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October 20, 2021
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About this title


Fulfilling a promise to his deceased father, one-time outlaw Jesse Custer returns home to West Texas to take over his dad's church. Jesse's mission, however, becomes twisted when his body is overcome by a cryptic force that unleashes within him a highly unconventional power. Together with hell-raising ex-girlfriend Tulip and Irish vagabond Cassidy, the preacher-in-training embarks on a journey to find God in a world inhabited by holy, hellish, and everything-in-between characters. The darkly comedic "Preacher" is based on Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's popular 1990s comic book franchise of the same name. Executive producers include Sam Catlin ("Breaking Bad"), and Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg ("Superbad," "Neighbors").

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: May 22, 2016

Also Known As: Kazatel, プリーチャー (テレビドラマ) |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (R18+), Brazil (16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

dc comics

Company Credits

Production Co: Short Drive Entertainment, Point Grey Pictures |  See more »


Tom Thon
as The Pope
David Field
as Archangel
Matthew Van Wettering
as Vail Son
Natalie Heslop
as Commando
Garrett Prejean
as Youth Soccer Coach
Charles Green
as Trance Man
Nestor Fuentes
as Grail Op
Archie Thomson
as Isaac
Philip J. Shortell
as Play Narrator
Dorothy Adams
as Old Lady
Rainey Carah
as Betty
Tristan Sime
as Cassidy Family Dad
Fredric Lehne
as Saltonstall
Peter Jaymes Jr.
as Security Guard
Ashton Leigh
as Attractive Girl
Alex Papps
as Child Services Driver
Bri Weiss
as Local Girl #2
David E. Collier
as Security Guard
Andrew Bain
as Middle Management
Renell Gibbs
as PaPa BeBe Junior
Nozomi Labarrere
as Groupie Man
Prema Cruz
as Madame Boyd/Sabina
Shane McNamara
as Good Samaritan
Trine Christensen
as The Cowboy's Wife/The Saint of Killers' Wife
Blake Cooper Griffin
as Jimmy
Fiona Walsh
as Sedan Driver
James Ricker II
as Soulless Voice #2
Keith Jardine
as Vern/Verne
Samantha Beaulieu
as Broke Wife
Glenn Morshower
as Preacher Mike
Judith Rane
as Mrs. Reyerson
Jason Douglas
as Satan
George Pana
as God's Guard
Charles Adams
as Groom
Catherine Haun
as Ms. Oatlash
Michael 'Mick' Harrity
as Monsignor
Lani John Tupu
as New Zealand Grail Member
Jessica Borg
as School Girl
Grayson Berry
as Reporter #3
Betty Buckley
as Gran'ma
Michael Brennan
as Grail Guard #5
Shawn Halliday
as Nearby Guy
Andrea McCannon
as Lady Fan
Pip Torrens
as Herr Starr
Alex Cooke
as Grail Guard
Mason Guccione
as Gamer Kid
Anatol Yusef
as DeBlanc
Trent Huen
as Grail Doctor
Kate Angus
as Grail Commando #5
Zoltan Gal
as Dead Vestibule Doorman Sean
Ruth Negga
as Tulip O'Hare/Lucy
Keith Burke
as Jake O'Hare
Shawn Mousavi
as Hindu Priest
Richard Bligh
as Befuddled Man
Ronald Guttman
as Denis
Irungu Mutu
as African Preacher
Dean J. West
as Thaddeus
Chad O'Brien
as Ranger #1
Claire 'Fluff' Llewellyn
as Church Member
Katherine Tonkin
as Major J. Devins
Cynthia LeBlanc
as Pedestrian
Tim Ransom
as Mr. Murphy
