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December 3, 2021
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About this title


Perhaps their strikingly different personalities make the relationship between detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles so effective. Jane, the only female cop in Boston's homicide division, is tough, relentless and rarely lets her guard down, while the impeccably dressed Maura displays a sometimes icy temperament -- she is, after all, more comfortable among the dead than the living. Together, the best friends have forged a quirky and supportive relationship; they drop the protective shield in each other's company, and combine their expertise to solve Boston's most complex cases.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: July 12, 2010

Also Known As: Rizzoli & Isles: Vraždy na pitevně, Риццоли и Айлз |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

boston, massachusetts
female detective

Company Credits

Production Co: Hurdler Productions, Ostar Productions |  See more »


Rick Chambers
as Tom Martin/Race Reporter/Reporter/TV News Reporter
Andra Petru
as Boxer
Johnnie Battistessa
as Girl in Diner
Victor Manso
as Eric Stone
Mark Fite
as Blake Smith
Paul Stuart
as Cleveland Gray
Cooper Fontaine
as T.J.
LaMonica Garrett
as Sergeant Detective Simmons
Max Charles
as Kevin Silver
Lisa Kaminir
as Cathy Graff
Allen Maldonado
as Cruncha
Abby Brammell
as Linda Hendrickson
Alexis Raich
as Samantha Cole
Dennis Hill
as Bomb Tech
Dyana Liu
as Karine Alberts
Al Vicente
as Landlord
Jordan Baum
as Frat Boy
Cody Kennedy
as Mary Henderson
Amber Friendly
as Elodie Stanwich
Rey Borge
as Mover
Spencer Garrett
as Bill Sutton
Jack McGee
as Bar Owner/Bartender
Joseph Lee
as Eric Chen
Jim O'Heir
as Dr. Little
Richard Thomas
as Professor Dwayne Cravitz
Jackie Geary
as Maggie McGee
Sara Finley
as Marathon Runner
Stephen Bralver
as Billy Skolnick
Amanda Clayton
as Valentina Smith
Stephen Full
as Parking Enforcement Officer
Daniel Beer
as Jeffrey Tyler
Gabriela Fresquez
as Reporter
Brit Morgan
as Kelly Wagner
Carla Lomelín
as Saleswoman
Sumalee Montano
as Judge Huang
Dasha Flynn
as Rachel Lawson
William Mulligan
as Irish Barfly
Scott Broderick
as Sam
Nick Smoke
as Tech Guy
Timothy Eulich
as Carl Parker
Sam Lerner
as Quinn
Mitchell Fink
as Trooper Dave Dewey
Aaron Jennings
as Dante Moore
Noshir Dalal
as Police Officer
David Barry Gray
as Doug Pierce/Michael Leahy
Erik Palladino
as Detective Bobby Marino
C.J. Dobbs
as Irish Mobster
Jeremy Cohenour
as Ryan
David Alpay
as Grayson Bennett
Taylor Kinney
as Jesse Wade
Gina Rodriguez
as Lourdes Santana
Brian Goodman
as Lieutenant Sean Cavanaugh
Rodney Eastman
as Mo Monee
Michelle Wong
as Jessica
Drew Ignatowski
as Stuart Crane
Tessa Thompson
as FBI Agent Anna Farrell
Kristen O'Meara
as Karen
Arden Cho
as Lee
Tricia Leigh Fisher
as Mrs. Cole
Felicia Dillon
as Drizzle's Girl
Matthew Alan
as Pvt. Gary Campbell
John Grady
as Waiter
Melonie Diaz
as Mia
Troy Winbush
as Baseball Pundit #2
Erica Sorum
as Greta Silver
M.J. Dougherty
as Woman Rater
Richard Markman
as Butler
Ilca Andrade
as Voodoo Chanter 2010
Shawn Kathryn Kane
as Reporter #1
Verda Bridges
as Det. Carol Lewis
Brenda Schmid
as Lianne Scott
Patrick David Cullen
as David Polk
Davey Thompson
as Yuri
Edwin Modlin II
as S.W.A.T. Team Officer
Maitlyn Pezzo
as Allie Armstrong
Deidrie Henry
as Beatrice Senna
Timothy Landfield
as Father Crowley
Emma Bell
as Christine McKenzie
Alexandra Holden
as Lydia Sparks
Adam Tsekhman
as Steve Bogart
Elisha Henig
as Jared Daniels
Jay Ali
as Brock
Nick Benseman
as Sean Hughes
Adam Salandra
as Young Father
Jeffrey James Perry
as Referee
Bill Kalmenson
as Tim Phillips
Ashanti Brown
as Diane
Joshua Davis
as Guard
Patrick Fabian
as Nate
Rich Paul
as Bomb Tech Smith
Lolita Davidovich
as Melody Patterson
Rita Volk
as Lea Babic
Tanner Thomason
as Ricky Dunn
Ben Cain
as Mike
Lidia Porto
as Judith
Evan Helmuth
as Jake Spencer
Nathan Edmondson
as Chip
Daniel R. Lawson Jr.
as Pedestrian
Marmee Regine Cosico
as Civilian
Gordon Vasquez
as Park Maintenance Worker
Zack Toni
as Coffee Shop Customer
Will Collyer
as Perry Shaw
Clint Carmichael
as Court Security Officer
Tyler Francavilla
as Reed Bennett
Giselle Anthony
as Carla
Ramón Franco
as Mateo Morales
Doby Daenger
as Homeless
Daniel Hagen
as Evidence Officer Carl
Patrick Weil
as Detective
Dougald Park
as Tim Curran
Emily Robinson
as Rachel
Dina Miro
as Anja Babic
Patrick Wenk-Wolff
as Officer Casey Jones/Officer Jones
Belle Angel
as Police Officer
Ian Duncan
as Tim Felding
John Allen Nelson
as Robby Davenport
Peyton McDavitt
as Danielle Davis
Makinna Ridgway
as Linda Cavanaugh
Joyce Guy
as Joanna
P.J. Marino
as Hotel Security
Tug Coker
as Jeff Miller
Heather Tom
as Mrs. Tolliver
Lola Bridges
as Lily
Marcus Brown
as Clark Jacobs
David Blue
as Peter Kaufman
Marcella Lentz-Pope
as Melissa Joy Black
Gary Hudson
as Jay Butler
Emily Baldoni
as Sage Molette
Raphael Sbarge
as Mr. Davis
John Senese
as Jon Polk
Nathan Sutton
as Dustin Shaw
Eileen Grubba
as Harley Mom
Niall Matter
as Detective Mike Guthrie
AJ Achinger
as Drew Bigsby
Angela Bullock
as Polly Scott
Mark Hildreth
as Tom MacGregor, Jr.
