En Vogue
as Themselves
Ginny Tyler
as M in Space cartoon
Miles Grose
as Dr. Byrd
Kyan Samuels
as Sporty Kid #2
George Faya
as Liliana's Dad
Steven Schub
as Dan the Clarinet Man
Thea J. Ogunusi
as The Braid-y Bunch Member
Brian Henson
as Boy with Three Peas/Boy with Nine Quarters/Boy with Seven Nickels/Boy with Eight Ping-Pong Balls/Self/Body Parts vs. Heavy Equipment Boy/Boy/Boy with Seven Nickles
John Williams III
as John-John
Josephine Huang
as Hipster Girl
Jessica Stone
as Mrs. Sparklenose
Ricky Gervais
as Ricky Gervais/Self
Roosevelt Grier
as Self
Eva Longoria
as Self
Charlotte Stent
as Young Girl
Lily Tomlin
as Edith Ann/Self/Ernestine the Telephone Operator
John Henderson
as Mr. Williams
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
as Self
Jeremy Miller
as Host of 'Dreidel of Fortune'/Self
Rico Rodriguez
as Self
Maggie Gyllenhaal
as Self
Alex Weisman
as Frank
Count von Count
as Self
Rosie O'Donnell
as Self/Self - Guest
Branford Marsalis
as Forrest Wimbledon
Kyle Agnew
as Skater Boy
Hanna Heck
as The Braid-y Bunch Member
Diana Krall
as Self
Michelle Monaghan
as Self
Manuel Zavala
as Sporty Kid #6
Marta Sanjurjo
as Aunt Marta
Mary Chapin Carpenter
Christopher Meloni
as Self
David Shiner
as Guest Appearance in 'A New Way to Walk'
Jim Henson
as Ernie/Kermit the Frog/Guy Smiley/The Baker/Thomas Twiddlebug/Anything Muppets/Harvey Monster/Sinister Sam/Bad Bart/Bip Bippadotta/Tony/Blue Martian/Jester/Kermit/Additional Anything Muppets/Baker/Boy/Cowboy/Roberta/Spaceship Surprise Captain/The King of Eight/Barry Rhymie/City Hipster/Father/Frances's Last Line/Juggler/Lance/Mahna Mahna/Salvador Dada/The King/Bartender/Ben/Blue Man/Boater/Captain Vegetable/City Boy/Fat Blue Cheerleader/Fat Blue Guy/Fat Blue J Friend/Fat Blue Victim/Fenwick/Flakey/Granny Fanny Nesselrode/Green Cowboy/Lavender Alien/Lavender Vocalist/Mailman/Mr. Nose/Pokey/Prime Minister/Prince Charming/Rowlf the Dog/Royal Cook/Store Clerk/Additional Muppets/Baby Monster/Beginning/Bip Bipadotta/Blue Victim/Blue Villager/Bruce/Captain/Casanova/Court Jester/Dan/Fred the Monster/Frog/Garbageman/Geefle/George Washington/Goldfish/Green Man/Green Monster/Guitarist/Head Cheerleader/Janitor/King Peter the Persnickety/King Richard the Chicken-Hearted/King of 8/Lavender Cowboy/Lavender Singer/Lead Singer 'Listen to the Bells'/Lead Singer 'One Banana'/Lead Singer 'Street Garden Cooperation'/Marvin/Maurice/Mr. Essex/Nature Lover/Nose/Officer Stan/Pat Playjacks/Royal Fireman/Sam/Sam the Snake/Sammy the Snake/Scudge/Sneaky/Stagehand/The Young Son/Zizzy Zoomer #1/Anything Muppet/Attendant/Baker (segment "Song of Two")/Banker/Baritone/Beatnik/Billy/Bip BIppadotta/Bip Bippadota/Blue Cheerleader/Blue Guy/Blue J Friend/Bread/Bruce Monster/Bus Driver/Carpenter/City Man/Clerk/Diver/Doc/Drippy/Elmo Mondiporg/Employer/Fat Blue Dentist/Fat Blue King/Fat Blue Man/Fat Blue VIctim/Fat Blue Witch/Father ('Five People in My Family')/Father (Pumpkin)/Fiddler 1/Fireman/Freddy Smith/Garbage Man/Genie/Grandmother Happy/Green Boy/Green Man 'Exercise'/Grocer/Harold Happy/Harry/Henry/Herry Monster/Hipster/Jack/Juggler (on-camera)/King/King Gerry the Generous/King of Eight/Lead Singer'Listen to the Bells'/Lefty/Little Bird/Lord Lester/Lost and Found Clerk/Man/Marshal McClean/Marvin (music store owner)/Monsters/Motorperson/Moving Man/Mr. Jenkins/Newsdealer/Orange Gold Subject/Pedestrian/Postman/Purple Boy/Purple Monster/Rancher Ernie/Royal Bass Player/Sheldon the Turtle/Short Branch Cafe Bartender/Soldier/Sonny Friendly/Storekeeper/The Baler/The Emperor/The Geefle/The Juggler/The Letter W/The Mailman/Tom Smith/Tuba Player/Two-Headed Monster's Mom/Uncle (Fat Blue)/Unicorn/Various Monsters/Various Muppets/Villager/Villagers/W/Woman
Hal Smith
as Ant/Bear/Elephant
Raymond Oliver Soto
as Son
Jim Kweskin
as Vocals
Carl Gordon
as Mr. Robinson
Leon Redbone
as Singer
Billy Barkhurst
as Ernie
Christopher Wein
as Chris
Ismaël Cruz Córdova
Darrien A. Wilson
as Son
Shazdeh Kapadia
as Gabrielle
Loretta Long
as Susan/Susan Robinson/Mrs. Heartstrong (Susan)/Suzetta Something/Mahna Mahna's Backup Girl/Mother/Roosevelt's Mother/Girl/Mother ('Five People in My Family')/Mother (Purple) - singing/Piccolo Player/Roosevelt Franklin's Mother/Suzetta
Gustavo Dudamel
as Self
Lisa Buckley
as Betty Lou/Additional Muppets/Beans/Ida Nomer/Jodie/Mother/Muppet Performer
Malvina Reynolds
as Kate
Paul Rudd
as Self
Larry Goldstein
as Larry
Eugene Byrd
as Jelani
Oprah Winfrey
as O
Jennifer Barnhart
as Muppet/Zoe/Mama Bear/Gladys/Mama Bird/Charlie's Mom/Chicken/First Lady/Furry Godmother/Gladys the Cow/Granny Bird/Granny Snuffle/Maggie Cadabby/Muppet Performer/Sue Sylvester Muppet/Super Chicken/Taylor McKessie Muppet
Dennis Franz
as Dennis Franz
Rick Lyon
as Additional Muppet Performer/Additional Muppets/Donkey/Bernie the Baker/Blue Bird/Cookie Monster in 'Conga'/Cookie Monster in 'Hand Talk'/Oscar
Matt Vogel
as Muppet/Big Bird/Count von Count/Zowie-Zown the Upside-Down Clown/Darth Chicken/Mr. Johnson/The Count/Alex/Anything Muppet Boy/'Letter of the Day Game Show' Announcer/Additional Muppets/Additional Performers/Big Bird (Journey to Ernie)/Brown Wrestler/Chicken/Crossing Guard/Ernie/Gassy/Grouch/Guinea Pig/Hansel/Hubert the Human Cannonball/Little Cookie/Meek Cube/Pig/The Big Bad Wolf/The Cube/The Grouch/Wyoming Walt
Mary Miller
as Mrs. Williams
Noa Fe Williams
as Noa
MiMi Ryder
as Daughter
The Pointer Sisters
