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October 27, 2021
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About this title


The Byrdes and their teenage kids, Charlotte and Jonah, are, for all intents and purposes, an ordinary family with ordinary lives. Except for the job of Marty, a Chicago financial advisor who also serves as the top money launderer for the second largest drug cartel in Mexico. When things go awry, Marty must uproot his family from the skyscrapers of Chicago and relocate to the lazy lake region of the Missouri Ozarks.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: July 21, 2017

Also Known As: 黑錢勝地, Ozark (2017) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

money laundering
drug cartel

Company Credits

Production Co: Zero Gravity Management, Media Rights Capital (MRC)


Erin Elizabeth Burns
as Ms. Mott
Charles Green
as High School Administrator
Miko DeFoor
as Sales Manager
Donna Barbera
as Upscale Gala Guest
Patti Schellhaas
as High Roller Casino Player/Art Gallery Lady/Mexican Resort Lady
Spencer Neville
as Zach
Julia Garner
as Ruth Langmore
Sydney Schulte
as Cashier #2
Brandon Rush
as Captain Locke
Ian Charles Stanley
as Waiter
William G. Tomek
as Bar Patron/FBI Agent
Bernard Bradley Jr.
as Mob Henchman
Renell Gibbs
as Marco
Jonathan D. Williams
as Calvin
Edward Parker
as Strip Club Patron
Melinda Russell
as Shopper
Kaiden J. Johnson
as Boy
Antwan Mills
as Bartender
David Lee Poe Jr.
as Casino Security
Ali Stroker
as Charles-Ann
Brandon Hirsch
as Manager
Blair Jasin
as Young Jacob Snell
Kenny Waymack Jr.
as Baptism Attendees - Gun Men
Hans Marrero
as Man #2
James H Keating
as Young Doctor
Gage Lawson
as Teen at BBQ
Emanuel Perez
as Navarro Extended Family
Tara Lee
as Young Woman
Lex D. Geddings
as Cosgrove Enforcer
J. Gaven Wilde
as Farmer's Market Boy
Scott Rapp
as Officer
Veasna Keo
as Baptism Attendees - Navarro's Men
Allyssa Brooke
as Mother
Rose Machario
as Drug Processor
Molly Leland
as Liz
Scott Deal
as Father Bill
Trey McGriff
as Cosgrove Trucking Guard
Hannah Alline
as Rose
Vignesh Theetharappan
as Casino Patron
Brandon O'Dell
as Broker 2
Gissette Valentin
as Navarro Girlfriend
Juliana Hopkins
as Casino Patron
Babatunde Oyewo
as Shaw Pharmaceutical Executive/Pharmaceutical Executive
Laura Whyte
as Mom
Janet McTeer
as Helen Pierce
Shane Berengue
as Diner Patron/Shane Berengue
Annie Cook
as Margaret
Troy Rudeseal
as Congregation Singer
Christian Chamberlin
as Enforcer 2
Drew Starkey
as Boy
Wendy Prescott Luke
as Casino Patron
Melissa Saint-Amand
as Jade
Jessica Frances Dukes
as Special Agent Maya Miller
Nelson Bonilla
as Nelson
Daniela Gaskie
as Exotic Dancer
Sondra Darlington
as Congregation Singer
Timothy Douglas Perez
as Enforcer #1/Enforcer 1
Jared Simon
as Broker 1
Panuvat Anthony Nanakornpanom
as Delivery Man
Bill Frost
as Henchman
Alisa Harris
as Bank Manager
Mary Shaw
as Gene Bracken
Robert Tinsley
as Casino gambler/Concert Goer/Delivery Man/Police Officer/Smurf
Matthew Brady
as Pete
Victor Turner
as Fire Marshall
Emma Coulter
as Ashley
Ritchie Montgomery
as Devereaux
Kevin L. Johnson
as Sam Dermody
Felicia M. Reyes
as Casino Patron
Samantha Worthen
as Realtor
Andrew Masset
as Boss
Ayami Sakaeda
as Baptism Attendees - Congregants
Robert C. Treveiler
as Sheriff Nix/Sheriff John Nix
Sandy Givelber
as Senator/Art Gallery Gala Member/Court Reporter/Family Guest
Trevor Long
as Cade/Cade Langmore
Anthony Sullivan
as Bank Veep
Joshua Brady
as Paul Rakowski
Kevin Kedgley
