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October 27, 2021
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About this title


Ray Donovan is a "fixer" for Hollywood's elite. He is the go-to guy that the city's celebrities, athletes and business moguls call to make their problems disappear. It's a much more lucrative job than his previous work as a ruthless South Boston thug, vaulting him within reach of the truly wealthy and powerful. But no amount of money or the expensive things it can buy can completely mask Ray's past, a past that continues to haunt him with troubled brothers always calling and his father's recent release from 20 years spent in prison. Now a free man, Ray's father, Mickey, arrives in Los Angeles to get what he feels is rightfully his. Mickey's desire to reconnect and settle old scores with his family -- including Ray's wife and kids, who have never met the family's patriarch and are anxious to get to know him -- threatens to destroy everything Ray has built for himself.

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Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Canceled

Language: English

Release Date: June 18, 2013

Also Known As: Рей Донован, 黑手遮天 |  See more »


Plot Keywords

los angeles, california

Company Credits

Production Co: David Hollander Productions, The Mark Gordon Company


Graham Rogers
as Smitty
Chance Kelly
as Vinny
Chris Walker
as Bernie Halsey
John Mariano
as Security Guard Lambert
Rick Chambers
as John Van Scott
Andra Petru
as Waitress
Todd Robert Anderson
as Marty Rendell
George R. Sheffey
as Whit
Kelemete Misipeka
as Fetu Autufuga
Bill Cwikowski
as Inmate
Gerald A. James
as Wheelchair Guy
Sasha Wexler
as Jade
Heaven Michelle McCoy
as Kid 1
Josh Mowery
as Bar Patron
Ken Davitian
as Vartan
Aaron Staton
as Mr. Donellen
Steve Cameron
as Hotel Security
Dakota Payne
as Shouting Kid
Guy A. Fortt
as Paramedic #1
Mike Keller
as Cop
Kerry Condon
as Molly Sullivan
Kevin Mui
as Con Ed Man
Robert Berlin
as Cellmate
Eion Bailey
as Steve Knight
Skyler Gallun
as Teen Terry Donovan
Bronson Pinchot
as Flip Brightman
Liz Burnette
as Iris Kim
Dorothy Constantine
as Lady Volunteer
Katherine Moennig
as Lena
Karina Logue
as Margaret
Peter Holden
as Alec Ward
Kimberly Dawn Guerrero
as LSN Saleslady #2
as Chen
Michael DeeJay Millz Mason
as Pedestrian New York City
Johnny Williams
as Fat Ernie
Johnny Sneed
as Dr. Friedman
Devyn Inez Fusaro
as Korea
Arsema Kayan Ellison
as Grandchild
Buck Childress
as VIP Brothel Customer
Evie Ryland
as Socialite
J. Marvin Campbell
as Dr. Cooper
Audrey Genevieve Holland
as Pot Store Clerk 2
Char Sidney
as Mercedes
Ashley Devane
as Bar Patron/Dead Bridget
Joyce Greenleaf
as Old Woman
Billynaire Cruz
as Fuerza boxing fan
Silawn Lewis
as Gambler
Dan O'Brien
as Priest
Ariella Josephine
as Young Molly Sullivan
Peter Albrink
as Young Billy Doyle
Jarrod LaBine
as Reporter
Chuck Spitler
as Counterman
Phillip Chorba
as Security Guard Shane
Michael Eauslin
Jessica Nunez-Wood
as Patron
Austin Nichols
as Tommy Wheeler
Emma Vicera
as Algoma
Lori Alan
as Darlene
Christine Horn
as Female Bartender
Fairuza Balk
as Ginger
Devonric Johnson
as Prince Johnson
Grayson Eddey
as Chalky's Son
Sidné Anderson
as Bailiff
Jocelin Albor
as Hooker #3
Leelee Park
as Kimmie
Alexis Rhee
as Korean Owner
Brian Keane
as Armed Guard
James Mathers
as Priest
Holly Lynch
as Saleswoman
Allel Aimiche
as Mickey's Landlord
DeShawn Harold Mitchell
as Boxer Guy
Tara Buck
as Maureen Dougherty
Kyra Locke
as Officer Cram
Konstantin Lavysh
as Meir
Skyler Shaye
as Cindy
John Grady
as Priest
Jamar Greene
as Check Cashing Guard
Emily Dahm
as Sarah Donellen
Irma-Estel LaGuerre
as Andean Woman
Alison Cimmet
as Kimberly
Gabby Beans
as Cara Harris
Austin Beaumount
as Blind Priest