as Singers 'Pinball Number Count #2'/Singers 'Pinball Number Count #10'/Singers 'Pinball Number Count #11'/Singers 'Pinball Number Count #4'/Singers 'Pinball Count #3'/Singers 'Pinball Number Count #7'/Singers 'Pinball Count #11'/Singers 'Pinball Count #6'/Singers 'Pinball Number Count #5'/Singers 'Pinball Number Count #6'/Singers 'Pinball Number Count #8'/Singers 'Pinball Number Count #9'/Themselves/Singers 'Pinball Count #10'/Singers 'Pinball Count #12'/Singers 'Pinball Count #2'/Singers 'Pinball Count #7'/Singers 'Pinball Count #9'/Singers 'Pinball Number Count #3'
Sally Ride
as Self
Marv Albert
as Self
Crystal Levey
as Mom
Chris Morales
as Street Kid
Colleen Foy
as Self (segment "Sign Language Word of the Day - Exercise")/Self - Little Theater of the Deaf
Maya Bernstein
as Maya
Alton Brown
as Elmo Slide Dancer
Maren Morris
as Self
Herbie Hancock
as Self
Mark Walker
as Principal
Rafael Lugo
as Uncle Rafael
Karl Nelson
as Self
Hugh Jackman
as Self
Seiji Ozawa
as Self
Melanie Taylor
as Red Palette
Gregory Hines
as Self/Gregory the Great
Donald Faison
as Duane
Lillian Hurst
as Mrs. Figueroa
Robert Rauffer
as Self - Child
Jassy Marie
as Jaslyn
Fran Brill
as Prairie Dawn/Zoe/Muppet/Little Bird/Betty Lou/Arlene Frantic/Polly Darton/Nora Nicks/Green Cheerleader/Jungle Girl/Lavender J Friend/Carol the Baker/Little Red Riding Hood/Roxie Marie/Woman/Additional Muppet Performer/Big Grad Wolf/Billy Monster/Girl/Head Villager/Mother 'Listen to the Bells'/Rita Rucci/Alice/Billy/Bird/Lavender AM Girl/Mouse/Numberella/Plumber/Reporter/Snow Grouch/'Let's Go Driving in a Car' daughter/Additional Muppets/Additional Performers/Bug/Cafeteria Member/Casey the Rabbit/Cereal/Countess/Cuckoo Bird/Daughter (Princess)/Debra Starr/Det. Olivia Benson/Fairy Godmother/Fairy Nap-Mother/Fat Blue Miner/Flower 2/Frannie/Grandmother/Green Girl/Grouch/Helena/Henry/Hot Pink Subject/I. C. DeForrest/Imogene/June Moon/Lavender Girl/Lifeguard/Linda/Little Bo Peep/Mary/Monotone/Monotones Vocalist/Mother/Mrs. Crustworthy/Norah Nicks/Nurse/Omagrossa/Plate/Postal Worker/Princess Cutie/Princess Geraldine/Queen Quinella/Quinn Fabray Muppet/Roxie Marie Callahan/Rubber Balls/SMV Hostess/SMV VJ/SMV Video Jockey/Sandy/Small Bird/Summer Squall/Sylvia Little, Betty Lou/Transylvanian Woman/Ursula/Vertigo/Vivian/Vocalist/Wanda Cousteau
Jason Taylor
as Self
Trisha Yearwood
as Self
Ahmad Rashad
as Self
Tempestt Bledsoe
as Self
José Feliciano
as Self
Rebekka Santana
as Kid
Big Bird
as Self
Roscoe Orman
as Gordon/Trash Gordon/Gordon Robinson/Hard Head Henry Harris/Mr. Heartstrong (Gordon)/Big Murray (Gordon)/Boxer Gordon/Hardhead Henry Harris/Subject #2 (Gordon)
Timothy Olyphant
as Self - Guest
David Beckham
as Self
Charlize Theron
as Self
Phil Torres
as Self - Phil The Scientist
Marisa Tomei
as Self - Guest
Suki Lopez
as Nina
Elizabeth Vargas
as Self - News Anchor/Substitute Co-Host
Halle Berry
as Self - Guest
Richard Pryor
as Self
Amar'e Stoudemire
as Self
Josh Friesen
as ABC Aliens/Announcer/Rock Band Bird
Allan Swift
as Man with the Giggles
Gordon Jackson
as Self
Bill McCutcheon
as Uncle Wally/Cousin Henry Heartstrong (Uncle Wally)
Stephen Gustafson
as Steve
Julia Roberts
as Self
Paul Simon
as Self
Brayden Scott
as Boy Counting 11 Balls
Fred Wardenburg
as Singer 'Cow Dog Song'
James J. Kroupa
as Lovey/Additional Muppet Performer/Jimmy/Owl/Rockhead/The Bartender/Additional Muppets/Elmo in 'Conga'/Green Male Sailor/Green Sailor #1/Pumpkin Subject
Mona Marshall
as Boy
Danielle Kotch
as Self
Maurice Hines
as Self
Patrick John
as My Bashed Future
Paul Reubens
as Pee-Wee Herman/Self
Reuben Reuel
as Boy
Malcolm-Jamal Warner
as Self
Carrie Underwood
as Carrie Underworm
Erykah Badu
as Self
Alison Mork
as Duck/Additional Muppets/Gina
Paul Binder
as Paul/Self
Araija DaCosta
as Friend (Segment)
Corinne Orr
as Rabbit
Kamdyn Corwin
as Explorer Girl
Chris Barron
as Self
Liam Payne
as Self
Jack Miller
as Self
Patricia Arquette
as Self
Ethan Barker
as Dwarf
Kevin Clash
as Elmo/Hoots the Owl/Muppet/Baby Natasha/Clementine/Watson/Wolfgang the Seal/Benny Rabbit/Ferlinghetti Donizetti/J.P./King/Kingston Livingston III/Sad/Baby Tooth/Chip/Cowgirl/Dick/Dr. Nobel Price/Dwayne/Frog/Natasha/Benny the Bunny/Chip Cat/Hoots/Left/Mario/Octopus/Pablo Paint Palette/Pizzeria Dos Twin #1/Rainbow Fish/Singer 'Fixin' My Hair'/Son ('Let's Go Driving')/The Big Bad Wolf/Additional Anything Muppets/Additional Muppets/Beet/Benny/Big Jeffy/Blue Martian/Caribbean Frog/Carribbean Frog/Cee Lo Green Muppet/Dog/Eel/Grand High Triangle Lover/Green Dentist/Jack/Kevin/Lead Singing Dentist/Max/Mel/Orange Martian/Pageant Announcer/Patti Paintbrush/Preposterous/Professor D. Rabbit/Rockhead/Sad Dwarf/Sam/Sheep #2/Shepherd/Son/Sophie/Straw-house Pig/Student/Tennis Match Announcer/The Eel/Timmy/Additional Muppet Performer/Additional Performers/Animal Shelter Owner/Apple/Baby Clementine/Baby Fats Domino/Baby Tooth and the Funky Funk/Billy Idle/Blue Guy/Blue Tough Kid/Boy/Boy in Classroom/Chad Danforth Muppet/Corn/Dentist's Patient/Dimples the Dog/Ernie's Friend/Essie Silverman/First Kid ('Daddy Helps with the Dishes')/Fish/Floyd/Green Kid/Grover's Doctor/Grownup Miles/Gus/Herb/Hot Pink Hispanic Anything Muppet man/J.P/Jiffy/Kathleen the Cow/Kermit's Doctor/Kid #1/Kid with Pencil/Lead Big Kid/Lead Crow/Letter C/Little Pig/Luba Merquick/Man/Miami Announcer/Miss Blechman/Mrs. Sun/Newspaper Guy/Newspaper Man/Orange Monster/Parker/Paul Pencil (segment 'In, On, and Under')/Peanut #1/Pierre Blue/Pig/Pig #1/Pig #2/Purple Rocker/Robin/Saddler/Shark/Shirt/Singer 'Island Song'/Singer 'It's Harder the First Time'/Singer 'No Matter What'/Singer 'Skin'/Singer 'The Pasta Song'/Son 'Let's Go Driving'/Space Attendant/Spaceship Surprise officer/Squishta/T-Rex/The Animal Shelter owner/The Beet/The Grand High Triangle Lover/The Grouch/The King/The Letter C/The Letter W/The Shepherd/The Shirt/Thief #1/Tooter/Wolfgang/Yellow Monster
