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October 23, 2021
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About this title


The story takes place in the world of Remnant, which is filled with supernatural forces and shadowy creatures known as the Grimm. Prior to the events of the series, mankind waged a battle of survival against the Grimm before discovering the power of a mysterious element called Dust, which allowed them to fight back against the monsters. In the present day, Dust is used to power abilities and weapons. Those who use these abilities to battle the Grimm are known as Huntsmen and Huntresses. The series focuses on four girls, each with her own unique weapon and powers. Together, they form a team at Beacon Academy in the city of Vale, where they are trained to become Huntresses.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: July 18, 2013

Also Known As: RWBY, Rwby

Parents Guide: Australia (PG, M), Canada (14A, G) |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: Rooster Teeth Productions


Emily Fajardo
as Small Girl/Trifa
Alex Mai
as Dee
Joe Clary
as Manta Two-Four
Chris Kokkinos
as Bandit One/Crew Member 02/Husband
Scott Frerichs
as Mata/Businessman/Tall Boy
Jamie Battle
as Terra Cotta-Arc/Mistral Police Captain
Barbara Dunkelman
as Yang Xiao Long
Kdin Jenzen
as May Marigold/Commander 2
Kristen McGuire
as Young Nora
Marissa Lenti
as Joanna Greenleaf/Oscar's Aunt/Medium Boy
Noel Wiggins
as Atlas Soldier/Atlesian Soldier/Manta Two-Two
Andrea Ratsos
as Mechanical Voice/Soldier 2
Blaine Gibson
as Brawnz Ni
Kaiji Tang
as Li Ren
Andrea Caprotti
as Blue Three
Scott Morgan
as Newscaster
Alexia Cruz
as Child
Colleen Clinkenbeard
as Jinn
Chase McCaskill
as God of Light
Eric Baudour
as Forest
Apphia Yu
as Young Ren
Eric Tello
as White Fang 01
Gray G. Haddock
as Roman Torchwick/White Fang Lieutenant/Video Game Announcer/Councilman
Nikita Steele
as Mantle Citizen 2
Kyler Smith
as Waiter
Cristina Valenzuela
as Robyn Hill
Alena Lecorchick
as Atlas Air Traffic/Atlas Air Traffic Female/Atlas Soldier/Atlas Soldier 3/Atlas Technician/Mantle Citizen 2/Train Announcer
Maggie Tominey
as 'Deery'/Melanie Malachite/Miltiades Malachite/Crying Girl
Danzer Koehler
as Argus Air Control
Melissa Sternenberg
as Maria Calavera
J. Michael Tatum
as Klein Sieben
William Lopez
as Goon
Jason Liebrecht
as Qrow Branwen/The Hound
Elizabeth Maxwell
as Winter Schnee
Nicholas Swift
as Mantle Citizen 3
Yuri Lowenthal
as Mercury Black
Reina Scully
as Mistral Pilot
Alan Abdine
as Penny's Driver
Monty Oum
as Lie Ren
Amber Lee Connors
as Vernal/Businesswoman/Reporter 02/Short Boy
Lindsay Sheppard
as Saphron Cotta-Arc
Bruce DuBose
as God of Darkness
Willem W. Keetell
as Faunus 1/White Fang Member 2
as Step Sisters
Valentine Stokes
as Ambrosius
Dustin Matthews
as Drinking Buddy
Kai Ziegler
as First Mate
Samuel 'Zack' Watkins
as Commander 3
Dawn Michelle Bennett
as Elm Ederne/An Ren
Laura Bailey
as Amber
Jason Douglas
as Jacques Schnee/Reporter 03
Mela Lee
as Caroline Cordovin/Caroline Cordovia
Jen Taylor
as Salem/Mysterious Narrator
Joel Mann
as Drunk Mann
Brooke Olson
as Mantle Child
Patrick Rodriguez
as Shopkeep/Older Faunus Man/Atlas Soldier/Atlas Soldier 2/Cyril Ian/White Fang Goon 3
J.J. Castillo
as Mercury Black
Tyler Coe
as News Reporter/Reporter 01
Miles Luna
as Jaune Arc/White Fang Goon 1
Luci Christian
as Fria/Lil' Miss Malachite
Casey Lee Williams
as Weiss Schnee
Flynt Flossy
as Flynt Coal
Vic Mignogna
as Qrow Branwen
Victoria Holden
as Worried Mother
Todd Womack
as Vine Zeki/Pilot 2
Jonathan Floyd
as Atlas Security Guard
Aaron Dismuke
as Oscar Pine/Ozma
Jon Risinger
as Paramedic/Atlas Soldier/Atlas Soldier 1
Yssa Badiola
as Ciel Soleil
Matthew Cruz
as Father
Chad James
as Councilman Sleet
Cole Gallian
as Broadcast Op
Emily McBride
as Schnee Corp Operator
Jeb Kendrick
as Argus Soldier
Zoe Terhune
as Atlas Huntress
Jason Rose
as James Ironwood/General James Ironwood/General Ironwood
Burnie Burns
as Taiyang Xiao Long/Detective #1/Tai Xiao Long
Mick Lauer
as Marrow Amin
Howard Wang
as Whitley Schnee
Arryn Zech
as Blake Belladonna
Shannon McCormick
as Professor Ozpin/Ozma/Ozpin
Billy Burson III