Irene Chen
as Airline Waitress
Jose Jacinto Marquez
as Farmer
Sue-Ellen Shook
as Archangel's Beloved
Tess Homann
as Beautiful Woman
Evan Adrian
as Vail Brother
William Houten
as New Vestibule Doorman
Michael Beasley
as Gary
Will Kindrachuk
as Young Jesse
Dave Allen
as Swami
Zachary Hinrichs
as Pioneer Boy
J. Nathan Simmons
as Core Congregation/Townsperson
Richard Barela
as The Fisherman
Lance Tafelski
as Nick
Jackie Mah
as Vietnamese Wife
Jonathan Holcomb
as Grail Guard
Forrest Fyre
as Apothecary
Taron Germany
as Kenny
Sheenan Cole
as Bartender
Cam Goodall
as Karl Chunt
William R. Stafford
as Principal
Sam Medina
as Samurai Guy
David Q Hamilton
as Church Congregation
Cris Cochrane
as Soldier
Samantha Czosnek
as Tank Nazi
Nathan O'Neil Smith
as Serious Looking Man
Aaron Fesili
as Switch Keeper Guard
Miritana Hughes
as Kamal
David St. James
as Archbishop of Canterbury
Luke Maizey
as Grail Guard #6
Jane Wilson
as Baby/Crazed Supporter W
Mel MacKaron
as Bowtie Guy
Ivan Brutsche
as Quincannon Man #2
Deone Zanotto
as Sarah
Dayne Catalano
as Dude in Housecoat
Abbe Holmes
as Zealous Zealot
Justin Prentice
as Tyler
Carlos Telles
as FS Customer #1
Elias Hanlon
as 7 Yo Twin Kansas Boy
Nathaniel Woolsey
as Kevin
David Miller
as The McCready Gang
Derek Wilson
as Donnie Schenck
Han Soto
as Deng
Cameron Moore
as British Calvaryman
Doris Hargrave
as Mabel
Creek Wilson
as Bartender
Donald Elise Watkins
as Baby Faced Deputy
Richard Levi
as Nate
Janaka Laine
as Reporter #1
Scott Allen Perry
as Kitty Cat Club Bartender
David Simpson
as Waiter
Zia Kelly
as Goth Chick
James Fisher
as Little Boy at Diner
Renes Rivera
as Bruneau
Noah Taylor
as Adolf Hitler
Patrick Weathers
as Pete
Cailey Fleming
as Susie
Mary Christine Pedersen
as Librarian Huffer
Gianna LePera
as Tracy Loach
Theresa O'Shea
as Mrs. Rosen
Philip Fornah
as Grail Hero
as Hell Guard
Genevieve Maguire
as Drunken Floozy
Euphrates 'Tee' Arthur
as African Congregant
Richard Anastasios
as Grail Commando #7
Kyle T. Cowan
as Pa
Clyde Boraine
as Whiny Guard
Steven Davis
as The McCready Gang
Rian Goodge
as Grail Commando #1
John Jabaley
as In Shock Conventioneer
Christopher W. Garcia
as Jack Loach
Colin Cunningham
as TC
Tai Hara
as TV Anchor
Zach Rogers
as Gambler
Cheryl Ford-Mente
as Nurse
Nancy Jeris
as Vail Grandma
Savannah Robertson
as Cassidy's Family
Todd Levi
as Colonel
Jared De' Har
as Heavy Senty
Allan Gaitirira
as African Congregant
Adrian Elton
as Rabbi
Deborah Martinez
as Sundowner Maid
Paul Ben-Victor
as Viktor
Lisha Wheeler
as Bus Driver
Long Nguyen
as Vietnamese Husband
Biff Yeager
as Pappy
Fiona Young
as Desk Sergeant
Ryan Jason Cook
as Lot
Charley Vance
as Hell Guard
Tara Karsian
as Travel Agent
Sabrita Gordon
as Morgue Worker
Du Toit Bredenkamp
as Cherubic Grail Member
RaShayla Daniels
as Young Congregate
Ed Lowry
as The Cleaner
Puven Pather
as Inmate #1
Riley Dashwood
as 10-Year-Old Girl Fishing
Jose B. Martinez
as Church Member
Frances Lee McCain
as Mosie
Mike Mayhall
as Salesman
Anastasiya Rul
as Denise
Joseph Gallegos
as Elliot/Elliot Woodrow/Emily's 8 Yo Son
Lucy Griffiths
as Emily
Jerry Walker
as African Church Congregation Member
Austin Naulty
as Bald Guy (Tombs)