as Casino Security Guard
Tammy Arnold
as Ollie Brennan
Charlie Tahan
as Wyatt Langmore/Wyatt
Bryan SilverBax
as Party Goer
Austin Scott Hunter
as Waiter
Ryan Newton
as Strip Club Patron
Jenin Gonzalez
as Baptism Attendees - Congregants
Skylar Gaertner
as Jonah Byrde
Christopher Klorca
as Baptism Attendees - Navarro's Men
Mike Stanley
as Snell Guard
Mimi Fletcher
as Angie
Holly Stevenson
as Sister Alice
Allan Edwards
as Bob Lily
Asher Miles Fallica
as Young Jonah
Cynthia Barrett
as Senator Diane Foreman
Bethany DeZelle
as Ava/Congregation Singer
Blake Burgess
as Mizzou Fan
James William Ballard
as Police Officer
Wendy Price
Philip Fornah
as Amos
Neal Doughty
as Neal Doughty
Derrick Lemmon
as Gambler
Michael Aaron Milligan
as John
Carter Birchwell
as Anthony Zehner
Jacob Evans
as Campaign Worker
Chris Whitley
as Officer #1
Jet Jurgensmeyer
as Young Marty Byrde
Eric Mendenhall
as Hanson Jr.
Alex ter Avest
as Leah
Sandy Burhans
as Fireworks Spectator
Bruce Hall
as Bruce Hall
Maxwell Highsmith
as Legislative Bar Patron
Seth Dousman
as FBI Windbreaker #3
Harris Yulin
as Buddy Dieker
Hannah Pniewski
as Photographer
Jim Gleason
as Russell Hodges
Justin Ortiz
as Baptism Attendees - Gun Men
Sutton Johnston
as Small Boy 2
Sharon Blackwood
as Eugenia Dermody
Al Mitchell
as Ronald Swale
Dustin Lewis
as Terry Foreman
Tracey Bonner
as Senator Welles
Darren Goldstein
as Charles Wilkes
Claire Bronson
as Susan Blake
Sharon Frank
as Hospital Patient
Julia Concolino
as Gambler
Carrie Walrond Hood
as Young Marty's mom
Mickey David
as Senate Staff
Stephen Caudill
as Jackson Day
Josh Randall
as Bruce Liddell
Patricia French
as Lorna
Tom Pelphrey
as Ben Davis
Shakiera Sarai
as Trust Fund Girl
Michael H. Cole
as Senator Cochran
Henry Boston
as Kevin
Joshua Leary
as Juke
Tyler Chase
as Tommy
Kevin Cronin
as Kevin Cronin
James Hutchison III
as Car Jacker #1
Adam Boyer
as Bobby Dean
Kerstyn Murray
as Gambler
Michael R. Ciminna
as Strip Club Patron
Jantzen McDonald
as Three Friend #4
Ryan L. Price
as Casino Patron
Juan Hernandez
as Priest
Opal Littleton
as Young Charlotte
Jeff Glover
as Pool Shark
Sherry Richards
as Clerk
Monica Mathis
as 1970's Restaurant Patron
Pat Young
as Heckler
Carroll M. Johnson
as Boater
Seth Kemp
as Nick
Marc Menchaca
as Russ Langmore
Scot Reddy
as Skinny Redneck
Tweed Michael Manning
as Lake Guest
Nancy De Mayo
as Elena Del Rio
Melissa Kennemore
as High Roller Waitress/REO Speed Wagon Concert Attendee
Ryan Walden
as Three Friend #1
Eric Ladin
as Kerry Stone
Andrew R. Kaplan
as Craps Dealer
Jason Bateman
as Martin 'Marty' Byrde
Gerard Catus
as Pastor
Abby Glover
as Tracy
Lukas Colagross
as Wally
Adam LeFevre
as Carl
Adam Cronan
as Creepy Guy
Ian Gregg
as Tony
Todd Denson
as Trust Fund Guy
Douglas Dickerman
as Gene
Dave Amato
as Dave Amato
Robert Bryan Davis
as Randall
Mariana Paola Vicente
as Blonde Hooker (Fantasy)
Mike Lutz
as Jim Atkins
Felix Solis
as Omar Navarro
Dane MacWhinnie
as College Graduate
Chester E. Tripp III
as Mercer Lumber Truck Driver
Elizabeth Becka
as Clerk
Dani Deetté
as Sheriff Kim Reddick/Medic/Officer Carbone
Kenny Barr
as Bartender
Joseph Sikora
as Frank Cosgrove Jr.
Dayna Beilenson
as Bookstore Employee
Lindsay Weisberg
as Blonde Hooker (Reality)
Grant Henley
as Casino Worker
Brannon Bruno
as Middle Aged Man
Ethan Kook
as Zeke
Jonathan Kleitman
as Young Deputy
Kristopher Charles
as FBI Agent 2
Malone Thomas
as Sherry
Maryann Urbano
as Barb Petty
W.F. Bell
as Pool Player
John Bedford Lloyd
as Frank Cosgrove
Keith D Dooley
