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October 21, 2021
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About this title


Sarah is a street-wise woman with a troubled past as an English orphan who bounced around foster homes before being taken in by Mrs. S, who uprooted her and her foster brother, Felix, to North America. She has made bad decisions in her life but always strives to do right by daughter Kira. When Sarah witnesses the suicide of a woman, Beth (who looks like her) she decides to steal Beth's identity -- boyfriend and money included -- in an attempt to begin a new life for herself and Kira, with whom Sarah hopes to reunite. But assuming Beth's life -- Sarah eventually learns that Beth was her clone -- doesn't go as smoothly as she anticipates because Beth was a cop caught in the middle of a deadly conspiracy, making Sarah the new target. Sarah must fight to stay alive while trying to escape from the complex web. As more threads appear, Sarah is pulled deeper, and Felix becomes her one true confidant.

Country: Canada, United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: March 30, 2013

Also Known As: Crno siroče, Orphan Black |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

sibling relationship

Company Credits

Production Co: Temple Street Productions


James Cade
as Tito
Dale Yim
as Interpreter
Scott Wentworth
as Dr. Ian Van Lier
Jade Hassouné
as Aaron
Maria Doyle Kennedy
as Siobhan Sadler
Jessalyn Wanlim
as Evie Cho
Adrian Rebucas
as Shopper
Jane Spidell
as Deacon Bartlett
Habree Larratt
as Young Helena
Paula Barrett
as Nurse Wennie
Tom Cullen
as Leonard Sipp
Diana Galligan
as Female Cop
Barbara Johnston
as Kelsey/Backup Singer
Jennifer Krukowski
as Nurse #2
Craig Henry
as Steve
Sheila McCarthy
as Connie Hendrix
Nigel Bennett
as Kassov
Rosemary Dunsmore
as Professor Susan Duncan
Justin Chatwin
as Jason Kellerman
Alex Ozerov
as Ramone
Earl 'Bubba' McLean Jr.
as Teddy
Nneka Elliott
as News Reporter
Diana Salvatore
as Bobby
Natalie Krill
as Patty
Holly Macintyre
as Daughter
Joe Pingue
as Detective Troy Collier/Troy Collier
Peter Outerbridge
as Henrik Johanssen
Julian Richings
as Benjamin Kertland
Vanessa Burns
as Nurse
Sean Jones
as Villager
Rob deLeeuw
as Barry
Ksenia Solo
as Shay Davydov
Jane Spence
as Trevor's Mom
Michiel Huisman
as Cal Morrison
Domenico Fiore
as Police Captain
Joel Thomas Hynes
as Dizzy
Lukas Engel
as Little Boy
Derrick Gauthier
as Tattoo Artist
Qaseem Gul
as Yusef
Kevin Hanchard
as Detective Art Bell/Art Bell
Leslie McBay
as Bev
W. Joseph Matheson
as Christy
Dwight Ireland
as Security Guard
Gavin Fox
as Lionel
Mike Shara
as Dyad Guard #2/Guard #2
Sarain Boylan
as Astrid
Michael Bobby Man
Daniel Kash
as Tomas
Alison Steadman
as Kendall Malone
Andy Marshall
as Technician
Millie Davis
as Gemma Hendrix
Trenna Keating
as Vera