Ryan Michael Oman
as Attractive Man
Ramon Antonio
as Bomb Tech #3
India King
as Inmate
David DeLuise
as Dominick Bianchi
Noel Arthur
as Jail Guard
Kevin T. McCarthy
as Donald Maxwell
Karole Foreman
as Mrs. Lewis
Laura Owen
as Teri
Donielle Artese
as Gwen Williams
Cassie Brennan
as Marley
Anastasia Barnes
as Gail Yeager
Jeffrey D. Sams
as HS Deputy Chief Clay Stephens
Aaron Pont
as Mark Harris
Paul Perri
as Attorney Walsh
Steve Berg
as Officer Kelly
Ralph Kampshoff
as Bank Manager
Jaime Gomez
as Roberto Gusano
Quinn Lipton
as Dancer
Kyla Kenedy
as Charlotte
Baylee O'Hara
as Amy
Vanessa Bell Calloway
as Assistant District Attorney
Rocky Marquette
as James Miller
Nelson Grande
as Uniform
Bryce Blais
as Frat Boy Mike
Jeremy Batiste
as Trooper Frederickson
Chris Coy
as Drew Beckett
Jaeden Bettencourt
as Young Jonathan
Alex Weed
as Ralph Comstock
Senta Moses Mikan
as Ruby Burke
Tiwana Floyd
as Polygrapher
Michelle Ang
as Lucy Chen
Stella Maeve
as Kelsey
Angela Alvarado
as Prisoner Gomez
Jared Goldstein
as Dylan
Mike Bradecich
as Officer Tobin
Gita Reddy
as Secretary
Stephane Nicoli
as Court Witness
Alexandra Amadio
as Lab Tech
Scott duPont
as Detective
François Chau
as Harold Chen
Vaughn Wilkinson
as Cop/Officer Ellis
Christopher May
as Mr. Cole
Kiko Ellsworth
as Bernard Avery
Jaz Sinclair
as Tasha Williams
Rebecca Tilney
as Officer Mary Pat O'Brien
Tiffany Giddens
as BPD Officer
Roger Rignack
as Bar Patron
Carol Schlanger
as Mrs. Billings
Keir O'Donnell
as Craig Johnson
Anne Dudek
as Cynthia Wallace
Christina Carlisi
as Helen Barnes
Tommy Cooley
as Young William Davenport
Whitney Anderson
as Vicky Collins
Dave Reaves
as Greg Danielson
Jane Park Smith
as Wife
Tyler Mauro
as Terrence Griffins
James Snyder
as Brad Adams
Christopher Titus
as Jerry Jankowski
Glen Mac
as Paramedic
Cameron Graham
as Officer Anders
Harrison White
as Daniel Raine
Candice Patton
as Bernard Avery's Widow
Steve Monroe
as Coach Mike
Frank Ashmore
as Ryan Finnegan
Jadin Gould
as Mandy Mateo
Chris Nunez
as Marathon Volunteer
Lorraine Bracco
as Angela Rizzoli
David Selby
as Senator Malcolm Humphrey
Lisa Ann Walter
as Coach JJ
Elaine Hendrix
as Geena Young
Christopher Bello
as Detective Danny Clark
Russ Grant
as SWAT Commander
John Ales
as Artist
Marlane Barnes
as Waitress
Nancy Stelle
as Petra
LaNiesha Irvin
as Chloe Cameron
JoBeth Williams
as Tilly Dunn
Karis Campbell
as Carol Wescourt/Carol Westcourt
Mel Fair
as Baseball Pundit #1
Tom Williamson
as Gary Carver
Susan Santiago
as Maria Korkman
Vladimir Tevlovski
as Guard #2
Leah Bateman
as Emma
Celeste McMillian
as Gia Lamont
Susane Lee
as Wei Chen
Corey Allen Kotler
as Latvian Man
Cale Rush
as Robby Davenport
Bridgid Coulter
as Mrs. Hammond
Mary Jo Catlett
as Bunny
Chelsey Crisp
as Vanessa Jensen
Melanie Mosley
as Inmate #1
Jayson Blair
as Brandon Lewis
Marc Aden Gray
as Bob Burke
Idara Victor
as Nina Holiday
Kevin Foster
as Dylan Blyer
Montae Russell
as Sgt. Miller
Dean Austin
as Uniformed Cop
Julius Tennon
as Warden
Nick Gehlfuss
as Jack Roberts
Elya Baskin
as Dr. Vladmir Papov
Alyssa McBride
as Brenda's Roommate
Lindsey Ginter
as Reverend William Scott
Zoran Jacimovic
as Police Officer
Paul Schackman
as Dr. Matthew Kaplan
Katie A. Keane
as Mrs. Payson
Shawn Pyfrom
as Bradley Palmer
Ivan Shaw
as Chef Holden
Jaimi Paige
as Wendy Allen
Matt Bushell
as O'Connell's Partner
Brett Easton
as Sam Mason
Dwight V Coleman
as Biker #1/Clarks Boys
Kevin Rock
as Principal Roger Appleton
June Christopher
as Assistant
Davis Cleveland
as Zach Langley
Peter Murnik
as Rod Mason
Natasha Stern
as Brenda Martin
Lucas Kerr
as Shane Finnegan
Franklin Killian
as Kalter Rothsburgher
Tory Stolper
as Corina Lee
Kaius Harrison
as RV Camper
Corey Sorenson
as Charles Tate
Cameron Bender
as Mr. Hammond
Marc Abbink
as Detective
Tyler Forrest
as Riley Keating
Toni French
as Bar Patron/Medical Examiner
Amanda Carlin
as Mrs. Browning
Paul Zies
as Grimm
Kim Thomson
as Jillian
Jayne Taini
as Marion Tibbets
Daniel Mitchell
as Handsome Doctor
William O'Leary
as Attorney Worster
Beverly Leech
as Rene Sparks
Burl Moseley
as Officer Vandorn
David Goldman
as Alan Barnett
Max E. Williams
as Steve
Jason Castle
as Boston Marathon Goer
Ken Takemoto
as Asian Man
Kemp Lee
as Waiman Zhang
Brian Dennehy
as Detective Kenny Leahy
Steve Wong
as Detective Boston
Monique Edwards
as Receptionist
Angie Harmon
as Jane Rizzoli
Judy Kain
as Woman
Laura Meadows
as Hooker
Michael Antosy
as Colin Doyle
Stephanie Pearson
as Danielle Mitchell
Santorise Walker
as AA group member
Rico Devereaux
as Big Karl
Missi Pyle
as Bartender/Merch Owner
Matt Corboy
as Reggie
Ruben Garfias
as Raya Sororo
Anthony Alabi
as Enzo 'End Zone' Womack
Kandis Fay
as Julia
Phyllis Lyons
as The Waitress
Jim Grollman
as Jim O'Connell
Terrence Edwards
as Sheriff Deputy
Michael Irby
as Detective Oscar Acedo
Peter Bogdanovich
as Arnold Whistler
Jordan Bridges
as Frankie Rizzoli Jr.
