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Pororo and his friends go on an adventure to see different types of fairy tales.

Country: South Korea

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: Korean

Release Date: August 24, 2020

Also Known As: 뽀로로 동화나라


Company Credits

Production Co: EBS, ICONIX Entertainment, Ocon Animation Studios, Samcheonri Co.

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Yasumichi Kushida
as Rodi
Sumire Morohoshi
as Pororo
John Hasler
as Narrator (UK)
Emma Tate
as Eddy (UK)
Maria Darling
as Pororo (UK)
Yuki Kodaira
as Popo
Ham Soo-Jeong
as Eddy
Gillie Robic
as Crong (UK)
Hwan Chin Kim
as Poby
Akiyuki Tanzawa
as Tonton
Sun Lee
as Pororo
Yumi Kakazu
as Petit Phi Phi
Makoto Homura
as Poppy
Mi Ja Lee
as Crong
Hitomi Nakutenme
as Clon

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