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October 21, 2021
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About this title


In this conspiratorial Sci-Fi thriller set some time after WWII and loosely based on the US government's real life Project Blue Book, Captain Michael Quinn and Dr. Allen Hynek are tasked by the US Air Force to investigate reports of UFOs and debunk them, or at least come up with rational explanations for them. While Quinn, a smooth and tough military type, doesn't care about anything other than doing the job he was given, at first, the more skeptical Hynek quickly becomes convinced that some kind of deadly conspiracy is afoot. Meanwhile, as Cold War paranoia spreads among the population, a charismatic blonde with an agenda of her own befriends Hynek's lonely wife.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Canceled

Language: English

Release Date: January 8, 2019

Also Known As: A kék könyv-projekt, Project Blue Book |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M, MA15+), Brazil (12) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

cold war
based on a true story

Company Credits

Production Co: IMN Creative, A+E Studios |  See more »


Lesli Brownlee
as Member Presenter
Chris Shields
as Byron
Ari Dalbert
as Brian
Dee Jay Jackson
as Security Guard
Christopher Pearce
as Commander
Eric Regimbald
as A.D./Aide
Sloan Baron
as Samara
Sandy Robson
as Jimmy Jay Shoemaker
Jay Hindle
as Coroner
Daryl Ducharme
as Stepan
Yurij Kis
as Fedor
Selene Winter Rose
as Mannequin
Dan Bates
as Radar Technician
Daryl Sabara
as John
Troy Mundle
as Ed
RJ Fetherstonhaugh
as Corporal James Vaughn
Thomas Nicholson
as Gerald
Ksenia Solo
as Susie Miller
Josh Bogert
as Young Sailor
Spencer Garrett
as General Ryan Blackstone
Jerod Haynes
as Daniel Banks
Don McLeod
as Arnold
Philip Prajoux
as Master Reed
Brendon Zub
as Radar Tech
Deb Sears
as Olga
Bradford Tatum
as Ernest Reed
Joe Kuma
as Military Police
Alistair Weir
as Military Police
Bronson Pinchot
as David Dubrovsky
Nicholas Dohy
as Seaman
John Emmet Tracy
as Phil
Ty Olsson
as Sheriff Donnelly
Riun Garner
as Corporal James Miller
Ken Godmere
as Darren
Todd Thomson
as Fred McDoyle
Rene Rosado
as Lieutenant
Shauna Hansen
as Woman
Wesley MacInnes
as Damon
Brad Mann
as Homer
Olivia Poon
as Amy
Austin Eckert
as MP #1
Chad Ellis
as Captain Chiles
Kurt Ostlund
as Soldier #2
Robert John Burke
as William Fairchild
Chris William Martin
as Special Agent Stevens
Sidika Larbes
as Carolyn Colson
Colm Feore
as Admiral
Ben Cotton
as Chris
David Coakley
as Staff Sergeant Weeks
Bradley Duffy
as Clive
Joe Welton
as Military Police #1
Liam Hughes
as Billy Chapman
Kevin Flatley
as Medic
Jesse Irving
as Tom Wilson
Willem van der Vegt
as Alex
Heather Doerksen
as Donna Smith
Jordan M. Cameron
as Soldier
Bob Gunton
as President Harry S. Truman
Kelly-Ruth Mercier
as Jean
Curtis Caravaggio
as Thomas
Fernanda Alcantara
as Mrs. Porter
Mercedes De La Cruz
as Flight Attendant
Beatrice Kitsos
as Lori Downing
Darren Mann
as Billy
Todd Mann
as Virgil
Thomas Kretschmann
as Wernher von Braun
Sofia Milos
as Daria
Austin J.M. Ross
as Mannequin
Craig Erickson
as Lab Technician
Steve Savoie
as Sad Clown
Evan Frayne
as Businessman
Jake Manley
as Toby McManus
Harrison MacDonald
as Master Chief Harris
Mark Kandborg
as Sheriff Abe Wilkening
Trevar Fox
as MP #2
Neal McDonough
as General James Harding
Trevor Lerner
as Townsperson
Andrew Kavadas
as Senior FBI Agent
Michael Shanks
as Vice Marshall Christopher Thomas
Liam Raymond Dib
as UFO Enthusiast
Yanik Ethier
as Commanding Officer
Tyler Gibson
as Reporter #1
Patrick Gallagher
as Randall Kavanagh
Deborah Trotchine
as Student #3
Kevin Christy
as Emmett York
Peter Skagen
as Sheriff
Sean Hewlett
as Reporter #3
Caspar Phillipson
as John F. Kennedy
Craig Haas
as Stage Manager
Currie Graham
as Cal Miller
Francesca Bianchi
as Gina
Pete Antico
as Charles
Brenda Bauder
as Citizen #2
Denzel Brooks
as Seaman #3
Deni DeLory
as Secretary
John Shaw
as Roger
Quinton Boisclair
as Skinwalker
Dan Zukovic
as Dr. Lloyd Stenzler
