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October 23, 2021
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About this title


The different phases of male-female relationships are examined as seen through the eyes of young couple Adam and Jennifer. Their friends include longtime-married pair Jeff and Audrey, and a womanizing singleton named Russell. As Adam and Jennifer find out, the often-confusing stages of a relationship can seem like a ride on a roller coaster: Folks can describe it to you, but you have to take the trip for yourself to know what it's like.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Canceled

Language: English

Release Date: February 3, 2007

Also Known As: Rules of Engagement, Suhdekoukerot |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (PG, M), Canada (PG) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

group of friends

Company Credits

Production Co: Game Six Productions, Happy Madison Productions |  See more »


James M. Connor
as Man
Zena Gaynes
as Grandma
Mark A. Neely
as Diner
Jill Getto Lee
as Woman
Odessa Rae
as Gretchen
Katie Wee
as Waitress
Todd Grinnell
as Chris
Katie Savoy
as Patty Miller
Mark Fite
as Guest
Darlene Kardon
as Older Woman
Caitlin Chapman
as Tanya
Adrienne Rusk
as Magazine Editor
Kevin Alexander Stea
as Dancer
Kent Kasper
as Cabbie
Skyler Stone
as Frank
Antonio Lewis Todd
as Bob/Bob the Ump
Perrey Reeves
as Ellen
Dale E. Turner
as TV Deliveryman
Hope Allen
as Barbara
Don Perry
as Henry
Doug Simpson
as Maitre D'
Maitland McConnell
as Sarah
Marisa Petroro
as Crystal
Ward Edmondson
as Diner Patron
Mike Siegel
as Sales Guy
Jonathan Kehoe
as Bartender
Sarah Edwards
as Violet
Mary K. DeVault
as Lisa
Alec Mapa
as Restaurant Manager
Sachin Bhatt
as Ravi
Payson Lewis
as A Cappella Singer
Lewis Dauber
as Speaker
Mircea Monroe
as Danielle
Julie Meyer
as Anne
Kate Gilligan
as Marjorie
Marta Zolynska
as Sylvie
Virginia Williams
as Sasha
Judith Drake
as Enid
William Mulligan
as Chess Player
Tyler Spindel
as Mail Guy
Christine Scott Bennett
as Young Woman
Elise Luthman
as Red Robin Scout
Marcus Toji
as Maynard
Floyd Van Buskirk
as Knight
Stephen Jared
as Cop
Andrew Thacher
as Jerry Waldman
Marianne Chambers
as Brandy
Steven Barr
as P.A. Announcer
Pat Crawford Brown
as Pearl
Peter James Smith
as Waiter
Alexandra Fatovich
as Melanie
Tank Jones
as Matt
Johnny Drocco
as Charity dinner guest
David Gautreaux
as Mr. Charles
Ciel Turich
as Audrey's Neighbor
Michael Patrick Breen
as Pedestrian
Matthew Mahaney
as Sully
Miss Kitty the Cat
as Liz's Cat
Maggie Lawson
as Jesse
Alyssa Julya Smith
as Dawn
Gloria LeRoy
as Margaret
Alex Endeshaw
as Eyob
David Wells
as Henry
Holly Lynch
as Heather
Vanessa Lengies
as Julia
Art Ortiz
as Self - Softball Player
Kristen O'Meara
as Woman
Peggy Lipton
as Fay
Carrie Southworth
as Tiffany
Larisa Miller
as Woman
Joseph Limbaugh
as Guy
Kyle Weishaar
as Theatre Usher
Trevor Hammonds
