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October 21, 2021
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About this title


When she was a deeply troubled teenager, Nikita was rescued from death row by a secret U.S. agency known only as Division, who faked her execution and told her she was being given a second chance to start a new life and serve her country. What they didn't tell her was that she was being trained as a spy and assassin. Throughout her grueling training at Division, Nikita never lost her humanity, even falling in love with a civilian. When her fiancé was murdered, Nikita realized she had been betrayed and her dreams shattered by the only people she thought she could trust, so she did what no one else before her had been able to do: she escaped. Now, after three years in hiding, Nikita is seeking retribution and making it clear to her former bosses that she will stop at nothing to expose and destroy their covert operation.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 9, 2010

Also Known As: Sat Thu Nikita, 尼基塔 |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M, MA15+), Brazil (14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

strong woman
secret government organization
female spy

Company Credits

Production Co: Sesfonstein Productions, Wonderland Sound and Vision |  See more »


Chance Kelly
as Wade
Alex Woods
as Swiss Firefighter
Joe Eigo
as Agent Zielinski
Christina Moses
as Dana Winters
Steve Boyle
as SRU Agent
Robin Kasyanov
as Gogol Team Leader
Urs Villiger
as Swiss Policeman
Todd Grinnell
as Dale Gordon
Malik Yoba
as Wallace
Milton Barnes
as Phelps
Alberta Watson
as Senator Madeline Pierce
Paul Beer
as Agent Booth
Craig Thomas
as James Wright
Jason Gray
as John Schachter
Natasha Greenblatt
as Blogger
Earl 'Bubba' McLean Jr.
as CIA Gatekeeper
Russell Wong
as Victor Han
Thomas Mitchell
as Detective Peter Edmonds
Sebastian Naskrent
as Lasha
Shant Srabian
as Division Doctor
Shara Kim
as Dancer
David Ferry
as Gary
Laura Regan
as Lisa Han
Andrew Jackson
as Chairman
Marsha Regis
as FBI Junior Agent
Peter Outerbridge
as Ari Tasarov
Lauren Horejda
as Division Tech
Alexandra Krosney
as Sara
Hamish McEwan
as John Fleder
Fuad Ahmed
as Division Agent/Pasha
Carrie-Lynn Neales
as Yoga Girl #2
Spencer Garrett
as Senator Kerrigan
Costa Tovarnisky
as Prison Guard
Billy MacLellan
as Remy
Annalise Basso
as Liza Abbott
Carlo Rota
as Ian Damascus
Wayne Ward
as Dr. Steve Shepherd
Darryn Lucio
as Agent #3
Christian Bako
as Zakhar
Rudolf Martin
as Gustav
Wayne Hissong
as Special Forces Operative
Jasmin Geljo
as Interrogator
Qaseem Gul
as Kasim's Bodyguard #2
Kevin Hanchard
as Chief of Security
Cyrus Aazam
as Kendrick
George Sekanina
as William Wells
Lee Rumohr
as Alpha Agent #1
Neil Davison
as Kyle Lenkov