Aidan Gillen
as Dr. J. Allen Hynek
Gili Roskies
as Nurse
Darren Dolynski
as Reporter #1
Adam Greydon Reid
as Donald Kehoe
Fulvio Cecere
as Officer Davis
Laura Mennell
as Mimi Hynek
Thomas Elms
as Soldier #3
G. Patrick Currie
as Stewart Terry
Andre Anthony
as Seaman #5
Christopher Rosamond
as Donnie
Caitlin Mitchell-Markovitch
as Female P.A.
Timothy E. Brummund
as Surgeon
Shaun Mazzocca
as Seaman #1
Yumi Ogawa
as Stacy
David MacKay
as Mortician
Mason McKenzie
as Bobby
Joshua Hinkson
as Richard
Marc Nadeau
as Military Jeep Driver
Elyse Maloway
as Student #1
Adam Beauchesne
as Reporter #2
Kiefer O'Reilly
as Will Downing
Dion Riley
as Comm Officer
Bob Frazer
as Patrol Leader
Khalilah Joi
as Valerie Mann
Kayla Deorksen
as Ruthie Shoemaker
Graham Greene
as David
Robert Egger
as Citizen #1
Ian Collins
as Sonar Technician
Brian Markinson
as Andrew Garner
Michael Imperioli
as Edward Rizzuto/Master Sergeant Edward Rizzuto
Seth Ranaweera
as Orderly
Nolan Hupp
as Eric
Truman Tremblay
as Air Police
Malcolm Goodwin
as Thomas Mann
Justin Stone
as Skip
Ian Gregson
as News Reporter
Derek Green
as Colonel Montgomery
John Van Dyk
as Military Police #2
Catherine Lough Haggquist
as Reporter
Ian Tracey
as The Fixer/William
Jesse Hutch
as Rex Chapman
Dalias Blake
as Soldier #1
April Telek
as Dorothy York
Cameron McDonald
as Commanding Officer
Apollo Scott
as Paperboy
Michael Meneer
as Director
Brendan Fletcher
as Sgt. Willingham
Zhan Wang
as Turi
Tony Alcantar
as Carlton Fanshaw
Nicholas Holmes
as Joel Hynek
Sebastian Greaves
as Charlie
Nadine Lewington
as Kelly
Paul Almeida
as Mr. Porter
Art Kitching
as Gary
Rohan Campbell
as Rourke
Emily Tennant
as Judy Newbold
Keir O'Donnell
as Evan Blake
Justine Warrington
as Secretary
Max Lloyd-Jones
as McCasky
Tom Tasse
as Congressman Mahaffey
Atlee Smallman
as Frankie Porter
Brent Clark
as Arguing West Virginian Male
Hayley McLaughlin
as Rebecca
Zach McGowan
as Duncan Booker
Michelle DeShon
as Betty
Ambrose Gardener
as Tech
Petar Gatsby
as Alek
Shaun Alphonso
as Private Reilly
Derek Smith
as Commander
David Kaye
as Ensign Burke
Christopher Heyerdahl
as Edmund
Jason Burkart
as Greg
Alex Barima
as Gene
Eric Breker
as Klaus
JoBeth Williams
as Scientist
Maddy Hillis
as Vicki
Kareem Malcolm
as Clerk
Casey Manderson
as James/Steve
Donny Lucas
as Dave
Stephanie Bennett
as Leigh-Ann
Michael Bean
as Doctor
Nathanael Vass
as Dale
Scott Perrie
as Dan Davis
Michael Malarkey
as Captain Michael Quinn
Brooke Smith
as Sara Downing
Pete Graham
as Sheriff Washington
Colin Murdock
as Radio Host
Matthew MacCaull
as Mike Connors
Chad Rook
as Randy Pitts
Kurt Evans
as Jack Smith
Spencer Grammer
as Laura Chapman
Dave Cameron
as Panel Member
Gaalen Engen
as Salesman
Katie Gray
as Mother
Darcy Hinds
as Military Police #3
Greg Rogers
as Priest
Fred Henderson
as Congressman Daniels
Jill Morrison
as Faye
Blake Stadel
as Local Sheriff
Chris Robson
as Middle-Aged Man
Michael Harney
as General Hugh Valentine
Joseph Gallaccio
as FBI Agent
Craig March
as Andy
Tyler Alderman
as Seaman #2
Braye Dial
as Deputy
Cameron Waters
as Stephen Johnson
Annette Reilly
as Mother
Steven Williams
as Nate
Gardiner Millar
as Tim
Michael Filipowich
as Lt. Col. Yuri Obolensky
Nick Fontaine
as Airplane Captain
Heather Decksheimer
as Tiffany
Matt Bellefleur
as Pfc Wakefield
Kye Walstrom
as Airman
Spencer Graham
as Seaman #4
Jonathan Whitesell
as Corporal Wells
Matt O'Leary
as Lieutenant Henry Fuller
Mary Black
as Evelyn Meyers
Billy Wickman
as Orderly
Donald Sales
as Dark-Suited Man
Janet Glassford
as Cashier
Glenn Ennis
as Taxi Driver
Adam Kozlick
as Sergeant Trevor

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2019 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2020 | 10 Episodes




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Leo Awards 2019


Leo Awards

Best Production Design in a Dramatic Series


Leo Awards

Best Cinematography in a Dramatic Series

The Joey Awards, Vancouver 2019


The Joey Awards, Vancouver

Best Principal or Guest Star in a Television Drama 12+

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