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October 21, 2021
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About this title


NCIS: New Orleans is a drama about the local field office that investigates criminal cases involving military personnel in The Big Easy, a city known for its music, entertainment, and decadence. Leading the team is Special Agent Dwayne Pride, a.k.a. "King," a native of New Orleans who is driven by his need to do what is right. Working with Pride is his longtime friend and colleague Special Agent Christopher Lasalle, who plays hard but works harder; tough and acerbic Special Agent Tammy Gregorio, a former FBI Agent who was sent to New Orleans to investigate NCIS and upon completion joined Pride's team, Forensic Agent Sebastian Lund, a brilliant scientist who left the lab and, after much training, became an agent; and Special Agent Hannah Khoury, a seasoned agent who specializes in international counter-intelligence and has spent most of her career on overseas assignments. Supporting them is coroner Dr. Loretta Wade, who is as eccentric as she is smart, and Investigative Computer Specialist Patton Plame, an animated and talented hacker. This colorful city that harbors a dark side is a magnet for service personnel on leave, and when overindulgence is followed by trouble, Pride's team is at its best.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 23, 2014

Also Known As: Investigação Criminal: Nova Orleães, NCIS: Nowy Orlean |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

new orleans, louisiana
spin off

Company Credits

Production Co: Wings Productions, When Pigs Fly Productions |  See more »


Kerry Cahill
as Professor Sandra Jones
Troy Collins Jr.
as Cannon Pirate/Thug
C.J. LeBlanc
as Boy #2/Ensign Nathan Cox
Garrett Prejean
as Walter
Charles Green
as Dr. Larry Jones
Gabriel Greenberg
as Rabbi
Katie Savoy
as Navy Lieutenant Rebecca Peterson
John Fohl
as Special Live Musical Performance
Sarah Ellis Smith
as Peggy Mitchell
Will Brill
as Otis
Samantha Soule
as Amanda Landry
Toby Holguin
as Walton
Ashton Leigh
as Pam Shore/Reporter #2
Brady Calhoun
as Dead Body
Nneka Okafor
as Rina Rollins
Wyatt Walter
as Will
John-Michael Lyles
as The Jackal
David Andrew Nash
as Morrow
Dustin Seavey
as Gustin/Petty Officer 2nd Class Corpsman Nolan Griffith
Edward Parker
as Bar Patron/Cafe Diner/Cafe Patron/Shrimper
Grainger Hines
as Sid Beachard
Vivian Fleming-Alvarez
as Judge
Aria Catillo
as Dancer #2
Judy Henderson
as Cashier
Pierre Jean Gonzalez
as Curtis
Reg Rob
as Uniform Policeman
Nazeema Bartek
as FBI Agent/Garza's Lawyer
Samantha Beaulieu
as Officer Sullos/NOPD Officer Sullos
Sommer Carbuccia
as Zander Reed
Joshua Nylan Tanner
as Admiral Assistant
De La Calles
as Themselves - Special Live Musical Performers
David Tom
as Phil Burke
Samuel Hunt
as Bryce Prescott
Caleb J. Thaggard
as Digby/Employee
Joshua Lamboy
as Emile Rojas
Lexi Elizabeth Audler
as School Girl
Rachel Alana Handler
as Molly Lindell
Amanda Clayton
as Eliza West
Lillian J. Small
as Doctor
Johnny Sneed
as Don Lambert
John Getz
as Army General Owen Matthews
Kendall Johnson
as Charles 'Shorty' Goggins
Clifton Duncan
as Colonel Freeman
Ivan Sergei
as Homeland Security Agent John Russo
John Newberg
as Vice Admiral Thompkins
Catherine Combs
as Ariel
Michael James Anders
as Garden Party Volunteer
Maximiliano Hernández
as Master-at-Arms Ted Yancy
Rudy Eisenzopf
as Cedric Smith
Bo Dollis Jr. and the Wild Magnolia Indians
as Musicians
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
as Navy Captain Michael Dawson
Isabella Hofmann
as Nancy Nolan
Michael Daniel Cassady
as Former Navy Petty Officer Josh Gordon
Micheal Robinson
as SWAT/VIP Race Fan
Leydi Morales
as Guard
Terry Dale Parks
as Detective Rolland Clarke
Kyler Porche
as Petty Officer Corey Marchand
Gabriel Olds
as Oliver Huntington
Corbin Bernsen
as Navy Admiral Adam Huntley
Melissa Saint-Amand
as Emily Tascioni
Jude Ciccolella
as Former Army Colonel David Peterson
Joe Massingill
as Navy Seaman Recruit Levon Dalton
Josh Diogo
as Hendrix
Troy Winbush
as Navy Master Chief Petty Officer Jolly
Gary Clark Jr.
as Street Musician
Scott Harbison
as Niners MC member
Claire McReynolds
as School Kid Playing in Park
Karen Obilom
as Zaire Dupre
Caroline Pluta
as Etta Brinks
Wes Cannon
as Master at Arms #2
Brian Edwards
as U.S. Marshall #2
Augusta Black
as Tucker
Jason Downs
as Malcolm Donner
Haruka Kikuchi
as Special Live Musical Performance
Tim Guinee
as DHS Agent Lamont
Jim Beaver
as Rig Manager Jackson Hauser
Samantha Warren
as Club Patron
Tiffany Jackson
as Nurse
Chris Marroy
as Hamilton's Aide/ICE Agent Dunham
Arjay Smith
as Carlton Boone
Susan Gallagher
as Amanda Bryant
Jonathan Holcomb
as Navy Officer
Joshua R. Ford
as Neighbor #1
Aaron Matthews
as Jerry Hooper
Gillian Alexy
as Savannah Kelly
Christin Rankins
as Strip Club Owner
Robert Arceneaux
as Rigger
Lyle Brocato
as Bronson Pomeroy
Mark Braud's Basin Street Brass Band
as Themselves - Special Live Musical Performer
Maggie Corbett
as Harper Lee
Kristen Hager
as Adrian Cohen
Paul Sanchez
as NOPD Detective Dillard
Trey Nolde
as Connor Addison
Evan Gamble
as Navy Lieutenant Ted Nash
Jen Guitreau
as Parade Goer/Protester
Jon Orsini
as Zeke Dalton
Oliver Kieran-Jones
as Reid Gorie
Hayden Guthrie
as Follower #1
Arséne DeLay
as Special Live Musical Performance
Laura Allen
as Katherine Wilson
Andres Munar
as Matias
Justin Prentice
as Young Cade
Samrat Chakrabarti
as Jenner Blye
Ross Britz
as Ensign Diggs
Katherine Kampko
as Lieutenant Krista Vreeland
West Liang
as Tim Breaux
Giovanni Silva
as Navy Seal Shadow Unit
Doug Gagnon
as 'The King's Jesters' Float Rider/Costumed Gamer/Red Dress Run Participant
Justin Toney
as Priest/Server
Robert Masters
as Green Beret
Chalice Ebow
as FBI Agent
Mike Forbs
as City Worker
David Hoflin
as Daniel Nolan
Donald Elise Watkins
as Petty Officer Carl Hollister
Candice Harrison
as Protester
Stacie Davis
as Petty Officer Sheila Garland
Bob McCracken
as Former FBI Special Agent Roger Driscoll
Ayman Samman
as Ambassador Hariri
Marchelle Thurman
as Lead E.R. Doctor
Leigh Ann Larkin
as Assistant U. S. Attorney Jan Schumaker
Matt Socia
as Martin Gorman
Emily Shaffer
as Leila Addison
Aaron James
as Petty Officer Tyrone Gibson
Alfred Smith III
as Young Black Man
Tammie Smith
as Detective
Danny Cosmo
as Prisoner #1
Lisha Wheeler
as Hamilton's Aid/NOPD Officer #1
Eric Johann
as Pritchett
Brandon Kotfila
as Casey
Rob Kerkovich
as Sebastian Lund
Nicole Barré
as Doctor Melora Haley
Stephanie Davis Holmes
as Nurse
Tim Griffin
as Avery Walker
Nina Lisandrello
as NCIS BSGT Dr. Amy Christo
Chaz Lamar Shepherd
as Joe Carson
Alexander Mallet
as Special Live Musical Performance
Vanessa Ferlito
as Tammy Gregorio
Necar Zadegan
as Special Agent Hannah Khoury/Hannah Khoury/Hannah Koury
Phil Meyer
as Bar Patron
Donald Johnson Sr.
as SWAT Sergeant
Aaron Dominguez
as Navy Yeoman Justin Winters
Kelly Lind
as District Attorney
Chloe Marie Hart
as Schoolgirl
Alkoya Brunson
as CJ Malloy
Douglas M. Griffin
as Garrett Layne
Kevin Derr
as Seabee
Taylor Rose
as Simone Hogan
Adam Aalderks
as Zach Chase
Paula Pete
as Nurse
The Little Big Horns
as Musicians
Catherine MacNeal
as Dr. Douglas
Mike Larson
as Jonah Penn
Joe Spano
as T.C. Fornell
Justiin A. Davis
as Morgan
Jabari Thomas
as Benjamin
Lev Gorn
as Russian Counselor Anton Pavlenko
Anne Dudek
as Dawn Lin
Clayne Crawford
as Cade Lambert/Cade LaSalle
Ray Gaspard
as Lieutenant Simon Gore
Kate Beahan
as ADFIS Agent Naomi Parsons
Ryan Kessler
as Agent Conlin
Ronald Weaver
as Referee
Sullivan Jones
as Commander Hindley
Darnekia Dowl
as Mother
Susan Santiago
as Maria Rodriguez
Bruce Barnes
as Special Live Musical Performance
Mike R. Moreau
as Jefferson Parish Officer/JPSO Officer/Assistant Coroner/Bar patron/Business Executive/Federal Police/Hotel/NAVY CPO Diggs/NOPD Officer/Race Track VIP/Radio Station Janitor
Albanie Falletta
as Self - Special Live Musical Performance
Yohance Myles
as Marlon Hart
Kenneth Israel
as Dr. Robert Harris
Chelsey Crisp
as Marilyn Reed
Jay Caputo
as Gilbert Lee
Erika Ashley
as Trauma Nurse
Jasson Finney
as Hellhound Commander
Candi Brooks
as Reporter #1/Reporter
Emily Marie Palmer
as Beth
Jasmine B. Johnson
as Jasmine Bennet/Lisa Vaughn
Breighton Hamel
as Robbie
Coby Ryan McLaughlin
as Kent Crawford
Matt Bushell
as Hunter Franz
Jasmine Richard-Brooks
as Julia
Scott Lowell
as Mr. Bell
Nathan Wallace
as Duke
Brian McNamara
as ICE Agent Randy Wilson
Nick Melson
as Chuckle Head
Clark Freeman
as Walt Jeffries
Dawntavia Bullard
as Young Sonja
Dana Abbott
as Special Live Musical Performance
Jannette Sepwa
as Janis Leary
Amy Le
as Nurse
Kristin Witt
as Nurse
Ellen Adair
as Karla Monroe
Trevarri Huff-Boone
as Special Live Musical Performance
Josiah McCormick
as Sheriff's Deputy
Dave Davis
as JJ Taylor
Dan Sheynin
as Uber Driver
Damien Moses
as SWAT Leader
J. Omar Castro
as Hank Gaines
David Maldonado
as Carlos Zarate
Jeff Burkes
as Seaman Trent Weiss
Titus Odell Makin Jr.
