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October 22, 2021
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About this title


Archie Andrews starts the school year with the world weighing on his shoulders. He's decided he wants to pursue a future in the music business, but his recently ended clandestine relationship with the music teacher has left him without a mentor, and his friendship with Jughead Jones is in a bad place. Things look like they might be turning around when Veronica Lodge, a new girl, arrives. Despite the instant chemistry, Veronica is hesitant to risk a friendship with Betty -- who has a crush on Archie -- to pursue anything. Amidst all the small-town banality lurks a mystery: the recent tragic death of Jason Blossom, the twin brother of beautiful and popular troublemaker, Cheryl.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: January 26, 2017

Also Known As: Ρίβερντεϊλ, 河谷鎮 |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Brazil (14, 12) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

high school
small town
love triangle

Company Credits

Production Co: Berlanti Productions, Archie Comics Publications |  See more »


Kayla Cho
as Dancing Patron - La Bonne Nuit
Chris Shields
as Mr. Logan
Alison Araya
as Ms. Weiss
Vanessa Richards
as Receptionist
Sandy Robson
as Ted Bishop
Sarah Rogers
as Miss Bell
Tessa Tamura
as Dancer
Ashleigh Murray
as Josie McCoy/Teen Sierra Samuels
Hillary Young
as Masked Betty
Juliana Parreira
as Stripper #2
Callum Gow
as Shoeshine Boy
June B. Wilde
as Waitress
Ardy Ramezani
as Football Player/Quarterback
Brad Bergeron
as Bartender
Kadrolsha Ona Carole
as On Looker
Casey Cott
as Kevin Keller/Teen Tom Keller
Sarah Formosa
as Missy
Tom Pickett
as Minister
Addison Tessema
as Scorpio
Bruce Blain
as Vic
Thomas Nicholson
as Trucker
Shekhar Paleja
as Dr. Patel/Doctor Patel
Tristen Caimen Seymour
as Kid Gargoyle King
Brittany Willacy
as Laura
Helen Dixon
as Old Waitress
Sean Quan
as Boy Scout
Milli Wilkinson
as Tiffany
Sommer Carbuccia
as Eric Jackson
Wyatt Cameron
as Jock #1
Sam Witwer
as Rupert Chipping
Brenden Ettinger
as Crying Student
Tom McBeath
as Smithers
Stella Lai
as Travel Agent
Brit Morgan
as Penny Peabody
Sean Amsing
as Public Defender
Michelle Brezinski
as Simone St. Clair
Lucy Hale
as Katy Keene
Andy Cohen
as Andy Cohen
Adeline Rudolph
as Minerva Marble
Remington Richard
as Baby Veronica
Nisreen Slim
as Restaurant Owner #1
Luke Perry
as Fred Andrews
Luvia Petersen
as Brooke
Liza Huget
as Shoshana Rutherford
Michele Billy Povill
as Sister Livingstone
Simon C. Hussey
as Major Marcus Mason
Tina Rahimi
as Young Victim
Madison Smith
as Young Francis Dupont
Ese Atawo
as Dr. Starling
Joe Tuliao
as Dancer
M.C. Gainey
as Poppa Poutine
Kevin Flatley
as Foreman
Kevina Lazari
as Audience
Aiden Sutcliffe
as RROTC Cadet
Carmen Aguirre
as Deanna Harper
Jonathan Bryant
as Jeremiah Peterson
Todd Mann
as Nico
