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December 3, 2021
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When you get into trouble there's only one person to call, Olivia Pope. Olivia is a professional 'fixer' who makes problems go away before anyone even knows they exist. For the moneyed, the powerful and even the President, Olivia is a legend in her field. Her spectacular success is mostly due to her unbreakable rule of always trust your gut. No matter how careful you are, when you do damage control for a living, you're bound to cause some damage to your own life. She and her crew eat, sleep, live and breathe crisis. Each week, as the team races against the clock to defuse intriguing new problems before they become full-blown disasters, they also have to deal with their own personal issues. They may call themselves 'gladiators in suits', but little by little, Olivia and her crew begin to reveal the chinks in their armor.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: April 5, 2012

Also Known As: Escândalos: Os Bastidores do Poder, Škandál |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M, MA15+), Brazil (14, 16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

washington dc, usa
the white house

Company Credits

Production Co: Shondaland, ABC Signature


Rachel Smith
as Entertainment News Reporter
Andra Petru
as News Reporter
Mark Fite
as Congressman Adam Kelly
Nicole Erb
as Student #2
Maggie Lehman
as TV Producer
Edwin Kho
as Dumb Millennial
Lahela Garner
as Christening Attendee
Aaron D. Alexander
as Abby Whelan's Security
Medalion Rahimi
as Yasmeen
Elizabeth Payne
as White House Counsel
Caroline Pho
as OB Doctor
Bart Tangredi
as Federal Agent/Lead Agent
Grainger Hines
as Senator Schumann
Steven Flynn
as George Bixby
Caitlyn Leone
as Casey Ross
Chris Mulkey
as Chief Conners
Derwin Jordan
as Reporter Jim
Scott Hamm
as Lead Secret Service Agent
Erica Shaffer
as Reporter Julia/BNC Anchor Julia/Field Reporter/News Anchor/Alicia Thomas/Anchor/Anchor Julia/Another Reporter/Julia/Local Anchor/Local News Anchor 1/Local TV Reporter/On Scene Reporter/Reporter #2/TV Anchor/TV Newscaster
Shon Lange
as Second Intruder
Philip Asta
as American Hostage/Hostage #4
Jasika Nicole
as Kim Muñoz
Carlo Rota
as Ivan
Elaine Lockhart
as Protestor/White House Visitor
Tony Goldwyn
as Fitzgerald Grant
Tina Redmond
as White House Staff
Hector Luis Bustamante
as Major Morales
Christopher Avila
as Teenage Cashier
Dean Cudworth
as Colonel Rusty Staub
Kate Miner
as Jenna Newhall
Kyle Chen
as Set PA
Garrett M. Brown
as Vincent Ambruso
Eric Mabius
as Peter Caldwell
Peter Holden
as William Granville
Meredith Riley Stewart
as Dana
Lisa Canning
as Anchor
Glenda Morgan Brown
as Middle-Aged Woman
Jack Armstrong
as Senator Joseph Walton
Vanessa Zima
as Jill
Paul McMichael
as Audience Member
Sumalee Montano
as Audrey Campo
Marquise C. Brown
as Alisha Francis
Scott Broderick
as Guard
Gregory Mikurak
as Boyish SEAL
Aniya Ricks
as Ella Beene
John Getz
as Patrick Keating
Jada Turner
as Girl #2
Pilar Holland
as Jennifer Price
Dan Gordon
as Nelson O'Shea
Alicia Love
as Juror
John O'Leary
as Terry
Chris Ason
as Secret Service
Matthew Iott
as Wally
Christopher Wolfe
as Reporter Jim/Hipster Glasses Anchor/News Pundit/Reporter #2
Saidah Arrika Ekulona
as Samantha
Silawn Lewis
as Funeral Attendee/Subway Passenger
Tim True
as Marvin Heward
John Asadi
as Bandari Dignitary
Kendra Danielle Smith
as Baker
Brielle Barbusca
as Faith
Frank Krueger
as Henry Felton
Breck Gallini
as Donald 'Tripp' Morgan III
Chris Johnen
as Agent Boone
Michael James Thompson
as Reporter #4
Jessica Nunez-Wood
as Reporter
Adam Critchlow
as Secret Service Agent
Tom Irwin
as Justice Spivey
Ashley Bornancin
as Olivia Wannabe #2
Jody Hart
as Secret Service Agent
Eddie Jackson
as Secret Service Agent/Secret Service Agent Director
Amy Farrington
as Tammy Blakely
Derek Graf
as Guard
Michelle Wong
as Reporter #3/Cable Newscaster #2/Field Reporter/On Scene Reporter
Brian Mulligan
as Janitor
Ursula Burton
as Female Classmate
Jayson Creek
as Reporter #2
Michael Segovia
as Teenage Cashier
Vince Melocchi
as Cop
Joanna Theobalds
as Delivery Nurse
Keli Daniels
as Cable News Anchor
Anthony Muniz
as Hollis Aide
Tim Ransom
as Jeremy Winslow
Trevor Hammonds
as Lawyer/Mourner/Presidential Aide
Troy Winbush
as Morris Elcott
Lauren Lenhart
as Nurse/Reporter #3
Debra Cardona
as Enthusiastic Senator/Lynda Ramirez
LisaGay Hamilton
as Ambassador
Emily Osborne
as Attorney
Melanie Price
as Sterling Associate
Thomas Ignatius
as Ballroom Dancer
Dan Byrd
as Virgil Punkett
Mino Mackic
as Reporter
Joshua Wolf Coleman
as Guy in Van
Addie Doyle
as Business Woman
Roderick McCarthy
as Daniel/Secret Service Agent #3
Andrew Liberty
as Process Server #3
Gary Robinson