Mark Harmon
as Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Dani Dare
as CJ Malloy
Ryan Woodle
as Ronald Simmons
Romeo Clarke
as Coast Guard Lieutenant Allen Alston
Pasha Pellosie
as Alexander Petrov
Michael Filipowich
as Vadim Reznik
Liza Lapira
as Araminta Jax
Alexander DiPersia
as Vlad Stahl
Michael Papajohn
as Marv Williams
Stephen Walker
as Civilian Captain
Michael King
as Johan Grant
Mackenzie Mauzy
as Sarah Murphy
Frankie Smith
as Cyrus
Joshua Starkman
as Special Live Musical Performance
Neal Kodinsky
as Clive Roberts
David McCallum
as Donald Mallard
Dayna Schaaf
as Coast Guard Officer
John Cothran
as Attorney Elliott Newman
Fernando Chien
as Handler
James Karst
as Driver
Nicholas Logan
as Red/Red Jacobs
Brandon Germaine
as Sean
Sydney James Harcourt
as Jeff Connolly
Kerry Sims
as Detective
Rafael I. Molina
as Co-Pilot Eduardo Varela
Rya Meyers
as Sara Strand
T. Ryan Mooney
as Glenn Franklin
Giovanni Cohea
as ICE Detainee/Refugee Kid/Theme Park Kid
John Posey
as Charles Fox
David Clayton Rogers
as Kellan Falk
Brian Distance
as NOPD Sergeant Gordon/Uniformed Cop
Cuyle Carvin
as Luke Doucet
Steven Waldren
as Roy/Officer Roy
Ariadne Joseph
as Naomi
Rebecca Haden
as Dr. Susan Francis
Princeton Drake
as Neighbor #6
Rebecca Luker
as Rose LaSalle
Ned Yousef
as Harrison Payne/Store Manager
Kate Abbruzzese
as Claire Kurtz
Vanessa Cloke
as Lena
Lindsay Musil
as Tipsy Party Girl
Luis Albert Acevedo Jr.
as Juan
Adam Henslee
as Boy #1
Grey Manning
as Navy Chaplain
Alexander Babara
as Sergeant/Yanov
Leander Suleiman
as Basira Idrissi
James DuMont
as Tom Bujei
Marlon Hayes
as Party Guest
Darren Sheehan
as EMT
Pauley Perrette
as Abby Sciuto
Davin Smith
as Navy Reservist James Boyd
Chad Governale
as Courtroom Bailiff/Federal Agent/Gina's Boss
Carlos Gómez
as Deputy Director Dan Sanchez
Elise Fyke
as Shelly Freeman
Joe Egender
as Luke Elliott
James Kendrick
as Church Attendee/College Student/Concert Attendee/Dead Body
Curtis Johnson
as Administrator/Bar Patron/Hotel Guest
Giovannie Cruz
as Overexcited Mom
Dan Southworth
as Kasem
Dendrie Taylor
as Martha Roberts
Zele Avradopoulos
as Molly Schiff
Eduardo Losan
as Lab Technician
Jeffery 'Jellybean' Alexander
as Self - Special Live Musical Performance
Sean Michael O'Brien
as Navy Seal
Lorenzo Yearby
as Federal Marshal Frank Hoskins
Erin Day
as Emily Brody
Alex Fernandez
as Hugo Garza
Mandy Gonzalez
as Dr. Hernandez
Toney Chapman Steele
as DHS Agent/Marine Commander/Navy Captain Funeral goer/Navy Chief/Party goer/Prison Inmate
Kwajalyn Brown
as Dr. Sofia Lattimer/FBI NOLA SAC Charlene Booker
Alexis Holloway
as Treasurer
Rosalind Santos
as Stacy Ulrich
Christopher Meyer
as Danny Malloy
Mia Borders
as Special Live Musical Performance/Special Live Musical Performance - Bar Singer
Melinda Page Hamilton
as Alexandra Schwartz
Phillip Mullings Jr.
as JAG Will Tomberlin
Michael Castro
as Ford Kessler
BD Wong
as Navy Lieutenant Commander Dr. Gabriel Lin
Bryan Batt
as Dalton Greenbrick
New Breed Brass Band
as Themselves- Special Live Musical Performance
Jeffrey Estiverne
as Suited Guard
James Hiroyuki Liao
as Brandon Pierce
Bryan Blasingame
as Tourist
Stephanie Erb
as Molly Layne
Mackenzie Astin
as Brian Davis
Azaria Carter
as Melissa
April Grace
as Congresswoman Michelle Angelou
Heath Madere
as Wedding Guest
John Ceallach
as Marine Lieutenant Colonel
Michael Welch
as Kevin Heller
Jenna Kanell
as Laura Dawson
Joseph Saulsbury
as Special Live Musical Performance
Brad Spiers
as Russian
Maurice Hall
as Hoyt
Annika Boras
as Michelle Gardner
Amanda Joy Erickson
as Young Meredith Brody
Ron Melendez
as State Senator William Klain
Maxwell Jenkins
as Ryan Griggs
Robert Pekel
as Crowd/Doctor/Marine General/Navy Lieutenant/Navy Petty Officer 1st Class/Sailor
Reggie Austin
as Terry Jenkins
Kasia Trepagnier
as Rihna's Friend
Barry Shabaka Henley
as Baton Rouge Detective Todd Lamont
Christopher Hart
as DEA Agent/Detective/NTSB Supervisor
Roger Yuan
as Henry Chen
Deneen Tyler
as Mama T.
Kevin Prockup
as Special Live Musical Performance
Don Vappie
as Special Live Musical Performance
Brantley Black
as Security Chief
Rob Bullock
as Unknown Businessman
Gordon Dexheimer
as DOD Officer/DOD Officer at Funeral/Department of Defense Officer/Diplomat Handler/Lawyer/Man in Pride's bar/Mansion Party Guest/Military Convention Goer
Nayo Jones Experience
as Special Live Musical Performance
Cariella Smith
as Hospital Corpsman Aleah Baldwin
Joberde Metellus
as Marcel Edwin
Raeden Greer
as Diane
Earl St. Clair
as Self
Maceo Oliver
as Drummond
Thomas Tah Hyde III
as Navy Petty Officer Toussaint Patrice
Meg Steedle
as Cheryl Evans
Wendell Brunious
as Special Live Musical Performance
Eric William Morris
as LT. Commander Nolan Willis
Lawrence Kao
as Damon Yang
Jason Ricci
as Special Live Musical Performance
Jennifer Van Horn
as Grandmother
Pinettes Brass Band
as Self - Special Live Musical Performance
Cindy Hogan
as Auntie Shay
Brandon Morales
as Captain Eric Granger
Melissa Haas
as Lt. Laura Archambeau
Christian Menace
as Kurt
Mike A. Young
as Casino Patron/Crime Scene Bystander/Event Attendee/FBI SWAT Agent Baker/French Quarter Tourist/Prides Bar Patron/U.S. Marshall
Nicole Reddinger
as Bad Woman #2
Michelle L. Clarke
as Bar Patron/Concert Goer/Mardi Gras Ball Guest/Military/Parade Goer/Pedestrian
Tim J. Smith
as Anthony Cousins/Blaine Osborne
Grace Hinson
as Reporter
Steffie Grote
as Cindy Rutberg
Andrene Ward-Hammond
as Lieutenant Harper
Joseph Gatt
as Victor Zelko
Isaiah LaBorde
as Mace
Brian Held Jr.
as Concertgoer/Costumed Gamer/Festival attendee
Alicia Simmons-Miracle
as Maggie
Gino Anthony Pesi
as Max Wolf
Andrew Stewart-Jones
as Captain Davis
Brian Brignac
as Self - Special Live Musical Performance
Christopher Matthew Cook
as Oscar Randolph
The Yat Pack
as Themselves - Special Live Musical Performer
Nidhi Ghildayal
as Nasima Griffith
Michael Yahn
as Hitman
Britton Frost
as Harold Werner
Tilton Lipoma
as Halloween Reveler
Erica Falls
as Special Live Musical Performance
Aaron Strand
as Ronny Adler
Lilli Birdsell
as Rachel Grant
Ellen Hollman
as Amelia Parsons
Sammi Rotibi
as Solomon Ekpo
Wil Traval
as Darrell
Randall Newsome
as Pat Campbell
Brannon Cross
as Tanner Chambers
Janthavy Norton
as Skater Girl
Matt Dellapina
as Alan Van Scyoc
John Gros
as Special Live Musical Performance
Dave Hammer's Fresh Air
as Performers
Andrew Durand
as Hunter Marsh
Casey Hendershot
as Bart Johnson
Brian Plaideau
as Fireman/Soldier
Luke Mably
as James Lathom
Chris McKenna
as NOPD Officer David Tate
Ron Menzel
as Frank Hogan
Nicole Bilderback
as Nancy Cooper
Jamie Flanagan
as RAC Member
James Donald
as Angry Protester/Bar Patron/Coroner #1/Counsler Scene B.G./Courthous Steps Press./Inmate/Lester Del Ray/Parade Goer
Andy Dylan
as Navy Petty Officer Collin Barrett
Michael Buonomo
as Kieran
as Bolivian Waitress/NOPD Officer
Lily Holleman
as Emily Jansen
Michael Warren
as Crime Tech/Nurse
Emanuel Brooks
as Drug Dealer
Andy Field
as Joint Task Force Agent
Michael A. Newcomer
as Dell Whitman
Carlos Arce Jr.