Kelly Lind
as Grieving Woman
Khiry Armstead
as Soulless Voice #1
Kirsty Hillhouse
as Dead Grail Soldier's Mother
Nicholas X. Parsons
as Man (Flashback)
Maria Bethke
as Farmer's Wife
Tabatha Shaun
as Goth Girl/Goth Guitar Girl
Frank Kerr
as British Soldier
Boots Southerland
as Cooley's Bartender
Riley Carson Lewis
as Scott's Friend #2
Patrick V. Murphy
as Church Goer
Ashley Aufderheide
as Young Tulip
Ra Ranui
as Thin Sentry
Anthony Marble
as Glue Guy
Annie Jacob
as Hostess
Antonino Paone
as Bartender
Kristen Loree
as Mrs. Root
Sean Richmond
as Biggest Thug
Scott A. Martin
as Marty
Julie Dretzin
as Dany
Michael E. Stogner
as Church Member/Citizen of Ratwater/Prospector With Donkey
Rhiannon Frazier
as Mrs. Murphy
Vanessa Torres
as Background
Justice Leak
as Preacher
Ian Colletti
as Arseface/Eugene 'Arseface' Root
Jay Kealy
as Grail Commando #3
Santo Militello
as Furious Man
Renee Lim
as TV Anchor
Kate Adair
as Drink Your Greens Clerk
Rob Estrada
as Businessman
John Bostic
as Conventioneer
Tony Farrell
as Chief Commissioner Bradley Walker
John Ales
as Doomsday Preacher
Daniel McBurnie
as Aussie
Mimi Kwa
as Television Reporter
Marty Lindsey
as Jerry Cutler
Anthony Selemidis
as Handsome Husband
Caroline Patz
as Angie
Garrett Kruithof
as Rick from Circuit Works
Boyana Balta
as Homeless Wife
Cristine McMurdo-Wallis
as Gypsy
Sunny S. Walia
as Officer Charlie
Sun Park
as Hair Stylist
Candi Brooks
as 50's Hair
Awa Ndiaye
as Factory Worker
Ricky Mabe
as Miles Person
Chukwuma Onwuchekwa
as Other Thug
Kristin Daniel
as Tour Guide
Katia Gomez
as Down on Her Luck Mother
Chad Boardsen
as Cooley Man
Tim Mikulecky
as Hedge Fund Guy
Lucas Leggio
as Red Savage (Larry)
Randy Austin
as Cop #1
Lee Cormie
as New Sentry
Matthew R. Williams
as Cooley Man
Emmanuel Todorov
as Russian Priest
Belinda D'Pree
as Football Mom
Matthew David Peterson
as Gary
Jessica Johnson
as Local Girl #1
Elizabeth Dwyer
as Heidi
Reginal Varice
as Janitor
Rebekah Wiggins
as Distraught Woman
Jason Geary
as Disgruntled Man
William Tisdall
as Homeless Man
Breana B. Turner
as September
Mary Stieffel
as Trashy Blonde
Damien Moses
as Broke Husband
Crista Benavidez
as T.D.H.S. Worker #2
Julio Cesar Ruiz
as Big Wasted Dude
Jeff Burkes
as Grail Buddy
Ditch Davey
as Pilot/Pilot Steve
Michaela Bedel
as Wife
W. Earl Brown
as Hugo Root
Phillip McInnes
as Dead Grail Soldier's Father
Jaedon Godley
as Crying Kid
Vince D'Amico
as Maltese Foreign Dignitary
Brianna Pannekoek
as Grail Commando #6
Justin D. Moore
as Bible Study Goer/Church Goer/Coffee Shop Patron
Jonathan David Dixon
as Husband
Emilja Maruziva
as Lucy's Girl
Armando Leduc
as Burly Guard #1
Victoria Murphy
as T.D.H.S. Worker #1
Marco Morales
as Portly Man
Rob Brown
as Ernie Chunt
Audrey Walters
as Jenny
Jack Kenny
as Drunken Grail Member
Nelson Cepeda
as Sampson Unit Operative
James Kyson
as The Technician
Ramis Issac
as Allfather Door Guard
Kelly Murtagh
as Barb O'Hare
John L. Armijo
as Grail Operative
Rey Hernandez
as Squad Leader
Lucius Falick
as Pharmacist
Kristina Arjona
as Elsa
Matthew Timmons
as Middle Aged Man
Bruce Vincent Logan
as Bartender
Conor Leach
as Billy
Christopher Kahler
as The McCready Gang/Churchgoer