Marisa Gold
as Dancer
Conor Stinson O'Gorman
as Seedy Boy #3/Shadow Lake Boy #3
Mike Mitchell
as Henchman #2
Ajay Friese
as Eddie
Rocky Anderson
as Sketchy Trucker
Ryan Grantham
as Jeffery
Daniel Desveaux
as Detective
Matty Finochio
as Quiz Show Host
Marisol Nichols
as Hermione Lodge/Apollonia Gomez
Matthew Yang King
as Marty Mantle
AC Bonifacio
as Star Vixen
Ty Wood
as Billy Marlin
Nadia White
as Dancer
Justin Howell
as Bear-Man
Valin Shinyei
as Adventure Seeker #1
Shaquan Lewis
as Guard Barnaby
Gregory Taven
as Tweaker Customer
Simon Alexander
as Kendrick
Shakil Jessa
as Sophomore Guy
Harrison MacDonald
as Cassidy Bullock/Store Clerk
Charlie Morel
as Medieval Knight
Lori Triolo
as Agent Ordelia
Kurt Long
as Dennis
Lydia Campbell
as Mrs. Davis
Neemish Parekh
as Attendee #1
Andrew Wheeler
as Marco Marquez
Andre Rahal
as Bulldog #2
Jeremy Jones
as Deb Collector #1/Debt Collector #1
Mark Gibbon
as Carl
Malia McMullen
as Dancer
Scott Pocha
as Toby
Tyler Gibson
as Mr. Brooks
Alykhan Gulamani
as Mr. Sand
Eden Summer Gilmore
as Li'l Betty
Timothy Webber
as Forsythe Pendleton Jones I
Dean McKenzie
as Terrence
Lochlyn Munro
as Hal Cooper
Tiera Skovbye
as Polly Cooper
Luke Roessler
as Jack
Gurb Johal
as Pawn Broker
Kanayo Chukwura
as Orderly
Beckham Skodje
as Young Hal Cooper
Darcy Laurie
as Shop Owner
Erinn Westbrook
as Tabitha Tate
Garrett Black
as Bill Dickenson
Abby Chung
as Dancer
Chris Carson
as Jogger
Wonita Joy
as Counter Lady
Teya Wild
as Dancer
Raúl Castillo
as Oscar Castillo
Robin Givens
as Sierra McCoy
Kelly Blancas
as Vixen 3
Drew Ray Tanner
as Fangs Fogarty
Sharon Taylor
as Tia Margot
Thomas Brungardt
as Variety Show Attendee
Andre Anthony
as Lenny Junior
Caitlin Mitchell-Markovitch
as Ginger Lopez
Shaun Mazzocca
as Deputy Tubby
Wylie Stiver
as Gracie Lake
Dean Aylesworth
as Crazed John
Henderson Wade
as Sheriff Michael Minetta
Laura Drummond
as Mrs. Button
Robert Moloney
as Lawyer
Michael Patrick Denis
as Larry
Adam Pateman
as Paparazzi 1
Sheila Tyson
as Delores
Marion Eisman
as Doris Bell/Mrs. Phillips
Jayce Barreiro
as Vinny the Bookie
Myrasol Martinez
as Second Young Woman
Adrian Neblett
as Mr. Barry
Skylar Radzion
as Squeaky
Craig Meester
as Janitor
Barclay Hope
as Cliff Blossom/Claudius Blossom/Clifford Blossom
Uma Kaler
as Bold Kid
Kelly Konno
as Prosecutor
Maria J. Cruz
as Nurse #1
Matthew Harrison
as Mr. Wallis
Barbara Wallace
as Rose Blossom
Seth Ranaweera
as Mo
Birkett Turton
as David
Shannen Doherty
as Stranded Motorist
Doreen Calderon
as Nana Topaz
Chris Cannon
as Dr. Beaker
Karen Holness
as Mrs. Logan
Jenny Mitchell
as Lady
Ben Wilkinson
as Announcer
Cody Kearsley
as Moose Mason/Teen Marcus Mason
Matteo Stefan
as Slash
Nneka Croal
as Juliard Recruiter
Hayley Law
as Valerie Brown
Ryan Robbins
as Frank Andrews
Hayden Rivas
as Dancing Kid
Celeste White Steele
as Riot Victim
Erica Wright
as Smug Student
Brahm Taylor
as Earl
Cameron McDonald
as Mr. Svenson
Alexa Berard