as Jack
David Kallaway
as Darren Meade
Elena Sanchez
as CTI Erica Croft
Luke Winslow-King
as Special Live Musical Performance
Darius Devontaye Green
as Bus Driver
Stephen Louis Grush
as Pat Dolan
Kraig Dane
as Pierce Evans
Ryan Broussard
as Training Partner
Rachel G. Whittle
as FBI Agent Davis
Sheryl Crow
as Sheryl Crow
Michael Ray Smith
as U.S. Marshall #1
Jamil Sharif
as Special Live Musical Performance
Jared Gray
as Angelo Coleman
Megan Few
as Denise Murdock
Kresh Novakovic
as Thug #1
Elly Belly
as Shlubby Businessman
Cliff Simon
as Dmitry Babakov
Taylor Selé
as D.A. Investigator Fournier
Andrea Laing
as Alyssa Martin
Teddy Williams
as Seaman Tim Suda
Taylor Faye Ruffin
as Josie
Christopher Bull Gunter
as FBI SWAT/NOPD SWAT/DEA Agent/LA State Police SWAT/Militia Man/Sgt. K. Grace
Tia Nicholson
as F.B.I Agent/Nurse
Kate Burton
as Angela Prescott
Natalie Hall
as Chloe Myles
Michael Skinkus
as Special Live Musical Performance
Katy Sullivan
as Taylor
Santo Panzarella
as Driver
Mason Beauchamp
as Corporal Jared Connors
Dalton E. Gray
as Chas
Oscar Gale
as Security Guard
Tawny Cypress
as FBI Special Agent Sarah Barns
Zach Rose
as Edward Bycer
Will Koberg
as Tim Banks
Robin Barnes
as Self/Special Live Musical Performance
John Boutte
as John Boutte
Eyad Elbitar
as Yossuf Abbas
James McDaniel
as Papa Parks
Michael Graziadei
as Kai Bryant
Eric Stratemeier
as Martin Brooks/Operative 'Davis'
Chris McGarry
as CIA Agent Adam Calloway
Corrina Lyons
as Michelle Green
Meghan Swartz
as Special Live Musical Performance
Erik Schultz
as Commando #3
Jason Alan Carvell
as Jimmy Boyd
Michael Weatherly
as Anthony DiNozzo
Aurora Nealand
as Special Live Musical Performance
Jacqueline Harris Matherne
as Bar Customer/Coffee shop attendant/Friend/Mean Inmate/OTB Guest/Photographer/Prides Customer/Regular at Tru Tone
Dayana Rincon
as Carla
Alexandra Lucchesi
as Lt. Janice Brown
Craig Cauley Jr.
as Young Jimmy
Jacob Miller
as Henry Perotti
Carly Farish
as ATF Agent
Julian Acosta
as Javier Garcia
Camille Balsamo
as Navy Petty Officer Sofia Velez
Sean Patrick Thomas
as Navy Lieutenant Commander Mark Jacoby
Michael Endoso
as Salvage Collector
Matthew James Thomas
as Ted Bradley
Demetrius Grosse
as Hank Clarkson
Maren Morris
as Maren Morris
Tornado Brass Band
as Special Live Musical Performance
Drago Sumonja
as Simon Natali
Stephen Payne
as Saint Patrick's Day Drunk
Mandi Masden
as Katie Fisher
Brandon Rush
as Agent Sluhan
Edna Karr High School Drum Line
as Special Live Musical Performance
Mike Pniewski
as Beau LaSalle
Kadrolsha Ona Carole
as Concert Attendee
A. Russell Andrews
as Russ Connors
Kelsey White
as Angry Woman
Lea Coco
as John Manning
Jamie Jackson
as Vince Boucher
Andrew Serpas
as NOPD Officer Smith
Dennis Thomas IV
as Neighbor #9
Phuong Kubacki
as Ms. Wong
Kim Culpepper
as Protester
Kristina Emerson
as Mama Gator
Denzel Johnson
as Private Concierge
Nailim Sanchez
as Bachelorette
Diane Neal
as CGIS Agent Abigail Borin
Hans Marrero
as Navy OIC Lieutenant Rice
Erik Passoja
as Victor
Sedric Mason
as Sgt Ford
Max Arciniega
as Victor Ortega
Michael 'Mick' Harrity
as William 'Bud' Samuels
Anne Nichols Brown
as Ellie
Natan Cruz
as Petty Officer 2nd Class Mateo Ortega
Gil Darnell
as Micha Draganov
Sean Grandillo
as Charlie Landry
Chris Tardio
as Elias Watkins
Madeleine Woolner
as Sniper
Lena Clark
as Receptionist
Will Peltz
as KC Vaughn
Gerald J. Garza
Travis West
as Bryce Collier
Samaire Armstrong
as Marion Watkins
Monica Louwerens
as Dr. Sandra Barnes
Taneka Johnson
as Receptionist
Taryn Terrell
as Shauna
Lenny Platt
as Detective David Cabrera
Joanna Cassidy
as Mena Pride
Mike Wilson
as Minion #1
Israel Perry
as Passing Celebrant
George Trahanis
as Russian Man #1
Garrett Hines
as Cal Vernon
Brittany Cofer
as Pirate Festival Attendee
Shawn Mousavi
as Kosta
Joshua Probus
as Boy on the Train/Museum Kid
Sammy Nagi Njuguna
as Van Driver
Andrew Borba
as Navy Captain Roger Marcus
Jessica Frances Dukes
as Tour Guide
Wendi Merritt
as NOPD Police Officer
Jacinte Blankenship
as Delilah
Krystal Nicole Watts
as Follower #2
Nelson Bonilla
as Jones
Angela Gots
as Miriam Tarlow
Aarti Mann
as Nehir
Lana Young
as Administrator Darcy Patterson
Jamie Bernadette
as Callie Tillford
Samuel Ray Gates
as Nathan Kendall
Gavin Warren
as Little Dwayne Pride
Stephanie Honoré
as Heather
Robert Wells III
as NOPD Cop
Wes McGee
as Navy Lieutenant Davis
Marina Arellano
as Parade Goer
Alex Livinalli
as Hicks
Brian Brightman
as Navy Captain Rogers
Adam J. Harrington
as Jason Axelrod
Lance Tafelski
as Andres Cutter/Dealer
Diego Wallraff
as Jorge Perez
Kimberli Flores
as Maya Hidalgo
Jasmine Batchelor
as Audrey Spencer
Scott Chauvin
as Swat Officer
Lou Diamond Phillips
as Deputy Chief Cedric Gossett
Jesse Yarborough
as Agent/JP Officer
Victor Turner
as Therapist
Randy Vasquez
as Naval Intelligence Commander Downey
Christian Mann
as Bar Patron/Frenchman St Patron/Non-Costumed Gamer/Winded Recruit Torez
Sean Paul Braud
as Darrell Wilson
Thi Linh Phoung Nguyen
as Mother
Elena Zamyatina
as Little Girl
Christine Woods
as SAT Com Specialist Bonnie Madigan
Don Vappie Creole Quintet
as Themselves - Special Live Musical Performance
Craig Cole
as Policeman
Tony Donno
as Little Rick
Cedric Sanders
as Sergeant John Brossette
Pun Bandhu
as Pravat
Sabrina Gennarino
as Reagan Norris
Darrius Thomas
as Derrick Hillman
Devin Posey
as Boy in Group Home
Zach Mooney
as Son
Alfonso DiLuca
as Yacht Captain
Caroline Hebert
as Navy Petty Officer Kelsey Weaver
Tony Bentley
as Warden
Dennis Alcorn
as Lookie Lou
Randal Gonzalez
as Joe Trahan
as Special Live Musical Performance
Tony Demil
as Martin Farrel
Darrell L. Shuler
as Navy Officer
Christopher Allen Monberg
as Carriage Driver
Rob Nagle
as Malcolm Armand
Roots of Music Drumline
as Themselves
Ilia Volok
as Burly Man
Justin Mortelliti
as Sam Wilkes
James Logan
as Russian Driver
Chasity Rogers
as Home Health Aide
Wendie Malick
as Sylvia Lund
Rick Bickham
as Self
Brian Oerly
as Minion #2
Onye Eme-Akwari
as Petty Officer Thompson
Haris Pervaiz
as Faisal
Sunil Malhotra
as Vinjay Singh
Brett Zimmerman
as Eric/Guy Dewalt
Tim DeZarn
as Retired Navy Lieutenant Paul Hare
Kamille McCuin
as Jules
Big Sam's Funky Nation
as Special Live Musical Performance/Themselves - Special Live Musical Performer
Zach Rogers
as Foreign Affairs Officer Spencer Morrison
Michael Nouri
as Jason Campbell
Justin Hooper
as Navy Seal Henley
Terese Aiello
as Nurse
James Black
as Special Agent Perkins
Anthony Wilson Jr.
as Convention Attendee
Luba Chan
as Reporter #2
Matt Skollar
as Arno Theron
Thomas Vita
as Tipsy Party Guy
John C. Coffman
as Coast Guard Admiral/Convention Vendor/Department of Defense Officer/Mansion Party Guest
Jake Wynne-Wilson
as Lt. Bruce Archambeau
Sharon E. Smith
as Levon's Mother
Alex Quijano
as Blake Huxley
Julee Cerda
as Lt. Ella Ford
Sarah Schreiber
as Female Dealer
Kevin Rothlisberger
as Petty Officer Tom Lyons
Joe Fontana
as Community Member 1
Caroline Fourmy
as Nurse
Maritza Gale
as Older Hispanic Woman
Edgar Leza
as NOPD Officer/Sergio Rivera
Mary Alice Risener
as Lottery Host
Matthew Florida
as Navy Petty Officer Eric Hewitt
Gary Basaraba
as Dr. Steven Bellamy
Martin Charles
as Mayor Taylor Aide
Preston Richardson
as Young Dwayne
Nick Bailey
as Mason Balfour
David deKay
as Dalton Bonet
Brian Stapf
as Mark Yaden
Jeffrey Riseden
as Rear Admiral
Daniel Schroeder
as Special Live Musical Performance
Christina Michelle Williams
as Concert Goer
Sean Richmond
as Deputy #2/Mark Keeling
Teal Sherer
as Cassidy
Vic Stauffer
as Track Announcer
Jeremy Davidson
as Dylan Samuels
Carlin James
as Tanawat 'Tan' Benjawan
LaQuita S-Kay
as Halloween Reveler
Jay Florsheim
as Predators Soccer Coach
Dylan Kenin
as Willard Kurtz
Colette Jeansonne
as Sunbather
Keyara Milliner
as Jimmy's Mom
Kristen Thompson
as EMT #1
Damita Jane Howard
as Lydia Davenport
Gary Dewayne Brown Jr.
