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October 21, 2021
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People Just Do Nothing’s
home country is:
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
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About this title


West London pirate radio station Kurupt FM and its eccentric staff are the focus of this mockumentary that shows what it takes to run an illegal business. The station is led by self-proclaimed garage legend MC Grindah and his second-in-command, DJ Beats, who is the best DJ in the west London area. They and the rest of the Kurupt crew are trying to chase their dreams, which they quickly realize is a full-time job.

Country: United Kingdom

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: May 13, 2014

Also Known As: Kurupt FM, People Just Do Nothing

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), New Zealand (R16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

pirate radio
radio dj

Company Credits

Production Co: Roughcut TV


Jack Shalloo
as Kold FM guy
Chloe Driver
as Mum in park
Freya Wallis
as Carly
Bailey Patrick
as Kold FM Boss
Ruth Horrocks
as Mum/Nurse
Paul Kemble
as Photographer
Hugo Chegwin
as Beats
Lily Brazier
as Michelle
Pamela Nomvete
as Job Centre Worker
Francesca Fowler
as Venue Manager
Ruth Bratt
as Roche
Richard Tate
as Peter
Gina Keeney
as Susan
Teresa Mahoney
as Scan Nurse
Melanie Gutteridge
as Lisa
Sandra Huggett
as Woman in Hi-Vis
Chloe Okora
as Teacher
Jack Harding
as Darren
Sascha Panknin
as Passerby
Paul Slim
as Patient Zero
George Keywood
as Craig
Andy Pandini
as Store Worker
Cally Lawrence
as Jackie
Ben Thornton
as Joe
Juliet Okotie
as Young Mum
Sarah Hoare
as Raver Girl
Tom Holloway
as Club Promoter
Maya Larholm
as Karate Kid
Joelle Koissi
as Nurse
A.k. Steppa
as Champagne Steamroom Drinker
Holli Dempsey
as Atlantic Receptionist
Sargon Yelda
as Doctor
Jennifer Matter
as Misty
Lauren Carse
as Young Mum
Daniel Sylvester Woolford
as Decoy
Jeff Mirza
as Checkout Assistant
Karen-J Sear
as Nurse
Graham Padden
as Priest
Glenn Webster
as Doctor
Trevor Michael Georges
as Court Officer
Imogen Byron
as Groupie
Joanna Shegera
as Girl in Club
Alannah Olivia
as Angela
Tom Keller
as Grindah's Dad
Lisa Davina Phillip
as Priest
Tibu Fortes
as Colleague Two
Janette Sharpe
as Paramedic
Ravin J. Ganatra
as Mr Rahim
Tiff Stevenson
as Tanya
Neil Alexander Smith
as Shopper in Discount Store/Friend of Groom/Passerby
Jessica Gladstone
as Shop Assistant
Eddie Arnold
as Matias
Richard David-Caine
as Sam
Sona Vyas
as Janet
Steve Stamp
as Steves
Christopher Jordan
as Uni Dad
Oliver Hoare
as Studio Engineer
Olivia Jasmine Edwards
as Angel
Hannah Flynn
as Louise - Hairdresser
Raymond Dunbar
as Partygoer
Sanchia McCormack
as Course Leader
Pamela Lyne
as Steves' Nan
Terry Bird
as Bouncer
James Craze
as Smoking Raver
Robert-Anthony Artlett
as Gurner
Marvin Jay Alvarez
as Fantasy
Robert Wilczynski
as Aldona's Brother
Joel Tiddy
as Weapon X
Maria Louis
as Aldona
Deborah Rock
as Medic/Patient
Stevee Davies
as Cash Converters Employee
Rina Fatania
as Seller
Victoria Alcock
as Carol
Chris Cowlin
as Care Home Receptionist/Police Officer
Jill Buchanan
as Family Wedding Guest
George Whitehead
as Colleague One
Brigid Zengeni
as Probation Officer
Tom Stuart
as Miles
Annie Hulley
as Chiswick House Staff
Harry Dave McLaren
as Pub customer/Wedding Guest
Will Rogers
as Fellow Offender
Asim Chaudhry
as Chabuddy G
Kimberly Collison
as Surgeon
Allan Mustafa
as Grindah
Laura Doddington
as Customer
Can Somer
as Gawner
Hannah Linney
as School Teacher/Pianist
Lizzie Bailey
as Tie One Regional Manager
Rupert Young
as Joshua
Adam Lezemore
as Nightclub goer
Arthur Smith
as Record Shop Employee
Sam Wright
as Clown
Allin Kempthorne
as Neil
Maria Louise Ferguson
as Tie One Worker
Susannah Allman
as Stripper One
Nick Howden-Steenstra
as Waiter
Kirsty J. Curtis
as Spa Employee
Petra Letang
as Tia
Filiz Fairweather
as Nurse

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5




Awards & NominationsSee more »

BAFTA Awards 2016


BAFTA Awards

Best Scripted Comedy

Royal Television Society, UK 2016


Royal Television Society, UK

Best Director - Comedy Drama / Situation Comedy

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