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October 27, 2021
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About this title


When New York homicide detective John Amsterdam says he brings a lifetime of experience to his work, he's not kidding. Amsterdam is immortal -- a former Dutch soldier in the 17th century colony of New Amsterdam who was granted eternal life after saving an Indian girl from a massacre. The spell she wove in gratitude will be broken only when he finds his true love. Dr. Sara Dillane is the physician who treats Amsterdam when he suffers what appears to be a massive heart attack.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: March 4, 2008

Also Known As: Нови Амстердам, New Amsterdam |  See more »


Plot Keywords

new york city
recovering alcoholic

Company Credits

Production Co: LaHa Films, New Regency Productions |  See more »


Bobby Waddington
as Connor
Marina Re
as Crying Wife
Timothy Dean Lee
as AA Group Member
Renee Fishman
as ER code nurse
Michael Pemberton
as Shannon
Justin Grace
as Eddie Riley
Malachi Weir
as Male Nurse
Charles Borland
as Paul Cleary
Trish McCall
as East Side ER Nurse
Enrique Novello
as Orderly
Nestor Serrano
as Eddie Marquez
Orlando Jones
as Sgt. Harold Wilcox
Ed Jewett
as The Mark
Bruce Altman
as Dr. Lewis Prender
Marc Arthur Jefferies
as Corey
Chad L. Coleman
as Lt. Bobby Graham
Hudson Orbe
as Bobby
Georgia Ximenes Lifsher
as NYU Student
Christa Scott-Reed
as Woman #1
Cheryl Sarkaria
as Flapper
Scorchio Pepo
as Police Officer
as Older Lenape Woman
Jonah Triebwasser
as Teacher
Andre B. Blake
as Nash
Les Gardonyi
as Mafioso
Guy Veryzer
as Bartender
Mark Blum
as Dr. Macvittie
Mandell Butler
as Young Omar
Michi Barall
as Martha Fox
Eric William Morris
as Toby Hardwick
Kathryn Meisle
as Samantha
Michael Solomon
as Uniform Cop
Isiah Whitlock Jr.
as Joe Williams
Michelle Christian Corp
as Rebecca
Daniel Raymont
as Max Filshie
Ian Brennan
as Chris Duncan
Tamara Podemski
as Young Lenape Woman
Chris LaPanta
as Danny
Casey Siemaszko
as Peter Huygens
Alice Barrett
as Dr. Evelyn Prender
Brian Tarantina
as Mick
Bridget Regan
as Daphne Tucker
Andrew Pang
as Feng
Kathleen McNenny
as Catherine
Richard Short
as Robert Camp
Curtiss Cook
as Ray de la Cruz
Sybelle Silverphoenix
as Hooker
Kristin Griffith
as Mrs. Carlton
Charles Dumas
as Lionel/Mr. Brown
Eden Wright
as Little girl on subway
Jeremy Beiler
as Bachelor #1
Kristine Sutherland
as Didi Gleason
Matt Caplan
as Terry Walters
Jian Leonardo
as Detective
Kristen Connolly
as Fanny
Rosalyn Coleman
as Hallie
Tina Benko
as Amelia
Kimberly Hebert Gregory
as Nurse
Dolores Winn
as 1941 Maternity Ward Nurse
Chris Bauer
as Andrew Gleason
Zachary Booth
as Alex Spoor/Roosevelt
Meagan Gordon
as Aristocrat
Flint Beverage
as Brock
Anastasia Griffith
as Hannah Cleary
Larry Keith
as Theo Spoor
Jamie Harrold
as Mank/Coroner/mank
Julie McNiven
as Model (1912)
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
as John Amsterdam/John York
Christina Starbuck
as Mary Worth
Tony Devon
as Father Gordy
Ginew Benton
as Native American Warrior
Joanna Adler
as Tech
Jennifer Van Dyck
as Inga Skoll
Nick Westrate
as Sullivan
Ned Eisenberg
as Fiske
Lauren Fox
as Susan Lucas
Justin Hagan
as Howard
Seth Reich
as Suspect
Joe Forbes
as Detective
Roberto Rizzo
as Maitre 'D
Kathy Searle
as Female Bartender
Kari Swenson Riely
as Woman #2
Giancarlo Esposito
as Special Agent James Lawson
Silvestre Rasuk
as Kid
Judah Devoreaux
as Pregnant Lady
Ivo Velon
as Ivan Brodsky
Chazz Menendez
as Uniform Cop
Maury Ginsberg
as Bachelor #2
Anna Kendrick
as Featured Subway Girl
Greg Stuhr
as Antique Dealer/Bachelor #3
Alana Jerins
as Irene Shaw
Stivi Paskoski
as Donny Amadee
Bridget Barkan
as Margaret
Edwina Findley
as Tara Brown
Adam Storke
as Nicolas Spoor
Nick Sandow
as Frank
Stephen McKinley Henderson
as Omar
Alyssa Sutherland
as Alice
Tom Mardirosian
as Samar
Katie Groves
as Russian Showgirl
C.J. Wilson
as Walt Whitman
John Sharian
as Jack Shaw
Paul Diomede
as AA Man
Judith Roberts
as Julia
Susan Misner
as Callie Burnett
Robert Clohessy
as Detective Santori
Patrick Downs
as Uniform Cop
Selenis Leyva
as Susan Boyle
Bess Rous
as Gina Warner
Alessandra Ford Balazs
as Woman on Platform
Donnie Keshawarz
as Nazir
Wai Ching Ho
as Asian Woman
Freya Adams
as Amartya Vikram
Aaron Lazar
as Ben Robbins
Erik Jensen
as Durst
Howard W. Overshown
as Dr. Costello
Faya Madrid
as Angry Celebrity/Angry celebrity
Timothy Devlin
as Bobby Randall
Harry L. Seddon
as Cop
James Lindenberg
as Russian Henchman
Matt Dickson
as Matt Shaw
Trampas Thompson
as Dutch Officer
Marjan Neshat
as Charvi Vikram
Anthony Desio
as Bob
Olek Krupa
as Viktor Brodsky
Marmee Regine Cosico
as ND Chinatown Pedestrian
Ryan Lynn
as Tommy Langer
Tony F. DeVito
as Phillip Long
Michelle Carano
as Nurse
Mason Pettit
as EMT
Emily Dorsch
as Nurse
Tom Mason
as Peter Hardwick
Jared Engel
as Bassist
Aaron Ramey
as Stockbroker
Luis Antonio Aponte
as Detective Perez
Shing Ka
as Asian Man
Katie Henney
as Johanna
Stephen Kunken
as Ben Tucker
Thomas G. Waites
as James Lucas
Annika Peterson
as Olivia Behrendt
Stephen Schnetzer
as Toby Hardwick's Lawyer
Randall Duk Kim
as Donald Chen
Alexie Gilmore
as Dr. Sara Dillane
Ken Marks
as Julia's Son
Frankie Ramos
as American Indian
Darren Pettie
as Carl Browning
Lizbeth Mackay
as Maggie
Carrie 'CeCe' Cline
as Felly
Ricardo Walker
as Tattoo Guy
Laura Interval
as Kayla Moore
Rock Kohli
as Vendor
David Vadim
as Carney
Betty Gilpin
as Marika Soloway
Zuleikha Robinson
as Eva Marquez
Yolonda Ross
as Lily Mae Brown

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2008 | 8 Episodes




Awards & Nominations

Online Film & Television Association 2008


Online Film & Television Association

Best New Titles Sequence in a Series, Motion Picture or Miniseries

Primetime Emmy Awards 2008


Primetime Emmy Awards

Outstanding Main Title Design

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