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October 21, 2021
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Pretty Little Liars’s
home country is:
United StatesUnited States
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Average Demand for Pretty Little Liars is 0.0 times the demand for the average show in Worldwide in the Last 7 days.
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About this title


Set in the fictional town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, the series follows the lives of four girls, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Emily Fields, and Spencer Hastings, whose clique falls apart after the disappearance of their leader, Alison DiLaurentis. One year later, the estranged friends are reunited as they begin receiving messages from a mysterious figure named "A", who threatens to expose their deepest secrets, including ones they thought only Alison knew. At first, they think it's Alison herself, but after her body is found, the girls realize that someone else is planning on ruining their not so perfect lives.

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Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: June 8, 2010

Also Known As: Micutele mincinoase, Малки сладки лъжкини |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M, MA15+), Brazil (14, 12) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

high school
based on novel or book
forbidden love

Company Credits

Production Co: ABC Family, Alloy Entertainment |  See more »


Vince Lasalvia
as Mr. Collins
Craig Tsuyumine
as Pharmacist
Jefferson Cox
as Kaplan
Tye White
as Jock
Celesse Rivera
as Hadley St. Germain
Andra Petru
as Barista
Lauren Tom
as Rebecca
Bekka Prewitt
as Line Up Suspect #1
Mark Schroeder
as Brendan McGowen
Elizabeth J. Carlisle
as Tipsy
Shawn Kaiser
as Driver
Ren Hanami
as Judge
David Bianchi
as Bartender
Dawn Brodey
as Maid
Caroline Pho
as Masseuse
Cathy Ladman
as Mrs. Horowitz
Madison Carabello
as Alice/Twin #1
Sarah Navratil
as Greta
Leilani Fideler
as Heather Perez
Tyler Jameson Martinez
as Rosewood Resident
Kayla Bechor
as Crazy Girl 5
Larisa Oleynik
as Maggie Cutler
Irwin Keyes
as Creepy Passenger
Maxwell Huckabee
as Seth
Mercy Malick
as News Reporter/Newscaster
Karen Kahler
as Administrator
Anne Marie DeLuise
as Mrs. Di Laurentis
Courtney Davies
as Quinn
Liz Burnette
as Shari Rosenthal
Ryan Guzman
as Jake
Camila Greenberg
as Sorority Sister
Eric Steinberg
as Wayne Fields/Colonel Wayne Fields
Leon Michael Jones
as Host
Andrew Elvis Miller
as Miles Corwin
Leni Ford
as Jenna's Teacher
Chad Lowe
as Byron Montgomery
Michael Halsey
as Professor Abney
Paul Anthony Gutierrez
as Student
Gabriela Fresquez
as Cop/Policeman #2
Dalton Cyr
as Luke
Ajgie Kirkland
as Park Ranger
Sydney Sweeney
as Willa
Maddie Ziegler
as Creepy Dancing Girl
Betty Buckley
as Regina Marin
Lucy Hale
as Aria Montgomery
Brigid O'Connell
as Student/Swim Team Member
Paula Newsome
as Coach Fulton
Audrey Genevieve Holland
as High School Student
Nicole Gale Anderson
as Miranda Collins
Ida Adelsperger
as Voter
Ian Harding
as Ezra Fitz
Caleb Lane
as Rhys Matthews
Kristine Kreska
as Halloween Store Cashier
Brendan Robinson
as Lucas Gottesman
Elizabeth Whitson
as Leah Matheson
Andres Perez-Molina