as Petty Officer Ali Mitchell
DeAriesha Mack
as Rhonda
Juan Hernandez
as Pilot Juan Hernandez
Lori Campbell
as Naval Officer Funeral Pallbearers
Richard Meehan
as Young Chris
Drew Scheid
as Connor Davenport
Aubrey Deeker Hernandez
as Navy First Class Petty Officer Jake Dern
Amor Owens
as Lawan Nitaya
Hans Obma
as Hans Mattis
Dacia Fernandez
as Katie the Bartender
Stephen Sutton
as Swag
Mark Braud
as Special Live Musical Performance
Paul Kevin Murphy
as Local News Reporter #2
Robert Montano
as Deputy Director Prince
Craig muMs Grant
as Larry
Tom Proctor
as Brett Wilkins
Laura Sohn
as Bobbi
Krystal Tomlin
as Waitress
Shalita Grant
as Sonja Percy
Shauna Rappold
as Megan Griggs
Kimberly Ryans
as Mardi Gras Reveler
Lillian Carrier
as Rachel Kinnaman
Sasha Morfaw
as Sara
Ashley Winfrey
as Screaming Woman
Hal Ozsan
as Ryan Porter
Hakim Callender
as Gunnery Sergeant Adams
Sasha Diamond
as Fiona Devlin
Sharon Conley
as AUSA Karen Izzo
Vivien Ngô
as Amy Trang
Dani Deetté
as Lucy Jacobson
Sarah-Alexia Jones
as Race Track
Jay Huguley
as Navy Engineer Ben Kinnaman
Cheryl Lynn Shelton
as Diana
Jasmine Fenner
as Trauma Nurse
Charles Barber
as NOPD Officer
Plynlymmon Sanguis
as French Quarter Resident
Melinda McGraw
as Gina Powell
James MacDonald
as Navy Captain Tom Garrett
Christian Gallegos
as Cadet Lieutenant Bill Cole
Demi Wells
as Katie's Daughter
Eduardo Vildasol
as Theo Desmond
Leah Chase
as Leah Chase
Sara Osi Scott
as Sara
Sean Ardoin
as Special Live Musical Performance
Derek Ray
as Navy Chief Petty Officer Ryan Jansen
Susan Spicer
as Susan Spicer
Teal Wicks
as Michelle Faucheux
Mandy Levin
as Detective Christina Cooper
Jason Woods
as Navy Petty Officer Drew Clarkson
Adam Chanler-Berat
as Steven Marx
Ele Bardha
as Hugo James Smith
Jeremy Harrison
as Gabriel Ridley
Will Stone
as Hotel Businessman/Jazz Club Patron/Lab Technician/Museum Patron
Brandon Gill
as Gerald Young
David Starzyk
as Brad Curry
James Eckhouse
as Dr. Michael Hufcutt
Dora Madison
as Tilda
Molly Conarro
as Eloise Sanchez
GiGi Erneta
as Reporter #3
Callie Thorne
as Sasha Broussard
Angel Desai
as Dr. Tanaka/Dr. Beth Tanaka
Chester Rushing
as Brian Hendrich
William Buster Benefield
as Weapons Vendor
Edward Watts
as Tate Prescott
Zoe McLellan
as Meredith Brody
Ben Bladon
as Older Prisoner
Skip Bolen
as Crime Scene Photographer
Garret Caillouet
as Jacob Tarlow
Vanessa Cozart
as Pirate Girl #2
Allie McCulloch
as Lisa
Matthew Paul Martinez
as Ben Thompkins
Morganna Bridgers
as Anna Huntley
Alan Abeyta
as Doctor
Ava Alyse Anthony
as Catholic School Girl/Child Hospital Patient
David St. Louis
as CIA Agent
Prince Hammond
as Bartender/Police Interrogator
June Yamagishi
as Special Live Musical Performance
Edward Carter Simon
as Navy Lieutenant Bradshaw
Kenneth Brown Jr.
as Phillip Hart
Janeline Hayes
as Doctor Susan Gatley
Jeffrey Patrick
as Crime Scene Lookie-Loo/Nurse/Tourist
Erica Michelle Singleton
as Navy Petty Officer Cheryl Matthews
Lawrence Adimora
as Kendrick Lewis
Douglas Wilcox II
as EMT
Donnie Dean
as Truck Driver
Kenneth Kynt Bryan
as Second Line Dancer/Transgender
Helen Eigenberg
as Mariana Griffith
Abel Becerra
as Ernesto Blanco
Matthew Underwood
as Sam
Deanna Rashell
as Lily Bujei
Michael J. Bradford
as Militia
Aaron Mitchell
as F.B.I./FBI Agent/DEA Agent/FBI agent
Rebecca Lee Fox
as Halloween Reveler
Connie Shi
as Quynh
John Vidacovich
as Special Live Musical Performance
Kanesha Washington
as Navy Petty Officer Heather Cobb
Lee Tergesen
as Mike Spar
Anna Wright
as Distraught Woman
Al-Jaleel Knox
as Mason Harris
Faron Salisbury
as Russian Handler
Bao Nguyen
as Pre-Teen Boy
Michael Krikorian
as Jerel Milton/Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Miles Grayson
Glen David Andrews
as Glen David Andrews
Victor Atkins
as Special Live Musical Performance
Derek Webster
as Raymond Isler
Trina LaFargue
as Pretty Girl
Hoon Lee
as Norman Wong
Wendy Conrad
as 911 operator/Concert Goer/NOLA Gas Employee/Warehouse Worker
Josh Whites
as Lyle Peterson
Monty Person
as Houston Globe Reporter/Navy Seal Taylor
Grant Harvey
as Conner
Christopher Cassarino
as Jones
Britton Webb
as Leader
Mitch Craft
as 1997 Sheriff/NOPD Vice Detective Andy Lovell
Terence Rosemore
as Master Chief Erik T. Benson
Matthew McClain
as Brothers at Arms MC Biker/Race Crew Chief
Sara Lindsey
as Nadine Bancroft
Stylist B.
as Neighbor #5
Martin Bats Bradford
as Ross P.
Nina Lainez
as Medic
Tyler Kunkle
as Jesse
Kim Collins
as Maurice Weholt
Jacquelyn Twodat Jackson
as Bar patron/Halloween Reveler/Parade goer/Pedistrian/Protester/Tourist
Carlton Caudle
as Lecturer
Victoria Harris
as Business Women/Lab Tech Supervisor/Lab tech/Navy Enlister
Charlie Talbert
as Gas Station Attendant
Ulisses Gonsalves
as Suited Man #2
Tre Styles
as Navy Commander Joseph Coleman
Antoine Pierce
as Community Member 3
Luke Slattery
as Franklin
Kermit Burns III
as Delivery Man
Adam David Thompson
as FBI Special Agent Harper
Terry Milam
as Truck Driver
Annika Pampel
as Young Pride's Mother
Dustan Costine
as Vincent
Lucy Walters
as Amy Collins
Anya Monzikova
as Natasha Divac
Iheanacho 'Ike' Orabuchi
as Dr. Arthur Wyndham
Melissa Collado
as Interpreter
Michael D. Anglin
as Halloween Reveler/Mercenary/Tattoo Patron
Eugenie Bondurant
as Marie Lovatelli
Patrick R. Walker
as NOPD Officer Pete Grange
Joel K. Berger
as Reggie Clifton
Amy Grasse
as Navy Yeoman
Izzie Steele
as Carmen
Timothy J. Richardson
as Ethan Beck
Chasty Ballesteros
as Angela Goodwin
Robert Walker Branchaud
as Dominic Cole
Craig Musser
as EMT
William Schaff
as Cop/Reoccurring #1 Homicide Detective/Detective/Parade Patron
John Lisi
as Special Live Musical Performance
Timothy Cornelius
as Officer Watts
Karen Kaia Livers
as Nurse Garland
John Rottger
as Diver #1
Blake Heron
as Dante Broussard
Anthony Belevtsov
as Gunman
Tom McDermott
as Special Live Musical Performance
Tiffany Coleman-McGee
as Mayor's Assistant/Upscale VIP
Donny Boaz
as Max Burris/Navy Lieutenant Brad Ryder
Johnny Tran
as Dith Trang
Chad Michael Collins
as Navy Lieutenant Val Franco
Matthew Rauch
as Philip Sinclair
Preston James Hillier
as JPSO SWAT Commander Jake Kessler
Eugenia Stewart
as Garden Party Guest/Nurse/Parade Patron
James Martin
as Self/Special Live Musical Performance
Johnny Sansone
as Special Live Musical Performance
Jackson Beals
as Marine Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Manning
Lemetria Dillon
as NOPD Officer #2
Kevin Cheatham
as David Finn
Angelena Swords
as Suzanne Boynton
Drew Moerlein
as Caleb Prescott
Catherine Dee Holly
as Lorna
Scott Klace
as Robert Nolan
Mark Kubr
as Red
Michael Mulheren
as Ron Cook
Karmen Capella
as Ana
Victoria Hardway
as Banquet Guest/Bar Patron/Business/Coroner Assistant/Street BG
Nadine Lewington
as Dr. Jones
Abbie Cobb
as Alison Hewitt
Paige Laviolette
as Amelia's Niece
Ernest Wells
as Morgue Technician
Jeremy Jude
as Male Partygoer
James Breaux
as Looky-loo
Jesse Malinowski
as Hospital Corpsman Wesley Mott
Tina Benko
as Paulina Kurteva
Khris Royal
as Special Live Musical Performance
Louis Ford
as Special Live Musical Performance
Peaches Davis
as Airport Patron
Reece Rios
as Dr. Caleb Lyons
Sherri Eakin
as Sergeant Kate Dunn
Anthony Kane
as Dock Worker
Larry Mitchell
as Detective Donovan Blakely
Michael Howell
as Bomb Tech
Kebron Woodfin
as Patient
Jenanne Alexander
as Military Convention Attendee
Millard Green
as The Driver
Mikelle Wright-Matos
as Lil Man
Lucie Carroll
as Attorney/Debate attendee/Mayor's Mardi Gras Ball attendee/Sazerac Bar Patron
Roderick Paulin
as Special Live Musical Performance
Tatiana Zappardino
as Nadine Schiff
Stacy Keach
as Cassius Pride
Marlene B. Russell
as Airport Patron
Brett Beoubay
as U.S. Marshall/U.S. NAVY Capt. Green
Stephen Latham
as Ex-Military Militia Soldier/Mugshot Militia Radical
Shai Debroux
as Norah Moncado
Vernon Wiggins
as French Quarter Pedestrian/Tourist
Claire Arthur
as Rory Devlin
Brett Baker
as Petty Officer Waylon Foy
David A Cole
as SWAT Sniper
CJ Hunt
as Navy Culinary Specialist Patrick Burke
Yancey Arias
as ATF Special Agent Miguel Aritza
Nick Basta
as Dario Silva
Tom Arnold
as Elvis Bertrand
Maria Soccor
as Wife
Mariyah Francis
as Daughter
Austin Cauldwell
as Carsen Donner
Joe Pistone
as Officer Mark Palmer
Ean Hills
as Katie's Son
Venus Ariel
as Naomi Porter
Dorian Brown Pham
as Helaine Morgan
Geraldine Glenn
as Mansion Party Guest
Ronnie Rhodes
as NOPD Officer
Mike Houston
as Samuel Barnes
LeVar Burton
as Rufus Nero
James Denton
as Navy Captain Deckard
Roland Guerin
as Special Live Musical Performance
Holly O'Quin
as Petty Officer Maggie Barringer
J Michael Grey
as Reporter #1
Carrie Lazar
as Lieutenant Clementine Hill
Jeff Caperton
as ATF Agent/Captain Garrett's Brother/Federal Protection Agent/ICE Agent/Sasha's Employee/Singh Campaign Aid
Catherine Ashton
as Melissa
Cody Bruno
as Seth McLaughlin
Brea Grant
as Trish
Stefan Terrell
as Noel
Tyre Johnson
as James Marble
John P. Fertitta
as Judge
Schelle Purcell
as Captain Monica Brooks
Debra Monk
as CEO Sarah Laroche
Heathyre Perara
as Bar Patron
Joshua Stenvick
as NOPD Sergeant
Daoud Heidami
as Dr. Jason Mullins
Robert Neary
as Officer Carter
Emonie Ellison
as Student #2
Gene Todaro
as Gene Todaro
Brian Matney
as Boat Captain
Bobby Gilchrist
as Eric
Maria-Christina Oliveras
as Reyes
Elisha Lawson
as Ted Jacobi
ReBirth Brass Band
as Themselves
Ricky Catter
as Luis
Michelle Veintimilla
as Elena Martinez
Samantha Massell
as Ashley
Vinicia Smothers
as Nurse
Oliver Keller
as Marcus Tyrell
Dontez Williams
as Party Goer
Ezekiel Boston
as Agent Everford
Kenny Alfonso
as Kendall Veidt
Berto Colon
as Marcus Green
David Michael Cefalu
as Officer Baker
Brianna Brown
as Melody James
Peter Jaymes Jr.