as Deputy Sheriff
Chuck Tedder
as Creepy Guy
Vinny Costa
as Concert Attendee/Dancer/Museum Antendee
Alex Beaver
as Danny
Damian Young
as Jim/Jim Rattelsdorf
Casey Mills
as Dealer
Jeff Burhans
as Fireworks Spectator
Stephan Jones
as Guard
John Jacob Anderson
as BBQ Guest
Shay Davila
as Stripper
Lisa Emery
as Darlene Snell
Anthony Vance Pierce
as FBI Agent
Charles Picerni
as Baptism Attendees - Congregants
Zach Catanzareti
Royal Allen
as Motel Manager
Ivan Martin
as Louis Zehner
AC Edwards
as Raul Del Rio
John Cihangir
as Baptism Attendees - Navarro's Men
Meredith Jackson
as Mother
Jeremy Dean
as Three Friend #2
Nathan Andreasen
as Cashier
James Knight
as Frequent Flyer
Dave Hager
as Pop
Sasha Mason
as Girl in Back of Class
Ben Rappaport
as Josh Silverberg
Adam Rothenberg
as Mel Sattem
Shawn Ali
as Windbreaker FBI #2
Ruben Vidal
as Lieutenant Cartel
Christopher Cutillo
as Cosgrove's Guy
Ashlyn Rainn Holmes
as Traveling Kid
Rodney Lee Rogers
as Senator Tim Blake
Diesel Madkins
as FBI Agent 1
Morgan Brown
as Big Redneck
Phi Vu
as Store Customer #3
Darren Sheehan
as Tourist
Lindsay Ayliffe
as Harry
Barrett Doyle
as Male Prostitute
Bethany Anne Lind
as Grace Young
Erica Page
as Janet Rayner
Kage Havok
as Collector
Kathy Dillon
as Congregation Singer
Maxie McClintock
as Young Wife
Gabriel 'G-Rod' Rodriguez
as Tomas
Bryson Truman
as Three Friend #3
Steve Witting
as Bank Manager
Kiley Casciano Davis
as Lulu
Chris Rickett
as Windbreaker
Destiny Lopez
as Farmer's Market Woman
Melissa Kay Glaze
as Stripper
Marceline Hugot
as Anita
Kimberli Lincoln
as Pedestrian
Adrienne Ballenger
as Godparent #2
John Gettier
as Casino Security
Randy Bellard
as Deputy/Officer
Keith Flippen
as Principal/Principal Abbott
Amy Parrish
as Mrs. Jacoby
Bruno Bichir
Aaron Gillespie
as Kenny
Esai Morales
as Del
Keith Nussbaum
as Strip Club Patron
Madison Thompson
as Erin Pierce
Shaan Merchant
as FBI Agent
José Alfredo Fernandez
as Blackjack Dealer
Evan George Vourazeris
as Tuck
Juan Jose Reyes
as Baptism Attendees - Congregants
James Burns
as Pig Roaster
Shay Mack
as New Orleans Jail Guard
Pedro Lopez
as Jorge Mendoza
Mary Kraft
as Family Court Judge
Corey Thouviner
as Construction worker
Elizabeth Carlile
as Townsperson
Shayla Love
as Mom in Waiting Room
Gregory French
as Bank Security Guard
Andrea Andrade
as Bartenders
John Charles Harnett
as Art Patron
Robert Child
as FBI Technician
Jordana Spiro
as Rachel
Rowan Bousaid
as Yardie
Chris Mayers
as Eddie
Karen Wheeling Reynolds
as Elise
Fernando Campos
as Baptism Attendees - Gun Men
Wayne Hughes
as Fisherman
Brian Lafontaine
as Andrew Wade
Christopher Cocke
as Casino Gambler/Gala Attendee/Trucking Company Employee
Melchor Rosabal
as CNF Mexican Special Agent
Dean Grimes
as Groundskeeper
Suzanne Jordan Roush
as Parole Board Officer
Alicia Kelley
as Orderly
Matt Lewis
as Arthur Raynes
Bryan Hitt
as Bryan Hitt
Jill Savel
as Stripper
Thomas Maldonado
as Baptism Attendees - Congregants
Jay DeVon Johnson
as Carlton
Timothy J. Richardson
as Barry/Passerby
Anna Swiney
as School Child
Lucas Kook
as Zeke
Skyler Elyse Philpot
as Rifle Girl at BBQ
Robert Walker Branchaud
as Boss
Joey Thurmond
as Kansas City Mobster
Michael Tourek
as Ash
Ghevon Sebastian
as Vacationer
Christopher James Baker
as Boyd Langmore
Rick Perez
as Cartel Member
Kayte Giralt
as Stripper #2
Jane Oshita
as Baptism Attendees - Congregants
Laura Linney
as Wendy Byrde
Gabrielle Byndloss
as Brenda
Bruce Altman
as Sugarwood
Rachael Thompson
as Lily Langford
Tiffany Denise Hobbs
