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December 4, 2021
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About this title


After serving as a British Army nurse in World War II, Claire Randall is enjoying a second honeymoon in Scotland with husband Frank, an MI6 officer looking forward to a new career as an Oxford historian. Suddenly, Claire is transported to 1743 and into a mysterious world where her freedom and life are threatened. To survive, she marries Jamie Fraser, a strapping Scots warrior with a complicated past and a disarming sense of humor. A passionate relationship ensues, and Claire is caught between two vastly different men in two inharmonious lives. "Outlander" is adapted from the best-selling books by Diana Gabaldon.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Current

Language: English

Release Date: August 14, 2014

Also Known As: Feuer und Stein, Tuđinka |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

based on novel or book
time travel

Company Credits

Production Co: Tall Ship Productions, Story Mining & Supply Co. |  See more »


Bill Paterson
as Ned Gowan
Melanie Gray
as Margaret Tryon
Andrew John Tait
as Hanlon
Maria Doyle Kennedy
as Jocasta Cameron
Mark Kydd
as Marcus
Kirsty Campbell
as Villager
Fiona Francis
as Lady Grozier
James Robinson
as Greg Edgars
Romann Berrux
as Fergus
Andrew Gower
as Prince Charles Edward Stuart
Jack Gover
as Chamber Servant
Rory Burns
as Young Roger Wakefield
William Meredith
as Anesthesiologist
Marc Alan Nicholson
as Hanged Highlander
Jane MacFarlane
as Pauline
Niall Greig Fulton
as Monsieur Forez
Gary French
as Mr. Haugh
Alex Hope
as Richard Anderson
Tracey Wilkinson
as Mrs. Graham
Gustav Gerdener
as Seaman Jones
Ewan Somers
as Colonial Militiaman #2
Nandi Horak
as Mrs. Olivier
Anja Karmanski
as Ute McGillivray
Robert Cavanah
as Jared Fraser
Tim Downie
as Governor Tryon
Daisy Littlefield
as Burnt Girl
James Conner Ferguson
as Patagonia 1/Villager
Albie Marber
as Elias Pound
Carmen Moore
as Wahkatiiosta
Warren Howarth
as Rory McNeil
Sarah Collier
as Murdina Bug
Paul Luebke
as Dragoon #2
James Parris
as Simon Fraser
Anna Marie Cseh
as Noblewoman #1
Duncan Lacroix
as Murtagh Fraser
John Mawson
as Nobleman #2
Vivi Lepori
as Mamacita
Roger Ringrose
as Dr. Thorne
Luke Oscar Ford
as French Peruvian Brothel Customer
Joanne Gallagher
as Apprehensive Boy's Mother
Ian Hanmore
as Father Anselm
Isobella Hubbard
as Forward Young Woman
Roderick Gilkison
as Hamish
Victor Kalambai
as Abeeku
Lotte Verbeek
as Geillis Duncan/Mrs. Abernathy/Gillian Edgars
Mori Christian
as Highlander Patient
Marcello Walton
as Nobleman #3
Tim Barrow
as Vardanes
Paul Lacoux
as Monsieur Flèche
Jessica Reynolds
as Malva Christie
Darren Jelley
as Jailor 2
Robin B. Smith
as McDaniel
Thapelo Sebogodi
as Temeraire
Robin Scott
as Germain Fraser
Paul Ellard
as French Vendor
Amy Drummond
as Third 'Wife'
Ryan Fletcher
as Corporal MacGregor
Ali Craig
as Dorsey
Kieran Baker
as Lysias
Tim Licata
as Culloden Tourist
Audrey Brisson
as Sister Angelique
Sarah Higgins
as Allina Clerk
Tim Chipping
as Sergeant Southworth
Grant Stott
as Captain Freeman
Caoimhe Clough
as Isobeail
Michael Daviot
as Prisoner 3
Aislín McGuckin
as Letitia MacKenzie
Stuart McMillan