as Secretary Phillips
Mandalynn Carlson
as Annie Stanner
Nicole Shalhoub
as Flight Attendant
Nicholas Maccarone
as Young Campaign Reporter
Margaret Newborn
as Audience/Camera Operatir/Crew/Sandra Body Double
Patrick Fabian
as Senator Richard Meyers
Mirai Booth-Ong
as Sales Clerk
Jaden Betts
as Javi
as Russian Thug
Warren E. Thomas
as Pastor Drake
Marla Gibbs
as Rose
Danny Belford
as Cyrus Prison Guard
James Austin Kerr
as Frat Boy
Marmee Regine Cosico
as Jury Member
Khandi Alexander
as Maya Lewis/Maya Pope/Maya
Janora McDuffie
as Military Doctor
Steven Liu
as President Aide
Liz Gonzalez
as Kelly
Steven Emmert
as News Cameraman
Clint Carmichael
as Anchor 2
Rahnuma Panthaky
as Helena Young
Adelia Chaiyakul
as Representative
Ingrid Walters
as Reporter #3
Juliette Goglia
as Mackenzie Miller
Andrew Tinpo Lee
as Josh Stewart
Kurtis Mast
as Andy
Hilary Pingle
as Paramedic
Ashley Dulaney
as Ashley
Jason Turner
as Man in Suit
Garrett Morris
as Hector
Phoebe Neidhardt
as Meg Mitchell
Lisa Kudrow
as Congresswoman Josephine Marcus
Kristina Zbinden
as Desiree
Rondi Reed
as Mary Peterson
Kai Andersen
as Prisoner
Wilke Itzin
as Wes
Mary Lane Haskell
as Female Reporter
Sterling Alexander
as Military Courier
Barry Bostwick
as Jerry Grant
Taylor Treadwell
as Female Reporter/Reporter
Nora Hawari
as Bashrani Student
Barry W. Levy
as Secret Service Agent #2/Secret Service Agent/Secret Service Agent Jim
Mark Atteberry
as Captain
Richard E. Harris
as Protestor
Alex Marshall-Brown
as Female Hostage/Hostage #1
Ayman Samman
as Deputy NSA Director
Shirley Jordan
as Debate Moderator
Creighton James
as Alexander Lavich
Melanie Cruz
as Colonel Molly Fleisher
David Warshofsky
as Theodore/Theodore Peus/Peus
Marcus McGee
as Tour Guide
Isabel Dresden
as Wedding Designer
Saudia Rashed
as Reporter Ashley
Aaron Scotti
as B613 Agent/Agent/G-Man
Kavita Patil
as Chief of Surgery/Doctor #4
Nicole Sacharow
as Train Passenger
Christine Sclafani
as Bartender
Joel Shock
as G-Man
Hugo E. Carbajal
as FBI Evidence Collector
Danny Flynn
as Perpetrator
Walter Grant III
as Susan Supporter
Harry Zinn
as Humorless Anchor/Male Reporter/Reporter Nate/Silver Fox Reporter
Ralph Kampshoff
as Senator
Shannon McClung
as Social Secretary
Wendy Davis
as Kimberly Mitchell
Emily Montague
as Jennifer
Tahseen Ghauri
as Pedestrian
Jay Jackson
as Mike Waters/News Anchor/BNC News Anchor/Local News Anchor/Local Newscaster/Male Reporter/News Anchor #1/TV Anchor
Danielle Rayne
as Elaine Day
Adriane Cade
as Embassy Staff
Debra Mooney
as Verna Thornton
Rachel Stander
as Sheila Parsons
Ryan Vincent Anderson
as Security Guard
Danielle Pinnock
as Krystal
Norm Lewis
as Edison Davis
Granville Ames
as Agent Spaulding
Sam Anderson
as Melvin Feen
Lynn Ann Leveridge
as Lee Ann Howard
Jack Sweeney
as Assistant
Chelsea Kurtz
as Jennifer Fields
Michael Cassidy
as Travis Harding
Tiwana Floyd
as Lead Agent
Meeghan Holaway
as Leslie Tanner
Phillip Kent Helser
as Senate Staff
Bryan Rasmussen
as Howie
Josh Crotty
as Secret Service Agent
Melody Zara
as Olivia's Translator
Paulina Lule
as Mellie's Aide
Tiffany Giddens
as Baker's Assistant
Daniel Gauthier
as Audience Member/Press Photographer
Wil Bowers
as Pundit/Talking Head
Peyton Elizabeth Lee
as Violet
Josh Randall
as James Elliot
Charisse Woodall
as EMT #1
James Urbaniak
as Mike Sylva
Melora Hardin
as Shelley Meyers
Joe Conti
as The Prince
Mark Benjamin
as Senator
William Russ
as Frank Holland
Ij Scimeca
as Inauguration Attendee/Press
Shainu Bala
as Darren
Tom Poole
as Hardware Store Patron
Itai Caldwell
as Teddy Grant
Mía Maestro
as Elise Martin
Kevin Changaris
as Justin Turner
McNally Sagal
as General Diane Peters
Jared Egusa
as Waiter
Seth Wayne
as Reporter
Jake Lucas
as Secret Service #1
Ardeshir Radpour
as NSA Agent
Radcliff Redding
as FBI Agent
Kimrie Lewis
as Reporter Ashley/Ashley Davidson/Cable Host/Legal Reporter/Lisa Campbell/Moderator/News Anchor/News Anchor Ashley/TV Reporter
Pancho Moore
as Cyrus Secret Service Agent
JoBeth Williams
as Sandra Harding
Marla Aaron Wapner
as Businesswoman
Molly Baker
as Rachel Moss/Rachel
Mel Fair
as Field Reporter/Reporter #1/Reporter #2/Reporter #3/Smarmy Cable Host #1/Veteran Reporter/White House Reporter
Sarah Hudson
as Erin Brill
Susan Santiago
as Rosalyn Mendez
Rose Day Stuart
as NRA Shooter
Fran Bennett
as Louis
Michael Chubb
as Man in a Suit
Ernesto Trinidad
as Metro Commuter
Daniel Bess
as Ronnie
Jeryl Prescott
as Admiral Bregoli
Lu Parker
as News Anchor/Reporter #2
Shannon C. Sullivan
as Mother
Brenna Otts
as Bridget
Ben Zelevansky
as Tourist
Marley Black
as Baby Robin
Forest Baker
as Buddy/Senator/Wedding Guest
Mobin Khan
as Pakistan Dictator President Khan
Gigi Bermingham
as Donna Rowe
Hudson Phillips
as Friend of Alexander Lavich/Vladimir
Duane R. Shepard Sr.
