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October 24, 2021
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About this title


Leslie Knope, a midlevel bureaucrat in an Indiana Parks and Recreation Department, hopes to beautify her town (and boost her own career) by helping local nurse Ann Perkins turn an abandoned construction site into a community park, but what should be a fairly simple project is stymied at every turn by oafish bureaucrats, selfish neighbors, governmental red tape and a myriad of other challenges. Leslie's colleague Tom Haverford, who delights in exploiting his position for personal gain, is as likely to undermine her efforts as to help her, while her boss, Ron Swanson, is adamantly opposed to government in any form, even though he's a bureaucrat himself.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: April 9, 2009

Also Known As: Паркове и отдих, Парки та зони відпочинку |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M, PG), Brazil (Livre) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

indiana, usa

Company Credits

Production Co: Deedle-Dee Productions, 3 Arts Entertainment |  See more »


Daniel Bridges
as Donna's Boss
James M. Connor
as Eugene Pilogrimaldy
Debra Jean Walsh
as Woman #2
Avery Phillips
as Mandy Bil
Frank Medrano
as Ray
Lucy Lawless
as Diane Lewis
Adrian Zeigler
as DJ Bluntz
Nick Offerman
as Ron Swanson
Gary Moglovkin
as Gary
Rob Huebel
as Harvey Spielyorm
Kyle R. Robinson
as Abe Lincoln
Amber Friendly
as Summer Olé-Kracken Frogfrong
Loretta Shenosky
as Nicole
Heidi Klum
as Ulee Danssen
Robert W. Arbogast
as Clervice Rosewater
Annalise Basso
as Abigail
Marty Kimble
as Groomsman
Chrystale Davis
as Ladybug
Barry Ashley
as Barry
JC Gonzalez
as Jhonny
Alyssa Shafer
as Lauren Burkiss
Jim O'Heir
as Jerry Gergich
Ray Starmann
as Party Guest
Brandon McCulloch
as Country Singer
Jeff Sloniker
as Reggie
Ross Donnelly
as Man on Street
Johnny Sneed
as William Barnes
Josh Duvendeck
as Ben
Tania Pilar
as Pageant Contestant
Neil Edmond
as Shopkeeper
Robert Mathis
as Robert Mathis
Judith Drake
as Connie Cabbage
William Mulligan
as Knope Supporter/Bar Patron/Concerned Citizen/VIP Award Dinner Attendee
Mary Garripoli
as Jeannie
Gustavo Peña
as Clem Temple
Tim Trobec
as Steve Ferpl
Alex Morris
as Judge Lankito
Travis Guba
as Roadside Mechanic
Bob Bledsoe
as Dexter
Richard Portnow
as Mitch Savner
Shel Rasten
as Xander
Caitlin Carver
as Chard Girl/Dancing Tooth
Natalie Stephany Aguilar
as SF Tourist
Joe Foust
as John
Jelani Quinn
as Dong Swanson
Sydney Endicott
as Madison
Greg Derelian
as Businessman
Christopher Wolfe
as Tyyler
Silawn Lewis
as City Hall Worker
Peter Serafinowicz
as Lord Edgar Covington
Bradley Whitford
as Councilman Pillner
Chuck Spitler
as Leopald
Michael Patrick Breen
as Banquet Attendee
Bobby Reed
as Grover
Rod McCary
as Judge Reinletgo
Michael Eauslin
as Pawnee Resident
Shauna Markey
as Carol
Michael Daniel Cassady
as Devin L. Tourguide
Jason Duplissea
as Earl Krunchow
Owen Burke
as Nolan Del Mornch
David Hadinger
as Man #1
Shannon Berry
as Office Worker
Kelly Washington
as Allison Gliffert
David Wells
as Sherm Biancalana
Bob Telford
as Walden Wencythe-Hoffstrike
Kelly Holden Bashar
as Deborah
Matt Besser
as Crazy Ira
Tatyana Saba
as Party Guest
Georgia Hubley
as Bobby Knight Ranger Drummer
Cameron Krugman
as Mason
James Greene
as Councilman Milton/Councilman Fielding Milton
Trevor Hammonds
as Gala Attendee/Roller Skater/Townsperson
Terryn Westbrook
as Kim
Jonathan Erickson Eisley
as Blue Collar Contractor
Courtney Lamb
as Reporter #2
Terri Hoyos
as Rita Ludgate
Mino Mackic
as Reporter
Fred Cross
as Ted
Michael Eisenstein
as Mouse Rat Guitarist
Colin Meloy
as Colin Meloy
Roderick McCarthy
as Roger
Derek Baynham
as Georges
Jeanne Simpson
as Diane