as Navy Petty Officer Bryan Howard
Russell Wong
as Cam Lin
Medalion Rahimi
as Jazmine
Alex Collins
as FBI Agent Walker
Neal Bledsoe
as Man in the Red Suit
Renell Gibbs
as Red Carter
Jennifer Patino
as Agent Griera
Al Vicente
as Bart Roberts/Ned Jacobs
Ilan Muallem
as Len Bowers
Jeffrey Klemmer
as River Boat Party Guest
Rusty Bourg
as Bar Patron/Angry Protester/Courtroom BG/Customs Agent/Department of Defense Officer/Fighter Pilot/Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Officer/Mardi Gras Ball Guest/Museum Patron/Navy/Park Goer/Pedestrian/Prison Guard/State Police Officer/U.S. Marshall/Undercover Detective/Warehouse Employee
Evan Hoyt Thompson
as Jason Lee
Eddie Cahill
as Eddie Barrett
Rafael Villegas
as Lt. Sam Montez
James Ricker II
as Joe Barns/Navy Petty Officer Wyatt Granier
Justin M. Boyd
as John Fitzpatrick
Jaime Lincoln Smith
as Hal Cranston
Timeca M. Seretti
as Joanne Sheppard
JC Gonzalez
as Jake
Charles Adams
as Banquet Guest/Business/Coroner Visitor/Security Guard/Street BG
Kevin Jackson
as Tom Dodd
Richard Thomas
as NCIS Deputy Director Van Cleef
Cliff Chamberlain
as CTO Elliot Laroche
Joey Traywick
as City Hall Worker
Wellington August
as Dee
Michelle DeMontluzin
as Mayoral Supporter
Michael Biss
as ATF agent/Lt Col (US Army)
Eric Berris
as Businessman
Tristan Tierce
as Eddie Ridley
Sumalee Montano
as Melanie Pratt
Kathleen Munroe
as Anita Karr
Dave Hammer
as Special Live Musical Performance
Mitchell Fink
as David Dalton
Tree Adams
as Self - Special Live Musical Performance
Steven Grossman
as Federal Prisoner/Militant/Niners MC Biker
Lilli Cooper
as Laughton
Dudley Fuqua
as Guard in Interrogation Room/Mechanic
Patricia Kalis
as Sara McNeil
Rick Bucy
as ATF Agent
Clare Carey
as Anna Boudreau
David Lind
as Max Cahill
Kenzie Greene
as Bar Patron/Croft Journalist Team
John R Mangus
as St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Deputy
Michael Shane Hughes
as Mike
Cristian Gonzalez
as Alex Dixon
Arielle Bianca
as Neighbor #10
Austin Reid Gill
as Navy Petty Officer Robert Campbell
Cara Mitsuko
as Agent Lee
Johnny McPhail
as Don Matterson
Elizabeth Hendrickson
as Beth
Normeka Ageous
as Neighbor #8
Shamarr Allen
as Special Live Musical Performance
Nikolai Nikolaeff
as Luka Osman
Patti Brindley
as Naval Gala VIP/Neighbor
Eddie Kendrick
as Jogger
Cynthia LeBlanc
as Airport Passenger/College Professor/Hospital Vistor/Mansion Party Guest/Racetrack VIP/River boat passenger/Wedding Guest
Robert Raymond Roy
as OTB Patron
Dave Ellis Grim
as Baton Rouge Detective
Tom Day
as Marshal Buxton
Steven Weber
as Douglas Hamilton
Konstantin Lavysh
as Nicolas Antonich
Donald M. Krause
as NOPD Officer Norris
Matthew Alan
as Troy Spooner
Suzette Stuebben
as Community Member 4
Askia Bennett
as Navy Master At Arms Theo Rollins
Bill Martin Williams
as Lawyer/Adam Caroftes
Leslie Hope
as Secretary of the Navy Sarah Porter
Devyn A. Tyler
as Amelia Boyd
Clara Diaz
as Ellen Hunt
Spence Carlisle
as Roadie
Alfred Carter IV
as Concert Goer/Paramedic/Police Officer
Mustafa Shakir
as Jack Gordon
Casey Ferrand
as Reporter #1
Chelsea Gilligan
as Selina Garrett
David Q Hamilton
as Garden Party Guest/Hospital Orderly
Muhsin Fliah
as Agent
Samantha Czosnek
as Russian Diplomat
Lidia Porto
as Martina
Scotty Whitehurst
as Dan
Christopher Berry
as Oliver Fray
Shy Pilgreen
as Crystal
Benjamin Wood
as Mercenary
Alex Stage
as Jack
Grey Acuna
as Ben Frisell
Cole Williams
as Special Live Musical Performance/WWOZ DJ
Jason Turner
as FBI SWAT Agent
Marvin Laviolette
as EMT #2
Jeff Chase
as Clint Sturgess/Mitchell Castor
Jimmy Buffett
as Self
Tania Dall
as Local News Reporter/News Anchor
Justin Carmouche
as High School Kid/Teen on Bike
Joe Carroll
as Doctor Brent Stokely
Earl Lee White
as Street Poet
David Burke
as Bernard Lanier
Brock Clyburn
as Radio Station Employee
Murtaza Ali
as Student #1
Robert Grubb
as Special Live Musical Performance
Raphael Sbarge
as Jeff Grassley
Scott Allen Perry
as Anthony Antonelli
Rhes Low
as Dr. Freddy Barlow
Trieu Cong Nguyen
as Father
Adam Fristoe
as Sumner St. Croix
Nikhil Prakash
as Mikael Basara
Teddy Cole
as Freddy
Harlon Miller
as Kevin Mitchell
Carlos Ramónne Graham
as Corrections Officer/Jazz Club Patron/Security Guard
Jeff Fahey
as Charlie Conroy
James Ourso
as Diner
Tobias Jelinek
as Will Kirby
Meg Gibson
as Beverly Watkins
Morgan Roberts
as Mark/Petty Officer Felix Armstrong
Dylan Walsh
as Captain Jim Messier
Ricky Autiello
as Coroner/Morgue Tech/Server/Whitman Edgar
Keith Hudson
as Truck Driver
Candice Coke
as Lieutenant Commander Lopez
Mario Lopez
as NOPD Officer Hernandez
Robert Diago DoQui
as Navy C.O. Captain Peter Lee/Pete/Pilot
Noëlle Renée Bercy
as Madison
Joshua Guidry
as Pallbearer
Greg Sproles
as Navy Seal Lt. Daryll Watkins
Rocky Marquette
as Cyd Lawson
Seth Dousman
as Navy Chief Petty Officer Pete Olson
Jason C Campbell
as City Hall Employee
Brad Napp
as Chris (Banker)
Patrick Kilpatrick
as Gordan Bogdan
Elizabeth Newcomer
as Security Tech
Jamie Renell
as Navy Lieutenant Commander Henry Warbeck
Nicholas J. Muscarella
as Navy Lieutenant Lewis Collier
Par Juneja
as Navy Lieutenant Michael Reid
Shannon O. Williams
as Soldier
Carlos Antonio
as Paramedic
Andrew Baham
as Special Live Musical Performance
David Alan Basche
as Devon Mitchell
Ivan Hoey Jr.
as Steven Bennecker
Trey Burvant
as Navy Commander Grant Wilson
Nicholas X. Parsons
as Taylor
Issa Abou-Issa
as South American Military
Joaquin Montes
as Ignacio Marquez
Odessa Feaster
as Stella
Tony Janning
as Major Welles
Turner Crumbley
as Travis Hayes
Brooke Hurring
as Raquelle
Anthony Marble
as Jonathan Warren
Charlotte Schweiger
as Neila Diseris
Darnell Graham
as Prisoner
Stanley White Jr.
