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October 23, 2021
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Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs is the leader of a team of special agents belonging to the NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) Major Case Response Team. Gibbs, a former Marine, is a tough investigator and a highly skilled interrogator who relies on his gut instinct as much as evidence. Gibbs' second in command is Senior Field Agent Tony DiNozzo, a womanizing, movie-quoting former Baltimore Homicide Detective, who despite being the class clown always gets the job done. The team also consists of probationary field agent Eleanor Bishop, a former NSA agent, as well as Junior Field Agent Timothy McGee, a computer-savvy agent often mocked by DiNozzo. Assisting them are Abby Sciuto, the energetic-but-Goth lab tech who is like a daughter to Gibbs, and Dr. Donald Mallard, nicknamed Ducky, the eccentric medical examiner full of unusual stories. This team of elite agents, based in Washington, D.C., solve criminal cases involving Marine and Navy personnel and their families, sometimes traveling the United States - or the world - to do it.

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Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: September 23, 2003

Also Known As: NCIS Rikostutkijat, Navy NCIS |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+, M), Brazil (14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

crime lab
u.s. marine
crime investigation

Company Credits

Production Co: Belisarius Productions, Paramount Network Television |  See more »


Linsey Godfrey
as Stephanie Phillips
Jennifer Lyons
as Zoey
Brad Greenquist
as Dr. Damon Shore
Drew Powell
as Fred Hadley
Larry Bagby
as Craig Wilson
Conrad Roberts
as Benjamin King
Abby Brammell
as Marine Sergeant Heather Dempsey
Perrey Reeves
as Wendy Miller
Laura Regan
as Amber Davis
Matt Craven
as Secretary of the Navy Clayton Jarvis
McKinley Freeman
as Sergeant Ross Barnes
Priscilla Barnes
as Mrs. Skalbe
Adam Kaufman
as Detective Philip McCadden
Michael O'Neill
as Former NCIS Special Agent Riley McCallister
Chris Olivero
as Dave Simmons
Shanna Moakler
as Missy Dawkins
Rudolf Martin
as Ari Haswari
Titus Welliver
as Capt. Roger Walsh
John Livingston
as Will Pritchard
Danny Nucci
as Gordon Fremont
Brady Smith
as David Cross
Naama Kates
as Rose Woodhouse
Margo Harshman
as Delilah Fielding
Kevin Alejandro
as Jamie Jones
Diane Neal
as CGIS Agent Abigail Borin
Amy Landecker
as Dr. Ellen Gracey
Hillary Tuck
as Justine Booth
Rocky Carroll
as Leon Vance
Courtney Gains
as Gary Silverstein
Tania Raymonde
as Anna Real
Virginia Williams
as Leah Ramsey
Nick E. Tarabay
as Haziq Khaleel
Coy Stewart
as Brandon Conway
Max Gail
as Sam Loomis
Erich Anderson
as Agent Jack Canton
Sam Lerner