Vas Saranga
as Amar
Sadie Munroe
as Faith
Jeremy Hernandez
as Clubber
Ivan Sherry
as Internal Affairs Suit
Joanne Reece
as Beth's Lawyer
Eileen Li
as Receptionist
Bas Reitsma
as Neo Agent
Carrie Beale
as Fundraiser Sale Attendee
Daniel Stolfi
as Village Guard
Edsson Morales
as Coat Check Guy
Cailan Laine Punnewaert
as Little Girl on Porch
Anika Johnson
as Pianist/Backup Singer
Gavin MacIver-Wright
as Son
Ari Millen
as Mark Rollins/Ira Blair/Rudy/Miller/Seth/Parsons
Matt Frewer
as Dr. Aldous Leekie
Homa Kameh
as Aisha's Mother
Glen Grant
as Brightborn Security Guard
Karine Ricard
as Doctor #1
Diane Fabian
as Ukranian Landlady
Michael Chwastiak
as Vice Cop
Reid Janisse
as Desk Clerk
Jack Fulton
as Trevor
Géza Kovács
as The Messenger
Tom Barnett
as David Benchman
Darryl Flatman
as Officer Carp
Frank Moore
as Board Member #1
Denika Ellis-Dawson
as Little Girl
Carlos Pinder
as Military Frisk
Peter Michael Dillon
as Cop
Monika Schurmann
as Union Rep
Miranda Edwards
as Roxie
Sarah Orenstein
as Dr. Elizabeth Perkins
Brittany Drisdelle
as Dyad Receptionist
Suresh John
as Krishna
Andrew Musselman
as The Creature
Michael Mando
as Vic
Vitalie Ursu
as Doctor #2
Kim Nelson
as Reporter #2
Joshua Teixeira
as Skate Punk
Sally Cahill
as Irish Friend
Siobhan Murphy
as Leslie
Sirena Gulamgaus
as Aisha Yasin
Ivana Ruegg
as Alison Supporter
Uni Park
as Maggie Chen
Allie MacDonald
as Trina
Ian Matthews
as Frank
Jamila Fleming
as Sherry
Jess Salgueiro
as Luisa
Zoe Doyle
as Melissa
Jessica-Lynn Doucett
as Practitioner
Varun Saranga
as Neal
Brendan Heard
as Game Boy
Jamillah Ross
as ND Officer
Andrew Moodie
as Simon Frontenac
Daniel Fathers
as Terrance
Joey Lucius
as Doomsday
Kieran Kennedy
as Keiran
Miriam McDonald
as Madison
Jordan Gavaris
as Felix Dawkins
Dmitry Chepovetsky
as Dr. Henry Bosch
Dharini Woollcombe
as Young Nurse
Sydney Cross
as Cult Child
Ivan Wanis-Ruiz
as Alonzo Martinez/Martinez
Chris Gallinger
as Guard Two
Taylor Trowbridge
as Tabitha/Tabitha Stewart
Stephen McHattie
as P.T. Westmorland
Neil Girvan
as Charity's Husband
Nicholas Rose
as Colin
Jeff Ho
as Boy
Christina Ferrel
as Eilleen
Charles Sans
as Dead Detention Guard #3/Detention Guard #3
Kristi Angus
as Charity Simms
Conrad Bergschneider
as Line Cook
Melanie Nicholls-King
as Amelia
Marty Adams
as Spytech Clerk
Lisa Codrington
as Kendra Dupree
Shawn Ahmed
as Reporter #1
Dylan Bruce
as Paul Dierden
Jeff Yung
as Orderly
Cynthia Galant
as Charlotte/Young Rachel Duncan
Jonathan Nathaniel
as Dresser
Ted Dykstra
as Doctor
Rob Trick
as Track Worker
Bobby Brown
as Neo Agent #3
Andrew Martin Priestman
as Ander
Danielle Bourgon
as Female Officer
David Christo
as Reporter #2
Serje Basi
as Suit
Ryan Allen
as Soldier Woods
Cara Ricketts
as Brie
Janet Pinnick
as Nurse
Francisco Trujillo
as Surgeon
Zachary Bennett
as Officer Tom Bowman
Brendan Beiser