Michelle Daly
as FBI Agent #1
Julio Oscar Mechoso
as Guillermo Garza
David Keith
as Richard Ellison
Marni Van Dyk
as Paula
Sebastian Cordoba
as Rough Man
Dwight Ireland
as Evans - CIA Escort
Dewshane Williams
as Tony
Whitney Able
as Hanna Cushko
Quinn Martin
as Head Thug
Bug Hall
as Robbie
Andrew Divoff
as Amon Krieg
Juan Carlos Velis
as Leonardo Santos
Sabryn Rock
as Lisa
Jessica Reynolds
as Yoga Girl #1
Kathleen Munroe
as Leela Kantaria
Jonathan Llyr
as Yevgeny
Sebastian MacLean
as CIA Agent
Shamus Fynes
as Damascus Guard
John Getz
as Senator Ed Chappell
Patrick Kwok-Choon
as Jason
Erica Gimpel
as Carla Bennett
Billy Oliver
as Detective Baer
Patrick Garrow
as Dr. Hanson
Dwain Murphy
as Mason/Male Recruit
Ivan Sherry
as Nicolas Saumure
Sean Bell
as Brian
Eileen Li
as Hotel Clerk
Michael Pugliese
as David
Ralph deGroot
as Clerk
Mark Robinson
as Security Guard
Tes Andemariam
as Division Guard #1
Deborah Odell
as Rosalee Zoman
Ennis Esmer
as Guler
Tammy Isbell
as Katherine
Rich Sommer
as Malcolm Mitchell
Stephanie Moore
as Elaine Abbott
Eitan Kerzman
as Businessman
Mena Massoud
as Al Qaeda #2
Christopher Sawchyn
as Supervisor
Matthew Glave
as Jonathan Gaines
Ali Adatia
as Guard
Tadhg McMahon
as British News Anchor
Ian Busher
as Customs Agent
Scottie Thompson
as Mia
Joseph Racki
as Ronnie's Friend #1
Devon Sawa
as Owen Elliot/Sam Matthews
Vincent Ventresca
as Trevor Adrian
Blaine McKenzie
as Inmate
Jared Durand
as Recruit
Konstantin Shaburov
as Russian Thug
Chris Violette
as Uniformed Cop
Karl Campbell
as Richardson
Alden Adair
as ENN Cameraman
Mike Huq
as Cameraman
Kunal Jaggi
as Missile Truck Soldier
Wes Berger
as Guard
Xander Berkeley
as Percy
Ho Chow
as Chen Lo
Hal Tatlidil
as Conductor
Van Hansis
as Yuri Levrov
Noah Cappe
as Dale
Jason Martorino
as Amanda Guard #1
Judd Nelson
as Ronald Peller
Araya Mengesha
as Ben Prentice
Sangeeta Wylie
as Division Med-Tech
Katheryn Winnick
as Kelly
Dylan Authors
as Eddie
Brad Everett
as Bellboy
Craig Cyr
as CIA Security
Patrick Sabongui
as Hitter
Kyle Mac
as Darren
JB Blanc
as Timur Ahmedov
Raymond Ho
as Chinese MSS Agent
Taybion Nguyen
as Buyer
Rhys Ward
as Sammy
Neven Pajkic
as Braga Thug #1
Tony Nappo
as Hershey
Sarah Clarke
as Katya Udinov
Michael Cram
as Cleary
Geoff Williams
as Industrial Worker
Gabriel Nicolau
as Ellis Toyon
Tiffany Hines
as Jaden
Ricardo Betancourt
as Bouncer
Alex Mallari Jr.
as Guard Valdez
Egidio Tari
as ENN Security Guard
Shane Daly
as Deputy Mannion
Gary Biggar
as Driver
Ola Sturik
as ENN News Anchor/ENN Newscaster/TV Reporter
Matthew Marsden
as Emil Voss
Stan Lee
as Distinguished Bystander
Ryan S Williams
as Alpha #1
Ariel Gerard
as Receptionist
Garett Bullock
as Yuri
Llyane Stanfield
as Office staff
Tazito Garcia
as Marine
Jonathan Hagey
as Hostage
Doru Bandol
as Zahidov
Kamil Orzechowski
