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October 20, 2021
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About this title


An alien, who has crashed landed on earth on a mission to destroy humanity, assumes the identity of Dr. Harry Vanderspeigel, so he can remain undetected by the residents of Patience, CO while he searches the snow-covered Colorado Mountains for pieces of his ship. He learns "to be human" by watching Law and Order and mimicking the late, great Jerry Orbach. One day the sheriff of Patience, Mike "Big Black" Thompson and his deputy, Liv Baker, show up at his isolated cabin. There has been a murder in town and they need a doctor. The murder victim is the town doctor. Soon, he finds himself as the new town doctor and in constant contact with the people of the town. Something, until now, he has vehemently avoided. Now, as he is spending more time with humans, he is learning more about them and what makes them human. Which gives him pause, but is still determined to complete his mission to destroy the people of earth. He also discovers there is one person in town who can see him in his true form; which, of course, is less than ideal.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: January 27, 2021

Also Known As: Засланец из космоса, Постоялець з космосу |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Canada (14+) |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: Amblin Television, Dark Horse Entertainment


Sophia Bucior
as Sweater Girl
Alex Barima
as David Logan
Kaylayla Raine
as Jay
Anthony Moyer
as Alien Harry
Deborah Finkel
as Abigail Hodges
Kayla Deorksen
as Pregnant Woman
Brian J. Sutton
as Lovely Man
Christine Tsiliverdis
as Mrs. Briscoe
Veronika Hadrava
as Mousy Woman
Ellexis Wejr
as Dream Kid
Kaiel Barreiro
as Neighbourhood Kid
Meredith Garretson
as Kate Hawthorne
Judah Prehn
as Max Hawthorne
Rocky Anderson
as Sniper
Ryan Egan
as Male Experiencer #2
Levi Fiehler
as Mayor Ben Hawthorne
Kate Mitchell
as Old Lady
Edna Manitowabi
as Grandma Ruth
Doug Chapman
as Man
Nathan Fillion
as Octopus
Tiffani Timms
as Female Experiencer #3
Maria Christina Fernandes
as Dream Dog Walker
Linda Hamilton
as General Eleanor Wright
John Innes
as Gerard
Brylee Smith
as Young Asta
Jenna Lamia
as Judy Cooper
Elijiah Noskey-Auger
as Joe
Roman Legend Jimmie
as Sage
Alvin Sanders
as Lewis Thompson
Maddy Kelly
as Ponytailed Woman
Kemi Mathers
as Female Experience #1
Mandell Maughan
as Lisa Casper
Corey Reynolds
as Sheriff Mike Thompson
Elizabeth Bowen
as Deputy Liv Baker
Gary Farmer
as Dan Twelvetrees
Eugene Brave Rock
as Shane
Tim Zhang
as Guy
Sarah Podemski
as Kayla
Patrick Keating
as Priest
Betty Jackson
as Sweet Old Woman
Terry O'Quinn
as Peter Bach
Arianna McGregor
as Female Abductee
Kheon Clarke
as Male Nurse
Jennifer Rose Garcia
as Waitress
Camille Marty
as Girl
Gracelyn Awad Rinke
as Sahar
Rodrigo Massa
as Waiter
Dariusz Slowik
as General Staff
Sandra Medeiros
as Female Experiencer #2
Michael Cassidy
as Dr. Ethan Stone
Emma Oliver
as Farm Girl
Rick McLean
as Jack Rooney
Michael Meneer
as Doctor
Michael Adamthwaite
as Howard Wright
Samuel Francisco
as Dream Bike Rider
Jan Bos
as Dr. Sam Hodges
Chris Bradford
as Thomas Hoffman
Carly Buhler
as Dream Mom
Julian Nelson
as Lanky Stoner
Alice Wetterlund
as D'Arcy Bloom
Richard Yee
as Male Experiencer #1
Jill Nixon
as Becky
Helena Mohs
as Student
Trevor Carroll
as John
Nisreen Slim
as Sahar's Mom
Lani Gelera
as Driver
Paul Almeida
as Military Analyst
Dylan Sloane
as Young Peter Bach
James Oneill
as Assistant Bartender
Ben Cotton
as Jimmy
Glenda Klassen
as Val
Garth Hodgson
as Mr. Briscoe
Keith Arbuthnot
as Alien Harry Double/Alien Wife
Gerardo Barcala
as Patron/Nurse
Don Wright
as Deputy Jack
Corvin Mack
as Stanley
Michael McIntyre
as Bearded Man
Brent Stait
as Roy the Cowboy
as Isabelle
Ray G. Thunderchild
as Ray
Pavel Romano
as Handsome Teen
Ries Fowler
as Dream Dad
Lisa Penz
as Jay's Adoptive Mother/Lovely Woman
Diana Bang
as Nurse Ellen
Kalvin Olafson
as Townsperson #1
Herbert Duncanson
as Mailman
Alix West Lefler
as Eleanor Wright
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
as Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
Alan Tudyk
as Harry Vanderspeigle
Jason Maybaum
as Max
Cameron Michael Hallman
as Cool Kid #1
Sara Tomko
as Asta Twelvetrees
Janet Glassford
as Nervous Woman

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2021 | 10 Episodes

Season 2




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Dragon Awards 2021


Dragon Awards

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy TV Series

Hollywood Critics Association 2021


Hollywood Critics Association

Best Cable Series, Comedy


Hollywood Critics Association

Best Actor in a Broadcast Network or Cable Series, Comedy


Hollywood Critics Association

Best Supporting Actor in a Broadcast Network or Cable Series, Comedy


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Best Supporting Actress in a Broadcast Network or Cable Series, Comedy

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