as Wedding Officiant
Duncan Bravo
as Dr. Naveen Patel
Mark Correy
as Master of Household
Juan Javier Cardenas
as Agent/Agent Ryan
Amy Price-Francis
as Mrs. Verrano
Tweed Michael Manning
as Wedding Guest
Chris Deyncourt
as White House Staffer
Amol Shah
as Reporter #1/Aggressive Anchor/BNC News Anchor/Reporter #2/Reporter Lang
Jacob T. Emery
as Senator's Aid
Martin Yu
as Sidney
Matt Bushell
as Bartender
Alexander Fazel
as Susan's Translator
Artie O'Daly
as Male Nurse
Adam J. Smith
as Dr. Walker
Mark D. Espinoza
as Chairman of Joint Chiefs
Bobbin Bergstrom
as Patty
Stephanie Hodge
as Clerk
Lori Livingston
as Reporter
Derek Phillips
as Gerald Stillman
Marcus DeAnda
as Cuban Taxi Driver
Bobak Bakhtiari
as Fitz's Translator
Phillip E. Walker
as Restaurant Patron - Pedestrian
Johnny Todd
as Delivery Man/Guard
Toni French
as Dignitary/Driver/Guest/Street Background/Uniformed Officer
Anne Johnson
as Great-Grandmother
Felix Quiñones
as Self
Ivo Nandi
as Kostya Pasternak
Dahrian Nichole
as Business Woman
June Carryl
as Plainclothes NSA Agent
Rajan Velu
as Yusef
Mark Meir
as Reporter Sal
Byron L. Hopkins
as FBI Technician
Larry Sullivan
as Nelson McClintock
Sal Viscuso
as Clark
Jeffrey Markle
as Landlord
Michelle Blackwell
as Mourner
Hans Hernke
as Gettysburger Cook
Michael Filipowich
as Pavlo
Jennifer Peo
as Vanessa Chandler
Gilad Caldwell
as Teddy Grant
Marcos De Silvas
as Elector from Alaska
Laila Ayad
as Charlotte Reid/Aide/Female Aide
Tacey Adams
as Republican Female Senator/Senator Eakins
Amy Rosoff
as Trisha Traynor
Steve Wong
as Senator Choi
Shamara Rayner
as Political Operative
Monique Edwards
as Elector from California
Virginia Louise Smith
as Secretary of State
Marlon Correa
as Security Guy
Brandon Molale
as Capitol Policeman #1
Kerry Washington
as Olivia Pope
Michele Lainevool
as Editor
Julia Morizawa
as Lt. Alex Nealy
Rachel London
as Madison
as Ms. Lianne
Juan Pacheco
as CIA Deputy
Rebecca Olejniczak
as Reporter
Pat-Ric McCaffery
as Civilian Dude In David's Office
Joseph Wilson
as Reporter/Marshall
Braden Lynch
as Wayne Turner
John Deignan
as Lead Officer
Yolanda English
as Looky Loo/Shopper
Tim Quill
as Captain McKinney
Brian Benben
as Leonard Carnehan
Paolo Andino
as Roundtable Gasbag
Sharisse Baker-Bernard
as Amanda Collingsworth
Valerie Grace
as Business Woman
Roger Goff III
as Cafe Patron/Party Goer
Ryan Shrime
as Paul
Gabriel Rissa
as Hostage #3
Frank Novak
as Old Marine Juror
Taylor Autumn Bertman
as Jane North
Kristof Konrad
as Polish Ambassador
Eilene Gil
as Young Mom
Dalila Ali Rajah
as Chelsea
Jesse Saler
as Uniformed Cop
Yarett Harper
as Sniper
Frederick Keeve
as Detective
Mina Badie
as Jane Powell
Myles Grier
as Eric Brooks
Jacob Roark
as reporter
Michael Perl
as Secret Service Agent
Julia Cho
as Shelby Moss
Edward James Gage
as Sergeant at Arms
Kate Butler
as Secret Service Director
Doug Cox
as Priest
Brett Mack
as Chase Coleman
Gregory Nalbandian
as White House Staffer
Amy Cale Peterson
as Rachel
Curtis Armstrong
as Attorney Cole
Greta Jung
as Producer
Angela Ann Palermo
as Reporter
Tony Haig
as Psychiatrist
Thomas Bell
as Secret Service Agent
Darian Lopez
as Jenny Nystrom
Caleb Grant
as Bartender
Amy K. Harmon
as Ariel Masse
Kimberly Kottwitz
as Frankie Supporter/Stadium Worker
Steve Luna
as Princess' Body Guard
Noelle Messier
as Prison Guard
as Campaign Volunteer
Adria Tennor
as Brenda Swan
Andy Dubick
as Tad
Gregg Henry
as Hollis Doyle
Angelique Cinelu
as Mariah Peters
Lisa Long
as Anchor Woman #2/Sleek Lady
Marisol Correa
as Upscale DC Businesswoman
Brenda Strong
as Joan Reston
Billy Mayo
Tina Lifford
as CIA Director Lowry
Tom Riordan
as Agent #2/Armed Agent #1
Adam Lazarre-White
as Paul Gray
Tina Huang
as Madeline Stewart
Carol Locatell
as Bitsy Cooper
Mary Page Keller
as Susan Osborne
Al Carabello
as Valet
Solea Pfeiffer
as Meghan Seeley
Elyse Mirto
as Sandy Harding
Taylor Zakhar Perez
as Calvin
David Douglas
as Anchor 1
Jordan Morris
as Young Tabloid Reporter
Lauren Gaw
as Gillian
Marilyn Camacho
as Stay-At-Home Mom
Michael Bofshever
as Senator Watson
Aydin Amoli
as Security
Miles Crawford
as Real Estate Agent
Rolando Boyce
as Gary Francis
Shannon Cochran
as Attorney General Susan Sawyer
Emily Harrison
as Jamie
Cantrell Harris
as Don Kovach
Jeff Doucette
as Warden
Matthew Bohrer
as Male Staffer
Jackson Hurst
as Congressman Jacob Shaw
Alexei Petrov
as Grant Supporter
Aloma Wright