as Gogol Driver
Chantal Quesnelle
as TV Host
Jarrod MacLean
as Agent in Suit
Murray Oliver
as FBI Medical Doctor
Adrian Persad
as Jeff Shore
David Collins
as Roger Trenton
Jeff Yung
as Lin
Yana Gold
as Spanish News Anchor
Sammy Sheik
as Agent Rahal/Bashir Maro
Bianca Lawson
as Emily Robinson
Nahanni Johnstone
as Sarah Graham
Jake Michaels
as Insurgent
Sarah Allen
as Anne
Andrew Martin Priestman
as MI6 Agent/SAS
Clive Mclean
as Mark Howarth
Evan Sabba
as Scott Atkins
Robin Givens
as Mary Miracle
Vladimir Jon Cubrt
as Ted Masterson
Gia Sandhu
as Allyson Page
Scott Neil
as Dealer
Damon Runyan
as Carl
Chandra Michaels
as Club Hostess
Tim Ziegler
as Agent #5
Jimmy Byron
as Uniformed Cop
Constantine Meglis
as Ambassador/Party Guest/Train Passenger
Brett Donahue
as Polo Guard
Michael McCrudden
as Agent #1
Edward Jaunz
as Senator Charles Irving
Dylan Mandlson
as CIA Staffer
Michael Xavier
as Detective Eric Deros
Phillip Samuel
as Division Tech #2
Eliza Taylor
as Reporter
Simu Liu
as Desk Officer
Jean Paul Najm
as Van Terrorist
Misha Highstead
as Russian Woman
Allen Altman
as Gregor
Simon Northwood
as Oleg
Marc Bendavid
as Press Agent
Joe Vercillo
as Sniper
Thom Marriott
as Lead Officer
Christine Sahely
as Woman
Michael Alexander Robinson
as Division Guard
Manuel Sinor
as German Official
Billy Parrott
as Petty Officer
Tambet Kask
as Bellboy
Jordan Hayes
as Elizabeth
Rogan Christopher
as Gogol Tech
Pedro Pascal
as Liam
Johnny Larocque
as Bike Courier
Kristian Bruun
as Lead Officer
Kent Sheridan
as President Hale
Krista Marchand
as Female Junkie
David Reale
as Dustin Zimmer
Raven Dauda
as Miriam Hasan
Laura Miyata
as Darlene
Sabrina Persaud
as Female Diner
Adam Maros
as Head Guard
Harris Yulin
as Admiral Bruce Winnick
Michael Ayres
as Male Subject
James Lafazanos
as Corporal
Peter J. Lucas
as Sergei Semak
David Vena
as Prison Guard
Brendan Halloran
as Newscaster
Julian Lewis
as Amanda Goon
Carlos Diaz
as Narco #2
Casey Hudecki
as Margaret Gower
Noah Bean
as Ryan Fletcher
Josh Braaten
as Jason Decker
Robin Wilcock
as Boss
Claire Rankin
as Cheryl Dixon
Ace Hicks
as Event Coordinator
Carlos Gonzalez-Vio
as Stuart
Neil Whitely
as Local Politician
Thad Luckinbill
as Nathan Colville
John Stead
as Agent Lawrence
Troy Blundell
as Agent Gregson
Andrey Ivchenko
as Tupelov Guard #1
Samy Osman
as Sammy
Barna Moricz
as Timur
Rekha Sharma
as Nisha Patel
Daphne Kostova
as Ticket Agent
Clinton Lee Pontes
as ND Agent #1
Natalie Gauvreau
as Mistress to Carlo Rota
Vieslav Krystyan
as Nikolai Udinov
Jesse Trajkovski
as Alpha #1
Pascal Langdale
as Industrialist/Man in Shadow
François Chau
as Dr. Kang
Michael Brown
as Hasan Bodyguard
Marco Grazzini
as Oliver
Saamer Usmani
as Hadad
Ricky Sethi
as Division Agent
Melinda Clarke
as Amanda
Carrie Eklund
as Russian Dancer
Duane Murray
