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October 27, 2021
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It appears James "Ghost" St. Patrick has it all -- a drop-dead gorgeous wife, a stunning Manhattan penthouse, and the power and success that come with owning hot new nightclub Truth. But a closer look reveals a man living a double life. When Ghost isn't tending to his Fortune 500 business, he's catering to clients of another operation: a drug empire that serves only the rich and influential. While loyal sidekick Tommy protects the cash-cow narcotics venture at all costs, Ghost's new reality is using Truth as more than a front to launder money. It's a way out of the drug game and into a legitimate life with his family, even if everything he loves becomes unknowingly threatened. "Power" is co-executive produced by Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson (who also co-stars) and show creator Courtney Kemp Agboh ("The Good Wife").

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: June 7, 2014

Also Known As: Moć, 權欲 |  See more »


Plot Keywords

new york city

Company Credits

Production Co: CBS Television Studios


Curtis Lyons
as Thick Neck Lieutenant
Shirley Rumierk
as Alexandra Navarro
Ashley North
as Music Executive
Shawn Cortel
as Massive Inmate
Anthony Cutolo
as Kev
Alfredo Diaz
as Detective Westcott
Chance Kelly
as Dean Collins/David Collins
Roe Hartrampf
as Scott
David Fumero
as Mike Sandoval
Fabrizio Brienza
as Second Guard
David Chen
as Federal Agent/Taino Thug
Ron Parson
as Guest at Fundraiser
Patricia Hodges
as Club Patron
Sinqua Walls
as Shawn
Victor Joel Ortiz
as FBI Agent
Ceazar Reyes
as Soldado #3/Soldado 1
José Roldan Jr.
as Taino #3
Aly Mang
as Attractive Club Girl
Ricky Garcia
as Clerk
Omar Perez
as Taino #1
Alex Hernandez
as Napi
Hank Kim
as Crooner
Maurice Compte
as Diego Jimenez/Diego Jiménez
Madison McKinley
as Sabrina
Damiyr Shuford
as Bartender
Matthew Bryan Feld
as Marshal
Sheena Sakai
as Soo
Antoine Harris
as Broc
Bern Cohen
as Funeral Director
Gianni Paolo
as Brayden
William Sadler
as Tony Teresi
R.J. Foster
as Homeland Security Agent
Tasha Smith
as Jarita
Lee R. Sellars
as Owen Thomas
Amelia Fowler
as Eastern District Clerk
Evan Bass
as Tate Staffer/Chris
Michelangelo Milano
as Dominic
Cedric the Entertainer
as Croop
Stefano Villabona
as Club Goer
Diane Neal
as Cynthia Sheridan
Guy Sparks
as FBI Agent
Lela Loren
as Angela Valdes
Adrian Alvarado
as Sergeant Hiciano
Jeff Sands
as FBI Evidence Tech
Rayan Lawrence
as Detective Claremont
Art Shrian Tiwari
as Bar Patron/Lawyer
Darik Bernard
as Doc
Rashid Helper
as Tate's Driver/billionaire Gala Attendee
Maximillan Tapper
as Doorman
Zack Beyer
as VIP Club Patron
Anthony C. Mazza