Travis Hammer
as Pinkie-Toe Josephine Melcher III
Scott Bailey
as Agent Travis
Sonny Mario Ayon
as Cual Martinez
Sarah Ann Vail
as Becky's Friend
Peter Jacobson
as Lee Drexler
Kwame Patterson
as Re-Kon
Margaret Newborn
as Patron
Nikola Kent
as Davros Minassian
Tommy Tallarino
as Caesar's Concierge
Rainer Wickel
as SNAP Member
Brian Donahue
as Teamster #1
Tom Berklund
as Sexy Santa
Lidia Porto
as Maid
Mike Starr
as Larry O'Malley
Joe Burke
as Film Student #1
Eric Reid Schroeder
as Rooney Brinks Driver
Kevin Lingle
as Coffee Shop Patron
Tim Lajcik
as Polish Tony
Troy Romzek
as Jackson
Daphne Gaines
as FeatureFlix Lawyer #1
Kurt Sinclair
as White Robed Man
Dante Nero
as Impound Guy
Olivia Jennah Kadri
as Maria
Jay R. Ferguson
as FBI Agent Thomas Volcheck
Paul Vincent O'Connor
as Mr. Kelly
Sean McDermott
as Yul
Brian Chenoweth
as Doug
Suzanne Grodner
as Mrs. Scholl
Yordanos Kibrom Himed
as Pool Girl
Steve Humphreys
as Customs Agent
George Bartenieff
as Gerald Moskovitz
Ian Unterman
as Campaign Manager
Andrew Hsu
as Safety Deposit Box Asst
Taylor Treadwell
as Josie
Hank Azaria
as Ed Cochran
Jenson Cheng
as Jo Pho
Danny Bolero
as Roberto
Rebecca Diaz
as Baby Twin
Brooke Newton
as Travis' Wife
Griffin Freeman
as Tate
Kerris Dorsey
as Bridget Donovan
Matty Cardarople
as Philosophy Boy #1
Billy Beyrer
as EXGO Oil Truck Driver
Nick Hermz
as Mihran
Adrienne Lovette
as Olinda
Grant Christopher Maquet
as Boxer
Jorge Chapa
as Cesar Martinez
Frank Whaley
as Van Miller
Cami Raich
as High School Girl
Joe Rudy Guerrero Jr.
as Large Cholo
Ashley Jackson
as Girl #2
Josh Latzer
as Male Cop
Joseph Huffman
as Young Man
Kai Braden
as Josh
Tom Flynn
as Wealthy Man
Nathaniel Beal
as Mark
Laura Aguinaga
as Bank Teller
Richard Brake
as Vlad
J. LaRose
as Ed
Vinny O'Brien
as Damon's Opponent
Benjamín Benítez
as Lead Detective
Larry Blackman
as Bobby
Jerzy Gwiazdowski
as Wig Shop Clerk
Len Cordova
as Detective Lonnie Mendez
Matthew Montelongo
as Vance Martin
Jack Kesy
as Butch
Michael Klesic
as Rough Guy #2
Frank Renzulli
as Mike Renzetti
Michael Hyatt
as Detective Sheila Muncie
Carlos Antonio
as Mexican Man in Bar
Alexander Garganera
as Gambler/Usher
Jillian Lindig
as New York Dame
Peter Gerety
as James Sullivan
Jaymie Dornan
as Kyle Kessler
Cathal Pendred
as Joxy Maguire
Marie Laine
as Angie
Coleton Ray
as Kid in Class
Pat Healy
as Jeff Barker
Conroe Brooks
as Car Clerk
Tory Sparkman
as Rehab Girl
Mel Cowan
as Kenny
Joe Marinelli
as Amelio
Kiara Muhammad
as Katie
Christina Leone
as Reporter #2
Betsy Landin
as Hostess
Ryan Philbin
as Boxing Trainer
Kersti Bryan
as Anne Donovan
Gabriel Mann
as Jacob Waller
Keir O'Donnell
as George Winslow
Lauren McCarroll
as Cookie's Kid's Mom
Glenn Keogh
as Malcolm Dowd
Jewel Rouge
as Jay's Girl
Thom Shelton
as Philosophy Boy #2
Tom Yi
as Dr. Kenneth Lo
Lola St. Vil
as Taylor
Kade Vu
as Boxer 1
Yelyna De Leon
as Latina Woman
Kristopher Boutin
as Boxing Fan
Robert Rusler
as Gus O'Dea/Gus
John Ales
as Ricky Devita
Marlane Barnes
as Shop Girl
Lulu Brud
as Lauren
Aaron Sanders
as Teenage Bakery Worker
Mel Fair
as TV Reporter
William Broderick
as Michael
Jacob Ming-Trent
as Big Easy
Erin Marie Hogan
as Hooker #2
Adam Treska
as 11 Cashier/7
Fady Kerko
as Fareed
Leah Bateman
as Girl #1
Brody Hamilton
as Son with Mother
Donnabella Mortel
as ER Nurse
Jeryl Prescott
as Cherry
Adwin Brown
as P.A.
Jerry Ying
as FBI Agent #1
Emiliano Díez
as Dr. Lopez
Aubrey Manning
as Lorraine Windsor
Elle E. Wallace
as Mrs. Doug Landry
Joanna Strapp
as Lisa Tenant
Troy Iwata
as Prancer
Nancy De Mayo
as Nurse
David Dastmalchian
as English Teacher
Joseph D. Reitman
as Art Fence
Crispin Alapag
as Pablo
Aubrey Wood
as Naked Girl
Brit Manor
as Paris
Pequeño Halloween
as Ricardo
Katie Holmes
as Paige Finney
Robert Lee Leng