as Bandit Two/Atlas Officer/Commander 1/Pilot 1
Cherami Leigh
as Ilia Amitola
JD Arredondo
as Atlas Soldier #1
Linda Leonard
as Madame
Ryan Haywood
as Professor Peter Port/Professor Port/Peter Port
Chris Martin
as White Fang Goon
Christine Stuckart
as Young Faunus Woman/Disgruntled Grandmother/Waiter 2/White Fang 03/White Fang Guard 01
Jacob Strickler
as Beacon Student
Taylor McNee
as Penny Polendina/Penny
Dave Fennoy
as Dr. Pietro Polendina
Lucella Wren Clary
as Adrian Cotta-Arc
Kim Newman
as Dew Gayl/Higanbana Waitress
Gavin Free
as Scarlet David
Kathleen Zuelch
as Glynda Goodwitch
Kerry Shawcross
as Neptune Vasilias/Atlas Guard 2/Student
Monica Rial
as Sienna Khan
Chris Demarais
as Civilian
Bruce Carey
as Captain
Katie Newville
as Emerald Sustrai
William Ball
as Saber Rodentia
Stan Lewis
as Menagerie Guard 1/Mistral Pilot
Shane Newville
as Russel Thrush/Atlas Guard 1
Robert Reynolds
as Haven Tourist/Man
Anna Hullum
as Raven Branwen
Jessica Nigri
as Cinder Fall
César Altagracia
as Salesman/Crimson/White Fang Guard 02
Caitlin Glass
as Willow Schnee
Dalton Allen
as Manta Three-Four
Daman Mills
as Leonardo Lionheart
R. Zane Rutledge
as Bartender
Lindsay Jones
as Ruby Rose
Alanah Pearce
as Computer Terminal
Clifford Chapin
as Shady Man/Shady D. Man/Shay D. Mann
Ed Whetstone
as AK-200 Driver/Mantle Citizen 5
Felecia Angelle
as Trophy Wife
Samantha Ireland
as Nora Valkyrie
Anairis Quinones
as Harriet Bree/Councilwoman Camilla
Christopher Wehkamp
as Clover Ebi
Jeff Williams
as Announcer
Joe MacDonald
as Inn Keeper/Yatsuhashi Daichi
Ian Kedward
as White Fang Goon 1
Giovanna Coutinho
as Menagerie Guard
Quentin Holtz
as Mantle Citizen 1/Mantle Patrol
Connor Pickens
as Young Blacksmith/Patrol/Terminal Soldier/White Fang Guard 03
Richard Norman
as Pilot/Atlas Pilot/Frightened Man/Mantle Team Delta
Kirk Johnson
as Waiter 1
Caiti Ward
as Velvet Scarlatina
Josh Flanagan
as Atlas Soldier
Christian Young
as Rhodes
Jack Pattillo
as Junior
Isaiah Torres
as Goon/Sailor
Josh Grelle
as Tyrian Callows
Kate Daigler
as Atlas Commander
Tony Salvaggio
as Atlas Soldier
Kara Eberle
as Weiss Schnee
Nick Schwartz
as Operator/Reporter
Markus Horstmeyer
as Bartender
Kirk C. Johnson
as Atlas Soldier #2/Mantle Citizen
Chris Guerrero
as Blacksmith/Dudley
Ariel LaCroix
as Faunus 2/Bigot
Neath Oum
as Lie Ren
Gus Sorola
as Fiona's Uncle
Christopher Sabat
as Arthur Watts/Dr. Watts
Luis Vazquez
as White Fang Member 1
Melanie Stern
as Manta Two-One
Ethan Marler
as Newscaster
Nick Landis
as Yuma/Angry Businessman/Ramen Shop Owner
Meg Turney
as Neon Katt
Jen Brown
as Pyrrha Nikos/Lisa Lavender/Red Haired Woman
Nick Cramer
as Atlas Soldier 2
Yunhao Zhang
as Crew Member 01
Kate Warner
as Nebula Violetta/Warning Announcer/Woman/Female Announcer
Jennifer K. Tidwell
as Mantle Citizen 4/Menagerie Guard 2/Mother/White Fang Member 3/Body Guard/Eldest Daughter
Mike McFarland
as Fennec Albain/Mayor
Garrett Hunter
as Adam Taurus
Daniel Fabelo
as Sailor
Tara Platt
as Kali Belladonna
Kyle Phillips
as Nubuck Guards
Alejandro Saab
as Dying Huntsman/Henry Marigold
Travis Willingham
as Atlas Ship Captain
Lauren Aptekar
as Female Dinner Guest/Mistral Woman/Youngest Daughter
Kent Williams
as Ghira Belladonna
Kyle Taylor
as News Broadcaster/Perry
Ruth Urquhart
as Tock
Michael Jones
as Sun Wukong
Adam Ellis
as Cardin Winchester/Tukson
Derek Mears
as Corsac Albain
Joel Heyman
as Dr. Bartholomew Oobleck/Bartholomew Oobleck/Detective #2
Megan Castro
Aaron Marquis
as Nolan Portirio
William Orendorff
as Grimm Creature Vocal Sound Effects/Hazel Rainart/Hazel
Ashley Jenkins
as Coco Adel
Alex Leonard
as Large Man
Josh Ornelas
as Sage Ayana/White Fang Goon 2
Cody Hawkins
as Atlas Soldier/Soldier 1
Jackie Izawa
as CCT Voice
Michele Sontag
as Fiona Thyme

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2013 | 16 Episodes

Season 2

2014 | 12 Episodes

Season 3

2015 | 12 Episodes

Season 4

2016 | 12 Episodes

Season 5

2017 | 14 Episodes

Season 6

2018 | 13 Episodes

Season 7

2019 | 13 Episodes

Season 8

2020 | 14 Episodes




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International Academy of Web Television Awards

Best Animated Series

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