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This is one of those tragic stories that describes all the tragedy of the Battle of Sutjeska. During the fifth enemy offensive, the Germans carried out the massacres in the surrounding hills and villages against the innocent population, troop partisans of ten soldiers tried to pull himself to the Germans, so saving people. In this cross combat rescue only three partisans while others die from the company. Two of partisan wounded comrades escape from the Germans are hiding in the attic of a house whose owner is the Chetniks. Could no longer carry it, leaving two partisans wounded another in the attic, promising him that he would soon reach him. Soon the wounded find folks and then created a walk on torture and its members, and the wounded to save the wounded from the enemy, because it is the only house on the mountain and also the hangout for the Chetniks and the Germans and the Ustasha. After many vicissitudes and hardships folks in the end were able to escort the wounded Partisans on the way forward.

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Release Date: January 1, 1989

Also Known As: Ranjenik


Company Credits

Production Co: Televizija Sarajevo

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Mijat Radonjic
as Mitar
Ras Rastoder
Adnan Palangic
Ivan Bekjarev
as Cetnicki komandant
Boris Radmilovic
Davor Janjic
as Ivan
Ranko Kovacevic
Bosko Puletic
Igor Pervic
as Nikola
Dragan Jovicic
as Partizanski komesar
Miodrag Krivokapic
as Petar
Vlado Kerosevic
as Stjepan
Ranko Gucevac
Nada Djurevska
Haris Burina
as Alija

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1989 | 3 Episodes

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