Grizelda Quintana
as Toad Vine Girl
Alexis Watt
as Diner Waitress
John Wilmot
as Assistant Manager
Scott Hunter
as Lummox
Bonita Friedericy
as Terri Loach
Tenea Intriago
as Wasted Woman
Sarah Kay Jolly
as Girl
Shane Guilbeau
as Ferryman
Ptolemy Slocum
as Linus
Cooper Dodson
as Make a Wish Kid
Han Tran
as Vietnam Foreign Dignitary/Vietnamese Foreign Dignitary
Juliana Potter
as Susan
Joel Rippon
as Disappointed Kid #3
Christopher Brown
as Dr. Hiatt
Wendy Miklovic
as Female Administrator
Jason Richard Allan Foster
as Tropical Isle Bartender
Robert Aberdeen
as Priest
Jordyn Aurora Aquino
as Postal Lady (Jennifer)
Richard Beal
as Business Man
Miriam Fease
as 10 Yo Kansas Girl
William Buster Benefield
as Tank Nazi
Brandon Scot Adams
as Mutton Chops
Mandell Butler
as Reporter #4
Tyson Ritter
as Humperdoo/Jesus Christ
Robert Catrini
as Gruff Sergeant
Frankie Muniz
as Frankie Muniz
Mike Howard
as God (Man-Dog)/Hazmat
Lachlan Martin
as Dieter
Travis Jeffery
as Reggie
Shaun Goss
as Jaxon
Luke Hawx
as Doug the Bouncer
Ava Wagenman
as Vail Granddaughter
Finch Nissen
as John the Apostle
Sean Dennis
as Little Billy
Demi Sorono
as Hitchhiker
Lindsay Small Barrios
as Bohemian with Herman Hoehne/Les Enfants du Sang
Blake Borcich
as Orthodox Synagogue Attendee
Alex Knight
as Clive
Peggy Walton-Walker
as Grail Midwife
Rutherford Cravens
as Store Owner
Rodger Larance
as Core Congregation/Church Member
Liz McGeever
as Christina
Prince Hammond
as Underground Bartender
Sherman Allen
as Vail Uncle
Isabella Martinez
as Spectator Girl
Andy Brooks
as Distant Vistas Driver
Brian Thornton
as Trooper
Phi Vu
as Clerk
Beverly Sartain
as Ma
Dominic 'Taz' Alexander
as Gangbanger
Amy Hill
as Ms. Mannering
Catharine E. Jones
as Kathy
Jason Edwards
as Cashier
David Torkanowsky
as Piano Player
Kenneth Kynt Bryan
as Vampire
Cheo Tapia
as Church Member
Scott Takeda
as Hiroki Matsukata
Sewell Whitney
as Man in Sportcoat
Jeanette O'Connor
as Tammy
Douglas Schneider
as Grail Recruit #2
Sally McLean
as Barb
Linda Cookson
as Friendly Waitress
Isaac London
as African Congregant Stunts
Patrick Gozur
as Bank Security Guard
Eduardo Losan
as Durando
Mark Harelik
as God/Mark Harelik
Hank Rogerson
as Phil
Jibrail Nantambu
as Son 10 Yrs
Alexis Holloway
as Vampire
Toney Chapman Steele
as Fight Club Patron
Amy Rose
as Vail Aunt #2
Jonny Coyne
as Allfather D'Aronique
Anthony Ahern
as Cop/Creepy Guy
Julie Ann Emery
as Lara Featherstone
Christopher Kirby
as Chief Wittman
Josh Whites
as Bystander
Andy Mj Song
as False Flag #1
Angela Marie Duncan
as Party Girl
Malcolm Barrett
as F.J. Hoover
Vik Sahay
as Frank Patel
Francesca Waters
as Mrs. Cassidy
James Hiroyuki Liao
as Teddy Gunth
Vincent Fuentes
as Head Vaquero
Marty Ray
as Shooter
Matthew Connell
as Weasely Guard
Charlotte Evelyn Williams
as Teen Sabina
Zev Eleftheriou
as Inmate #2
Mitch Craft
as High-Spirited Bar Patron
Jonathan Vaughan
as Grail Sergeant
Andrea Andrade
as Reporter #2
Alexandra Aldrich
as Tammy
Terence Rosemore
as Bartender
Claudia Cranstoun
as Young Woman
Stella Allen
as Alison/Allie
Ben Ziegler
as Piano Player
Kim Collins
as Jazz Cat
Jared Drennan
as Paint Huffer
Don Winsor
as Customer
Stephanie Dunnam