Chet O'Brien
as Mr. Macintosh/Mr. MacIntosh
Tatyana Ali
as Tatyana/Girl with broken doll/Self/The Alphaquest Girl
Don Arioli
as Cartoon Man
Panchito Gómez
as Antonio
Taran Killam
as Professor Buck Awe
Tau Bennett
as Tau
Jerry Nelson
as Herry Monster/The Count/The Announcer/Two-Headed Monster/Count von Count/Mr. Johnson/News Flash Announcer/Jerry (Two-Headed Monster)/The Amazing Mumford/Announcer/Sherlock Hemlock/Biff/Simon Soundman/Herbert Birdsfoot/Farley/Little Jerry/Mr. Snuffleupagus/Tina Twiddlebug/Fred the Wonder Horse/Frazzle/Muppet/The Big Bad Wolf/Big Bad Wolf/Boy/Count Von Count/Herry/Hot Pink Alphabeat/Phil Harmonic/Pink Martian/Snuffy/Anything Muppets/Count/Lefty's Boss/Cinderella/Fat Blue Patient/Mr. Chatterly/Super Grover Announcer/Cousin Monster/London Frog/Sam the Robot/Additional Anything Muppets/Bennett Snerf/Chunky Cheese/Delivery Man/Harry Monster/Jerry/Maurice Monster/Mr. Lucky/Nick Normal/Vern/Adam T. Glaser/Angry/Balladeer/Barry Rhymie/Bill Smith/Dr. Livingstone/Harry/London Hog/Mary Rhymie/Mike/Pumpkin J Friend/Pumpkin Monotone/Purple Cheerleader/Simon/Tough Eddie/Uncle Louie/'Casey McPhee' Singer/Andy/Christopher Columbus/Elderly Man/Ernie Statue/High Singer/Lavender Woman/Little Miss Muffet/Man/Narrator/Newsboy/Number Guy/Piper Piper/Pumpkin Tarnish Brother/Servant/Singer 'Don't Waste Water'/Tablecloth/The Fastest Person in the Kingdom/The Smartest Person in the Kingdom/Trevor Trout/Umpire/Witch/Baby Rocky/Baker/Bird/Driver/Father Bird/Frankie Monster/Frog/George/Georgie/Gonk/Green Vocalist/Hickory Dickory Duck/Japanese Storyteller/Librarian/Little Jack Horner/Mervin/Monsters/Oak Tree/Old Mother Hubbard/Professor Nucleus Von Fission/Pumpkin Orange Brother/Red Monster/Ricardo Monsterban/Royal Doctor/Sandy the Snake/Sergeant Thursday/Shoemaker/Singer 'I'm the Big One Now'/Singer 'There's a Lot of Different Ways to Get to School'/Snookey/Sparkey/Train Conductor/Well-Clad Wolf/Angry Man #1/Bartender/Bassist/Big Barney/Big Good Wolf/Blue Man/Blue Martian/Blue Sailor/Bowler Hat/Brother/Brown/Car/Chester O'Leary/Clothing Store Clerk/Daddy Bird/Dog/Drippy/Duck/Emperor/Fat Blue Cowboy/Fat Blue Spider Actor/Frankie/Frazzletone/French Toast/Girl/Girl Circler/Green AM Boy/Green Alphabeat/Green Singer/Green Son/Haystack/Hopalong Hamster/Host/Jack Be Nimble/Jill/Kathy's Friend/Kermit the Forg/Lavender Arab/Lavender Beatnik/Lavender Girl/Lord Hog/Melvin Milk/Middle/Mouse/Mr. Foot/Natalie the Cow/Old King Cole/Old Man/One of the Tarnish Brothers/Painting of a Bowl of Fruit/Pamela/Parker Monster/Peanut Butter/Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich/Pierre/Potato/Pretty Great Performances Announcer/Princess/Rick/Rocky/Rodeo Rosie/Royal Postman/Short King/Sleeping Beauty/Sneaky/Snooks/Spider/Storyteller/Sullivan/Sun/Teacher/The Country Mouse/The Hare/Third Ball/Tortoise/Townsperson #1/Usher/Yogi/Young George Washington/Zizzy Zoomer #2/'News Flash' Announcer/'Over the Top' lead singer/'Something Comes Between' Us/AM Monsters/Additional Performers/Admiral/Angry Dwarf/Animal Shelter Owner/Announceer/Anouncer/Baby Sparrow/Bad Humor Man/Balladeer in 'The Dirtiest Town in the West'/Barry/Bass Barber Singer/Big Jeffy/Bill Compton Muppet/Birdnardo Birdaluchi/Blue Kid/Boss/Boy Who Cried Monster/Boyfriend/Bruce/Bruce Monster/Carlos/Carny/Cartoon Mouse/Caveman Segment Narrator/Channel Announcer/Clam/Classmate/Construction Foreman/Country Mouse/Cow #2/Cowboy/Cowpoke/Creepy Connie/Custodian/Customer/Cyranose De Bergerac/Cyranose de Bergerac/DJ/Deputy/Disc Jockey/Dr. Livingston/Dr. Wolf/Dwarf/Ederly man/Electrician/Ernest the Grouch/Fastest Person in the Kingdom/Fat Blue/Fat Blue Sailor/Fat Blue Subject/Female Teacher/Fico/Fiddler on the roof singer/Firefighter Monster/Fireman/Football/Foreman/Fred the Horse/French Grouch/Gate Guard/Genie/Grandmother/Granny Grouch/Greaser/Greaser in the Park/Green Driver/Green Guy/Green Guy Named Ed/Guardian Angel/Guy/Hairy Man/Hare/Harvey's Victim/Herald/Herman Bird/Honker/Honkers/I.M. Pig/Ice Cream Man/Inchworm/Jerome/Jimmy/Joe/Joe Busby/Kid with Kermit/Kids/King/Lady with Tall Hat/Last/Lavender Boy/Lavender Customer/Lavender Man/Lavender Nomad/Lavender Subject/Lavender Witch/Lead Sheep/Lefty the Salesman's Boss/Little Bird/Little Bo Peep/Little Girl/Little Miss Muffett/Lonely Guy/Long-Haired Customer/Lord Chatterly/Louie/Lover #1/Magic Mirror/Magic Painting Lady/Marty/Mary/Matilda/Mean Manny/Moe/Mommy Snuffleupagus/Monkey Flip Counter/Monster Cowboy/Movie Patron/Mr. Big/Mr. Ogden/Mumford/News Flash Anouncer/Nick Normal and the Nickmatics/Noel Cowherd/Old Man with Cane/Over the Top/Over the Top Lead Singer/Over the Top Singer/Over the Top lead singer/Painting/Pig #1/Pig #2/Pilot/Plane Flier/Poco Loco/Postman/Prince #1/Professor Huggins/Professor Nucleus von Fission/Pumpkin Cowboy/Pumpkin Man/Purple Balladeer/Quincy/Radio Announcer/Rapunzel/Red Martian/Rhymin' Lyman/Richard Altman/Royal Subject/Rubber Ball/Sammy the Snake/Saxophonist/School Teacher/Sheep #1/Sheriff/Sheriff Shrimp/Short Red Monster/Singer 'In My Book'/Singer 'The Inside Story'/Singer 'Thirteen Turkeys'/Singer 'Turkey in the Straw'/Singer 'Ways to Get to School'/Singer 'Ways to Get to School' and 'The Iguana'/Sir John Feelgood/Smartest Person in the Kingdom/Snowman/Son #2/Subject/Teeth/Tenor Vocalist/The Animal Shelter Customer/The Blue King/The Genie of the Cookie Tin/The Gonk/The Miller's Daughter/The Oat Bran Band Lead singer/The Short King/The Sun/The Two-Headed Monster/The Young Man Who Lives in a Glove/The Young Man who Lives in a Glove/Tiger/Tony/Tornado/Two Headed Monster/Two Headed Monster [Left]/Two- Headed Monster/Various Muppets/Verne/Vidal Spitton/Villager/Vocalist/Walter/Western Mouse/Woman/Xavier/Young Lady/Young Man who Lives in a Glove