as Supervisor
Anna Hopkins
as Kate Barrett
Joe Matheson
as Senator #1
David S. Lee
as Phillip Jones
Gleb Gorine
as Gogol Guard
Dillon Casey
as Sean Pierce
Shauna Bradley
as Female Recruit/Lisa
Greg Bryk
as Karl Jaeger
Killian Gray
as Bill
Lyndsy Fonseca
as Alex
Susanne Sutchy
as Tonya Wiles
Karl Ang
as Tech
Joey Naber
Omid Abtahi
as Amir Komera
Richard Tse
as Sweatshop Boss
Ashton Holmes
as Thom
Christopher Heyerdahl
as Matthew Collins
Jonathan Potts
as John Little
Dan Lett
as Phillip Ramsey
Ian Peters
as Division Agent
Ben Herman
as Division Agent
Christopher Cousins
as Henry Sampson
Diana Cofini
as Front Desk Woman
Lee Oliveira
as Narco #1
David Webster
as Museum Director
Joe Parro
as Security Guard #1
Joshua Peace
as Colonel Slocum
Trevor Pease
as Kyle
Sam Lupovich
as Security Agent
Sean Arnfinson
as Agent
Rick Ravanello
as Nicholas Brandt
Calvin Desautels
as Trooper
Stephen Bogaert
as Mr. Harcourt/Vladamir
Brendan Fehr
as Stephen
Jay Hunter
as Instructor
Jeffrey Pierce
as Martin
Emerson Wong
as CIA Guard #4
Angela Sarafyan
as Oksana
Sterling Jarvis
as Secret Service Supervisor
Chris Young
as Rebel #2
Kathy Maloney
as Reporter
Haaz Sleiman
as Kasim Tariq
Leo Vernik
as Dimitri
Shane West
as Michael
Valerie Ruescas
as Club Patron
Patrick Haye
as Secret Service Agent
Zoie Palmer
as Anya/Anya Vimer
Jason Stutz
as Division Agent
John Detoro
as Cop #1
Michael Jace
as Captain Tony Merrick
Brandon Thomas
as Darren Smalls
Matt Bushell
as Ray
Janet Porter
as Travel Agent
William Yong
as Hong Kong Airport Cop #1
Amanda Brugel
as Janet Malcolm
John Jarvis
as Dr. Loren Tolcher
Aaron Hale
as Dumbfounded Teenager
Jennifer Gibson
as Dominika Vitsin
Anthony Cortese
as Andrés Quintana
Manuel Urrego
as Guillermo
Harry Judge
as The Watchman
Kathy Imrie
as Lady
Michael Donato
as Daniel
John Billingsley
as Heidecker
Rothaford Gray
as General Safwani
Adrian G. Griffiths
as Trainer
Michael Murray Scratch
as Division Guard
Richard Harte
as Reporter
David Richmond-Peck
as Ilya Levkin
Richard Sheridan Willis
as Auctioneer
Eli Ham
as Kendrick's Bodyguard
Derwin Phillips
as Dirty Thirty Rogue
Lorne Hunchuck
as Division HRT Agent
Luke Buckberrough
as Julian Kellog
Melyssa Anishnabie
as Division Recruit
Jan Filips
as Senator #2
Lindsay Merrithew
as Oil Baron
Mariah Sampson
as Teen Girl
Mickey Milan
as Gogol Attack Team Leader
Will Kemp
as Nigel
Xhemi Agaj
as Cab Driver
Paolo Mancini
as Malik
Yuri Koller
as Alpha Team 5 Leader
Mark Waters
as Secret Service Agent #2
Dylan Minnette
as Stefan Tasarov
Winston Marshall
as Division Tech
Brianna Goldie
as Division Tech Agent#2
Dan Cook
as Summit Guard #1
Craig Henry
as Security Guard
Romina D'Ugo
as Dina
Jay Yoo
as Security
Alexandre Duong
as Lead French Officer
Todd van der Heyden
as ENN Reporter/Newscaster #2
Imali Perera
as Reporter