Susan Pourfar
as Det. Meredith Haines/Meredith Hanes
MC Lyte
as Jelani Otombre
Chris Wendelken
as Reporter #1
Jimmy Palumbo
as Baker
Joe Urla
as Magistrate Joe Schepisi
Christine Duke
as Waitress
Juani Feliz
as Jesenia
Christian Barber
as Lead Agent
Johnny Sibilly
as Clerk
Yinka Adeboyeku
as Security Guard
Christina Rouner
as Carol
Olli Haaskivi
as Tech
Los Jones
as Bouncer
Ilan Krigsfeld
as Driver/Narc
Kathrine Narducci
as Frankie Lavarro
Antonio Vizcarrondo
as Scotty
Nora Sommerkamp
as Bottle Girl
Jarrod LaBine
as Black Tie Gala Attendee
Kenneth Pepe
as VFAST Officer
Kaitlyn T. Junas
as Student
Andre Ozim
as Officer Dan
Dean Ciallella
as Cool Driver in Sebring
Quincy Chad
as Zigg
Michael Kingsbaker
as Joey
Bill Sage
as Sammy
Zenon Zeleniuch
as Older Serbian
Rich Castro
as Small Inmate
Lara Goldie
as Woman
Irungu Mutu
as Roger
Nancy Ellen Shore
as Supermarket shopper
Melissa Mensah
as Tina
Dierdra McDowell
as Cousin Trina
Mercedes Ruehl
as Connie Teresi
Kamahl Naiqui
as Dirt
Graciela Ortiz
as Isabel's Mom
Michele Rave Grassani
as Gala Guest
Joe Wooley
as Upscale Dinner Guest
Lisa Tharps
as Dr. Diane Wolven
Alex Anagnostidis
as Italian Goon
Frankie Verroca
as Prison Inmate
Angel Dillemuth
as Soldado #2
Megan Channell
as Hot Redhead
Debbi Morgan
as Estelle
Elisabetta D'Avenia
as Philantropist
as Dre
Donna Murphy
as Lorette Walsh
Cathleen Trigg
as Local Reporter/Reporter #2
Nina Maria Lara Daniels
as Server #2
Clint Ridley
as Inmate
Marcus Callender
as Ray Ray
John Cannon
as Desk Officer
Mark DiConzo
as Mason
Evershea Stephenson
as Tracy/Student #3
CJ Parson
as ER Nurse #2
Richard Ryker
as Steve Tampio
Jerry Ferrara
as Joe Proctor
Tim Guinee
as Lance Donovan
Michael Broderick
as NYPD Detective
Carmen Lamar Gonzalez
as Female Clerk
Rahmel Long
as Frog
René Alvarado
as Chabo
Trevor J Swan
as Officer Rivera
Jeremy Brena
as Waiter
Vincent Rivera
as Thug/Various
William Popp
as Vladimir
Candace Maxwell
as Cassandra Haynes
Victor Garber
as Simon Stern
Roderick Rodriguez
as EMT
Kendrick Lamar
as Laces
David Hess
as Jewelry Store Clerk
as Twanée
T.J. Atoms
as Corner Boy
Kevin Tyler Rodriguez
as Junior
Shaundra Patterson
as Coffee Shop Patron #6
Stephanie Cain
as Pretty Assistant
Curtiss Cook Jr.
as Wookie
Aaron Salley
as Second Team (Dre)
Guy LeMonnier
as Mr. Schneider
Mario Ernesto Sánchez
as Abuelo
Vaughn Jefferson
as Bouncer
as Marshal Langston/U.S. Marshal #1/US Marshal #2
David Arballo
as Process Server
Brandon Victor Dixon
as Terry Silver
Ed Moran
as Clarence Anglin
Yainis Ynoa
as Isabel Ruiz/Isabel
Armando Riesco
as Hector Nunez/Hector Núñez
Tim Lajcik
as Serbian Gangster #1
Barbie B. Lange
as Model
Dante Nero
as Soldado #2
Marc Kudisch
as Officer Harwood
Donovan Christie Jr.
as Dale Travers
Akeda Abrams