as Policeman
Nadia Gray
as Runway Model
Charles Carpenter
as Neilan
Mayank Bhatter
as Forensic Tech
Ryley Goldsworthy
as Heart-Faced Girl
Dagney Kerr
as Nancy
Kamar de los Reyes
as Dominic Russo
Jake Weary
as Cyrus Petrillo
Andrew Brian Carter
as Technician
Julianna Rose
as Female Student
Patrice Danyelle Driver
as College Friend
Rebecca Kessler
as High School Student/Pedestrian
Brandon Firla
as Gil
Amanda Leighton
as Danielle
Doc Farrow
as Repairman
Mark Beltzman
as Charlie
Helen Slayton-Hughes
as Mrs. Potter
Lesley Fera
as Veronica Hastings
Arsenius LaFontaine
as Student
Michael Grant
as Connor
Arden Cho
as Pru
Vince Melocchi
as Sheldon
Bart McCarthy
as Emmett
Yvette Freeman
as School Administrator
Chantal Thuy
as Jackie
Aidan Gail
as Young Jason
Cici Leah Campbell
as Psychiatric Patient
Amanda Clarke
as Boonie Wilson
Sarah Zinsser
as Nurse/Nurse Lisa
Lindsey Shaw
as Paige McCullers
Amy Yasbeck
as Claudia
Sara Maraffino
as Waitress
Anne Marie Loder
Tim Halligan
as Shaffer
Laura Leighton
as Ashley Marin
Sarah Ann Vail
as Photo Booth Daughter
Nishi Munshi
as Julia
Charlie Forray
as Teacher's Assistant
Eddie Perino
as Chaz
Steve Clerge
as Noel's Friend
Dale Wolfe
as Reporter
Thomas W. Ashworth
as Mr. Donahue
Chelsea Harris
as Edgy
Parker Bagley
as Jason DiLaurentis
Wes Ramsey
as Jesse Lindall
Ryan Powers
as Dancer #2
Henree Alyse
as Coach Morgan/Slocomb
Marmee Regine Cosico
as Park Goers
Julie Zhan
as Waitress
Byron McIntyre
as Detective
J.D. Phillips
as Jock #1
Drew Annen
as Rosewood Student
Charles Hittinger
as Sean Ackard
Oliver Kieran-Jones
as Colin
Patti Yasutake
as Clerk
Bianca Lawson
as Maya St. Germain
William Lee
as Rosewood Student
Yani Gellman
as Garrett Reynolds/Officer Garrett Reynolds
Austin Burk
as Rosewood Student
Dougald Park
as Detective
Bety Le
as Bridget/Bridget Wu
Titus Makin Jr.
as Clark Wilkins
Troian Bellisario
as Spencer Hastings
Sarah Buehler
as Tattoo Artist
Will Bradley
as Jonny Raymond
Robert Kane
as Doctor
Angela Al
as Surgeon
Angela Ai
as Surgeon #1
David Westberg
as Elder Jacob
Sharon Battle
as Florist
Sherita Starks
as Waitress
Dalila Lutz
as Classroom Student
Greg Cromer
as Ken Rabin
Biff Wiff
as Crusty
Ayman Samman
as Examiner
Shirley Jordan
as Mrs. Pillsbury
James Brattoli
as A
Cassandra Relynn
as Female Officer/Guard/Guard #1
Travis Richey
as Harold/Harold Crane
Tamara Zook
as Paula
Noel Arthur
as Police Officer #1
Sterling Sulieman
as Nate St. Germain
Amir AboulEla
as Gardner
Karole Foreman
as Harried Nurse
Kira Legg
as Student & Waitress
Josh Clark
as Detective Breyer
Annalyn Miriam Cyrus
as Fan/Trick or Treater
Chris Nuñez
as Line Dancer
Le'Ana Hill
as Dancer #2
Melody Miyuki Ishikawa
as Rosewood Student
Matt Rasku
as Noel's Friend
Cody Christian
as Mike Montgomery/Mike
Jay Jackson
as News Anchor
Michelle Hurd
as Elizabeth Mainway
Kunal Sharma
as Raj Singh
Jeremy Batiste
as Male Officer
Samantha Cutaran
as Naomi
Lynn Ann Leveridge
as Maid
Grace Noble
as Rosewood Student
Torrey DeVitto
as Melissa Hastings
Alex Weed
as Jonah
Taytum Fisher
as Grace DiLaurentis-Fields
Riccardo LeBron
as Chris
Jared Kahn
as Mona's Prom Date
Jackie Debatin
as Pageant Coach
Karla Droege
as Marion
Marc Fajardo
as Leon
Daisy Faith
as Carlotta
Pat Fitz
as Rosewood Student
Adam Lambert
as Self
Colby Paul
