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October 19, 2021
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Peppa Pig’s
home country is:
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
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About this title


"Peppa Pig" follows the adventures of the titular, anthropomorphic animal along with her family and friends. Each of her friends is a different kind of animal -- with a last name matching the type of animal each is. Although they are humanlike in many ways, the characters still display characteristics of their species -- such as the Rabbit family being fixated with carrots.

Country: United Kingdom

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: May 31, 2004

Also Known As: Porquinha Peppa Pig, Peppa Pig |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (G), Brazil (Livre) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

cartoon pig

Company Credits

Production Co: Astley Baker Davies Ltd., Contender Group |  See more »


John Sparkes
as Narrator/Mr. Rabbit/Uncle Pig/Mr Potato/Mr Rabbit/Mr. Potato/Detective Potato/Mr. Fox
Chloe Dolandis
as Emily Elephant/Richard Rabbit (US)
Harley Bird
as Peppa Pig
Judy Flynn
as Aunty pig/Mrs. Cow/Mummy Dog
Richard Ridings
as Daddy Pig
Stanley Nickless
as Pedro Pony
Jamie Oram
as Freddy Fox
Dominic Byrne
as Captain Emergency
Cecily Bloom
as Peppa Pig/Peppa
Amelie Bea Smith
as Peppa Pig
Alexander Armstrong
as Captain Dog/Mr. Wolf
Joshua Morris
as Danny Dog
Debbie Macdonald
as Mummy Sheep/Mrs. Sheep
Sarah Roper
as Sat Nav
Charlotte Potterton
as Belinda Bear
Sydney Patrick
as Peppa (US)
Taig McNab
as Additional
Oliver May
as George Pig/George/Baby Alexander
Eloise May
as Chloé Pig
David Mitchell
as Police Officer Panda
Clayelle Dalferes
Meg Hall
as Suzy Sheep/Suzi Sheep/Suzy sheep
Heather Jane Rolff
as Candy Cat (US)
Tony Byrne
as Mr. Kangaroo
Tim Kalksma
as Peppa pig
Lily Snowden-Fine
as Peppa Pig
Jemima Williams
as Mummy Pony
Audrey van Hulzen
as Mandy Mouse
Stara Bal
as Emily Elephant
Matilda Green
as Zuzu & Zaza
Arisha Choudhury
as Rebecca Rabbit
Charlie Stewart
as Freddy Fox
Andy Hamilton
as Dr. Elephant/Mr. Elephant
George Woolford
as Danny Dog/Additional
Eve Ridley
as Wendy Wolf
Madeleine May
as Mummy Pony/Mrs. Pony
Brooks Hadyn
as Pedro Pony (US)
Hazel Rudd
as Rebecca Rabbit/Additional
Warren Cook
Daisy Rudd
as Candy Cat/Additional
Brandon Morris
as Narrator (US)
Jo Brand
as Mrs. Crocodile
Leo Templer
as Gerald Giraffe
Chelsy Orfinada
as Peggi & Pandora Panda
Rosie van Hulzen
as Molly Mole
Bethan Lindsay
as Rebecca Rabbit
Jazlyn Jago
as Joey Kangaroo
Minnie Kennedy-Parr
as Baby Alexander
Alexandria Foo
Victor Wade
as Edmond Elephant
Carson Stiggers
Harrison Oldroyd
as Pedro Pony/Additional
Sian Taylor
as Zoë Zebra/Zoe Zebra/Zoe zebra
David Rintoul
as Granddad Dog/Dr. Brown Bear/Mr. Bull/Grandad Dog/Monsieur Donkey
Jérôme Haupert
as Papa Donkey
Zara Siddiqi
as Candy Cat/Candy cat
Ava Lovell
as Suzy Sheep
Sarah Peefoo
as Zoe Zebra
Tallulah Conabeare
as Candy Cat
Marissa Tawiah
as Emily Elephant
Isla Gudgeon
as Zoe Zebra/Zoë Zebra
Claire Waxler
as Mrs. Dog
Colin McFarlane
as Mr. Lion
Alice May
as George Pig/George/Rebecca Rabbit
Toby Sigmas
as Elvis Fishley
Zoë Baker
as Richard Rabbit/Richard rabbit
Heath Kelts
as Grandpa Pig (US)
Chaniya Mahon
as Wendy Wolf
Zeus John-Vilnor
as Mr. Giraffe
Morwenna Banks
as Mummy Pig/Madame Gazelle/Dr. Hamster the Ve/The Queent/Mrs. Cat/Dr Hamster the Vet/Dr. Hamster the Vet/Hamster the Vet/Mademoiselle Potato
Posher Ra Ra
as Mrs. Giraffe
Jadon Mills
as Danny Dog/Danny dog/Little Boy
Finley Greig-Byrne
as Kylie Kangaroo
Elise Greig
as Mrs. Kangaroo
Debbie McDonald
as Mummy sheep
Rohal Soomro
as Pedro Pony
Sarah Ann Kennedy
as Miss Rabbit/Miss rabbit/Mrs. Rabbit/Mummy Rabbit
Madison Turner
as Candy Cat
Leila Farzad
as Mummy Cat/Mummy Pony
Emma Emrich
as Candy Cat
Jonny Butler
as Edmond Elephant/Edmond elephant
Frances White
as Granny Pig
Julia Moss
as Emily Elephant
David Graham
as Grandpa Pig/Mr. Zebra the Postman/Grandpa pig/Zebra
Hayley Bird
as Peppa Pig
Vincent van Hulzen
as George/George Pig
Nzilani Francq
as Delphine Donkey/Delphine donkey
Oliver and Alice May
as George Pig/George
Sam Simmons
as Mr. Wallaby
Elaine Torres
as Suzy Sheep (US)
Max Miller
as Freddy Fox
Lissa Grossman
as Miss Rabbit (US)
Brian Blessed
as Grampy Rabbit
Alison Snowden
as Aunty Pig/Polly Parrot
Nanique Gheridian
as Granny Pig/Madame Gazelle (US)
Mary Harris

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2005 | 52 Episodes

Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6
Season 7

2021 | 3 Episodes


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Annecy International Animated Film Festival 2005


Annecy International Animated Film Festival

Best TV Production

BAFTA Awards 2005


BAFTA Awards

Best Pre-School Animation

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