as Nathan Tobias
Christopher Shyer
as Kyle Boone
Richard Ruccolo
as Ronald Troutman
Jeri Ryan
as Rebecca Gibbs
Samaire Armstrong
as Melissa Goodman
Seth Adkins
as Sean Hodges
Kelly Overton
as Detective Megan Hanley
Steven Eckholdt
as Dr. Brad Pitt
Cheryl Ladd
as Mary Courtney
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
as Lloyd Jackson
Phil Morris
as Capt. Paul Martino
Scottie Thompson
as Dr. Jeanne Benoit/Jeanne Benoit
Victor Webster
as Dane Hogan
Jennifer O'Dell
as Dina Rankin
Jason Beghe
as Blake Martin
Billy Dee Williams
as Leroy Jethro Moore
Mercedes Ruehl
as Marie Quinn
Alanna Ubach
as NSA Senior Intelligence Analyst Sofia Martinez
Patricia Tallman
Rick Worthy
as Captain Logan Doyle
Michael Des Barres
as Del Finney
Julie Carmen
as Mrs. Medina (Victor's mother)
Rebecca Staab
as Greta Boyen
Troy Winbush
as Former Marine 1st Lieutenant Sam Keeler
Oscar Torre
as Xavier Rios
Glen Powell
as Marine Sergeant Evan Westcott
Cassidy Freeman
as Eva Azarova
Stephanie Niznik
as Sharon Bellows
John Mallory Asher
Armand Assante
as René 'La Grenouille' Benoit
Christopher Wiehl
as Ramsay Whitman
Leslie Hope
as Secretary of the Navy Sarah Porter
Tim Guinee
as Bartholomew Lemming/Jerome Sax
John Kapelos
as Victor Castor
Robert Knepper
as Benson Long
Beth Riesgraf
as Max Destructo/Maxine
Sarah Clarke
as FBI Special Agent Tess Monroe
S.E. Perry
as Retired Marine Colonel Yale Peyton
Henri Lubatti
as Andre Yorka
Matthew Marsden
as Lt. Roy Sanders
Lochlyn Munro
as Kevin Holt
Betsy Brandt
as PO2 Barbara Swain
Rodney Rowland
as Jonah Maguire
Teri Reeves
as Lt. J.G. Dana Robbins
Hrach Titizian
as Tariq Abassi 'Son in Law'
Rachel Luttrell
as Lieutenant Commander Stephanie Mosner
Michael McMillian
as David Kemmons
Richard Riehle
as Walt Osorio
Sammy Sheik
as Iraqi Militia Guard at Road Block
Aaron Lustig
as Dr. Victor Kalsa
Joel Polis
as Ronald Ostrowski
Tamer Hassan
as Agah Bayar
Gates McFadden
as Mrs. Belmont
Colin Hanks
as Richard Parsons/DOD Inspector Parsons
Greg Serano
as Jalen Washington
Steve Braun
as Landon Grey
Kirsten Nelson
as Beth Banks
Jacqueline Obradors
as Paloma Reynosa
Robinne Lee
as Doctor
Jamison Jones
as Lt. Gelfand
Gretchen Egolf
as Det. Andrea Sparr
Senta Moses
Jesse Carere
as Navy Seaman Eric Landis
Muse Watson
as Mike Franks/Michael Franks/Agent Michael Franks
Gary Grubbs
as Dr. Elmo Poke
Bernard White
as Ambassador Qasim Saydia
Chad Lindberg
as Joey Peanuts
Peter Woodward
as Devoisier
Oded Fehr
as Ilan Bodnar
Sarai Givaty
as Mossad Officer Liat Tuvia
Alan Dale
as N.C.I.S. Director Tom Morrow/Homeland Senior Division Chief Tom Morrow/Tom Morrow/Homeland Security Director Tom Morrow
Matt L. Jones
Sy Richardson
as Lester
Lourdes Benedicto
as Rebecca Chidis
Frank Whaley
as Jeffrey White
David Clennon
as Max Ellswood
Barrett Foa
as Eric Beale
Michael Nouri
as Mossad Director Eli David/Director Eli David