Aimee-Lynn Chadwick
as Sabrina Scott
Amanda Rea
as Murder victim
Joseph Wilson
as Park Ranger
John Deignan
as Detective Sam Lewis
Shak Ghacha
as Julio
Gabriel Womack
as Otis Reynolds
Jonathan Palmer
as Ron
Laura Leigh Hughes
as Alicia Senna
Laura Gordon
as Victoria Green
Dylan Bruno
as Bryce (Bomb Squad Leader)
Kenneth Chang
as Officer
Rodney Smith
as Raymond Walker
Hugh B. Holub
as Steve
Andrew Lukich
as Doug Gatz
Brooklyn McLinn
as Tyrell Feeney
Patrick O'Connor
as Dr. Rod Parker
Emiliano Torres
as Miguel
Brent King
as Peter Bickford
Lexi Ainsworth
as Clair
Lak Rana
as Paramedic
Kristof Konrad
as Alexi Osmansky
Donnell Turner
as Firefighter
Dameon Clarke
as Sam Langdon
Yarett Harper
as Detective
Chris Tallman
as David Sutton
Sky Soleil
as Derrick Johnson
Darri Ingolfsson
as Robert Stevens
Meredith Thomas
as Woman
Ernest Harden Jr.
as Abraham Reynolds
Rick Peters
as AUSA King
John Mese
as Attorney
Eddie Jemison
as Elliot Dutton
Meagan Holder
as Mallory
Kate Alden
as Crying Student
Jonathan Ohye
as Walter Park
Arnell Powell
as Cop/Uniformed Cop
Annie Wersching
as Nicole Mateo
Kim Hawthorne
as Vonda Morris
Sticky Fingaz
James DuMont
as Phil Taylor
Nolan North
as Mr. Hammond/Phillip Dayton
Brian Elerding
as Mr. Harper
John Hemphill
as Sweaty Runner
Tyson Turrou
as Joe Martin
Creagen Dow
as Cecil 'Spike' Wilson
Alisa Torres
as Rebecca Sanchez
Joe Egender
as Lucas Bilton
Conor Leslie
as Ms. Barlow
Jeff Marlow
as Larry
Jenny O'Hara
as Sister Winifred Callahan
Jorga Caye
as Prisoner
Kristine Blackport
as Call Girl
Erin Daniels
as Kate Graham
Jesse Erwin
as Kent Williams
Michelle Gillette
as Marcia Gleason
Julie McNiven
as Renee Levinson
Sandy Martin
as Kendra Dee
Meredith Giangrande
as Eileen
Brenda Strong
as Mel Gaynor-Randle
Christopher Redman
as Eddie Tibbet
Billy Mayo
as Sam Jackson
Joshua Delagarza
as Young Sailor
Dendrie Taylor
as Mrs. Dunn
Chris Conner
as Mark Talbot
Fahim Anwar
as Ismail Nader
Tina Huang
as Susie Chang
Kate Lacey-Kiley
as Kitty Vansen
Matt McTighe
as Tyler Moore
Denise Jaxon
as Female Guard
Roberta Hanlen
as Woman
Alex Fernandez
as Officer Ronald Duncan
Harry Perry
as Harry Perry
James Huang
as Crime Lab Tech
Mark Hengst
as Craig
Sean L. Malin
as Bar Patron/L.A. Bar Patron
Darius McCrary
as TK
Bruce McGill
as Vince Korsak
Christine Dunford
as Claire Koneff Deluth
Mary Oswaldwinterer
as Helen Downey
Dave Power
as Cliff Davis
Karah Donovan
as Girl in Bedsheet
David Reiner
as Angelas Guardian/Homeless Man
Chazz Palminteri
as Frank Rizzoli Sr.
Anthony M. Bertram
as Driver/Truck Driver
Xavier Truesdell
as Snake Charmer
J. Grant Albrecht
as Dr. James Bacal
Chris Ghandour
as Funeral Guest
Dre' Michael Chaney
as Guard
Chloe Bridges
as Tory Garrett
Ashlee Füss
as Megan Christenson
Marc Evan Jackson
as Dr. Hart
Jeremiah Caleb
as Manager
Mackenzie Astin
as Professor Rick Clark
Crystal Reed
as Natalie
Barry Livingston
as Roger Wise
Sonny Kang
as Ted
Helen Highfield
as Teacher
Teddy Sears
as Rory Graham
Michael Maize
as Trooper J.D. Miller
Allyson Nicole Jones
as Student
Daniella Alonso
as Riley Cooper
Cameron Daddo
as Robert Cranston
Ernie Hudson
as Admiral Frost
Matthew Fahey
as Josh Patterson
Virginia Watson
as Rose
Ken Colquitt
as Customer
Riley Rose Critchlow
as Rhonda Hearn
Svetlana Efremova
as Katrin Ulmanis
Kim Delgado
as Magistrate
Steve Kaufmann
as Longshoreman
Hayley McElhinney
as Jennifer Humphrey
Ray Wise
as Judge Eugene Allen
James Handy
as Leroy Grovner
Tom Costello
as Greg Jensen
Emily Skinner
as Wendy Sokoloff
Carlease Burke
Tiffany Jeneen
as Barista
Amy Scott
as Ann Marie Dolan
Jennifer Hasty
as Mary Bigsby
Robert Craighead
as Wally Wisniewski
Ana Villafañe
as Isabella Valdez
Fernanda Andrade
as Jenny Evans
Richard Herd
as Patrick Doyle, Sr.