as Steakhouse Patron
Laura Lance
as Waitress
Eric Normington
as Other Student
Andi Matheny
as Woman #2
B.J. Whitted
as Kenyan Runner
Kurt Long
as Clerk
Ryan Alvarez
as A Capella Singer
Dawn Olivieri
as Cheyenne
Mylinda Royer
as Beautiful Woman
Jackie Tohn
as Andrea
Melody Butiu
as Paramedic
Jake Martin
as Terry
Dexter the Cat
as Liz's Cat
Darin Toonder
as Waiter
Shane Denil
as Person
Billy Joe Brewer III
as Runner
Rich Paul
as Bar Patron (2008
James Koshak
as Diner Patron/Diner patron/Moving Guy/Surrogate Seminar participant
Ryan Powers
as A Cappella Singer
Traci Elizabeth
Giovanni V. Giusti
as Giovanni the Beat
Teri Reeves
as Janine
Edie McClurg
as Silvia
Ruby Lewis
as Woman #1
as Ryan
Leonardo Biasiucci
as Waiter
Matt Yuan
as Ronald
Alison Becker
as Teresa
Emanuel Borria
as Javier
Andrea Silvers
as Teacher
Vera Kopp
as Bridesmaid
Jelly Howie
as Holly
Samantha Ressler
as Waitress
J.R. Nutt
as Scott
Rosalie McIntire
as Amy
Zach Mills
as Judd
Jennifer K. Lee
as Barbara/Barbra
Winston Story
as Usher
Ryan M. Lee
as Father
David Spade
as Russell Dunbar/Rusty
Jen Lilley
as Barista
Joe Zazzu
as Man
Darrin Lackey
as Waiter
Robert Stilwell
as Nature Walker
Robert Alan Beuth
as City Official
Mark Atteberry
as Jimmer
Kevin Berntson
as Bob
Emily Baldoni
as Stephanie
Amanda Baker
as Meghan
Rick L. Dean
as Businessman/Casino Patron/Diner
Jodi Harris
as Mrs. Doyle-Ross
Brian McGovern
as Joe the Super
Jordan Kast
as Pedestrian
Jandres Burgos
as Sleazy Willy
Dominic Burgess
as Clerk
Krista Allen
as Heidi
John Ducey
as Paul
Kirk Robinson
as Guest #2
Ping Wu
as Ming
Natasha Yi
as Boat Show Model
Jim Meskimen
as Mr. Wrigley
David Rickabaugh
as Gallery Server
Heidi Marnhout
as Woman
Madison Rothschild
as Lily
Sabin Rich
as Delivery Guy
Jaime Tintor
as Miles
Andrew Feld
as Ethan
Erik Kowalski
as Diner Patron
James Castle Stevens
as Waiter
Kayden Kross
as Hot Girl at Softball Game
Freddy Gaitan
as Busboy
Nick Ball
as Nick
Kalena Ranoa
as Svetlana
Emily Montague
as Beth
Mark Saul
as Barry
Chet Grissom
as Marty
Maria Maestas McCann
as Susan
Alina Kaufman
as Make-Up Artist
Luke Diliberto
as Kenny
Hector Atreyu Ruiz
as Javier
Criss Angel
as Self
Sarah Burch
as Cruise Diner Patron
Taryn Southern
as Allison
Katie Cleary
as Bridesmaid
Sandra Rosko
as Diner Girl
Ryan Bailey
as Bartender
Colby Paul
as Bully
Carla Toutz
as Debra
Chip Chinery
as Randy
Lauren Rose Lewis
as Bonnie
Jake Thomas
as Toby
Elizabeth Bogush
as Meredith
Josie Davis
as Clarissa
Jennifer Shumaker
as Dressing Room Attendant
Lucky Davis
as Kid/Kid #2
Parker Contreras
as Kid #3
Jordan Green
as Boy
Agnes Albright
as Kiki
Lou Felder
as Charlie
David Walrod
as Guest #1
Carrie Holt
as Russell's Secretary
Jera Sky
as Traveler
Steve Forbes
as Man Reading Forbes Magazine
Jonathan Slavin
as Brad
Patrizia Barretto
as Waitress
Sean Abbott
as Employee
Meg Wolf
as Sheila
Jaime Pressly
as Pam
Jacqueline Lord
as Bartender
Michael Bunin