as Sperling
Marcia Clark
as Sidney Barnes
Travis Winfrey
as Officer Lorenzo Calderon/Detective Lorenzo Calderon
Conroe Brooks
as Guard #2
David Coussins
as Jordan Hobart
Aurora Perrineau
as Bianca
Gregg Sulkin
as Wesley Fitzgerald
Oakley Fisher
as Lily DiLaurentis-Fields
Nikki Dalonzo
as Dancer #1
Ritu Lal
as Denise
Kelli Dawn Hancock
as Paramedic #1
LeShay N. Tomlinson
as Nurse
James C. Bristow
as Cop/French Hottie
Aeriél Miranda
as Shana Fring/Shana
Jair Burgos
as Ryan
Joseph Zinsman
as Dr. Vargas/Dr. Robert Vargas
Skyler Day
as Claire
Nick Roux
as Riley
Huw Collins
as Dr. Elliott Rollins/Archer Dunhill
Roberto Aguire
as Liam Greene
Nick Tate
as Louis Palmer
Jennifer Leigh Warren
as Mrs. Wallace/Singer
Lulu Brud
as Sabrina
Karis Campbell
as Commentator
Keith Powers
as Stringer Guy
Michael Bean
as Minister
Jonathan Langley
as Dancer #1
Jeffrey Larson
as Student
Sean Faris
as Gabriel Holbrook
Bahni Turpin
as Hotline Counselor
Ashley Benson
as Hanna Marin
Elizabeth McLaughlin
as Lesli Stone
Sara Shepard
as Miss Shepard/News Reporter
Chuck Hittinger
Cutter Garcia
as Zoo Worker
Belkys Cordero
as Grille Waitress
P.J. Boudousqué
as Beckett Frye
Justin Giddings
as Brad
Rowdy Brown
as Party Guest
Richard Tanner
as Bob Milsom
Jessica Kozak
as Dark Haired Woman
Bernard Curry
as Jamie Doyle
David Haley
as Cop
Alyssa McBride
as Bev
Karl T. Wright
as Sergeant
Christopher Michael
as Security Guard
Luke Kleintank
as Travis Hobbs
Kristen Cloke
as Susan
Wyatt Hodge
as Young Charles/Little Charles
Annabeth Gish
as Dr. Anne Sullivan
Brandon W. Jones
as Andrew Campbell
Danielle Taddei
as Margaux
Matthew Jayson Cwern
as EMT
Patrick J. Adams
as Hardy
Gwen Holloway
as Nurse
Melissa Allen-Weiser
as Rosewood Police Officer
William 'Big Sleeps' Stewart
as Dept. Store Security
Titus Odell Makin Jr.
Jeff Harlow
as Dealer
Missy Franklin
as Self
Roxanne Beckford
as Substitute Teacher
Rose Castelli
as Patty
Flynn Morrison
as Malcolm Cutler
Janel Parrish
as Mona Vanderwaal
Diego Boneta
as Alex Santiago
Dawn Didawick
as Martha
Livia Treviño
as The Forewoman
Meg Foster
as Carla Grunwald
Keith Pillow
as Mr. Sheldrake
Nicholas Gonzalez
as Detective Marco Furey
David Cade
as Football Player
Mercedes Cornett
as Julie
Carlo Marks
as Ian Thomas
Bryce Johnson
as Darren Wilden/Detective Darren Wilden/Officer Darren Wilden/Det. Darren Wilden
Adam Crosman
as Student
Danella Dutton
as Bar patron
Johnny Glasser
as Bar Patron/Hotel Guest
Tanya Fairfoot
as Female Ranger
Ruben Garfias
as Cop
Ray Fonseca
as Bartender
as Nurse
Megan Porschen
as Funhouse Teen
Anthony Tyler Quinn
as Ron
Brian Dare
as Charlemagne
Ana Markova
as Ava
Candace McKinney
as Swim Team
Ursula Taherian
as Ms. Adinolfi
Sarah Belle Miles
as Dink
Melanie Mayron
as Laurel Tuchman
Ptolemy Slocum
as Bart Comstock
Zachary Christopher Fay
as Homecoming Student
John Marshall Jones
as Mr. Tamborelli
Rya Meyers
as Riley
Ashley Adaire
as Gossip Girl
Troy Vincent
as Dr. Freedman
Ava Allan
as Addison Derringer
Scott Carnwath
as Rosewood Student/Homecoming Student/Partygoer #2/Zombie Prince
James Neate
as Toby Marshall
Jonas Barranca
as Sam
Michael Rothhaar
as Dr. Cassano
Exie Booker
as Clerk
Lak Rana
as Elliot
Matt Rivera
as Pizza Delivery Boy
Justinh Avery
as Bryce
Robert Keith Wyatt
as Chewy
Connor Trinneer
