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"Rederiet" is one of the most successful soap opera in the history of the Swedish television. The story is about the passenger company (Freja), who operates on the Baltic sea between Stockholm -Åbo. And it takes place both in Stockholm (mostly in the office of the company) and on board m/s Freja. Well. The company (Dahlénrederiet) has for decades been run by the Dahlén family. But when the story begins so are there many people who are trying to gain control over the company, which leads to a constant struggle for the power. As well is it also a constant struggle for higher positions between the personal on the ship and some people use their position to make some extra money. And in the middle of all this problem are the of course many troubles with the passengers or with the ship which have to be solved. So there is (as always in a soap opera), terrible accidents, deaths, murders, smuggling, theft, infidelity, arson, rape, drugs and many other terrible things. But there will also be a lot of love and friendship and maybe some unknown relatives will show up.

Country: Sweden

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: Swedish

Release Date: August 20, 1992

Also Known As: Varustamo, RederietNa pełnym morzu, High Seas, The Shipping Company |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: SVT Drama, Yleisradio (YLE)

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Hans Rosenfeldt
as Polis 12
Markus Kubel
as Esa Koskinen
Richard Johnson
as Norman
as Angeliques Dobermann
Björn Granath
as Göran Sandell
Barbro Svensson
as Ritva Nevalainen
Yvonne Schaloske
as Vera Bengtsson
Eva Bysing
as Irma Nilsson
Peter Nystedt
as Polis 8
Sven Strömersten-Holm
as Jan
Svante Martin
as Mikael Henriksson
Roger S. Karlsson
as Strömberg
Anders Johannisson
as Olle
Sissela Kyle
as Siv
Sofia Helin
as Minna

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1992 | 18 Episodes

Season 2

1993 | 12 Episodes

Season 3

1993 | 15 Episodes

Season 4

1994 | 12 Episodes

Season 5

1994 | 15 Episodes

Season 6

1995 | 12 Episodes

Season 7

1995 | 15 Episodes

Season 8

1996 | 15 Episodes

Season 9

1996 | 15 Episodes

Season 10

1997 | 15 Episodes

Season 11

1997 | 18 Episodes

Season 12

1998 | 18 Episodes

Season 13

1998 | 18 Episodes

Season 14

1999 | 18 Episodes

Season 15

1999 | 18 Episodes

Season 16

2000 | 18 Episodes

Season 17

2000 | 18 Episodes

Season 18

2001 | 18 Episodes

Season 19

2001 | 18 Episodes

Season 20

2002 | 12 Episodes


Awards & Nominations

TV Prize 1994



TV Prize

Best Swedish TV Program (Bästa svenska program)

TV Prize 2002



TV Prize

Best Swedish Drama (Bästa svenska dramaproduktion)

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