as Queen of England
Jetto Dorsainville
as Bar Patron
Kaan Guldur
as Boy
Jack Burning
as Sundowner Manager
Blade Powell
as Grail Student
Chip Carriere
as Grail Recruit #1
Bryan Murphy
as Dallas Preacher
James Ao
as Holy Grail Commando
Graham McTavish
as The Saint of Killers/The Cowboy
Tom Brooke
as Fiore
Desmin Borges
as Carlos
Johnny Ray Gibbs
as Guy in Bar fight
Mark Adam
as Lewis
Danny Vinson
as Missouri Cowboy
Mark Terry
as Hippie
Leedy Corbin
as Girl #2
Adam Croasdell
as Eccarius
Lela Rose Allen
as Janey
Teri Wyble
as Sophie
Luke Gallegos
as Tommy/Emily's 6 Yo Son/Tommy Woodrow
Zelly Dunsay
as Grail Agent
Derek Joseph Draper
as Squad Leader
Rob Tode
as Dany's Husband
Tim Phillipps
as Attractive Golfer
Larry McGhee
as Burly Guard #2
Adam Willson
as Cyrus Chunt
Joshua Daniel
as TV Crew Manager/TV Crew Floor Manager
Miles Wartes
as Deputy/Deputy #1 (Jail)
Abbie Gayle
as Ashleigh
Tadasay Young
as Black Mother
RaeLynn Bratten
as Lil' Tulip
Kurt Yue
as Lobby Harasser
Felipe Fuentes
as Durando
Gavin Hassett
as Street Preacher
Joshua Orpin
as Insecure Student
Mayah Fredes
as Disgruntled Man's Daughter
Sasha Hennequin
as Grail Nurse
Crystal Martinez
as Patsy Villanueva
Todd d'Amour
as Smallest Thug
Amelie Mendoza
as New York Deli Waitress
Lachy Hulme
as Frankie Toscani
Gordon Dexheimer
as Airplane Passenger
Mykle McCoslin
as Anxious Woman
Petula Clark
as Room Service Woman
Gary Wayne Loper
as Gambler
Betsy Holt
as Casino Whore
Ed Duran
as Goon #2
John Neisler
as Just Fired Guy
Kyle Clements
as Allfather Guard
Ben Prendergast
as Doorman Sean
Wally Elnour
as False Flag #2
Craig Brookshaw
as Grail Commando #4
James Martin
as Grail Soldier
Taylor Murphy
as Young Nun
Atkins Estimond
as Burt
Sermsah 'Suri' Bin Saad
as Yahoo Driver
Kevin Cheatham
as Samson Unit
Jack Justice
as Scott's Friend #1
Craig Johnston
as Client
Hamish Veronie
as Lucy's Boy
Mike Harkins
as Hal
Adam Rowland
as Inmate Playing Guitar
Julie Oliver-Touchstone
as Gran'Ma
Sean Boyd
as Pat
Morse Bicknell
as Man in White Suit
Elizabeth Perkins
Luke Jacka
as Constable Matthew Roper
Beth Burvant
as Bullhorn Woman
Miguel Martinez
as Radical Pound Guy
Sarah Minnich
as Sindy
Ted Ferguson
as Minister
Christopher Dorman
as Beer Man
Staci Robbins
as Mrs. Douglas
Karlis Zaid
as Announcer
Nathan Darrow
as John Custer
Michael Martin
as Filthy Man
Claudio Laniado
as Jewish Customer
Peter Gabb
as Burns
Dane Rhodes
as Sergeant Richard
Luke Sexton
as Endurance Candidate
Danny Winn
as Rabble Rouser
Victoria Hardway
as Bride
Mary Woods
as Pappy's Wife
Roseanne Vau
as Vail Aunt #1
Shawn Bradly Hoefer
as Driver Car #2
Lillie Kolich
as Vail Daughter
Brian Lipson
as Preacher Uncle
David Brian Smith
as Homeless Husband
Alex Mulcahy
as Disappointed Kid #1
Cameron Ambridge
as Random Biker
Cassandra Kent
as Stripper
Lorenz Arnell
as Hector
Thomas Barbusca
as Chris Schenck
Dominic Ruggieri
as 10-Year-Old Jesse/Young Jesse
Escalante Lundy
as Cop #2
Sherri Eakin
as She She's Waitress
Joe Gilgun
as Cassidy/Proinsias Cassidy
Shane Partlow
as Worried Man
Marty Rhone
as Prison Priest
Simon Russell
as Cowardly Grail Operative
Gianni Biasetti Jr.
as Charlie
Jamie Bernstein
as Cave Man/Caveman