Joel Gretsch
as NCIS Special Agent Stan Burley/Agent Stanley Burley
Enrique Murciano
as Ray Cruz
Khamani Griffin
as Jared Vance
Todd Louiso
as Lyle Waznicki
Clyde Kusatsu
as Benjamin Franklin/Mr. Rin
Gregory Itzin
as Director Charlie/Spencer Downing
Wendy Davis
as Navy Captain Kensington Bloom
Anne Bedian
as Hamida
Brent Huff
as Marv Hebner
French Stewart
as Paul Triff
Melissa Ponzio
as Drew Turner
Richard Burgi
as Randall Hammond
Jessica Steen
as Agent Paula Cassidy/NCIS Special Agent Paula Cassidy
Stefanie von Pfetten
as Sara Korby
Alicia Coppola
as LCDR Faith Coleman/Lieutenant Commander Faith Coleman
Nadia Bjorlin
as Attractive Wife/Brittany
Jake Thomas
as Alec Dell
Jenya Lano
as Carol Powers
Josh Randall
as Navy Commander Ryan Barnes
Joe Spano
as T.C. Fornell/Tobias Fornell
Josie Davis
as Marta
Tamara Taylor
as Agent Cassie Yates
Melora Hardin
as Erin Toner
Marcus Giamatti
as Victor Tillman
Keir O'Donnell
as Ramsey Boone
Peter Breitmayer
as Dwight Romano
Daniela Ruah
as Kensi Blye
Gaius Charles
as Baltimore Detective Jason King
Chelsea Field
as Jocelyn Wayne
Louise Lombard
as Lara Macy
Sarah Aldrich
as Karen Upline
Michelle Clunie
as Meredith Dunn
Kate Beahan
as DGSI Divisional Commissioner Colette Girard
Tim DeKay
as Senator Patrick Kiley
Charles Shaughnessy
as Balthazar Kilmeany
Sarah Butler
as Nicole
JoBeth Williams
as Leona Phelps
Emily Wickersham
as Ellie Bishop/Eleanor Bishop/Flashback Annie Downing
Valarie Rae Miller
as Agent Bryn Fillmore
Olivia Burnette
as Sarah Lowell
Laurel Holloman
Rick Gonzalez
as Lenny Machaca
Mark Griffin
as Blue McGinty
Chris Carmack
as Kevin Nelson
Jon Cryer (actor) Robin y Shelley
Michelle Pierce
as Breena Slater/Breena Palmer
Jamey Sheridan
as Admiral John McGee
Steve Eastin
as Frank Smith
Jason Gray-Stanford
as Dr. Jay Berman
Travis Wester
as Metro P.D. Detective Miles Higgins
Edwin Hodge
as Bodie
Craig Parker
as Major Richard Huggins
Iddo Goldberg
as Yaniv Bodnar
Gabrielle Miller
as Andrea Mavrey
Leon Russom
as Mr. Donaldson
Alex Kingston
as Miranda Pennebaker
Caroline Lagerfelt
as Mrs. Victoria Mallard
Jennifer Esposito
as Alex Quinn
Sean Astin
as Tyler Elliott
Amy Gumenick
as Katrina Cooper
Eric Ladin
as Petty Officer Thompson
Dina Meyer
as Holly Snow
Stan Ivar
as Former NCIS Special Agent Ben Robinson
Meredith Eaton
as Carol Wilson
Jaime Ray Newman
as Lt. Cmdr. Melanie Burke/Navy Lieutenant Commander Melanie Burke
Christine Lakin
as Rachel Wells
Emily Chang
as Phyllis Moss
Kerr Smith
as Lieutenant Jonas Cobb
Jennifer Taylor
as Wendy Harris
Rob Mayes
as Former Marine 2nd Lieutenant Kyle Baxter
Rupert Reid
as Noah Daniels
Lindsey McKeon
as Taylor Matthews
Elizabeth Morehead
as Medical Corpsman
Graham Beckel
as Norman Pittorino
Ralph Waite
as Jackson Gibbs
Rena Sofer
as Margaret Allison Hart
Alexandra Kyle
as Emma Vickers
Michelle Obama
as Self