Fred Garver
as Barkley
Julie Hagerty
as Dr. Matthews
Shari Lewis
as Lamb Chop/Self
Amy Poehler
as Self
Dizzy Gillespie
as Self
Bella Butler
as Daughter
Wynton Marsalis
as Self
James Gandolfini
as Self
Mia Sinclair Jenness
as Mia
Andy Samberg
as Self
James Taylor
as Self
Arte Johnson
as German Soldier (Wolfgang)
as Self
Ashely Pink
as The Braid-y Bunch Member
Billy Bletcher
as Zero
Lynn Roberts
as The Androoze Sisters
Brian Meehl
as Telly Monster/Barkley/Clementine/Purple Honker/Dr. Nobel Price/Rusty/Captain Breakfast/Shark/Taxi Driver McGillicuddy/Fat Blue Host/The Shark/Additional Muppet Performer/Boy/Bushman Bill/Grundgetta/Carrot/Countess von Dahling/Dog/Farmer/Frantic City Gent/Grungetta/Pearl/Royal Chef/Saber-Toothed Tiger/Tarnish Brother/Telly/The King/Additional Anything Muppets/Additional Muppets/Assistant Director/Cobblestones Keyboardist/Dentist/Germ/Grandma/Honkers/Kid/Kid with Popcorn/King/Letter X/Lothar the Grouch/Mary's Lamb/Monsters/Othmar the Grouch/Pumpkin Subject/Red Monster Surgeon (speaking)/Snoring Man at Monotone Gig/The Countess/The Letter U/The Letter X/The Ramp Guy/Toucan/Yellow Flower
Rickey Carter
as Boy
David Hyde Pierce
as Commander Chiphead
Jenny McCarthy
as Self
as Themselves
Martin P. Robinson
as Telly Monster/Snuffy/Telly/Mr. Snuffleupagus/Buster the Horse/Announcer/Muppet/Irvine/Slimey/Dinger/Dicky Tick/Monty/Spaceship Surprise Narrator/Tito/Firefighter Jackson/Phil/Proud/Teacher/Vincent Twice/Vincent Twice, Vincent Twice/Additional Anything Muppets/Fish/Manolo/Shelley the Turtle/Aloysius Snuffleupagus/American Revolution Narrator/Big Mad Wolf/Father/Father ('Let's Go Driving')/Fluffy/Game Show Announcer/Gus/Gyro Spiniapolis/Mr. Policeman Fishy/Pink Martian/Sir Rodney/Sullivan/Angry Man #2/Big Bad Wolf/Blue Martian/Buster/Butch the Tiger/Carl Mericana/Horse/Kathleen the Cow/Lamb/Luke Warm/Maurice Monster/Old MacDonald/Penguin/Pizzeria Dos Twin #2/Proud Dwarf/Pumpkin Dentist/Pumpkin Man/Purple Monster/Purple Subject/Radio Announcer/Rockhead/Rooster/Snuffleupagus/Stick-house Pig/Store Clerk/Student/The Dinger/Tony the Turtle/'Air' Backup singer/'Caveman Days' Narrator/'Let's Go Driving in a Car' father/'Spaceship Surprise' announcer/Abigail Snuffleupagus/Additional Performers/Alice Snuffleupagus/Announcer #2/Announcer Jack/Bip's Backup Trio/Blue Bass Monster/Book/Bookworm Announcer/Cabbage/Capt. Donald Cragen/Captain/Cowboy/Cowpoke/Creature Feature Announcer/Dave/Dirk/Donald Grump/Drummer/Earl/Edvard Munch/Eugene/Farmer/Fat Blue Anything Muppet/Father 'Let's Go Driving'/Fire Fighter/Forgetful's Dad/Gary Grouch/Greaser in the Park/Green Rock n' Roller/Grouch Explorer/Harry/Helmet/Henny Drummschtick/Hilton Creamer/Honkers/Jane Snuffleupagus/Julius Caesar/Kid #3/Kid with Kermit/Lavender Woman 'Exercise'/Letter Carrier/Little Pig/Luther O'Possum/Man #1/Marty the Chair/Milk/Moon/Mr Snuffleupagus/Mr. Browning/Mr. Snufflueupagus/Mrs. Snuffleupagus/Murray Matisse/Newspaper Guy/Newt the Night Watchman/Old McDonald/Orange Haired Vocalist/Pegafish/Pig/Pig #1/Pig #2/Pumpkin/Pumpkin Cowboy/Pumpkin Transylvanian/Purple Man/Queen Snuffertiti/Ralphie/Rodmey/Romeo Scuggs/Ronald Grump/Sheep #1/Sheriff/Sherriff/Shoemaker/Slowest-Drawing Ed/Smelly/Snuffy Snuffleupagus/Soldier William/Spaceship Announcer/Spaceship Surprise Captain/The Announcer/The Big Bad Wolf/The Grouch/The Oat Bran Band Washboard Player/The Royal Apple Tree/The Sandman/The Sherriff/Thief #3/Third Kid/Tito Mouse/Tortoise/Travel Tips Announcer/Wide World of Sesame Street Announcer/Zucchini
Ladysmith Black Mambazo
as African Tribe/Themselves/Self
Tim McCarver
as Self - Host
Jaiya Jawanda Macksoud
as Daughter
Julianna Austin
as Little Kid
Matthew Schwartz
as Self
Steve Zuckerman
as Vocalist/Singer 'Ten Turtles'/Singer (song 'I in the Sky')/Singer (song "I in the Sky")
Mila Kunis
as Self
Mary Sue Berry
as The Androoze Sisters
Buffy Sainte-Marie
as Buffy
Patricia Leeper
as Katie
Ronald Binion
as Additional Muppets
Thomas Verutes
as Green Man
Kristin Ryder
as Mom
Ann Curry
as Self
Charles Gibson
as Self
Fatima Ptacek
as Girl with Michelle Obama
Michael Jeter
as Mr. Noodle's Brother, Mr. Noodle/Mr. Noodle's Brother/Self
Marc Petrosino
as Additional Muppets/Hungry Bird/Lead Violinist
Annie Vilanova
as Cousin Annie
Ruben Studdard
as Self
Kunal Nayyar
as Self
Maya Rudolph
as Self
Eric Stonestreet
as Self
Oliver Alexander
Dan Castellaneta
as Homer Simpson/Homer J. Simpson
Conan O'Brien
as Self
Jasmine Romero
as Sofia/Penguin
Maja Vujicic
as Counting Chicks/Little Girl
Zach Braff
as Self
Cab Calloway
as Self
Sean Landeta
as Self
Heather Henson
as Little Girl in 'Number Three Ball' Film
Amy Adams
as Self
Amar Tiwoni
as Bubble Blower #1/Puddle Jumper #1
Linda Ronstadt
as Self
Los Lobos
as Themselves
Lucy Liu
as Guest Star
Skylar Dunn
as Self
Blair Underwood
as Self
Lara MacLean
as Muppet
Ruby Littman
as Grouchketeer/Singer
Frances Foster
as Dorothy/Susan's Mother
Byron C. Cherry
as Dad ('T is for Train')
Andy Vasnick
as Andy
Celia Cruz
as Self
Andrea Bocelli
as Self
Maria Conchita Alonso
as Self
Ryan Dillon
as Elmo/Muppet/Sensitive-Nose/Tuba Player
Laurent Linn
as Passerby
Dick Maitland
as Slimey
Cheikh M'Baye
as Dancing Kid
Natalie Portman
as Natalie/Self
Sofia Esmaili
as Pilar
Jimmy Kimmel
as Self
Barbara Dana