as Captain McPeters
Robert Curtis
as Lieutenant Barnes
Nick Cheales
as Culloden Husband
Richard Ashton
as Marley
Luke Roskell
as Lee Withers
Marie Hacke
as Petronella Mueller
Ainsley Jordan
as Judith Wylie
Lauren Lyle
as Marsali
Gregor Firth
as Kincaid
Steven Blake
as Castle Piper
Kimberly Sinclair
as Molly
Christopher McPhillips
as Private Stevens
John Scougall
as Photographer
Sean Hay
as Donald Cameron of Lochiel
Laura Galley
as Court Lady #2
Cyrielle Debreuil
as Madame Jeanne
Simon Winkler
as Jailor 1
Gregory 'Dominic' Odjig
as Satehoronies
Alexander Vlahos
as Allan Christie
Andrew Steel
as Gathering guest/Young Professor
Gemma Fray
as 10 yrs)/Brianna Randall (8/Young Brianna
Clark Butler
as Willie
Andrew Douglas
as Lout #1
John Sessions
as Arthur Duncan
Robbie McIntosh
as Magnus
Nic Rasenti
as Hogan
Colin Stinton
as Dean Jackson
Christopher James Healy
as Wilmington Sailor
Daniel Kerr
as Tammas
Megan McGuire
as Mabel
Christian Perez
as Port Official
James Ringer Beck
as Private Griswold
Marc Duret
as Duverney
Mitchell Mullen
as Dean Tramble
Alex Mason
as Mid - Shipman/Persian Actor/Red Coat
Donald Gillies
as William Talbot
Gaia Weiss
as Comtesse St. Germain
James Barriscale
as Farquard Campbell
Leon Herbert
as Eutroclus
Gary Young
as Mr. Willoughby
Charles Taylor
as Militia
Bronwyn James
as Fanny Beardsley
Sion Tudor Owen
as Silas Hawkins
Kenny Blyth
as Duello Official
Wesley French
as Chief Nawohali
Naomi Neilson
as Mabel
James Gaddas
as Judge Martin Atticus
Morven Macbeth
as Nurse
Nell Hudson
as Laoghaire MacKenzie
Sharon Young
as Mrs. Laurence
Rhys Parry Jones
as Warden 3
Katharine Gwen
as Noblewoman #2
Jamie Kennedy
as Rabbie McNab
Dawn Chandler
as Records Clerk
Harry Capehorn
as Redcoat Officer
Lee Boardman
as Lieutenant Wolff
David Elliot
as Army Doctor
Annette Badland
as Mrs. Fitzgibbons
Gerald Tyler
as Arvin Hodgepile
Anita Vettesse
as Margaret Chisholm
Gerry McLaughlin
as Constable Boyle
Wil Johnson
as Joe Abernathy
Martin Delaney
as Jerry Nelson
Eliza Langland
as Elderly Woman
Kirsty Stuart
as Ceilidh Caller
Jack Stewart
as Charles Morgan
Andrew McIntosh
as Peter (Shopkeeper)
Jerome Holder
as Rufus
Iona Claire
as Fiona Graham/Fiona Buchan
Robert Read
as Warden 1
Gerry Kielty
as Kyle
Roderick MacKenzie
as Red Coat
Lucy Hollis
as Jeanie Hume
Jacob Pratt
as Cherokee Warrior
Andrew Still
as Soldier 1
Edward Fulton
as Tavern Keeper
Joe Maitland
as Plantation Owner
Simon Harrison
as George Washington
Carole Anders
as Ruth Aberfeldy
Nicola Ransom
as Rosewitha Mueller
Christopher Fairbank
as Aaron Beardsley
Martin Burns
as Beathan Young
Gary Lamont
as Evan Lindsay
Patrick O'Brien
as Killian
Andrew Adair
as Jemmy Mackenzie/Jemmy MacKenzie
Billy Boyd
as Gerald Forbes
Ben Clifford
as Apothecary Clerk
Ben Bradley
as Redcoat/Highlander/WWII Soldier
Darren Mitchell
as Highlander/Villager
Joel Rosenblatt
as Henry
Richard Cant
as Collins
Kern Falconer
as Kilgore
Jake Ferretti
as Clansman 2
Ross Mann
as Beaufort Servant
Chris Donald
as Philip Wylie/Phillip Wylie
Gillebride MacMillan
as Gwyllyn the Bard
Geoffrey McGivern
as Dr. Simms
Paddy Wallace
as Scruffy G.I.
Una McDade
as Archivist
Adrian Collins
as Diogo
Jim Sweeney
as Andrew MacDonald
Frazer Hines
as Sir Fletcher Gordon
Rufus Wright