as Young Man Au
Alexandra Abrams
as Kid in Park
Brian Geraghty
as Jim the Cop
Gerard Cordero
as Big Al
Tory Stolper
as Jane
Thomas Lumberg Jr.
as Cop
Talia Toms
as Bakery Lady
Josh Hamilton
as Kevin Sullivan
Louisa Krause
as Liberty
Bobak Bakhtiari
as Uber Driver
Frederick Piña
George Aloi
as Man at Bar
Daniel V. Graulau
as Jorge
Louis Perez
as Boxing Announcer
Octavius J. Johnson
as Marvin Gaye Washington
Jordan Cole
as Brady
Jayne Taini
as Harriet Greenberg
Jessica Vilchis
as 60 Minutes Interviewer
Susan Sarandon
as Samantha Winslow
Larissa Laurel
as Field Supervisor
Richard Benjamin
as Jerry Weiss
Yousef Abu-Taleb
as Brian
Mary Kay McCartney
as Ruth Goldman
Jake Wells
as PR Flack 1
Ismael Cruz Cordova
as Hector Campos
Ken Takemoto
as Sensei Shoota Koizumi
Joseph Scarpino
as Pride Party Guy
Brent Alan Henry
as LAPD Cop
Alfredo Narciso
as Mr. Martinez
Kip Pardue
as FBI Agent Volchek
Brian Silverman
as Police Officer
Simon Templeman
as Gustavo
Vincent Jerman-Jerosa
as Ring Announcer
Ricardo Walker
as FBI Agent
Sushana Watkis
as Alex
Nicholas Guilak
as Aleks Malkin
Meaghan J. Johnson
as Angel
Jay Hieron
as Chalky's Associate
Marlon Correa
as Paramedic
Airon Armstrong
as Johnny Caputo
Stephanie Pearson
as Domonique
Kevin Chew
as Chinese Cook
Kristian Weathers
as Mom
Barry Brisco
as Transvestite
Kandis Fay
as Debra Gerson
Anthony DiMaria
as Matty Flynn
Vanessa Born
as Jazmin
Rebecca Olejniczak
as Montana/Hooker #1/Montana-Hooker
Pat-Ric McCaffery
as Churro Stand Dude/Leopard Print Dude
Pat Bowie
as Old African-American Lady
Robert Buscemi
as Exterminator
Fernando Chien
as Light Weight Boxer #2
John Deignan
as Detective
John Marchitti
as High Roller
Sasha Feldman
as Web Cam Performer
David Adams
as Police #1
Marc Forget
as Father O'Connor
C. Thomas Howell
as Dr. Brogan
Bryce McBratnie
as PJ
Kate Arrington
as Amber McGrath
Jon Voight
as Mickey Donovan
Larry Gevirtz
as Orthodox Jewish Man
Sam Zang
as Pedestrian in Front of Gym
Nate Mann
as Teen Ray Donovan
Don Creech
as Bruce
Paula Jai Parker
as Sylvie Starr
Andrew James Gordon
as Fight Spectator
Gregory Konow
as Suit #1
Dominique Rodriguez
as Poker Player
Lauren Sivan
as Reporter
Ken Holmes
as Upscale Golf Club Member
Hunter Canning
as Cowboy Bartender
Alan Alda
as Dr. Arthur Amiot
Devin Sidell
as Mandy
Brianna Geoghegan
as Patron
Joaquin Mas
as Hispanic Boy
Chris Cordone
as Press Conference Reporter
Cassie Keet
as Bank Teller
Greta Jung
as Aide
Guy Burnet
as Casey Finney
Mattea Quin
as Stella Campos
Henry Caicedo
as Staffer
Taylor Coliee
as Pretty Girl
Eric Balfour
as Nick Lowell
Reatha Grey
as Secretary
Omar Leyva
as Manuel
Jeremy Angel
as High End Las Vegas Person/UFC Fan
Mélanie Mozzet
as Wendy
Jorga Caye
as Fan
Jake Hoffman
as Jack Raleigh
Armand Anthony
as Ted Roy
Sandra Elizabeth Rodriguez
as Attorney
Sandy Martin
as Sandy Patrick
Tom Virtue
as Bartender
Kathy Corpus
as VIP Fight Girlfriend
Ryan McNulty
as Boxer #1
Steve Witting
as John Crane
Austin Priester
as Hector Bodyguard
Shannon Harris
as Female Nurse
Omar Nazel
as Cookie's Driver
Eddie Alfano
as Security Officer Woods
Alison Rood
as Waitress
Rhys Coiro
as Rob Heard
Cortney Gift
as Claire
Sherry Mandujano
as Fernanda
Peter Lucas
as Man
David DeSantos
as Carlos
David Douglas
as Pot Store Clerk
Katlynn Simone
as Maia
Heath Khan
as Zach
Nick DeMauro
as Ref
Greg Duke
as Troy
Anthony M. Bertram
as Perkins
Katrina Chiovon
as Woman in Crowd
Rolando Boyce
as Detective Edler
Jamel Davall Rodriguez
as Director
Adam Heller
as Dr. Goldstein
Cantrell Harris
as Detective Pratt
Ashley Nicole Murray
as Fan
Julanne Chidi Hill
as Graciella
Adina Porter
as Vicky
Stephanie Erb
as Helen Miller
Jack Wagner
as Sandy Patrick
Hector Canales
as Selena
Tim Powell
as Thomas Gibbs
Tom Beyer
as Gabe
Marissa Morgan
as LSN Saleslady #1