as Nomad/Student/Student at Prom/Waitress at La Bonne Nuit
Adam Klassen
as Fagan
Jaeson Lee
as Berserker
Shannon Purser
as Ethel Muggs
David LeReaney
as Chief Russell
Broadus Mattison
as Boy Scout Dad
Kaitlin Cheung
as Vixen II
Jase Griffith
as Stonewall Coach
Eli Gabay
as Lenny Kowalski
Joshua Guvi
as Daryl
Link Baker
as Captain Golightly
Phoebe Miu
as Jessica
Gina Gershon
as Gladys Jones
Elan Ross Gibson
as Severe Nun
Jay Clift
as Gunman
Kevan Ohtsji
as Club Manager
William MacDonald
as Warden Norton
Liam Hall
as Ghoulie #1
Art Kitching
as Store Clerk
Gaston Morrison
as Bus Driver
Colin Lawrence
as Coach Clayton
Sam Robert Muik
as Brad
Carmela Sison
as Agent #1
Jason William Day
as Inmate #2
Lili Reinhart
as Betty Cooper/Teen Alice Smith
Barbara Beall
as Federal Prosecutor
Kyle Clark
as Young Forsythe Jone/Young Forsythe Jones
Cassandra Consiglio
as Random Number Generation Dancer
Liam Tait
as Rusty
Beau Daniels
as Male Alumni
Sheila Atienza
as Alumna/Variety Show Attendee
Vaughan Winmill
as Popcorn Vendor
Jordan Connor
as Sweet Pea
Penelope Ann Miller
as Mrs. Wright
Beverley Breuer
as Sister Woodhouse
Kareem Malcolm
as Preppy Buyer
Sam Darkoh
as Young Pop Tate/Young Pop tate
Nikolai Witschl
as Dr. Curdle Jr./Dr. Curdle
Chris Mason
as Chad Gekko
Aason Nadjiwan
as Boxing Suitor
Martin Cummins
as Tom Keller
Trevor Stines
as Jason Blossom/Teen Clifford
Grace Chin
as Parent #1
Taylor Kare
as Lugnut
Peter Brown
as Hipster
Mishel Prada
as Hermosa Lodge
BJ Harrison
as Gloria
Marci T. House
as Mrs. Fisher
Lucy McNulty
as District Attorney
Alex Zahara
as Uncle Bedford
Dean Marshall
as Jack Walsh
Michael Consuelos
as Teen Hiram Lodge
Cameron Park
as Restaurant Owner #2
Darcy Hinds
as Randy Ronson
Robyn Ross
as Mrs. Klump
Kelly McCabe
as Boon
Doralynn Mui
as Joan Berkeley
Eric Bempong
as Seaside Player
Fred Henderson
as Governor Dooley
John Behlmann
as Arthur Adams
Kheon Clarke
as T Dub
James Yi
as Brotherhood Member #2
Blake Stadel
as George Augustine
Scott McNeil
as Tall Boy/Older Serpent
Connor Anthony
as Centerville High Player
Arabella Bushnell
as Aunt Cricket
Barclay Stiff
as The Criminologist/The Criminologist VO
Austyn Lamont
as Cassandra/Vixen 6
Major Curda
as Dilton Doiley/Teen Daryl Doiley
Mark Blancaflor
as Paparazzi 2
Jerry Wasserman
as Mr. Lazenby
Kerr Smith
as Principal Holden Honey
Ali Dunn
as Crazed Vixen
Keon Lyn
as Referee
Jenn Griffin
as Byrdie
Adain Bradley
as Trev Brown
Larry MacDonald
as Janitor
Marlon Kazadi
as Malcolm
Jesse Goldwater
as Dealer/Soda Jerk
Byron Bertram
as Security Guard
Alea O'Shea
as Vixen 7
Gina Torres
as Mrs. Burble
Ian Butcher
as Don
Tommy Martinez
as Malachai
Gardiner Millar
as General Taylor
Jordan Robinson
as Toby
Ana Carrizales
as Lordes Luna
Michael Taylor
as RROTC Cadet
Russell Roberts
as Headmaster
Brian Grant
as Referee
Alix West Lefler
as Juniper
Andrew Nadanyi
as Sheriff's Deputy
Emma Willey
as Dancer
Lily Scott
as Gargoyle Gang
Nickolas Baric