as Friendly Guy
Brooke Palsson
as Elle
Sarah Evans
as Admitting Nurse
Allison Wilson-Forbes
as Trauma Nurse
Gary 'Si-Jo' Foo
as SWAT Tactical Officer
Sadie Alter
as Gemma's Friend
Liz West
as Reporter #3
Andrew Gillies
as Ethan Duncan
Jimmy Byron
as Waiter
Monica Dottor
as Soccer Mom
Kyra Harper
as Dr. Virginia Coady
Jonathan Purdon
as Driver
Gabriella Colavecchio
as Georgia
Christopher Seivright
as Bartender
Sanjay Talwar
as Dr. Aoude
Charlene Wood
as Nurse
Cynthia Ashperger
as Sister Olga
Michelle Forbes
as Dr. Marian Bowles
Lamont James
as Trainer
Christina Notto
as Skater Girl
Jenessa Grant
as Mud
Simu Liu
as Mr. Mitchell
Doug Murray
as Dr. Nimitz
Zoé De Grand Maison
as Gracie Johanssen
Courtenay Taylor
as Michael
Carter Hayden
as Paul
Tony Cianchino
as Pouchy
Joe Vercillo
as Addict
Murray Furrow
as Pathologist
Saad Siddiqui
as Dr. Moffat
Marc Andrew Smith
as Edward Capra
Michelle Arvizu
as La Camarera
David Gingrich
as Father
Carlos Fortin
as Detention Guard #1
Inga Cadranel
as Detective Angela DeAngelis/Angela DeAngelis
Chavis Brown
as Detention Guard #2
Jayne Eastwood
as Nona Walker
Matthew Bennett
as Daniel Rosen
Brian Frank
as Carl
Billy Parrott
as EMT
Kathryn Alexandre
as Alexis
Mark Sparks
as Dyad Guard #3
Johnny Larocque
as Punk Rocker
Victor Gomez
as Salvador
George Stroumboulopoulos
as Interviewer
Lily Gail Reid
as Esmae
Kristian Bruun
as Donnie Hendrix
Kent Sheridan
as Conrad
Kevin Dennis
as Detective
Evelyne Brochu
as Delphine Cormier/Delphine
Nora McLellan
as Brenda
Skyler Wexler
as Kira Manning/Kira
Raven Dauda
as Yvonne
Kent Staines
as Ezra Lue
Eileen Sword
as Sister Irina
Sabrina Persaud
as EMT
Alejandro Ampudia
as Hernan
Ellora Patnaik
as Ultra Sound Technician
Cara Hunter
as Mother
Janette Luu
as Reporter/Reporter #1
Christy Bruce
as Susan Duncan/Young Susan Duncan
David Vena
as Joao
Deborah Grover
as Yolanda
Carlos Diaz
as Detective Diaz
Casey Hudecki
as Denelle
Aviva Armour-Ostroff
as Coady's Technician
John Nelles
as Male Nurse
Marco Timpano
as Forensics #1
Ryan Blakely
as Reverend Mike
Carlos Gonzalez-Vio
as Dr. Silva
Dale Samms
as Hotel Security
Christopher Morris
as Kiosk Guard
Earl Pastko
as Bulldog
Mike Lummis
as Gus
Mark Quigley
as Neolution
Dan MacDonald
as Martin Funt
Andrea Runge
as PR Flack
Dalton Derek
as Security Guard
Eric Johnson
as Chad Norris
Colton Gobbo
as Teenager
Michael Brown
as Swat Officer
Michelle Alexander
as Jill
Courtney Deelen
as Prolethean Hymn Singer #1
Lucie Guest
as Zoie
Andrea Davis
as Board Member #2
Peter Schindelhauer
as Villager
Kimmy Choi
as Dyad Orderly
Pip Dwyer
as Cedar Ridge Nurse
Dylan Trowbridge
as Addict
Jay Walker
as Club Kid
as Peaches
Louise Nicol
as Donnie's Mother
Desmond Campbell
as Guard One
Sherry Nelson
as Patient
Bridget Wareham
as Nicola
Lauren Hammersley
as Adele
Stuart Hughes
as Cooper
Brian Bisson
as Damon
Kristin Booth