as Tina Wilson
Mackenzie Astin
as Noah Baker/Male Anchor
Dar Dixon
as Earnest Pundit/Even More Veteran Reporter/Reporter 1
Tim Powell
as Military Guy
Marlon Aquino
as Sniper
Jason Medwin
as Guard
Nichelle Hines
as Anchor 3/Reporter Ashley
Alexander Greer
as Male Operative/Patrick
Clinton Lewis
as Security Guard #1
Ernie Hudson
as Commander Randolph Boles
Jonathan Silverman
as Robert Bacall
Jennifer Joyner
as Neighbor
Michael Welch
as Officer Newton
Sarah Dandashy
as Carol (Huck's Family)
Ken Colquitt
as Veteran
Sarena Khan
as Patricia Waters
Danielle Hoetmer
as Young Woman
Jessica Tripp
as Uniformed Officer
Merrick McCartha
as Defense Lobbyist
Jason Sims-Prewitt
as Soldier
Mershad Torabi
as Bandari Junior Undersecretary
Kari Lee Cartwright
as Lynn
Austin James
as Bobby O'Connor
Jordana Oberman
as Producer
Roman Mitichyan
as Masked Intruder
Tiffany Jeneen
as Postal Worker
Marjan Tareq
as Governor Vargas Assistant
Brandon Ford Green
as Jeffrey McDougal
Gina Alvarez
as Bailiff
Artemis Pebdani
as Susan Ross
Drew Klopfer
as Young Nick Reed
Sara Amini
as Female Staffer
Stacey Danger
as Cashier
Sadie Lee Warren
as Girl in Library
Laura Kranz Galvan
as Bored Student
Christopher Grove
as Walter Straker-Nesbit
Mary Ostrow
as Inez Parks
Sonya Leslie
as Nora Adams
Deb Hiett
as Local Politician
Stephanie Lesh-Farrell
as Maple Syrup Lady
Jayden Blake Cochran
as Young Boy
Alexander Bedria
as Airplane Mechanic
Javier Calderon
as Marine
Eugene Alper
as Ilya
Serah Henesey
as News Anchor
Craig Woolson
as Tripp Garrison
Samuel Page
Todd Waring
as Peter Nystrom
Jason Butler Harner
as Ian McLeod/Ian Woods
Jerry Hauck
as Senator Charlie Mason
Jason London
as Skip Pierce
Stewart Skelton
as White House Doctor
Chelcie Ross
as Harold Pierce
Chris Flanders
as Lead Attorney
J. Rene Pena
as Secretary/Louise
Marina Sirtis
as General Fletcher
Markell Leo
as White House Server
Seth Laird
as Secret Service Agent #2
Elise Neal
as Anna Gordon
Brittany Joyal
as Bored Student
Mimi Kennedy
as Sharon Marquette
Lauren Bowles
as Harmony
Lorenzo Hughes
as Clerk
Rene Napoli
as DC Detective
Shaun Toub
as Ambassador Marashi
Phillip Garcia
as Mike
Jenko Childs
as FBI Advisor
Katherine Skelton
as Chippy
Brandon Morales
as Secret Service Agent/Secret Service Agent #1
Nick Phillips
as Cameraman/Debate Viewer
Amy Holland Pennell
as Erin
Brent Briscoe
as Reverend Dale
Matthew John Armstrong
as Ronnie Miller
Joelle Carter
as Vanessa Moss
Jon Tenney
as Andrew Nichols
Racheal Seymour
as Deadly Lady Sniper/Sniper
Lonnie Colón
as Reporter #5
Matt Sigloch
as Honor Guard
Mare Costello
as Orchid Lady
Megan Thomas
as Nurse
Paul Mitchell Rosenblum
as Father of the Bride
Amir Abdalla
as Jeff
Cecilia Vega
as Local News Reporter
Antjuan Tobias
as Steve Candles
Jenna C. Johnson
as Young General Diane Peters
David Grant Wright
as FBI Director Foster
Tasha Ames
as Secret Service Agent
Susan Merson
as Judge Thompson
Johnny Kostrey
as Petro
Tami Jordan
as Wife
Annabelle Borke
as White House Tour Guide
Raymond Forchion
as Judge Lancaster
Louis Scherschel
as Onlooker
Shane Yoon
as Reporter #2
Vanya Asher
as Ethan
Asante Jones
as Reporter Martin/Male Reporter/Reporter #2
Andray Johnson
as College Chancellor
Steven W. Bailey
as Noah Elliot
Bob Rumnock
as Bishop Bryce
Dwayne Standridge
as Pennsylvania Capitol Police Officer
Courtney Comer
as Pool Reporter Maria Dawson
Kevin Fry
as Dan Kubiak
Casey Thomas Brown
as Tommy
Kimleigh Smith
as Stranger
Sage Kirkpatrick
as Bartender
Cary Huff
as Congressman/VIP Wedding Guest
Ajarae Coleman
as Meryl
Saycon Sengbloh
as Angela Webster
Harry S. Murphy
as Mayor
Bianca DeGroat
as Producer
Alece Plasencia
as Mourner
Brenda Koo
as Mary Ann
Caitlin Gold
as Staffer
Johnny Meyer
as EMT worker
Sandra Bailey
as Chief of Staff Megan
Santana Dempsey
as Filiz/Filiz - Tech
Renee Dorian
as Elaine
Rob Welsh
as Goth-Dude Juror
Rodney Eugene Thompson Jr.
as Grant Campaign Supporter
Angela Elayne Gibbs
as Judge Eleanor Gaynes
Dan Bucatinsky
as James Novak
Wayne Alexander
as TV Reporter
Brice Williams
as Doctor #1
Maz Siam
as Kashfari Ambassador
Jennifer Christopher
as Civilian
Jonathan Davila
as Secret Service Agent
Jared Farid Ward
as Captain Stevens
Kelly Bacon
as Student
Lorrie Odom
as Harriet
Jonathan Camp
as Agent Rudy
Courtney B. Vance
as Clarence Parker
Maria Elena Heredia
as Office Employee
Suzanne Voss
as Rose
Randy Ross
as Brent Marcus
Hank Chen