Ryan Hartwig
as Denver
Alan Davis
as Aide
Jim Jansen
as Stuart
Peter Allen Vogt
as Chef Krantz
Margaret Newborn
as Townsperson/Fair Worker/Graduation Attendee/Parks and Rec Worker/Wedding Guest
Janet Song
as Woman #1
Kurt Koehler
as Zamber Grelf
Valerie Humbard
as Bobby Newport Supporter/Eagleton Citizen
Craig Tovey
as Dave
Darin Toonder
as Tadnork Sprummith
Teresa Reilly
as Kitty Goodbye
Leila Almas Rose
as Kernston's Queen
Zoe Belle
as Leah
Eric Flenner
as Jack Flelff
Danny Belford
as Eagletonian/New Parks Worker
Steven Liu
as Zack
Robert Pine
as Herb
Alison Becker
as Shauna Malwae-Tweep
Carl Reiner
as Ned Jones
Allan McLeod
as Trodd Frankensteip
David C. Scott
as Eagletonian Smith
Lennon Wynn
as Little Girl
Glenne Headly
as Julia Wyatt
Victoria Kelleher
as Courtney
Melanie MacQueen
as 70 Yr. Old Woman
Patrick Weil
as Accountant/Pawnee Turkey Leg Vendor
Kate Danley
as Woman #4
Mara Marini
as Brandi Maxxxx
James Sharpe
as Jack
Craig Stepp
as Glenn Furgiolio
Breon Gorman
as Penny
Barbara King
as Peggy
Dani Fish
as Lauren
Kristen Bell
as Ingrid De Forest
Falene Nurse
as Flirty Boutique Girl
Moni Akiwowo
as Enormous Kenny's Fried Dough Stand and Mobile Phone Emporium Owner
Madeleine Albright
as Madeleine Albright
Caroline O'Neil
as Accountant
Amber Marie Hunt
as Eagleton Parent
Kate Martin
as Betsy
Hamilton Mitchell
as Bill Haggerty
Jason E. Kelley
as Maintenance Worker
Leslie Taylor
as Fishing Permit Lady
Bayne Gibby
as Shelly
Reece Kirk
as Delwynn Burfigg
Katie Gill
as Gladys Gergich
Alexandria Tyson
as Wedding Guest
Nick Bush
as Jim
Cory Booker
as Cory Booker
Jay Jackson
as Perd Hapley
Audrey P. Scott
as Young Leslie
Debra Mooney
as Rosie Demarco
Rob Kerkovich
as Dirk
Kamala Jones
as Trish
Bradley Fisher
as Stage Manager/Lil Sebastian mourner
Jenny Slate
as Mona-Lisa Saperstein
Dominic Dierkes
as Pete
Seth Morris
as Mike Patterson
Rob Deas
as Restaurant Patron
Joe Souza
as Liam Bonneville
Tim Acres
as Bartender #1
Bruno Alexander
as Bob Manager
Carrie Wampler
as Lucy Taylor
Janell Winkler
as Receptionist
Luke Colombero
as Joey
Tami D'Addio
as Kim
Will McLaughlin
as Officer Killnose/Officer Randy Killnose/Officer Randy
Maliabeth Johnson
as Miriam Gergich
Cheyenne Nugent
as Waitress #1
Antonina Henderson
as Roller Skater
Buck Acosta
as Blotchy Balled Husband
Linda Wörndl
as Administrative Worker
Max Barakat
as Howard Feinberg
Chris Valentine
as All-American Pawnee
Rhomeyn Johnson
as Chief Fugleberg
Brittany Oaks
as Ssassandra Ssassnorp
Harris Wittels
as Harris
Mel Cowan
as Red-Faced Man
Louis C.K.
as Dave Sanderson
Justin Theroux
as Justin Anderson
Nicholas Hormann
as Martin Kernston
Lukas Martin
as Max Amil
Ashley Shewell
as Nightclub Patron
Craig Irwin
as Gary
Sylvia Sims
as Patron
Al Sotto
as Tourist
Nick Toth
as Producer
John Dragonetti
as John Dragonetti
Nate Query
as Nate Query
Natalie Morales
as Lucy Santo Domingo
Gregory White
as Doug
Samantha O'Mara-Mezzano
as Prom Student
Ben Guenther
as Casino Blackjack Player
Daniel Rees McDonald
as Prom Student
Nick Holmes
as Sterp
Kasey Shirk
as Telethon coordinator
Matt Schwartz
as Party-Goer
Anne B. Scott
as Newport Campaign Intern
Lee de Broux
as Terrence
Rosanna Pansino
as Holiday Elf
Eric Isenhower
as Orin
Fred Armisen
as Raul
Jesse Heiman
as Water Fountain Drinker
Sullivan Jones
as Alonzo
Denver Smith
as Herman
Sam Carson
as Walter Fungerson
Michael Maccarone
as Walter Klarmingbing
Caroline Hall
as Barbara Brabrababar
Jeryl Prescott
as Bank Teller
Ben Zelevansky
as Ranger Patrick
Frank Crim
as Janitor
Brian D. Katz
as Jeff (of Jeff's Savings & Loan)
Kelly Pendygraft
as Gretzky-Susan Pelligrino
Brian Harvey
as Red Haired Man
Kyle Cartieri
as Ken
Alexander Stamm
as Casey Jomes
Kurt Havlick
as Security Guard
Waymond Lee
as Spectator/Town Hall Attendee
Duane R. Shepard Sr.