as Captain Lewis
Crystle Lightning
as Giduhwa
Fabien Lucciarini
as Patagonia Captain
Seylan Baxter
as Woman Patient
Richard Rankin
as Roger Wakefield
Adrienne-Marie Zitt
as Suzette
Pamela Hanson
as Mother
Matthew Adair
as Jemmy Mackenzie/Jemmy MacKenzie
Andrew Steele
as Judge Alderdyce
Johnny Austin
as John Macrae
Kate Donnelly
as Muriel
Cameron Robertson
as Manzetti
Andrea Dolente
as Danton
Greg Esplin
as Hamish
Charlie McAllister
as Baby Jemmy MacKenzie
Ajuawak Kapashesit
as Raven of Keowee
Stephen McCole
as Graham Menzies
Nigel Betts
as Aloysius Murphy
Mark Jeary
as Private Edward Richards
Jamie Scott Gordon
as Artist
César Domboy
as Fergus/Fergus Fraser
Laverne Edmonds
as Maid
Scott Kyle
as Ross
Alastair Findlay
as Duncan Innes
Kevin Edgar
as Gypsy Villager/Scared Villager
Martin Docherty
as Mackay
Hayley Doherty
as Rose Brown
Miles Richardson
as Colonel Chadwick
Ben Kgosimore
as Carriage Attendant
Francis Magee
as Crenshaw
Mark Spiden
as Redcoat Officer/Royal Engineer private
Godfrey Johnson
as Sailmaker
Gowan Calder
as Innkeeper's Wife
Zach McCullough
as Baker's Boy
Greg Parves
as Slave Buyer
Kimberley Nixon
as Millie/Millie Nelson
Mark Prendergast
as Alistair Duffie
Nick Cornwall
as Prison Officer
Jessica Preddy
as Nurse (Hospital)
Stuart Mower
as Villager, Student
John Clyde
as Guard 1
John-Christian Bateman
as Advisor
Urs Rechn
as Gerhard Muller
Ryan Gilks
as King's Guard
Rebecca Dorrian
as Festival Goer
Douglas Henshall
as Taran MacQuarrie
Cameron Jack
as Overseer Byrnes
Belle Jones
as Shirley
Liam Carney
as Old Alec
Tom Jackson
as Tehwahsehkwe
Caitlin Ward
as Marion
Sabrina John
as Festival Visitor
Graeme McKnight
as Private McGinnis
Paul Tinto
as Rob MacDonald
Shawn Paul Hastings
as Militia Man
Stuart McQuarrie
as Tim Baird
Michèle Belgrand-Hodgson
as Madame Elise
Symon Macintyre
as Puppeteer
Margaret Fraser
as Mrs. Crook
Simon Donaldson
as Captain of the Guard
Siobhan Miller
as Singer
Sarah Belcher
as Meg Brown
Connor McIndoe
as Hiram Brown
Zoe Barker
as Brighid
Euan Cuthbertson
as Soldier 2
Brennan Martin
as Wendigo Donner
Alexis Rodney
as Tebbe
Maggie Macleod
as Mrs. Alderdyce
Keith Lomas
as Parisian Gentleman/Street Trader
Valerie Edmond
as Donalda Gilchrist
Michael Monroe
as Cuddy Brown
Grace Calder
as Painted Lady
Kathryn Howden
as Mrs. Baird
Stuart Falconer
as Drunk
Hannah James
as Lady Geneva Dunsany
Albert Welling
as Pastor Gottfried
Ian Dunn
as Captain Yates
Louise Oliver
as Prudence Forbes
Julian Wadham
as Lord General George Murray
Dylan Blore
as Young Man
Leonard Cook
as Dragoon Lieutenant
Paul Brightwell
as Sir Percival Turner
David Walker
as Clansman 1
Matt Butcher
as Captain of the Guard
Sophie Skelton
as Brianna Randall Fraser
Ciaron Kelly
as Ernie
Braeden Clarke
as Kaheroton
Hilary Lyon
as Patty Baird
Lorraine McIntosh
as Mrs. Sylvie
Kevin Mains
as Andrew Gow
Ryan Havelin
as Corporal Benton
Callum Coates
as John Evans
Richard Gadd
as Duff
John Wark
as Detective Collins
Laura Ferries
as Hester
Shane Quigley Murphy
as Patrick
Christopher Bowen
as Hector Cameron
Francesco Piacentini-Smith
as Iain Og Findlay
Zachary Robertson
as Apprehensive Boy
James Young
as Alexander MacDonald
Alison Pargeter
as Margaret Campbell
John Mackie
as Malachi Fyke
Mark Lewis Jones
as Tom Christie