as Justice Spivey's Clerk
Kevin Fleenor
as Print Reporter
Sara Van Horn
as Elderly Woman
Ajay Vidure
as Young Male Reporter
Jae Jung
as Waitress
Darius Cottrell
as Armed Agent #2
Raymond Lee
as Nelson Parker
Jason O'neil Hudson
as Secret Service Agent #1
Cecil Burroughs
as Security Guard
Sheila Shaw
as Senator Patty Bates
Kelsey Crane
as Gayle Livingston
Rico McClinton
as SWAT Leader
Julie Brister
as Stranger #2
John Lee Ames
as Creepy Dude
Kate Burton
as Sally Langston
Heather Ashley Chase
as Iowa Elector/Reporter Jamie
Ron Perkins
as Judge Henry Sparks
Frank Velasco
as Congressman Struthers' Aid
Kimberly Crandall
as Margot Ross
Jessica Porter
as Cat Sweatshirt
George Newbern
as Charlie
Sara Boutine
as Fitz's Assistant
Josh Brener
as Gavin Price
Scott Michael Morgan
as Lance McCollum
Maura Soden
as Psychologist
Jared Rider
as Kurt
Mary Chris Wall
as Reporter Lanie
Gary Kraus
as Officer Drew
Nicole C. Barnes
as Grace
Gary Riotto
as Mitchell Heatherton
Darren Pettie
as Andrew Mackelson
Jack Guzman
as Secret Service Agent/Secret Service Agent Dave
Sarah Jane MacKay
as Clerk #2
Ali Olomi
as Security Detail
Joanna Lewis
as Camera Opperator
Omari Brown
as Petty Officer
Marissa Chanel Hampton
as Jogger
Dale Dymkoski
as Reporter #2
Bruno Oliver
as Presiding Officer
Sally Pressman
as Candace Marcus
Kat Purgal
as Staffer
Brad Greenquist
as General Acevedo
Jaswant Dev Shrestha
as Pakistani Minister
Claudia Doumit
as Aide
Corey Mendell Parker
as CIA Type
Sonia Rockwell
as Trixie
Brandon Rush
as G-Man
Mila Violet Black
as Baby Robin
Jeff Perry
as Cyrus Beene
McKinley Freeman
as Sean Campbell
Patrick Fischler
as Arthur 'Artie' Hornbacher
Christopher Warner
as Surveillance Agent
Matt Medrano
as Inmate 3
Michael O'Neill
as Lonnie Mencken
José Zúñiga
as General Benicio Flores
Bernadette Burks
as Still Photographer
Doug Simpson
as Blustery Pundit/Male Pundit
Michael Patrick McGill
as Clerk
Sapna Gandhi
as Translator
Benjamin Pitz
as Photographer at News Conference
Tyrees Allen
as Dr. Carroll
Courtney Rose Badowski
as Abby's Aide
Ron Ostrow
as Agent Bryce/Nigel Sarnoff/Secret Service/Secret Service Agent
Charles Chiyangwa
as Jimmy
as Gettysburger Manager
Holly Gagnier
as Foxy Fortysomething
Glenn Morshower
as Admiral Hawley
Leonard Kelly-Young
as Security Guard
Carrie Armstrong
as Jessica
Jeris Poindexter
as Freddy Brock
Eric Satterberg
as Husband
Lauren Plaxco
as Anchor Woman #1/Cheerful Lady
Elizabeth Vargas
as Debate Moderator
Billy Malone
as Zeke
Joe Holt
as Defense Secretary
Christine Dawson
as Georgia
Guillermo Díaz
as Huck
John Prosky
as Senator Gibson
Ramona DuBarry
Susan Pourfar
as Becky Flynn
Bruce M. Stockert
as Man in Meeting/Man on Train/Reporter/Talk Show Moderator
Jush Allen
as U.S. Marshall
Jason Boegh
as Georgia Reporter #2
Nancy Stafford
as BNC Anchor
Andrew Thacher
as Mystery Man
Kevin Pitcairn
as Tidal Basin Jogger
Annie Potts
as Louise Baker
Stephen Janousek
as Politician
Paul Cuneo
as Sideburn Dude
John F. Schaffer
as Gettysburger Lovin' Patron
Tiffany Phillips Pradiá
as Angela Raines/BNC News Anchor Angela Raines/Reporter #1
Ryan Cutrona
as Roger
Cecelia Specht
as Saleswoman
Dominic Pace
as Henchman
Jessica J. Immanuel
as Student
Janessa Morgan
as Navy Seal
Beth Fraser
as Boarding School Pal
Tim Scanlon
as US Marshal
Mike Quirk
as Lone Man
Keith Chandler
as Local Newscaster #1
Cullen Douglas
as Steve Doherty
Ricardo Antonio Chavira
Katie Gunderson
as Lisa
Mary McCormack
as Lisa Elliot
Wes Brown
as Sully St. James
Aarti Mann
as Agent Laura Kenney
Darius De La Cruz
as Court Clerk
Jessalyn Gilsig
as Vanessa Moss
Liz Loza
as Young Female Reporter
Julia Milova
as Polish Ambassador's Wife
Anthony Ma
as Pete
Paul Root
as Flight Attendant
Scott Alan Smith
as Governor Alden McKay
Emily Rios
as Ensign Martin/Jessica
Dan Gruenberg
as Prisoner
Carol Mansell
as Margaret Halverson
Tim Halligan
as Judge Murray Randall
Anastasia Dextrene
as Reporter
Chad Donella
as Gus/Kidnapper
Ivan Hernandez
as Sean
Eric Ritter
as Secret Service Agent
Nazanin Boniadi
as Adnan Salif
Jon Schmidt
as EMT #2
Sydney Mae Estrella
as Girl
Wes Armstrong
as Chris Armstrong
Cooper J. Friedman
as Max Turner
Madison Mason
as Airline Executive
Allan Kolman
as Vlad
Tony Amendola
as Prime Minister Nazari
Robin DeMarco
as Shop Owner
Julianna Barninger
as Rachel Kline
Columbus Short
as Harrison Wright
Cathy Lind Hayes
as Judge Nora Zuckerman
Cornelius Smith Jr.