as Emcee
Jessica St. Clair
as Denise Burkiss
Chris Kelley
as Townsman
Jorma Taccone
as Roscoe Santangelo
Danielle Kennedy
as Reporter/Winter Carümba-Yecti Rabrabbit
Marcus Folmar
as Marcus
Peter Porte
as Carl
Patricia Clarkson
as Tammy Swanson I
Murray Gershenz
as Courtney
Sandra Daubert
as Mad Businesswoman
Kevin Rock
as Allenbach
Colter Allison
as Maintenance Worker
Sope Aluko
as Lisa
Barry Ford
as Golm Bimbenders
Clark Freeman
as Park Ranger
Marc Abbink
as Technical Director
Anne Johnson
as Old Lady 1
Jessica Hansen
as Kate
Lauren Katz
as Betty
Andrea Hutchman
as Lisa
Andrew Ableson
Jill Biden
as Jill Biden
Alan Naggar
as Larry
Beth Hall
as Darva Snerman
Jeffrey Markle
as Chance Frenlm
Sarah Wright
as Millicent Gergich
Jeffrey Muller
as Eric
Maria Zambrana
as Memorial Attendee
Lolli Sorenson
as Trina
Steve Wong
as Mr. Eagleton
Brad Slaight
as Horace
Selena O'Sullivan
as Front Row Concert Goer
Veronnica Avila
as Green Park Kid
Nicole Alexandra Shipley
as Van Rental Poster Girl
Nancy Barcellona
as Librarian/Reporter
Virginia Louise Smith
as Florence
Phil Miler
as Jerffus Lerpis
Jon Barinholtz
as Kevin
Louisa Dienst
as Pageant Contestant
Megan Harwick
as Jim Kabernick's Wife
Blake Lee
as Derek
as LeVondrious Meagle
Amy Shulman
as Harpist
Brooke Baumer
as Marci
Jozef Fahey
as Art Patron
Ava Capri
as Evangeline Popular
Lilan Bowden
as Sam Nut
John Deignan
as Tow Truck Driver
Braden Lynch
as Reporter #1
Kayla Simpkins
as Casey
Jamie VanDyke
as Alison
Jonathan Palmer
as Dan
Brendan Hunt
as Man #3
Vincent Angelo
as Ed
Heather McPhaul
as Riley Zumph
Jermain Hollman
as Diner Patron
Ronn Burner
as April's friend
Timothy Hornor
as Jim Ferkman
Erame Okojie
as Tim
Ervin Ross
as Limo Driver
Kevin Symons
as Councilman Dexhart/Bill Dexhart/Councilman Bill Dexhart
Morgan Peter Brown
as Charles
Michael Rothhaar
as Terrence Montreaux
Colton Dunn
as Brett
Gary Weeks
as Nick Newport Jr.
Tylen Jacob Williams
as Charlie
Bruce Green
as Gary
Timothy Buck
as Lawyer
Donnell Turner
as Louis
Chris Tallman
as Wendell Adams
Kay Lopez Koralisse
as Women in Award Ceremony
Paula Pell
as Tamara Swanson
Melinda Cohen
as Evelyn
Devin Sidell
as Brenda
Mellissa Lydia McBride
as Genie Party Guest
Russ Croley
as Members Only Councilman
Dax Shepard
as Hank Muntak
Kristin Hensley
as Karen Lerpiss-Gretzky
Annette Moore
as Unity Concert Singer
Izzy Eggerling
as Chelsea
Joe Biden
as Joe Biden
Tara Jayn
as Bethany
Jennifer Soo
as Switzerland
Karen Teliha
as Beverly/Muriel/Weird Woman
Rod Britt
as George
Chris Gethard
as Kipp Bunthart
Pete Ploszek
as Ellis
Chris Kodama
as Mike
Rylan Lee
as Ivy Lewis
Gil Glasgow
as Carl Turtlehump
Eric Edelstein
as Lawrence
Robert McMurrer
as Meeting Member
Jacob Bertrand
as Darren
Steve Zissis
as Gray/Michael
Mike O'Malley
as Bill Butler
Chiara D'Ambrosio
as Kate's Daughter
Jon Glaser
as Councilman Jamm/Councilman Jeremy Jamm
Jane Morris
as Lauren
Dave Bushnell
as Kurt
Bonita Dorssom
as Parent
Chanelle Lyn
as Costume Attendee
Chris Ghandour
as Town Guest
Kyle Mooney
as Keith
Poonam Basu
as Laura Spengotten
Anver Garbi
as Görkem
Marc Evan Jackson
as Trevor Nelsson
Alexei Petrov
as Prom Student
Stephanie Erb
as Beth
Megan Grano
as Diane
Tom Beyer
as Stan
Harry Boxley
as Joey
Vincent M. Biscione
as Parent
Leonard Robinson
as Officer Golis
Gibby Brand
as Arnold
James Harvey Ward
as Jocky Guy
Bianca D'Ambrosio
as Kate's Daughter
Jessica Tripp
as Graduation Audience
Lisa Dawn Tynes
as Prom Student
Emily Adams
as Janice
Tom Costello
as Jeff
Rob Mainord
as Dave Freemop
Lily Cade
as Tucker's Patron
Andrea Morehead
as Andrea Morehead
Mike Monteleone
as Marvin
Jennifer Hasty
as Dolores
Michael Strassner
as Vaughn Swanson
Jenny Phagan
as Eleanor Puntrupple