as Jerry the Beak
Olivia Francessca
as Diner Patron
Elaine Hendrix
as Stephanie
Christina Moore
as Jane
Roxana Ortega
as Ana
Greg Bond
as Johnny Mo/Ballplayer
Diane Sellers
as Doreen/Waitress
Christine Estabrook
as Moderator
Kosha Patel
as Radha
Jessica Tuck
as Mrs. Westlin
Michelle Pierce
as Amanda
Mitch Baker
as Mitch
Doug Hale
as Pundit #2
Laura McLauchlin
as Ellen
Palmer Davis
as Dancer
Aalok Mehta
as Cab Driver
Carol Leifer
as Other Shopper
Jerry Rice
as Jerry Rice
Trevor Blanding
as Diner Patron
Leyla Milani
as Club Girl #1
Amy Gumenick
as Charlotte
Marco Assante
as Delivery Man/Pizza Delivery Guy
Ali Williams
as Club Server
Kelli Kirkland
as Reporter
Karl T. Wright
as Dr. Lam
Craig Susser
as Maitre D'
Charity Shea
as Gwen
Justin Reed
as Restaurant Patron
Sarah Stringer
as Concession Girl
Will Deutsch
as Guy
Lili Mirojnick
as Female Club-Goer
Erik Van Wyck
as Jack
Matthew Brenher
as Bruno
Norma Jean
as Lady Waiting for Subway
Ryan Budds
as Night Club Patron
Kelli Mandruk
as Hot Girl
Jennifer Flatebo
as Bible Study Girl
Austin Honaker
as Diner Patron
Grinnell Morris
as Stewart
Kurt David Anderson
as Owen
Kyle T. Heffner
as H.R. Guy
Cameron Bender
as Rick
Tom Goodman
as Guy
Nakia Secrest
as Kate
Angi Greene
as Bartender
Jeny Batten
as Mother
Jeffrey Koch
as Nerd
Audra Blaser
as Candy
Ithamar Enriquez
as Rodolfo
Rachelle Wood
as Tawney
Tieira Ryder
as Diner Patron
Brian Dennehy
as Roy
Sara Rue
as Brenda
Smith Cho
as Sarah
Veronnica Avila
as Quinn's Little Sister
Arabella Field
as Dorothy
Keith Pillow
as Hospital Administrator
Geoff Pierson
as Franklin Dunbar
Penny Nickels
as Scout Leader
Ben Hermes
as Gordon
Shannon Welles
as Ruth
René Ashton
as Linda
Bob Odenkirk
as Mike
Marc Goldsmith
as Party Guy
Timo Nunez
as Dancer
Mini Andén
Mini Anden
as Melissa
Mitzi Kapture
as Gina
Brooke Baumer
as Joyce
Dylan Minnette
as Nicky
Enya Flack
as Becky
Jessica Walter
as Constance
John Farley
as Greg
Karen Jean Wu
as Black Jack Player
Nakia Burrise
as Saleswoman
Chris Titone
as Stan
Joan Collins
as Bunny Dunbar
Kyra Schwartz
as Gnome/Guest #3
Glenn Taranto
as Mr. Micelli
Kiki Haynes
as Receptionist
Cathryn de Prume
as Eileen Entrikan
Valerie Spencer
as Female Computer Voice
Russell Duncan
as Delivery Guy
Andrew Lukich
as Matt
Cynthia Harmon
as Russell's Girl
R.M. Haner
as Roadie
Brooklyn McLinn
as Dan
Susan Yeagley
as Tracy
Jennifer Roa
as Jill
Debra Azar
as Kara
Katie Walder
as Claire
Lauren Stamile
as Karen
Joshua Caleb Grant
as Missed Connection
Melanie Paxson
as Deidre
Frederick Keeve
as Mike - Party Guest
Alex Bennett
as Bartender
A.J. Trauth
as Topher
Edward James Gage
as Delivery Guy
Alice Greenfield
as Girl Walking Dog
Norma Michaels
as Edie Bennet/Old Lady
Stéphanie Edmonds
as Interior Designer
Alan Ruck
as Dr. Greenblatt
Lorin McCraley
as Homeless Guy
Sam Harris
as Jackie
Tony Nichols
as Scotty
Heather Moiseve
as Vanessa
Jordi Caballero
as Mr. Vargas
Curtis Armstrong