John David Edwards
as Walter Bendavid
Yuri Tsevi
as Koutouza
Jonathan Goad
as Alexi Markov
Brad Austin
as Cop
Hélène Cardona
as Spanish Operative
Stefen Hayes
as Security Chief
Jacob Richter
as Logan
Jack Sansone
as Gogol Agent
Byron Mann
as Agent Li Bai
June Ng
as Chinese Seamstress
Chad Connell
as Chris
Ksenia Solo
as Irina
Elissa Lansdell
as News Reader
Al Bernstein
as Tariq Rafat
Jorge Molina
as Navaja
Leslie Takeda
as David Kwon
Alexandra Moore
as Recruit
Michael Farrell
as Officer
Laysla De Oliveira
as Bettina
Kristof Konrad
as Mirko Dadich
Victoria Fodor
as News Anchor
Kristopher Bowman
as CIA Guard
Matthew P. Johnson
as Agent #1
Aziz Dousheh
as MDK Guard #1
Jennifer Robertson
as Newscaster #3
Kevin B Hartley
as Police Officer
Danijel Mandic
as Vasily
Gavin Fox
as Toronto Cop
Enrico DiFede
as Gonzalo/Mystery Man
B.J. Britt
as Justin Merrick
Caleb Cosman
as Gerald
Alex Carter
as Matthew Graham
Piter Marek
as Saalim Azar
Andrea Ciacci
as Dancer
Daniel Kash
as Gaddiel Zoman
Lawrence Bayne
as Federale
Paul Essiembre
as Darren
Geoff Scovell
as Doctor
Lukas Penar
as Pavel
Amanda Schull
as Naomi Ceaver
Robert Wisdom
as CIA Director
Julian Tassielli
as Instructor
Mark Wiebe
as Front Entrance Guard
Steve Lund
as Marine Guard
Michelle Nolden
as President Kathleen Spencer/Vice President Kathleen Spencer
Elias Zarou
as Middle Eastern General
Ari Millen
as Ronnie
Joanna Swan
as FBI Agent
Christopher Barry
as Werner Christinger
Adam G. Kennedy
as Summit Guard #2
Matthew Johnson
as Agent #1
Warren Belle
as Marshal #1
Olya Limarenka
as Mrs. Novotna
Kate Ziegler
as Aide
Samuel Faraci
as 9 Year Old Boy
Alireza Shojaei
as Richard/Salvador
James Binkley
as Major Edson
Maggie Q
as Nikita
Julie McNiven
as Alicia
Andrew Kraulis
as Stunt Division Guard
Ted Whittall
as Will Arnold
Maria Ricossa
as Barbara Harrison
Torquil Colbo
as Pharmacy Manager
Haley Ramm
as Helen Collins
Chris Tarpos
as Senator Supporter
Carlos Pinder
as Marine/Swat
Peter Michael Dillon
as Detective Fuller
Alena Konovalova
as Spa Attendant
Evan Buliung
as Davis Kellog
Sefton Jackson
as Agent #2
Sarah Gale
as Mom
Seann Gallagher
as Deputy Charlie
Peggi Tilbenny
as TV News Anchor
Jeff Moulton
as Puppeteer
Adam Winlove-Smith
as MP #2
Romano Orzari
as General Valeri Ovechkin
Ian Matthews
as Anatoly Oslov
Tino Demitro
as Police Officer
Paul Kingston
as Guard One
Emmanuel Kabongo
as Safwani's Bodyguard #4
Devon Richards
as Alpha Team member
Tim Campbell
as Secret Service Agent #1
Jon Gries
as The Engineer
Dani Jazzar
as Al Qaeda #1
Tig Fong
as Division Martial Arts Trainer
David Greig
as Agent #4
Richard Waugh
as Jeremy Holt
Jason Gosbee
as Tim/Beefy CIA Agent #1
Stefano DiMatteo
as SEAL Commander
Aaron Stanford
as Seymour Birkhoff
Andrew H. McLean
as Inmate
Preston Haynes
as FBI Agent #2
Richard Ausar Stewart