Carlo Mendez
as Eduardo
Nancy Lantis
as Gwendolyn
Bil Dwyer
as Paul Shaw
Lauren Shaw
as Kim
Steven Meek
as William
H. Jon Benjamin
as Scott Braddock
Cody Bondurant
as Model UN student
Bruce Jarchow
as Frank Schnable
David Phillips
as Bill Trickfork
Louisa Abernathy
as Grace Callahan
Lillian Adams
as Old Lady 2
Brad Leland
as Fester Trim
Gabriel Baca
as Spectator
Chris Regan
as Dylan Peever
June Diane Raphael
as Tynnyfer
Joe Mande
as Morris/Morris Lerpiss
Jonathan Coulton
as Wayne
Jack Carter
as Gus
Dean Francois
as City Commissioner
Aswad Ali
as Parent
Ian Phillips
as Ian Phillips
Jazmyn Simon
as Waitress
Deb Hiett
as Deb
Brandon J. Sornberger
as Lars
Gavin MacIntosh
as Wayne
Craig Woolson
as Alex
Tina Morasco
as Christine Porter
Frank Noon
as Business Man
Will Rodriguez
as Guy at Bar
August Emerson
as Gunch Merkwell
Stewart Skelton
as Phil
Cole Sand
as Boy at Zoo
J. Rene Pena
as Julie
Jack Burrows
as Pawnee Resident
Jenna Osterlund
as Little Miss Valentine
Mike Nojun Park
as Donny Crumtembler
Hayley O'Connor
as Pawnee Resident
Jesse Keen
as Townsperson
Karen Teune
as Pawnee Park Ranger
Angela McEwan
as Helen
Kathleen M. Darcy
as Evelyn
Sean LoGrasso
as Shots Doctor
Michael O'Hara
as Waiter
Jennifer Lynn O'Hara
as Pawnee City Employee
Cindy Buck
as Fairgoer
Donick Cary
as Vern Palletta
Patrick Coleman Duncan
as Marty Zertzch
Kulap Vilaysack
as Ulani
Brent Briscoe
as JJ
James McNew
as Bobby Knight Ranger Bassist
D. Paul Faulkner
as Lead Notary
Evan O'Brien
as Waiter
Anne Moody
as Bertha
Tia Robinson
as Cowgirl Video Dancer/Dancer for Ginuwine/Dancing Tooth/Gryzzl Dancer
Stacy Allen
as Accountant Two
Robert Hellen
as Man Court Room Audience
Elijah Nelson
as David
Talia Tabin
as Tessa
Billy Merritt
as Scott
Craig Pearman
as Carl/Justice of the Peace
Greg Worswick
as Waiter
David Gerard Robinson
as Pimp
Zoe Bolden
as Little Girl
Rachael Markarian
as Chard Girl
Sam Elliott
as Ron Dunn
Marc Doten
as Bass Player
Carlos Carrasco
as Antonio
Helen Hong
as Janet Trungle
Jeff Holman
as Joe
Donna Silverberg
as Teacher
Julia Mazzucato
as Park Girl
Steve Day
as Steve Day
Cary Huff
as Asst. to Mayor Stice/Knope Campaign Supporter/Stripper's Boyfriend
Ana Rey
as Marta
Harvey J. Alperin
as Dennis Cooper
Brian Huskey
as Morgan
Tonja Kahlens
as Teri Keenly
Teo Briones
as Joey
Lila Waters
as Sally
Andrew Burlinson
as Burly
Kaitlyn Otey
as Triplet #3/Sonia
Marlon John
as Man in Crowd
Horatio Sanz
as Horatio Sanz
Penny L. Moore
as Puppy Lady
Brenda Ballard
as Rose
Craig Shoemaker
as Wilson Gromling
Christina Webb
as Flirty Radio Girl
Tyler Schnabel
as DC Intern
Bo Burnham
as Chipp McCapp
Robert Machray
as Walt
Dana Gould
as Guy Who Asks for Mort
Parker Posey
as Lindsay Carlisle Shay
Kelly Bacon
as Reporter
Justin Uretz
as Fred the Sled
William Pawlak
as Soccer Player #1
Bill Coelius
as Nermal
Kevan Peterson
as Christmas Party Guest
Sara Van Horn
as Gretel
as Russia
Julie Roy
as Julie
Steven Whitmore
as Bouncer
Ramani Leah
as Sweetums Girl
Rachael Drummond
as Louise
Reggie Wayne
as Reggie Wayne
William Walton
as Bartender
Fran Severini
as Chipper Lady
Yolanda Snowball
as Crying Woman
Jim Hoffmaster
as Carl
Deborah Puette
as Cathy
John Lee Ames
as Criminal
Julie Brister
as Gloria Muchakk
Ron Perkins
as George
Don McManus
as Randall
Keri Marie Thompson
as Cones of Dunshire Player
David Stanford
as Horatio
Scott Michael Morgan
as Skipper
Maura Soden
as Rebecca Varuvian
Jonathan D. Black
as Airport Traveler/Bubble Boy/J.J. Diners Patron
Sandra Medina
as Community Center Teacher
Gary Kraus
as Gene Strackwell
Zoe Sharpe
as Shelly
Aubrey Plaza
as April Ludgate
Phoenix Cirillo
as Boy Face Painted in Fair
Kaliko Kauahi
as Khongordzol
Paul Rudd