as Deputy Chase Nigal
Jenny Ballard
as DOJ Spokesperson
Veanne Cox
as Parker
David Selby
as Red
Mark Gessner
as Oliver Crane
Kate Adair
as Josie
Joseph Toves
as Bailiff
Roberto Aguire
as Orion
John Bostic
as Sheldon
Amanda Warren
as Mayor Zahra Taylor
Mike Seal
as Armored Car Driver/Commando #2/Driver
Lance E. Nichols
as NOPD Detective Mack Garrity
Zailand Adams
as Dustin Matthews
Ryan Anthony Williams
as Seaman Kyle Jones
Sherman Augustus
as Jack Hardin
CCH Pounder
as Loretta Wade/Dr. Loretta Wade
Yetide Badaki
as Felicia Patrice
Brandon Fobbs
as Captain Will Dorsey
Jeff Robins
as Salesman
Hannah Hodson
as Allie Briggs
Jason Gray-Stanford
as Mickey
Maya Butler
as JAG Anna Pence
Anna Enger Ritch
as Kara Valentino
Gareth Williams
as Michael Holland
Amy Price-Francis
as Kayla Anderson
Kordo Doski
as Navy Petty Officer Amir Saad
Young Pinstripes Brass Band
as Musical Performers/Performers
Meredith Eaton
as Carol Wilson
Jhemma Ziegler
as Diane
Langston Fishburne
as Security Officer
Lee Osorio
as Daniel Sloane
Leon Shelly
as NOPD Officer
Johnny Chapman
as Russian
Brad James
as Kevin Heller
Jonathan McCoy
as Petty Officer First Class White
Breana B. Turner
as Crissy Folgel
Matt Biedel
as Arthur Brown
Coley Campany
as Tessa Edgar Prescott
Shane Kretzmann
as Niners MC Second in Command
David Alexander
as Navy Captain David Estes
Landon L. Turner
as Neighbor #5
Nadine Ellis
as Survivors for Peace Leader
Jo-Ann Robinson
as Amelia's Sister
Rick Rottger
as Parker Lacey
Kelly Hu
as Doctor Anna Yoon
Robert Porter
as Reporter #2
Scott Michael Campbell
as Alec Norris
Andre Pichon
as Boogie Down Bob
Jerome Andries
as Politician
Armando Leduc
as Jorge Gomez
Amy Rutberg
as The Angel/Megan Sutter
Nikki Fuega
as Maria Garcia
Artrial Clark
as Driver
Joel Ware
as Dad
Kelly Murtagh
as Anne Crawford
John L. Armijo
as Prison Guard/Columbian General/DHS Special Agent/FBI Agent/Husband/Navy Officer
Justin Lyle Davis
as Darin Collinsworth
Andre De'Sean Shanks
as Anxious Teller/Linus Warren
John Bedford Lloyd
as Hank Griffin
Chuck Tedder
as Dan
Essam Ferris
as Warshak
Bruce Brackman
as Special Live Musical Performance
Jordyn A. Davis
as Ekpo Daughter
Louisa Riofrio
as Bar Girl/Bartender
Max Gordon Moore
as Grant
Danyelle Sargent
as News Reporter
Michelle Torres
as Jefferson Parish Police Officer/Foreign Diplomat/Military
Jon Eyez
as Bull Costigan
Laci Broussard
as Amelia Broussette
The Salt Wives
as Themselves - Special Live Musical Performance
Rebecca Wisocky
as Bernadine Caldwell
Corey T. Stewart
as Server
Ray Campbell
as Retired Navy Captain Mike Hogan
Julia Holt
as Bar Patron/College Student
Jason Richard Allan Foster
as Tattoo Artist
Tony Senzamici
as Clark Bates
Brandon Scot Adams
as Airport traveler/Bar patron/Fire Fighter/St. Ann patient/Tipitinas patron
Cory Hart
as Agent Winchester/D.I.A. Agent Winchester
Ninja N. Devoe
as News Reporter/TV Reporter
Brent Phillip Henry
as Sketchy Customer
Roger Magee II
as Buck
Geoffrey D. Williams
as Lloyd Williams
Michael Ocampo
as Max Landry
Jordan V. Allen
as Hotel Manager
Kristen Scott
as Girl in Parade
Kerry Lewis
as Special Live Musical Performance
Harper Kyle
as Shorty's Child
Joe Bucaro III
as Gunman
Michael Pejsach
as Russian Man #3
John Besh
as John Besh
Darri Ingolfsson
as Karl Baptiste
Gregory Nalbandian
as Diner Patron
Rick Peters
as Navy Commander Thomas Freeman
Fred Davis
as Man
Kamran Shaikh
as Guard
Ivan Neville
as Self - Special Live Musical Performance
Scott Gray
as Park Goer
Ethan Airhart
as Concert Attendee/Orderly/Pedestrian/Pirate Gamer/Student
Tom Schanley
as Anthony Flanders
Mark Craig
as Ray Bledsoe
Alfonzo Walker
as Lawyer
Joseph McRae
as Policeman
Clay Edmund Kraski
as Navy Captain Jim Grant
Shannon Nicole
as Technician 1
Kim Hawthorne
as Lt. Baker
Jaynee-Lynne Kinchen
as Brianne
Lenita Harris
as Paramedic
Jhonny J. Blaze
as Man
Richard Zeringue
as Tommy City
Jason Edwards
as Armed Guard
Petey J. Gibson
as Ollie King
Shani Atias
as Frankie Alvarez
Rowan Smyth
as Sam Bell
Frederick Koehler
as Elliot Whitman
Kurt Yaeger
as Kevin Simms
Mem Shannon
as Vince
Tori White
as Lieutenant Casey Logan
Kiley Casciano Davis
as Camille
Heather Materne
as Parade Goer/Pirate
Matthew Humphreys
as Landers
Evan Parke
as Dan Young
Ross P. Cook
as Dead Prisoner
Michael Wozniak
as Businessman
Magnolia Nunez
as NOPD Officer
David DeSantos
as Holden Gaines
Tim Russ
as Felix Hill
Reggie Lee
as ASAC Steven Thompson
Madison Thompson
as Leah Bell
Carl Palmer
as Bill Ravens
Gregory Agid
as Special Live Musical Performance
Rocco Brocato
as Jeremy
Julie Ann Emery
as NCIS Special Agent Karen Hardy
Hick Cheramie
as Victim Support Group
Tyler Weaks
as Officer Lenny Yates
Jazz Henry
as Special Live Musical Performance
Chet Hanks
as Liam McCall
Teddy Gathmann
as Steve Wilensky
Alon McKlveen
as Bad Girl #2
John Frederick
as JAG Corps CO
Ian Casselberry
as Steve Merris
Charlene Amoia
as Carly Dawson
Ray Mabus
as Agent from Washington
Marlene Forte
as Rita Ortega
Jon Cleary
as Jon Cleary
Jeff Pope
as Ronnie Doyle
George Porter Jr.
as Self - Special Live Musical Performance
Ramon De Ocampo
as Commander Josh Newman
Dr. John
as Dr. John
Matt Servitto
as Captain Estes
Micheal K. Douglas
as CSI Tech/Prison Guard/Trainer
Gretchen Koerner
as Deputy Secretary of Defense
Brittany Cook
as Dancer #1
Melissa Marye Lehman
as Doctor
Shawn Sanz
as Operative
Karim Sioud
as Ridwan
Daryl Mitchell
as Patton Plame
Angela Abadie
as Lab Worker/NCIS Agent
Nick Gracer
as Alex Novak
Mark Anthony Hardin
as New Orleans Police Department
Tom Lenk
as Kevin McCable
Major Dodge
as Patron
Andrew Rush
as Jacob Bell/Jacob Landry
Chauncey Slack
as Male Family Member/Pastor
Tahj Vaughans
as Guard/Security Guard
Linnzi Zaorski Band
as Themselves
Najla Said
as Noora Saadi
Samantha Marie Ware
as Josie Hill
K. Steele
as Guard
Caleb Spillyards
as Third Gunman
Susie Wall
as Hamilton's Assistant/Mayor Hamilton's Assistant
Scott Gulino
as Police Coroner
Keith David
as Gene Holloway
Suzette Lange
as City Hall worker/Community Neighbor/Military Convention Attendee/Protester/Reveler/tourist/waitress
Shelley Robertson
as Nessa Mitchell
Pisay Pao
as Anada Benjawan
Stephen C. Lewis
as Wallace Fanning
Dominique Hayes
as Waitress
Michael Grant Terry
as Toby Fontaine
Adam Stephenson
as Phil Harris
Melissa Farman
as Jessica Levy
Scott Green
as Hotel Guest
Becky Ann Baker
as Special Agent Paula Boyd
Erica Buitron
as Parade Goer
Aidan Langford
as Remy
Lauretta Morrison
as Jazmine's Mom
Said Faraj
as Aman Bashir
Gabe Begneaud
as Albert Fontenot
Jamie Gliddon
as Mardi Gras Ball Guest
Tess Soltau
as Rachel Modine
Robert Beitzel
as Neil Clydell
Greg Fallon
as FBI Agent/Sniper
Lane Erwin
as Sinewy Man
Kevin Pozzo
as SWAT Commander
Rob Benedict
as Liam/Liam Sommers
Joseph Singletary
as Dead Henry Blevins/ICE Agent
Adam Rose
as Jesse Neville
Mandisa Reed
as Perri
Lindsay Pulsipher
as Kelly
Tori Kostic
as Mari Foster
Mike Harkins
as Joel Anders
Samantha Smith
as Nurse
Peter Rini
as Congressman Vernon Butler
Michael Dardant
as Silver Man
Steven A.D. Taylor
as Logan Blake
John C. Klein
as Detective/FBI Agent
Luke Sexton
as Paul Burns
Brad Blanchard
as Randy Morelli
Allie Gonino
as Natalie Layton
Sonny Landreth
as Self - Special Live Musical Performance
Katie Rose Clarke
as Veronica
Dawn Hamil
as Young Marion
Mark Ashworth
as Bomb Maker
Victor Eli Hugo
as NOPD Officer
Scott Deckert
as Abel Brooks
Sue Zemanick
as Sue Zemanick
Sam Nelson Harris
as Special Live Musical Performance
Aaron K Smalls
as Navy Liaison Blake Conner
Christopher Winchester
as REACT Commander
as Grace Sewell
Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
as Special Live Musical Performance
Cristine Rose
as Hannah Tarlow
Patrick Brennan
as Zed Hastings
Ajarae Coleman
as Marlene Bell
Hawn Tran
as Steve Dunn
Eric Price
as Officer Shinn
Derrick L. McMillon
as Shane Tash
Lorna Street Dopson
as Aviva
Meschiya Lake
as Special Live Musical Performance
Donald Link
as Self
Tevin Marbeth
as Neighbor #4
Charles Pitre
as Mardi Gras Ball Attendant/Parade Reveler
Carlos Posas
as Tech Specialist
Octavio Rodriguez
as Mateo Diaz
Clint James
as Karl
Nikki M. James
as Lisa Butler
Toni Trucks
as CGIS Agent Joan Swanson
Molly Hagan
as Elaine Jarrett
Nidra Sous la Terre
as Jessica Scarborough
Michael Alexander
as Kyle
Susan McPhail
as Joanie Matterson
Jay Oliver
as Pedestrian
Judd Lormand
as Chief Musician Robert Riley
Brett Lapeyrouse
as John
Christopher Gulas
as Militia Member
Matty Ferraro
as Bertrand Willis
Walter 'Wolfman' Washington And The Roadmasters
as Themselves
Mallory Thompson
as Assassin
Rome Flynn
as Navy Petty Officer Jonathan Rudd
Dena Tyler
as Claire Hogan
Karen Gonzalez
as Patti
Trazi Lashawn
as Counselor/Security Guard
Jordan Mahome
as Ace Rogers
Rebecca Barras
as Gorgeous Woman
Donovan Williams
as Dealer
Garikayi Mutambirwa
as Edward Lamb
Madeline Read
as Audra
Sean Murray
as Timothy McGee
Elizabeth Faith Ludlow
as Frost
Lucy Faust
as Sue-Ann Hughes/Cassie Palms
Richard T. Jones
as Security Team Leader Ryan Anson
Cyd Strittmatter
as Kimberly Murdock
Jason Bayle
as Arthur Little
Rorie Vogel
as Ball Guest/Parade Goer/Robbery Victim
Ben Riley
as Little Boy
Michelle Gagnon
as Non Costumed Gamer/Red Dress Run Participant
Meg Wright
as Pirate Girl #1
Alex Beh
as Scott Sanders
Buku Broux Band
as Special Live Musical Performance
Rob Zambrano
as ICE Detainee
Christopher Burnell
as NOPD Officer
Monique Bailey
as Bar patron/Doctor
Ronell Johnson
as Special Live Musical Performance
Kelvin Harrison Jr.