Andrei Lapionak
as Russian Witness
Claire Taylor
as Little Boy's Mother
Jeremy Childs
as Jody
Simon Elrahi
as Ahmad
Luke Ha
as Lab Technician
Ramona King
as Jackie
Adam Wang
as Chinese Brute
Rashidi Edward
as Grail EMT
Barbie Robertson
as Lacey
Karen Strassman
as Dr. Lois Slotnick
Scott Johnson
as Abraham
Hawn Tran
as Young Vietnamese Man
Tom O'Sullivan
as Eugene's Doctor
Frank Duffy
as Silver Fox-Type Guy
Brian Huskey
as Ted Reyerson
James Biasetto
as British Corporal
Jason E. Hill
as Cooley's Customer
Viola Valdez
as Beauty Shop Owner
Erinn Ruth
as Angel of Death
Diane Villegas
as Lisa
Victoria Steadman
as Careworn Wife (Flashback)
Sheila Eden
as Karen Toadvine Girl
David DeLao
as Quincannon Man #1
Clint James
as Myron
Josey Smith
as Becky
Dwayne K. Webb
as One of the Les Enfants
Mick Preston
as Henry
Terry Camilleri
as Old Man
Robbie Tann
as Reggie
Jay Oliver
as Mumbai Tower Patron
Steve Kish
as Gun Conventioneer
Michael A. Newcomer
as Drunk Communist
D'Nette Wood
as Vail Wife
Josey Arreola
as Wiener Spot
Stephen Ballantyne
as Stall Guy
Madelyn Henderson
as Alice/Alice Woodrow/Emily's 4 Yo Daughter
James Cusimano
as Mumbai Bar Patron
Jodi Lynn Thomas
as Pearl
Jordan Salloum
as Bartender
Lucky Johnson
as Bouncer
Stacy Clausen
as Disappointed Kid #2
Matt Roszak
as Deputy #2
Suzie Hinds
as Bank Manager
Ted Maritz
as Vail Brother #2
Jack Caffrey
as Angry Guy
Eleanor T. Threatt
as Homeless Woman
Rachel G. Whittle
as Grail Actress
Bryant Tardy
as Tommy (aka Boy)
Jimmy Lee Jr.
as She She's Patron
Thomas Thomason
as Delivery Guy
Xavier Gouault
as Red Tulip Soldier
Summer Selby
as Receptionist
Bev Killick
as Constable Kylie Clancy
Lucy Faust
as Lisa
Joana Pires
as Trashy Texas Woman
Adrian Acosta
as Church Member
Ben Taylor
as Grail Assistant
Jason Bayle
as Bank Manager
Chris Anderson
as Dany's Husband
Sharon Garrison
as Mother Superior
Carrie Lazar
as Woman
Kevin Earley
as New Cop
Shameer Birges
as Arabic Man
Martin Edward Andazola
as All-Saints Congregation Cowboy/Core Congregation
Clint Obenchain
as The McCready Gang
Jamie Anne Allman
as Betsy Schenck
Paul Hallett
as Grail Commando
Miles Elliot
as Scott Loach
Matthew Campbell
as Grail Commando #2
Oscar Gale
as First Car Driver (Dead)
Monica R. Harris
as Trashy Woman
Ryil Adamson
as Man #1
Antione F. Lagarde
as Ha Secretary
Aleks Mikic
as Hoover Two
James Smithers
as Jesus De Sade
Marie Wagenman
as The Cowboy's Daughter/The Saint of Killers' Daughter
Frank Seno
as Old Rabbi
Elton LeBlanc
as Pederstrian
Virginia Gay
as Truck Driver
Jackson Tozer
as Australian Tourist
Dominic Cooper
as Jesse Custer
Julian Wondolowski
as Meeting Attendee
Robert Larriviere
as Herman Hoehne
Talbott Lin
as Mailman
Jackie Earle Haley
as Odin Quincannon
Becki Davis
as Mildred
Francisco Peramos
as Agent
Arthur Angel
as Craig
Sam Malone
as Conventioneer #2
Karen Dalferes
as Diner Patron
Rhonda Johnson Dents
as Mrs. Barbaret
Johnny Ballance
as Arnie

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2016 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2017 | 13 Episodes

Season 3

2018 | 10 Episodes

Season 4

2019 | 10 Episodes




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