Peter Warnock
as Captain Howard
David Berry
as Lord John Grey
Yan Tual
as Father Alexandre Ferigault
Caitlin O'Ryan
as Lizzie Wemyss
Howard Corlett
as Jules de Rohan
Josh Whitelaw
as Ethan MacKinnon/Ethan Mackinnon
Aaron Wright
as Wee Jamie
Nathan Lynn
as Joe Howard
Billy Griffin Jr.
as Corporal Grant
Milton Schorr
as Slave Trader
Natalie Simpson
as Phaedre
Geoffrey Newland
as Mr. Lillington
Niamh Elwell
as Young Brianna
Calum Cormack
as Fire Brigade Captain
John Mclarnon
as Killick
Amy Alexander
as Rose
Graeme Stirling
as Mr. Stanhope
Kim Bergsagel
as Puppeteer 2
Will Richards
as Private Jenkins
Gary Lind
as Absalom
Scott Hoatson
as Sandringham's Messenger
Greg Powrie
as Burton
Sarah MacRae
as Sandy
Joanna Harte
as Nurse
Matthew Dylan Roberts
as Auctioneer
Stephen Clyde
as Robert Barlow
Ilario Calvo
as Father Laurentin
Joel Okocha
as Thomas
Colin McCredie
as Farmer
Peter Collins
as Sergeant Heyns
Nicholas Aaron
as Arnold
Rachel McCreath
as Mairi
Donald Sinclair
as Fingal Duncan
David MacKenzie
as Kyle
Martin Donaghy
as Bryan Cranna
Tantoo Cardinal
as Adawehi
Bridget McCann
as Alice McMurdo
Richard Dillane
as Captain Raines
Hilary Maclean
as Edina
Garry Summers
as Anaesthesiologist
Brett Williams
as Mr. Olivier
Patrick Lavisa
as Atlas
Stuart Campbell
as Rabbie MacNab
Douglas Russell
as Lennox
Brendan Patricks
as Captain Clermont
Shonagh Price
as Female Guest
Paul Charlton
as Duncan
Samuel Pashby
as Danny Graham
Eric Robertson
as Merchant
Tom Brittney
as Lieutenant Jeremy Foster/Lieutenant Foster
Trevor Carroll
as Otter Tooth
Douglas Reith
as Professor Brown
Joshua Mayes-Cooper
as Redcoat 2
Tom Hardwicke
as Gotarzes
Sean McKee
as Jailor 3
Margaux Chatelier
as Annalise de Marillac
Apolinhalo Antonio
as Hercules
Caleb Hughes
as Redcoat
Pep Thompson
as Highlander/Militia Man/Sailor/Warden
Mark Elderkin
as Army Officer
Martin McBride
as Soldier #2
James Doherty
as Charles Turnbull
Charlotte Asprey
as Phoebe Sherston
Nick Gordon
as Hanged Highlander
Shannon Swan
as Senga
Alec Newman
as Joseph Wemyss
Rhys Lambert
as Young Jamie (10 yrs)
Tom Cox
as Colonel James Gardner
Nick Fletcher
as Father Fogden
Lynsey-Anne Moffat
as Mrs. Baxter
Marty Chiefcalf
as Cherokee
Rupert Vansittart
as Lord William Dunsany
Stanley Weber
as Comte St. Germain
Laurence Dobiesz
as Alex Randall
Amanda Marment
as Tavern Bar Maid
Jessica Walsh
as Lucille Olivier
Anna Burnett
as Alicia Brown
Ian Reddington
as Harry Tompkins
Laura Donnelly
as Jenny Fraser
Diana Gabaldon
as Iona MacTavish
Bryan Larkin
as Geordie
Mark Hadfield
as Archibald Campbell
Helen McAlpine
as Mrs. Shepherd
Sam Heughan
as Jamie Fraser
Laudo Liebenberg
as Erasmo
Steve Hay
as Gypsy 1
Elizabeth Appleby
as Martha Washington
Ali Macdonald Ross
as Galloway
Hugh Ross
as Arch Bug
Chris Larkin
as Richard Brown
Lionel Lingelser
as King Louis
Will Alexander
as Redcoat Lieutenant
Jack Eyers
as Wounded Soldier
Amani Zardoe
as Court Lady #1
James Groom
as Harry
Olivia Morgan
as Sally
Kgaugelo Madisha
as Branded Female Slave
Lawrence Joffe
as Bernard Cosworth
Leah Shine
as Eppie
Emma Campbell-Jones
as Mary MacNab
Alisdair Gilbert
as French merchant/French trader/Parisian
Kirsty Strain
as Peggy
Zak McCullough
as Baker's Boy
Paul Gorman
as Josiah Beardsley/Josiah/Keziah Beardsley