as Coffee Shop Patron
Greg Serano
as Medina/Agent Medina
Mariana Cardenas
as Barista
Jack Koenig
as Marvin Miller
Rico E. Anderson
as Thug
Greg Mays
as Coffee Shop Patron #4
Grant Koo
as Korean Driver
Kaitlyn Bausch
as Assistant
Johnny Serret
as Sabueso
Brandi Denise Boyd
as Epiphany
David Pittu
as Eli Kessler
Lynn Marocola
as Correction Officer/EMT/NYPD
Omar Scroggins
as Spanky
Danny Bolero
as Sergeant Ortiz
Lee Way Lan
as Chinese Waiter
Sonya Walger
as Madeline Stern
Arija Bareikis
as MJ Hazen/MJ
Domenick Lombardozzi
as Benny Civello
George Quinones
as Critical
Perry Strong
as Nathan Lee
Irina Dvorovenko
as Tatiana
Danny Garcia
as Homicide Detective
Amir Carr
as Epiphany's Son
Zariah Singletary
as Charity Student
Sonnie Brown
as Banker
Stephen Reich
as Pinstripes
Joy Sudduth
as Judge Julia Waters
Denise Scilabra
as Correction Officer
Tucker Lewis
as FBI Tech
Andrew Rein
as Councilman Leonard
Michael Aaron Milligan
as Officer Wilson
Michael Markiewicz
as Arnost
Andre Da Silva
as Mo
Enrique Murciano
as Felipe Lobos
Amaury Nolasco
as Rodolfo
Lucas Salvagno
as Javier
Samuel 'Branchez' Kopelman
as DJ
Andrew Ayala
as Doorman
Justin L. Wilson
as Serbian Associate
Coy DeLuca
as Anibal's Crew/Boxer
Victor Almanzar
as Arturo
Brett Azar
as Swat Team Leader
Mario Corry
as Old Italian Bartender
Joey Giambattista
as Marco
Yelena Royter
as Aerialist
Angela McKenzie
as Funeral Attendee/Reporter
Mallory Hoff
as TV News Reporter
Brooke Kosinski
as Ellen
Vin Scialla
as Paparazzi
Carlos de Leon
as Skinny Cuban Man
Vincent Agnello
as Calvin
Tobin Mitnick
as Truth Bartender
Ty Jones
as SAC Jerry Donovan
Adam Enright
as Server
Caliph Jones
as VIP Guest
Alex Huynh
as Clerk
Marlene Ginader
as Celeste
Shay Lee Abeson
as Cat
Mario D'Leon
as Raul
Matt Cedeño
as Cristobal
Aidan La Poche
as Ethan's Friend
Jason Altman
as U.S. Marshal #4
La La Anthony
as Lakeisha Grant/LaKeisha
Sakura Lin
as Club Server
Jasmine Coley
as Tasha's Friend
J.R. Ramirez
as Julio
Danielle M. Williamson
as Student with Backpack
Danny Henriquez
as Ernesto/Soldado #1
Frankie Zing
as Kanan's Friend
Ivica Marc
as Drago
Booch O'Connell
as Tariq's Friend
Jessica Viola
as Cat Walk Girl/Cage Girl
Nicole Albino
as DJ
Felicia Boswell
as Cousin Melissa
Darlene Tejeiro
as Inez
John Hutton
as Horatio Bassett
Copeland Cristina
as Edgy Clubber
Wesley Volcy
as Mover
Laurence Blum
as Cop
Anika Noni Rose
as Jukebox
Amyrh Harris
as Cousin #2
Jahmere Rogers
as Tate's Assistant
Elijah Guo
as Assistant
Desi Waters
as Server
Grim Reaper Q.
as Bouncer
Adrian Matilla
as Latino Guy/Muscular Man
Susanna Guzman
as Nurse
Lewis Welt
as Chinatown Pedestrian
Mark Gessner
as Alex Penkinsky
Alexandra Rosario
as Cigar Lounge Waitress
Kaitlin Mesh
as Meghan
Amanda Warren