Lorraine Toussaint
as Deputy Director Donna Wolfson
Matt DeCaro
as Sheriff Daryl Bello
Reiko Aylesworth
as Ann Marshall
Mark Harmon
as Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Flashback Annie's Father
Carole Weyers
as Trish Wallace
Liza Lapira
as Agent Michelle Lee
Scott Michael Campbell
as Robert Miller
Gregory Scott Cummins
as Kobe 'Beef' Carver
Kristina Klebe
as Navy Lieutenant Cheryl Dombrowski
Maria Bello
as Jack Sloane/Flashback Bertha
Nicholas Gonzalez
as David Silva
Wilmer Valderrama
as Nick Torres/Flashback Arturo Amador
Ed O'Ross
as Dao Huang
Gerald McCullouch
as FBI Agent
Tracy Scoggins
as Tabitha Summers
Melinda McGraw
as Diane Sterling/Diane Gibbs Fornell Sterling
David McCallum
as Donald Mallard/Dr. Donald Mallard
Paul Schulze
as Major Ken Meyers
Zane Holtz
as NCIS Special Agent Dale Sawyer/Navy Petty Officer Third Class Kevin Wyeth
Tom Gallop
as Victor Sterling
J. Downing
as Avis Boyle
Jayne Brook
as Lyndi Crawshaw
Mark Rolston
as George Westcott
Blythe Auffarth
as Melanie
Mimi Rogers
as CIA Officer Joanna Teague
Douglas Spain
as Cesar Bernal
Patrick Labyorteaux
as Bud Roberts, Jr.
Louis Herthum
as Ernest McCormick
John Finn
as Marine Commandant Charles T. Ellison/Ret. General Charles T. Ellison
Tiffany Dupont
as Kimberly Nolan
Zoe McLellan
as Meredith Brody
Evan Arnold
as Gareth Bainbridge
Robert Wagner
as Anthony DiNozzo Sr.
Augustus Prew
as Anton Markin
Derek de Lint
as Dr. Stephen Brauer
Lauren Stamile
as Michelle Lane
Daphne Ashbrook
as Donna Peyton
Jamie Renée Smith
as Rhiannon
John Doman
as Lt. Cheney
Christian Campbell
as Nick Kingston
Sal Landi
as Bill Zaprowski/Commander Stovic
Alan Ruck
as Ward Beringer
Zac Efron
as Daniel Austin
Alex Carter
as Knox Ellicott
Lucas Black
as Christopher LaSalle
Wolfgang Bodison
as Park Inspector Edward Killian
Ty Panitz
as Younger Boy
Sam McMurray
as Vince Westfal
Mary Mouser
as Kelly Gibbs
Jeff Hephner
as Commander Peter Sheridan
Julie Benz
as Denise Johnson
Andrew Rothenberg
as Bruce Solomon
Vivienne Bellisario
Robert Wisdom
as Warden Gene Halsey
Lucy Davis
as Dr. Janice Brown
Pauley Perrette
as Abby Sciuto
Jessica Tyler Brown
as Jen
Claudia Black
as Velvet Road
Jack Kehler
as Tom Wilson
Johnny Ray Gill
as Royce Layton
Ronnie Gene Blevins
as Ronald Nowakowski
Tyler Ross
as Adam Horne
Julie McNiven
as Kim Taylor
Christopher Redman
as Carl Fleming
Bart Johnson
as Marine Captain Dean Hudson
Robert Gant
as Mike Dunkel
Mark Sheppard
as Young Mr. Pain
Rochelle Aytes
as Tara Kole
Mark Harelik
as Ron Levinson
Rebecca Creskoff
as Hillary Taffet
Jim Abele
as Colonel Holt Driscoll
Heather Stephens
as Lorraine
Zoran Korach
as Metro Police Officer Verma
Julie Ann Emery
as Erin Pace
Travis Schuldt
as Pilot Paul Miller
Olesya Rulin
as Kim Troutman
Erin Krakow
as Elizabeth Dean
Vik Sahay
as Ajay Khan/Henry Kahn
Brandon Quinn
as Greg Abell