Rana Alamuddin
as Claire
Jeff Clarke
as Larry Bukowski
Cheryl Lynn Bowers
as Heidi Rodman
Louisa Abernathy
as Shirley Campbell
Michael Lanahan
as Eric Hikeler
Gabrielle Elyse
as Tessa Hammond
Satu Runa
as Officer Shireen
Matthew Harrington
as CSRU Tech
Hunter Clowdus
as Max
Selkie Hom
as Layla Jalbani
Taylor Kowalski
as Evan Ballard
Juliette Jeffers
as Catherine Holiday
Gilbert J. Menchaca
as Private Rodrigues
Lisseth Chavez
as Carmen
Sonya Leslie
as Chloe's Mother
Alexa Fischer
as Pam
Enver Gjokaj
as Jack Armstrong
Hank Harris
as Zachary Bale aka Jeremy Kendricks
Galadriel Stineman
as Krista
A'da Alison Woolfolk
as Judge Kathleen Harper
Robert Martin III
as Jogger
Abigail Mavity
as Dania Grescoe
Frank Noon
as Coast Guard Officer
Gabriel Tigerman
as Graham Randall
Brendan McCarthy
as The Apprentice
Alain Uy
as Dr. Mark Lowe
Angela Richardson
as Cynthia
Raymond Ochoa
as Logan Reynolds
Lorry Goldman
as Judge Herbert Manning
Noah Crawford
as Nicky Bartulis
Amy Stewart
as Kathleen Dunn
Todd Aaron Brotze
as Secretary
Mark Roman
as Cafe Patron/Civilian
Candice Azzara
as Mrs. Gold
Adam Sinclair
as Kent Drake/Kent
Marisa Ramirez
as Marisa Rodriguez
Bernadette Gambino
as Police Tech
Markus Flanagan
as Eric Palmer
Ben Turner Dixon
as John Franklin
Christopher Wallinger
as Officer Talbot/Uniform
Antwon Tanner
as Shabazz Jones
Kathleen M. Darcy
as Nurse
Samantha Smith
as Mary Hope
Paul A Rose Jr.
as Det Sgt James O'Hara
Julia Natt
as Girl #1
Marcello Thedford
as Richard's Friend from the Bar
Joshua Hoover
as Customer
Felix Avitia
as Cameron Jackson
Eamonn Roche
as Herbert
Kriz Chris Henri Harriz
as Postman
Robert Lee
as Larry, Sr.
Karmilia Cruz
as Parade Spectator
Sage Mears
as Shannon Black
Emily Swallow
as Elizabeth Keating
Tara Hunnewell
as Waitress
Christopher Rich
as Detective Rich Gibson
Shane Yoon
as Reporter #2
Denzel Whitaker
as Trevor
Emily Davenport
as Brenda Thomas
Brian Slaten
as Kirk Ainsley
Lilli Birdsell
as Joan Silver
Brien Perry
as Shore Patrol Officer
Dustin Fasching
as Hitman
Michael Massee
as Charles Hoyt
Sandra McCoy
as Spa Worker
Dwayne Standridge
as Dr. Martin Yeager
Carlito Olivero
as Reuben Sanchez
Ryan Carnes
as Dan MacKenzie
Wil Traval
as Jim Blackman
Charleene Closshey
as Marathon Runner
Richard Wharton
as Old Hippie
James Rekart
as Brent Miller
Jacob Timothy Manown
as Teenage Dishwasher
Serena Scott Thomas
as Samantha Caspary
Rolando Molina
as Eduardo
Austin Highsmith Garces
as Carla Harris
Arturo Del Puerto
as Luis Benitez
Merrin Dungey
as Gwen Miller
Ashli Haynes
as Young Woman
Brenda Koo
as Miss Sophie
Julian Feder
as Young Derrick
Chris McKenna
as Jim Tolliver
Josh Kelly
as Ryan
Anthony Vitale
as Spencer Romero
Cristen Irene
as Petite Blonde (Brenda Martin)
Andrew Fiscella
as Coach Rick
Ginny McMath
as Alana
Jeremy Guskin
as Todd
Angela Elayne Gibbs
as Shirley Ghetts
as Ten Mohs Bodyguard
Christina Webb
as Marcia
Jack Pritchard
as British Captain
Barbara Evans
as Barista
Mike Beaver
as Scott Heinz
Tanner Novlan
as Wayne Bowman
Billy Burke
as FBI Special Agent Gabriel Dean/Special Agent Gabriel Dean
Gloria Garayua
as Josie Garcia
Bodhi Elfman
as Josh Walker
August Roads
as Bobby Symansky
Colby French
as Skip Ryan
Jessica Camacho
as Karina
Gary Sievers
as Homeless Man
Michael Olifiers
as Axl Dwyer
Brian Houtz
as Man In Line
Hank Chen
as Waiter
Jonathan Patrick Moore
as Jason Sullivan
Benjamin Stockham
as Aidan Dunbar
Olivia Horton
as Sarah Harrison
James Peyton
as Gus Brooks
Avery Kidd Waddell
as Lamar Jones aka Heavy Drizzle
Jonathan Cake
as Dr. Ian Faulkner
Vyto Ruginis
as Christopher Carnahan
Hayes Hargrove
as Peter Baldwin
Rizwan Manji
as Private Investigator
Alina Phelan
as Jackie Daniels
Omar J. Dorsey
as Big Mo
Lena Georgas
as Sarah Daniels
Christopher Glenn
as Medical Student
Erin Way
as Sara
Anthony Jennings
as Amputee Soldier
Thessa Beaudoin
as Girl #2
Devika Parikh
as Barbara Cooper
Jennifer Holland
as Foil Bikini Girl
Darren Pettie
as Captain John Connors
Chris Schauble
as TV Reporter
Kayla Shen
as Dancer
Kirk Zipfel
as House Inspector
Erica Vogelvang
as Alice Vanderbilt
Michael Galante
as Alberto Santana
Terrence Tatum
as Coroner
Kimberly Willess
as Katie Gaynor-Randle
Mark A. Neely
as Bartender
Odessa Rae
as Yoga Instructor
Chon Lee
as Lee
Ethan Cohn