as Young Girl's Father
Catherine Burdon
as WNB Reporter
Daniel Della Penna
as Buyer
Nathan Stephenson
as Division Tech
Eliana Jones
as Young Alex
Gugun Deep Singh
as Rizwan
Yulia Petrauskas
as Rosa
Cameron Daddo
as President Charles Grayson
Adrian Griffin
as Paul Abbott/Reporter
Krista Bridges
as Angela
Matthew G. Brown
as Chris Conahan
Reiya Downs
as Young Girl
Matt Bois
as Tech
Salvatore Antonio
as Trevor
Paul Braunstein
as Anton Kochenko
Kevin Claydon
as Guard
Thomas Patrice
as Stunt Bodyguard #1
Norman Owen
as FBI Agent
Adriano Sobretodo Jr.
as Division Doctor
David Tsang
as Mal Chin Ryu
Rob Stewart
as Roan
Dmitry Kazak
as Lieutenant
John Ralston
as Dr. Joseph Mars
Conrad Pla
as Vasquez
Russell Yuen
as Dr. Wong
David Meunier
as Joshua
Stephan Dubeau
as Mr. Braga
Tarik Armstrong
as MP #1
David Christo
as FBI Lab Tech
Jeff Teravainen
as Weapons Instructor
Peter Pasyk
as Lasha
Ryan Allen
as CIA Security Guard
Danny MacDonald
as Josephson/Tech
Jennifer Oleksiuk
as Lynn Capshaw
Toby Proctor
as FBI Medic
Adam Croasdell
as Kosta Bechiraj
Viviana Zarrillo
as Homeowner
Lisa Berry
as Harriet Jennings
Christopher Dyson
as Alpha Team Leader
Joel Lacoursiere
as Head Goon
Lauren Vandenbrook
as Blonde
Kris Bratton
as White House Spokesman
Merle Dandridge
as Zoe
Von Flores
as Kramer
R.D. Reid
as Donald Henderson
Beatrice Rosen
as Princess Kristina
Azra Valani
as Assistant
Rose Rollins
as Ellen Crawford
Chris Lightfoot
as Horn-Rimmed Glasses
Lamont James
as Head Guard
Foad H.P.
as Pakistani Drug Enforcer
Siavash Khavarnejad
as Paulson
Simon Kassianides
as Ramon Esquivel
Nykeem Provo
as Recruit
Saad Siddiqui
as Ambassador Saeed Tamir
Kelli Fox
as Control
Olga Fonda
as Larissa
Mark Sparks
as Guard
Rory O'Shea
as ENN Newscaster
Thomas Michael
as Henry
Sebastien Roberts
as Daniel Monroe
Christopher Russell
as Dalton Gower
William deVry
as Patrick Miller
Ryan Fisher
as German Agent
Brendan McMurtry-Howlett
as Chip
Brenley Charkow
as Customer
Amanda Barker
as FBI Agent
Julie Gonzalo
as Jill Morelli
Jayden Greig
as Boy Pulling Wagon
Jonathan Higgins
as Senator Herek
Kevin Hare
as Darren's Father
Peter Kosaka
as Yung-Jin Koong
Lina Shekhovtsova
as Olga Kucherova
Minh Ly
as Car Thief
Marco Timpano
as Lawyer
Kirsten Bishop
as Irena/Mrs. Harcourt
Vanessa Carter
as Hayley
Terry Chen
as Inspector Jeong
Christopher Jacot
as Baker
Goran Slavkovic
as Tupelov Guard
Darrin Klimek
as Gogol Hitman
Mark Ivanir
as Vladimir Ivanov
Emma Campbell
as Veronica White
Voytek Skrzeta
as Andrei Abramov
Larry Mannell
as Deputy Director
Dalton Derek
as Division Waiter
Jerome Bourgault
as Alain
Reid Morgan
as Division Guard #1
Andrew Hinkson
as Agent Wyatt
Andrea Davis
as Judge Katherine Bridges
James Collins
as Interrogator #1
Jade Elliot
as Adrian Bodyguard
Phillip Jarrett