James MacKenzie
as Caleb
Clive Hayward
as Quincy Arbuckle
Edward Kingham
as British Sentry
Andrew Whipp
as Brian Fraser
Robert Williamson
as Torcall Iverson
Muireann Bird
as Lucinda Brown
Chanelle de Jager
as Annekje Johansen
Elysia Welch
as Morag MacKenzie
Mbulelo Grootboom
as Caller
Mat Urey
as Sergeant Scott
Sarah Doran
as Guest at Governor's Ball
Simona Brown
as Gayle
John Michael-Love
as Burly Man
Stephen Mitchell
as Father Beggs
Charles Jamieson
as Mr. Berrow
Gerard Horan
as Quartermaster John O'Sullivan
Clare Yuille
as Army Nurse
Martin Brodie
as Seorise Ward
David Goodall
as Foreman
Thomas Mugglestone
as Henry Jones
Stephen Walters
as Angus Mhor
Linda Jane Devlin
as Morag
Stephen Bisland
as British Soldier
Colin McFarlane
as Ulysses
Ian Targett
as Shopkeeper
Matthew Steer
as Lt. Hughes
Nicola Jo Cully
as Nonie Farrish
Graham McTavish
as Dougal MacKenzie/Buck MacKenzie
Artair Donald
as Malcolm
Richard Jack
as Ronald MacNab
Natalie Spence
as Second 'Wife'
Steve Giles
as Redcoat 1
Patrick Wallace
as Guard 2
James McAnerney
as Kenneth MacIver
Sally Howitt
as Kyrie
Justin Skelton
as Cabbie
Callum Mitchell
as Castle Keep
Beth Goddard
as Lady Louisa Dunsany
Andy Apollo
as Mr. Marsden
Keira Lucchesi
as Dorcas
James Allenby-Kirk
as Hayes
Colin Scott-Moncrieff
as Scribe
Daniel Arbon
as Redcoat Guard
Will Strongheart
as Tawodi
Jim Manclark
as Highland Villager
Russell Crous
as Second Mate Baxley
Jay Villiers
as Colonel Harry Quarry
Robbie Telfer
as Groomer
Neil Thomas
as Colonial Militiaman
Neil Ashton
as Corporal Brame
Grant Manson McGregor
as Clan Gordon Chief
Matthew Cottle
as Hubert Sherston
Frank Gilhooley
as Torin
Tam Dean Burn
as Alastair
Dominique Pinon
as Master Raymond
Dougie Rankin
as 1950's Boston Park Passer on Bicycle/Chief Gordon/Culloden Highlander Flag Bearer/Governor's Reception Guest/Regulator
Matt Newman
as Mr. Overholt
Susan Coyle
as Joan Findlay
Seoras Wallace
as The Watch
Gilly Gilchrist
as Geordie Chisholm
Edwin Flay
as John Gillette
Ed Speleers
as Stephen Bonnet
Murray McArthur
as Duncan Kerr
Craig Anderson
as Inn keeper
Rian Gordon
as Innkeeper's Son
Sandy Welch
as Dr. Edwards
Ronnie B. Goodwin
as Highlander Horseman
Ian Conningham
as Barton
Tanya Reynolds
as Lady Isobel Dunsany
Elizabeth Bowie
as Young Claire
Carol Ann Crawford
as Mrs. Berrow
Chris Findlay
as Sword Dancer
Kola Krauze
as Minister of the House
Charlie Hiett
as Captain Leonard
John Heffernan
as Brigadier General Lord Thomas
John Kielty
as Soldier #1
Jon Tarcy
as Isaiah Morton
Sera-Lys McArthur
as Johiehon
Anthony Bowers
as Glass Blower
Tyler Collins
as Private Lucas
Samantha Dakin
as Nurse Atwell
Robert Maloney
as French Doctor/Primitive Man
Crawford Logan
as Clergyman
Ross Owen
as Highlander/Party Guest/Prisoner/Villager
Keith Fleming
as Lesley
Kenny Lindsay
as Clyde MacKenzie
Oliver Pearn
as Mustang Driver
Sandy Grierson
as Brother Paul
Andrew Rothney
as Neil MacDonald
Richard Addison
as Mr. Evans
Nick Farr
as Army Surgeon
Sam Hoare
as Lord Hal Melton
Duncan Airlie James
as Gangsman
James Keenan
as Innkeeper
Rosie Day
as Mary Hawkins
Karl Thaning
as First Mate Warren
Gordon Ryde
as Chieftan/Clan Mackenzie Chieftain
Kim Allan
as Robena Donaldson
Matthew Baxter
as Wounded Soldier 2
John Bell