as Derek
Matt McLaughlin
as Shaun Graham
Brennan Elliott
as Chris Harris
Elizabeth Dennehy
as Mrs. Lawson
Carlos Ayala
as Sal Perez
Caroline Aaron
as Dana
Erika T. Johnson
as Paramedic
Sonny Surowiec
as Tom Ramsey
Jim Gage
as Danny Flanagan
Michael O'Neill
as Jonathan McKnight
Jareb Dauplaise
as Stuart Stawbridge
Giovanni Bejarano
as Bomb Tech #2
Reginald Ballard
as Officer Germaine Walker
Carrie Armstrong
as Pat O'Connell
Jeris Poindexter
as Jeremy
Dwier Brown
as Priest
Christopher Darga
as Mac Hazlet
Craig Michaelson
as Superintendent
Laurie Landry
as Lucy Cox
Kerry O'Malley
as Mrs. Osmanski
Wings Hauser
as Ret. Det. Mark McFadden
Maxwele D'Angelo
as Delivery Man
Chad Lowe
as Charlie Douglas
Gavin Perry
as Paul Lanford
Warren Sweeney
as Well Dressed Man
Myra Turley
as Delores
Elise Eberle
as Natasha Osmanski
Chris Joynt
as Hipster
Jazz Raycole
as Ashley Harper
Nick Warnock
as Jim Grant
Daniel Hall
as Barry Martin
Max Martini
as Dan Mateo
Ajgie Kirkland
as Delroy King
Jack Conley
as Murray
Guilford Adams
as Gilbert
Heather Cooney
as Lori Gatz
Andy Cohen
as Ted Henderson
Fabio Viviani
as Self
Jush Allen
as Boston Joe's Barista
Erica Gimpel
as ER Doctor
Stephen Jared
as Trooper Joe Juster
Alena Savostikova
as Violet
Sarayu Blue
as Iris Najafi
Patrick Davis Alarcón
as Spencer
Steven Eckholdt
as Ronald Wallace
Guy Wilson
as Chaz
Dominic Pace
as Prison Guard #2
Aaron Jaeger
as Brian McDonald
Kevin Nichols
as Process Server
Hunter Mahaffey
as Theo
Scottie Thompson
as Lola
Tony T. Bowie
as Officer #1
Michael McGrady
as Rick Sullivan
Vincent Ventresca
as Dr. Carlson
as Reunion Attendee
Jim Cody Williams
as Clark 'Skullcrusher' West
Tyler Nimmons
as Russ - Harbor Patrol Cop
David Kaufman
as Dave Robbins
Aly Mawji
as Ned Drake
Karen Landry
as Terri
T.V. Carpio
as Zoe Blyer
Jona Xiao
as Young Mother
Alexander von Roon
as Sportscaster
Loanne Bishop
as Mona Evans
Mike Jerome Putnam
as EMT Hamilton
Brian Hallisay
as Chris Dunbar
Paxton the Dog
as Jo Friday
Glen Powell
as Graham Randall
Raymond McAnally
as Jeffrey Knowles
Scott Alan Smith
as Dr. Thornton
Tony Winters
as Detective Derrick Womack
Billy Bolton
as Reefor
Dan Gruenberg
as New England Fisherman
Orion McCabe
as Bagpiper/Bagpiper at Funeral
Mikael Ayele
as Elite Marathon Runner
Brady J. Spak
as Boy
Zylan Brooks
as Det. Kain
Tess Gerritsen
as Tess Gerritsen
Monica Garcia
as Vanessa Flores
Melody Butiu
as A.D.A. Lynne
Rocky McMurray
as Officer Mekler
Hayden Faraday
as Tyler
Julianna Barninger
as Diane Campbell
Colin Egglesfield
as Tommy Rizzoli
Michael Rodrick
as Jim Filmore
Lochlyn Munro
as Skeet Martin
Zachary Knower
as Paul McNamara
Sarah McElligott
as Denise Ryan
Elise Robertson
as Mrs. O'Neill
Courtney Parks
as Call Girl #1
Liesel Allen Yeager
as Mona's Daughter
David Ury
as Sandy Grotty
J.D. Walsh
as Larry Rothsburgher
Byron McIntyre
as FBI Agent
Billy Finnigan
as Ray
Gerardo Celasco
as Manny Vega
Betty Murphy
as Shirley
Erin Spencer
as Carol Davenport
Ann Hearn
as Chelsea Rothsburgher
Joel Polis
as Starbridge Warden
Jenny Cooper
as Elizabeth
Justin Castor
as Daniel O'Neill
Barry Wiggins
as Larry
Charlie Hofheimer
as Lt. Dan Forman
as Mathius Senna
Stephen Farbman
as Goth Club Patron
Sarah Scott
as Christie Whistler
Randy Gordon
as Jogger
Philip Smithey
as Sales Guy
Matias Ponce
as Manny
Marika Dominczyk
as Theresa
Tom Benedict Knight
as Endrit Cela
Robert Cicchini
as Carlo
Lily Knight
as Mrs. Brown
Emily Yancy
as Mrs. Phillips
Mark Berry
as Groundskeeper
Alan Rachins
as Stanley
Glenn Takakjian
as Customer
Jolene Kay
as Alexandra
Jamie Elman
as Dan Hargrove
Lee Thompson Young
as Barry Frost
Adam Hagenbuch
as Boy on Beach
Charles Mathers
as College Student
Heather Ankeny
as Joann
Biff Wiff
as Henry 'Blade' Valenhurst
Christina Chang
as Kiki
Noah Staggs
as Steampunk Zombie #1
CG Thomas
as Officer
Sarah Chang
as Nurse Sarah
Samantha Hanratty
as Chloe
Joseph John Schirle
as Luke Pierce/Todd Leahy
Carl Marino
as Police Officer
Cassandra Relynn
as Night Guard
Abhi Sinha
as App CEO
Sy Richardson
as Sour Grapes
Jordan Belfi
as Ray Murphy
Heidi Marnhout
as Vivian Adams
Dushawn Moses
as Security Guard
Cinda Adams
as Woman on Street
Laura Breckenridge
as Heather
Sabin Rich
as BRIC Tech/Crime Lab Tech
Chase Kim
as Det. James Ward