as Phyllis
Wyclef Jean
as Self
Paula Patton
as Self
Dwight R.B. Cook
as Lead Singer 'Disco D'
Richard Termine
as Additional Muppet Performer
Eugenio Bartilotti
as Abelardo Montoya
as Themselves - Musical Guest
Jaime Sánchez
as Miguel
Wynonna Judd
as Self
Alison Krauss
as Self
Pat Hodelin
as Additional Muppet Performer
Pierce Kang
as Sam
Tyler Bunch
as Niblet/Muppet/Nose McDonald/Agent Van Cuckoo/Enormous Athlete/Ringmaster/Blake Shelton Muppet/Bottle/Ham Actor/Morty the Musical Muse/Announcer/Art Fishbottom/Chewie the Cookie/Dark Baker/Jack the Boss/Joe Doe/Kurt Hummel Muppet/Louie/Minnesota Mel/Ooze/Orange Wrestler/Papino the Pixie/Pentagon/Prince Cha-Cha Charming/Rico/Ryan Evans Muppet/Sheep-ret Service/The Great Halfini/The Grouch/The Ringmaster/Vincent van Dough
Kid 'N Play
as Themselves
Raúl Juliá
Rosetta LeNoire
as Mrs. Robinson
Emerald Gordon Wulf
as Child
Bill Irwin
as Mr. Noodle/Air Mime/Professor Television/Guest Appearance in 'A New Way to Walk'/Random Guy
Chris Knowings
as Chris
Alison Bartlett-O'Reilly
Noah Wyle
as Dr. Colburn/Dr. Corburn/Self
Annette Calud
as Celina
Dave Goelz
as China Shop Clerk/Lovey Dwarf/Mr. Between/Pino/Piño/Sid the Pig
Gary Owens
as The Man from Alphabet/Today's Secret Drawing Announcer/'H for Hello' Cartoon/'Today's Secret Drawing' Announcer/Cartoon Man/D Commercial Announcer/Man/Man in 'K for Kangaroo' Cartoon/Man with Letter I
Jou Jou Papailler
as Jamal/Jammal
Bob McGrath
as Bob/Bob Johnson/Singer 'Look a Little Closer'/Additional Vocals 'Wheels on My Feet'/Bob as the Itsy Bitsy Spider/Boy (Green) - singing/Brother/Brother ('Five People in My Family')/Trumpet Player/Wanda's Father
George Benson
as Self
Audyssie James
as Sporty Kid #4
Alan Arkin
as Larry
Carly Simon
as Self
Madisyn Shipman
as Madisyn
Eddie Castrodad
as Piri
Caroly Wilcox
as Additional Muppet Performer/Additional Muppets/Ernie
Ziggy Marley
as Self
John Barilla
as The Detective/Detective
Billy Crystal
as Ricky/Henry
Frankie Cordero
as Rudy
Emily Muggleton
as Explorer Girl
Howard Johnson
as Self
Gabriel Velez
as Library Patron/Osvaldo the Grouch
Henry Winkler
as Fonzie
Desiree Casado
as Gabi/Gabi Rodriguez/Gabriela
Rachel Dratch
as Museum Guard
Jim Thurman
as Teeny Little Superguy/Christopher Clumsy/Teeny Little Super Guy/Julius/Jake the Snake/Jasper/Bob (DVD version)/Cartoon Man with Dog/Lost Man/Man with Up and Down Remote/Pirate in 'T for Treasure' Cartoon/Airplane Pilot/Alphabet Guy/Arthur/Singer 'Calcutta Joe'/Bear with Ten Cans/Calcutta Joe singer/Dunce/H Runner/Julius and Jasper/Man/R.W./Vocalist
Billy Joel
as Self
Anthony Daniels
as C-3PO
Jerry O'Connell
as Self
Karen Prell
as Additional Muppet Performer/Deena/Lavender Woman/Little Girl/Additional Muppets/Big Kid/Blue Paper Woman/Germ/Girl/Grandma Bird/Green Girl/Green Monster Surgeon/Green Tough Girl/Lavender Girl/Masha/Muppet Performer/Red Flower/Tomato
Joe Torre
as Self
James Catusi
as Jim
Damaris Carbaugh
as Fruta Manzana/Female Billingual Singer/Fruita Manzana
Troy Verso
as Sporty Kid #1
Whitman Mayo
as Self
Union Station
as Themselves
Sam Champion
as News Anchor
Mark Ruffalo
as Self
Giancarlo Esposito
as Mickey
Tristan Carrasco
as Self
Julianna Margulies
as Dr. Berger
Anne Meara
as Silent 'Help' Film Narrator/Narrator
Hana Colley
as Dancing Girl
Keith Hernandez
as Self
Rita Moreno
as Teresa/Vocals on 'Women Can Be'/Liza
Christopher Lofton
as John
Max Garfin
as Darwin's FInches
Phil McGraw
as Dr. Phil
Alison von Brock
as 'Doll House' Girl
David Rudman
as Baby Bear/Cookie Monster/Muppet/Humphrey/Fish/Two-Headed Monster/Fearful/Sonny Friendly/Flo Bear/Backup Vocals/Betty Bowl of Plastic Fruit/Big Bad Wolf/Blue Monster/Chicago/Chicago the Lion/Davey Monkey/Duck/Lavender Sailor/Velma Blank/Additional Anything Muppets/Additional Muppet Performer/Additional Muppets/Angry Man #4/Athena/Big Bad Chicken/Cookie's Friend/Ernestine/Fearful Dwarf/Kermit in 'Do De Rubber Duck' (Assistant)/Lavender Dentist/Mallard Capone/Stagehand/Student/Tessie Twiddlebug/'Air' Backup singer/Additional Performers/Andre/Artie Abrams Muppet/Astronaut/Audrey Pigeon/Backup Monster/Beach Ball/Bip's Backup Trio/Blue Cowboy/Blue Haired Vocalist/Bud/Cat/Cow #3/Cowboy/Cowpoke/Dentist/Det. John Munch/Dr. Edwynn/Dr. Johnson/Drummer/Duane/Ernie in 'Conga'/Fanny the Firefighter/Fat Blue Transylvanian/Flash Gizmo Space Cadet/Frustrated Muppet Man in 'Cerrado' and 'Abierto'/Granny Snuffle/Greaser in the Park/Grouch/Hammy Swinette (speaking)/Hero Guy/Hoots's Drummer/Humphry/Jill (Assistant)/Jill (assistant)/Jogger/Jury Penguin 2/Kathleen the Cow/Kermit the Frog (Assistant)/Lamb/Lavender Boy/Lavender Guy Named Ed/Lavender Hispanic Anything Muppet man/Lavender Kid/Milk/Mommy Snufffleupagus/Mommy Snuffleupagus/Mr. On Top Of/Neurotic Man/Norm/Norman/Oscar/Paramedic 2/Prince/Princess/Production Assistant/Royal Servant/Rudder Rabbit/Sheep/Sheep-ret Service/Shirt/Shopkeeper/Sidney/Soldier Patrick/Spike/Step-Mother/Stepmother/Sully/The Big Bad Wolf/The Letter U/The Letter X/The Number Two/The Penguin Thief/Triangle Lover's Assistant/Trumpet Player/Wiggles/Zero
Jessica Peters
as Jessica
Idina Menzel
as Self
Gene Moss
as Karen the Kangaroo/Digby Dropout/Kangaroo/Wise Man
Bo Diddley
as Self
Mark Bennett
as Mr. Mark
Kyndra Sanchez
as Girl
Láng Lang
as Self
Angella Kaye
as Angie
Cookie Monster
as Self
as Themselves
Chris Becker
as Mr. Plumber
Noel MacNeal
as Muppet/Additional Muppet Performer/Cashier/Oscar in 'Do De Rubber Duck' (Assistant)/Additional Anything Muppets/Attendee #7/Turkey/Additional Muppets/Anything Muppets/Arnold Snuffenager/Dog/Ernie (Assistant)/Flower Person/Green Female Sailor/Green Sailor/Green Sailor #2/Grover in 'Conga'/Sheep #1/Snuffle Granny/The Bran Band Violinist