Sasha Alexander
as Caitlin Todd
Tommy Savas
as Max Sanders
James Hanlon
as Baltimore Fire Captain James Marsh
Carl Lumbly
as Rear Admiral Beau Hindley
Susan Misner
as Leah Mayne
Wesley Jonathan
as Greg
Madeline Carroll
as Angela Kelp
Mackenzie Astin
as Michael Rose
Kate Vernon
as Caroline Morrow
Jeremy Ratchford
as Baltimore Police Detective Ramsey Malone
Allison McAtee
as Spandaxia
Mateus Ward
as Austin
Kelly Blatz
as Navy Petty Officer Third Class Kyle Friedgen
Giles Matthey
as Daniel Budd
Josh Holloway
as Sheriff
Michael Welch
as Kody Meyers
Jesse Bradford
as John Bishop
Lindsay Price
as Lt. Pam Kim
Matt Malloy
as Dr. George Petri
Cameron Monaghan
as Nick Peyton
Blake Robbins
as Commander Scott Martin
Amanda Walsh
as Ellen Roberts
Sadie Calvano
as Rebecca Mason
Brian Patrick Wade
as Marine Lance Corporal/Private David Singer
Brooke Nevin
as Rachael Sparks
Louis Ferreira
as Metro Detective Nick Burris
Bruce Boxleitner
as Vice Admiral C. Clifford Chase
Jesse Luken
as Corpsman
Jaleel White
as Martin Thomas
Kelli Barrett
as Ruby Lemere
Larry Cedar
as Jason Kaplan
Tim de Zarn
Mark Adair-Rios
as Ignacio 'Iggy' Mejia
Peter Coyote
as Ned Quinn
Jamie Luner
as Amanda Reed/Lt. Cmdr. Hamilton Voss
Barbara Stanwyck
Lisa Sheridan
as Krista Dalton
Seana Kofoed
as CEO Virginia Wilson
David Rees Snell
as Morgan Hunt
Ciara Bravo
as Amanda Campbell
Joseph C. Phillips
as Philip Conway
Jesse Plemons
as Jason Geckler
Melissa Farman
as Alexis Ross/Jinn
Wilmer Calderon
as Wayne Cribbage A.K.A. Tiger Dad
Kathleen York
as Stephanie Flynn
Lindy Booth
as Amanda Barrow/Juliet Tippon
Elisabeth Röhm
as May Dawson
Ryan Kennedy
as Former Navy Petty Officer First Class Peter Woodruff
Stephen Lee
as Chuck Bayliss
Trevor Donovan
as Thomas Buckner
George Wyner
as Randall Worthington
William deVry
as Lieutenant Commander D. Stone
Chelcie Ross
as Joseph Hanlon
Marina Sirtis
as Orli Elbaz
Terry O'Quinn
as Colonel Will Ryan
Markus Flanagan
as Commander Mike Taffet
Dylan Gelula
as Young Marie Markin
Ben Vereen
as Lamar Addison
Lauren Bowles
as Mary Wiles
Austin Majors
as Jeremy Hodges
Arnold Vosloo
as Mossad Officer Amit Hadar/Officer Amit Hadar
Shaun Toub
as Khalid Mohammed Bakr
Jennifer Crystal Foley
as CIA Agent Constance Mazney
Costas Mandylor
as Tomas Mendez
Brent Briscoe
as Buzz
Matthew John Armstrong
as Navy Seaman Michael Hayes
Sara Botsford
as Dr. Helen Berkley
Mary Stuart Masterson
as Congresswoman Jenna Flemming
Claudia Christian
as Agent Louise Moreau
Jamie Gray Hyder
as Navy Petty Officer First Class Heidi Orr
Scott Bakula
as Dwayne Pride
LL Cool J
as Sam Hanna
Emilie de Ravin
as Nancy
Emily Swallow
as Darlene Kelp
Braeden Lemasters
as Noah Taffet
Cote de Pablo
as Ziva David
Sasha Roiz
as Agent Richard Hall
Michael Gaston
as Major Dougherty
Gregory Harrison
as Captain Roland Ebbakey
Joshua Cox
Joe Lando
as Lieutenant Commander Rob Clarke