Amaury Nolasco
as Lt. Det. Rafael Martinez
Jarred Kjack
as James Stern
John Rushing
as Boyd Jones
James Black
as Ernie Priest
Kari Coleman
as Dr. Verusca Vela
Darryl Alan Reed
as Rondo/Raymond Washington
Kayla DiVenere
as Young Girl
Chris Coppola
as Mark Lewis
Chet Grissom
as Mr. O'Neill
Erik Aude
as Devon Bosko
Curtis Hamilton
as Delivery Guy
Samantha Cutaran
as Attendant
Eve Brenner
as Mrs. Jones
Cody Chappel
as Hipster
Thad Luckinbill
as Tucker Franklin
Cisco Reyes
as Ricky Ruiz
Azael Cavazos
as Runner
Milauna Jackson
as Relita Washington
Sheila Tejada
as Cafe Patron
Shaun J. Brown
as Max
Doug Savant
as Roger Thorson
Matthew Florida
as Petty Officer Richard Salerno
Aramis Knight
as Joey Mateo
Amanda Fuller
as Nancy Lanford
Fiona Dourif
as Helen Barnes' Daughter
Karla Droege
as Woman
Kojo D. Asiedu
as Wayne Fellows
Nicki Kelly
as Young Woman
Matthew K. Moore
as Parent
Christopher Curry
as Judge Martin
Brendan Michael Coughlin
as Ricky Kelly
Anthony Bonaventura
as Ten Mohs
Maite Schwartz
as Celia Jaffe
John Littlefield
as Chris Alexander
Anna Osceola
as PFC Abigail 'Abby' Sherman
Robert Kugler
as Marathon Runner
Allen Benatar
as Boston PD
Kevin Chapman
as Chief Merck
Gwen McGee
as Carol Madigan
Robin Thomas
as Roger Deluth
Sade Benyaminov
as Model
Lamont Thompson
as Commander David Green
J.J. Dunlap
as Eddie Barnes
Phil DiGennaro
as Thor
Petar Kirilov
as Guard
Annie B. Compton
as Laura Stevens
Christopher Cousins
as Sam Nelson
Brian Mizula
as Bartender/Detective
Ryan McPartlin
as Dale Bowman
Russell Richardson
as Terrence 'Little T' Jones
Heather McComb
as Leslie Cabot
Kosha Patel
as Barista
Kevin Shinick
as Gary
Marie Fink
as Rachel Hanson
Sean Donnellan
as Officer Smitts
Jessica Tuck
as Dr. Victoria Nolan
Kevin Sheridan
as Jonathan
Amy Aitken
as Female Jogger
Sylva Kelegian
as Mrs. Randall
Nicole DuPort
as Emma Dunbar
Rick Ravanello
as Mathew Moore
John Nielsen
as Michael Lawson
Ivar Brogger
as Doctor
Todd Giebenhain
as Noah Forsythe
Maisha Baddoo
as Marathon Runner
Aynsley Bubbico
as Kate Mason
Erin Matthews
as Emily Sanner
Edwin Hodge
as Quentin Morris
Dylan Neal
as Dr. Hanson/Russell Dempsey
Parker Sloan
as Dave
Matthew Del Negro
as Giovanni Gilberti
Eloy Casados
as Factory Manager
Corey Weber
as Basball Coach/Richard-Victim
Tai Bennett
as Clint
David Ogden Stiers
as Arthur Isles/Dr. Isles
Tim Mikulecky
as Teddy White
Karl T. Wright
as Officer Sam Reynolds
Sasha Compère
as Bailey
Thomas R. Baker
as Police Detective in Suit
Michael Jace
as Malcolm Senna
Celestino Cornielle
as Detective Miguel Ortiz
Robert Gallo
as Fred
Jenn Proske
as Lily Green
John Gloria
as Jay Clark
Virginia Montero
as Delores Jones
Melinda Ratner
as Mary Anne
Dominic Hoffman
as Priest
Bill Dawes
as Ronan Finnegan
Chris Vance
as Lt. Col. Charles 'Casey' Jones/Sgt. Major Charles 'Casey' Jones/Colonel Charles 'Casey' Jones/Lt. Col. Casey Jones
Amaris Davidson
as Debbie
Annabeth Gish
as Alice Sands
Gary Nohealii
as Jeff 'Snake' Morgan
Matt MacNelly
as John Henderson
Cameron Deane Stewart
as McGruff/Michael Lyons
Stephanie McVay
as Woman In Line
Troy Waters
as Police Boat Captain
Cherise Boothe
as Karen Hughes
David Monahan
as Tom Payson
Nakia Secrest
as Nurse
Donnie Wahlberg
as Lt. Joey Grant
Damon Dayoub
as Boris Martin
Teresa Huang
as Cathy Whitehall
Barbara Eve Harris
as Camille Frost
Laura Ashlee Innes
as Call Girl
Mike Catherwood
as Talk Show Interviewer
Ever Carradine
as Randi Gordon
Reggie Gaskins
as Animal Control Officer
Patrick Gorman
as Oliver Davenport
Alex Parlar
as Palmer Executive
Dan Schoffer
as Neal Murray
David Crane
as John Stanton
Emilee Wallace
as Cailin Martin
Knute Horwitz
as Ugly Dog Owner
John Diehl
as Arthur Dunbar
Andrea Bogart
as Courtney Brown
Jeff Witzke
as Bill Hamilton
Brian Chin
as Ken
John Asher
as Det. O'Connell
Michael Reilly Burke
as Chief Joe Kobolsnik
Mercedes Colon
as Robin Jackson
Sufe Bradshaw
as Dalia Reilly
Stephen Sullivan
as Liam Finnegan
Sarah Oh
as Girl on Beach (Cathy)
Lisa LoCicero
as Yvonne Smith
Paul Schulze
as Dr. Joe Harris
Katie Parker
as Nicole
Mac Brandt
as Wally Johnson
Kevin Sizemore
as Kevin Flynn
Jack Mikesell
as Toby Warren
Rick Kelly
as Sheriff
Jamie Bamber
as Paul Wescourt
Stacey Bender
as Funeral Guest
Lucy Butler
as Dr. Eve Parker
Antonio Sabato Jr.