as Marcus Walker
Robert Thorne
as Prison Guard
Jessica Sirls
as Mom
Joe Gabler
as Aide/Joe
Teri Reeves
as Kate
Stacey Turner
as Cable News Anchor/Female Reporter/Reporter Trina/Trusted News Anchor
Betty Murphy
as Fern
Sammy Sheik
as Navid Turani
Liliana Moyano
as Spanish-Language Reporter
Nicola Lambo
as Sienna Rogers
Bob Gebert
as Senator Lewis McDonnell
Neal McNeil
as Secret Service Agent
Jay Karnes
as Phil Stanner
Jenny Cooper
as Kendal Parks
Leland Orser
as Sanders Black
Monica Parks
as Nurse
Alessandra Scotto
as Air Force Captain
Avis Wrentmore
as News Anchor/News Reporter/Reporter Helen
Rukhmani K. Desai
as Aide
Robin McWilliams
as Licorice
Aimee Parker
as Anne Beddoes
Jennifer K. Lee
as Local Anchor
Heather Fogarty
as Hayley
Christopher Baskerville
as Inner Circle Doner
Qualiema Green
as Special Ops Agent
Mark Berry
as FBI Chief
Murad B. Yunus
as Student #3
Michael Scovotti
as Officer Duncan
Kyle Secor
as Dale
Jolene Kay
as Lead Agent
Sharon Battle
as Doctor #2
Sonya Walger
as Katherine Winslow
Ilia Volok
as Dmitri Belenko
Zaid Farid
as Security Guard
Leslie Grossman
as Lisa
Rick L. Dean
as Senator Leach
Alice Amter
as Doctor
James Logan
as Mugger #1
Kelly McCreary
as Clare Tucker
Diahnna Nicole Baxter
as News Anchor/News Anchor #2/Smarmy Cable Host #2
Mickey Maxwell
as Super
Kate Cobb
as Hannah Taylor
Henry Ian Cusick
as Stephen Finch
Jordan Belfi
as Congressman Nicholas Reed/Nicholas
Mary Pat Gleason
as Betsy Ray
Sarah Samantha Alexander
as Widow
Myk Watford
as Luther
Terrence Beasor
as Simon Scott
Dushawn Moses
as Secret Service
Josh Clark
as Amos Carver
Robb Edward Morris
as Special Forces Officer
Briana Fesperman
as Color Guard/Funeral Detail/Police Officer/SWAT Officer
Keiko Agena
as Britta Kagen
Jeffrey Cannata
as Officer Edward Brennan
Doreen Calderon
as Senator Susan Klein
Jewel Greenberg
as Female Reporter/Reporter #3
Tom Amandes
as Samuel Reston
Steve Kramer
as Scary Rich Dude
Chase Kim
as Senator Martin Lin
Michael Lawlor
as Sergeant Brian Ladd
Jamie Tompkins
as Female Corporate Executive
Morgan Gingerich
as Billy Sullivan
Adam Shapiro
as Jesse Tyler
Tessa Munro
as Mallory Blanchard
James McAndrew
as Editor
Kari Coleman
as Mrs. Morgan
Michael Trucco
as Charles Putney
Biff Yeager
as Norm
Marc Underhill
as Male Aide
Jimmy Kimmel
as Jimmy Kimmel
Linda DeMetrick
as Senator
Roberto Montesinos
as Jerry
Meg Cionni
as Amber
Chet Grissom
as Charles
Samantha Cutaran
as Reporter Stacy
Simone Missick
as Uniform Cop
Cheryl Bricker
as NSA Chief
Romi Dias
as Monica Sanchez
Elizabeth Pan
as Judge
Paris Benjamin
as French Reporter
Rick Fitts
as Senator Bryan Rich
Savannah Williams
as Rhonda
William Charles Mitchell
as Police Captain Bill Sundstrom
Damarr Calhoun
as Vincent Gordon
Kari Benson
as Young Woman
Tom G. McMahon
as Government Goon
Teagan Rose
as Cara
Denise Crosby
as Janet Holland
Amanda Fuller
as Carly Weston
Julie Claire
as Francesca Hunter
Ray Mirabal
as Roger
Dasha German
Cory Blevins
as Don Watson
Lisa Edelstein
as Sarah Stanner
Matthew K. Moore
as Subway Commuter
Sasha A. Ali
as Producer
Kelli Dawn Hancock
as FBI Agent
Kelly Sry
as Computer Store Guy
Chris Sundlee
as Court Observer
Brenda Song
as Alissa
Scott C. Roe
as Secret Service Agent #1
David Vincent Burns
as NTSB Investigator
Brian Patrick Mulligan
as Jim Grefski
Liza Weil
as Amanda Tanner
Adam Burch
as 1st Reporter/Reporter
Sarah Aldrich
as Maggie Andrews
Whitney Hice
as Hannah
Amanda Leigh Cobb
as Nora Peterson
Mark Allyn
as Cabinet Member/Dignitary/Guest/Party Guest
G. Lane
as Cop
Delaina Hlavin
as Reporter Leslie/News Anchor Leslie
Gladys Khan
as Indian Prime Minister
Valerie Cruz
as Carolina Flores
Edward Losch
as Environmental Lobbyist
Cerina da Graca
as Young Aide
Jeanette Brox
as Rona
April Parker Jones
as Doctor
Ross Mackenzie
as Larry Thomas
Shaan Sharma
as Anchor/BNC News Anchor/Male Reporter
Bryan Lugo
as Guard
Aiden Lovekamp
as 9 Year Old Boy
Patrick Michael Strange
as White House Tourist
Jessica Tuck
as Senator Stephanie Vaughn
Katie Lowes
as Quinn Perkins
Joseph Piccuirro
as Navy Seal
Coryn Mabalot
as Teenage Raver #2
Joel-Ryan Armamento
as Nanny
Ivar Brogger
as Doctor
Peter Smith
as Jack Lynn
Treisa Gary
as Irene Averna
Laura Gardner
as Publisher
Stephen Collins
as Reed Wallace
David Atkinson
as Man
Mara Hall
as Major General Owens
Chris Spinelli
as Cubical Worker
Matthew Del Negro
as Michael/Michael Ambruso
Alex Désert
as Bill Warren
Michael C. Mahon
as Billy Joe Lee
Hermie Castillo
as FBI Schmo
Steve Hasley
as White House Worker
Justin Levine
as Congressional Aide
Kelli Kirkland
as Anchor Woman #3/Female Host
Karl T. Wright
as Dr. Patrick Newman
Valeska Grant
as Mrs. Vargas
Arlene Santana
as Female Reporter
Amiya Ricks
as Ella Beene
Danny Pino
as Alex Vargas
Jessie Lande
as Young CIA Official
Marek Probosz
as Oskar
Annabeth Gish
as Lillian Forrester
Juliana Dever
as Julie Loeb
Grinnell Morris
as Frank Rogin
Michael Canavan
as Richard Moss
Kerri Higuchi
as Nervous Female Librarian
Nick Jaine
as Kurt Sheehan
Maris Croatto
as Secret Service Agent
Brent Chase
as Young Guard
Sasha Morfaw
as Park Bench Woman
Graham Beckel
as Hank Tanner
Joe Morton
as Rowan Pope
Leslie Gunning
as White House Press Reporter
Nakia Secrest
as Director of Abby Whelan's Security
Brooke deRosa
as Band conductor
Brian White
as Franklin Russell
Lorraine Toussaint
as Nancy Drake
Tara Platt
as Navy Servicewoman
Eliza Shin
as Realtor
Jack Coleman
as Daniel Douglas Langston
Melanie Hill
as Ruby
Malika Williams
as Guard
Bruce Katzman
as Dr. Clarence Walters
Lynette DuPree
as Baby Nurse
Sharon Muthu
as Anchor/Cable Anchor
John Diehl
as Ray Dwyer
Diane Mizota
as Anchor/News Anchor/Reporter #2
George Ketsios
as Mr. Hunting Knife
Christy Meyers
as Perky Counter Girl
Brian Chin
as Aide
Mark Moses
as Congressman Jim Struthers
Melinda McGraw
as Debora Clarkson
James MacDonald
as Interrogator
Ayumi Iizuka
as Medical Examiner
Mark Bloom
as Marcus Collins
Dean Norris
as Fenton Glackland
Douglas Olsson
as Businessman
Rebecca Lowman
as Linda Sullivan
Michelle Arthur
as Senator
Mac Brandt
as Captain Weaver
Michael B. Silver
as Gavin Mitchell
Wes Robinson
as Sheref
Dylan Minnette
as Jerry Grant Jr.