as Young Ian/Murray/Ian
Flint Eagle
as Tskili Yona
Lochlann O'Mearáin
as Horrocks
Blair Cunningham
as Tanner's Lad
Tobias Menzies
as Frank Randall/Jack Randall
Frances de la Tour
as Mother Hildegarde
Iain Wotherspoon
as Surgeon
Mark Phoenix
as Prisoner 2
David Christopher Roth
as Tommy Mueller
Tim Packham
as Royal Chamber Page
Jamie Anders
as Slave Trader
Calum Barbour
as Garrick
Nolan Willis
as Tom
Ned Dennehy
as Lionel Brown
Mark McDonnell
as Watt
Freddie McAllister
as Baby Jemmy MacKenzie
Jack Reid
as John Frohock
Simon Meacock
as Hugh Munro
David Brown
as Clan Caller
Oliver Tilney
as Lieutenant Wallace
Alan McHugh
as Sgt. McKinney
Victoria Taggart
as Rubenesque Woman
Sarah MacGillivray
as First 'Wife'
Prentis Hancock
as Uncle Lamb
David Ellis
as Versailles Rake
Marième Diouf
as Delphine
Clive Russell
as Lord Lovat
John Ritchie
as Warden 2
Nina Johnston
as Isabella
Rachel Jackson
as Bar Patron
Reno Cole
as Hugh Findlay
Michael D. Xavier
as Lieutenant Hamilton Knox
Colin Michael Carmichael
as Peter
Caitriona Balfe
as Claire Randall
Paul Donnelly
as Ronnie Sinclair
Conor McCarry
as Young Jamie
Brian McCardie
as Sir Marcus MacRannoch
Pauline Lynch
as Woman
Brian Ferguson
as Lucius Gordon
Matthew Douglas
as Corporal Dawson
Herbert Forthuber
as Général D'Arbanville
Layla Burns
as Joan/Joan MacKimmie
Edmund Digby-Jones
as Corporal Hawkins
Maureen Beattie
as Maisri
Lorn Macdonald
as Geordie
Eric Latimer
as Juggler
Paul Kennedy
as Herman Husband
Alexander Hurry
as Fraser's Ridge Settler
Rory Barraclough
as Frederick MacBean
Mark Cox
as Reverend Caldwell
James Fleet
as Reverend Wakefield
Claire Sermonne
as Louise de Rohan
Oliver Finnegan
as Lord William Ransom
Simon Callow
as Duke of Sandringham
Scarlett Mack
as Toinette
Tim McInnerny
as Father Bain
Ryan Ralph Gerrard
as Giles McMartin
Alice McMillan
as Molly Cockburn
Fiona Ormiston
as Culloden Wife
Owen Oakeshott
as Head Jailor
Stephen Docherty
as Scottish Driver
Mark Toddie
as Lout #2
Jamie Biddulph
as Highlander
Stefan Milne
as Frasers Ridgeman/Gambler
Gary Lewis
as Colum MacKenzie
Mark Barrett
as Regulator
Oscar Kennedy
as William Grey
Morné Visser
as English Slaver
Muireann Kelly
as Dolina/Rosie MacIver
Cora Tsang
as Janet Murray
Kyle Rees
as John Quincy Myers
Grant O'Rourke
as Rupert MacKenzie
Ross Maxwell
as Prisoner 1
Hope Thangata
as Slave
Avumile Qongqo
as Female House Slave
Chris Wilson
as Royal Gentleman
Rainer Sellien
as Baron Penzler
David McKay
as Niall Drummond
Ian Bustard
as Vicomte Marigny
Steven Cree
as Ian Murray
James Cameron Stewart
as Lord Ellesmere
Nicola Clark
as Shona MacNeill
Rosie Graham
as Morna Cameron
Guillaume Lecomte
as Gentleman of the Bedchamber
Jack Tarlton
as Kenny Lindsay
Clunie Mackenzie
as Woman at Culloden Grave
David Leith
as Robert
Huld Martha
as British Soldier
Paul Cassidy
as Leith Farrish
Mercy Ojelade
as Mary
Finn Den Hertog
as Willie
Samuel Collings
as Edmund Fanning
Craig McGinlay
as MacNeill
Ethan Thorn
as Young Jamie

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2014 | 16 Episodes

Season 2

2016 | 13 Episodes

Season 3

2017 | 13 Episodes

Season 4

2018 | 13 Episodes

Season 5

2020 | 12 Episodes

Season 6

2022 | 8 Episodes

Season 7




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