as Jorge
Charlie Babcock
as Officer Harrington
Sharon Lawrence
as Dr. Hope Martin
Bonita Friedericy
as Mary Sokoloff
Scott Haven
as Todd 'Bear' Brown
Niko Koshet
as Karenna Ghent
Kirk B.R. Woller
as Jeff Miller
Sharif Atkins
as Agent Burns
Mykelti Williamson
as U.S. Marshal Whitmore
Travis Aaron Wade
as Lance Corporal Justin Brown
David Starzyk
as Phil Young
Jayne Brook
as Senator Valerie Bloomfield
Layla Alizada
as Accountant
Nigel Gibbs
as Judge Carter
Fred Ochs
as Homeless Man
Max Adler
as Steve Browning
Michelle DeFraites
as Lily
Lisa Brenner
as Christine Reynolds
Angelo Vacco
as Mickey Rizzo
Kristoffer Polaha
as Edward Dunn
Sabrina Culver
as Marathon Runner
Melissa Pino
as Lisa
Robert Catrini
as Homeless Jack
De'aundre Bonds
as Guy
Mark Deklin
as Agent Cameron Davies
Edward Gelhaus
as Leo
E. Ambriz DeColosio
as Manny 'Chatterbox' Cruz
Robert Curtis Brown
as Noah Brenner
John Doman
as Patrick 'Paddy' Doyle/Patrick Doyle
Michael Roark
as Terran McGuire
Conor O'Farrell
as Warden Price
Price Carson
as Uniform
Sal Landi
as Salvador 'Sal' Briglio
Ray Stoney
as Officer Reed
Art Kulik
as Egon Kronis
Rene Rosado
as Samuel Morales
Alex Carter
as Ron Montgomery
Samantha Sloyan
as Alex Ruebens
Jeff Kongs
as Roger Parsons
Billy Smith
as Father Cowens
Stoney Westmoreland
as Stanton Ward
Sharon Gless
as Inmate
Poorna Jagannathan
as Mrs. Jalbani
Joel Brooks
as Roger
Allison Dunbar
as Kim Marks
Chelsea Rendon
as Yolanda Rojas
Roy Lee Jones
as Ralph
Gavin Houston
as Alphonse
Jeremy Timmins
as Uniformed Cop
Eric Martsolf
as Brad Oskoff
Brandon Alan Makovy
as Cop in Weightroom
Graham Hamilton
as Rick
Jin Maley
as Technician
Ashley Zoe Fox
as Zombie
Judith Moreland
as Prison Official
Claude Knowlton
as Gary
Yvette Nicole Brown
as U.S. Postal Inspector CJ Prescott
Gabriel Salvador
as Jorge Vega
Jayden B. Cole
as Background
John Bobek
as Jimmy McGuinness
Alistair Steel
as Mr. Ghent
Nancy Gassner-Clayton
as Nurse
Joy Darash
as Susan Murphy
Gerald Downey
as Alex Simmons/Morgue Tech
Chuti Tiu
as Det. Fordham
Ruben Pla
as Officer Orozco
Chris Butler
as Detective Darren Crowe
Jayme Lynn Evans
as Ann Stephens
Adi Spektor
as Thug #1
Andrea du Roi
as Michelle Stevens
Jimmy Smagula
as Jimmy
Tom Wright
as Walt
Sarah Lafleur
as Debbie Nichols Tibbet
Bertila Damas
as Marianne
Paul Raci
as Apartment Manager
Benjamin Byron Davis
as Hank Mills
Lisa Lynch
as Daniella Gibbs
Mark Edward Smith
as Manager
Stephanie Czajkowski
as Judith Barnett
Pau Masó
as Club Goer
Rachel Brink
as Jennie Tate
Elizabeth Sampson
as Valerie Miller
E.R. Ruiz
as Marlon
Meryl Hathaway
as Mrs. Sutton
Matthew Corbett Davis
as The Sweaty Guy
Stefanie Butler
as Jennifer Johnson
Roselyn Sanchez
as Assistant District Attorney Valerie Hudson
Sasha Alexander
as Maura Isles
Lance Aaron
as Bartender
Daniel Louis Rivas
as Tom Hobert
Dinora Walcott
as Margaret
Bill O'Reilly
as Bill O'Reilly
Presciliana Esparolini
as Coach
Morgan Matthews
as Emma Henderson
Amanda Aday
as Female Dockworker
Ryan James Nolan
as Cop/Marathon Runner
Stacey Arwen Raab
as Woman Mover
Alycen Malone
as Evelyn
Nicole Steinwedell
as Taylor Franklin
Ben Ciaramello
as Todd Davis
Jonathan Doh
as Boston Tech Cop
David A. Garcia
as Drag Race Gambler
Laura Niemi
as Dr. Carla Dalton
Cameron Monaghan
as Jonathan McKenna
Blake Robbins
as Scott James
Zoe Chao
as Mimi Tanaka
Alex MacNicoll
as Colin
Jaime Collaco
as Officer Garcia
Balthazar Getty
as Tom Garvin
Michael Dempsey
as Bob
Baadja-Lyne Odums
as Archalene
Tom Bower
as Redmond Jones
Craig Morgan
as Dr. Billy May Higgins
Lenny Jacobson
as Rick Jaffe
Lucy Walters
as Natalie Bloomfield
Brett Tucker
as Steve Sanner
Jon Curry
as Bob Thatcher
Teddy Lane Jr.