as Curtis Armstrong
Kevin P. Farley
as Dave
Stacy Stas Hurst
as Adriana
William Patrick Brown
as Kenyan Runner
Anna George
as Varsha Patel
Gregory George Frank
as Theater Patron
Gail O'Grady
as Joan
Ami Dolenz
as Lori
James E. Foley
as Jimmy
Jason Dohring
as Joe
Ajay Mehta
as Rahm
Peter David Parasiliti
as Vic
Stephanie Lemelin
as Kerry
Bree Turner
as Heather
Jeremy Timmins
as Delivery Guy
Terrance Christopher Jones
as Waiter
Martha Boles
as Woman
Holmes Osborne
as Larry
Nefetari Spencer
as Saleswoman
Emily Happe
as Kim
Carrie Reichenbach
as Deborah
Jorga Caye
as Cafe
Yvette Nicole Brown
as Mrs. Alberts
Andrew Leeds
as Lester
Erinn Bartlett
as Caroline
Ty Williams
as Crush Pitcher
Matt Griesser
as Bob
Omi Vaidya
as Waiter
Dana Cuomo
as Heather
Cyndi Martino
as Rental Agent
Robert Grant
as Groomsman
Marsha Clark
as Social Worker
Andrew Boryski
as Waiter
Alexis Krause
as Tina
Jenn Liu
as Sheila
Lauriane Gilliéron
as Hostess
Eric L. Waters
as Sports Reporter
James Devoti
as Terry
Tom O'Keefe
as Tim
Bianca Kajlich
as Jennifer Morgan
David Lodge
as Pundit #1
George Ball
as Audrey's Dad
Robert Prescott Lee
as Dancer
Jonathan Morgan Heit
as Leland
Travis Schuldt
as Ryan
Melanie Chandra
as Simran
Moran Atias
as Sophia
Kellen Love
as Diner Busboy
Richard McGonagle
as Dr. Sachs/Doctor
Patrick Robert Smith
as Opposing Coach
Charlene Mae
as Diner Patron
Matt Levin
as Blackjack Dealer
Jessica Rey
as Polynesian Waitress
Casey Sander
as Frank
Wayne Lopez
as Oscar
Teddy Sears
as Drake
Salem the Cat
as Liz's Cat
Vanessa Claire Stewart
as Maya
Lisa K. Wyatt
as Instructor
Noah Munck
as Mackenzie
Jen Eldridge
as Waitress
Jay Brian Winnick
as Cab Driver
Quinn Masterson
as Quinn
Andrew Aguilar
as Busboy
Lynne Alana Delaney
as Diner Patron
Kim Delgado
as Client
Danielle Vasinova
as Secretary Pilar
Mishone Feigin
as Nerd
Danny Teeson
as TV Host
Jasmine Waltz
as Jenny
Audra Marie
as Jessica
Jennifer Lee
as Barbara
Luisa Moraes
as Sarah
Hunter James
as Park Patron
Sarah Knowlton
as Pamela
Emiko King
as Theater Patron
Mark Avery
as Trailer Announcer
Nikita Bogolyubov
as Vincent
Artemis Pebdani
as Waitress #2
Darin Rossi
as Umpire
Tony Hale
as Steve
E.J. Curse
as Guy
Sharon Brathwaite
as Waitress
Louis Mandylor
as Nick
Jeff Clarke
as Chuck
Chasty Ballesteros
as Grace
Jack Carter
as Herman
Seana Kofoed
as Evelyn
Adhir Kalyan
as Timmy Patel
Heather Palmer
as Bridesmaid
David Michael Paul
as Pizza Parlor Employee
Beth Littleford
as Laura
Vinny Chhibber
as Indian Volunteer
Chris Ufland
as Fan
Orlando Jones
as Brad
Maree Cheatham
as Mrs. Fulford
Greg Wrangler
as Player
Roscoe the Cat
as Liz's Cat
Oliver Hudson
as Adam Rhodes
Alex Ball
as Nick/Orderly
Jaayda McClanahan
as Dancer
Ron Pearson
as Guy
Johnny Palermo
as Rocco
Paul Mabon
as Fred
Adam Conway
as Kyle
Tim Conlon
as Ray
Mariah Bonner
as Margaux
Valerie Azlynn
as Stacy
Bruce Merkle
as A Cappella Singer
Eben Ham
as Edward
Mark Roman
as Loft Party Guest