as Jessica Travers
Raul Torres
as Nico
Sebastian Beacon
as DJ Taj
Callan Mulvey
as Dean/Milan
Serge Didenko
as Radomir
Shirville Jarvis
as Jamaican Assassin
Leopold Manswell
as Big Country
Chad Ackerman
as Surveillance Specialist
Manuel Herrera
as Manny
Lester Greene
as Bailiff
Abraham Infante
as Taino #2
Robert J Morgalo
as Cigar Lounge Patron
Naturi Naughton
as Tasha St. Patrick
Zach Fischer
as Prosecutor
Ambre Anderson
as Customer
Michael Sirow
as Agent
Anthony Coppola
as Ambulance Cop
Keil Oakley Zepernick
as Serbian Thug
Kamel Goffin
as Raf
Henry Clarke
as Interviewer
Jimmy Brooks
as Salesperson
Marija Skangale
as Model
Shannone Holt
as Model
Assibey Blake
as Nomar Gang member
Vince August
as Customs Officer
Jermel Howard
as Brains
Nick Gehlfuss
as Lee
Crystal Arnette
as Sales Woman
Susan Rybin
as Server
Sulekha Ebelle
as Female FBI Agent
Steven Solis
as Janitor
Rashad Jennings
as Rashad Andre Jennings
Annie Pisapia
as Pedestrian
Adam Lindo
as Cesar
Carla Carvalho
as Waitress
David Shumbris
as Cop #1/Guard
Quincy Giles
as Rizz
Bennie Road
as Kanan's Friend
Alix Lapri
as Effie
Jamie Tirelli
as Nestor Valdes/Nestor Valdez/Papi
Malik Dixon
as Cousin Aaron
Neal Huff
as Todd
Michael J Ferguson
as 2-Bit/2Bit
Jonas Cohen
as Store Manager
Roger Brenner
Sam Underwood
as Andy
Shannon Thornton
as Quinn Phillips
Rachel Annette Helson
as Sarah
Andy Bean
as Greg
Doris McCarthy
as Restaurant Patron
Jake Wells
as Bank Manager
Michael Rainey Jr.
as Tariq St. Patrick
Michael Shatravka
as Serbian Associate
Liza Lapira
as Grace Pak
Joseph Sikora
as Tommy Egan
DJ Envy
as DJ
Guyviaud Joseph
as Biscuit
Audrey Esparza
as Liliana
Jay Hieron
as Inmate
Chuck Cooper
as Rev. Maverick Macedon/Reverend Macedon/Reverend Maverick Macedon
Ian Paola
as Uriel
Jacob Shinder
as Daddy Warbucks Kid/Daddy Warbucks
Brandon Micheal Hall
as Carter
Airon Armstrong
as Serbian Gangster #3
Richie Moriarty
as Medical Examiner Tech
Charlie Murphy
as Marshal Clyde Williams
Samantha Lee Johnson
as Club Goer/Funeral Attendee/Pedestrian/VIP Club Patron
Luis Antonio Ramos
as Ruiz
Michael D. Joseph
as Prisoner
Michael O'Keefe
as Carlo Civello
Kevin Zegers
as Beau Radnor
Bruce Baek
as Announcer
Michiko Sasaki
as May Jeffries
Vivian Nixon
as Fiona
Angela Jeanneau
as Reporter
Spencer Meador
as Club Guy
Jeffrey Hansen
as Officer Weekley
Tyrone Marshall Brown
as Quinton 'Q' Wallace
Steven G. Norfleet
as Officer Tirado
Amanda Brooke Lerner
as Arbitrator
T.L. Flint
as Prison Guard
Jeremiah S. Thomas
as Cousin #1
Inna Muratova
as Model
Danielle Thorpe
as Lindsay
Rob Giumarra
as EMT
Tom Place
as Serbian Gangster #2
Richard R. Corapi
as Reporter
Jim Norton
as Father Callahan
Joe Feldman-Barros
as CSU Tech
Nancy Lemenager
as Realtor
Subhash Mandal
as Coroner