Alex Monsky
as Corrections Officer
Liev Schreiber
as Ray Donovan
Michelle McGinty
as Admitting Nurse
Heather Schlitt
as Cochran's Assistant/Secretary
Paula Malcomson
as Abby Donovan
Paras Patel
as Zack's Assistant
Jordyn Barber
as Girl Volunteer
Ken Colquitt
as Detective
Jayden Abrams
as Kid in Playground
Bill Heck
as Young Mickey Donovan
Nick Gracer
as Boris
Rosanna Arquette
as Linda
Jay R. Adams
as Billy Gator
Orson Chaplin
as Freddy
Lisa Mason Lee
as Lee's Assistant
Dennis Napolitano
as Toupee Singer
Kristin Minter
as Liza Hendricks
Will Potter
as Director
Frederick Lawrence
as DEA Agent #3
Thomas Staples
as Paramedic #2
Myo Campbell
as Film Crew Member
Christopher Aguilar
as Chloe's Roommate
Shelley Robertson
as Candace
Mark Adair-Rios
as Dave the Detective
Robert C. Kirk
as Lou
Nicole Pulliam
as Auctioneer
Johnathon Schaech
as Sean Walker
Kristian Espiritu
as Nurse
Victor Ortiz
as Whittaker
Aviad Bernstein
as Jamie Feldman
Mell Bowser
as Cookie Fan
Dean Francois
as Prisoner
Melissa Carnell
as Briana
Jemarko Jones
as High Roller
Seth Carr
as Alfonse/Cookie's Son
Sonya Leslie
as Woman
Krystal McCarty
as Geraldine
Kanin Howell
as Man at Bar
Dave Hines
as Aryan Inmate
Shane Giedraitis
as Young Ray
Alexander Bedria
as Marco
Lou Patane
as Funeral Director
Anoush NeVart
as Avi's Mother/Avi's mother
Aharon Ipalé
as Ivan Belikov
Scott Slade
as Teaser Model
Gus Scharr
as Process Server
Steve Bean
as Mr. Marcioni
Tarik Davis
as 1st AD
Sean S. Allison
as Lorenzo
Jason Butler Harner
as Varick Strauss
Paul Dederick
as Cop
Constance Consola
as High End Las Vegas Patron
Stewart Skelton
as Windsor
Andre Brooks
as Officer Steve Davis
Jack Reiss
as Boxing Ref/Referee
Susan Berger
as Dealer
Benjamin Kim
as Hector's Sparring Partner
Emily Rainey
as Party Girl
Aleh Neliubin
as Dmitri's Men
Tiffany Eatz
as Girlfriend at Airport
William Jess Russell
as Billy Doyle
Madaline May
as Morgan
Dominique Columbus
as Damon/Mugger
Cassandra Starr
as Malibu Shopper
Jonathan Gregg
as Drunk
Roddy Jessup
as LAPD Detective
Gillian Saker
as Annie
Caesar Samayoa
as Man 1
Nicole Spiezio
as City Secretary
Elizabeth Greer
as Judy Hoffman
Sondra James
as Elderly Woman
Joseph Gatt
as Randy
Haaron Hines
as Jay's Driver
Bruce Holman
as L.A. County Sheriff
as Wovoka
Susan Boyajian
as Nurse
Victor Covarrubias
as Cellmate
Madia Hill Scott
as Lee's Assistant
Robert G. Brewer
as Eddie
Steph DuVall
as Shorty
T. Oliver Reid
as Glen
Jesse Bean
as Neighbor
Veronica Taylor
as Roxanne
Toyin Moses
as Diane
Bambi Birnbaum
as Waitress
Nathaniel Floyd Peart
as Krishny
Shree Crooks
as Audrey
Brynn Thayer
as Charlotte Finney
Gail Borges
as Phyllis
Lisbeth Kingsley
as Devon Brown MD
Richard Wharton
as Group Leader
Kelly Chavers
as Barista
Kate Amundsen
as Shop Clerk
Sejal Shah
as FeatureFlix Lawyer #2
Alyssa Diaz
as Teresa
Jonathan Emerson
as Dean
James Keach
as Tom
Kevin Matthew Mcdonald
as Fighter
Angela Featherstone
as Mental Patient
Christian Dias
as Bowler
Alexander Chaplin
as Father Flannery
Patricia Garcia
as Journalist at FBI
Yasha Jackson
as K'Lei Hughes
Chase Wilmot
as Layla
Joe Gioco
as Bar Drunk (Pagliacci)
Olivia Mazzucato
as Student
Rob Mathes
as Tony
Tom DiNardo
as Motel Manager
Thaddeus Daniels
as Cop
Brett Diggs
as Public Defender
Natalie Ciulla
as Bridget at Age 17
Joel Gertner
as Fight Spectator
Colby French
as Detective Todd Anderson
Jordan Mahome
as Damon's father/Damon's Father
Aaron Hendry
as Dave Kelly
Eric Monjoin
as Tourist
Dirk Ellis
as Hot Cutting Torch Technician
Lola Glaudini
as Anita Novak
Carlos Gutierrez
as Teen 3
Cody Banta
as Middle Weight Boxer #2
Lucia Sullivan
as Ezra's Assistant/Ezra's Secretary/Kelly
Destinee Handly
as Sad Russian Girl
Chris McGinn
as Check Cashing Woman #3
Angela Grovey
as Passerby
Max Bird-Ridnell