as Cadet Lieutenant Commander Max Cabral
Alyma Dorsey
as Inmate
Michael Sun Lee
as Feng Wei
Marissa Chanel Hampton
as Officer Susan Grey
Beth Bartley
as Tourist's Wife
J.J. Dashnaw
as D.I.A. Agent/Lt. Commander Fox
Jason Kirkpatrick
as Detective Tim Simms
Chelsea Cierria Davis
as Bar Hostage
Desmon Heck
as Navy Seal Carter
Michael Carollo
as Thuggish Guard
Mustafa Harris
as Menacing Dude #1
Phillip-Charlie Daniell
as DEA Agent
Thomas Eldon Anderson
as Russian Man #2
Carlos Ayala
as Comandante
Cyril Neville
as Self - Special Live Musical Performance
Casey Harris
as Special Live Musical Performance
Nelson Lee
as Roger Liu
Holly Hebert
as Bar Patron/Cemetery Visitor/Dancer
Ahmed Lucan
as Hameed Azizi
Stella Pileggi
as Zoey
Mary Crosbie
as Karen Boucher
Ronald Joe Vasquez
as International Conference Security/Policia/Walter Jiminez
Alexander Christopher Jones
as Sergeant (SFC) Tomley Young
Calvin Williams
as Baton Rouge Police Officer/Concertgoer/Garden Party Guest/Headmaster/High Ranking Official/Mayoral Debate Supporter
John Livingston
as Paul Jenks
Hannah Jacole Powell-Yost
as Escort/Festival Guest/Mayor Hamilton's Mistress/Nurse
Jeanne Caldarera
as Reporter #2
Hallie Ricardo
as Navy Petty Officer Lindsey Kirk
Sharon Landry
as Commander Sarah Thomas
Mary Peyton Hodge
as Hannah's Daughter Naomi
Harold House Moore
as Russell 'Screwy Douce' Jaynes
Rocky Carroll
as Leon Vance
Joe Holt
as DEA Agent Will Banks
Trenise Gray
as Shorty's Wife
Cooper Thornton
as Coast Guard Captain Stark
Felisha Terrell
as Navy Lieutenant Adele 'Addie' Watkins
Jaqueline Fleming
as FBI Agent Marie Cutter
Therry Edouard
as Henri Bechard
Todras Sam
as Young NRC Agent
Tim Taylor
as Agitated Player
Julia Lashae
as Funeral Director/Vera Mapes
Vanessa Marano
as Natalie
Erica Gimpel
as Lynette Carter
Bethany Levy
as LCDR Elaine Dodd
Delish Da Goddess
as Neighbor #2
Jim Klock
as Detective Simms
Annie Potts
as Olivia Brody
Ken Knight
as City Councilman/Forensic Technician/Mardi Gras Ball Guest/Priest/Reporter/Teacher
Antonio Evan Romero
as Dylan Norris
Laura Seay
as Dana Wells
William DeMeritt
as Gus
Ed Quinn
as Ethan McKinley
Tonya Maldonado
as Lieutenant Jackson
Corey Henry
as Special Live Musical Performance
Clara Wong
as Heather Daniels
Lo Graham
as Jill
Silas Cooper
as Commander Jim Caron
Maureen Brennan
as Cook
Maury Sterling
as Mr. Stone
Marcos Palma
as Leo Reyes
Jennifer Lutheran
as Remy's Mother
Sadarias Harrell
as Solomon the Wise
Armin Amiri
as Avner
Endre Hules
as Dr. Timofey Yeltin
Luis Batista Alexander
as Seaman Jeff Baker
Savannah DesOrmeaux
as Janel
Wes Brown
as Navy Chief Petty Officer Phil Martino
Jenne Kang
as Agent #1
Brian Burton
as Younger Douglas Hamilton
Serenity Neil
as Lisa Hart
Alexandra Metz
as Billy Hart
Donovan Mitchell
as Wallace Leroi
April Alsbury
as Bar Patron/Pedestrian Royal Street
Cami Roebuck
as Breakers Team Member/Costumed Convention Attendee/Gutter Punk
Liza J. Bennett
as Nancy McLane
Shawn Parsons
as Donny Bellanger
Cassidy Freeman
as Eva Azarova
James W. Evermore
as Milton Gordon/Nathan Litke
Tony Winters
as Deputy Secretary of DHS
Philly Plowden
as Navy Chaplain Henry Morgan
Shameka Gray
as Neighbor #3
James Yeargain
as Mr. Silver
Matt Battaglia
as Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Snow
Tyra Barabino
as Community Member 2
Benjamin Papac
as Max 'PinZ0' Pinzon
Logan Smith
as Forensic Technician
Jared Antoline
as Militia Soldier
Travis Dunn
as Travis Cane
Clyde Risley Jones
as Black Man
Damian Layne Herpin
as Student
Raquel Dominguez
as Daniela Ortiz
Rodney Rowland
as Chief Petty Officer John Neville
French Montana
as Special Live Musical Performance
Melanie Nicholls-King
as Dr. Mangold
Timothy Hinrichs
as Concert Goer/Costumed Gamer/French Quarter Tourist/Train Passenger
Emily Istre
as Dancer
Angela Griffitt
as Bad Woman #1
Mark Braud's New Orleans Jazz Giants
as Special Live Musical Performance
Barry Hanley
as Declan Shane
Sammy Sheik
as Aram Nader
Greg Serano
as Lawrence Chastang
Titus Makin Jr.
as Navy Petty Officer Boone
Elliott Grey
as Brant Boudreau
Anthony Michael Frederick
as Counselor Adams/Dirk Jackson
Kirsten Nelson
as Vivienne Lambert
Savanna Reveile
as Local Working Girl
Charlene Barr
as Charity Ball Guest
Deirdre Lovejoy
as Claire McDermott
Alice Kremelberg
as Arlene
Justin Burkhamer
as Mail Courier
Ron Flagge
as Mitch Folgel/Mr. Voodoo
Geraldine Singer
as Susan Stewart
Jody Mullins
as Navy Lieutenant Max Griggs
Gene Kevin Hames Jr.
as Agent
Timothy Carr
as Valor Brigade
Henry Frost
as Dale
Celia Keenan-Bolger
as Federal Marshal Jolene Sawyer
Montrel Miller
as Railway Cop #1
Andrew Roach
as Yacht Skipper
Harrison Stone
as Rhett Howard
Tom Degnan
as Matt Aufiero
Greg Kasyan
as Sami
Carl Anthony Nespoli
as Vincenzo Moretti
John Jabaley
as Todd Borger
Jeff Kober
as Brick Myers
Lily Wright
as Sophie Brooks
Chelsea Hines
as Special Live Musical Performance
Shanley Caswell
as Laurel Pride
Melisa Cardona
as Angry Female Protester
Eric Mendenhall
as Tyson Reed
David Iacono
as Joey Shelton
Lindsay Elston
as Wendy Cotts
Danny Burstein
as Doctor Vincent Welles
Matt Story
as Nathan St. Clair
Natalie Shaheen
as Navy Lieutenant Ellen Hale
Joe Dryden
as NOPD Driver #1
Trombone Shorty & Orleans Ave
as Special Live Musical Performance
Robert Miskowski
as High Ranking Official
Amy Trail
as Special Live Musical Performance
Gralen Bryant Banks
as DA Kellan Walsh/Detective Carlyle
Enrique Abada
as Nate Carr
Jim Gleason
as Marshal Chase
Raul Colon
as Trainer
Kristen Garriott
as JPSO Cop
Richard B. Adams
as Dock Worker
Mark Druhet
as Waiter
Daryl Thibodaux
as NOPD Zolfo/Prison Guard Bill Lorda
Mike Mayhall
as Chief Petty Officer Jim Tobin
Angel Henson Smith
as CGIS Agent
Tim Dougherty
as Mike
Doug Savant
as Associate Attorney General Eric Barlow
Larry Clarke
as Morgue Security Guard Darrel Carson
Austin Naulty
as Prison Guard
Chris LeBlanc
as Boy #2
Robert Carey
as Young Paul
Kevin Reid
as Commando #4
Colton Tapp
Nicholas Lea
as Army Colonel Samuel Nilsen
Shannon Marie Sullivan
as Kyra Russell
J.R. Ramirez
as Jack Cooper
Rick Trolsen
as Special Live Musical Performance
Vikki Johnston
as Mardi Gras Floater
Kennedy Anthony
as Catholic School Girl/Child Hospital Patient
Irma Thomas
as Self
Debbon Ayer
as Susan Clarkson
Tom Bui
as Shang Lee
Colin Walker
as Pete Kelly
Elena Tovar
as Lucia
Lyndsay Kimball
as Lieutenant Annabelle Shaw
Jonathan Fritschi
as Gangbanger
Riann Steele
as Sydney Halliday
Joey Alonzo
as Leonard Hayes
Chelsea Field
as Rita Devereaux
Mary Thornton
as Shelby Kinnsey
Daniel Levy
Willy Gantrim
as Special Live Musical Performance
Jonathan Raviv
as Yosef
Kasandra Bandfield
as FBI Tech
Doris Morgado
as Bella Pearl
Russell Richardson
as Marcus Martel
Dennis Oh
as Kurt Young
Emily Wickersham
as Ellie Bishop
Rajeev Jacob
as Hawk
Anne Loosvelt
as Allison Lacroix
X Ambassadors
as Special Live Musical Performance
Tracy Brotherton
as Registered Nurse/Cafe Patron/Foreign Diplomat/Mardi Gras Mayoral Ball Patron
Jessica Tuck
as Sheila Fontaine
Shawn Carter Peterson
as Marco Drayer
Mehdi Barakchian
as Bowden Petro
Brandon Stacy
as Rance the Trainer
Brad Royster
as Peter Lankmire
Luis R. Hernandez
as Osiel Esparza
Katelyn Farrugia
as Gwen
Jay Thomas
as Marc Maslow
Richard Holden
as Esau Tarlow
Cung Nguyen
as Elder Fisherman
Jamal Dennis
as Menacing Dude #2
B.J. Grogan
as Drunk Man
Hina Abdullah
as Emily Saad
Liann Pattison
as Ingrid Weiss
Chukwuma Onwuchekwa
as Thug
Kristin Daniel
as Uniformed NOPD Officer
Antino Crowley-Kamenwati
as Lonzo Cortez
Annika Marks
as Lara Harding
Slate Holmgren
as Boomer
Alonzo Bowens
as Special Live Musical Performance
Marcus Lyle Brown
as Master at Arms Daryl Brown
Fabian C. Moreno
as FBI Agent
Thomas Philip O'Neill
as Eddie
Jessica Johnson
as Bad Girl #1
Matthew Jayson Cwern
as Colonel Rafiq Kassar
Reginal Varice
as Mob Leader
Rebecca Chulew
as Bar Patron/Festival Goer/Garden Party Guest/Mardi Gras Ball Guest
Nicole Lovince
as Tour Guide
Alec Rayme
as Navy Lieutenant Mike Dougan
Thomas Francis Murphy
as Dr. Huffman
Darryl W. Handy
as Sheriff Mott
Angela Pierce
as Candace Samuels
Laurie Jenkins Jones
as Race Track
Paige Turco
as Linda Pride
Amanda Walker
as Special Live Musical Performance
Monet Jeanne Roberson
as Gala/Lab Tech
Linden Ashby
as Vice Admiral Tony Hicks
Cherrae L. Stuart
as Bank Teller (Kathleen)
Jeff Brockton
as Railway Cop #2
Wilmer Valderrama
as Nick Torres
Michael Reilly Burke
as General John Walsh
Jill Paice
as Molly Bell
Katie Parker
as Anne Burke
Charles Michael Davis
as Quentin Carter
Mac Brandt
as Roland McCann
Justin David
as EOD Tech Arjun Choudhury
Jaclyn Betham
as Brooklyn
Ash Thapliyal
as Pediatrician
Bruce Vincent Logan
as Concert Goer/ER Doctor/Horse Track VIP/Prisoner/Reporter/Skateboarder
John Hensley
as Theo Aufiero
Jay Dee
as Sazerac Bar Patron
Kaitlyn Black
as Judy Brown
Sylvia Grace Crim
as TV Reporter
Michelle Tabora
as Young Sasha
Free Agents Brass Band
as Themselves - Special Live Musical Performance
Sheridan Philipp
as Porter
J. Downing
as Justus Bancroft
Tenea Intriago
as Temp Lab Technician Claire Belcher
Jessy Leros
as Ferdinand Pisco
Justin Miles
as Young Cassius
Jayson Warner Smith
as Payton Kirk
Walker Babington
as Brad
Havilah Malone
as Officer Mary Crane
Jean Zarzour
as Egyptian Diplomat Abaza
Ariel Lucius
as Tech
Shane LeCocq
as Captain Harold Longford
Lauren Helling
as Christine
Wendy Miklovic
as Head of Security
Jimmy Gonzales
as Lieutenant Lewis Lang
Victoria Gabrielle Platt
as IRS Agent Michelle Silvera
Lauren Alexandra
as Morgan Oliver
Chad Addison
as Frank Broussard
Deborah Alcorn
as Irish Pub Patron/Lookie Loo
Sal Velez Jr.