Lisa Howard
as Teacher
Elizabeth Rodriguez
as Paz/Paz Valdes
Bobby Potts
as Uber Driver
Dylan Wittrock
as Rookie Cop
Rachel York
as Tina Schulman
Max Firestein
as Ethan
Sung Kang
as Assistant U.S. Attorney John Mak/John Mak
Charmar Jeter
as Club Security/Tate Staffer
Jonathan Gabriel Charles
as Dealer
Alice Barrett
as Mrs. Walters
Camila Perez
as Young Angie
Jinn S. Kim
as Doctor
Brian Faherty
as Guard
Leslie Lopez
as Pink Sneakers
Paugh Shadow
as Serbian Bodyguard
Maliq Johnson
as Kid
Debi Mazar
as Dolores
Rudy Mungaray
as Ramon
Chelsea Watts
as Francesca
Roland Max
as Obren
Monique Gabriela Curnen
as Det. Blanca Rodriguez
Samantha Rivers Cole
as Child Advocate
Natalie Roy
as FBI Agent #1
Walik 'D.J. Wallah' Dozier
as DJ
Adam Huss
as Kantos/Josh Kantos/Joshua Kantos
Justin Keyes
as Darryl/Darryl Gaines
Harry Sutton Jr.
as Doctor
Adam LaVorgna
as Carmine
Maria Shamkalian
as Angela's Friend
Beth Chamberlin
as Vivian Moorhead
Elizabeth DeGennaro
as Burlesque Dancer
Jamie Hector
as Drifty
Faith Logan
as Model
Franky G
as Poncho
Jenny Anne Hochberg
as FBI Agent #2
Amaya Carr
as Yasmine/Yasmine St. Patrick
George Demas
as Bailiff
Jacob Berger
as Mob Doc
Gabriel 'G-Rod' Rodriguez
as Domingo
Michael Marchese
as Ian
Andrea-Rachel Parker
as Destiny
Dylan Marocola
as Student
Brandon Andrus
as Fire Marshal
Tuffy Questell
as Campus Security Guard
Evan Parke
as Will Robertson
Mike Massimino
as Police Officer
Jenny Powers
as Sandra
Cortney Gift
as Store Clerk
Amya Tate
as Yasmine St. Patrick
Marceline Hugot
as Bar Judge
Ana de la Reguera
as Alicia Jimenez
Lee Tergesen
as Bailey Markham
Joe Fionda
as Clubber
José Báez
as Gang Member
David Healy
as Dean Orson
Tom O'Keefe
as Detective Simonson
Teresa Yenque
as Nomar's Tia
Addison LeMay
as Guard
Dennis T. Carnegie
as Dr. Travis Colbert
Cindy Motz
as Lorette Walsh's Assistant
Kelcy Griffin
as Dominique
Sebastian Marocola
as Student
Maria Rivera
as Maria Suarez/Maria
Danielle Davenport
as Detective McCall
Steve Mason
as NYPD Officer/Serbian Thug #1
Charles Everett
as Cop
Aimee Mullins
as Ellen Wenrich
Scott Eliasoph
as Private School Parent/Subway Passenger
Jon Park
as Dylan/Dylan Shin
Cinthya Carmona
as Female Attendant
Yaroslav Novikov
as Bratislav
Lanisha Javon Gholston
as Detective Jasmine Sanders
Matthew Leone
as Nicola
Roya Shanks
as Principal Summers
Edgar Nicholson
as Tate Supporter
Gary Littman
as Mr. Meeks
Safi El Masri
as Miami Playboy
Jeremiah Demoss
as Pollito
Tyler Jon Olson
as Bartender
Pedro Torres
as Thug
Lee Wesley
as Victor
Reggie Alvin Green
as Scrap Dealer
Sherita Rankins
as Reporter
Andre L. Pierce
as Inmate
Myron Donley
as TV Announcer
Jeremy Dash
as Chuleta
Jack O'Connell
as Bill
David W. LeBlanc
as Hotel Guest
Elliot Santiago
as White Leather Jacket