as Priest
Tony Pierce
as Homeless Man/James Homeless
Terry Fradet
as Gun Range Clerk
Omar J. Dorsey
as Cookie Brown
Rahad Coulter-Stevenson
as Huey Lewis
Lena Georgas
as Nomi
Henry Miller
as FBI Agent #1
Carolyn Hennesy
as Blanche Blaylock
Iván Amaro Bullón
as Hasidic Jew/Pride Party Dancer/Rose Beach Party Guest
Paul McKinney
as SNAP Member
Gary Kraus
as Officer Jansen
Mason Alban
as Chalky
Heiko k Effenberger
as Bartender/Server/Wealthy Primm Folk
Phil Abrams
as Josh
Sherilyn Fenn
as Donna Cochran
Dustin Coffey
as Engineer
Jacqueline Honulik
as Beautiful Woman
Michael Trotter
as Detective Wickers
Vera Lam
as Hostess
Link Ruiz
as Patrol Officer
Ian M. Hamilton
as Eddie
Victoria Kelemen
as Young Bridget
Vanessa Giselle
as Ring Girl
Finn Robbins
as Jimmy McGrath
Ceazar Reyes
as Carlos
Drew Powell
as Gary O'Malley
Guerrin Gardner
as Becky
Tim DeLaney
as Restaurant Patron
Candace Smith
as Jay's Girl
Jonathan Kowalsky
as Paparazzi/TMZ Guy
David Wenzel
as Southie Thug #2
Larry Bagby
as Gene
Omar Perez
as Bodega Guy
Karen Smith
as Maid
Lili Simmons
as Natalie James
Steve Trzaska
as New Railhead Employee
Michael James Fry
as Fight Club Patron
Diego Serrano
as Teddy
Donald Faison
as Antoine A'Shawn Anderson
Patrick Ryan Wood
as Teen Bunchy Donovan
Connie Sawyer
as Mrs. Sullivan/Old Lady Sullivan
Kacey Montoya
as Sandy Gagic
Eric Satterberg
as SNAP Member #2
Marlene Hodgdon
as Check Cashing Woman #1
Jamie Donnelly
as Catherine's Mom/Peggy/Peggy Shaugnessy
Miller Tai
as Waiter
Nora Cole
as Avis
Michelle Kim
as Emily Chu
Akana Gregorious
as Parade Float Dancer
Kevin Corrigan
as Declan Sullivan
John Mondin
as Motel Manager
Grayson Berry
as American Idol Host
Chris Tardio
as Danny Bianchi
Susan Pourfar
as Melinda Getkin
Andy Cohen
as Billy Quinn
Floyd Van Buskirk
as Pawn Broker
Christopher Doyle
as Motel Guest
Beau Bonness
as Troy Landrieu
Paul Cuneo
as Lead Deputy
Alex Saxon
as Chloe
Cheryl Ladd
as Tina Harvey
Jonathon Ruckman
as Wall Street Guy
Billy Lush
as Vincent Simmons
Marc Istook
as Commentator
Neil H. Berkow
as Johnny Holiday
Julia Silverman
as Casting Director
Princess Adenike
as Young Claudette
Zander David Hodgson
as BDSM Angel/Hustler
Emmanuel Rodriguez
as Fight Club Goer
Michael McGrady
as Frank Barnes
Danny Doherty
as Military Guy
Terry F. Smith
as Russian Thug
Shawn-Caulin Young
as Dog Walker
Caitlin O'Connor
as Nurse Richardson
Jack Axelrod
as Leo
Audra Hans
as Corrections Officer #2
Cullen R. Titmas
as FBI Agent
Korrina Rico
as Monique
Loanne Bishop
as Meg Townsend
Patrick Holden O'Neill
as Store Manager
Garrett Boyd
as Alex
Ryan Connors
as Older Teen Bunchy
Sully Chaudhry
as Radiologist
Elena Omerini
as Casino Guest/Well Dressed Fan
Jasmine Hope Bloch
as Make-Up Assistant
Panuvat Anthony Nanakornpanom
as Daryll's Opponent
Michael Imperiale
as Ringleader
Pooch Hall
as Daryll
Dan Gruenberg
as Boxing Fan
Krystal M. Harris
as Krystal Martinez
James Woods
as Sully Sullivan
Matt J. Doyle
as LAPD Cop
Sheryl Lee Ralph
as Claudette
Makia Martin
as Onlooker
Jake Busey
as Acid Man/LSN Chef Dave
Don Dowe
as Fireman
Heather Spiegel
as Female Precentor/Precentor
Carl Salonen
as Times Square Tourist
Jill Basey
as Old Lady
Dion Sapp
as Cop 3
Wendell Pierce
as Ronald Keith
Sarah Shahi
as Hasmig
Rocky McMurray
as Priest
Thomas W. Ashworth
as Guard
Tori Black
as Lexi Steele
Mele Ihara
as Rebecca
Gino Cafarelli
as Cop 4
Andrew Bloch
as Warden
Milos Milicevic
as Ptolomy
Valerie Hurt
as Amy
Brian Maillard
as Young Doctor
Eddie J. Fernandez
as Mexican Drug Buyer/Mexican Drug Dealer
Pancho Moler
as El Partido Decisivo
Mark Rowe
as Kevin
Diane Ladd
as Motel Lady
Johnny Venokur
as Pawn Shop Guy
Chris Barnes
as Jitney Bus Driver
Mark E. Ridley
as Drunk Guy
T. Lynn Eanes
as Sugar
Sue Kim
as Bartender
Leland Orser
as Father Romero