as Prison Guard #1
Carole Gutierrez
as Principal
Deborah Stewart
as Intense Woman
Sean Przano
as Fred Henderson
Jarrod Bunch
as Rob Thatcher
Presilah Nunez
as Hostess
Mia Komsky
as Becky
Chasty Ballesteros
as Young Woman
Andi Carnick
as Sheila Pierce
Jack Topalian
as Man #1
Kelly Kruger
as Jenny Cabot
Igor Korosec
as Balkan Man
David Figlioli
as Prison Guard
Wendy Makkena
as IAD Det. Hitchcock
Carlos Acuña
as U.S. Marshal
Cody Klop
as Ben Dunn
Shanelle Gray
as Secretary
Dallas Hart
as Isaac
Cristen Barnes
as Female Detective
Gonzalo Menendez
as Det. Robin Monroe
Larry Poindexter
as Dr. Byron Sluckey
Kristin Slaysman
as Bonnie's Sister
Richard Kuegeman
as Devon
Danielle Bisutti
as Linda Wallace
Steven Christopher Parker
as Geeky Kid
Roshawn Franklin
as CRSU Tech
Stephanie Marks
as Lesbian Date
John Lacy
as Dustin Williams
Cody Sullivan
as Theo
Kelly Mantle
as Kitty
Stefanie Black
as Charlotte
Avery Grace Sehorn
as Young Girl
Charles Malik Whitfield
as Father Osorio Coku/Reginald Perry
Ethan Phillips
as John J. Murray
Kelen Coleman
as Juliet Randall
Tony Kamren
as Guard
Reiley McClendon
as Gavin
McKinley Belcher III
as Pvt. Lawrence
Peggy Lu
as Ming Chen
Jeff Staron
as Ethan Slater
Bryan Krasner
as Married Longshoreman
Alexis Genest
as Dancer
Tim Ryan
as Lawyer
Lance Patrick
as Damon Ward
Jessica Gardner
as Kelly Parsons
Eric Shackelford
as Eccentric Artist/Head Longshoreman
Alicia Ziegler
as Mandy
Elizabeth Anweis
as Mrs. Johnson
Debra D. Holt
as Coretta
Gibson Bobby Sjobeck
as Eli Johnson
Tara Erica Moore
as Officer Wendy Rogers
Peter Onorati
as Robert Colburn
Matthew Luret
as Ragged Young Man
Joshua Bitton
as Hank Kelly
John M. Jackson
as Howard Ames
James Logan Steed
as Assistant Coach
Jamie Gray Hyder
as Donna Marks
Shenita Moore
as Shaundra Lewis
Lindsay Stuart
as Bank Hostage
Joe Nieves
as Det. Grant
Christopher Rivas
as Lamar St. John
Frank Birney
as Professor Walter Lowell
Gregory Harrison
as Ron Hanson
Kelly Rohrbach
as Officer Charlotte 'Charlie' Hansen
Kate Turnbull
as Erica Humphrey-Miller
Nick Toren
as Professor McTavish
Melissa Bickerton
as Civilian Assistant
Vivian Kerr
as Bonnie Leonard
Stacie Greenwell
as Janis
Jacqueline Bisset
as Constance Isles
Tahlena Chikami
as Lauren
Pranidhi Varshney
as Nicole
Mark-Paul Gosselaar
as Garrett Fairfield
Kelly Lazarus
as Dakota Ryan
Piper Curda
as Megan
Robert Blanche
as Dana Slowey
Romeo Brown
as Craig Hill
Ari Frenkel
as Orderly
Jesse Lee Soffer
as Jacob Wilson
Lenka Scott
as Officer Lenka/Call Girl
Jonah Wharton
as Jimmie Washington
Warren Kole
as Sumner Fairfield
Melisse Cantatore Masi
as Murder victim
Erin Broling
as Joann Graff
Nick Nicotera
as Marvin 'Blingman' Harris
Andrea Bordeaux
as Neda
Melissa Strom
as Emma Spencer
Monet Mazur
as Georgette Wilkins
Rene Rivera
as Pablo
Robert Baker
as Jeff Collins
Anthony Hill
as Kyle Price
Brittany Renee Finamore
as Kim Tretorn
Travis Johns
as Steve Banyan
Steve-Michael McLure
as Young Damon Ward
Matt Champagne
as Dale Mullins
Tom Fitzpatrick
as Walter Sokoloff
James Ingersoll
as Evan Dunbar
Patrick St. Esprit
as Detective Artie McMurphy
Brittany Escobar
as Sophie James
David Purdham
as Senator Sam Conway
Brent Bailey
as Tony
Joanna Sotomura
as Staff Member
Jeannine Cota
as Legal Reporter
David J Law
as BRIC Detective
Nicole Pettis
as Inmate
Eric Winter
as B.T./Brandon Thomas Sarron
Tanya Chisholm
as Rachel Cooper
Alimi Ballard
as Cliff
Sean T. Krishnan
as Amir Jalbani
Reggie Watkins
as Elmore Gregory
Lacy Fisher
as June Ferguson
Ben Crowley
as Chad Watson
Randy Perry
as Outdoor Resturant Patron
Margaret Easley
as Mrs. Dietrich
Japheth Gordon
as Officer Rogers
Aaron Hill
as Kevin Baker
Denise Dowse
as Judge
Eddie Cibrian
as Dennis Rockmond
Eden Riegel
as Florence Reynolds
Leland Crooke
as Russ Pfeiffer
Tommy Franklin
as Mad Driver/Terrell
Amaris Dupree
as CSRU Tech/Tech
Chris Nelson Norris
as Ray Murphy
Samantha Cope
as Clair
Johntae Lipscomb
as Michael B.
Dean Wayne
as Staffer
Erin Chambers
as Caitlin MacCarthy
Rebecca Corry
as Claire Hanes
Ed Begley Jr.
as Dr. T. Pike
John Thaddeus
as Detective Chuck Fletcher
Tom Billett
as Officer Wolf
Priscilla Garita
as Bianca Valdez
Tim Bader
as Todd Reynolds
Teigen D'Eston
as Carl Ulrich
Andy Milder
as Dr. Kevin Foley
Robert Neary
as Conroy
Ana Dela Cruz
as Doctor
Ty Dawson
as Matthew Miller
Tony Hazel
as Stanton's Guy
Celia Finkelstein
as Professor Rhonda Clark
Ian Patrick Williams
as Brendan McHale
Jabari Simba
as Officer Jenkins
Nicole Paggi
as Sydney Allen
Maxine Bahns
as Jocelyn Fairfield
Sam Rubin
as Sam Lloyd - WZJT Anchor
Katie Enright
as Tracy
Niki Simone
as Administrative Assistant

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2010 | 10 Episodes

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2014 | 18 Episodes

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2015 | 18 Episodes

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