Monica Lawson
as Gina
Jim Guarantano
as First Guard
Patricia Kalember
as Kate Egan
Doc Dougherty
as Detective Leary
Elena Garcia
as Waitress
Juan M. Encarnación
as Officer Miller
Akis Ntonos
as Pedro
Neal Humphries
as Helicopter Pilot
Gerard Renison
as FBI Agent #1
Lucy Walters
as Holly
Tomike Ogugua
as Marshal Macedon/U.S. Marshal #2
Ethan Herschenfeld
as FBI Agent #2
Shana Solomon
as Simone Tate
Omari Hardwick
as James 'Ghost' St. Patrick
Randy Danson
as Judge Lefevre
J.R. Yussuf
as Coffee Shop Patron #5
Glynn Turman
as Gabriel
Naphtali Brooks
as Joe's Friend/Lawyer
Patrick R. Walker
as Alphonse
Morgana Van Peebles
as Coffee Shop Patron #3
Johnny Rivera
as Roberto
Knakeera Bason
as Worker
Garry Pastore
as Frankie
Gary Dourdan
as Charles Hamilton
Melvin Lima
as Uniform #1
Gregory Jones
as Peter Von Knoller
Francisco Burgos
as Abel
Justin Clarke
as Frail Lieutenant
Kidd Kidd
as Hoodlum/Kidd Kidd
Alan R. Rodriguez
as C.O./Corrections Officer
Brit West
as Melissa
Jesse Williams
as Kadeem
Jeff Chena
as Bartender
Gabriel Sloyer
as Hugo
Brandon Lamar Evans
as O.Z.
Ned Van Zandt
as Sam Weaver
Molly Rappold
as Angel Wings
Anjelica Bosboom
as Sarah
C.S. Lee
as Jae Shin
Jon McCormick
as Beat Cop/Terry
Sasha Allen
as Nicki
Larenz Tate
as Councilman Tate
Gabriel Ellis
as Gabriel
Ivana Milicevic
as Karen Bassett
Quincy Tyler Bernstine
as Tameika Robinson/Tameika Washington
Melody Betts
as Brenda
Ami Brabson
as Vanessa
Mhina Henry
as Heaven #2
Denim Roberson
as Cash Grant
Natalie Paul
as Candie
Nichelle Wright
as Nurse
Lexi Lawson
as Olivia Gorman
Matthew O'Sullivan
as Stanomir
Scott Mena
as Cafeteria Prisoner
McKinley Belcher III
as Marcus
Luis Da Silva Jr.
as Mexican Hitter/Mexican Man
Jesse Newman
as Club Patron
Michelle Rose Domb
as Party Go-er
Mike Dopud
as Jason Micic
Dionne Figgins
as Rolla's Girlfriend
Vincent Paolicelli
as Ethan's Friend/Student
Sharon Hope
as Elderly Woman
Cherie Mendez
as Wealthy Wife
Chris LaPanta
as Arson Investigator
Nicholas Marocola
as U.S. Marshall
Shane Johnson
as Cooper Saxe
Brandon J. Shaw
as Process Server
Marla Schultz
as Female Uni
Donald Paul
as Nose-Ring Jamaican/Nose-Ringed Jamaican
Manny Galan
as Toros Locos Gang Member
Kaci Walfall
as Tamara
Sunny Hostin
as Sunny Hostin
Greg Brostrom
as Bailiff
Matt Talese
as Truth Club Patron
Michael Antwi
as RSK Thug
50 Cent
as Kanan
Amaurys Rodriguez
as Anibal's Lackey/Anibal's Lacky
Mavis Simpson-Ernst
as Suzie Spencer
Ely Feldman
as Dominoes Player
Amy Hargreaves
as Cindy Chambers
Simon Feil
as Mr. Goldberg
Karen Walsh Rullman
as Jessica Anders
Josh Salt
as Tim Cantrell
Emma Ishta
as Bella
Marley Henry
as Heaven #1
Holmes Lindsay IV
as Trigger
Shevy Gutierrez
as Uniformed Officer
Gonzalo Trigueros
as Coffee Shop Patron