as Bobby Newport
Dee Baldus
as Beverly
Aziz Ansari
as Tom Haverford
J.W. Wolterman
as Steve
Patrick Gilbert
as Lester Kanopf
Lyle Kanouse
as Joe Campopiano
Tyler Cook
as Stephan
John Sloman
as Doug
Dana Frances
as Hallway Woman
Carol Lyn Black
as Emily
Judy Fisher
as Woman #3
Samantha Albert
as Tracy
William Charlton
as Carter Veustingham
Todd Grinnell
as Nate
Dakin Matthews
as David
Chelsea Peretti
as Zelda
Miles Plumlee
as Miles Plumlee
Michael D. Roberts
as Joe
Adam Scott
as Ben Wyatt
Elizabeth Sandy
as Alexis
Aubyn Philabaum
as Dana
Brian Foreman
as Reception Attendee
Jack Wallace
as Clarence
Michael Patrick McGill
as Sanitation Steve
Benjamin Pitz
as Concert Crowd
Caroline Fogarty
as Sasha Dunkirk
Jon Zepp
as Gryzzle Workder
Stephen Stanton
as Political Ad Announcer
Brady Smith
as Grant Larson
Barbara Boxer
as Barbara Boxer
Hal Williams
as Albert Meagle
Jeris Poindexter
as George
Keegan-Michael Key
as Joe Meagle
Josh Pence
as Cowboy
Jesse Mackey
as Ken Erdedy
Kirsten Gillibrand
as Kirsten Gillibrand
Martha Cary
as Janette
Polly Humphreys
as Gloria
Cooper Thornton
as Dr. Harris
Annie O'Donnell
as Elsa
Jessica Barth
as Katherine
Loudon Wainwright III
as Barry
Mitchell Edmonds
as Gustin Kippman
Julie Wittner
as Stacey
Kathleen Coyne
as Justice of the Peace
Bruce M. Stockert
as Man at Diner
Hal Havins
as Paul
Jason Boegh
as Bartender
April Eden
as Trish Ianetta
Frank Kopyc
as Rich Gurdmin
Pat Crawford Brown
as Andy's Grandma
Bryce Hurless
as Older Boy
Sean Blodgett
as Dr. Mitch Fortch
Richard Bon Bon Centeno
as Model U.N. Student
Emily Spivey
as Dr. Van Dyne
Christopher Lusti
as Reporter
Steve Guilmette
as Chip
Matt Hinkley
as Stage Manager
Cecelia Specht
as Award Woman
Samuel Goldman
as Dan
Kelvin Millhouse
as Stephen
Mark Rivers
as Rivers/Drummer/Mark/Scarecrow Boat Drums
Ian Roberts
as Ian Winston
John Colella
as Marv Vavavma
Ashton Bingham
as Bulgaria
Brad Hall
as Wreston St. James
Julia Silverman
as Florence
Dmitri Schuyler-Linch
as Chignole
Chris Pratt
as Andy Dwyer
Terry F. Smith
as Townsperson
Galyn Görg
as Josephina Academia
Sandy Piña
as Tourist Girl
Helen Slayton-Hughes
as Ethel Beavers
Aly Mawji
as Ragiv
Ira Kaplan
as Bobby Knight Ranger Keyboardist
Roger Eschbacher
as Manager
Jonathan Spencer
as Lonnie
Danilo Di Julio
as Bartender
Mike Mitchell
as Bjorn Lerpiss
Richard Dunn
as 110 Year Old Man
Tyler Nunes
as Kevin
Randy Kovitz
as Terrence
Amy Poehler
as Leslie Knope
Shawn Parsons
as Brian
Cici Leah Campbell
as Memorial Attendee
Deirdre Wall
as Becky
Andy Samberg
as Carl Lorthner
Kimelia Weathers
as Congressional Aide
Kirk Fox
as Joe
Krystal M. Harris
as Jennifer
Jade Holden
as Girl Watching Concert
Claudia Michelle Wallace
as Complaining Woman
Kurt Long
as Bill
Adam J. Harrington
as Congressman Murray
Jill Basey
as Erica Weekstrong
Barbara Niven
as June Hartwell
Mike Polli
as Mover
John Balma
as Barney/Barney Varmn
Kathryn Hahn
as Jennifer Barkley
Danny Cho
as China Joe
Tim Padilla
as Protestor
Tuc Watkins
as Pistol Pete
Patton Oswalt
as Garth Blundin
Jordi Vilasuso
as Enrico
DeMarco Davis
as Secret Service
Chris Conlon
as VP Biden's Secret Service
Erinn Hayes
as Annabel Porter
Neal McNeil
as Tourist
Jen Oda
as Kiki
Brian McCann
as Freddy Spaghetti
Jim Hanna
as Bill
Peter Bonerz
as Doug Demarco
Vanessa Vander Pluym
as Stacy
Aimee Parker
as Checkout Girl
Christopher Baskerville
as Library People
Dan Castellaneta
as Derry Murbles
Drew Rausch
as Jeremy Bullbell
Kimberly Wannop
as Roulette Dealer
Tracy Howe
as Officer Skorggel
Mark Berry
as Officer Merffl
Tony Forsmark
as Jacquizz Upon-Gretzky-Lerpiss
Brendan Ford
as Roger
Greg Vrotsos
as Nikko
Sharon Battle
as Nurse
John Hodgman
as August Clementine
Carol Avery