Rome Kanda
as Asian Poker Player
Jim Hanna
as Bob/Bob the Editor
Jacqueline Georgiou
as Rich Woman
Josiah Nolan
as Paul Hanratty
J. Skylar Testa
as Douglas
Derick Alexander
as Studio Security Guard
Christopher Baskerville
as Friend of Dancer/Party Guest/Premier Guest
Heather Mehudar
as Casino Patron
Mark Berry
as Arthur
Christy Williams
as Michelle
Cesar Lazcano
as Luchador
Delaney Williams
as R. Gregory Scholl
Aidan Pierce Brennan
as Young Ray Donovan
Juan Alfonso
as Airport Cop
Noé Sanchez
as Mexican Kid
Bunnie Rivera
as Maria
Niceto Darcey Festin
as Bank Manager
Eddie Marsan
as Terry Donovan
Domenick Lombardozzi
as Sean 'Mac' McGrath
Adam Shiri
as Donald
Martin Garcia
as Pablo
Shawn Black
as Lead Coroner
Rami Margron
as Frankie Lee
Roxana Brusso
as Detective Veronica Martinez
Vladimir Calixte
as Loud Prisoner
Zackary Arthur
as Freddy Jr.
Geoff Wehner
as Process Server
Michael Christian Alexander
as Reporter #1
Michael J. Burg
as Ron Klitstein
Vico Ortiz
as Drunk Woman
Albert Malafronte
as Dr. Schnidel
Chris Coppola
as Larry
Laura Ekstrand
as Medical Nurse
Mike Carlucci
as Commentator #2
Grace Zabriskie
as Mrs. Minassian
David Cheekz Weeks
as Bobby/Defendant/Inmate
Simone Missick
as Porschla
Ted Arcidi
as Ricky Ronsen
Jimmy Gary Jr.
as Andrew
Sammy Busby
as Delivery Man
Sheila Tejada
as Nurse
Andrew McGinnis
as Doctor
Herbert Russell
as Irishman
Denise Crosby
as Deb
Phillip O'Riley
as Armenian Mobster
Brandi Vicks
as Jay's Girl
Kasim Saul
as Guard
Omar A. Soriano
as Bouncer
James Thomas Gilbert
as Bike Store Manager
Gregory Sims
as James Farbinger
Jolene Andersen
as Stephanie
Cory Blevins
as Dr. Righellis
Tye Alexander
as Arty
Ryan Dorsey
as Dime Bag
Nicole Stuart
as Lisa Wasserman
Mehdi Merali
as Film Student #2
Jason John Cicalese
as Grip
Terry Moore
as Nazani Minassian
Andrew Kober
as Wallstreet Boxer
Daniel Oreskes
as Shaman
Dimiter D. Marinov
as Russian Man
Linn Bjornland
as Diane Desmond
Deborah Finley
as Babbling Woman
Emily Richardson
as Teen Bridget Donovan
Liana Mendoza
as Officer Reyes
Amelia Diaz
as Baby Twin
Ratnesh Dubey
as Aseem
Mark D. Gersten
as Court Officer
Ambyr Childers
as Ashley Rucker
Aaron Fernando
as Clifford
Salvatore Cali
as Times Square Tourist
Aaron Serotsky
as Billy Till
Sven Holmberg
as Russian #2
John Rhymes
as Sean's Body Gaurd
Mariano 'Big Dawg' Mendoza
as La Fuerza
Jolie Franz
as Nicole Adamson's Mom
Heather McComb
as Patty
Maria Vasallo
as Pedestrian
Rob Locke
as Pieter
Lev Fer
as Teen Gary O'Malley
Steven Polito
as Cowgirl Emcee
Levi Fiehler
as Scott
Aaron Behr
as Coroner
Billy Miller
as Todd Dougherty
Clay Hollander
as Jonathan Walker Hanson
Jay Thomas
as Marty Grossman
Mila Brener
as Katya
Sasha Kali Kadri
as Maria
Doug McKeon
as Father Lonas
Jake Elliott
as 16 Year Old with Cell Phone Video
Tara Holt
as Becky's Friend
Justin Grant
as Club Guy
Lois Smith
as Dolores
Molly Cerne
as Girl #3
Michael Flores
as Thug
Jeff Ash
as Cop
Tony Perzow
as Jeremiah/Yoga Instructor
Kelli Kirkland
as Linda
Tyler Angle
as Britney's Dance Partner
Mike Wurst
as Mr. Wayne
Noelle P. Wilson
as Nurse #1
Gev Kalian
as George
John Joseph Brandon
as Alex DeCuna
Richard Fancy
as Judge Irving Saltzman
Patrick Cox
as Danny
Alisha Boe
as Janet
Grinnell Morris
as Pastor
William Stanford Davis
as Potato Pie
Anita Bennett
as News Anchor
Jeff Marchitti
as UFC Fan
Josh Pais
as Stu Feldman
Tom Vincent
as Chip
Garen Scribner
as Tattoo Guy
Brian White
as Jay White
Samuel Marty
as Alan
Cletus Young
as Old Man
Joy Suprano
as Jane
Collin Christopher
as Bob Lepecka/Robert Lepecka
Rogelio Douglas Jr.
as Cookie's Bodyguard
Andrea Bogart
as Megan Volchek
Ray Crisara
as Suit #2
Marcus Antturi
as Teen Boy
Chad Guerrero
as Gangster #2
René Ashton
as Big Money Woman
Tiler Peck
as Britney Muller
Regina Ohashi