Sergio Delavicci
as Gangster
Anthony DeVito
as Paparazzo
Stephen W. Tenner
as DOC Officer
Michael Gaston
as Judge Tapper
Beverly Sade
as Kanan's Party Date
Nino Genaro
as Lorenzo Salazar
Kellye Janel
as Bartender
Erik McKay
as Windbreaker #2
Paul Vranesevic
as Mr. Williams
Hassan Singleton Jr.
as Elijah Tate
Ariel Kim
as Resident
Kurt McKinney
as Rupert Moorhead
Mark Feuerstein
as Steven Ott
Sejal Shah
as AA Woman
Ari Butler
as Derek Haynes
Donshea Hopkins
as Raina St. Patrick/Raina
Annika Pergament
as TV Reporter
Errol Louis
as Errol Louis
Vadim Meytes
as Doctor
Ethan Cutkosky
as Young Tommy
J.W. Cortes
as Raul
Moksha McPherrin
as Broker
Craig DiFrancia
as Marshal Romano/Guard/U.S. Marshal #3/US Marshal #1
Driton Tomaj
as Albanian
Darryl Reuben Hall
as Church Deacon
Kathryn Rose Unterberger
as Club Girl/Model
Chris Lylez
as Thug #1
Cynthia Addai-Robinson
as Ramona Garrity
Gregg Prosser
as Marty
Darrell Britt-Gibson
as Rolla
Eileen Weisinger
as Officer Runnels
Isaiah Stokes
as Mozzy
Victoria Simone
as Model
Levar Dawkins
as Club Goer
Whitney Benjamin
as Dalia
Ruffin Prentiss
as Darien
Devale Ellis
as Light Skin
Ryan Shibley
as Reporter
Janis Dardaris
as Judge Marilyn Cross
Geoffrey Owens
as Daniel Warren
Stacey McKenzie
as Seville
Craig Wroe
as Carl
Jeff Mark
as Wealthy Husband
Marisa Marra
as Patient
Sawyer Nunes
as Chad Gunderson
Kelvin Hale
as Armed Security Guard
Terrence Shingler
as Security Guard/Security Officer
Bevin Prince
as Sandra
William Chris Sumpter
as Young Jamie
Jamek Grigg
as Gang Member
Manny Montana
as Miguel
Marc John Jefferies
as QDubs
Jason Cerbone
as Officer Donato/Detective Ed Donato
Corey Allen
as Charlie/Charlie Jackson
Joe Perrino
as Vincent Ragni/Vincent
Richard Busser
as Officer #1
Gus Halper
as Alby
Spencer Means
as Spencer Means
Danny Arroyo
as Various
Alana Monteiro
as Model
Dominic Colón
as Anibal
Just Blaze
as DJ
Scott Evans
as Partygoer
Mattea Conforti
as Elisa Marie
Aleksandar Popovic
as Petar
Lahmard J. Tate
as Kamaal Tate
Vinicius Zorin-Machado
as Nomar/Nomar Arcielo
Charlotte Booker
as Maggie Chambers/Principal Maggie Chambers
Mason Alban
as Filip
Garcelle Beauvais
as Linda
Julia Harnett
as Windbreaker #1
Bob Johnson
as Mr. Clemente
Mark Rodriguez
as Guy
Michael Kaplan
as Jeff Ferguson
Evan Handler
as Jacob Warner
Nicholas Avenue
as Luke
Avery Mason
as Black Grimace
Diane Davis
as Deborah Spencer
Jacqueline Harris Matherne
as Friend
Nicholas E. Calhoun
as J.P. 'Deuces' Asher

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2014 | 8 Episodes

Season 2

2015 | 10 Episodes

Season 3

2016 | 10 Episodes

Season 4

2017 | 10 Episodes

Season 5

2018 | 10 Episodes

Season 6

2019 | 15 Episodes




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