as David Mockus
Alie Urquhart
as Beth Hogan
Cassie Hernandez
as Claudia Ortega
Newton James Hippolyte Jr.
as Drug Dealer/Thug
Jenny Mercein
as Trauma Surgeon
Quentin Earl Darrington
as Dave Strand
Lucas Black
as Christopher LaSalle
Jaren Mitchell
as Taylor Price
Rockin' Dopsie and the Twisters
as Special Live Musical Performance
Floyd Anthony Johns Jr.
as Baitfish Crewman
L. Steven Taylor
as Jake Roman
Jowin Marie Batoon
as Tita
Caleb Massarek
as Self
Gustin Smith
as Baitfish Crewman/Red Dress Runner
Dominic 'Taz' Alexander
as Sugar Wells
Bryan Terrell Clark
as Todd Jamieson
Daniel Francois
as Alonzo Brown
Alexander Biglane
as P.O. Sam Segar
Jonathan Medina
as CGIS Agent Michael Martin
America Olivo
as Emily Landau
Gabriel 'G-Rod' Rodriguez
as Mateo Hyder
Jackie Tuttle
as Heather
Bowie Hamilton
as Ed Tagget
Adam Levin
as Special Live Musical Performance
James Moses Black
as VCNO Admiral James Pack
Divine Prince Ty Emmecca
as French Quarter Resident
Jef Ayres
as EMT
Boise Holmes
as Brad Collins
Glenn Hartman
as Special Live Musical Performance
Darryl Booker
as Captain Damon Donahue
Carmela Zumbado
as Windi/Windi Stewart
Kendrick Cross
as Special Agent Johnson
Hunter Burke
as Mike Banton
as Sadie Jacoby
Phil Austin
as Chief Petty Officer Forrester
Michael Scott
as Driver
Kyle Davis
as Rodney Abbott
Ken Fournier
as Railway Cop #3
Lindsy Patrick
as Escort
Jonathan Horne
as Matt Dixon
Jeremy Ratchford
as Richard Marino
Jared Day
as Michael Buckley
Jay Jablonski
as NCIS Special Agent Austin Hackett
Allen Earls
as Dennis Brogan
Skipp Sudduth
as Blake Jarrett
Kirk H. Andersen
as Courtroom Observer
Dean Stockwell
as Tom Hamilton
Jessica Honsinger
as Parade Goer
Lee Wesley
as Dan Vicks
Caroline Kaplan
as Brandy Anderson
Frank Pando
as James Ferrington
Trombone Shorty
as Special Live Musical Performance
Chris Angerdina
as FBI Agent/Garden Party Guest/Hazmat Worker/Mardi Gras Ball Guest/Pedestrian
Duane Johnson
as Convention Goer
Julio Cesar Cedillo
as Edgar Baco
Jered Meeks
as Student
Angela Lin
as Chen Han
Chip Carriere
as Customs Agent
Tom Ryen
as Skater Boy
Taymour Ghazi
as NOPD Vice Detective Roger Aubrey
Olga Wilhelmine
as Helo EMT
Patrick Page
as Colonel Stanley Parker
Wolé Parks
as Jordan Spencer
Thomas Owen
as NOPD Union Rep Harry Drakes
Leslie Nipkow
as Motel Manager
Brian Letscher
as Jim Keene
Matthew Jones
as Navy Commander Neal Salter
Tim de Zarn
Jason Fortuna
as Doctor/Reporter
Emily Kimball
as Emily Birch
Danielle Tarmey
as Dr. Alice Logan
Tadasay Young
as Angela
Abraham Hsu
as FBI Spotter
Jon-Michael Ecker
as Ramon Morel
Ben Sapp
as Boxing Spectator
Cecilia Leal
as Lana Breaux
Erika Alexander
as Navy Commander Louanne Bates
Tyler Ritter
as Luca Sciuto
Dother Sykes
as Ensign Milo Blevins
Todd d'Amour
as Sniper
Danie Coleman
as Blonde Officer
Mark Baggs
as Pedestrian/Car Salesman/Fisherman/Hotel Guest/Wake Mourner
Timothy Eason
as Cult member/Protestor
Chris Ufland
as James Walker
Christina Cox
as NOPD Detective Dinah Clark
Christina Elizabeth Smith
as Ginny Young
Gary Wayne Loper
as ATF Agent/Federal Prisoner/Garza's Bodyguard
Ellen Wroe
as Lt. Lindsey Garrett
Donna Duplantier
as Jane Trahan
Wilbur Fitzgerald
as Judge Dorsey
Victoria Paige Watkins
as Soccer kid
Matt Collins
as ATF Agent
Shanda Quintal
as Surgeon
Sean Stevens
as Bus Passenger/Construction Worker/DMort Worker/Electric Worker/Hospital Visitor/Mardi Gras Ball Attendee/Mardi Gras Reveler/Pedestrian/Protester/Restaurant Customer/Restaurant Patron
Kim Baptiste
as Doctor Anders
Carly Plotkin
as Little Girl
Jeff Grays
as Security Guard/U.S. Marshal Bannon
John Devilman
as Todd VonRoenn
David Storm
as Henchman/Protester
Zack Winter
as Ambulance Driver
Lindsey G. Smith
as Cocktail Server
Brandi Nicole Wilson
as Kelly Grace
Alexis Louder
as Sophie Kendrick
Lisa Mackel Smith
as Distraught Wife
Lewaa Nasserdeen
as Steve Betros
Sam Situmorang
as Cop
Anthony Nguyen
as Eddie Dao
Cindy Pol
as Lt. Commander Amanda Gregson
Melanie Merkosky
as Navy Culinary Specialist Danielle Jarrett
Elena Shaddow
as Mena Pride
Ted Ferguson
as Honorable Judge Edwin J. Miller
Dwayne A. Thomas
as Commander Needum Taylor
Dalpre Grayer
as Mason Holt
Sprague Grayden
as Anne Foreman
Joshua Bitton
as Theo Beattie
Wil J. Jackson
as Frank
Brandon Cunningham
as Lookout Boy
Kristin Carey
as Sheri Pruitt
Shawn Bradly Hoefer
as News Cameraman
Shamar Milton
as NYPD Detective
Emani White
as Donna
Julio Castillo
as Store Owner
James Bedsole
as Self - Special Live Musical Performance
Carl A. Chauvin
as Mardi Gras Reveler/Traveler; Tire Tech
Scott Bakula
as Dwayne Pride/Dwayne Cassius Pride
Aria Celeste Castillo
as Violet Dancer
Escalante Lundy
as EMT Roger Colton/Motorist
Michelle C. Bonilla
as Sgt. Rosa Ortiz
Tony Thiery
as FBI Agent
Joseph Melendez
as Luis Benicio
Jonathan Braylock
as Brock O'Driscoll
Miles Doleac
as South Ossetian Cop
Caroline Cole
as Woman
Cooper Jack Rubin
as Tom
Harry Hardin
as Special Live Musical Performance
Bert Belasco
as Alexander Hanson
Eyal Podell
as Douglas Samuel Wilkins
Linnzi Zaorski
as Self
Tonya Pinkins
as Julie
Shaquita Smith
as Captain Larabee
Chelle Ramos
as Evette
Neil Hoover
as Nick Taylor
Frank Duffy
as Tattoo Guy
Laura Shoop
as Molly
Rachie Mack
as Pedestrian
The Revivalists
as Special Live Musical Performance
Todd Vignes
as Swat Commander Vignes
Michael Stephen Borne
as Float Rider Extra
Jackie Dallas
as Social Worker
Lauren Gros
as Kathleen Burns
Cordell Moore
as Reporter #1
Michael Lee Kimel
as Operative 'Lin'
Matt Riedy
as Navy Admiral Carlton Hume
Adrienne Loosemore
as Cammie
Matthew Rush Campbell
as Club Server
Cori Walters
as Special Live Musical Performance
El DeOrazio
as Self - Special Live Musical Performer
Leslie Castay
as Liza Chase
T.C. Matherne
as Nathan Kelly
Matthew Rimmer
as SWAT Captain Dugan
Christine Toy Johnson
as Presley DeWitt
Carl LeBlanc Trio
as Carl LeBlanc Trio
Geoffrey Owens
as Commander Calvin Atkins
PJ Morton
as P J Morton
Demi Castro
as Capt. John Garrett
Jason Graves
as Protester at Court House and Press Conference
Wallace Carranza
as Gangbanger
Joey Vahedi
as Sharif Saadi
Ash Taylor
as Lead NSC Representative Dave Schram
Nicholas Bordelon
as Daniel York
Robert Campo
as Special Live Musical Performance
Adam Larrabee
as SWAT Team Leader
Tony Beard
as Airport Patron
Nicole I. Butler
as Monica Grange
Erica Dasher
as Sofia Freeman
Christopher Ambrose
as Loud Pedestrian
Jessica "Ameelah" McDaniel
as Judge Advocate Melanie Herman
Eddie Matos
as Julio
Aaron Fletcher
as Special Live Musical Performance
Meghan Ory
as Assistant U.S. Attorney Hannah Lee
Michael McQuillan
as Park Visitor
Elton LeBlanc
as Doctor/Airport Passenger/College Professor/Dr. L. Sussman/Lawyer/Mansion Party Guest/Racetrack VIP/Riverboat Passenger/Wedding Guest
Janee Michelle
as Female Reporter
Duane Moseley
as Shipyard Worker
Robert Larriviere
as Doctor Ned Fiske/Emcee
Diany Rodriguez
as DHS Agent Garcia
Tim Bell
as Commander Darby Wilson/Driver
Brian Dietzen
as Jimmy Palmer
Nico Coucke
as Stuart Hendricks/Terrance Deleon/Yuri Gjonka
Rhonda Johnson Dents
as Alma
Juan Gaspard
as Dock Worker/Shelter Resident/Shrimper
Matt Lemmler
as Special Live Musical Performance
Stan Taylor
as Banquet Parent

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