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October 22, 2021
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About this title


This series opens the doors to the only family-run pawnshop in Las Vegas, where three generations of the Harrison family use their sharp-eyed skills to assess what's real and what's fake. Objects the colorful customers bring in range from the obscure to the truly historic, and it's up to the guys at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop -- with help at times from their network of experts -- to reveal the sometimes surprising answer to "What's this worth?"

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Reality

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: July 19, 2009

Also Known As: El precio de la historia, Affari di famiglia |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (PG), Brazil (10) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

dysfunctional family

Company Credits

Production Co: Leftfield Pictures, History Channel


David Vagi
as Self - Director, NGC Ancients/Self - Expert/Self
Will Spiva
as Seller
Austin Russell
Jake Miterko
as Jake
Ethan Wayne
as Self
Zach Burhop
as Self
Mike Long
as Self - Coin Expert
Nick Kovalevsky
as Self
Mark Allen
as Self
Pat Contri
as Self
Kip Winger
as Self
Matt Kenseth
as Self
Marklen Kennedy
as Self/Marklen Kennedy
Dana Linett
as Self - President of Early American History Auctions Inc.
Jeremy Brown
as Self/Self - Expert in Sports Memorabilia and Cards/Self - Fine Art Appraiser
Mike Wolfe
as Self
Greg Kwiat
as Self
Charles Roof
as Self - Archery Expert/Self - Archery specialist
Gregory S. Brown
as Self
Jodie Anders
as Self - Guest
Bridgette Trevino
as Extra
Roger Daltrey
as Self
Horny Mike
as Self
Jeff Stenzel
as Self
James Fatback Posey
as Self
Johnny Jimemez
as Self/Self - Vintage Toy Expert
Anthony Zanlungo
as Customer
Rick Harrison
as Self/Self - 'The Spotter'/Self - The Spotter/Self - The Old Man
Andew Rosenberg
as Self
Travis Benton
as Self
Buddha McKeone
as Self
Colten Dietz
as Self
Bobby Livingston
as Self
Jim Waters
as Self - Customer
David Goldberg
as David Goldberg
Davey Deals
as Self
Olivia Black
as Self
Joe Elliott
as Self
Laird Landman
as Self - Vikings Antiquities Collector
Murray SawChuck
as Self - Magic Expert/Self/Expert
Steve Carell
as Self
Drew Max
as Self/Self - Forensic Documement Examiner
Kyle Astorga
as Self
Dennis Quaid
as Self
Danny Koker
as Self/Self - Owner of Count's Kustoms/Self - Owner of Kount's Customs
Tony Dee
as Self
Frank Scozzari
as Self
Dean Heller
as Self - United States Senator
Paul Draper
as Self
Craig Gottlieb
as Self
Kriz Chris Henri Harriz
as Pawn Seeker
Steven Ray Anastos
as Self - Classic Car Expert, Red Hills Rods and Choppers
Rick Washburn
as Self/Self - Weapons Specialist
Mel King
as Self
Walter Husak
as Self
Ron Dale
as Self
Boomer Mays
as Self
Rebecca Romney
as Self/Self - Expert in Rare Book/Self - Expert in Rare Books/Self - Manager, Bauman Rare Books
Johnny Jimenez
as Self/Self - Expert in Vintage Toys/Self - Vintage Toy Expert
Rob Klein
as Expert
Daliah Wachs
as Self - Owner/Self - owner/Self
Brett K. Maly
as Self/Self - Art Appraiser/Self - Fine Art Appraiser
Butch Harmon
as Self
Matthew C. Shortal
as Self/TOPGUN Graduate and Former U.S. Navy Blue Angel Pilot
James J. Zito III
as James J Zito III
Brian Baick
as Self - Owner
Mark Hall Patton
as Self/Self - Clark County Museum Administrator/Clark County Museum Administrator/Self - Expert in 20th century artifacts and history
Greg Marangell
as Self
Bob Dylan
as Self
Gary Heller
as Self - Minigolfball Seller
Jason DeBord
as Expert
Carl Fismer
as Self
Marco Holland
as Self
Steve Johnston
as Toy Expert
Emily Bossak
as Self - Selling Piano
Mark Behar
as Self - Rick's Friend in Shop
Tyler Dale
as Self
Jason Vincent Joiner
as Self
Carl Windom Carlito
as Promo Talent
Mark Bennick
as Pawn Customer
Rick Dale
as Self/Self - Metal artist and antique restorer/Self - Owner of Rick's Restorations
Rod Kordoza
as Self - Owner of West Sea Company
Malcolm Shaw
as Self
Bob Yuhas
as Restoration Expert/Restoration expert
Vic Flick
as Self
Mark Lehneman
as Self
Danielle Rainey
as Self - 'Peaches'
Ariann Black
as Self
Doc Phineas Kastle
as Doc Phineas/Self/Self - Doc Phineas T. Kastle/Self - Doc Phineas/Self - Doc Phineas, Prof Of Antiquities
Jesse Amoroso
as Self/Self - Expert of String Instruments
Mick Foley
as Self
Daniel TwoFeathers
as Self - Customer
Steve Grad
as Expert/Autograph Expert/Self
Sean Rich
as Self/Self - Antique Arms and Armor Expert/Self - Antique arms and armory expert/Self - Arms and Armor Expert
Chris Richardson
as Self
Roy Page
as Self - Owner of Roy's Repair-O-Rama
George Stephanopoulos
as Self
Stuart Lutz
as Self
Frank Fritz
as Self
Mike Yamasaki
as Self - Japanese Sword Specialist
Robert C. Moseley Jr.
as Proton Pack Owner/Delorean Owner/Owner of Gray's Sports Almanac/Videobob, Time Machine Owner
Bill Tsagrino
as Self
Kevin Deon
as Customer
Greg Grunberg
as Seller
Richard Wilk
as Self - Self
Mark Sahara
as Self - Coin Expert
Cherry Wainer
as Self
Peter Housley
as Seller
John O'Hurley
as Self
Katie Couric
as Self
Lili Cowan
as Self
Joey Fatone
as Self
Bret Michaels
as Self
Matthew C Shortal
as Self
Richard Harrison
as Self - The Old Man/Self/Self - 'The Old Man'/Self - 'The Spotter'/Self - The Spotter
Gay Blackstone
as Self
Paul Richard Doroshuk
as Seller
Brian Blu
as Buyer
Corey Harrison
as Self/Self - 'Big Hoss'/Self - Big Hoss
Antwaun Austin
as Self
Phil Collen
as Self
Annie Bakes
as Self
Steve Silverstein
as Seller
Jeff Garrett
as Self - Coin Owner/Self - Owner, Mid-American Rare Coin Gallery
Austin 'Chumlee' Russell
as Self/Self - Chumlee/Self - 'Chumlee'

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2009 | 25 Episodes

Season 2

2010 | 33 Episodes

Season 3

2010 | 30 Episodes

Season 4

2011 | 35 Episodes

Season 5

2011 | 30 Episodes

Season 6

2012 | 25 Episodes

Season 7

2012 | 32 Episodes

Season 8

2013 | 45 Episodes

Season 9

2014 | 41 Episodes

Season 10

2014 | 46 Episodes

Season 11

2015 | 42 Episodes

Season 12

2015 | 45 Episodes

Season 13

2016 | 33 Episodes

Season 14

2017 | 30 Episodes

Season 15

2017 | 30 Episodes

Season 16

2019 | 20 Episodes

Season 17

2019 | 28 Episodes

Season 18

2020 | 17 Episodes




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