as Nick McCullers
Raquel McPeek Rodriguez
as Claire
Alan Maxson
as Rosewood Resident in Car
Bonnie Root
as Lawyer
Ryan Merriman
as Ian Thomas
Kelly-Ann Tursi
as Radley Nurse
Arielle Zimmerman
as Red Coat
Jami Ferreira
as Shop Owner
Amanda Schull
as Meredith Sorenson
Alexander Nifong
as Sam
Nikki Crawford
as Agent Leigh
Samantha Gill
as Billiards Specialty
Nolan North
as Peter Hastings
Christine Avila
as Paulette
Alex Duong
as Guy
Tanner Honan
as Vince
Alisa Torres
as Hostess
Paula Cale
as Mrs. Ackard
Raphael Thomas
as Dancer #7
Klea Scott
as Jillian Howe
Steven Krueger
as Ben Coogan
Tyler Blackburn
as Caleb Rivers
Karrie Martin
as Lindsay
Cassandra Mason
as Fake Spencer/Red Coat/Sara Harvey
Monica Moreno
as Mindy
Shane Coffey
as Holden Strauss
Tilky Jones
as Logan/Logan Reed
Heather Mazur
as Isabel Randall
Mary Page Keller
as Dianne Fitzgerald
Brett Jones
as Paramedic
David DeSantos
as Mendez
Jim Abele
as Kenneth DiLaurentis
Emma Dumont
as Katherine Daly
Karim Foster
as Porter St. Germain
Natalie Floyd
as Kate Randall
Charlotte Rae
as Bead Boutique Owner
Ethan C. Avery
as Ravenswood Resident
Amira Lumbly
as Hostess
Jared Moser
as High School Student
Emalee Burditt
as Belle
Rolando Boyce
as Guard
Craig Duda
as Teacher
Greg Barnett
as Co-Worker
Barry Squitieri
as Custodian
Chloe Bridges
as Sydney Driscoll
Cherita Armstrong
as Nurse
Rami Joseph
as Saraci
Roark Critchlow
as Tom Marin
Keegan Allen
as Toby Cavanaugh/Officer Toby Cavanaugh
Lee Roy Kunz
as Declan
April Grace
as Agent Cooper
Justin Fix
as Server
Carlson Young
as Amber Victorino
Paloma Guzmán
as Jackie Molina
Miranda Rae Mayo
as Talia Sandoval/Talia
Ruben Dario
as Waiter
Missy Bailey
as Patient at Radley Sanitarium
Andrea Parker
as Jessica DiLaurentis/Mary Drake
Isabella Kai
as Young Ali
Stephen A.F. Day
as Davis David
Lynne Alana Delaney
as Rosewood Charity Coordinator
Lachlan Buchanan
as Duncan Albert
Anjali Bhimani
as Miss Pervis
Amber Borycki
John O'Brien
as Principal Hackett
Ambrit Millhouse
as Big Rhonda
Gina Alvarez
as E.R. Nurse
Reggie Austin
as Eddie Lamb
Chiara Aurelia
as Addison
Brian Letscher
as Coach Gazzaro/Mr. Gazzaro
Rebecca Breeds
as Nicole Gordon
Helena Barrett
as Bitsy
Sasha Pieterse
as Alison DiLaurentis/Alison Rollins
Louisa Abernathy
as Marlene/Waitress
Eileen Fogarty
as Waitress
Solomon Burke Jr.
as Policeman #1
Keith Szarabajka
as Dr. E. Cochran
Bill Blair
as Minister/Study Group Teacher/Taxi Driver
Briana Bunch
as Student
Rickey Castleberry
as Lewis
Josh Covitt
as Sales Clerk
Murphy Dunne
as Minister
Jose David Acevedo
as Security Guard Olmos
Brian Klemm
as Glasses
Anne-Marie Johnson
as Claire
Sophie Lui
as News Reporter
Harrison Xu
as Kevin
Christopher Grove
as Douglas Sirk
Kate Metroka
as Runway Model
Sydney Penny
as Leona Vanderwaal
Kara Royster
as Yvonne Phillips
Reshaun Jones
as Driver
Janet Borrus
as Janet
Cherie Jimenez
as Marissa
C. Ryan Chandler
as Dancer #5
Joshua Robert Castaneda
as Homecoming Student
Daniel Travis
as James Leland
Miranda Carabello
as Alice/Twin #2
Calvit Dolvin Hodge Jr.
as Dancer #6
Brent L. Boxberger
as Dancer #4
Jeremiah Hu
as Student #2
Jim Titus
as Officer Barry Maple/Detective Barry Maple
Ashley Leilani
as Sorority Sister
Cameron K. Smith
as Crime Scene Witness
Wyatt Nash
as Nigel Wright