Ellen Hollman
as NCIS Special Agent Tina Larsen/Tina Larsen
Cara Buono
as Commander Sarah Resnik
Chris Sheffield
as Vince
Darby Stanchfield
as Shannon Gibbs
Ashlynn Yennie
as Daughter
Juliette Angelo
as Emily Fornell
Meredith Monroe
as April Ferris
Duane Henry
as Clayton Reeves
Weronika Rosati
as Rivka David
Diona Reasonover
as Kasie Hines/Flashback Female Cop
Anthony De Longis
as Whipcord
Henry Nixon
as Mason Finley
Ashley Jones
as Nancy Douglas
Christopher Gartin
Stacy Edwards
as Commander Janice Byers
Philip Casnoff
as Sean Latham
Molly Hagan
as Audrey Vetter
Kelli Williams
as NCIS Special Agent Maureen Cabot
Robert Baker
as Seaman
Lily Tomlin
as Penelope Langston
Dylan Ramsey
as Asad Al Qutaji
Lindsay Wagner
as Barbara Bishop
Stuart Margolin
as Felix Betts
Clayton Snyder
as Sampson
Brian Thompson
as MCPO Vince Nutter
Sean Murray
as Timothy McGee/Flashback Spencer Downing
Brad Beyer
as Marine Captain Joe Westcott
Linda Park
as Lieutenant Nora Patel
Steven Anderson
as Professor
Gabriel Hogan
as Navy Seal Commander Pete Grady
Benjamin Stockham
as Henry Marshall
A Martinez
as Tomas Orlando
Merritt Wever
as Wendy Smith
Alimi Ballard
as NCIS Special Agent Gayne Levin
Gina Gallego
as Judge Monica Fernandez
Elisa Donovan
as Rebecca Kemp
David Andrews
as U.S. Secretary of Defense Errol Coyne
Angelo Tiffe
as Jed Hamilton
Lauren Holly
as Jenny Shepard
Aaron Hill
as Navy SEAL Lieutenant William Blake
Elena Lyons
as Diane Fontaine
Eden Riegel
as Meredith Bilson
Jay Acovone
as Frankie Dean
TJ Ramini
Maxwell Caulfield
as Dr. Madison Fielding
Ki-hong Lee
Amy Sloan
as P.O. Cynthia Cluxton
Tom Everett
as CIA Head of Intelligence Kirkwood Zaysen
Susan Blakely
as Dr. Cadence Darwin
Michael Swan
as Ray Vittorio
Carla Gallo
as Melissa Wheeler Fox
Eve Gordon
as Amanda McCormick
Bonnie Dennison
as Lindsey
William R. Moses
as Agent Kent Fuller/Edison Geary
Kay Lenz
as Connie Quinn Wheeler
René Auberjonois
Edward Kerr
as Scott Cutwright
Brian Dietzen
as Jimmy Palmer/Dr. Jimmy Palmer/Flashback Male Cop
Jaime Murray
as Agent Julia Foster-Yates
David Rountree
as Surveillance Technician
Michael Weatherly
as Anthony DiNozzo
Natalia Nogulich

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2003 | 23 Episodes

Season 2

2004 | 23 Episodes

Season 3

2005 | 23 Episodes

Season 4

2006 | 24 Episodes

Season 5

2007 | 19 Episodes

Season 6

2008 | 25 Episodes

Season 7

2009 | 24 Episodes

Season 8

2010 | 24 Episodes

Season 9

2011 | 24 Episodes

Season 10

2012 | 24 Episodes

Season 11

2013 | 24 Episodes

Season 12

2014 | 24 Episodes

Season 13

2015 | 24 Episodes

Season 14

2016 | 24 Episodes

Season 15

2017 | 24 Episodes

Season 16

2018 | 24 Episodes

Season 17

2019 | 20 Episodes

Season 18

2020 | 16 Episodes

Season 19

2021 | 3 Episodes




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