as Abby Fenr
James Defalco
as Distinguished Partygoer
Will Forte
as Kelly Larson
Rick L. Dean
as Photographer
Barry Sigismondi
as Fire Chief
Tyler F. Anderson
as Parking Attendent
Brady Cook
as Bobby Newport Friend
Sara Sanderson
as Cindi
Marilyn Monrovia
as Very Good Office Worker
Michael Shoemaker
as Randy Steptaszkji
Tucker Brown
as James the Inventor
Brian Fortuna
as David
Andie Bolt
as Kate Gompert
Courtney Cook
as Dee Dee
Jim Meskimen
as Martin Housely
Terrence Beasor
as Ed
Andy Forrest
as Kyle
Courtney Akbar
as Graduate
Rebecca Klingler
as Janicia Wellmark
Mandolyn McIntyre
as Lil Sebastian Fan
Destiny Mason
as Park Kid
Sean Hayes
as Buddy Wood
Liz Femi
as Alyssa Shanes
Jeffrey Hutchinson
as Tim Jemmersting
Adam Vinatieri
as Adam Vinatieri
Biff Yeager
as George/Lenny
Greg Yoder
as EMT
Harrison Schick
as Wesley Knope-Wyatt
Anastasia Ganias
as Brandy
Ramon Calzada
as Small Business Owner
Anne Giovanni
as Banquet Guest/Pawnee Citizen
Mark Saul
as Ted
Matt Kelley
as Waiter
Allison Poccia
as Kim
Lisa Rodriguez
as Mom in Park
Amelie Romanet
as Hot City Hall Chick
Rick Fitts
as Dr. Lipp Nerpins
Becky Thyre
as Tania
Pearl Charles
as Daphne Dorlth
Rashida Jones
as Ann Perkins
Josh Breeding
as Terk Rastersnyke
Mike Mauloff
as Bouncer
Katerina Kopel
as Melissa
Herbert Russell
as Lon Swanson
Andy Kreiss
as Alec
James Albert
as Orbert
Steve Tom
as Principal Russell
Roy Hibbert
as Roy Hibbert
Matt Walsh
as Leonard Tchulm
Darlene Hunt
as Marcia Langman
Ryan Dorsey
as Taylor Mitsch
James Ball
as Phil
Matthew K. Moore
as Pawnee Citizen
Chris Bauer
as Harold
Kurt Scholler
as Police Officer #3
Kenny Stevenson
as Jim Kabernick
Danny Vasquez
as John
Maxine Hayden
as Woman #5
Ashley Martin
as Bar Patron
Paul Schneider
as Mark Brendanawicz
Henry Winkler
as Dr. Lu Saperstein
Alan Yang
as Chang/Bass Player/Scarecrow Boat Bass
Rachel Dratch
as Roz Pinwheel
Robert Rueda
as Pawnee Town Hall Member
Yvans Jourdain
as Councilman Howser/Councilman Douglass Howser
Meg Wolf
as Woman
Jon Daly
as John
Tahmus Rounds
as Zookeeper
Matthew W. Allen
as Waiter
Bonnie Bartlett
as Paula Horke
Braeden Baade
as Male Model
John Ellison Conlee
as Larry Ludgate
Dave King
as Kurt Lerpiss
Katie Dippold
as Credit Card Rep on Phone/Mindy/Mindy Marfan/Woman in Line
Cheryl Texiera
as Sierra
Karen Forman
as Becky
Doug Smith
as Horace/Yewner Plake/Cab Driver Doug/Doug
Van Epperson
as Stu Fretch
Paul Rust
as Brian Raisins
Bill Murray
as Walter Gunderson
Richard Voigts
as Bob
Josh Groban
as Josh Groban
Kristin Pfeifer
as Reporter #1
Rowdy Brown
as Pawnee Basketball Player
John Ingle
as Man with Dog
Jake Elliott
as Melvin
Mary Faber
as Kathryn Pinewood
Dan Gilvezan
as Andover Muse
Michael Beeler
as Patron
Blake Anderson
as Mike Bean
Rodney To
as Typhoon
Susan Isaacs
as Martha
Shulie Cowen
as Florence Anne Machine
Christian O'Brien
as Parade Graduate
Annie Sims
as Businesswoman
Ryan Andrew Evans
as Server
Richard Burch
as Herman Lerpiss
Marc Raducci
as Police Officer #4
Annabeth Gish
as Stephanie Wyatt
Bob Larkin
as Old Man
Rebecca Benson
as Gogo Dancer #2
DJ Clark
as Dave
Kerri Higuchi
as Jasmine Hu
Lorenzo dela Rosa
as Lorenzo
Stephanie McVay
as Committee Member
Heather Horton
as Laura
Leslie Gunning
as Bachelorette Party Guest
Nick Kroll
as Howard 'The Douche' Tuttleman
Autumn Butler
as Autumn
Vivian Smallwood
as Muriel
Michelle Obama
as Michelle Obama
Newt Gingrich
as Newt Gingrich
Alexandra Rushfield
as Rebecca Lindshade
Minni Jo
as Natalie Ludgate
Jay Johnston
as Ranger
Jon Paul Burkhart
as Pantomime Horse
as Ginuwine
Cletus Young
as Salvatore
Jonathan Goldstein
as Donnie Rotger
John Storey
as Robert
Arne Starr
as Banquet Guest
Aisha Muharrar
as Kerp Sulsse
Rogelio Douglas Jr.