as Medical Examiner
Ricky Borrego
as Hipster
Merritt Yohnka
as Deputy
Embeth Davidtz
as Sonia Kovitzky
Christian J. Meoli
as Kevin
Lindsay Brill
as PR Flack 2
Andrei Runtso
as Russian #1
Pamela Afesi
as Check Cashing Woman #2
Matt Shea
as Moderator
Caroline Redekopp
as Pamela Jones
Stacy Arnell
as Crystal
Michael Keeley
as Drummer
Alexandra Turshen
as Justine Evans
Troy Vincent
as 1975 Priest
Steven Bauer
as Avi
Jennifer Sommerfeld
as Dr. Rubenstein
Exie Booker
as Cop
Ryan Babcock
as Aryan Inmate
Sal Velez Jr.
as Enrique/Victor
Blair Tate
as Jay's Girl
Cathryn Dylan
as London
Michel Gill
as Doug Landry
Luis Fernandez-Gil
as Boxing Referee
Reginald VelJohnson
as Sherman Radley
Price Carson
as Limo Driver
Tate Ammons
as Rehab Guest
Susan Angelo
as Surgeon
Nile Bullock
as Mateo Santiago/Teen 1
Brian Faherty
as Corrections Bus Driver
Sha Michael
as Times Square Tourist
Chris Delgado
as Kid
Brionne Davis
as Garth
Arayna Eison
as Cinderella
Katie McGee
as Anchorwoman
Richard Leonard Smith
as Kent Burden
Linda Carola
as Woman at the bar
Michael Edwin
as Boston Detective
Kaiwi Lyman
as Photographer
Eve Harlow
as Julia Swanbeck
Jeanette O'Connor
as Mrs. Rosenblatt
Chuck Lewkowicz
as Hardware Clerk
Jessica Milligan
as Flasher Girl
Anthony Okungbowa
as Bolaji
Jason Nott
as Security Guard
Betsy Baker
as Church Woman
Madison McMillin
as Madison
Tom Wright
as Punch Hoffman/Benito
Keri Safran
as Party Planner
Ray Rosario
as Smoking Thug
Troy H Lewis
as Onlooker
Devon Bagby
as Conor Donovan
Lisa Lynch
as Bar Person
Mark Edward Smith
as Dr. Harris Witlin
Faron Salisbury
as Dean Connolly
David Cubitt
as Zack Davis
Starla Benford
as Waitress
Derek Webster
as Jackson Holt/DA Jackson Holt
M.Q. Tran
as Megan
Freddy Bouciegues
as Light Weight Boxer #1
Rya Kihlstedt
as Jeannie
Lucky O'Neill
as Guard
Jack Kennedy
as Shaved Head Man
Audra Griffis
as Jessica Campos
Patrick Robert Smith
as Task Cop #1
Shameka Brown
as Self
Zach Grenier
as Ed Feratti
Presciliana Esparolini
as Lupita Velez
Scarlett Burke
as Lindsay Penn
Adam Masnyk
as Blue Eyed Boxer
Jared Day
as Trevor
Bob Leszczak
as Orthodox Jewish Man
Tony Curran
as Sgt. Mikey 'Rad' Radulovic
Skipp Sudduth
as Governor Verona
Cindy Drummond
as Doctor's Receptionist
Adam Meir
as Brazen the Clown
Thomas Crawford
as Burt Mancini
Lauren S. Gordon
as Dog Woman
Alexa Demie
as Shairee
Christopher Halladay
as Bartender
Jarvis Tomdio
as Gawker
Jeff Bosley
as DEA Agent #1
Tre Styles
as Kwame
Paul Michael Glaser
as Alan
Ted Levine
as Bill Primm
Austin Hébert
as Young Jim Sullivan
Paul Salvatoriello
as Mr. Sandro
John Keating
as Barman
Wolé Parks
as Carl Lafell
Shane Blades
as Barry
Michael Viola
as Cop
Tom Bower
as Judge Roger Wettick
Anya Monzikova
as Anna Orlov
Frankie Stone
as Skater Girl
Ian McShane
as Andrew Finney
Khalid Ghajji
as Middle Weight Boxer #1/Sparring Partner
Christopher Goodman
as Russ
Nicholas Gibeault
as Camera Operator
Jose Chavez
as La Playa Manager
Kim Raver
as Dr. Bergstein
Vinessa Shaw
as Kate McPherson
Grant Monohon
as Justine's Brother
Eric Frentzel
as Parolee
Chasty Ballesteros
as Sunny
Délé Ogundiran
as Lasandra Washington
Brandon Wilson
as Ian
Brent Spiner
as Therapist
Jack Topalian
as Aram
Ehab Elgharabawy
as Brad the loud party goer
Americo Galli
as Gambler
Bowman Wright
as Demar/Eldridge
Ric Sarabia
as Leather Daddy
Raymond J. Barry
as Dmitri
Marybeth Massett
as Dean Bloom
Alex Ball
as Doctor/Dr. Mendelowitz
Charmel Catrell
as Mickey's Hooker
Nicholas Massouh
as Alan Freedman
Quincy Tyler Bernstine
as Detective Perry
Michael Esper
as Adam Rain
Mary Mara
as Mrs. Sullivan
Nestor Carbonell
as Sheldon Blackwood
Dabney Coleman
as Mr. Price
Denver Williams
as Desk Sergeant Larry
B.J. Clinkscales
as Security Guard
Dash Mihok
as Bunchy Donovan
Jason C. Brown