as Henchman #1
Colm Hill
as Game Master
Gina Williams
as English Teacher
Derek Schnobb
as Patron/Southside Student
Sean Depner
as Bret Weston Wallis
Kadence Kendall Roach
as Li'l Polly
Mackenzie Gray
as Dr. Curdle
Micah Solis
as Teen Thug #2
Sam Rahmani
as Trudy
Zane Holtz
as K.O. Kelly
Emilija Baranac
as Midge Klump/Midge
Ross Butler
as Reggie Mantle
Zachary Hayden
as Teen Hal Cooper
Dawson Rutledge
as Fratboy #1
Vance Matthews
as Boxer #2
Nic Walter
as Fleeing Student
David Hardware
as Jeckle (Ex-Gargoyle)
Chris Britton
as Judge/Judge Britton
Stephan Miers
as Andre
Aliza Vellani
as Mrs. Haggly
Tashia Wong
as Prom Student
Mya Lowe
as Vixen #1
Donnie MacNeil
as Seedy Boy #2/Shadow Lake Boy/Shadow Lake Boy #2
Quinnie Vu
as Paramedic
Lester Thomas
as Verne
Josh Bogert
as Randon Number Generation Singer
Moses Thiessen
as Ben Button/Ben/Snack Bar Guy
Anita Wittenberg
as Dr. Whitley
Kory Grim
as Ringleader
Donna Soares
as Mrs. Mantle
Cherilynn Fulbright
as Vixen #1
Andre Tricoteux
as Small Fry Boucher
Nathan Witte
as Tour Guide Farmie
Nicholas Dohy
as Audience Member/Student
Michelle Addison
as Britta's Mom
Riun Garner
as Zayn Amari
Rob Carpenter
as Sketch Artist
Matt Kennedy
as L&L Fighter #1/Southside Serpent
Jessica Garcie
as Woman
Jason Simpson
as Serpent Bartender
Brock Brown
as Young Archie
Austin Macwhirter
as Ex-Gargoyle #1
Christian Sloan
as Shady Man
Jay MacDougald
as Nuckles Schrute
Brad Mann
as Leo
Angela Moore
as Sister Agnes
Sarah Habel
as Geraldine Grundy
Sarah Desjardins
as Donna Sweett
Mira Eden
as Conway Girl (Sue)
Reese Alexander
as Myles McCoy
Jeremy Schuetze
as Man in Car
Julian Haig
as Elio
Ben Cotton
as Michael Matthews
Chad Michael Murray
as Edgar Evernever
Lisa Chandler
as Mrs. Conway
Bernadette Beck
as Peaches 'N Cream
Greyston Holt
as Glen Scot
Michael St. John Smith
as Coach Kleats
Ryan Faucett
as Bernardo Brigsby
Taryn Roberts
as Vixen #1
Fritzy-Klevans Destine
as Bulldog #1
Marcus Zane
as Louie
Sam Scherzer
as David Archer
Jude Wilson
as Lerman Marshall Logan
Peter Kelamis
as Samm Pansky
Devin Pihlainen
as Tailor
Skeet Ulrich
as FP Jones
Kaynon Gomez
as Ghoulie #2
Sal Sortino
as Foreman
James Challis
as Gargoyle Knight
Leonie Bennett
as Stripper #1
Anna Diaz
as Yvonne
Veena Sood
as Headmistress Patricia
Nancy Amelia Bell
as Old Lady Willa
Nick Modeste
as Dancer
Jaenna Cali
as Riverdale High Student
Mädchen Amick
as Alice Cooper
Alexei Geronimo
as Dancer
Françoise Robertson
as Tia Teresa
Jihan Amer
as Teacher
Candus Churchill
as Mrs. Moore
Brandon Vick
as Football Player/South Side Serpent/Student
John Specogna
as Brothel Client/Northsider visiting prison
Bentley Storteboom
as Dagwood
Jenn MacLean-Angus
as Mrs. Muggs
Milaina Chanel
as Dancer
Nico Bustamante
as Ricky DeSantos
Cameron Paisley
as Masked Owl
Spencer Lord
as Terry
Mark Brandon
as Xavier St. Clair
Klarc Jerome Wilson
as Officer Bradshaw
Vincent Dangerfield
as Wealthy Businesman
Cameron Forbes