as Cupid
John Cena
as John Cena
Wolf Muser
as Dr. Clipperton
Bob Bancroft
as Frank Mann
Martin Starr
as Kevin
Esther Povitsky
as Julie
Mark DeSalvo
as New Dad/Rally Crowd
J.K. Simmons
as Mayor Stice
Paul Scheer
as Keef Slertner
Felicia Chong
as Hot Hallway Woman
Philip Ongert
as Telethon Volunteer
Stacey Bender
as Eagletonian
Jon Hamm
as Ed
Kelly Hawthorne
as Jill
Bonita Friedericy
as Maria
Gary W Golden
as El Passenger
Guy Stevenson
as Guy
Dave Gibbs
as Dave Gibbs
Zachary Mitchell
as Josh
Paul Sizemore
as Lew
as Donna Meagle
Gary Rubenstein
as Party Goer #1
Mari Darley-Usmar
as Pawnee Resident
Julia Prud'homme
as Pat
Fred Ochs
as Craig
Chloe Ewing
as Sonia Knope-Wyatt
Matt Offerman
as Don Swanson
Worth Howe
as Charles
Erin Gibson
as Anna
Piper Major
as Dawbrelle Catamaran
Susan Yeagley
as Jessica Wicks
Damion Poitier
as Gregory Gaines
Dan Hewitt Owens
as Lev
Mike Hanford
as Brad
Sarah Gaboury
as Lisa Multaro
Todd Stanton
as Bertram
Burr Middleton
as Clyde
Alex Calloway
as Zach
Samantha Sloyan
as Erica
Zachary Blair Spilkoman
as Model UN student
John Moen
as John Moen
Alanna Boatright
as Michelle
Dalon J. Holland
as Percy Cattube
Jim Irsay
as Jim Irsay
Jeff Tweedy
as Scott Tanner
Linda Lodge
as Sharon
Chris Bosh
as Chris Bosh
Lara Ingraham
as Eileen
David L. Peters
as Party Guest
Fred Stoverink
as Aaron
Rob Lowe
as Chris Traeger
Jason Schwartzman
as Dennis Lerpiss
Boo Arnold
as Len Hugeff
Robin Thorsen
as Maya
Christie Brinkley
as Gayle Gergich
Maribeth Monroe
as Elise Yarktin
Doug Anthony Jones
as Arnold
David Bickford
as Justice Oliver
Judith Moreland
as Evelyn Roushland
Ralph Richeson
as Ghoulish Man
Jenny Anne Hochberg
as Talia
Michael Mallory
as Desk Sergeant
Steven T Stanton
as Donna's Guy
Monica Smith
as Woman #6
Augie Isaac
as Student Reporter
Milton T.J. Taylor
as Ryan
Michael McGreevey
as Preston
Anne Bellamy
as Gretl
Kay Hanley
as Kay Hanley
Emily Maya Mills
as Lisa
Jimmy Smagula
as Peter
Gary Carlos Cervantes
as Manrico Della Rosa
Christopher Murray
as Nick Newport Sr.
Gillian Vigman
as Alexa
Paul Raci
as Eugene
Mark Dyer
as Bobcat Driver
Benjamin Byron Davis
as Foreman George
Werner Herzog
as Keg Jeggings
Brenda Canela
as Rebecca Polkat
Claire Titelman
as Nancy
Carter Edwards
as Bobby
Neil Campbell
as Lerf Kormhyurt
Jonathan Banks
as Steve Wyatt
Andy Anderson
as Josh
Pamela Reed
as Marlene Knope
Phil Reeves
as Paul Iaresco
Jama Williamson
as Wendy Haverford
Christopher Frontiero
as Kevin
Nicholas Molencupp
as DJ
Kincaid Walker
as Averly
Martin Cremer
as Secret service
Martin Chow
as David
David Trice
as Jesse
Kiff VandenHeuvel
as Dewey
Anne Gregory
as Susan
Mo Collins
as Joan Callamezzo
Jimmy Bellinger
as Mike Harlmpton
Philippe Badreau
as Detective
Joseph Berardi
as Drummer
Megan Mullally
as Tammy Swanson II
Liz Benoit
as Tanda
Jon Carlo
as Richard
Brendan Jennings
as Walt Koypond
Carter Weaver
as Triplet #2/Wesley
Tim Weske
as Fencing Instructor
Theron Harrison
as Dog Poop Throwing Boy
Pamela Royce
as Club patron
Linda Montana
as Denise Yermley
Elizabeth Anne Stocks
as Blonde Eagleton
Mike Rylander
as Announcer
Todd Sherry
as Marshall Langman
Andrew Luck
as Andrew Luck
Carole Gutierrez
as Judy Zappossoppazzappossoppaz
Armond Edward Dorsey
as Meagle Family Member
Dan Cole
as Greg Phillips
Daryl Deino
as Audio Operator
Darcy Donavan
as Patty Donkonit
Amy E.