Eric Emmanuel
as Med Tech Carl
Portia de Rossi
as Elizabeth North
Rick Scarry
as Adam Markman
J. Downing
as Governor Bill Wagner
Layla Alizada
as Fereshteh
Randolph Adams
as Male Reporter/Slimy Tabloid Reporter
Hart Bochner
as Mayor Verrano
Travis Grenke
as Naval Officer/Navy Officer
Glenn Taranto
as Manager
Julia Prud'homme
as Daniella Hale
Fred Ochs
as AA Leader
Katina Forte
as Secret Service Agent
Peter Mackenzie
as Brad Loeb
Anita Moore
as DC Pedestrian/Pedestrian
GiGi Erneta
as Elector from Iowa
Patrick Labyorteaux
as Doug Morton
Runa Lucienne
as Harrison's Date at Bar
Troy Vincent
as National Security Advisor/NSA Type
Kate McGregor-Stewart
as Mary
Alain Ali Washnevsky
as Farshad Khansari
Jennifer Sommerfeld
as Teresa Dunn
Mageina Tovah
as Molly/Molly Ackerman
Martinez Evelina
as Secret Service Agent
Richard Gilliland
as Barry
Lauren Stamile
as Carla
Alex Restrepo
as Secret Service Agent
Ryan Babcock
as Inmate
Lenora May
as Phyllis Hayes
Matt Letscher
as Billy Chambers
Sal Landi
as Mike
Jocelyn Ayanna
as Prayer Leader
Megan Gallagher
as Stacy Keating
Michael Petrone
as Man in Suit #2
Samantha Sloyan
as Jeannine Locke/Sassy Staffer
Stoney Westmoreland
as Hal Rimbeau
Miriam Flynn
as Mrs. Ambruso
Sam McMurray
as Pat Wexler
Mary Mouser
as Karen Grant
Shanna Jacobs
as Secret Service #3
David L. Peters
as FOW Producer/NSA Employee
Amir M. Korangy
as Turkish Prime Minister
Moe Irvin
as Max Butler
Floyd Anthony Johns Jr.
as Secret Service Agent #2
Cameron Barsanti
as Jason
Deena Dill
as Claire
Boo Arnold
as John Randolph
David Bickford
as Senator Michaels
Marcuis Harris
as Rick Strauss
Cassius M. Willis
as Senator Bushnell
Ashley Zoe Fox
as News Crew
Steve Hart
as Bureaucrat
Nefetari Spencer
as TV Reporter
Mike Dolphy
as Student
Michelle DeLynn
as Laurie Mackelson
Kenajuan Bentley
as Agent #1
Stephen Oyoung
as Agent Miller
Claude Knowlton
as Waiter
Athena Bergen
as Lindsay M.
Fernando Martinez
as Deli Worker
Mary T. Sala
as Whiny Pundit
Gianni Ullio
as Waiter
George F. Watson
as Congressman
Hilty Bowen
as Princess Emily
Tamiko Brownlee
as B613 Woman Agent
Chris Butler
as TV Producer
Adi Spektor
as Russian
Daria Akhten
as Monica Ocampo
William Dixon
as Reporter #3/Reporter Jim/Reporter Kevin
William Stone Mahoney
as Clerk/Elderly Clerk
Sebastian Roché
as Dominic Bell
Mark Harelik
as Press Secretary Marvin Colgate
Christopher Murray
as Dr. Murray Levine
Stephanie Garvin
as Reporter
Celeste Den
as Captain Randall
Liz Torres
as Federal Judge
Ann Cusack
as Corinne Stark
Viola Davis
as Annalise Keating
Patty McCormack
as Anne Pierce
Morgan Thompson
as Female Staffer
Larry Justice
as Dave/Frank (Talk Show Host)
Joe McGovern
as BNC News Pundit/Reporter Eric
Bobby Naderi
as Chef
Mona Mira
as Staffer
Kerry Carney
as Julie
Phil Austin
as Colonel Ted Jessup
Dinora Walcott
as Reporter Carol/Carol/Female Reporter/Georgia Reporter #1/Reporter #1/Reporter #2
Steve Stapenhorst
as Debate Moderator
Luis Alberto Aracena
as Secret Service Agent
Damon O'Daniel
as Reporter
Katie-Rose Cunin
as Justice Ribas's Clerk
Madeline Carroll
as Karen Grant
Jonté LeGras
as Todd
Joel Cole
as Presidential Donor Dinner Guest
Allan Graf
as Interrogator #1
Alan Brooks
as Chairman Mike Snedeker
Deborah Geffner
as Homeland Security Chief
Ismail Bashey
as President Razani
John William King
as Mayor Security
Cindy Drummond
as Marion
as TSA Official
Liz Benoit
as Reporter #1
Scott Foley
as Jake Ballard
Thomas Crawford
as Desiree's Father
Caroline Day
as Lucy Riccio
Harper Rhimes
as Girl #1
Janae Palmer
as Business Woman
Jerrika Hinton
as Hannah
Adam J. Yeend
as Tabloid Reporter
Yvette Saunders
as Sergeant Lopez
Eric Newnham
as Reporter #1
Romy Rosemont
as Patty Snell
David Meunier
as Crosby
Cynthia Stevenson
as Mary Nesbitt
Joy Benedict
as Reporter/Reporter Germain
Raquel Rosser
as Olivia Wannabe #1
Tessie Santiago
as Luna Vargas
Sarah Benoit
as Doris
Jessica Knight
as Assistant
Elizabeth Anne Stocks
as News Reporter
Nike Kolder
as Young Walden
Andrea Bowen
as Maybelle Doyle
Brian Walker
as Drake Family Attorney
Jon Curry
as Lead Secret Service Agent
Erin Ross
as Society Woman
Jacquelyn Zook
as Female Staffer
Brian Letscher
as Tom Larsen
Armond Edward Dorsey
as Press Room Photographer
Matthew Jones
as Man in Suit #1
Paul Latham
as Producer
Jordan Carreras
as Javi
Knajula Edwards
as FBI Agent
William Duffy
as Ralph Greenwald
Catherine Carlen
as Governor Kelly Rauch
Kurt Fuller
as Grayden Osborne
Lisa Sheridan
as Marion Caldwell
Tonya Cornelisse