Frank Caldeiro
as Self
LaVon Fisher-Wilson
as Mom
Gene Wilder
as Letterman/'Imagination Rain' singer/'Tion' singer
Derek Ritschel
as Ray
Chris Kirkpatrick
as Self
Pooja Narang
as Self
as Explorer Boy
Melissa Etheridge
as Self
Mookie Wilson
as Self
Olan Soule
as Batman
Dave Winfield
as Self
Stephanie D'Abruzzo
as Muppet/Curly Bear/Elizabeth/Additional Muppets/Christina Aguilera Muppet/Grover's Mom/Lulu/Super Fairy/Additional Performers/Backup Dancer/Doll/Googel/Google/Gretel/Heidi/Liz Lemon/Mae/Mariella/Mary Mary Quite Contrary/Moo-dusa/Muncha Lisa/Ostrich Lady/Penguin Guard/Pink Jacket/Prairie Dawn/Princess Parfaita/Rachel Berry Muppet/Robin/Sharpay Evans Muppet/The Grouch
Flip Wilson
as Self
Joey Fatone
as Self
Michelle Obama
as Self
Bruno Mars
as Self
Debra Winger
as Debra
Annie Peterle
as Hat Check Girl
Alice Liu
as Maria's Nurse/Porridge Lover
Jim Martin
as Muppet/Additional Muppet Performer/Surprised/Additional Muppets/Goat/Pink Martian/Preston Rabbit/Rooster/Additional Performers/Angry Man #2/Baby Bunny/Banana/Betty Lou's Dad/Dry Cleaner/Green Sailor/Grouch Toll Booth Attendant/Harry the Haystack/Haystack/Muppet Performer/Oscar/Patti Paintbrush/Purple Honker in 'Conga'/Suprise Dwarf/Surprised Dwarf
Gilles Ben-David
as Moshie Oofnik
Dave Matthews
as Self
Mackenzie Milone
as Mackenzie/Snuffy's Friend
Lin-Manuel Miranda
as Freddy Flapman/Lamb-Manuel
Jenna Vogeler
as Scooter Girl
Joe Namath
as Self
Tracee Ellis Ross
as Self
Connor Quinn
as Connor
Bruce Connelly
as Muppet/Barkley/Additional Muppets/Additional Performers/Muppet Performer/Park-goer
Amy Ryan
as Self
Harvey Fierstein
as Self
Vinny DeGennaro
as Fireman
Tarah Schaeffer
as Tarah
Carol Burnett
as Self
Amanda Maddock
as Muppet
Jon Hamm
as Self
Richard Hunt
as Two-Headed Monster/Gladys the Cow/Richard (Two-Headed Monster)/Forgetful Jones/Don Music/Timmy Twiddlebug/Placido Flamingo/Sully/Green Alphabeat/Maurice Monster/Anything Muppets/Librarian/Sonny Friendly/Little Red Riding Hood/Bear/Bruno/Cheerful/Cowboy/Monotones Vocalist/Pig #2/Spaceship Surprise Mate/Alphabeat Vocals/Baby Bobby/Blue Man/Blue Martian/Counting Service Man/Cow/Green Subject/Larry Rhymie/Old MacDonald/Potter Piper/Telephone Operator/Additional Anything Muppets/Brad/Clancy/Delivery Man/Easter Bunny/Eddie/Eskimo Boy/Francine/Gilbert/Hot Pink Brother/Lavender Alphabeat/Monsters/Sneaker/Stuie Monster/Wodehouse/Additional Muppets/Backup Vocals/Blue Beatnik/Brick-house Pig/British Chap/Carl Carrot/Cora Cow/Cowpoke/Crossing Guard/Dip Cat/Elmo/Frazzletone/French Toast/Girl/Grandpa Grouch/Green Beetle/Green Patron/Green Villager/Green Woman/Grenadier Guardsman/Harvey Monster/Headline Howie/Horseman/Lavender Monotone/Lavender Tarnish Brother/Lead Beetle/Leo the Party Monster/Letter E/Lettuce/Little Girl/Orange Gold Son/Orange Gold Tarnish Brother/Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich/Pig/Pig #3/Pink/Rockhead/Spud/Stan/The Young Woman Who Lives in a Hat/Tour Guide/Townsperson #2/Two- Headed Monster/'Air' Backup singer/'Spaceship Surprise' Officer/AM Monsters/Additional Muppet Performer/Ali Baba/Alphabeat/Announcer/Apple Monster/Assistant/Bad Barney/Bartender/Beetles Lead Vocalist/Beetles Vocalist/Benny/Bip's Backup Trio/Bird/Blue Guy/Boy/British Guy/Brown Cow/Bruce/Candlemaker/Captain Vegetable/Carl the Cop/Cavewoman/Cedric/Chauffeur/Cheerful Dwarf/Chester the Bartender/Classmate/Dark Green Monster/Delivery Woman/Dip/Dr. Kvetch/Driver/Fat Blue Boy/Fenwick la Touche/Fish/Forgettinest Jones/Friend/Garbage Man/Gladys/Greaser/Green Eskimo/Green Greaser/Green Witch/Green Wolf/Grouch Host/Grover (Assistant)/Guy Smiley/Ham/Harry/Harvey's Victim/Herry Assistant/Honkers/Jacques Shoesteau (segment 'In, On, and Under')/Janitor/King Gerry's Doctor/King's Horseman/Lady Lulu/Lavender Man/Lavender Woman/Lead Singer of Movin'/Leaky/Little Pig/Little Sammy Pottle/Man/Man on Telephone/Mate/Mirror/Monotone #1/Monotones Vocals/Monster at Disco/Movin' Lead Singer/Mr. Moses/Muppet Performer/Nick Redfield/Oil Man/Old MacDougal/Oscar's Nephew/Prince/Prince Charming/Pumpkin Cowboy/Pumpkin Man/Pumpkin Victim/Richie/Royal Subject/Second Weather Man/Shaking Shoe/Sheep/Shoe/Sister/Soldier John/Son #1/Subjects/TV Announcer/Tall Grey Monster/Tenor Barber Singer/The Letter E/The Pig/The Shaking Shoe/Thief #2/Toulouse/Townsperson/Tree/Umbrella Salesman/Various Anything Muppets/Various Muppets/Victor/Villager/Willy Nilly/Winnie Wiggins/Woman/Young Woman who Lives in a Hat/Zig-Zag Dancer/Zookeeper
Suzanne Farrell
as Self
Richard Kind
as Fairy Balloon Person/Mr. Disgracey
Jeff Moss
as Big Jeffy/Lavender Alphabeat/Dove in 'Above it All'/Low Singer/The Alphabeats/Chrissy's Student/Scat Vocals on 'Listen to the Bells'/Bass Vocals/Brother and Classmate 'Listen to the Bells'/Dove/Green Alphabeat/Paul/Pumpkin Monotone/Purple Student/Student/Tall Orange Hispanic Anything Muppet man/The Dove/Vocalist
Julie Bowen
as Self
John Goodman
as John Goodman
Allen McLean
Yvonne Lewis
as Backup Vocals/The Fly Girls/Vocalist
Doris Eugenio
as The Fly Girls
Jeremy Irons
as Self
Grover Monster
as Self/Postman/Super Grover/Taxi Driver/Waiter Grover
Ellen Greene
Molly Boylan
as Customer
Howard A. Roberts
as Backup Singer 'Disco D'
Cate Elefante
as Cate
Aiden Medina
Norah Jones
as Self
Matthew Furtado
as Professor Art
Geena Davis
as Self
Amanda Troya
as Amanda
Jackson Frazer
as Self
István Mihály
as Son
Colbie Caillat
as Self
Helen Reddy
as Self
Steve Carell
as Self
Isiah Thomas
as Self
Cuba Gooding Jr.