as Police Officer #1
Mig Buenacruz
as Opponent #2
Cole Sprouse
as Jughead Jones/Teen FP Jones
Trinity Likins
as Jellybean Jones
Madelaine Petsch
as Cheryl Blossom/Teen Penelope Blossom
Ava Telek
as Pearl
Luisa Jojic
as Uniform Deputy
Daniel Yang
as Dilton Doiley
K.J. Apa
as Archie Andrews/Teen Fred Andrews
Matthew Smalley
as Seedy Boy #1/Shadow Lake Boy #1
Kendall Cross
as Ranger
Paul Herbert
as Homeless Man
Ilana Zackon
as Masked Veronica
Daniel Schoepf
as Ray Malloy
Jennifer Kitchen
as Parking Enforcer
Anthony Michael Hall
as Principal Featherhead
Camille Griffiths
as Vixen 2
Robert Parent
as Alpha Stockbroker
Yasmeene Ball
as Daisy
Kaiden Berge
as Ghoulie #1
Ross Wirtanen
as Dancer #5/Student Chorus
Corey Turner
as Trucker #3
Louis Ferreira
as Vittorio 'Vito' Alto
Steve Makaj
as Jinx Malloy
Brendan O'Brien
as Math Teacher
Garfield Wilson
as Commandant Carter
Tyson Arner
as Gargoyle Leader
Christopher Rosamond
as Mustang
Sean Millington
as Hammer
Jennifer Copping
as Brotherhood Member #1
Christopher Thomas
as Carl Junior
T.J. Riley
as Trucker #2
Camille Legg
as Happy Patient/Hannah
Anna Van Hooft
as Ms. Ronson
Jonathan McFaul
as Student
Tony Todd
as Farmer McGinty
Olivia Ryan Stern
as Tina Patel
Kristin Linkletter
as Young Woman
Graham Greene
as Thomas Topaz
Victoria Bidewell
as Martha
Don Ainsworth
as Jimmy
Mark Consuelos
as Hiram Lodge/Javier Luna
Zoé De Grand Maison
as Evelyn Evernever
Kyle Jespersen
as Loading Dock Guard
Vince Song
as Derek Davis
James Tyson
as South Side Serpent/Bartender South Side Serpent
Sage Linder
as Dancer
Alexander Lowe
as Cousin Fester Blossom
Eduardo Vasquez Rdguez
as Choir Member 3
Terry Lewis
as Hog Eye
John Innes
as Monsignor
Andrew Beha
as South Side Serpent/Construction Worker
Simone Sadler
as 8 Year Old Penelope
Shaun Omaid
as War Baby
Ahmed Mogharbel
as Bulldog #1
Juan Riedinger
as Dodger
Pamela Diaz
as Spanish Woman
Azura Skye
as Darla
Ashley O'Connell
as John
Chiara Guzzo
as Midge
Kyra Leroux
as Britta Beach
Wyatt Nash
as Charles Smith
Molly Ringwald
as Mary Andrews
Elizabeth Thai
as Proctor
Kwesi Ameyaw
as Dr. Masters
Nevada Banks
as Dance Attendee
Nigel Brighton
as Jubilee Attendee
Sossina Shenkute
as Director
Julia Bose
as Dancer
Lexi Hill
as Audrey/Vixen/Vixen #2
Wolsey Brooks
as Deputy/Deputy #1
Amanda Burke
as Ms. Paroo
Andrea Rosolia
as Waiter
Malcolm Stewart
as Francis Dupont/Francis J. Dupont
Ethan Shankaruk
as Masked Court Jester
Johnnier Mejia
as Jose
Glynis Davies
as Miss Haggly
Ben Corns
as Mr. Sam McPharlin
Lucas Wyka
as Teen Boy
Emily Tennant
as Miss Appleyard
Vanessa Morgan
as Toni Topaz
Morgan Derera
as Paparazzi 3
Ryan Rosery
as Horsetrack Suitor
Andy Thompson
as Funeral Director
Brent Clark
as Middle-Aged Man
Enid-Raye Adams
as Head Nurse
Janessa McGrath
as Dancer
Mike Veal
as Prison Guard
Camila Mendes
as Veronica Lodge/Veronica Gekko/Teen Hermione Gomez
Matthew Mandzij
as Bouncer
Ben Sullivan
as Rick
Lauren Denysek