as Irish Dance Contestant
Tonya Cornelisse
as Juliet
Dave Matos
as Reporter #2
Lauren White
as Lacey
Damond Easterwood
as Correspondent
Serena Westphal
as Soccer Player #2
Hailey Sole
as Tina
Leslie Thurston
as Waitress Kendra
Jay Tapaoan
as Frasier
Donna Lazar
as Lalyssa Lerpiss
Jason Mantzoukas
as Dennis Feinstein
Jane Osborn
as Whip-Cracker
Cody Klop
as Greg Pikitis
Carrie Poyer
as Leslie Knope's Twin
Jamie Denbo
as Kim Terlando
Claudia Choi
as Claudia
Detlef Schrempf
as Detlef Schrempf
Iker Amaya
as Ian Phillips
Blanca Pineda
as Graduate
Jenny Conlee
as Jenny Conlee
Danielle Bisutti
as Professor Linda Lonegan
Micah Femia
as Len
Bob Elliot
as Bill
Chris Funk
as Chris Funk
John McCain
as John McCain
Dennis Howard
as Irving
Ashley Wigfield
as Sansa Faramir
Bonnie Bailey-Reed
as Toni Toné Strunkfuster
Ja'Quan Cole
as Campaign Photographer
Hugh O'Brien
as Wealthy Gentleman
Joseph Buttler
as Accountant One
Jack Krizmanich
as Gregg
Sarah Beth Bassak
as Rachel Lerpiss
Connor Barrett
as Hot Dude
Nick Armstrong
as Craig
Ben Begley
as Tyrion Fonzarelli
Federico Dordei
as Elvis
David Diaan
as Saïd
Elizabeth Anweis
as Mary-Marie
Michael A. Templeton
as Restaurant Patron
Todd Berger
as Kip
Mark Colson
as Head Chairman
Jan-Michael Rosner
as Algeria
Christian Schick
as Stephen Knope-Wyatt
Ron T. Young
as Reporter
Patrick Rafferty
as Paul Dijesque
Christopher Clausi
as Carnival Attendee/Dinner Patron
Mike Scully
as Pearl
Corinne Donnelly
as Pawnee Resident
Andy S. Allen
as Pundit
Tahlena Chikami
as Jen Ivinicii
Windell Middlebrooks
as Brian
Eric Edwards
as Larry
Olympia Snowe
as Olympia Snowe
Katy Marcella
as Tom's Bistro Waitress
R. Eric Braun
as China
Anthony Castonzo
as Anthony Castonzo
Steven C. Bennett
as Stanley
Clayton Bright
as Champagne Drinker/City Hall Worker
Eric Pierpoint
as Chief Hugh Trumple
Amy Tolsky
as Lucinda
Abbey McBride
as Probably Jennings
Jaime Moyer
as Roz Degrandis
Melissa Jo Bailey
as Clerk
Harley Graham
as Dakota
Marlena Poles
as Gladys
Eugene Cordero
as Minister Xorpaxx-7
Billy Eichner
as Craig Middlebrooks
Bonnie Hellman
as Woman in Red
Brenna Lampson
as Citizen of Partridge
Jonathan Joss
as Ken Hotate
Maxwell Weaver
as Stephen/Triplet #1
John Larroquette
as Frank Beckerson
Loretta Fox
as Janine Restrepo
Jamison Reeves
as Turk
Megan Amram
as Viv
Nancy DeMars
as Cooking Student
Jay Burns
as Lance
Jonathon Downs
as Pawnee Telephone Volunteer
Jeff Harlan
as Dan Candle
Sadie Salazar
as Zoe Lewis
Tatiana Maslany
as Nadia
Greg Levine
as Jewish Greg
Ebony Burks
as Donna Meagle's Little Sister
Andrew Dinh
as Gryzzl Worker
Jack Scalia
as Howard Kurtzwilder
Mary Beth Eversole
as Pool Mom
Phillip Jordan
as JJ's Waiter
Kristen Ariza
as Janet Snori
Marnie Bozdog
as VIP Award Dinner Attendee
David Henderson
as Drummer
Nicole Pettis
as Paula
Antonia Raftu
as Elizabeth
Tim Baltz
as Zach Harrison
Jennifer Powers
as Cowgirl/Knope Supporter/Voter
Lennon Parham
as Kate
Trian Long Smith
as Frenchelle
Keith Sellon-Wright
as Professor Hal Barnes
Marilyn Mattor
as Girl with Goat
Will Arnett
as Chris
Sean Clements
as Matt Murbles
Staci Roberts Steele
as Bartender #2
David Briner
as New Parks Worker
Alan Bagh
as Attendee Seated in Meeting Room
Jackie Ganz
as April's Girlfriend
Paul Hayes
as John
Michael Gross
as Michael
Ben Schwartz
as Jean-Ralphio Saperstein/Jean-Ralphio
Sophie Cook
as Dancer for Ginuwine/Gryzzl Dancer
Scott Portlock
as Brian
David Weisenberg
as Speedo Man
Randy Masters
as Telethon Magician
Andy Milder
as Freddy
Brian Stack
as Ted
Gloria Henry
as Mary-Elizabeth Clinch
Kevin Dorff
as Derek
Joseph Russo
as Kiley
Ryan Radis
as Jordan
Greta Sesheta
as Reverend Althea Nike
Greg McKenna
as Greg McKenna
Mary Holland
as Victoria Herzog
Orrin Hatch
as Orrin G. Hatch

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