as Lt. Reggie Johnson
Jeffrey Parazzo
as Tech
Genevieve Pantano
as Energy Minister's Date
Jody Stevens
as Daniel's Mom
Jason Blicker
as Thomas Leonard
Jee-Yun Lee
as News Anchor/Newscaster/ENN News Anchor/ENN Newscaster/TV Reporter
Susie McLean
as NYC Reporter #1
Diana Reis
as Julianne Fletcher
Darrin Maharaj
as Local Anchor
Conrad Coates
as President Ungara
Brooks Darnell
as Agent #4
R.J. Parrish
as Smith
Reed Clare
as Biker
Paul Anthony Hardy
as Ronnie
Josh Horvath
as Division Ops Tech #3
Sterling K. Brown
as Nick Anson
Andrew Butcher
as Jeremy
Joseph Pierre
as Nino
Rayisa Kondracki
as Anna
Raoul Bhaneja
as Dr. Hajari
Ish Morris
as Agent Martin
Shanda Bezic
as Bria Zoman
Kevin Jubinville
as Agent #1
John Nightingale
as WNB News Anchor
David Carty
as Safwani's Bodyguard #2
Helena Mattsson
as Cassandra Ovechkin
Jamaal Grant
as Transfer Guard
Christopher Tai
as Enrique
Jason McPherson
as Division Agent
Brian J. Graham
as CIA Agent #1
Jody Racicot
as Hired P.I.
Jenny Jacoya
as Computer Technician
Yulia Lukin
as Division Recruit
Jonathan Adams
as President of Chad
Nicole Dos Santos
as Tech #2
Chris Anton
as House Guard/Perimeter Guard/Russian Guard #1
Pierre Simpson
as Ringleader
Farah Merani
as Priya
Xuan Fraser
as Edgar
Joan Gregson
as Saleswoman
Paulino Nunes
as General Tupelov
Brett Ryan
as Division Pilot
Rizwan Malik
as Pakistani #1
Michael Reventar
as Terrence
Brian Howe
as Morgan Kendrick
as Senator Irving's Security Detail - Shooter
Jessica Camacho
as Rachel
Kendra Leigh Timmins
as Young Amanda
Julian De Zotti
as Teller
Edi Gathegi
as Kalume Ungara
Andre Bussieres
as Energy Minister
Adrian Argento
as Barista
Sunnie James
as Hacker
Sean Arbuckle
as Doctor
Richard T. Jones
as Commander Evan Danforth
Chris Gillett
as Senator Markus
David Amito
as Accountant
Ron White
as Edward Adams
Bill Coulter
as Reporter
Illarion Michaels
as Max Ovechkin
Sophie Wiebe
as Blonde Girl
Moses Nyarko
as Safwani's Bodyguard #1
Lyndie Greenwood
as Sonya
Steven Gallagher
as Tech Mogul
Austin Schaefer
as Soldier
Allen Keng
as Phelps' Assistant
Ray Park
as Brandon
Steffi DiDomenicantonio
as Paula
Chanda Legroulx
as French News Anchor
Isaiah Mustafa
as Cyrus
Qasim Khan
as ENN Intern
Eric Woolfe
as Puppeteer
David J. MacNeil
as Dude #1
James Gilbert
as Prince Erik
Joshua Ferreira
as Shawarma Vendor
Kerrigan Carbol
as Secret Service Shooter
Darcy Lindzon
as Hacker
Devon Phillipson
as Stefan
Robyn Thaler Hickey
as CIA Receptionist
Christopher O'Neill
as SEAL #2
Emma Young
as Sophie Han
Michael Bodnar
as Boris Volkov
Greg Hovanessian
as Luca
Hannah Emily Anderson
as Ruby

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2010 | 22 Episodes

Season 2

2011 | 23 Episodes

Season 3

2012 | 22 Episodes

Season 4

2013 | 6 Episodes




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