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October 28, 2021
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United StatesUnited States
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Q: Into the Storm charts a labyrinthine journey to uncover the inner workings of Qanon, a massive online conspiracy movement led by the anonymous figure "Q." In order to discover Q's true identity, the filmmaker embeds in a dark underworld populated by trolls, political operatives, and QAnon's most prominent figures. Attention turns to the reclusive team behind 8chan, the site on which Q posts cryptic messages, where a rivalry brews between Jim and Ron Watkins - the secretive father/son duo who own and operate 8chan - and its young founder, Fred Brennan. After a series of mass shootings are linked to his website, Fred goes on a warpath to end 8chan, and Q, at any cost.

Country: United States

Type: Miniseries

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: March 21, 2021

Also Known As: Q: en el ojo del huracán, Q: Да грянет буря! |  See more »


Plot Keywords


Company Credits

Production Co: HBO Documentary Films, Hyperobject Industries


Ron Watkins
as Self - 8Chan Administrator aka Codemonkey/Self - 8kun Administrator aka Codemonkey
Michelle Lynn
as Self - Craig's Wife
Maia Furber
as Self - Paul Furber's Wife
Craig James
as Self - QTuber, JustInformed Talk
Julian Feeld
as Self - QAnon Anonymous Podcast
Roberto Bui
as Self - Co-Author of 'Q', aka Luther Blissett
Travis View
as Self - QAnon Anonymous Podcast
A.J. Vicens
as Self - Journalist, Mother Jones
Paul Vallely
as Self - U.S. Army (Retired), Center for Security Policy
William G. Stowell
as Botetourt Sheriff Candidate/Self - Fincastle Underground
Joseph Uscinski
as Self - Political Scientist
Benjamin Barr
as Self - Attorney
Fredrick Brennan
as Self - 8Chan Creator aka Hotwheels
DeAnna Lorraine
as Self - Future Congressional Candidate R-CA
Christina Urso
as Self - Co-Founder, Patriot Soapbox aka Radix
Liz Crokin
as Self - QTuber, Former Gossip Columnist
Will Sommer
as Self - Tech Reporter, The Daily Beast
Tom Riedel
as Self - 8Chan Engineer
Jamie Buteau
as Self - QAnon Supporter
Roger Stone
as Self - Former Trump Campaign Advisor
Aubrey Cottle
as Self - 420chan Founder, Anonymous Founder
Thomas Schoenberger
as Self - Creator of Cicada 3301
William Binney
as Self - Former NSA Analyst
Jake Rockatansky
as Self - QAnon Anonymous Podcast
Dustin Nemos
as Self - QTuber
Jim Watkins
as Self - 8Chan Owner/Self - 8kun Owner
Jake Angeli
as Self - 'QAnon Shaman'
Colin Skow
as Self - QAnon Supporter
Anne Armstrong
as Self - RI Gubernatorial Candidate, Compassion Party
Nick Noe
as Self - U.S. Air Force (Retired)
Zoë Quinn
as GamerGate Target/Self - Game Developer
Mark Mann
as Board Owner/Former 8Chan Employee/Self - Video Game/v
Fast Jack
as Board Owner aka Breadbox/QResearch/Self -
Cullen Hoback
as Self - Filmmaker
Jenn Buteau
as Self - QAnon Supporter
Paul Furber
as Board Owner aka Baruch The Scribe/CBTS/Self -
Coleman Rogers
as Self - Co-Founder, Patriot Soapbox aka Pamphlet Anon
Jack Posobiec
as Self - Correspondent, One America News
Jared Holt
as Self - Investigative Reporter, Right Wing Watch
Stephen Klein
as Self - Attorney
Tracy Beanz
as Self - QTuber
Alan Gordon
as Self - RI Attorney General Candidate, Compassion Party
Omar Navarro
as Self - Congressional Candidate R-CA
Jason Sullivan
as Self - Former Chief Social Media Strategist to Roger Stone

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2021 | 6 Episodes




Awards & Nominations

Primetime Emmy Awards 2021


Primetime Emmy Awards

Outstanding Picture Editing for a Nonfiction Program

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