as Gail Mackenzie
Barry Stoltze
as Warren
Erin Ownbey
as Brianna
Christian Anderson
as Teen Player
Ann Charles Sutton
as Young Ruth
Jesus Trujillo
as Baptism Attendees - Congregants
Victoria Paige Watkins
as Neighbor
Brandon Sauve
as Ralph
Jason Butler Harner
as Roy Petty
Hendley Williams
as Child at BBQ
Benjamin Weaver
as Funeral Mourner
Jonathan Randall Hunter
as Parent at Park
Mason Pike
as Boat Passenger
Sofia Hublitz
as Charlotte Byrde
Brooke Butler
as Young Darlene Snell
Boden Johnston
as Small Boy 1
Sarah McLachlan
as Sarah McLachlan
Peter Mullan
as Jacob Snell
Jackson Beals
as Brock Mercer
Reid Pittman
as Gambler/Local Businessman
Gunner Willis
as Assistant Manager
Blanca Rosa Rosario
as Baptism Attendees - Congregants
McKinley Belcher III
as Agent Trevor Evans
Jimmy Dempster
as Cartel/Nelson Cartel/Nelsons Henchman
Alfonso Herrera
as Javi Elizonndro
Steven Reddington
as Congregation Singer
Carson Holmes
as Three Langmore/Three
Jim Dougherty
as Store Customer #4
Veronica Falcón
as Camila Elizonndro
Jessica Fontaine
as Mrs. Jackson
Ben Peck
as Pilot
Jessejames Locorriere
as Henry
Marc Demeter
as Casino Patron/Maintenance Man
Tessa Anderson
as Baptism Attendees - Congregants
Isaiah Stratton
as Deputy
Victor McCay
as Tom Beecher
Maurice Singletary
as FBI Agent
Megan Hayes
as Rhonda
Dennis Flanagan
as Scotty
Ricky Muse
as Island Charlie
Danielle McGrath Balog
as Funeral Member
Quinn Cooke
as Raven
Martin Feigen
as Strip Club Patron
Jon Prophet
as Brad
Adrienne Johnson
as Bus Traveler
Joseph Melendez
as Garcia
Tess Malis Kincaid
as SAC Clay/Petty's FBI Boss
Ashley Geanett Priest
as Bar pardon
Mariana Novak
as Cheyenne
David Dwyer
as Taylor Hurn
Lucie Carroll
as Art Patron
Terrence Smith
as High Roller #1
Ashley Rae Trisler
as Car Jacker #2
Jill Jane Clements
as Records Clerk
Cade Mansfield Cooksey
as Levi
Eeryn Falk Lubicich
as Market Patron
Marylouise Burke
as Sue Shelby
Tonia N. Usher
as Casino patron
Terrance P. Carson
as Casino Patron
Matthew Atchley
as Art Gallery Patron
Mike Endoso
as Godparent #1
Michael Mosley
as Mason Young
Joy Glover Walters
as Congregation Singer
Christian Finlayson
as Seth
Kj Smith
as Stripper
Lyon Beckwith
as Enforcer #3
Cathy Poley
as Cashier #1
Donovan Williams
as Craps Dealer
Jonathon Pawlowski
as Dad
Demi Castro
as Navarro's Accountant
Lluvia Bermudez
as Casino Winner in Cheesy Commercial
Dean Deck
as Casino Patron
Jay D. Kacho
as Craps Table Boxman
Sloane Warren
as Waitress
Ben Taylor
as Boat Captain
Suehyla El-Attar
as EMT
Charles Story
as Casino patron
Clayton Rohner
as Hanson Sr.
Cassady McClincy
as Anna Sloan
Sean Freeland
as Heroin Dealer
Charlton Hoag
as Park Ranger
Greg Allan Martin
as Storage Owner
Marc Canonizado
as Baptism Attendees - Navarro's Men
Simran Lee Tahla
as Chicago Business Type
D.J. Stavropoulos
as Driver
Madelyn Glover
as Class President
Mary Claire Klooster
as Event Planner
Philip Covin
as Mike Gilroy
Jon Arthur
as Frank Jr's Lawyer
Diane Tavegia
as REO Speed Wagon Concert Attendee
Ashe Milburn
as Cashier
Nathan W. Collins
as Cosgrove Teamster
Justin Randell Brooke
as Young Husband
Jerri Tubbs
as Leader
Brett Gentile
as Les McAlister
Lucas Meinhart
as Young Boy
Shannon Mayers
as Dr. Baden
Royce Stovall
as Doorman at Marco's Drug Den

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2017 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2018 | 10 Episodes

Season 3

2020 | 10 Episodes

Season 4

2021 | 14 Episodes




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