as Racer Jacket Chic/Racer Jacket Lady
John Burke
as Paul Mosley
Elijah Isaiah Cook
as Teenage Raver #1
Heather Olt
as Page
David Rees Snell
as Agent Fielding
Adam Fergus
as Prince Richard
Michael Brouillet
as Agent Eric
Gus Cooper
as Aide/Staffer
Talya Carroll
as New Chippy
Steve Geiger
as Slick Lawyer
Chance Denman
as Kevin
Jay Tapaoan
as Producer
Michelle Murphy
as Producer
Ethan Flower
as Walt
Tony Casale
as Hotel Clerk
Bill Seward
as Cable News Guy/News Anchor
Charles Maceo
as Waiter
Larry Poindexter
as Mr. Morgan
Mark Jude Sullivan
as Tim Waterbend
Lena Dunham
as Susanne Thomas
Preston James Hillier
as SEAL Team Officer/Seal Team Leader Bronson
Idrees Degas
as West African Prime Minister
Zoe Perry
as Samantha Ruland
Kristin Lindquist
as Rose Carpenter
Eben Ham
as Tanner Shaw
Patrick Cohen
as Messenger Guy
Stefanie Black
as Holly/Rosalie
Audrey Wasilewski
as Alison Becker
Meghan Maureen McDonough
as Older Female Reporter/Reporter #6/Smarmy Cable Host #3
Kelen Coleman
as Kate
Ricardo Chavira
as Francisco Vargas/Frankie Vargas
Anthony Molinari
as Bar Patron
Heather Ayers
as Smug Cable Newswoman/TV Reporter
Alison Trumbull
as Senator Harding's Aide
Stephen Hornyak
as Gary Olverman
Dearbhla Molloy
as Queen Isabel
Shane Johnson
as Donny Logan
Juanita DeSilva
as Staffer
Ellen Woglom
as Helen Fisher
Stacy Hall
as Officer Bristol
Kinga Philipps
as Morning News Anchor
Bryan Friday
as Limo Driver
Faran Tahir
as President Rashad
Sam Page
as Will Caldwell
Kristin Carey
as Brooke Foster/Conservative Pundit
Bruno Amato
as Lonnie
Paul Adelstein
as Leo Bergen
Kandiss Edmundson
as Tamara Connors
Jillian Armenante
as Moira O'Donnell
Gayla Johnson
as NSA Director Ramirez
Eva Tingley
as Secretary
Reece Rios
as Reporter Peter/Reporter #1/Reporter #2/Peter/Reporter/Reporter #3
Asanté Ramone
as Congressional Aide
Jess Nurse
as Amber
Manuel Lujan
as Inmate 1
Stacie Greenwell
as Stranger #3
Jon Walburg
as Male Receptionist
Jennifer Baxter
as Gavin's Step-mom
Paull Walia
as Male Reporter
Michael I. Goode
as Still Photographer
Darby Stanchfield
as Abby Whelan
Dominic Vedder
as Vargas Staffer
Mark Totty
as CIA Director
Tonya Pinkins
as Sandra
Jesse D. Goins
as Supreme Court Chief Justice/Supreme Court Justice
Anzu Lawson
as Reporter
Bellamy Young
as Mellie Grant
Gina Torrecilla
as Debra
Elizabeth Grullon
as Lora
Norman Mora
as Inmate 2
Roy Vongtama
as Anchor 2/Reporter
Chris Muto
as Philly Cop
Carlos Arellano
as Agent Alvarez
Ian McQuown
as RyoCorp Board Member #2
Sharmila Devar
as Lauren Wellman
Dan Warner
as Detective
Ace Antonio Hall
as Secret Service
Kevin Ashworth
as Reporter Bill/Dan Danzig/Talking Head
Cat Hammons
as Process Server
Aja Naomi King
as Michaela Pratt
Britt Sanborn
as AUSA Ellison
Amrapali Ambegaokar
as Reporter Jessica/Jessica/Reporter #1/Female Reporter/Reporter
Matt Riedy
as SS Agent Alex Radstone
Robert Baker
as Otto
Kacey Edgerly
as Mellie's Aide/Elaine
Paget Kagy
as Rachel
Leroy Carver III
as Press Member
Jenna Doolittle
as Nurse
Cameron Watson
as Reverend Coles
Joshua Malina
as David Rosen
VyVy Nguyen
as Hostess
Nick Hoffa
as Jeff Asperton
Patrick St. Esprit
as Peter Foster
Gabriel Morales
as Felipe Flores
Alice Borcean
as Reporter
Christopher Maleki
as Terrorist
Lincoln Melcher
as Emmett Stanner
Thomas Archer
as Darren
Michael Whaley
Daniele Lawson
as East Sudan Child
Michael Eugene Smith
as Hostage #2
Randy Jay Burrell
as Tortured Man
Keith Sellon-Wright
as Garrett Cole/Liberal Pundit
David Andrews
as George Reed
Shuko Akune
as Congresswoman Samantha Dandridge
Jared Canfield
as Agent Sam
Angelo Tiffe
as Doyle Attorney
Charles C. Stevenson Jr.
as Judge Milton Kalev
Kathryn Couillard
as Female PA/Nervous PA/Producer
Emily Bergl
as Janet Beene
John Barrowman
as The Fixer
Yara Shahidi
as Young Olivia
Mickey Cassidy
as Secret Service
Dean Wayne
as Federal Marshal
Erin Chambers
as Mara
Jim Garrity
as Richard Keckler
Jay Hernandez
as Curtis Pryce
Steven Stone
as Photographer
Paul Norwood
as Senator Allen/Senator Latham
Geoffrey Rivas
as Cardinal Suarez
Jason Dechert
as Matt Turner
Eve Gordon
as Janet Nystrom
Bess Armstrong
as Senator Diane Greenwald
Jennifer Marsala
as Reporter
Damien Leake
as Judge Leo Theroux
Mason Rae
as Blonde
Daniels Calvin
as Bar Patron
Jordan Destin
as Bartender
Christopher Allen
as Young Congressional Aide
Brendan Hines
as Gideon Wallace
Rose Abdoo
as Senator Linda Moskowitz
Abbi Snee
as Autumn
Anne Michael Smith
as ASL Interpreter

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