as Roman
Alexandra Shipp
as Tiffany
Kalama Epstein
as Kid
Mo McRae
as Deonte Frasier
Brett Epstein
as Assistant
Robert Funaro
as Lt. Bricker
Wally Schrass
as Ben
Suki Avery
as Salesgirl
Robbie DeRaffele
as Fight Club Member
Kyler Pettis
as Dylan
Paul Grace
as Guard
Clint Jung
as Mr. Liu
Gladys Pérez
as Desk Nurse
Randy Schein
as Father
Rigoberto Garcia
as Restaurant Worker
Salome Azizi
as Tamar
Andre De Leon
as Male Nurse
Cassidy Ann Shaffer
as Pretty Girl #2
Christina Uniqe Castellanos
as Psych Patient
Max Crumm
as Parker
Iris Braydon
as Nurse
Christian Wood
as Star on Red Carpet
Michael Joseph Donovan
as Van Technician
Sofia Yepes
as Misha
Teresa Avia Lim
as Agent Ange Howe
Peter Navy Tuiasosopo
as Samoan Guard
James Pravasilis
as Young Larry O'Malley
Christopher Clausi
as Funeral Goer/Party Goer
Reece Rios
as Robert
Pasha D. Lychnikoff
as Ivan Belikov
Noel Olken
as Bartender
David Lengel
as Ted
Tahlena Chikami
as Ren
Alexander Chance
as SNAP Member #1
Anthony Shaw-Vaughan
as VIP Fight Fan
Anzu Lawson
as Jodi Nishimura
Robert Covarrubias
as Father Cortes
Stephen Eshenbaugh
as Prison Guard
Mcabe Gregg
as Actor
Eric Ramey
as Tenley Bell
Stacy Keach
as Marty (The Texan)
Sarah Lilly
as Dean of Admissions
Kevin Hager
as Upscale Party Guest/Well Dressed Fan
Suki Úna Rae
as Pedestrian/Pride Party Girl
Tommy Buck
as Tyler
Ray Abruzzo
as Goldberg
Kevin Rose
as Ticket Teller
Laura Shoop
as Robbi Debobbi
Chester the Chihuahua
as Ruth
Brooke Smith
as Frances
Max Casella
as Emerson Lake
Dan Warner
as Rich Guy
Miguel Izaguirre
as Clerk
Matt Miller
as Lawyer
Arturo Encinas
as Mexican Mafia Prisoner
Jonathan Joss
as Lou
Camden Angelis
as Tara
Kabby Borders
as Girl #1
Susan Blackwell
as Camila Jones
Warren E. Hull
as Teen 2
Travis Johns
as Rough Guy #1
Michael Cristofer
as Priest/Danny O'Connor
Tom Fitzpatrick
as Catherine's Dad
Tom Bonello
as Big Rig Trucker/Casino Gambler/VIP Brothel Customer
Roberta Bassin
as Dot
Kymbali Craig
as Officer Pam
Bobby T
as Man
Greg Collins
as Roman
Boone Platt
as Gangster #1
Craig Ricci Shaynak
as Kenneth 'Tiny' Benson
Patrick St. Esprit
as Randall Dyckman
David Agranov
as Yuri
Judy Thompson
as Funeral Guest
Anastasia Leddick
as Street Magician Woman
Judi Barton
as Autumn Smith
Shaylin Broady
as Russian Girl
Rob Marchitti
as High Roller/UFC Fan
Casey O'Keefe
as Girl #2
Logan Bryce Hunter
as Casey's Assistant
Keren Dukes
as Jasmine
Ryan O'Nan
as Stan
Davison Locksley
as Barman
Emily Elicia Low
as Marilyn Monroe
as June
Vic Stagliano
as Deadbeat Father
Japheth Gordon
as Officer Stallworth
Craig Geraghty
as Ted
Jake Regal
as Roderick
Lindsay Faye
as Woman at Bar
Alisa Vilena
as Lilya
Alison Ball
as Florist
Alyona Khmara
as Tourist
Dean Wayne
as Movie Goer
Alana Monteiro
as Girl
Todd Nasca
as Police Chief
Rick Crom
as Actual Priest
Marc Wilkinson
as Airport Patron
Lisa Bonet
as Marisol Campos
Priscilla Garita
as Carmen
Shane Lynch
as Lisa/Sean's Assistant
Elliott Gould
as Ezra Goodman
Chris Browning
as Gary Royal
Saul Preciado-Garcia
as Mexican
Brian Blu
as Cowboy in Bar
Jim Palmer
as Aryan Inmate
Alisa Ermolaev
as Chalky's Girlfriend
Lance Irwin
as Henry Sylvester
Kenny Bayless
as Boxing Referee
Diany Rodriguez
as Valentina Santiago
Michael Kaplan
as Customer
Ryan Radis
as Beckett
Ian Patrick Williams
as Principal Amato
Dennis Keiffer
as Russian Hitman
Alan Mingo Jr.
as Benjamin Carter Judges
Taji Coleman
as Flight Attendant
Matt Valvardi
as TV Crew

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2013 | 12 Episodes

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2016 | 12 Episodes

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2018 | 12 Episodes

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2019 | 10 Episodes




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