Amelia Leigh Harris
as Rachel
Matt Orduna
as Campus Cop
Drew Van Acker
as Jason DiLaurentis
Melanie Moreno
as Cindy
Karesa McElheny
as Judge
Shari Vasseghi
as Nurse
Elizabeth Anweis
as Nurse
Gibson Bobby Sjobeck
as Boy
Sprague Grayden
as Dr. Cochran
Kevin Michael Hoffman
as Football Player
Alona Tal
as Simone
Becki Dennis
as Assistant
Ryan Taylor
as Football Player/Luke
Austin Lyon
as Matt
Carlos E. Campos
as Harried Valet
Alexis Boyett
as Kim
Shay Mitchell
as Emily Fields
Rumer Willis
as Zoe
Niyanta Acharya
as Sorority Sister
Vanessa Dubasso
as Zoey
Danielle Macdonald
as Cathy
Steve Talley
as Zack
Gatsby Coram
as Policeman
Kimee Balmilero
as Beth
Brett Dier
as Luke Matheson
Algerita Wynn
as Nurse
Helen Hong
as Lynn
Cheyenne Wilbur
as Unshaven Man
Peter Gannon
as Ticket Agent
Michael Busch
as Nerdling
Robert Michael
as Dancer
Michael Bagdasarian
as Kevin
Julian Morris
as Wren Kim/Wren Kingston
Nia Peeples
as Pam Fields
Teo Briones
as Malcolm Cutler
Ayaka Hinokida
as Dancer #3
Carlos Arellano
as Officer Tulio
Roma Maffia
as Linda Tanner/Lieutenant Linda Tanner
Nathaniel Buzolic
as Dean Stavros
Kevin Brief
as Roy
Mustafa Speaks
as EMT
Rob Welsh
as Stylist
Vanessa Ray
as CeCe Drake/Charlotte DiLaurentis/Charlotte Drake
Muja Muhammad
as Officer Stefano
Nikki SooHoo
as Brenda
Paula Weston Solano
as Karate Instructor
Dre Davis
as Sara Harvey
Nikki Hahn
as Little Girl #2
Patrick Bristow
as Gallery Owner
Ryan W. Garcia
as Desk Clerk
Michael Mantell
as Therapist
Sonia Jackson
as Receptionist
Stephen Park
as Dept. Store Clerk
Tracey McCall
as Line Up Suspect #4
Sheila Collins
as Nurse
Tammin Sursok
as Jenna Marshall
Fawnda McMahan
as Lila
Carey James
as Jock #2
Robbie Amell
as Eric Kahn
Charlotte Benesch
as Partygoer #1
Michael Raif Brizzolara
as Orderly K. Giles
Erin St. James
as Concessions Vendor
Amy Landon
as Coach
Nicole Lynnae Sullivan
as Tina
Blake Berris
as Damian Hayes
Dylan Garza
as Charles/Charlotte/Freddie
Claire Holt
as Samara Cook
Michael Blakley
as Minister
Yolanda Snowball
as Nurse
Jessica Belkin
as Bethany
Jim Hoffmaster
as Exterminator
Kelsey Crane
as Mom
Valerie Rose Curiel
as Stephanie
Natalie Hall
as Kate Randall
Chelsea O'Toole
as Gamma Zeta Party Girl/Ghost Ride Party Goer
Kanya Iwana
as Kendra
Alan Bagh
as Man with Stamp
I. Marlene King
as Photographer
Chris Gardner
as Jared Healy
Brant Daugherty
as Noel Kahn
Max Deacon
as Dr. Handlin
Jill Holden
as Mrs. Welch
Jed Rees
as Hector Lime
Akanni Ayo
as Rosewood Student
Lewis John Allen
as Hospital Board Member
Jonathan D. Black
as Noel's Friend
Caitlyn Baidas
as Barista
Tom Billett
as Police Officer
Stephen Goodman
as Frat Guy
Matt Marquez
as Eric Mendoza
Macy Peele
as Eliza
Holly Marie Combs
as Ella Montgomery
Kim Estes
as Judge Robson
Johnny Martini
as Elf
Jordan Destin
as Rosewood Resident
Scott Lincoln
as Arnie/Sketchy
Edward Kerr
as Ted Wilson/Pastor Ted Wilson
Dee Baldus
as Waitress
Dani Danger
as Lesbian Bar Patron
Rose Abdoo
as Dr. Sandy/Fortune Teller

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2010 | 22 Episodes

Season 2

2011 | 25 Episodes

Season 3

2012 | 24 Episodes

Season 4

2013 | 24 Episodes

Season 5

2014 | 25 Episodes

Season 6

2015 | 20 Episodes

Season 7

2016 | 20 Episodes




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