as Self
Cheryl Hardwick
as Moo Wave Vocals/Oinker Sister/Moo Wave Cow/Vocalist/Backup Vocals/Cerial Girl/Oinker Sister #2
Antonio Rodriguez
as Kid
Adam Rodriguez
as Detective Alfie Betts
Zac Efron
as Self - Guest
Andrew Pang
as Andy
Dwight Howard
as Self
Adam Savage
as Heathcliff
Craig Ferguson
as Self
Alona Leoine
as Ameena
Linda Wang
as Mr. Hooper's Little Helper
Jodie Foster
as Self
Nicole Kidman
as Self
Ed Helms
as Self
Lauren Graham
as Self
Amy Sedaris
as Snow White
Isaiah Givens
as Isaiah
Ed Lipton
as Self
Ruth Buzzi
as Ruthie/Suzie Kabloozie/Gladys Ormphby/Ruthi/Guest Appearance in 'A New Way to Walk'/Suzie Kabloozi/The Grouch Princess
Jason Schwartzman
as Super Chef
Luther Vandross
as Listen My Brother/Self
Al Roker
as Self
Judy Graubart
as Hat Store Clerk
William Wegman
as Fay's Owner/Dog Segment Narrator/Fay's Instructor/Batty/Clay making dog/Crooky/Fay Ray/Narrator/Narrator for 'Dogs are Sound Sleeper'
Larry Block
as Tom
Bob Payne
as Mary Rhymie/Additional Muppet Performer/Judy Finstermacher/Mary/Osvaldo/Zebediah/Anything Muppet Girl/Bertha/Classmate/Cobblestone Guitarist/Construction Worker Monster/Cousin Monster/Frankie/Georgie/Mary Rhyme/Monster at Disco/Purple Man/Squeaky/Telly Monster/The Building Inspector
Matt Frewer
as Max Headroom
Toby Towson
as Barkley
Micki Barnett
as Micki
Jake Gyllenhaal
as Self
Lindsay Lohan
as Kid/The Braid-y Bunch Member
Miles Orman
as Miles
Jim Nabors
as Self
Tim Conway
as Self
Orli Hersch
as Self/Orli Hersch
Judah Friedlander
as Inspector 4/Self
Buzz Aldrin
as Self
Robyn Young
as Hoofer
Lee Chamberlin
as Barbra the Barber
John Cho
as Self
Danny DeVito
as Self/Vincent van Grouch
Viola Davis
as Self
Sumiko Kimura
as 'Doll House' Girl
Jeremy Redleaf
as Gonnigan/Connigan
Diane Schuur
as Self
Peter Linz
as Muppet/Ernie/Additional Muppets/Bakeob/Custodian/Letter A/Luke Piewalker/Passerby/Roxie Marie in 'Conga'/Royal Woman/The Grouch/Walter
Lena Horne
as Self
James Galway
as Self
Candice Bergen
as Self
Michele Mariana
as Cecille/Gloria Globe/Cecile/Cecille the Ball
Colin Farrell
as Self
B.B. King
as Self
Grace Slick
as Singer 'Jazz #6'/Singer 'Jazz #7'/Singer 'Jazz #2'/Singer 'Jazz #3'/Singer 'Jazz #10'/Singer 'Jazz #8'/Singer 'Jazz #4'/Singer 'Jazz #5'/Singer 'Jazz #9'/'Jazz #2'/'Jazz #9'/Singer 'Jazz #10/Singer 'Jazz #2 and #3'/Singer 'Jazz #4 and 5'/Singer - 'Jazz #10'/Singer - 'Jazz #8'/Singer: 'Jazz #7'/Vocalist
John J. Jordan
as Nurse J
Danny Glover
as Self
Dan Zanes
as Self
Alisa Yalan
as Mom
as Self - Guest
Abby Cadabby
as Self
Kathryn Mullen
as Mr. Honker/Additional Muppet Performer/Amanda/Kathy/Sally Smith/Imaginative Girl/Kathryn/Young Frog/Carpenter/Mr. Honker (Green)/Additional Anything Muppets/Additional Muppets/Brave Little Girl/Cheese/Female Monster/Female Monster at Disco/Girl/Green Girl/Green Honker/Lila/Little Girl/Little Miss Muffet/Newspaper Dealer/The Count in 'Conga'
Ursula Parker
as Violinist
Pat Hudson
as Additional Muppet Performer
M. Elizabeth Houston
as Felicity/Martha/Additional Muppet Performer/Additional Muppets/Lynn-Lynn/Green Cowgirl/Scuba-diver/Stepsister #1/Stepsister #2
Jill Scott
as Self
Joan Rivers
as 'The Adventures of Letterman' Narrator
as Basket
Kadeem Hardison
as Self
Ismail Bashey
as Orderly
Maya Angelou
as Self/Guest Appearance in 'A New Way to Walk'
Megan Mullally
as Self
Phil Bernardin
as Record Executive
Blake Griffin
as Self
Jay Leno
as Self
Drew Massey
as Additional Muppets
Pam Arciero
as Muppet/Grundgetta/Grungetta/Additional Muppets/Crystal/Katie/Vanessa/Girl/Cinderella/Daughter ('Let's Go Driving')/Cat/Daughter/Grandma Bird/Little Lizzy Hammertoe/Rosa/Additional Muppet Performer/Additional Performers/Black and White Moo Wave Cow/Black and White Moo Wave Cow (Assistant)/Black and White Moo Wave Cow (assistant)/Blue Honker in 'Conga'/Daughter 'Let's Go Driving'/Ernie's Friend/Grandmother Bird/Grungetta Grunge/Guitarist/Kathleen the Cow/Kermit (assistant)/Lavender Girl/Letter S/Little Girl/Little Lizzie Hammertoe/Muppet Performer/Penguin/Sheep #2/Star/Student
Amibika Suknandan
as The Braid-y Bunch Member
Fred Newman
as Self
John Candy
as Self
Sutton Foster
as Self
Raul Julia
as Rafael
Cheryl Henson
as Crowd Member
Samantha Tuffarelli
as Self
Maeretha Stewart
as Backup Vocals/The Androoze Sisters/Vocalist
Andrew Moriarty
as Additional Muppet Performer
Itzhak Perlman
as Self
Dave Conner
as Dance Studio Pianist
Glenn Close
as Self
Savion Glover
as Savion
Doris Roberts
as Self
Venus Williams
as Self
Christy Knowings
as Christy
Donald Glover
Jose Flores de Sales
as Jose
Sid Caesar
as Self/The Professor
Wendy Williams
as Self
Kim Raver
Kevin Kline
as Self
Syvae McDaniel
as Kayla
Will Lee
as Mr. Hooper/Mr. Harold Hooper
Ray Barretto
as Self
Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers
as Themselves
Robin Clark