as Dancer
Alex Barima
as Johnathan
Lane Edwards
as Mr. Sowerberry
Charlotte Kavanagh
as Dancer
Connor Paton
as Baby Teeth
Jeremy Lacombe
as Josh Macgreger
Megan Peta Hill
as Cora
Paul Lazenby
as Inmate #1/Manager/Marcel
G. John Turnbull
as Farmie/Student/Conversion Camp Escapee/Prison Rioter
Anthony Timpano
as Benjamin 'Bingo' Butler
William Dickinson
as Tyler
Rob Raco
as Joaquin DeSantos
Adam Swain
as Adventure Scout #1
Hannah Bos
as Young Betty
Neil Charlesworth
as Jerky Customer
Jaden Oehr
as 8 Year Old Clifford
Graham Phillips
as Nick St. Clair
Ana Mercedes
as Abuelita Lodge/Abuelita Lordes
Alex Lancaster
as Young Man 2
Christiaan Westerveld
as Slender Man
Charles Melton
as Reggie Mantle/Teen Marty Mantle
Yasmin Abidi
as Nurse
Alvin Sanders
as Pop Tate
Randa Barett
as Dancer
Robert Baker
as Robert Phillips
Adrian Hough
as Doc
Jericho Cabinas
as Student #1
Nelson Giles
as Tall Man
KJ Apa
as Archie Andrews
Dominic Travaloina
as Debt Collector #2
Andres Soto
as Carlos
Carlo Fortin
as Stu
Terry O'Sullivan
as Female Alumni
Chris Peters
as Police Officer #2
John Prowse
as Old Man Dreyfus
Michael Puttonen
as Junkyard Steve
Nathalie Boltt
as Penelope Blossom
Marc Gaudet
as Baliff
Ellen MacNevin
as Young Female Patient
Kelly Ripa
as Mrs. Mulwray
Peter Bryant
as Principal Waldo Weatherbee
Kurt Szarka
as Shane
Jordan Calloway
as Chuck Clayton
Hart Denton
as Chic
Sean Owen Roberts
as Edgy Gangster
Nelson Wong
as Dr. Phylum
Arthur MacKinnon
as Other Serpent/Young Serpent
Angela Vanderwal
as Appraiser
Nick Alderwood
as Teen Thug #1
Noam Zylberman
as Paul Malloy
Mariesa Crouse
as Dancer/Random Number Generation Dancer
Kaare Anderson
as Forman
Austin Miklautsch
as Darius
Daniel Lindsay
as Sean McPharlin
Danielle Brokopp
as Tear Me Down Dancer
Patrick Doyle
as Suspect
Asha Bromfield
as Melody Valentine
Andrew Tkach
as Beat Up Man
Sam Spear
as Deputy/Deputy #2
Jason Bell
as Mr. Conway
Jonathan Whitesell
as Kurtz
Christina Hamdon
as Dancer
Billy Wickman
as Hunter Malloy
Christine Chatelain
as Mrs. Chipping
Paul Jarrett
as Grandpa Arti
Eli Goree
as Mad Dog
Gina Stockdale
as Older Woman
Riley Keough
as Laurie Lake
Serena Crouse
as Vixen #2
Sean Kennedy
as FP's Dad
Glenn Ennis
as Henchman #3
Shaw Madson
as Guard

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2017 | 13 Episodes

Season 2

2017 | 22 Episodes

Season 3

2018 | 22 Episodes

Season 4

2019 | 19 Episodes

Season 5

2021 | 15 Episodes

Season 6

2021 | 2 Episodes




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Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA 2017


Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA

Best Action/Thriller Television Series


Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA

Best Performance by a Younger Actor in a Television Series


Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA

IGN Summer Movie Awards 2017


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