as Bonnie Johanssen
Drew Davis
as Oscar Hendrix/Oscar
Aurora Browne
as Margot
Tyler Murree
as Forensic Clerk
Joseph Pierre
as Detective Grigson
Justin Skye Conley
as Exec
Molly Flood
as Receptionist
Alexis Koetting
as Voting Wife
Mary Pitt
as Café Customer
Tom McCamus
as Dr. Nealon
Jean Yoon
as Janis Beckwith
Lila Yee
as Old Lady
Daniel Park
as Doctor #1
Steven Sandhu
as Punk Rocker
Alex Spencer
as Pedestrian
Calwyn Shurgold
as Hell Wizard
Audra Yulanda Gray
as Woman
Calvin Desautels
as Neo Agent #1
Christian Potenza
as Cashier
Glenda Braganza
as Dr. Slaight
John Jacob
as Security Guard
Jean-Michel Le Gal
as Stephen Riggs
Natalie Lisinska
as Aynsley Norris/Aynsley
David Benjamin Tomlinson
as Troy
Marqus Bobesich
as Rockabilly Bob
Tatiana Maslany
as Sarah Manning/Cosima Niehaus/Alison Hendrix/Helena/Rachel Duncan/Beth Childs/Krystal Goderitch/MK/Jennifer Fitzsimmons/Katja Obinger/Camilla Torres/Leda Clone in Church/Tony Zwickey
Elyse Levesque
as Detective Maddy Enger
Harrison Astroff
as Bar Patron
Joe Kelly Jr.
as Bartender
Okiki Kendall
as Nurse #1
Ingrid Dion
as Fair Organizer
Tim Beresford
as Neo Agent
Julian De Zotti
as Greg Corson
Ryan Turner
as Soldier Hastings
Nora Sheehan
as Charge Nurse
Lisa MacIsaac
as A Capella Singer
Ron Lea
as Lieutenant Gavin Hardcastle/Lieutenant Hardcastle
David Fox
as Jonah Appleyard
Lindsey Connell
as Portia Grossman
Amanda Brugel
as Marci Coates
Elizabeth Saunders
as Dr. Anita Bower
Joel Chico
as Wei
Jarret Wright
as Doctor
Regis Lemke
as Fundraiser Sale Attendee
Bishop Brigante
as Sammy
Noah Dalton Danby
as Threatening Neo
Doug MacLeod
as Justice of the Peace
Illarion Michaels
as Jake
Mary Kelly
as Stacey Horowitz
Terra Hazelton
as Sarah Stubbs
Patrick J. Adams
as Jesse
Steven Gallagher
as Male Physician
Priya Rao
as Meera Kumar
Nicholas Campbell
as Willard Finch
Gord Rand
as Detective Marty Duko
Raymond Ablack
as Raj/Raj Singh
Allen Keng
as Painmaker
James Frain
as Ferdinand Chevalier
Anita La Selva
as Dr. Parks
Ava Arrindell
as Maya Bell
Josh Vokey
as Scott
David Richmond-Peck
as Olivier Duval/Olivier
Shawn J. Hamilton
as Covert Operative
Alex Karzis
as Alexander
Roger Cross
as Carlton
Kirsten Alter
as Detective Lindstein/Detective Linstein
Leon Aureus
as Back Alley Surgeon
Taylor Price
as German Doctor
Karen Ivany
as Vice Principal
Ali Manek
as Man in Suit
Elie Gemael
as Hashem Al-Khatib
Azdin Zaman
as Meera's Husband/Voting Husband
Humberly González
as Ana
Nicole Stamp
as Rookie
David Bronfman
as Bob Buckingham
Allan Turner
as Young Ethan Duncan
Jonathan Goldapple
as Waiter

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2013 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2014 | 10 Episodes

Season 3

2015 | 10 Episodes

Season 4

2016 | 10 Episodes

Season 5

2017 | 10 Episodes




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