as Listen My Brother/Self
Ron Marshall
as Singer
Alan Muraoka
as Alan
Vincent John
as My Bashed Future
Yvette Edery
as Shopper
Zoe Monster
as Self
Peter MacKennan
as Additional Muppet Performer/Additional Muppets
Martina McBride
as Martina
Maxine Jones
as En Vogue
Jay Mohr
as Self - Guest
Tori Feinstein
as Girl
Montana Byrne
as Principle child/Word on the Street Girl
Noberto Kerner
as Osvaldo, el Gruñón/Osvaldo
Ilyana Kadushin
as Laundromat Singer
Kermit the Frog
as Self
Major Holley
as Bass Player
Brian Hemesath
Gregg Berger
as The Bellhop/Bellhop/Hotel Bellhop/Lost Alien
Whoopi Goldberg
as Self
Johnny Cash
as Self
Juan Vasquez
as Juanes
Michael Chang
as Guest Appearance in 'A New Way to Walk'
Melissa McCarthy
as Self
Howard Morris
as Jughead Jones
James Earl Jones
as Self/Lemming #30
Renée Elise Goldsberry
as Yellow Palette
John Kennedy
as Additional Muppets/Artie Abrams Muppet/Ball of Wax/Horn Player/The Green Four-net
Sharen Gay
as Stewardess
Stephen Marley
as Self
Francesca Rizzo
as Pete the Dog
Keshia Knight Pulliam
as Self
Harry Belafonte
as Self
James Marsden
as Self
Walt Frazier
as Self
Ken Jennings
as Self
William Kucmierowski
as Self
Maya Delmont
as Little Girl
James Randi
as Magician
Joseph Herscher
as Self - Kinetic Artist
My Bashed Future
as Themselves
Yo-Yo Ma
as Self/Self - Cellist
Tracie Mick-Shoemaker
as Singing Chicken/Tina
Jordana Keller
as Kid
Madeline Kahn
as Self/Madeline/The Commissioner of Fun and Games
Burt Lancaster
as Self
Claude Huard
as Passenger
Stephen Conrad Moore
as Laundromat Singer
Marc Valitutto
as Self
JC Chasez
as Self
Hal Miller
as Gordon/Gordon Robinson
Brian Doyle-Murray
as Man in Row Boat #2/Man in Rowboat #2
Denyce Graves
as Self
J.R. Martinez
as Self
Lila Woodard
as Child
Roger Ebert
as Self
Yeardley Smith
as Lisa Simpson
Marilyn Horne
as Self
Troy Byer
as Sally
Rachel McDaniel
as Kayla
Yamirsa Santiago
as Cousin Yamira
Tony Bennett
as Self
Bob Arbogast
as 'T for Toys' Cartoon/Cartoon Man/Man Getting his Nose Drawn/T Words Cartoon Narrator
Joseph Simmons
as Self
Lorena Feijóo
as Self
Robert De Niro
as Self
Rachael Ray
as Rachael
Daniel Koren
as Mr. Noodle
Danny Seagren
as Big Bird/Father Basketball/Muppet Performer
Robin Williams
as Self
Sofía Vergara
as Self
Seth Green
as Mr. Robinson/Self/Vinny
Lena Headey
as Self
Alan Muroaka
as Alan
Michael McKean
as Vergil Von Vivaldi
José Ferrer
as Tío José
Bud Luckey
as Donnie Budd/The Alligator King/Singer 'That's About the Size of It'/Alligator King/Candy Man/Singer 'Martian Beauty'/Singer 'The Alligator King'
T.R. Knight
as Private I
Joey Mazzarino
as Murray Monster/Blogg/Muppet/Papa Bear/Murray/Ingrid/Stinky the Stinkweed/Merry Monster/Horatio the Elephant/Two-Headed Monster/Big Rad Wolf/Joey Monkey/Nucky Ducky/The Great In-Betweeni/Carson Daly Muppet/Chicken/Davy Jones/Merry/Narf/Original Jay/Additional Performers/Announcer/Baby Bunny/Backup Dancer/Baseball Hat/Bert in 'Conga'/Big Bad Wolf/Big Foot/Blögg/British Cricket/Cafeteria Member/Clumsy/Colambo/Colambo the Sheep Detective/Det. Elliot Stabler/Dog/Fiverine/Green Transylvanian/Grouch Explorer/Grouch Thief/Gus Hopper/Horatio/Horatio Elephant/Ingrid, Lyle Large/Jury Penguin 3/Lamb/Leonardo da Crunchy/Letter Y/Mack/Man #2/Mr. Gue/Mr. MiCookie/Muffin/Only One Cannoli/Paramedic 1/Philip/Pierre Blue/Pig/Swampy/The Cream/The Elephant/The Great In-Betweeny/The Grouch/The Top Banana/Tomato/Tooth Fairy
Jack Dodson
as Man in Letter U cartoon
Sherri Shepherd
as Self
Lillie Ricciardi
as Self
Corrine Hoffman
as Dwarf
Carlos Alomar
as Listen My Brother/Self
Desiree Miller
as Gabi
Andrea Martin
as Wanda Falbo/Security Guard/Fairy Godmonster/Lecture Lady/Narrator/Self/Wanda the Word Fairy/Additional Voices/Boy/Bubbles Martin/Edith the Sales Woman/Fairy Godmother/Girl/Jumpy Garland/Wanda the Fairy
Bryan Maitland
as Gabriela
Lia Murphy
as Daughter
as Self
Will Arnett
as Max the Magician
Wendi McLendon-Covey
as Self
Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick
as Brother Kirk/Self
James Cranna
as Cyrus
Deborah Oster Pannell
as Mom
David Dinkins
as Self
Jean Shepherd
as All Characters in 'Cowboy X' segment/All Chraracters in 'Cowboy X' segment
Ildikó Luca
as Daughter
Terrence Howard
as Elmo Slide Dancer
Clarice Taylor
as David's Grandma
Lisa Bonet
as Self
Amanda M. Slade Binecz
as Mother
William 'Rosko' Mercer
as Limbo/Narrator 'The King of 8'/Narrator 'The Queen of Six'
Peter Dinklage
as Simon
Neil Patrick Harris
as The Fairy Shoeperson
Ken Jeong
as Self
Judy Sladky
as Alice/Additional Muppet Performer/Alice Snuffleupagus/Additional Muppets/Park-goer
Willie Quinones
as Roberto
Linda Bove
as Linda/Chaplin's Reflection/Girl with Chaplin/Linda the Windup Toy/Woman in Painting/Woman in Rain Poncho
Carol Hall
as Vocals on 'Women Can Be'

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