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October 28, 2021
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On The Buses’s
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United KingdomUnited Kingdom
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About this title


The trials and tribulations of bus driver Stan and his conductor Jack unfold in this weekly comedy. The bain of their working life is Inspector Blake who'll do anything to make their lives a misery... and does. Stan and Jack are a couple of "jack-the-lads" who are not averse to clocking a bit of crumpet here and there, but "Blakey" is constantly dampening their ardor.

Country: United Kingdom

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: February 28, 1969

Also Known As: Nichts als Ärger im Depot, Busskisarna |  See more »


Plot Keywords

working class

Company Credits

Production Co: London Weekend Television (LWT)


Bob Todd
as Mr. Simpson
Ernest C. Jennings
as Rag & Bone Man
Andrea Lawrence
as Suzy
Hugh Walters
as Bill
Tommy Godfrey
as Wilfred
Lynn Dalby
as Janet
Maurice Bush
as Basher
Helen Fraser
as Linda
Charlotte Howard
as Stella
Gwendolyn Watts
as Iris
Patricia Clapton
as Edna
Juel Morrell
as Betty/The Clippie
Doreen Herrington
as Betty/Eileen
Kenneth Flynn
as The Child
Percy Edwards
as Bird impressions by
John Crocker
as 2nd Judge
Brian Grellis
as George
Elyse Clare
as The Clippie
Larry Martyn
as Fred
Frederick Peisley
as Doctor
Alex Marshall
as Beryl
Frank Littlewood
as The Commissionaire
Ian Gray
as The Cleaner
John Lyons
as Bert/Bill/Sid
Clare Sutcliffe
as Pat
Ivor Salter
as Policeman
Suzanne Heath
as Suzy
Bartlett Mullins
as Joe
Peter Davidson
as Tough Passenger
Wendy Richard
as Elsie
Derek Carpenter
as Joe
Johnny Briggs
as Window Cleaner
Michael Slater
as Family Man/Joe/T.V. Newsman/The Maintenance Man/The Mechanic
Kenneth Waller
as Busman
Shiranee Fullerton
as Mrs. Sharma
Deirdre Costello
as Molly
Winifred Braemar
as Winnie
Doris Hare
as Mum
Sue Walker
as Ada
Linda Regan
as Edna
Patrick Connor
as Nobby
Paul Dawkins
as Manager
Nick Hobbs
as Finalist
Eunice Black
as Rosie/Flossie Farmer/Gladys/The Traffic Warden
Keith Norrish
as Busman/Brian/George
Lucy Griffiths
as Old Lady
Petra Siniawski
as The Clippie
Austin Baptiste
as Tabla Player
Yutte Stensgaard
as Ingrid
Ishaq Bux
as Ahmed
Reg Varney
as Stan Butler/Stan
Julie Mendez
as Fatima
Mary Maxted
as Iris's Mum
Jeannette Wild
as Rita
Aubrey Morris
as Marriage Counsellor
Pat Nye
as Mrs. Blake
Ursula Mohan
as Joyce/Edna/Iris/Liz
Jules Walter
as Chalkie
Sandra Bryant
as Sandra
Pat Ashton
as Doreen
Richard Caldicot
as Doctor Clark
Don McKillop
as Harry
Tiberius Grant
as Tibbles
Sally Douglas
as Clippie/Eileen
Bob McNab
as Bob
Vemu Makunda
as Vina Player
Gina Warwick
as The Nurse
Nosher Powell
as Bert/Vic
Sandra Miller
as Sally
Eric Kent
as Man in Pub
Jill Goldston
as Woman Watching Darts Match
Patricia Shakesby
as The Nurse
Hal Dyer
as Mary
James Bree
as Dr. Clark
Mike Carnell
as The Milkman
Nina West
as Lady with Pram/Wendy
Michael Robbins
as Arthur Rudge/Arthur
Kate Williams
as Doreen/Wendy
Fraser Kerr
as T.V. Interviewer/The Pilot
Carol Gillies
as Eunice
Cicely Courtneidge
as Mum
Arnold Peters
as Manager
Arthur Lovegrove
as Harry
Suzanne Vasey
as First Aid Clippie
Laura Graham
as The Clippie
Stephen Lewis
as Inspector Cyril 'Blakey' Blake/Inspector/The Inspector
Folker Henrix
as Finalist
Marcia Ashton
as Elsie
Bob Grant
as Jack Harper/Jack
Yootha Joyce
as Jessie
Roger Avon
as The Policeman
Albert Moses
as Alf
Amelia Bayntun
as Woman
Alan Curtis
as Mr. Stewart
Norman Mitchell
as Nobby
Valerie Newbold
as Jenny/The Radio Girl
Garfield Morgan
as Mr. Stilton
Nicolette Roeg
as The Lady Doctor
Betty Hare
as Aunt Maud
Janice Hoy
as Beryl
Sheridan Earl Russell
as The Child
Jennifer Guy
as Iris
David Richardson
as George
Philip Dunbar
as The Barman/The Bus Driver
Elaine Wells
as Chemist's Assistant
Catherine Kessler
as The Nurse
Parnell McGarry
as Trainee Clippie
Reginald Stewart
as Alf
Shirley Steedman
as Eileen
Pete Brady
as Disc Jockey
Ruth Holden
as The Lady Passenger
Keith Garrod
as The Child
Maxine Casson
as Mary
Sue Bond
as Clippie
Peter Cockburn
as TV Commentator
Geoffrey Denton
as Old Gentleman
Fanny Carby
as Gladys
Tina Simmons
as Passenger
Madeleine Mills
as Sally/Christine
Kevin Moore
as T.V. Newsman
Frederick Hall
as The Manager
Gillian Lind
as Mrs. Rudge
Terry Duggan
as Irate Passenger/Shopkeeper/The Painter/The Passenger/The Taxi Driver
Pat Gorman
as Policeman outside court
Michael Sheard
as Manager/1st Judge
Steve Ismay
as Various
Sharon Young
as Sandra
Olivia Breeze
as Janet
Melanie Jane
as Canteen Girl/Joyce
Mohammad Shamsi
as Mr. Sharma
Pauline Cunningham
as Birgit/Frieda
Katharine Page
as The Woman Passenger
Campbell Singer
as Mr. Nichols
Robin Parkinson
as The Vicar
Perry Soblosky
as Finalist
Jacqui Cook
as Clippie in Canteen
Ruth Kettlewell
as The Nurse/Nurse On Bus
Mary Land
as Susy
Claire Davenport
as Mrs. Webb
Julia Breck
as Canteen Girl
Olive Mercer
as The Woman Passenger
Luan Peters
as Joan
Eric Francis
as Joe
Rudolph Walker
as George
Glen Whitter
as Chalkie/Chalky
Kenneth Gilbert
as Chemist
Cheryl Hall
as Eileen
Iris Fry
as Clippie
John M. East
as Lofty/The Mechanic
Daryl Marks
as School boy
Anna Karen
as Olive Rudge/Olive
Avril Gaynor
as Joyce
Gaye Brown
as Molly
Samantha Birch
as The Assistant Traffic Manager

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Awards & Nominations

Logie Awards 1973


Logie Awards

Best British Show

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