Sunny Mabrey
as Erika
Gary Poux
as Man
Jeremiah Hu
as Cliff
Mackenzie Mason
as Katie
Christina j Chang
as Waitress
Jillian Murray
as Young woman
Nikki Novak
as Antler Girl
Bradford N. Smith
as Art Show Attendee
Richard Augustine
as Big Guy
Cynthia Sophiea
as Phyllis
Shannon Beach
as Dancer
Sarah Desage
as Babette
Carla Harvey
as Woman #1
Kate Micucci
as Tanya
Rachel Boston
as Amy
William Morse
as Audrey's Party Guest
Christopher Carroll
as Doctor
Bess Meyer
as Katy
Todd Sandler
as Richie
Bruno Amato
as Cop
Erica Hanrahan-Ball
as Female Volunteer
Richard Willgrubs
as Co-Worker
Mim Drew
as Woman
Sarah Cooper
as Basketball Fan
Marque Richardson
as Catcher
Ellen Hollman
as Maya
Susan Grace
as Old Lady
Joe Sofranko
as A Cappella Singer
Geoff Wheelan
as Diner Patron
Soledad St. Hilaire
as Yoli
Izzy Diaz
as Doug
Jackie Sandler
as Nurse Linda
Rachael Besant
as Hostess
Hollie Winnard
as Amber
Marc Rose
as Bartender
Nazneen Contractor
as Suneetha
Helena Mattsson
as Martina
Candace Kroslak
as Beth
Elizabeth Ann Koshak
as Diner Patron/Diner patron/Party Guest/Restaurant Diner
Brenda Koo
as Connie
Maurice Sherbanee
as Diner Owner
Brandi Williams
as Waitress
John DiResta
as Conductor
Jonathan Castellanos
as Kid
Chacko Vadaketh
as Ravi
Terrell Lee
as Bouncer
Heather Locklear
as Barbara
John Yuan
as Donald
Michael Mantell
as Dr. Bromberg
Heidi Niedermeyer
as Janice
Samy Camara
as Maria
Tammin Sursok
as Woman
Jason Ciok
as Waiter
David Pearl
as Bar Patron
Patrick Warburton
as Jeff Bingham
Eli Jane
as Lacey
Missy Doty
as Cheryl
Noelle Bellinghausen
as Shameka
Sean Smith
as Sommelier
Maitland Ward
as Dani
Jill Czarnowski
as Ordinary Girl
Sarah Kobayashi
as Dancer
Jelynn Sophia
as Woman Shopper
Megyn Price
as Audrey Bingham
Wendi McLendon-Covey
as Liz
Brian Hatton
as Captain
Julie Brister
as Evelyn
Rebel Wilson
as Sara
D. Patrick Bowles
as Casino Patron/Hockey Fan
Christopher Thornton
as Edward
Larry Joe Campbell
as Todd
Gina Juliet
as Waitress
Lara Everly
as Veronica
Cora Skinner
as Workout Girl
Jim Ounniyom
as Paramedic
Rebecca Corry
as Female Fan
Ed Begley Jr.
as Reverend Todd
Paul McKinney
as Smart-Looking Guy
Gary Kraus
as Camaro Guy
Jennifer Alden
as Jill
Dave Sebastian Williams
as TV Sports Announcer
Rob Gotobed
as Workout Guy
Happy Mahaney
as Man
Tommy Snider
as Tug
Tyler Jacob Moore
as Evan
Kayla Shen
as Kid #1
Dan Kinsella
as Delivery Guy

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2007 | 7 Episodes

Season 2

2007 | 15 Episodes

Season 3

2009 | 13 Episodes

Season 4

2010 | 13 Episodes

Season 5

2010 | 24 Episodes

Season 6

2011 | 15 Episodes

Season 7

2013 | 13 Episodes


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Primetime Emmy Awards

Outstanding Cinematography for a Multi-Camera Series

Teen Choice Awards 2007


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Choice TV Actor: Comedy

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